playing baby chapter 15

sorry this took so long to get up. I am working as hard as I can on each chapter. Its gonna get harder as I work in retail and this is our busy season. But here is the latest chapter. Comments are always welcome.

chapter 15

The drive to grandma house was a long one. It takes six hours to get there and both of them sat in silence. Sandy had handed Sarah her pacifier as they pulled out of the driveway and Sarah sat sucking it a little nervous. She was mostly worried about the other cars passing by. She was sure they could see her sitting there sucking on a pacifier. Sarah was deep in thoughts. She was not sure she wanted to go to grandma’s house. After all for the past month she had been enjoying being a baby in private. Now she was gonna have to be one in a very public situation. She was going to be in diapers in front of her grandmother and all her cousins. This bothered her and she was not sure why. After all she wanted to be a baby with all her heart. Something just did not seem right at the moment. Sandy was thinking about different things. Other than watching the road she wondered if this trip was gonna be the relaxing vacation they were used to. Probably not she reasoned as she pulled onto the highway.
Sarah continued to suck on her pacifier. Sandy looked at her daughter and smiled. She looked good today, sitting in the passenger’s seat in a pink tank top and pair of jeans. Her diaper poking out of the top. Truth be told she looked cute.
Sandy wondered again about her daughter. Would she give it up at the end of summer or would she want to be in diapers for the rest of her life. Sandy had to admit she wasn’t sure.
" so " sandy spoke breaking the silence. " has the summer been all you hoped it would be? "
" what do you mean? "
" well have you enjoyed being a baby again?"
Sarah looked at her mother. " its been OK i guess. "
" just OK?"
" well its kinda boring "
" i see. well i can see that. After all you are a teenager on some level. Still this is what you wanted."
" i know mom. "

a silence fell over the car. Both of them thinking about the situation. Sarah started to think about being a baby full time. true she was enjoying everything, but it was no longer fun. it had become very mundane. It felt like the joy was gone. Sarah wondered how she would feel in a month. She wanted to go back to school. She liked school. Still she liked being a baby as well. She wondered if she could somehow have both. Still that was a month from now. Till then she was a baby full time. Sarah sighed as she felt her bladder give way. Wetting her diapers was getting easier. Possibly to easy Sarah thought. She began to wonder if she was loosing control. A thought that scared her. After all she did not want diapers to be something other than a choice.
Sandy listened to her heart beat as she drove. The call to her mother about Sarah’s choice was deep in her mind. She had tried to explain it but somehow she got the feeling that her mother did not get it. Either way they would find out at the end of the road trip. Sandy sat in the silence and wondered what her daughter was thinking. Was she worried about being a baby in front of everyone. It did not really matter as Sandy was determined to keep her daughter as a baby till summers end in hopes of breaking her of the idea for the rest of her life. She also thought about what Violet had said when they had dinner. Was it really about making Sarah OK with who she is?
As this thought nagged at her Sandy began to since something she had not sensed in years. It had been a long time since Sandy had been able to since when she needed to change Sarah. The since had been coming back during the past month. Spotting a rest area Sandy pulled the minivan over into a secluded spot.
" what’s going on? " Sarah asked as the car was parked.
" You need to be changed. " Sandy responded.
" How did you know? "
" A mother always know when her baby needs to be changed. "
Soon Sarah was laying down in the middle seat of the mini van and her diaper was changed.
As soon as she was back in her seat, Sandy looked at her with a straight face. " Are you hungry?" She asked her daughter. " Not really. More thirsty. " came the answer.
Sandy reached into the diaper bag and pulled out a empty bottle and a can of formula. In a couple of seconds, Sandy handed her somewhat surprised daughter a bottle full of formula and simply said. " drink up. "
With that Sandy climbed into the front seat and pulled out of the rest area and they were on there way again to grandma’s house. The rest of the trip went by uneventful. They did stop for lunch at a McDonald’s and soon they arrived at Grandma’s House. One thing bothered Sarah as the pulled up. She had to poop really badly. She hoped to hold it for as long as possible. Why she was not sure. As they approached the door to the house Sarah felt her bladder give way as she soaked her diaper. Grandma opened the door and with a big hug greeted each of them. As she hugged Sarah the concentration Sarah had loosened and Sarah proceeded to poop into her diaper.

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I for 1 understand retail seeing that’s what i do for a living also. But back to story. Great chapter again just wish it was longer :slight_smile: Looking forward to see what happens when the family see’s her.

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Nice chapter it very good story and would like see more of this .

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more plz ;D i really like where its going!