playing baby part seven

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Chapter seven

Sarah sat in her seat as her mother drove back from Walmart, sucking on her pacifier and watching the cars go bye. She looked over at all the bags that had been bought at the store and smiled to herself. Soon they were home and Sarah was escorted to her playpen. After unloading the car Sandy brought a few of the toys she had bought and placed them in the playpen for Sarah to play with.
" that should keep you busy for a while "
Sarah just stared at her mother. after a moment she began to play with her toys. Sarah must have played for half an hour before she got bored. Knowing that she could not leave the playpen, she simply laid down and fell sleep. Meanwhile Sandy busied herself with housework. It had been an eventful day so far. Sandy finished her housework and made herself a cup of tea. Sitting at the kitchen table she began to wonder if the plan would work. So far Sarah had shown no signs that she wasn’t enjoying herself. Sandy began to think she had made the wrong choice. after finishing her tea Sandy wondered into the living room and the playpen. what she saw reaffirmed her resolve. There in the playpen was her 13 year old daughter sleeping. She appeared to have been having the time of her life. Sandy just looked at her and wondered one thing. When would she tire of playing baby.

An hour later Sarah woke up needing to pee. Remembering here she was, she simply relax and peed into her diaper. She then sat up and looked around. The living room looked the same as always. Her mother was nowhere to be found. So Sarah sat up and began to play with her toys again. the sad part being she was intellectually to smart for them and soon grew bored. So she just sat in her playpen, sucking on her pacifier and waited for her mother to come get her.
A few minutes later Sandy walked into the room. Sarah looked at her and smiled.
" How is my little girl doing? " Sandy asked.
" OK. " Sarah answered.
" ready for lunch? "
"yes please "

Sandy helped her daughter out of her playpen and both of them headed for the kitchen. Soon Sarah was back in her highchair, with a bib on, waiting to be fed lunch. Sandy went over to the cabinets to get a couple jars of baby food. She settled on a jar of Meet, Vegetables and Turkey and a jar of strained peas. Sitting down in front of her daughter she began to feed her. Sarah took each bite and relished the feeling. Baby food tasted different. It was not as wonderful as she had hoped it would be. But it did not taste that bad. Then came the peas. Sarah thought for sure she was gonna throw up but thankfully didn’t. After the lunch of baby foods, Sandy offered Sarah a bottle of apple juice to wash it down with. Sarah had never been so glad to have a bottle in her life. She drank to her hearts content. Sandy meanwhile made herself a quick lunch and then cleaned up the kitchen. Sandy sat at the table and looked at her daughter. What were they gonna do this afternoon. It was while looking at her that Sandy had an idea.

" Care to sunbath this afternoon?’ Sandy asked her daughter.
" Sure " Her daughter said without thinking it threw.
" Then lets get you ready to go outside." Sandy said matter of factly.

Sandy helped her daughter out of her highchair and both of them walked up to her room. Once their Sandy had Sarah lay down on her bed and proceeded to change her diaper. This time however, Sandy changed her into a cloth diaper and plastic pants. Once done she stood her up and grabbed her by hand to lead her to the outside.

" What about pants mom? " Sarah asked noticing her clothing.
" Babies do not need pants…So neither do you. Besides we are going to the backyard no one will see anything." Sandy informed her.

Sarah shrugged and followed her mother’s lead. Soon they were outside in the hot sun and laying down on towels to sunbath. Sarah closed her eyes and let the new feelings she had wash over her. Here she was outside in nothing but a diaper and a shirt. This was a strange feeling. She felt very weird. True babies don’t care what they wear and neither should she but something bothered her about it. She also felt the difference between the cloth diaper and her disposable ones. These felt different and the plastic pants made her feel a little hot. But this was what she wanted. She wanted to be a baby and was learning what that meant today.
Sandy looked at her daughter and smiled. Sarah was in fro a treat that was for sure. Reaching over to her side Sandy grabbed a bottle of juice and handed it to Sarah who took it without asking. It was a sight to see for sure. Soon Sarah felt very tired and feel into a deep sleep. Sandy just lay next to her daughter taking in the sun. This had to be the best part of the day.

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Not sure about rest here but I love the story ;D I really hope you continue it and really look forward to next part.

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I found 1 small spelling error(meet rather than meat), but it is a good story so far.
Keep up the good work.