playing baby

" But mom " Sarah exclaimed as her mother slid the diaper under her rear. " no buts " her mother proclaimed as she taped the diaper in place. " you were the one who wanted to be a baby. "
Sara just lay there. Her mother was right. She had been playing baby. Truth be told Sara did not know why she had been playing. It all seemed so stupid. Both Sara and her mother looked at each other. The story began to unfold.

Sandy, Sara’s mother, remembered the day well. She had been collecting clothes to run in the washing machine and decided to grab some of her 13 year old daughters from her room. she had not even bothered to knock, she jut opened the door. what she had seen made her drop the laundry basket she was carrying. There was her daughter standing in front of her wearing a pillowcase like a diaper. To make matters worse in her daughter’s mouth was a pacifer. Sarah had jumped at the sight of her mother, spit the pacifer out and reached for her robe to cover herself. " mother don’t you knock? Sara screamed. Sandy just stood there looking at her daughter. " Just what do you think your doing? she managed to get out. " none of your concern " came the reply. Sandy found her voice. " it is to my concern. My daughter is sucking a pacifer and wearing what might as well be a diaper and I want to know why.
Sarah looked into her mother’s eyes. How badly she wanted to explain. She wanted to tell her mother how she missed being a baby. How much she wanted to be one again. But she couldn’t. Her mother would never understand. all Sarah could think to say was " i don’t know. " Sandy looked at her and shacking her head grabbed the laundry basket off the floor and left the room. Sara fell onto her bed and began to cry. Her worse fear had come true. Her mother had seen her and now there was something between them. Meanwhile downstairs Sandy was crying for a different reason. What had she done wrong? Sarah had always been a good kid, Got good grades in school. She had never been in real trouble. Sandy sat in her favorite chair and tried to grasp what she had just discovered. What had she done wrong? She needed to talk to Sarah but that was not going to be easy. Silent tears fell down Sandy’s face. The clock ticked the mintues slowly. Time it seemed had come almost to a standstill. After a few mintues, Sandy heard the shuffle of feet coming down the stairs.
Mother and daughter looked at each other. Both remained silent. Each lost in their own thoughts. Sarah found herself wanting to explain. Sandy looked her daughter over and was glad to see she had taken off the pillowcase. After a moment or two both of them felt it was time to chat. " mom. I think we should talk. " Sarah began. " just tell me why. " Sandy responded. Sarah took a deep breath. " its hard to explain. " she began. " take your time. " her mother told her. After taking a couple of deep breaths Sarah began to explain. She told her mother about her wish to be a baby and how she did not know why. That she had felt this way for several months. She had looked up on the internet for information and discovered that she was a teen baby. Sarah was near tears when she finished. Sandy had listened to everything her daughter had said. When Sarah finished talking, Sandy took a deep breath herself and simply said. " thank you. "
Sarah looked at her mother. A few quiet mintues past between them. Sandy finally broke the silence. " i need to think about this. " OK. Sarah responded. " I’m going to bed. " an with that Sarah shuffled off to bed. Sandy sat in silence and stared out the window. She needed to talk to someone. After a few mintues she thought of her friend Violet. Violet was a trained Child therpist. If anyone could help her put all this together. Sandy picked up the phone and made an appointment to see her tomorrow. After making the appointment Sandy headed off to try and sleep.

Re: playing baby

This is a scene, not a story. Is there more to come? You have some issues with capitalization and the -h seems to disappear and reappear at the end of Sara’s name at random. Also, the title leaves a lot to be desired. Other than that, it’s not terrible. There’s a certain sweet simplicity to it and you do a good job of delving into Sandy’s state of mind.