Please allow me to Re-Introduce Myself

So I should have done this first, I suppose, but better later than never, I hope.

Hello there,

I’m Personalias. (Pronounced Person-Ay-lee-us…not Personal-Eye-Us). Friends call me Pers (pronounced purse) for short.

I’ve been writing abdl off and on for almost ten years, now, and even already have a couple stories that have been on this site.

I went away for a while. Now I’m back, and I’m slowly uploading all of my stories to here, just cuz.

You do not have to have read my stories for me to be friends or friendly with you. That’s not a prerequisite for friendship. Though considering this is a story forum, I hope you will give some of my stuff a shot.

I really need to improve on commenting on other people’s works; I just get a combination of self-conscious and distracted, so if we ever strike up a conversation and you want me to read something as a friend, just let me know and I’ll be happy to.

Please don’t comment on my stories, however, and use the comments as a space to tell people to go read your stuff. I feel that’s rude. We’re all writers here and trying to share our passions with each other to inspire and improve. So when I’m in someone else’s story thread, I try to take the angle like they’re on stage and performing and therefore the focus should be on them, not me, or anyone else.

The one exception I can think of is if t’s a thread where the subject is something akin to “This is what I’m into, do people have any recommendations?” That’s fair game. They’re up on stage and asking for suggestions.

Um…other things…

I’m a contributor at Cushypen and on semi-related note, I am an appreciator and fan of @WBDaddy .
We shared that space for a time. I haven’t collaborated with him, which is odd, I feel, considering I appreciate his character focus and ability to balance the “torture porn” aspect of this kink while also going for more nuanced and tender emotions.

Speaking of collaboration, same on the appreciation and admiration for the skills of @Cute-Kitten . We collaborated on a project called “Of Leopards and Their Spots” a while ago that I think still holds up really well.

I’m the head story and dialogue writer for an abdl game called Perpetual Change that is manned and managed by Piece of Soap. @PeculiarChangeling has also done their part with that and took over primary writing duties for a month or two when I was indisposed and at a low point in my life. I feel their writing style and subject matter can differ greatly from mine, and when I looked at the work that they did next to mine I genuinely worried if I had hallucinated the time I’d taken off.

Also, I wrote Dante’s Infanzia and many other stories. Right now, I’m particularly proud of an ongoing story called “Unfair”.

So yeah…

Thanks for letting me reintroduce myself.


P.S. If I didn’t @ you, and we’re friends it’s literally because I didn’t know you were on this board.


Welcome back. Btw I’m Guilend a huge fan of yours and of Unfair. Everyone needs to read fwi :wink:

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I for one am glad to see you here. I get to read the CushyPen pieces I’ve never seen before! :slight_smile:

Oh, and I too want to sing the praises of “Unfair,” which I think is your best work thus far!

Really? I’ve uploaded a lot of them onto my patreon in the form of retrospectives and all of these are on my dA as well.

Like, I’m glad you’re reading them and enjoying them where you’re finding them. Just know that I’m not keeping any a particular secret if that makes sense.

Hi. what does FWI mean? thanks.

I think it refers to “facebooking while intoxicated”. basically forgetting to make private comments private.

I’m guessing it’s a typo. Supposed to be “fwiw”. For What It’s Worth. Or maybe it’s “fyi” “For Your Information”

I don’t know. Other people’s unintentionally public facebook comments can be quite amusing and something you really “need” to read. :wink:

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