playing baby chapter ten

Chapter ten

Sarah sat in her seat and looked outside the window. She watched the other cars go bye and marveled at them. They all were so lucky. They were not on their way to therapy. They were all off to exciting places. Exciting places being anywhere else. Sarah crossed her arms and looked at her mother. She did not " have to " take her to see Violet. She just wanted to torture her. Sarah shifted in her seat. Sandy looked at her daughter in the rear view mirror. " now don’t pout. " She explained. " it won’t be that bad." Won’t be that bad. Sarah thought. It will be terrible. Soon, way to soon for Sarah’s taste, they were pulling up in front of Violet’s office. Sarah unbuckled her seat belt and was about to open the door when her mother spoke up.
" babies do not unbuckle their seat belts and open their own doors. " she commented mater-of-factly. Sarah sat back down and crossed her arms again. Sandy got out of the car and went to the back of it. Sarah tried to see what her mother was doing but saw nothing till a moment later when Sandy came around the corner of the car pushing a stroller. Sarah could not believe what she saw. Her mother was gonna take her into Violet’ office in a stroller no less. Part of Sarah was over joyed.
After all she loved being a baby and this just added to the pleasure that was this summer. Part of her was little scared as she might run into someone they know. Still Sarah remembered what her mother said. " You wanted to be a baby. " and she did with all her heart. Sarah then jumped out of the car and into the stroller. It felt different than she thought it would and was surprised that it fit her. Sandy pushed her daughter into the waiting room of Violet’s office. She then sat opposite of her daughter and looked her straight in the eye.

" I know you do not want to be here. But this is for your own good. Violet can help you sort threw some of your feelings about things and can help you become the person you want to be. " She told Sarah. " but only if you are completely honest with her. "
Sarah continued to suck her pacifier and just nodded her head. Sandy reached into the stroller and gave her daughter a big hug. Truth be told she was not sure how Violet was gonna help the situation. When they had talked a week ago Violet seem to think that she could help her daughter get over this ridiculous idea of being a baby. Sandy sure hoped so. Still looking at her daughter made her wonder if Sarah would ever be out of diapers and a normal teen like everyone else in her class.
The tow of them looked around waiting for Violet to come out of her inner office. After a few minutes Violet came out and greeted them. Soon Sarah was pushed into Violet’s inner office and with an embarrassing kiss on the check left in the room alone with her.
Violet looked at Sarah. She looked normal. In fact she looked as normal as she always had over the past few years that Violet had known her family. Violet shook her head and sat down as her desk. " So, How are you doing? " She asked.
" OK I guess" Sarah responded.
" Just OK. "
" Yea"
" So whats your week been like?"
" what do you mean?"
" Well if i remember correctly. You have been a baby for the past week. Correct?"
" Yes."
" So whats it been like?"
It was then that Sarah understood the question. She started to talk about the events of the past week. She talked about how it felt to be back into diapers and to needing to be changed. She talked about eating baby-food and sitting in a highchair. With each statement Violet seemed to have more questions. Each question was easy to answer cause they were all about the past week. It was a simple session truth be told. It was nearing the end of the hour when Violet dropped the big question. " Any idea on why you wanted to be a baby again?" She asked.
" Not really. Its just something that I have wanted for the past year or two." Sarah answered honestly. She truthfully had no idea why the desire was there other than she really wanted to get what she was getting and was looking forward to the rest of summer. " Well we are out of time for today. " Violet informed her. " I"ll see you again in a week OK. "
" I guess" Sarah told her.
Violet then pushed the stroller out into the waiting room. Sandy stood up and taking the stroller from Violet began to leave the building. " See you next week." Violet stated as they walked out the door. Sandy was not so sure. Violet had good intentions but it seemed a little silly to bring her daughter into see her. Still she thought it seemed silly to be putting diapers on her 13 year old as well. They had just gotten Sarah sitting in the car and was putting the stroller away when a familiar voice rang out. " Sandy. "

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great chapter :smiley: Looking forward to see what happens there at the end. Thanks