playing baby chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Sarah sat up in her playpen. It had been a couple of weeks since her mother had made the deal. The days were blending together. After all each day was the same as the last. She was either in her playpen or in her highchair. She was even getting bored of being in diapers. Her day seemed to go from diaper change to diaper change. Still Sarah was not ready to call it quits just yet. Sarah was very content. It was then that her mother dropped a bombshell.
" I’m going out tonight. " Sandy told her daughter. " OK " Sarah replied.
" So tonight you will have a sitter. "
This piece of news surprised Sarah. Why did she need a sitter. She was more than capable of taking care of herself. She was about to tell her mother so when Sandy spoke.
" normally, i would be OK with you by yourself. But you wanted to be treated like a baby and babies get sitters."
Sarah just looked at her mother. " So who is gonna watch me then? " Sarah asked." I got a hold of Keri. " her mother answered. Sarah looked at her mother. The only Keri that Sarah knew off was her old babysitter from a decade ago.
" Keri? " Sarah inquired.
" Your old babysitter. " Her mother responded. Sarah looked at her mother. She wanted to argue the point. That she didn’t need babysitter. Still it was hard to argue. She did need to be a baby. She was not sure as to why only that she as filling a need in her life. Sarah looked at her mother and simply nodded in agreement.
The rest of the day was pretty normal. Soon Sarah was waking up from her afternoon nap. As she stretched in her bed she herd voices downstairs. Laughter could be herd as well. Sarah sat up in her bed. were they laughing at her? Sarah started to cry. She was not some freak that deserved to be laughed at. was she? Sarah just sat in her bed and sucked her pacifier as the tears fell down her face. She was just a normal kid who wanted something so bad that it hurt. Now she was getting that very thing and it felt so good in so many ways. Yet part of Sarah was not sure. She debated going downstairs and telling them off when she heard voices coming closer to her. One thing was certain her mother was not alone. Any minute now and she would be exposed to another person. Sarah took a deep breath. As she breathed out her bladder emptied itself into her diapers. A second later and her mother opened her bedroom door.
" I see we are up" Sandy said upon seeing her daughter. It was then that Sandy noticed the tears.
" Have we been crying?’
" Yes"
" why have you been crying my dear? "

Sarah looked at her mother. Behind her stood Keri. Both of them looked concerned and Sarah felt a wave of emotions come over her. Soon she found herself crying so more as she explained the reason fro the tears. How she had heard the laughter and thought it was about her and how it made her feel.
Sandy smiled at Sarah and brushed her hair out of her eyes. " Honey do not be silly. We were not laughing at you. " Sandy started to explain. " We were just sharing parenting stories and having a ball. "
" Parenting stories? " Sarah asked and she dried her tears.
" Yes." Sandy said. " Keri here is a new mom and was sharing with me all the joys of having a newborn in the house. I was remembering when you were a newborn and sharing that with her. We did talk about your return to babyhood and Keri is fine with it. "
" That’s true" Keri Finally spoke. " I would never laugh at you kid. "
This seemed to calm Sarah down a bit and she was able to stop crying. After a quiet moment or two. " So now what? " Sarah asked.
" I am thinking you could spend sometime in your playpen till dinner. "
" OK. "
" but first I think you need a diaper change"
Sarah just nodded and laid down. This was another test. She was about to have her diaper changed in front of someone else. Sarah closed her eyes as her mother went to work on getting her into fresh pants.

Now you maybe wondering what was going on in the mind of Keri. When Sandy had explained to her what was going on, She thought at first that Sandy must be joking. Still standing there watching a pre-teen get a diaper change was not a joke. Keri was not sure she understood everything that Sandy had explained but figured that Sandy knew what she was doing.
Anyway soon Sarah was re-dressed and they were heading downstairs. Sarah walked holding her mothers hand until they got to the bottom of the steps. Then she crawled over to her playpen and craw ed in. Sandy and Keri returned to the kitchen.
" So do you think you can handle tonight? " Sandy asked
" I think so." Keri answered her voice shaking. " Its really no different then taking care of my little one. " She said trying to reassure herself.
" Really its not that bad. " Sandy said. " I know its a little unconventional. But according toe Violet this is the best way to handle things. I have doe the research on the Internet and I agree with her. Sarah things that being a baby is so wonderful. Like its the best thing in the world and I have to break her of that desire with a strong dose of reality. "
" But what if after three months of being a baby, Sarah tells you she does not want it to end? "
Sandy stopped and looked at Keri. Truth be told the thought had never entered her mind. Sarah might enjoy this for the full three months and want more.
" that’s a scary thought." Sandy stated.
" i know but what then?" Keri re asked.
" truth be told I never thought about it. I hope she does not come to that choice. Hopefully she will be so sick of being in diapers and eating baby food that she will run away from playing baby."
" I hope your right. Now hadn’t you better get going.?" Keri responded not sure herself.
Sandy looked at her watch and simply grabbed her purse and smiled. " I should be back by ten"
" No problem." Keri said.
Then with a wink and a smile Sandy was out the door and on her way. Keri sat at the kitchen table and wondered what to do. She was glad that Sandy was not sure of things. If it had been her she would have gone crazy with the thought. Still she was not going to have to worry about that. She was here to babysit and that was all she was going to think about. Looking at her watch told her all she needed to know. It was about 4:30. Keri looked down at her own body. It was then she saw the spots. She was leaking. She had not remembered to pump and needed to as soon as poss able.
Keri walked into the living room to get the pump that she had thou ht to bring with her.When she looked over at Sarah sitting in her playpen, sucking on a pacifier and looking ever so content. It was then that an idea hit her.
" Sarah" Keri spoke to get the girls attention.
Sarah looked up at her.
" Come here." Keri demanded in a somewhat sweet voice. Sarah simply followed the directions. Soon both of them were on the couch and it was then that Keri dropped her idea on Sarah.
" I’m going to breastfeed you OK. "
Sarah opened her mouth in shock. This was something that she never thought would happen.
" Why?" she asked sheepishly.
" Because my breast hurt from all the milk in them right now. An you wanted to be a baby anyway. " Came the answer. Slowly Keri undid her blouse and bra. She then coaxed Sarah’s head and lips into proper position before telling Sarah to just suck away. Sarah started slowly licking her sitters nipple. But once she tasted the sweet breast milk, She started to suck harder and harder. This was heaven. It was about half way threw the event that Sarah felt her bladder empty itself. She was truthfully acting like a baby and loving every minute of it.

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