playing baby chapter 11

Chapter eleven

Mrs Clatick was what you would call a busy body. She was always getting her nose into affairs that she had no business getting into. Sandy thought about her. There must be one in every neighborhood. Sandy turned and looked directly as Mrs. Clatick. " Well Hi there" She said when the nosy woman was with in ear shot.
" I was just on my way into the store when I looked up and saw you. " Mrs. Clatick responded.
" We have not seem much of you since the summer started and I was wondering if everything was OK. " She asked in her usual nosy fashion.
" Everything is fine. We have just been busy. You how it is." Sandy said trying to make pleasantries.
Sarah meanwhile was worried. She had just gotten out or the stroller and into the car it seemed when she herd the voice of Mrs. Clatick. She hoped and prayed that whatever the crazy woman wanted would be over soon and they could leave. Sarah sat nervously sucking her pacifier and waiting for her mother to finish talking.
" Well i need to be going. " Sandy said.
" Of course. " Mrs Clatick responded and turned and walked away.
Sandy looked as Mrs Clatick wondered off and wondered. Has she seen anything. It would be so hard to explain why her daughter was in the stroller. Sandy got into the front seat and drove home.

Sarah crawled into her playpen and layed down. It had been a long morning and she was tired. Truth be told it had not been all that bad. Therapy had gone well. It was just the run in with nosy Mrs. clatic that made the day seem longer. After all Sarah figured her mother could of embarrassed the heck out of her but chose not to. Sarah was not sure why her mother had shielded her, but was glad she had. Still Sarah got to thinking. It had been a week since this wonderful thing had begun. She was in a constant state of bliss. After all it had been her dream to be a baby again. Now she was one. Life could not get any better. Sarah yawned and fell asleep.
Sandy looked at her daughter a sleep in her playpen and worried. It had been a week already and Sarah seemed to be having a grand time of it. Sandy sat in her favorite chair and thought. She had managed to survive a week. But it had taken its toll on her. She had forgotten how hard taking care of a baby was. An to think there was eleven more weeks of this to go. Sandy began to wonder if it was worth it. She needed to make Sarah see that being a baby was not a good choice to make. But it seemed that Sarah was relishing every part of this little adventure.
Still, it had some good moments. Sandy looked over at her sleeping daughter and could not help but smile. Sarah looked so peacefully and happy. It was hard to be mad at her. Making her happy was not a bad thing. Sandy sat up and shook her head. “What in the world are you thinking.” she said to no one in particular. Well the time for self examination was over. There was housework to do.
Soon Sandy was busy with her normal cleaning routine. Sarah on the other hand was sleeping like a baby. Neither one fully aware of the changes that were taking place.

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great chapter though short :slight_smile: Looking forward to reading more. Thanks.