playing baby part eight

here is the latest chapter in my story. It is a little short but sets up events that follow.


Chapter eight

Sarah laid on the blanket drinking in the sun’s rays. In her mind was only one thought. This is the life. Nothing to do but lay here and relax. Sarah felt her mother want to put something in her mouth. Sarah just parted her lips and felt the pacifier enter her mouth. She began to suck to her hearts content.
The day just passed away within this blissful feeling. The only thing that bothered her was the plastic pants. They seemed to keep a lot of heat making Sarah feel very hot.
Sandy looked at her daughter and smiled. She looked so peaceful. Sandy did not want this moment to end either. Mother and daughter moments like this were few and far between. Sandy let out a sigh of contentment. She looked over at her sleeping daughter and remembered times gone by.

A little while later, Sarah woke up needing to pee. Without a moments thought she relaxed and emptied her bladder. The feeling of a wet cloth diaper made Sarah feel very uncomfortable. She tried shifting her weight. But nothing could ease her comfort
Sandy noticed her daughter’s shifting.
" is the baby uncomfortable?"
she asked guessing the answer. Sarah just shook her head yes. " well then lets get you changed. " Sandy said as she grabbed a diaper and a bottle from behind her. Sarah took the bottle and began to drink nervously. She could not believe her mother was about to change her outside. At least it was into a disposable. Soon the bottle was empty and her diaper was changed. The two ladies went back to sunbathing.

The rest of the week was pretty much the same. Sarah stayed in diapers the whole time and loved every minute of it.

Thursday night Sarah got a bath. It had been years since her mother had bathed her and it was wonderful. The only thing that ruined the evening was her mother reminding her of the appointment to see Violet in the morning. Sarah did not see the reason that she needed to talk to a shrink. She was perfectly healthy and not crazy. Sarah laid in her bed sucking on her pacifier and thought about talking to the shrink the next day. It seemed so unnecessary. She was fine. Sure he liked wearing diapers and being treated like a baby but that did not make her crazy did it? It was then that a strange thought crossed her mind. What if she was crazy? After all none of her classmates in school were like this. Maybe there was something wrong with enjoying being a baby. What was she doing that was all that normal anyway? Sarah tried to convince herself that she was normal and that this was just part of who she was. Still the thoughts keep her thinking. Very soon her mother walked in to give her a nigh time bottle. Sarah took the bottle and began to suck the grape juice it contained. Even as she fell into a deep sleep her mind wondered. Am i normal?

Re: playing baby part eight

Great chapter!! I really enjoy this story and hope you continue it.