Pokemon: Ash's Misadventure

Prompt: Write about a favorite fictional character

Disclaimer: the usual ABDL disclaimer applies, and there’s an underage protagonist in this particular story as well. I guess you could consider this something like a “Robo-Chicken” style spoof of Pokemon.

Summary: Elite Team Rocket agent Athena captures Ash and trains him like a Pokemon. I usually write fanfic on another site, but this one seemed too “adult” to put there.

Ash groaned and strained; he’d been hooked up to the device for over three hours. This isn’t how his Pokemon journey was supposed to go! The young Pokemon trainer barely made it to Viridian City before he was intercepted by a bunch of Team Rocket grunts. They took his sick Pikachu and put him in a cage before it could get treatment. The lead Rocket agent kept babbling about getting it right the second time or something. It didn’t make a lot of sense to Ash, but he knew he had to escape.

“Let’s see. How much does this hurt?” Athena asked as she pressed another button. Live current surged through Ash’s body. The young Pokemon trainers winced and screamed. This time, he felt a small amount of liquid exit his body and run down his leg. He stared at his pants in disbelief. A wave of embarrassment washed over the hapless captive.

Athena walked over to her captive and gave a knowing smirk. “My my, perhaps I should have put a diaper on you?” she teased.

Anger filled Ash’s body. He bristled and growled. “Let me go, and let me have my Pikachu!”

“Not until I run more tests,” Athena said calmly. She took out a bracelet and put it on the young trainer’s wrist. It tightened to the point that his arm was a little blue. Ash winced and grunted. “What is this?” he asked.

“That bracelet simulates the experience of a captured Pokemon. You won’t be able to resist anything I tell you to do while you’re wearing it,” Athena said cooly. Ash frantically tried to take the thing off before she could activate it. He felt weird and lightheaded. A little hum was playing in his head. “Initiate protocol,” Athena directed.

Ash winced. A computerized voice started playing in his head. “Welcome, MissingNo Pokemon. This is the Pokeball system. The Pokeball system is syncing with your brain waves so that it can install software. Translation system – installed.” Ash continued to listen to the computerized voice suddenly taking over his thoughts. “Leash system – installed – escape will be prevented.” The young Pokemon trainer continued to wince and grit his teeth. Suddenly, there was a hand on his shoulder.

“Relax, the process doesn’t take very long,” Athena said sweetly. Ash felt like hitting her, but he could barely move for some reason. He settled for a discontented growl instead.

“Attack attempted – initiating correctional procedure,” the computerized voice hummed. Before Ash knew what was happening, he felt his hair beginning to stand up. The sensation was eerily familiar; he braced himself for what would come next. “Whaaa!” A jolt of electricity surged through the young trainer’s body. Flashes of yellow and blue danced in front of Ash’s eyes as pain lit up his body. His muscles contracted and he grunted and screamed, finally falling to the floor in a fetal position.

Athena scoffed. 'Weakling," she teased. Ash blinked to clear his blurry vision and then pulled himself up to a standing position. He took one step toward the laughing Team Rocket admin and then doubled over as he was hit by a wave of nausea. “Urp!” The contents of his stomach threatened to come back up as his stomach churned. He decided to fight it and keep advancing toward her. That was a mistake. Another powerful wave of nausea hit him as the computerized voice played in his head again. “Initiating correctional procedure --infraction moving without trainer’s instructions.” The churning in Ash’s stomach got more and more violent until his stomach was contracting madly. The contents of his stomach spewed out of his mouth as he tried helplessly to regain control. Vomit rolled down his shirt and he let out another loud burp. “Urch!”

“Aw,” Athena teased. “Walk around – permission granted,” she said. The computerized voice in Ash’s head made a little chiming sound. “Now, you can walk around without getting sick, as long as you don’t try to attack me,” Athena warned.

Ash slowly attempted to walk, still dizzy from the latest punishment. He clutched his stomach, expecting another bout of vomiting, but it never came. He felt himself stumble and stepped back to catch himself. Suddenly, a pair of arms were around his shoulders. Athena gave a laugh and then started gently rubbing his back. “It’s okay, dear,” she cooed. Ash wanted to fight her, but he knew he’d be punished, so he leaned in to it. “There’s a good little boy,” she whispered sweetly.

The young Pokemon trainer wasn’t sure what was happening to him; he felt kind of good, even though he’d been fighting and definitely didn’t want to be in that situation. Still, it was nice to have someone he’d been resisting so strongly show so much care and concern for him. Ash felt like that last thought wasn’t even his, like it had been implanted, maybe by the thing attached to his arm, but…he couldn’t get it off, and she was being nice now, so what was the point in fighting? Much the young trainer’s embarrassment, a shiver of pleasure washed over his belly and he blushed a little. Ash hated himself for finding a sensation that wasn’t pure contempt for this situation, but he also knew that the training program would probably make him sick if he concentrated too much on what he hated about his new “trainer.” The thought made him a little ill.

Athena led Ash down a long hall. The Team Rocket hideout wasn’t really that bad. This looked like some sort of medical bay, a far cry from the rooms with cages and sad Pokemon that he’d been introduced to when he first came here. As soon as the cold air hit his skin and the smell of cleaning solution hit his nose, Ash knew where he was. “A Pokemon Center?” he asked.

“Of course, I want my Pokemon to be in excellent shape,” Athena answered cryptically.

A young nurse who looked just like the Nurse Joy in the Viridian City Pokemon Center presented herself. She looked up and gave an obviously forced nervous smile. “Hi, welcome to our Pokemon center. I’m Nurse Joy, and–”

“We already know who you are,” Athena said dismissively to cut her off. Joy huffed in response, but the Team Rocket admin ignored her. “I’m just here to get my Pokemon healed,” she said, motioning to Ash. “And I hope, for your sake, you prove that you know how to do your job.”

“Yes ma’am,” Nurse Joy said obediently, bowing her head. Ash noticed that she also had a band around her arm. Maybe it did the same thing to her that his armband did to him? The young Pokemon trainer suddenly found a new reason to hate this Team Rocket agent, but as soon as he concentrated on the thought for more than a few seconds, he felt an overwhelming wave of nausea that knocked him to his knees. “Ugh!” Ash let out a pained groan.

“Stop fighting your training,” Athena said softly. “It never gets them anywhere. Isn’t that right, Joy?”

Ash noticed a look of fear and sadness in Nurse Joy’s eyes. “N-no ma’am,” she said hurriedly. “Chansey, p-please prepare the patient,” she said nervously. In a few minutes, a Chansey appeared with a small stretcher. Ash instinctively reached for his Pokedex, only to remember that Team Rocket took it when they kidnapped him. Since this was only his second day as a licensed Pokemon trainer, he was still very enthusiastic about meeting a new Pokemon.

“Chansey, chansey, chansey,” the Pokemon trilled as it motioned to the stretcher. “You want me to sit down?” Ash asked, guessing what Chansey was trying to tell him. “Chansey,” the Pokemon answered with a nod. Carefully, Ash sat on the stretcher and let himself be wheeled into one of the examination rooms. The band on his arm burned a little bit as he lay down to recover his churning stomach.

Once they were in the examination room, Ash tried to forget he was a prisoner against his will in a Team Rocket hideout. This just looked like the examination room of any hospital, only it was staffed by Pokemon. Chansey walked in again and sniffed the air. It promptly frowned and covered its nose. Ash blushed, remembering his wet clothes. “Sorry,” he apologized weakly.

“Chan-sey!” Before Ash knew what was happening, he was being lifted by Chansey’s surprisingly strong stubby pink paws and his clothes were being stripped off of him. “Hey! Stop!” The Pokemon just looked at him with a scowl before slapping him across the face. Ash thought that was bad enough, but then she came down with force on his now naked backside. Smack! Smack! Smack! “Ah! Hey, stop!” Ash yelled frantically as his rear end got tanned by Chansey’s double slap attack. By the time the Pokemon was done, Ash was crying like a baby out of pain and embarrassment.

Turns out the Pokemon wasn’t done yet, though, while Ash lay on the bed nursing his aching backside, Chansey went into the storage closet and pulled out a large white undergarment. Ash looked at it and was struck with a sense of mild horror. “Hey, is that–” Before Ash could finish his sentence, Chansey grabbed him again and dressed him in the strange undergarment. Ash’s suspicions were confirmed when he felt the padding under his butt and heard the tapes scratch. Chansey had put him in a diaper! “I don’t need diapers!” Ash yelled as he moved to remove the undergarment. His head started feeling fuzzy as soon as he reached for the tapes, though, and instead of bothering with the diaper, he sat on the edge of the bed. “Bzzt! Resisting discipline --this is a warning,” the computerized voice said.

As the pain and oppression of what exactly was going on continued to dawn on Ash, he put his head in his hands and started crying. “Chansey? Chansey?” the Pokemon hobbled up to Ash and put its paw on his shoulder. “I need to get out of here and continue my Pokemon journey,” Ash whined. Just then, the lights went out. “Huh? What’s that?” Ash asked.

“Prepare for trouble and make it double! Jessie’s the name!” The red-haired woman with a gravity-defying R-shaped curl said.

“Well, actually not this time, and my name is James,” the lavender-haired man said.

“But if you know these two, they always got to make up something that rhymes.”

“Meowth! You ruined it!”

“Youse two’ll have plenty a time ta say da motto when we get outta dis timeline,” Meowth explained.

“Yes, but we’re always careful about our presentation. Good presentation is important!” Jessie and James said in unison.

“Don’t worry, we’ll leave an impression alright, Meow!”

The lights suddenly flicked back on. Chansey must have found the light switch. Ash immediately saw the Team Rocket uniforms and put himself into a fighting stance. Ash growled and bristled. “I don’t know what you’re planning, but you won’t get away with it!” the young Pokemon trainer growled. “Chansey!” the Pokemon said with a nod.

“Calm down, baby boy,” Jessie quipped sweetly. James and Meowth snickered. “Meowth? Is dat a diaper?” the cat Pokemon asked.

Ash tried to cover himself in embarrassment, then did a doubletake. “Wait! Did-did you just talk?”

Meowth quickly covered his mouth. “I forgot he’s never heard me in this timeline!” Meowth said. “I just gave away a big secret.”

Jessie put her hand on his foreleg. “Relax, he probably would have figured it out on his own, anyway,” she reassured. Jessie then turned her gaze on Ash. “Now, getting back to you…,” she covered her mouth and snickered. “I cannot take him seriously in that diaper!” she turned her attention to Chansey. “Can you get him some clothes? We’re not used to seeing him like this,” Jessie asked. “Chan-sey!” the Pokemon said with a nod. It then ambled off to the closet.

Ash blushed a deep red. Being in a diaper wasn’t a good look to be around these three, even though he didn’t remember who they were. Someone was suddenly gently patting him on the shoulder. “It’s okay to relax. We…don’t really care about what you’re wearing, or why for that matter,” James tried to reassure. “Jessie’s just making a big deal out of nothing, as usual,” he quipped.

Chansey returned with a hospital gown that looked like a long t-shirt and promptly threw it over Ash’s head. Now, he kind of looked like a big toddler. “I…guess that’s better,” Jessie said dryly. “It does look a bit different than his usual Pokemon trainer outfit,” James mused.

“Meowth! We can’t worry bout dat now. We gotta get Celebi and get outta dis busted timeline!” Meowth shouted.

“Right!” Jessie and James agreed in unison. Ash moved to go with them but Jessie stopped him. “Uh-ah-ah! Chansey, take care of our little baby Pokemon twainer while we go save the day,” Jessie cooed. “Wouldn’t want you getting hurt, little one,” James said teasingly.

“Ah, come on!” Ash growled.

“Dat diaper don’t make good fightin gear,” Meowth explained. Jessie and James crossed their arms and shook their heads in agreement. “This is a job for the adults,” Jessie said. “just stay and play with Chansey while we take care of this mess. It’s kind of our fault anyway, but we weren’t supposed to tell you that,” James explained. Jessie elbowed him in the chest. “Ow,” James groaned. “No stuff, Sherlock!” Meowth growled; he then scratched both of them in the face.

Ash took another step forward and immediately doubled over in pain. “No, Pikachu, I have to rescue, Pikachu,” Ash stammered.

“We’ll take care of that,” James said.

Jessie grabbed Ash by the wrist. “Besides, you won’t be rescuing anyone with that band around your wrist,” she explained. “It’s designed to control your mind and body just like some Pokeballs do to Pokemon.”

“Which makes me wonder what da boss is actually planning in dis timeline,” Meowth said.

Jessie shrugged. “Beats me.”

James chimed in. “It would seem his goal is to turn every Pokemon trainer in the region into baby Pokemon. The band is just a first step in obedience training,” he explained.

“I guess that explains the diaper,” Jessie quipped.

“You’re both wrong. The diaper’s just a mindset-changing tool.” Jessie and James whipped around to face the source of the voice. “It’s you!” James growled.

“If it isn’t Athena, the boss’s number one agent…until you got lost in the distortion world,” Jessie remarked with a smirk.

“Well, I’m doing better than you three; you aren’t even members of Team Rocket in this timeline,” Athena quipped. “Which means, judging from the uniforms, you’re imposters from another timeline. I’m guessing you found Celebi.”

“Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t,” James mocked aggressively. He looked a little nervous.

“Meowth! What’s it to you?” Meowth threatened. The cat Pokemon narrowed his eyes and bared his teeth and claws.

Jessie readied a Pokeball. “Go!” she shouted, not really sure what Pokemon she had in this timeline. Out came her long-released starter. “Charbok!” Jessie looked up at the giant cobra Pokemon and blinked back a few tears. “A-arbok!” she shouted joyfully. “It’s been so long, old friend.”

“Charbok?” the cobra Pokemon asked. The Pokemon had a bewildered look on his face.

“Arbok says ‘what are you talking about?’” Meowth translated.

Jessie hung her head and gave a stern look. “I…forgot Arbok hasn’t been released in this timeline.” Without warning, she ran up to her giant snake Pokemon and gave him a hug. “Bok, bok,” the Pokemon cooed. “It’s so great to see you again,” she whispered. The Pokemon just gave her a bewildered look before wrapping a coil around her in a loose embrace.

“I hate to interrupt this tearful reunion, but didn’t we have a battle to get back to?” Athena quipped.

“Oh, I didn’t forget, Arbok, use–” she cut herself off and looked around. “Wait, where are your Pokemon?” Jessie asked.

“How sporting,” Athena scoffed. She put her hand behind her back and produced a Pokeball. “The boss gives his favorites special Pokemon. I thought I’d give you a chance before I sent your precious Arbok to the Pokemon tower, but I suppose you don’t want that, so…” Athena paused and enlarged the Pokeball, “Go, Moltres!” In a flash, the ball burst open and the molten bird Pokemon appeared and gave an angry cry.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Jessie said to no one in particular. “Charbok!” Arbok agreed, nodding his head.