playing baby part four

Chapter four

Sandy watched her daughter sleep for a few mintues and then went back downstairs to work on when the “baby’” wakes up. She needed to get a few things of the attic so she made the climb upstairs. It took a good half hour of work but soon everything would be ready. Sandy sat in her favorite chair and thought about the coming months. She had to admit when Violet had first suggested the idea to her she had wondered if her friend has lost her mind. But looking at how happy Sarah had been while she drank her bottle made Sandy feel better. This plan of hers could work. Sarah seemed to relish the thought of being a baby and Sandy wanted her daughter to grow up. Maybe a summer as a baby would give her the time she needed to realize that you can not always go back. Sandy sighed and started to thing about what the summer held in store for both of them. The one thing that was certain was that things were never gonna be the same again.
Upstairs, Sarah slept to her hearts content. She was having a wonderful dream. In her dream she was a baby again. Sleeping in a crib and enjoying every minute of it. She saw threw the bars of the crib as her mother puttered around in her nursary. " Does my baby like to watch mommy work. " Her mother asked her. Sarah found herself giggling at the question. The dream was very relaxing.Like floating on a cloud. However, it did not last long enough. All to soon Sarah found herself waking up. She streached and sat up in her bed, not a crib like she wanted but a bed. Sarah sat there for a few mintues and wondered what to do. Part of her wanted to throw some clothes on and go find her mother. Part of her wanted to just lay down and sleep some more. Sarah thought for a mintue then made her choice. She was not gonna get anymore dressed but was gonna go find out what her mother was up to.
Sarah stood up and went to open the door. After leaving her room Sarah headed down to the living room and to find her mother. There here mother sat in her favorite chair in deep thought. Sarah coughed to get her mothers attention.
" I see we are up from our nap. " Her mother said as a greeting.
" Yup" Sarah replyed.
" Well what are you doing down here?" Sandy asked.
" I came looking for you. " came the answer.
" Well we have two problems then. " Sandy stated. " Like I said if you are gonna be a baby you must be one full time. That means you do not leave you room untill somebody comes and gets you. I know you do not have a real crib, but you do not get out of bed untill I get you up. Understood? " Sandy explained.
" Yes " Sarah answered.
" Also babies do not walk they crawl. So I want you to crawl everywhere. Got it" Sandy stated
" OK" Sarah said.
" Now crawl over here. " Sandy said. Sarah dropped to all fours and crawled over to her mother. Sandy reached over and checked her daughter’s diaper. Finding it still dry she then motioned for Sarah to come to the other side of the room. Sarah looked over to where her mother was wanting her to go and was surprised to see a playpen set up. Sarah crawled over to the playpen and was soon climbing in it. Once inside Sandy spoke again.
" This is were I want you to stay while I make dinner."
Sarah just shook her head. Sandy left the room and came back with a bottle of juice.
" This should keep you till it is dinner time. " Sandy said matter of factly.
Sarah grabbed the bottle and lay down in the playpen. Her only thought being that this just keeps getting better. Sarah looked around the room as she sat in her playpen and smiled. This was starting out to be the best summer ever.
Sandy went into the kitchen again to try and figure out how to feed Sarah " babyfood" when she did not have any. She thought for a moment about leaving her daughter and going back to the store but dismissed the idea. She had to think of Sarah as a baby and she would never leave a baby unattended. It was then that an idea hit her. Tonights dinner would be mac and cheese. She could use the blender and blend Sarah’s portion to the right consistance.
Sandy began to hum to herself as she made dinner.She had not hummed in a few years and was surprised to be doing so now. It just seemed to make since. She hummed a tune she had not thought about in years.

Meanwhile in the living room Sarah finished her bottled and began to wonder what to do next. She looked around the playpen for something to look at or do. Finding nothing she sighed a sigh of bordom. she had to admit she was bored. A few mintues later she felt the need to pee. She almost stood up to go to the bathroom. She forgot for only a second. Still she found it hard to wet her pants. After about five mintues Sarah finally felt her bladder empty as she peed into her diaper. when she finished she sat there and closed her eyes. The feeling of a wet diaper was different than she thought it would be. It felt warm and wonderful. The problem was that Sarah did not know what to do. She thought about calling for her mother. She also thought about getting out of the playpen and go looking for her. Sarah was not sure what to do. She was still thinking threw her choices when she heard her mother’s voice. " is my baby hungry. "
" yes " Sarah started. " and a little wet to."
Sandy looked at her daughter. “She actually wet her pants” Sandy thought. No turning back now. Sandy thought threw her options before speaking. " like I said before you wanted to be a baby and babies wet thier pants. They do not care and neither should
you. I will change you when I realize that you need to be changed. "
Sarah just nodded that she understood. Sandy helped Sarah out of her playpen and walked out of room. Sarah crawled after her into the kitchen. Her diaper felt a little heavy.
Apon arriving in the kitchen Sarah was surprised to see a highchair set up. Sandy looked at her daughter.
" shall we see if it still fits? "
" yes " Sarah answered as she climbed into the chair. To both of their surprise and Sarah’s delight, she fit.
Sandy tied a bib on her daughter and proceeded to fed her the macaroni and cheese. Sarah sat quietly and ate every spoonful. All the while thinking " my mother is feeding me like a baby. This is so cool. "
Soon dinner was over and Sandy gave Sarah another bottle to drink why she ate. Sarah sat in her highchair drinking her bottle and feeling a lot better. Soon dinner was over and cleaned up.
" so " Sandy said as she removed the tray of the highchair. " lets get you into a dry diaper " With that she took Sarah by her hand walked them both upstairs.