playing baby chapter 18 conclusion

Well this story comes to a end here. I thank everyone for their words of encouragement. I hope that you like how this ends. I leave it open to tell more story if there is interest.


Chapter 18 conclusion

It had been a long summer in some ways. Still as Sarah lay in her bed waiting for her mother to come in and remove her wet diaper. Sarah hoped her mother would hurry as she did not want to be late on the first day of school. Sarah should not have worried. Sandy opened the door and looked into Sarah’s room.

" why aren’t you in the shower yet? "
" I was waiting for you. "
" my days of diapering you are over. Get up. "

Sarah got out of bed and went to take a shower. The whole time she was washing her mind was a mess. The summer was over and she was back being a " normal " teenager. This made her feel strange. Part of her was happy to be going to school. She had missed her friends over the summer and was looking forward to catching up. Not that she was going to tell them about her summer. The other thing she was feeling was a sadness. She had loved so much being in diapers and everything. Sure it was hard the past month, but for the most part it had been fun. But that time was over and she had better get on with it. Sarah got out of the shower and wrapped a towel and went back to her room.
Meanwhile Sandy was doing some thinking of her own. The past month had indeed been a tough one for reasons that were beyond explaining. Sandy had talked to Violet about many things and had come to some startling realizations about what her daughter meant when she said she was a teen-baby. Still the time for her to be a baby was over. At least for now. School started today and Sandy was worried about other things. She was thinking about those other things when Sarah walked back into her room.
" Mom… Can I get a little privacy please?"
" In a minute. We need to talk. "
Sarah looked at her mother and simply sat down on the bed.
" So talk. "
" honey. I need you to understand that I love you. I know this last month was tough on you and I did it for a reason. You needed to see that you can not just be a baby anymore."
" I do mother."
" I am not done. You needed also to understand that you are a teenager and a baby at the same time. During this summer you got to explore what it means to be a baby and hopefully you know how much of a baby you want to be. "
" I guess so"
" good. Now however you need to be a teenager and go to school and get good grades and all the other stuff. This does not mean that you need to give up being a baby. While i was babying you this summer I was also reading a lot on-line. I learned a few things that I want to share with you later. When we have time. The most important is that when you want to be a baby I will support you. "
" Thank you mom "
" There is one more thing. I want to to listen to what I have to say and do what I tell you. I think it would be wise if you wore this to school today. " Sandy said as she handed her daughter a pull-up.
" But why."
" you have not gone potty for the past three months and this last month it seemed like you did not even know you were going. I do not want you to wet your pants at school. So this is the solution. Keep it dry all day and tomorrow you can wear regular panties. OK."
Sarah thought about what her mother had said. The sad thing is that it made perfect sense. She had been wondering about her level of control all morning and this seemed like a good solution.
" OK "
" Listen…In case it does not stay dry all day come to the nurses office and I will get you a new one."
" OK mother " Sarah said. " Now can I get dressed please."
" of course. " and with that said Sandy left the room.
Sarah stood there for a moment. She then figured that it was better late than never and got dressed pull-up and all. Soon she was off to school and looking forward to the next chapter in her life.


Violet closed her notes and began to think about the summer. She had done the right thing. Sandy seemed to understand the need and Sarah seemed to accept who she was. That first day of school was a tough one but Sarah did manage to keep her pull-up dry all day. That night she slept in regular panties and went to school the next day in them as well. They rest of Sarah’s school life was like any normal teenagers. Sarah studied hard and got good grades. She dated casually and even went to her prom. As for her need to be a baby. Sarah would come home and on weekends spend one day in diapers. It seemed to be all that she needed. As for how I know all of this. Well that’s another story that if I have time I will tell you.


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it was nice story i wish there would of been more those.

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sad to see it end but it was a great story ;D I do love the way you ended it at least there was closure. Thanks again for the great story