playing baby chapter 14

Chapter 14

Sandy walked around the house like a busy little bee. She had a lot to do if they were going to go. And she wanted to go. She wanted to go more than anything. What fuel this desire was something simple. She wanted her teenage daughter to be just that I teenager. Not some diaper wearing baby. Sarah sat in her playpen and watch her mom scurry around. " Something is up. " she told herself and began to wonder what. Sandy went about the day working on packing up to leave for the four day fourth of July weekend that was coming up. Soon she had everything in order. She just had one more thing to do. Calmly she sat in her favorite chair and looked at her daughter. Sarah just smiled. Sandy reached for the phone and called her mother. This was gonna be a tough one to explain and she needed to explain it. Grabbing the cordless phone she walked out of the room. She did not want her daughter hearing the conversation.
Sarah sat in her playpen and wondered what was up. Her mother ha not been that jumpy in a long time. She only gets jumpy like that when she has to deal with her mother. That was when Sarah started to put two and two together. For as long as she could remember she and her mother had gone to visit her mother for fourth of July weekend. It was a big deal of the summer and Sarah looked forward to it. It was a time to see Grandma and her cousins and the rest of the family that lived closed by. Sarah suddenly had a thought. Her mother was gonna go this year like always. She was gonna have to be a baby with all of her relatives near by. This thought made her shutter and worry. She was OK with her baby self but to expose it to others would be tough. She ha only been able to show it to he mother because of what happened. She was not sure she could expose it to the whole family as it were.
Sarah was deep in this thought when her mother spoke to her. " Sarah. " Hearing her name made her jump. " Sorry did not mean to scare you. Are you ready to go? Her mother asked. " Go where? " Sarah tried to ask innocently. " you know where. " came the answer. So it was true Sarah was gonna be a baby to her whole family. " But mom…." Sarah started to say. " Do not but mom me. " Sandy cut her off. " You wanted to be a baby and I told you that was OK but it had to be for the summer. You know we go to grandma’s house every year. Did you think i would cancel just cause your in diapers?" " well yea." Sarah said matter of factually. " Well you were wrong. " Sandy continued. "I am perfectly willing to take my baby daughter to visit her grandma and anyone else who happens to be there. You wanted to be a baby and so a baby you are. That means wherever we go. So suck it up. Now do you need to be changed? " I don’t think so. " Came the answer.
Sandy just shook her head and walked over to her daughter to check for herself. " Sarah your soaked. Lets get you changed and then we are out of here. " The two of them made their way up to Sarah’s room and soon a diaper was changed and they were both in the car heading the six hours to grandma’s house. Both of them completely unaware as to how the weekend would turn out. Both worried for their own reasons as to what the weekend meant.

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great chapter again. Looking forward to grandma’s house now :slight_smile: Please make the next chapter longer though please :wink: