playing baby chapters 1- 10

Playing Baby

" But mom " Sarah exclaimed as her mother slid the diaper under her rear. " no buts " her mother proclaimed as she taped the diaper in place. " you were the one who wanted to be a baby. "
Sara just lay there. Her mother was right. She had been playing baby. Truth be told Sara did not know why she had been playing. It all seemed so stupid. Both Sara and her mother looked at each other. The story began to unfold.

Sandy, Sara’s mother, remembered the day well. She had been collecting clothes to run in the washing machine and decided to grab some of her 13 year old daughters from her room. she had not even bothered to knock, she just opened the door. what she had seen made her drop the laundry basket she was carrying. There was her daughter standing in front of her wearing a pillowcase like a diaper. To make matters worse in her daughter’s mouth was a pacifier. Sarah had jumped at the sight of her mother, spit the pacifier out and reached for her robe to cover herself. " mother don’t you knock? Sara screamed. Sandy just stood there looking at her daughter. " Just what do you think your doing? she finally managed to get out. " none of your business " came the reply. Sandy found her voice. " it is to my business. My daughter is sucking a pacifier and wearing what might as well be a diaper and I want to know why.
Sarah looked into her mother’s eyes. How badly she wanted to explain. She wanted to tell her mother how she missed being a baby. How much she wanted to be one again. But she couldn’t. Her mother would never understand. all Sarah could think to say was " i don’t know. " Sandy looked at her and shacking her head grabbed the laundry basket off the floor and left the room. Sara collapsed onto her bed and began to cry. Her worse fear had come true. Her mother had seen her and now there was something between them. Meanwhile downstairs Sandy was crying for a different reason. What had she done wrong? Sarah had all ways been a good kid, Got good grades in school. She had never been in real trouble. Sandy sat in her favorite chair and tried to grasp what she had just discovered. What had she done wrong? She needed to talk to Sarah but that was not going to be easy. Silent tears fell down Sandy’s cheeks. The clock ticked the minutes slowly. Time it seemed had come almost to a standstill. After a few minutes, Sandy heard the shuffle of feet coming down the stairs.
Mother and daughter looked at each other. Both remained silent. Each lost in their own thoughts. Sarah found herself wanting to explain. Sandy looked her daughter over and was glad to see she had taken off the pillowcase. After a moment or two both of them felt it was time to chat. " mom. I think we should talk. " Sarah began. " just tell me why. " Sandy responded. Sarah took a deep breath. " its hard to explain. " she began. " take your time. " her mother told her. After taking a couple of deep breaths Sarah began to explain. She told her mother about her wish to be a baby again and how she did not know why. That she had felt this way for several months. She had looked up on the Internet for information and discovered that she was a teen baby. Sarah was near tears when she finished. Sandy had listened to everything her daughter had said. When Sarah finished talking, Sandy took a deep breath herself and simply said. " thank you. "
Sarah looked at her mother. A few quiet minutes past between them. Sandy finally broke the silence. " i need to think about this. " OK. Sarah responded. " I’m going to bed. " and with that Sarah shuffled off to bed. Sandy sat in silence and stared out the window. She needed to talk to someone. After a few minutes she thought of her friend Violet. Violet was a trained Child therapist. If anyone could help her put all this together. Sandy picked up the phone and made an appointment to see her tomorrow. After making the appointment Sandy headed off to try and sleep.

Chapter two

" You don’t look good. " Violet remarked as she opened the door and looked at her friend. " i don’t feel well" Sandy respond. " so whats going on? " Violet asked. Slowly Sandy began to bring Violet up to speed. She told her everything, from walking in on her daughter to the conversation after wards. She even was able to talk about her feelings on the matter. Violet listened carefully to her friends story. When Sandy finished, Violet spoke quietly. " first and foremost, you did nothing wrong. Teen babies, or infantilists, are more common than you think. Nobody knows what causes someone to be this way. It just is." " but what do i do now? " Sandy asked. " that depends on what you want. " Violet answered. " i just want it to go away. " sandy responded. " well it won’t just go away. but you can make it go away if you want. " violet said. " How? " was the only words that Sandy could get out. “Simple” violet responded. " give her what she wants, but on your terms. " " what do you mean?" Sandy inquired. " Teen Babies want to be a baby for real. " Violet said. " What i would do is make her a baby for the summer. The whole thing. By the end of summer she will be so sick of it that she will be begging to be a big girl for the rest of her life. " " I’m not sure I can do that." Sandy replayed. " Sure you can. Its no different than taking care of a real baby. Everything is just bigger. I would add one thing to it. " Violet said matter of fact. " I would require her to come here and see me once a week." " Why?" Sandy asked. " I can monitor her mental health and give her a place to complain about being treated like a baby after the newness wears off. " Sandy thought long and hard about what Violet had been saying. It could work. She was not sure that she was looking forward to spending the summer changing diapers but the reset of it sounded like the perfect way to deal with it. After all if she had been caught smoking sandy would have made her finish a whole pack. Just one thing bothered her. " What if this doesn’t work? " Sandy asked her friend. " First off it will work. Second off with the therapy that she will be getting from me she will want to give up being a baby for sure. " Violet answered. After a moment of contemplation Sandy stood up and announced. " I’ll do it. " " Good. Have her in my office next Friday. We will start therapy then. " Violet said as she shook her friends hand. " And good luck. " " Thank you" Sandy said as she walked out of the room. She had some shopping to do before Sarah got home from school today.
Sandy left her friends office and headed straight to the store. There she picked up everything she thought she might need for the summer. She picked up a couple of bottles and a couple of pacifiers. She picked up three big cans of formula and of course she picked up a couple of bags of diapers. Soon she was arriving home. She was somewhat surprised to see her daughter home already. Sarah was laying out on the front lawn sun bathing. Sandy put her purchases away and then went to her daughter. " Hi Mom" Sarah said as Sandy came into view. " What’s up?’ " Nothing much.Your home early. " Sandy responded. " Half day. " Sarah said. " Well I need to talk to you. " Sandy said matter of fact. Sarah sat up and looked at her mother. " So Talk" “I have been thinking about what you said last night.” " Oh that" Sarah said remembering the night before. She had hoped her mother would have forgotten about it. " Sarah." Sandy started. " I have been thinking and if begin a baby is what you want then being a baby you should have." Sarah looked at her mother with a surprise look on her face. " What do you mean. " " If you want to be a baby then I am willing to let you be one. For the summer. " Sandy told her daughter. " I see. " Sarah said with a hint of uncertainty in her voice." Now there are two conditions that I must insist on. " Sandy said. " first and formost if that’s what you want it must last all summer. There is no changing your mind after a week or two. " " Sarah just looked at her mother. Could this really be happening. It would be a dream come true. Sarah simply nodded her head. " And second you must have weekly therapy sessions with Violet." Sandy continued. " Why?" Sarah asked. " Its one of my conditions. " was all Sandy said." So the question to you is. Do you want to be a baby or not?" Sarah stared at her mother for a moment. She was still trying to figure out if her mother was kidding or not. After a minute of silence Sarah spoke from her heart. " More than anything." " Then come with me." Sandy said. Both of them got up and walked into the house. They walked upstairs and into Sarah’s room. Sarah was shocked to see the bags of diapers on her bed. " Lay down" Sandy commanded. Sarah sat down on her bed. Sandy grabbed a diaper out one of the bags of diapers and quickly put her daughter back into diapers. Sarah lay on her bed in bliss. She was finally getting what her heart had always wanted. The only thing that bothered her was the thought of talking with Violet about this. Sandy looked at her daughter and smiled. This was going to be fun on some levels. After finishing getting Sarah back in diapers, Sandy put a pacifier in her mouth and left the room. Sarah sucked the pacifier and smiled. She was a baby at last.

Chapter three.

Sarah lay on her bed feeling things she had felt deep down come bubbling to the service. The first thing she felt was the sensation of being diapered. She was in real diapers for the first time since she was potty trained at the age of two. The diapers felt wonderful. She felt like her body was encased in love. She moved around just to hear them crinkle. Sucking on the pacifier was the second thing she felt. Her mother had given it to her right after putting her in diapers. slowly she moved it in her tongue. True she had sucked pacifiers before but this one felt different. lt was special cause her mother gave it to her. Sarah smiled her biggest smile. A few tears of joy fell down her face. She grabbed her stuff bear off her bed and gave it a big hug. The main thing she felt was happy. She was a baby again. Sarah slowly let the full reality seep in. School was out for the summer and Sarah had no plans. Now she was a baby again and looking forward to every part of the next three months.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Sandy was busy working. Dinner had to be made and she had work to do. First she made a bottle of formula. Then she realized what she forgot to buy at the market: no baby food. Grabbing the bottle of formula Sandy headed back upstairs to " feed the baby " Sandy got up to her daughter’s room and stood in the doorway for a moment. What she saw melted her heart. There on her bed was Sarah, clutching her teddy bear and smiling. Sandy knew the that she was doing the right thing. She let out a quick sigh and entered the room. Sarah opened her eyes and looked at her mother. Sandy sat on the bed and before Sarah could say a word, removed the pacifier and replaced it with the bottle. Whatever Sarah was gonna say did not leave her lips. Instead she sucked on the bottle and closed her eyes. The sucking of the bottle and the beating of her heart caused Sarah to get very tired. Soon she drifted off to sleep. The last thing she remember was her mother checking her diaper.Sarah did not care at that moment cause She was fast asleep.

Chapter four

Sandy watched her daughter sleep for a few minutes and then went back downstairs to work on when the “baby’” wakes up. She needed to get a few things of the attic so she made the climb upstairs. It took a good half hour of work but soon everything would be ready. Sandy sat in her favorite chair and thought about the coming months. She had to admit when Violet had first suggested the idea to her she had wondered if her friend has lost her mind. But looking at how happy Sarah had been while she drank her bottle made Sandy feel better. This plan of hers could work. Sarah seemed to relish the thought of being a baby and Sandy wanted her daughter to grow up. Maybe a summer as a baby would give her the time she needed to realize that you can not always go back. Sandy sighed and started to thing about what the summer held in store for both of them. The one thing that was certain was that things were never gonna be the same again.
Upstairs, Sarah slept to her hearts content. She was having a wonderful dream. In her dream she was a baby again. Sleeping in a crib and enjoying every minute of it. She saw threw the bars of the crib as her mother puttered around in her nursery. " Does my baby like to watch mommy work. " Her mother asked her. Sarah found herself giggling at the question. The dream was very relaxing.Like floating on a cloud. However, it did not last long enough. All to soon Sarah found herself waking up. She stretched and sat up in her bed, not a crib like she wanted but a bed. Sarah sat there for a few minutes and wondered what to do. Part of her wanted to throw some clothes on and go find her mother. Part of her wanted to just lay down and sleep some more. Sarah thought for a minute then made her choice. She was not gonna get anymore dressed but was gonna go find out what her mother was up to.
Sarah stood up and went to open the door. After leaving her room Sarah headed down to the living room and to find her mother. There here mother sat in her favorite chair in deep thought. Sarah coughed to get her mothers attention.
" I see we are up from our nap. " Her mother said as a greeting.
" Yup" Sarah replied.
" Well what are you doing down here?" Sandy asked.
" I came looking for you. " came the answer.
" Well we have two problems then. " Sandy stated. " Like I said if you are gonna be a baby you must be one full time. That means you do not leave you room until somebody comes and gets you. I know you do not have a real crib, but you do not get out of bed until I get you up. Understood? " Sandy explained.
" Yes " Sarah answered.
" Also babies do not walk they crawl. So I want you to crawl everywhere. Got it" Sandy stated
" OK" Sarah said.
" Now crawl over here. " Sandy said. Sarah dropped to all fours and crawled over to her mother. Sandy reached over and checked her daughter’s diaper. Finding it still dry she then motioned for Sarah to come to the other side of the room. Sarah looked over to where her mother was wanting her to go and was surprised to see a playpen set up. Sarah crawled over to the playpen and was soon climbing in it. Once inside Sandy spoke again.
" This is were I want you to stay while I make dinner."
Sarah just shook her head. Sandy left the room and came back with a bottle of juice.
" This should keep you till it is dinner time. " Sandy said matter of fact.
Sarah grabbed the bottle and lay down in the playpen. Her only thought being that this just keeps getting better. Sarah looked around the room as she sat in her playpen and smiled. This was starting out to be the best summer ever.
Sandy went into the kitchen again to try and figure out how to feed Sarah " baby food" when she did not have any. She thought for a moment about leaving her daughter and going back to the store but dismissed the idea. She had to think of Sarah as a baby and she would never leave a baby unattended. It was then that an idea hit her. Tonight’s dinner would be mac and cheese. She could use the blender and blend Sarah’s portion to the right consistence.
Sandy began to hum to herself as she made dinner.She had not hummed in a few years and was surprised to be doing so now. It just seemed to make since. She hummed a tune she had not thought about in years.

Meanwhile in the living room Sarah finished her bottled and began to wonder what to do next. She looked around the playpen for something to look at or do. Finding nothing she sighed a sigh of boredom. she had to admit she was bored. A few minutes later she felt the need to pee. She almost stood up to go to the bathroom. She forgot for only a second. Still she found it hard to wet her pants. After about five minutes Sarah finally felt her bladder empty as she peed into her diaper. when she finished she sat there and closed her eyes. The feeling of a wet diaper was different than she thought it would be. It felt warm and wonderful. The problem was that Sarah did not know what to do. She thought about calling for her mother. She also thought about getting out of the playpen and go looking for her. Sarah was not sure what to do. She was still thinking threw her choices when she heard her mother’s voice. " is my baby hungry. "
" yes " Sarah started. " and a little wet to."
Sandy looked at her daughter. “She actually wet her pants” Sandy thought. No turning back now. Sandy thought threw her options before speaking. " like I said before you wanted to be a baby and babies wet their pants. They do not care and neither should
you. I will change you when I realize that you need to be changed. "
Sarah just nodded that she understood. Sandy helped Sarah out of her playpen and walked out of room. Sarah crawled after her into the kitchen. Her diaper felt a little heavy.
A pon arriving in the kitchen Sarah was surprised to see a highchair set up. Sandy looked at her daughter.
" shall we see if it still fits? "
" yes " Sarah answered as she climbed into the chair. To both of their surprise and Sarah’s delight, she fit.
Sandy tied a bib on her daughter and proceeded to fed her the macaroni and cheese. Sarah sat quietly and ate every spoonful. All the while thinking " my mother is feeding me like a baby. This is so cool. "
Soon dinner was over and Sandy gave Sarah another bottle to drink why she ate. Sarah sat in her highchair drinking her bottle and feeling a lot better. Soon dinner was over and cleaned up.
" so " Sandy said as she removed the tray of the highchair. " lets get you into a dry diaper " With that she took Sarah by her hand walked them both upstairs.

Chapter five

Sarah and her mother arrived at her room and Sandy went to work. Sarah went straght to her bed and sat down. Sandy grabbed a diaper and then looked at her daugher.
" Not on the bed. Lets change you on the floor. " Sandy said.
Sarah got down on the floor. Sandy looked at her daughter and smiled. The plan was gonna work and Sarah had no idea how much she was gonna hate being a baby by summer’s end. Sandy then bent over her daughter and gave her a pacifier. Watching her suck it just reinforced what Sandy was thinking. Sandy sighed and got right to work. First she removed the wet diaper. Then she sprinkled a bit of baby power and rubbed in into her Sarah’s diaper area. Then she lifted her daugher by her legs and slid another diaper underneath before bringing it up between her legs and tapping it shut. The whole time she was getting changed Sarah had kept her eyes closed. Sandy wondered what her daughter was thinking. After finishing changing her daughter’s diaper she rolled the wet diaper into a ball and placed it into the trash. She then helped her daughter to her feet.
" It is to early for bed. So back to the playpen for you. " She told Sarah.
Sarah grabbed her stuff bear and began to crawl toward the living room and her playpen. Once there she layed down and starting to play with her bear. Sandy sat in her favorite chair and watched her daughter play." She was so cute in someways." Sandy thought to herself.
Sarah meanwhile was thinking about other things. She still could not belive what was happening. Her mother had fed her dinner in a high chiar and then had changed her diaper. She had her diaper changd like it was not big deal. Sarah layed down in her playpen, sucking her pacifier and playing with he bear. This was the life that she had always wanted. Her mind went back over the feelings of the past few mintues. She had felt her diaper reight before her mother changed her and it did not feel as nice as it did before dinner. Feeling the open air on her rear had been a nice change of pace. She had been surprised by the feeling of the baby powder. It felt wonferful against her skin. Then the fresh diaper felt like home again as her mother had taped it shut. She had felt incased in love one more time. Now she sits in her playpen playing with her bear and loving every mintue of it. Sarah smiled and looked at her mother who smiled back.
" Is my little girl happy? " Mom asked matter of factly.
Sarah just smilled her answer.
" Good cause its gonna last three months. " Sandy reminded her.
Sarah listened to her mother speak and the only though was simple this. “Only three months I wish i wish this could go on forever. "
Sandy stared at her daughter for a moment. It was gonna take three months to break her daughter of this rediculous idea of being a baby. But it would be worth it. After all she would be starting High School with in a year and she needed to be a big girl. She needed to give up this love of being a baby. Sandy looked at the clock on the wall.
" Time for bed.” She anounced.
Sarah crawed up to her mother and the two of them walked up to Sarah’s room. Sandy tucked her daughter in.
" I’ll be right back. " She enformed her and left the room. Sarah just looked above her bed and smiled. Today had started out so terribly and was ending so wonderfully. It was hard to beileve that less than 24 hours ago She had been discoved in a pillowcase of a diaper and now she was wearing the real thing. Sandy returned and placed a bottle in her daughters lips. " This should keep you till morning. " Sarah took the bottle as her mother left the room with a simple " good night. " This had been the best day ever.

Chapter six

Sarah woke up with a strong need to pee. Siting up in her bed she almost got out of bed. A internal voice reminded her of the day before. She was supposed to act like a baby. Babies did not use the potty. They just wet their pants. Sarah relaxed and soon enough she felt her diaper get warm from her pee.The warmth overtook her. This was gonna be another beautiful day. After she felt herself stop peeing, Sarah layed back down on her bed to wait for her mother to come in and get her up for the day. Everything felt wonderful.
Sarah looked at the clock on her dresser. 7:05 it read. Her mother would not be in until at least 7:30. That was another 25 minutes away. Sarah shifted her weight. The wet diaper reacted to her every move. Sarah stared at the open box of diapers sitting on her dresser. It would be a simple matter to grab one and change herself. The problem was that if she did that it would ruin the baby mode she was now enjoying. " After all" she thought to herself. " Babies do not change themselves."
So deep in thought about what to do was Sarah that she did not hear her mother enter the room. " Good morning little one. " Sandy spoke. Sarah almost shot out of her skin. " You scared me"
" Sorry about that." Her mother replied.
" Its OK. " Sarah said as she felt her heart race a few beats.
" Well lets get you changed and then breakfast. " Sandy said plainly.
Sarah layed down on the floor as Sandy grabbed another diaper. In a quick minute Sarah was changed and both of them were heading downstairs for breakfast. Soon Sarah was sitting in her highchair being spoon fed a bowl of oatmeal. The whole while Sarah was being fed she felt like she was in the best place on earth. This was the life she had always wanted and looked forward to in her dreams. She was looking forward to three months of heavenly bliss. Sandy was thinking also. Sandy was wondering how she was gonna keep this up for three months. Sure things were just as Violet had said they were. Everything was just like taking care of a real baby only bigger. Still Sandy remembered taking care of a baby and it was a lot of work and very tiring. Still when she looked into her daughters eyes, she knew that this was the best thing to do.
Soon breakfast was over and the dishes put away. That was when the question of now what came to both of their minds. Sandy had ideas. But there were things to do. Things that required them to leave the house. She had errands to run and the problem now was what to do with Sarah. Normally she would just leave her daughter at home and that would be that. But this was not a normal situation. Sandy finally decided to take her daughter with her.
" Let’s get you dressed for the day. " Sandy spoke
" Where are we going?’ Sarah asked with a hint of concern in her voice.
" That does not matter. Babies don’t care what happens to them and neither should you. " Came the answer.
Soon they were up in Sarah’s room and Sand was picking out an outfit for Sarah to put on. In a matter of minutes both women were dressed in jeans and t-shirts and ready for the day. Once they got out to the car Sandy buckled Sarah into her seat and handed her a pacifier.
" I want you to suck on this whenever we are in the car so you do not get fussy. When we leave the car I will put it in my pocket in case you get fussy while we are out. " Sandy informed her.
Sarah gladly took the pacifier. She loved the details that her mother was putting into this. She had even sat on her bed while her mother had packed a backpack with diapers and stuff. Basically it was her diaper bag. After a moment Sandy started the car up and they were off on errands.
With each stop Sarah sadly took the pacifier out and gladly put it back in once they returned to the car. Sandy dropped off clothes at the dry cleaners. Mailed a package to her mother. Then headed back to the Super Walmart. Once there Sarah once again took out her pacifier and both walked into the store. Sandy grabbed a cart and the two of them started at one end of the store and worked their way to the other end. Into the cart went baby toys, baby food, and a couple of boxes of baby cereal. With each item that Sandy put in the cart Sarah got happier and happier. She was amazed and what her mother was going to do to make her dream come true. Sarah then watched as her mother went over to the diaper isle and picked up two bags of cloth diapers and a few dozen pairs of extra large plastic pants. Sarah looked at her mother and wondered if she was loosing her mind. Sarah like wearing disposable diapers not cloth.
" Why are you picking up cloth diapers?’ She asked.
" Babies do not care what kind of diaper they wear" came the answer.
Sarah looked a little worried until her mother reached into her pocket and flashed her pacifier at her.
" Are we getting fussy?’ Sandy asked.
For a brief moment Sarah wanted to say yes, But something inside her did not want the world to know she was a baby. She just shook her head no. Sandy smiled and the two of them continued shopping.
As they neared the halfway mark of the store, Sarah felt her tummy rumble. She had not thought of this. Thinking threw what being a baby meant had not been high on her lists of things when she had said yes to her mother the day before.
" Mom"
" Yes Dear"
" I need to go to the bathroom"
" That is why you are wearing a diaper."
" Mom i need to poop."
" Like I said that’s why you are wearing diapers"
Sarah could not believe it. Her mother was making her poop her pants. Sarah just looked at her mother. Part of her wanted to scream with joy and part of her wanted to scream with horror. After all she was a baby after all and babies pooped in their diapers. It was while thinking about this that another cramp hit her. " Oh Well " she thought and relaxed. Soon she felt herself pooping into her diaper. After she was done she walked over to her mother and let her know what happened. Sandy lead Sarah back to the restrooms and both were glad to see the family restroom was not busy. After locking the door, Sandy pulled out Sarah’s pacifier to suck on while she changed her diaper. " This was the big test." Sandy thought. Now she knew that the next three months were gonna be necessary. After all Sarah was thirteen not two and needed to be broken of this desire to be a baby. Soon a diaper was changed and both of them were back shopping.

Chapter seven

Sarah sat in her seat as her mother drove back from Walmart, sucking on her pacifier and watching the cars go bye. She looked over at all the bags that had been bought at the store and smiled to herself. Soon they were home and Sarah was escorted to her playpen. After unloading the car Sandy brought a few of the toys she had bought and placed them in the playpen for Sarah to play with.
" that should keep you busy for a while "
Sarah just stared at her mother. after a moment she began to play with her toys. Sarah must have played for half an hour before she got bored. Knowing that she could not leave the playpen, she simply laid down and fell sleep. Meanwhile Sandy busied herself with housework. It had been an eventful day so far. Sandy finished her housework and made herself a cup of tea. Sitting at the kitchen table she began to wonder if the plan would work. So far Sarah had shown no signs that she wasn’t enjoying herself. Sandy began to think she had made the wrong choice. after finishing her tea Sandy wondered into the living room and the playpen. what she saw reaffirmed her resolve. There in the playpen was her 13 year old daughter sleeping. She appeared to have been having the time of her life. Sandy just looked at her and wondered one thing. When would she tire of playing baby.

An hour later Sarah woke up needing to pee. Remembering here she was, she simply relax and peed into her diaper. She then sat up and looked around. The living room looked the same as always. Her mother was nowhere to be found. So Sarah sat up and began to play with her toys again. the sad part being she was intellectually to smart for them and soon grew bored. So she just sat in her playpen, sucking on her pacifier and waited for her mother to come get her.
A few minutes later Sandy walked into the room. Sarah looked at her and smiled.
" How is my little girl doing? " Sandy asked.
" OK. " Sarah answered.
" ready for lunch? "
"yes please "

Sandy helped her daughter out of her playpen and both of them headed for the kitchen. Soon Sarah was back in her highchair, with a bib on, waiting to be fed lunch. Sandy went over to the cabinets to get a couple jars of baby food. She settled on a jar of Meet, Vegetables and Turkey and a jar of strained peas. Sitting down in front of her daughter she began to feed her. Sarah took each bite and relished the feeling. Baby food tasted different. It was not as wonderful as she had hoped it would be. But it did not taste that bad. Then came the peas. Sarah thought for sure she was gonna throw up but thankfully didn’t. After the lunch of baby foods, Sandy offered Sarah a bottle of apple juice to wash it down with. Sarah had never been so glad to have a bottle in her life. She drank to her hearts content. Sandy meanwhile made herself a quick lunch and then cleaned up the kitchen. Sandy sat at the table and looked at her daughter. What were they gonna do this afternoon. It was while looking at her that Sandy had an idea.

" Care to sunbath this afternoon?’ Sandy asked her daughter.
" Sure " Her daughter said without thinking it threw.
" Then lets get you ready to go outside." Sandy said matter of factly.

Sandy helped her daughter out of her highchair and both of them walked up to her room. Once their Sandy had Sarah lay down on her bed and proceeded to change her diaper. This time however, Sandy changed her into a cloth diaper and plastic pants. Once done she stood her up and grabbed her by hand to lead her to the outside.

" What about pants mom? " Sarah asked noticing her clothing.
" Babies do not need pants…So neither do you. Besides we are going to the backyard no one will see anything." Sandy informed her.

Sarah shrugged and followed her mother’s lead. Soon they were outside in the hot sun and laying down on towels to sunbath. Sarah closed her eyes and let the new feelings she had wash over her. Here she was outside in nothing but a diaper and a shirt. This was a strange feeling. She felt very weird. True babies don’t care what they wear and neither should she but something bothered her about it. She also felt the difference between the cloth diaper and her disposable ones. These felt different and the plastic pants made her feel a little hot. But this was what she wanted. She wanted to be a baby and was learning what that meant today.
Sandy looked at her daughter and smiled. Sarah was in fro a treat that was for sure. Reaching over to her side Sandy grabbed a bottle of juice and handed it to Sarah who took it without asking. It was a sight to see for sure. Soon Sarah felt very tired and feel into a deep sleep. Sandy just lay next to her daughter taking in the sun. This had to be the best part of the day.

Chapter eight

Sarah laid on the blanket drinking in the sun’s rays. In her mind was only one thought. This is the life. Nothing to do but lay here and relax. Sarah felt her mother want to put something in her mouth. Sarah just parted her lips and felt the pacifier enter her mouth. She began to suck to her hearts content.
The day just passed away within this blissful feeling. The only thing that bothered her was the plastic pants. They seemed to keep a lot of heat making Sarah feel very hot.
Sandy looked at her daughter and smiled. She looked so peaceful. Sandy did not want this moment to end either. Mother and daughter moments like this were few and far between. Sandy let out a sigh of contentment. She looked over at her sleeping daughter and remembered times gone by.

A little while later, Sarah woke up needing to pee. Without a moments thought she relaxed and emptied her bladder. The feeling of a wet cloth diaper made Sarah feel very uncomfortable. She tried shifting her weight. But nothing could ease her comfort
Sandy noticed her daughter’s shifting.
" is the baby uncomfortable?"
she asked guessing the answer. Sarah just shook her head yes. " well then lets get you changed. " Sandy said as she grabbed a diaper and a bottle from behind her. Sarah took the bottle and began to drink nervously. She could not believe her mother was about to change her outside. At least it was into a disposable. Soon the bottle was empty and her diaper was changed. The two ladies went back to sunbathing.

The rest of the week was pretty much the same. Sarah stayed in diapers the whole time and loved every minute of it.

Thursday night Sarah got a bath. It had been years since her mother had bathed her and it was wonderful. The only thing that ruined the evening was her mother reminding her of the appointment to see Violet in the morning. Sarah did not see the reason that she needed to talk to a shrink. She was perfectly healthy and not crazy. Sarah laid in her bed sucking on her pacifier and thought about talking to the shrink the next day. It seemed so unnecessary. She was fine. Sure she liked wearing diapers and being treated like a baby but that did not make her crazy did it? It was then that a strange thought crossed her mind. What if she was crazy? After all none of her classmates in school were like this. Maybe there was something wrong with enjoying being a baby. What was she doing that was all that normal anyway? Sarah tried to convince herself that she was normal and that this was just part of who she was. Still the thoughts keep her thinking. Very soon her mother walked in to give her a nigh time bottle. Sarah took the bottle and began to suck the grape juice it contained. Even as she fell into a deep sleep her mind wondered. Am i normal?

Chapter nine
Sarah was walking threw the halls at school. It had been a normal boring day at school so far and things were not about to change. " Sarah Honey" A voice spoke. Sarah looked up and saw her mother coming towards her. What was she doing here? " Hi mom" Sarah said as her mother got in ear shot. " What can I do for you? " She then asked. " Nothing, I came to change you is all." Her mother responded. Change her what was she talking about. it was then that Sarah looked down and screamed in horror. She was not wearing any pants and in place of them was a large diaper. She was at school in diapers. It was then she heard the other kids laughing at her. " Come on little on lets get you into a dry diaper. " Her mother said. Sarah started to cry. " i know what you need. " Her mother said producing a pacifier and placing into her daughter’s lips. Sarah started to scream and……

Sarah sat up with a start. She was in her bedroom. She was not at school. It had been a dream. Sarah looked around the room and try to get her barrings. It was OK. It has just been a nightmare. Sarah sat there and thought about the dream. There were things in it she had not thought about. True she reminded herself she was a baby for the summer which is what she had wanted, still the idea of her classmates finding out and laughing at her was something she had not counted on. Sarah looked at the clock by her bed. 5:30am in read. She would not be up for another two hours. She shifted her weight and was surprised to find that she was wet. Sometime in the middle of the night she had peed. This was a new feeling all together. She was peeing uncontrollably and that was not want she wanted. Don’t get it wrong she liked being in diapers and wanted to stay in them for a long time. She just wanted to remain in control of things.
Sarah layed back down on her bed and thought about the past week. In many ways it had been a dream come true. Her mother had been perfect. Taking care of her like she was a little baby. She even started to enjoy playing in her playpen with the toys that her mother had bought. Still something deep inside her was troubled. Sarah could not put her finger on it. The dream that she had woken up from was all to scary and Sarah was not sure why. After all she reasoned, after the summer was over if she was able to convince her mother that she wanted to stay a baby as much as poss able then she would have to be in diapers at school. Still it bothered her a little bit. She tough about the day a head of her. She would be going to see Violet and talk about all of this. It made her feel uneasy. It had been hard to talk to her mother a week ago and to have to explain it all to someone else was a hard thing to imagine. After all someone else might think she was crazy. Was she crazy? this thought keep her up for a while. She was truthfully not sure at the moment. She needed comfort. Grabbing her bear, Sarah gave it a big hug before she continued to think about things. She new that her mother required her to talk to Violet in order to stay a baby and she wanted to stay a baby for sure. Still she was not really looking forward to talking to someone about why.
Sarah looked at the clock buy her bed. it read 5:45. She needed to get back to sleep. Sarah layed back down and closed her eyes. Her diaper felt heavy but not to uncomfortable. She was still a little trouble by the fact that she was peeing uncontrollably but that was a worry for later. Now it was time to go back to sleep. So she yawned and grabbed her pacifier and feel asleep.

Sarah woke up a couple of hours later to a strange feeling. It took her a minute to realize what was happening. Her mother was changing her diaper while she slept.
" Good morning" Sarah spoke to he mother.
" Oh your awake" Her mother responded as she taped her daughter’s diaper shut.
" Just " Sarah managed to say.
" well lets go get some breakfast." Sandy said with determination.
The two of them went downstairs and had breakfast.
" When is the appointment with Violet?" Sarah asked.
" 10am " Came the answer.
Sarah wondered about the day. She was used to her routine of playing in the playpen in the morning and sunbathing in the afternoon. This would be a different kind of day and Sarah was not sure about it. Sandy looked at her daughter and had many thoughts. The first being that this had been a tough week. Getting used to a baby again had been hard on her. But she had managed to do very well thank you very much. Still they had not really done anything but stay around the house. If she was gonna break her daughter of this ridiculous habit of being a baby then that was gonna have to change. Slowly she thought about the day they were gonna have and what she could do differently. A plan began to form into her mind. This would be one of those days that would define them both.
With breakfast over Sandy escorted Sarah to her playpen and helped her into it. She then went about cleaning up from the morning. Once the dishes were done, Sandy walked upstairs and packed the diaper bag for the day. She was careful to pack things she would need for her plan.
After a while she came down stairs and announced it was time to go.

Chapter ten

Sarah sat in her seat and looked outside the window. She watched the other cars go bye and marveled at them. They all were so lucky. They were not on their way to therapy. They were all off to exciting places. Exciting places being anywhere else. Sarah crossed her arms and looked at her mother. She did not " have to " take her to see Violet. She just wanted to torture her. Sarah shifted in her seat. Sandy looked at her daughter in the rear view mirror. " now don’t pout. " She explained. " it won’t be that bad." Won’t be that bad. Sarah thought. It will be terrible. Soon, way to soon for Sarah’s taste, they were pulling up in front of Violet’s office. Sarah unbuckled her seat belt and was about to open the door when her mother spoke up.
" babies do not unbuckle their seat belts and open their own doors. " she commented mater-of-factly. Sarah sat back down and crossed her arms again. Sandy got out of the car and went to the back of it. Sarah tried to see what her mother was doing but saw nothing till a moment later when Sandy came around the corner of the car pushing a stroller. Sarah could not believe what she saw. Her mother was gonna take her into Violet’ office in a stroller no less. Part of Sarah was over joyed.
After all she loved being a baby and this just added to the pleasure that was this summer. Part of her was little scared as she might run into someone they know. Still Sarah remembered what her mother said. " You wanted to be a baby. " and she did with all her heart. Sarah then jumped out of the car and into the stroller. It felt different than she thought it would and was surprised that it fit her. Sandy pushed her daughter into the waiting room of Violet’s office. She then sat opposite of her daughter and looked her straight in the eye.

" I know you do not want to be here. But this is for your own good. Violet can help you sort threw some of your feelings about things and can help you become the person you want to be. " She told Sarah. " but only if you are completely honest with her. "
Sarah continued to suck her pacifier and just nodded her head. Sandy reached into the stroller and gave her daughter a big hug. Truth be told she was not sure how Violet was gonna help the situation. When they had talked a week ago Violet seem to think that she could help her daughter get over this ridiculous idea of being a baby. Sandy sure hoped so. Still looking at her daughter made her wonder if Sarah would ever be out of diapers and a normal teen like everyone else in her class.
The two of them looked around waiting for Violet to come out of her inner office. After a few minutes Violet came out and greeted them. Soon Sarah was pushed into Violet’s inner office and with an embarrassing kiss on the check left in the room alone with her.
Violet looked at Sarah. She looked normal. In fact she looked as normal as she always had over the past few years that Violet had known her family. Violet shook her head and sat down as her desk. " So, How are you doing? " She asked.
" OK I guess" Sarah responded.
" Just OK. "
" Yea"
" So whats your week been like?"
" what do you mean?"
" Well if i remember correctly. You have been a baby for the past week. Correct?"
" Yes."
" So whats it been like?"
It was then that Sarah understood the question. She started to talk about the events of the past week. She talked about how it felt to be back into diapers and to needing to be changed. She talked about eating baby-food and sitting in a highchair. With each statement Violet seemed to have more questions. Each question was easy to answer cause they were all about the past week. It was a simple session truth be told. It was nearing the end of the hour when Violet dropped the big question. " Any idea on why you wanted to be a baby again?" She asked.
" Not really. Its just something that I have wanted for the past year or two." Sarah answered honestly. She truthfully had no idea why the desire was there other than she really wanted to get what she was getting and was looking forward to the rest of summer. " Well we are out of time for today. " Violet informed her. " I"ll see you again in a week OK. "
" I guess" Sarah told her.
Violet then pushed the stroller out into the waiting room. Sandy stood up and taking the stroller from Violet began to leave the building. " See you next week." Violet stated as they walked out the door. Sandy was not so sure. Violet had good intentions but it seemed a little silly to bring her daughter into see her. Still she thought it seemed silly to be putting diapers on her 13 year old as well. They had just gotten Sarah sitting in the car and was putting the stroller away when a familiar voice rang out. " Sandy. "