playing baby chapter nine

Sarah was walking threw the halls at school. It had been a normal boring day at school so far and things were not about to change. " Sarah Honey" A voice spoke. Sarah looked up and saw her mother coming towards her. What was she doing here? " Hi mom" Sarah said as her mother got in ear shot. " What can I do for you? " She then asked. " Nothing, I came to change you is all." Her mother responded. Change her what was she talking about. it was then that Sarah looked down and screamed in horror. She was not wearing any pants and in place of them was a large diaper. She was at school in diapers. It was then she heard the other kids laughing at her. " Come on little on lets get you into a dry diaper. " Her mother said. Sarah started to cry. " i know what you need. " Her mother said producing a pacifier and placing into her daughter’s lips. Sarah started to scream and……

Sarah sat up with a start. She was in her bedroom. She was not at school. It had been a dream. Sarah looked around the room and try to get her barrings. It was OK. It has just been a nightmare. Sarah sat there and thought about the dream. There were things in it she had not thought about. True she reminded herself she was a baby for the summer which is what she had wanted, still the idea of her classmates finding out and laughing at her was something she had not counted on. Sarah looked at the clock by her bed. 5:30am in read. She would not be up for another two hours. She shifted her weight and was surprised to find that she was wet. Sometime in the middle of the night she had peed. This was a new feeling all together. She was peeing uncontrollably and that was not want she wanted. Don’t get it wrong she liked being in diapers and wanted to stay in them for a long time. She just wanted to remain in control of things.
Sarah layed back down on her bed and thought about the past week. In many ways it had been a dream come true. Her mother had been perfect. Taking care of her like she was a little baby. She even started to enjoy playing in her playpen with the toys that her mother had bought. Still something deep inside her was troubled. Sarah could not put her finger on it. The dream that she had woken up from was all to scary and Sarah was not sure why. After all she reasoned, after the summer was over if she was able to convince her mother that she wanted to stay a baby as much as poss able then she would have to be in diapers at school. Still it bothered her a little bit. She tough about the day a head of her. She would be going to see Violet and talk about all of this. It made her feel uneasy. It had been hard to talk to her mother a week ago and to have to explain it all to someone else was a hard thing to imagine. After all someone else might think she was crazy. Was she crazy? this thought keep her up for a while. She was truthfully not sure at the moment. She needed comfort. Grabbing her bear, Sarah gave it a big hug before she continued to think about things. She new that her mother required her to talk to Violet in order to stay a baby and she wanted to stay a baby for sure. Still she was not really looking forward to talking to someone about why.
Sarah looked at the clock buy her bed. it read 5:45. She needed to get back to sleep. Sarah layed back down and closed her eyes. Her diaper felt heavy but not to uncomfortable. She was still a little trouble by the fact that she was peeing uncontrollably but that was a worry for later. Now it was time to go back to sleep. So she yawned and grabbed her pacifier and feel asleep.

Sarah woke up a couple of hours later to a strange feeling. It took her a minute to realize what was happening. Her mother was changing her diaper while she slept.
" Good morning" Sarah spoke to he mother.
" Oh your awake" Her mother responded as she taped her daughter’s diaper shut.
" Just " Sarah managed to say.
" well lets go get some breakfast." Sandy said with determination.
The two of them went downstairs and had breakfast.
" When is the appointment with Violet?" Sarah asked.
" 10am " Came the answer.
Sarah wondered about the day. She was used to her routine of playing in the playpen in the morning and sunbathing in the afternoon. This would be a different kind of day and Sarah was not sure about it. Sandy looked at her daughter and had many thoughts. The first being that this had been a tough week. Getting used to a baby again had been hard on her. But she had managed to do very well thank you very much. Still they had not really done anything but stay around the house. If she was gonna break her daughter of this ridiculous habit of being a baby then that was gonna have to change. Slowly she thought about the day they were gonna have and what she could do differently. A plan began to form into her mind. This would be one of those days that would define them both.
With breakfast over Sandy escorted Sarah to her playpen and helped her into it. She then went about cleaning up from the morning. Once the dishes were done, Sandy walked upstairs and packed the diaper bag for the day. She was careful to pack things she would need for her plan.
After a while she came down stairs and announced it was time to go.

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Excellent story. I am enjoying it.

One minor error. I think you meant through rather than threw, in the first paragraph.

Please update when you can and keep up the good work.

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great chapter :slight_smile: Love the story so far and really looking forward to more.