playing baby part six

Chapter six

Sarah woke up with a strong need to pee. Siting up in her bed she almost got out of bed. A internal voice reminded her of the day before. She was supposed to act like a baby. Babies did not use the potty. They just wet their pants. Sarah relaxed and soon enough she felt her diaper get warm from her pee.The warmth overtook her. This was gonna be another beautiful day. After she felt herself stop peeing, Sarah layed back down on her bed to wait for her mother to come in and get her up for the day. Everything felt wonderful.
Sarah looked at the clock on her dresser. 7:05 it read. Her mother would not be in until at least 7:30. That was another 25 minutes away. Sarah shifted her weight. The wet diaper reacted to her every move. Sarah stared at the open box of diapers sitting on her dresser. It would be a simple matter to grab one and change herself. The problem was that if she did that it would ruin the baby mode she was now enjoying. " After all" she thought to herself. " Babies do not change themselves."
So deep in thought about what to do was Sarah that she did not hear her mother enter the room. " Good morning little one. " Sandy spoke. Sarah almost shot out of her skin. " You scared me"
" Sorry about that." Her mother replied.
" Its OK. " Sarah said as she felt her heart race a few beats.
" Well lets get you changed and the breakfast. " Sandy said plainly.
Sarah layed down on the floor as Sandy grabbed another diaper. In a quick minute Sarah was changed and both of them were heading downstairs for breakfast. Soon Sarah was sitting in her highchair being spoon fed a bowl of oatmeal. The whole while Sarah was being fed she felt like she was in the best place on earth. This was the life she had always wanted and looked forward to in her dreams. She was looking forward to three months of heavenly bliss. Sandy was thinking also. Sandy was wondering how she was gonna keep this up for three months. Sure things were just as Violet had said they were. Everything was just like taking care of a real baby only bigger. Still Sandy remembered taking care of a baby and it was a lot of work and very tiring. Still when she looked into her daughters eyes, she knew that this was the best thing to do.
Soon breakfast was over and the dishes put away. That was when the question of now what came to both of their minds. Sandy had ideas. But there were things to do. Things that required them to leave the house. She had errands to run and the problem now was what to do with Sarah. Normally she would just leave her daughter at home and that would be that. But this was not a normal situation. Sandy finally decided to take her daughter with her.
" Let’s get you dressed for the day. " Sandy spoke
" Where are we going?’ Sarah asked with a hint of concern in her voice.
" That does not matter. Babies don’t care what happens to them and neither should you. " Cam the answer.
Soon they were up in Sarah’s room and Sand was picking out an outfit for Sarah to put on. In a matter of minutes both women were dressed in jeans and t-shirts and ready for the day. Once they got out to the car Sandy buckled Sarah into her seat and handed her a pacifier.
" I want you to suck on this whenever we are in the car so you do not get fussy. When we leave the car I will put it in my pocket in case you get fussy while we are out. " Sandy informed her.
Sarah gladly took the pacifier. She loved the details that her mother was putting into this. She had even sat on her bed while her mother had pack and backpack with diapers and stuff. Basically it was her diaper bag. After a moment Sandy started the car up and they were off on errands.
With each stop Sarah sadly took the pacifier out and gladly put it back in once they returned to the car. Sandy dropped off clothes at the dry cleaners. Mailed a package to her mother. Then headed back to the Super Walmart. Once there Sarah once again took out her pacifier and both walked into the store. Sandy grabbed a cart and the two of them started at one end of the store and worked their way to the other end. Into the cart went baby toys, baby food, and a couple of boxes of baby cereal. With each item that Sandy put in the cart Sarah got happier and happier. She was amazed and what her mother was going to do to make her dream come true. Sarah then watched as her mother went over to the diaper isle and picked up two bags of cloth diapers and a few dozen pairs of extra large plastic pants. Sarah looked at her mother and wondered if she was loosing her mind. Sarah like wearing disposable diapers not cloth.
" Why are you picking up cloth diapers?’ She asked.
" Babies do not care what kind of diaper they wear" came the answer.
Sarah looked a little worried until her mother reached into her pocket and flashed her pacifier at her.
" Are we getting fussy?’ Sandy asked.
For a brief moment Sarah wanted to say yes, But something inside her did not want the world to know she was a baby. She just shook her head no. Sandy smiled and the two of them continued shopping.
As they neared the halfway mark of the store, Sarah felt her tummy rumble. She had not thought of this. Thinking threw what being a baby meant had not been high on her lists of things when she h ad said yes to her mother the day before.
" Mom"
" Yes Dear"
" I need to go to the bathroom"
" That why you are wearing a diaper."
" Mom i need to poop."
" Like I said that’s why you are wearing diapers"
Sarah could not believe it. Her mother was making her poop her pants. Sarah just looked at her mother. Part of her wanted to scream with joy and part of her wanted to cream with horror. After all she was a baby after all and babies pooped in their diapers. It was while thinking about this that another cramp hit her. " Oh Well " she thought and relaxed. Soon she felt herself pooping into her diaper. After she was done she walked over to her mother and let her know what happened. Sandy lead Sarah back to the restrooms and both were glad to see the family restroom was not busy. After locking the door, Sandy pulled out Sarah’s pacifier to suck on while she changed her diaper. " This was the big test." Sandy thought. Now she knew that the next three months were gonna be necessary. After all Sarah was thirteen not two and needed to be broken of this desire to be a baby. Soon a diaper was changed and both of them were back shopping.