(Note: This is a lot more fetishy then my other stories, with some different kinks, and a fair bit darker. Consider this fair warning for the people who aren’t into that side of ABDL)

Blackness surrounded her. She struggled, but was unable to move. Ropes dug into her limbs, pulling her and twisting her into cramped crouched position on her side.
Worse, she had no idea where she was or why.

Gabriela thought she was moving. It was more of a guess then anything, however, as the thick cushioning around her hid any vibration and she couldn’t hear the sound of an engine. It was more of a hope, that she was travelling somewhere and would be allowed out when she got there.

The only problem was she wasn’t certain if she really wanted to be where she was going. She had undergone her training, really more of a series of punishments, and been sold. She knew that much. After that… nothing. She imagined she had been drugged with something. Even stages of her training were blurry and she wasn’t sure if she was supposed to remember them. Owners were notoriously different in how they took care of their subs. Some were loving and kinds, others were harsh and cruel, with all levels in between. Gabriela imagined whoever now owned her wanted her disoriented and confused, and the plan was working.

Finally something seemed to change. The air smelled a bit fresher, and felt cooler. She heard creaking. She still couldn’t see anything, but felt hands reach down and grab her. She was pulled out of her confined and untied. They put her on her feet, and she stumbled until she was grabbed by both arms and held up. Finally, a blindfold she wasn’t aware she was wearing was pulled off her face. She blinked quickly, unused to the sunlight, and tried to look around.

She was facing a farm, she realized. There were acres of field of her covered with rows of corn. In the distance she saw a large, three story house built with white paneling and brick. Beyond that was a series of large steel barns surrounded by animals. She turned around behind herself to see a row of houses. Finally, there were several large men around her, who all seemed to be focusing on a single woman in a dark suit. The woman was holding a riding crop, she realized with a gulp. Gabriela was suddenly aware that she was entirely naked.

The woman in front of her smirked. “A bit scared, are you? Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun.” The others all laughed at her. “As long as you can behave, that is. You, my little one, are going to be my star attraction.”

She walked up to Gabriella and began inspecting her, grabbing and pinching at her flesh. “You certainly seem to be in good shape,” she said. She kept looking at her, then sniffed the air. “You smell though.” She fingered the sweat that had been building up on her when she was locked up. “You smell like a pig. Don’t you, little piggy?”

She stared at the woman blankely.

'Well?" She snapped the riding crop at her thighs. “Answer!”

“Yes! Yes I do!” She whined, terrified.

“Good piggy. What do you smell like?”

“A piggy.”

“Good. Say it. Say your a pig and oink for me.”

'I’m a pig I’m a pig! Oink oink!" Gabriela was confused and frightened. This was not something she had expected or had been trained to do, and she responded as quickly as she could to avoid the crop. The other’s laughed, and she wondered if perhaps it was a joke of some kind. She stared around, eyes pouting and pleading for some explanation. Instead they laughed more as her face turned red at what she had been forced to do.

'Good girl. Yes we are going to have a lot of fun. But first, we need to get you ready. I’m afraid you’re training hasn’t quite prepared you for what we do here. I always thought it lacked in some areas. But we can fix that, can’t we?"

“Yes, ma’am,” she gave the reply her training had made instinctual.

She smiled. “At least you’re obedient. Maybe its a good thing they didn’t train you for this, it makes it more fun for me.”

The woman reached into his pocket and pulled out a collar. It was thick and black, but decorated with pink hearts. A set of steel tags dangled from the front. She reached around behind her neck and attached it. She then turned something, and she heard a snap. She drew back his hand to show a key, which he put into his pocket. “We won’t be needing this,” she said. As she said that, Gabriela felt one of the men behind her sewing an extra piece over her collar. It really wasn’t coming off, she realized as a pit formed in her stomach.

'This collar marks you as my own. I am your mistress, you are my property. The collar won’t come off and it is reinforced with wiring, so don’t even try to cut it. There is a tracker inside it, so we always know if you try to run away." She fingered the tags in front of her. “These give all the information anyone needs if they find you, including how to bring you back to me, what you are going to be called, how you are to be kept when found, and how you are to be punished. You don’t need to know what it says, any more then a pet dog or cat would ever know what her tags say. Believe me, you don’t want any of that enacted, and if it does, we have more permanent ways to mark you. You don’t want to be branded, do you?”

“N- no ma’am!” she said, shaking.

Sje smiled. “Good. Now, if you behave well, this won’t be too hard for you. However, cross me…” she held the riding crop up “and it will get much worse. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Good. Now, come with me.”

Her mistress attached the end of a leash to her collar, then turned around and began to walk away. Gabriella tried to follow her, but one of the men around her forced her down to her knees. She didn’t move for a moment, then the leash tightened and forced her forward. The woman turned back and smirked as she began to crawl after her, naked except for her leash and collar, and slipping in the mud. Even with the training she had gone through, the idea of strangers seeing her crawl around, naked, sweaty and dirty was horrible. For a moment she almost wished she was back at training, where at least she was indoors, with people she knew and doing things that had become familiar. She remembered those days- the constant embarrassment and pain, how she wished to finally be done and moved on to her owner- ironic that she now was craving it.

Her new owner led her down a long drive way toward the house she had seen. She must have been rich, she realized, as it was far larger then any farm house she had seen. As they got closer, however, he turned and led her down a different path. Gabriela glanced toward the house, confused, but didn’t dare raise the question. He training had taught her not to speak unless spoken too, and hundreds of hard lashes came back to her at even considering doing otherwise. It was only as the turned around the corner of the house that she realized with increasing dread they were heading toward the barns. The smell of animals hit her at once, and she almost choked. She prayed that she wouldn’t be expected to live there, among the animals and filth… but worse things had happened to subs. She sighed and went through a mental list of all the horror stories she had been told, all the things that could happen, all the placed she could go if she didn’t behave and should be happy she wasn’t going to. It was a method she had been taught to behave for her masters. People who lived solely to be punished, spanked and whipped hundreds of times a day and force fed garbage food before being left to sleep in bondage. Boys who were treated as girls for all purposes, with details that left all the males listening in near tears. People being locked in the same diaper for days, living and sleeping in their filth until the smell and the rash became unbearable. She had experienced portions of a lot of them, and didn’t want any more. She couldn’t place what was happening on any of the descriptions she had been given, but perhaps that was by design, as many owners wanted what was happening to be a surprise, and the trainers always knew what was best. The exercise helped her. She was here to be his submissive, a role she had been chosen for based on her own behavior and trained to do. It was her job to do as ordered without questioning, no matter how humiliation and painful, and she would do it as her duty. She looked at her new owner, feeling a mix of fear and affection that had been trained into her. She was there to please her. The owner knew best, the owner was in charge, and the sub must obey, she kept telling herself. Nothing else mattered.

Finally they reached the barn. She opened a side door and lead her in. Pigs honked all around her, and the smell was far worse then the outside. She cringed as he led her through piles of mud, straw and waste along the floor, and tried not to inhale through her nose. Finally she pulled her into an empty stall, then turned to face her.

“Enjoying it so far?” her owner asked.

'Ye-no—YES ma’am!" she said, trying to decide what he wanted to hear rather then state her opinion.

The woman laughed. “You don’t have to lie to me. Tell me the truth. What do you think?”

“I’m scared ma’am,” she said truthfully.

“What if I told you this was your new home? Would that make you happy?”

“No ma’am,” she said, almost in tears. She knew she wasn’t supposed to complain. However, she had asked, and hadn’t told her what to think.

“Awww poor little baby piglet,” her mistress reached down and rubbed her head, then cupped her chin and raised her face. “Don’t worry. This doesn’t have to last. If you show you can behave here, you’ll be allowed to live in my house, ok? You can be kept clean, and wander around behind me, cuddling against me and eating beside me. You’ll only need to come back here for shows or for punishment. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

She nodded, truthfully. What he was describing was almost ideal for a sub- to be kept in comfort and coddled, a plaything to be spoiled and cared for by the owner.

“Now. As for your outfit. I think it needs to be changed, don’t you?”

She looked down at her naked body. Before she could respond, the men on either side of her lifted her up. They carried her to the side of the pen, where there was a large shelf, and dropped her on all fours. Her owner reached underneath the shelf where there was a set of small doors. She opened them, and began to take things out.

Her mistress held the first object in front of her. It was a large steel plug with a curled tail at the end. A replica pigs tail she realized.

“You, my little one, are going to be my baby pig. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am,” she said in a broken voice, dreading the feeling of the plug.

“Now now, from now on my name is Mommy, alright? Mistress also works. And you’re new name is going to be Piggy, though I’m going to have fun calling you different names you need to get used to. Alright?”

“Yes Mi- Mommy.” She said, and her mistress laughed. Mistress reached behind her and slowly slide the plug inside. She cringed as it went in, then sighed in relief when it finally stopped. The intrusion was noticeable, but not painful. She looked back to see a tail seemingly sticking out the back of her, and blushed. Did she have to be a pig? She had been trained to act like a puppy, and a cat, but a pig? The thought made her shiver, and she tried to remind her self of what she owed to her mistress, and how much worse it could be. Somehow, it didn’t help much.

“Oh, and one fun part about this?” her Mommy took out a controller, which she looked at curiously. She pressed a button, and Gabriela gasped as it began vibrating. “Enjoy that?” She nodded. “Annndd if you’re naughty,” she pushed another button. A wave of shocks jolted Gabriella, making her squeal until he hit the button again. She lay down panting for breath. “Less fun, eh?” She nodded again and whined. “At least it makes you squeal like a piggy.” Her mistress ruffled her hair.

Her Mommy then picked her up and turned her over onto her back. Gabriela realized that the other men who had come with her had departed, perhaps convinced her new owner had her under control.

“Now, want to guess what is next?” she asked.

Gabriela shook her head.

The woman reached underneath to pull out a white object. “I did tell you you were a BABY pig, didn’t I?” she asked.

Gabriela’s eyes went wide. It was a diaper, she realized. She had been trained for this, but hadn’t expected it after everything else. She turned it over to show the printing on the front, displaying cartoon barn animals each smiling and wearing a diaper. She pointed to a pig. “See? Just like you. Now lift your hips.”

She groaned and obeyed. This had always been one of the worse parts of her training. Diaper training had always been humiliating, and combined with the rest, it was too much.The woman slid the diaper underneath her and powdered it well, then lifted her ankles up and readjusted before bringing them down. She felt the thickness of the cushion underneath her, then between her legs as the lifted it up and taped it on snugly. It was wider then most of the diapers she had been trained with, she realized. Perhaps to encourage her to crawl like a pig, she thought, shuddering again. She went back to her training and reminded herself of what else she could be doing.

“Good baby pig,” her Mistress said. She turned her over into crawling position again, then reached into her diaper and pulled something. To Gabriella’s surprise, the tail came out through a tiny hole in the diaper, which she realized must have been specially designed for this exact humiliating ordeal. She groaned again.

She felt a sharp pain on her thigh and yelped. She looked back to see her Mistress holding the riding crop up. She stared at her in fear. “I don’t want to hear that complaint again, Piggy. You are hear under my ownership. You do not get to argue. Whenever I give you something, no matter how humiliating or painful, you will love and cherish it, not groan. Is that understood?”

“Yes Mommy sorry Mommy!” She said. She couldn’t believe what she had been doing. She had upset her owner on her first DAY. It had been far different then she had expected, but it still didn’t bode well for her.

"Good. Next time, however, will be far worse. Now, lets finish getting you dressed.

Her owner reached underneath the shelves and took out a long piece of pink cloth. Her mistress pulled it over her, and she realized it was a onesie that seemed to combine a baby’s pajamas with a pig costume. It fit tightly around her, and seemed to be made out of latex. She tried to fight back the whining at the appearance. Next the took out a bonnet with pig’s ears sticking out the top and strapped it under her chin. She held up a pacifier made in the shape of a pig’s snout, put it in her mouth and tied it behind her head. This was followed with mittens in the shape of hoofs, and a pair of similar objects he attached to her knees. She wondered at this a moment until he attached a strap to her ankles and tried it to the back of her onsie, leaving her feet in the air and her body balancing on her knees and hands.

Finally, her owner picked her up again and set her down on the ground in the mud. She looked around at her surroundings, and her new home. There was a pile of straw in the corner which she assumed would be her bed, and a trough she prayed she wouldn’t need to eat from. There was mud and dirt everywhere, and it was impossible to keep clean. Worse of all, there was a mirror leaning in a corner, seeming to exist only for the purpose of showing her how ridiculous she looked. She could have cried at the appearance.

Her mistress snapped the riding crop at her. “Crawl!” she said, and Gabriela jumped to obey. It was snapped again, and she yelped. “Crawl!” the woman said again, pointing in a direction. Every time she reached one side of the tiny pen, her Mommy smacked her again, and sent her crawling in a new direction. She rushed each time, panicking and feeling the need to obey. She became filthier and filthier as it happened, and her eyes became wet with tears. Finally her Mommy snapped it again. “Now, roll around in the mud like a pig.” She obeyed, now fully crying.

“Awww is my poor baby pig sad?” her Mommy asked. She nooded, holding back tears. She whacked her hard with the crop and she yelped. “Well, get used to this for now, you will spend a lot of time here until you prove you deserve something else, and still more time after that for shows.”

She looked at her owner. Shows? He had mentioned it before. What did he mean? She hoped it wasn’t what it seemed.

Her mistress seemed to read her mind. “Oh, don’t worry, that will become clear soon. See, this isn’t just a farm, but a museum of farms. And you, my little piglet, will me my star attraction.”

She began to panic. She hadn’t even thought of that. She was going to go on display? For money? She tried to raise the questions, but the pacifier muffled them.

Her mistress snapped the riding crop again. “Now now, no arguing. IF there is one thing they taught you, it was that. But, as for the things he didn’t.” She croached down beside her. “Even after you’ve earned the right to live in my mansion, IF you earn the right, you will come back her every weekend, and whenever people are willing to play. You will put on a show for them, crawling around, being punished as they demand whether you deserve it or not, using your diapers like a good baby.” She pointed to one corner with his crop. “See that corner? WHenever you use your diapers and earn a change, they will be dumped right there, so you can live next to your own waste like a real pig.” Gabriela yelped at that. Next she pointed to the door, and a truck out front. “That truck has raising sides so I can tour around, putting you on display, charging people to see you and to ‘play’ with you. And I bet you can’t wait to find out what ‘play’ means.” She shuddered. “You will earn your keep. And for now…” she pointed to the trough. “That is what you will eat from. You will have a good meal, loaded with plenty of stuff that will ensure you use your diapers not long from now, as I lead you around town to advertise my new exhibit. In fact, lets get started, shall we?”

She pulled a lever, and a disgusting mixture of slime and chunks pored out. Gabriela prayed it wasn’t just what was fed to pigs, but from the appearance and smell it very well could have been. Her mistress leaned over and sprinkled a jar into it. A laxative, she realized. Her stomach turned at the though. Where had THIS been in the training?

“This will help ensure you don’t have control over certain functions, I’m sure you can guess which. The only control will be this, and the plug it is attached to.” She held up the remote, then reached down and untied her. “Now, get eating.”

She unhooked the pacifier. Gabriela looked at her pleadingly, and she raised the crop.

She crawled forward and stared at the mess in front of her. The smell made her want to gag. She had hoped perhaps it appeared worse then it was for show, but if anything, the opposite seemed to be true. Was this supposed to happen? Masters had a duty to feed their subs. It was never clarified what, but this… SHe looked at it again and almost thew up.

“Well? I’m waiting? Don’t let them get the laxative or you will regret it.” She indicated the other end of the trough with her crop, where Gabriella realized to her horror pigs had began to eat from a different section. IN reality they weren’t close, but the thought was enough to make her cringe again.

She stared at the food with tears in her eyes. This wasn’t what she had been trained for. The diapers were one thing- she had experienced that, and if anything it was the worse she had experienced. Even being treated like some animals was alright, dogs, cats… But pigs? She groaned at the though. Nothing she had done was that humiliating. Then living out in the barn, surrounded by animals, laying in filth, diapered anyway as if to add insult to injury, and paraded around for all to see and PAY for favors? What did that even mean?

She began to shake her head. Tears poured from her eyes. Everything in her training told her that it was wrong, that she must obey, but… this was too much. This wasn’t what she had wanted at all.

“No,” she said, shaking after speaking words she never expected to say. “No Mommy I won’t. I can’t.”

“Excuse me?” she spoke in a cold, calm voice, and grabbed the crop with both hands.

She stared at her, to terrified to speak. As soon as she had said it she knew it was a mistake. She closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable.

It began with shocks coming from the plug. She collapsed moaning to the ground. The shocks continued, and she struggled to get back up but found her muscles were too weak.

She felt arms around her. She was picked up, then lain stomach down over something hard. It was her owner’s knee, she realized, and she was in position for a spanking.

The first blow was enough to make her yelp. A loud THWACK filled the air around her, and a sharp sting made her jump. She dared not struggle, however, as she knew she could only make it worse.

The spanks continued on her padded rear, each getting more painful then the last as the soreness from the combined spanking and shocks grew. She lost track of time and had no idea how many she had received when she finally felt a pause. She looked up at her mitress hopefully, but turned back down and sobbed loudly as she felt her undo the back of her onesie and pull down her diaper.

She began spanking her again, this time on her bare bottom. The sharp CRACK of her bare skin replaced the dull thud of her diaper, and the pain became sharper. She now screamed and cried out loud with each painful smack. Once again there was a pause, but she didn’t even have time to look up when she felt the side of the riding crop pressed against her bottom. Still resigned to her fate, she offered no resistance as the most painful part of her spanking commenced.

The feeling was awful. The pain was awful. The humiliation was worse. However, the back of her mind kept telling her she deserved it. She knew better then to disobey her owner. She had learned that over and over again, had it repeated in her mind accompanied by the harshest reminders possible. She knew this was going to happen, and that it was for her own good. She had told herself these things over and over again, and found the idea came easier each time.

Finally the spanking stopped, and she turned off her buzzer. She lay crying over her lap.

“Will you behave from now on?” her mistress asked, emphasizing her words with another spank.

“Yes!” she sobbed.

“WIll you ever argue with me again?”

“No Mommy.”

“Willy you be a good little Piggy?”

“Yes Mommy! I’ll be a good piggy,” the tears were still coming down, even more as she realized her own words were true.

“Are you sorry? What do you say after a spanking?”

“I"m so sorry Mommy! It won’t happen again! Please please don’t hate me! I promise I’ll be good! I’m so sorry!”

“Good little Piglet,” she said. She pulled her diaper back up, then re did her onesie. She turned the diapered girl over and cradled her in her lap, rocking her as her sobs slowed and her tears dried up.

“Good. Now, we can let that one mishap go since its your first day. However, I don’t want any more nonsense, you hear? The food we give you may seem bad, but it is made for someone just like you and has all the nutrients you need.”

“Yes Mommy. I’m so soso sorry Mommy. Ummm, Mommy?” She knew that what she said must be true. She was always taught her master or mistress would take care of her. She must have food that was good for her.

“Yes, Piggy?”

“Thank you for spanking me. Thank you for showing me how to be a good gi… piggy for you. I know I needed it.”

She smiled, then kissed her head. “Good Piggy. You are welcome. Now, lets get you fed, shall we?”

She nodded, and she placed her down. He pulled her toward the trough with her collar. She stared at it, still trying to fight back the smell, but her mistress pushed her head down. Obediently, she began to eat. Her hands were still on the ground, but she shoved her face in and chomped as best she could, realizing she was getting her face covered in the disgusting gruel.

The taste was as bad as the smell had promised. It seemed to be a rough blend of whatever was left over in the kitchen, at times soft and mushy, at times crunchy, at times bland and at times overpowering. Also on her mind were the laxatives that she had seen her mix it in, an especially tough concept given the plug in her bottom and the diaper wrapped around it.

“Then that is what I need,” she told herself, and kept eating. The food made her want to gag, but she worked through it. She ate until she was full, but her Mommy kept holding her head, and she kept eating. Soon he was petting her and speaking to her soothingly.

“Goood Piggy,” she whispered “theres a good little piggy.”

She kept eating, and her mistress pulled the lever to pour more food into the trough. She forced herself to swallow again and again, until finally everything was gone. Her stomach was already cramping, and she felt so bloated it was almost difficult to move. She wanted more then anything to lie down and rest as her stomach handled what she had been fed.

Her Mommy, however, had a different idea. “Come on, little Piggy. You need to work off all that food, don’t you?” She reattached the piglet pacifier behind her head.

She whined but nodded, and her mistress attached a leash to her collar. She braced herself for what he knew must be coming. It was one thing to perform for her owner in private, another to do it in public.

He reached under the counter again, this time pulling out a sign on a rope. Gabriella managed to read as she brought it over. “New exhibit- Baby Pig, “Piggy”, 1030 am Sunday”. She hooked the rope over the collard girl’s head head.

She pulled on her leash, and her piglet followed obediently. She crawled as fast as he could, but struggled to keep up. Her bloated stomach made it all the worse, as well as the cramping as the massive amount of food and laxatives moved quickly through her system. He took her out the barn and back down the path she had entered. She watched with growing anticipation and despair as the rows of houses got closer and closer. Already it seemed there were people waiting to see.

They left the farm amid a chorus of laughter and applause. She blushed, and kept her head down.

“No no, Piggy. You’re on display. Show them your pretty face! Wave!”

She struggled to obey, raising her hand as quickly as she could before the forced movement of her crawling made her stumble. Her stomach ached and let out a loud groan, and she reached back to hold it before being pulled forward again.

Her mistress paraded her around the town, attracting a crowed of jeering followers and photo takers. She certainly was getting her advertisement, she realized. It seemed as if everyone for miles saw her.

Her cramps were getting worse and worse. The thought of messing her diapers in public was terrible, but one she had been trained for. However, the plug kept it in, and she almost wished for the humiliation of filling her pants over the ache of the laxatives.

The walk continued. “How long would it be?” she wondered. Crawling was exhausting, and her arms and legs were getting sore.

It was then that she looked up at her mistress. Sh was smiling slyly down at her. It took her a moment to realized why. In her free hand he had the remote, hidden from any angle but her own. She winked at her sub, then hit a button.

Gabriella gasped as the plug suddenly shrank inside her. It moved out quickly, leaving her quivering. Worse, it was instantly and uncontrollably followed by a massive pile of sludge pouring out of her. She stumbled and fell, but was pulled forward and struggled to keep up as she gasped and panted through messing her pampers.

The response from the audience was massive. Even if they couldn’t see her pampers and onesie inflating behind her, the sound was loud enough for anyone to hear, and her reaction made it all the more obvious. If that didn’t do it, the smell came soon after, and lingered anywhere she crawled. The audience, for their part, laughed and jeered, snapping pictures and sending them off, a sure sign that her future shows would be far from private.

She pouted. It really was worse then she had imagined. However, she knew, there was no point in complaining. It was what she was there for, and she’d do her part.

Each spank on her bare bottom brought laughter and cheers from the crowed. As before, she was bent over her Mommy’s lap, onesie open and diaper pulled down as he smacked. Unlike the first time, however, this spanking was not brought on by her behavior, but simply for the amusement of the crowd. It was a position she had often found herself in, and a crowd favorite. She was thankful that this time, at least, her Mommy wasn’t letting them come and spank her themselves. Each blow brought more pain and cries from her, but she didn’t even think about struggling. This was what she was here for, she knew, and what she needed.

She had realized since arriving that she was part of a kind of carnival of the bizarre, where she was the main attraction. Along with everything he could get from the actual animals, Mommy had made a small fortune on paying costumers coming to see something strange. While some zoos had animals behaving like peopleo- bicycling, doing tricks, drawing pictures- her mistress had much more success with the opposite, people behaving like animals. Add to that the kink factor in her case, and there was a winning combination. People came for miles to see the baby pig woman, with varying emphasis on the ‘baby’ and the ‘pig,’ not to mention the ‘woman.’ She was as likely to find herself in simple baby clothes and diapers, or in a pig costume complete with a mask, or even just her collar. People could pay for any number of things they wanted her to do, even renting her to take on and show off to friends at parties. The worst was when they’d travel, and she’d be locked inside a cage, visible from all angles in whatever humiliating and exposing situation her mistress had cooked up for her.

The final blows on her aching bottom brought her out of her thoughts. Another part of her was aching, reminding her of yet another one of the most popular attractions. Her stomach growled and cramped, making her moan. She hoped this one would come soon.

Thankfully, her Mommy pulled up her diaper and took out the remote. She sighed in relief. There was a time she’d have been horrified at the prospect of what was about to happen, and a time even before that she’d have fought against it. Now, however, no matter how humiliating and degrading it was, she accepted that it was for the best. Her Mommy’s happiness, and the happiness of the viewers, proved it for her. It didn’t matter if it embarrassed her, she knew.

He clicked a button, and she felt the plug inside her shrink and pop out. Instantly a long stream began to pour from her bottom, accompanied by a loud ‘blaarrt.’ The crowed ewwed, laughed and cheered as the back of her diaper expanded. She kept pushing, loudly expelling more and more slime into her waiting diaper. She had been kept plugged for days now, and the food she was given was specifically designed to provide for loudly and visibly filled diapers for the audience. With the amount she had been aching, this was more a relief then anything else. She had lost all control of her ability to stop, and there was no longer a time when her owner would remove the plug and not find her diaper almost instantly filled.

She kept pushing, emitting more noises and laughter from the audience. The smell reached her, piling even above the smell of the animals and filth around her.

She felt a hard smack on the back of her diaper, making her yelp. There was another, then another, and she realized her Mommy was giving her another spanking, this time in her full diaper. She winced and held tightly onto her legs. This was more for the humiliation and uncomfort of having her messy diaper spanked, but after the previous punishment, it was still painful. She yelped with each time, and tried to hold back her squirming. With the mess pressed into her, it was all the more noticeable, and it itched horribly.

Finally her mistress stopped. “Arlight stinky butt!” she said with one more smack. “Time to eat!”

She put the piglet girl on the ground on all fours. This time she needed no encouragement as she crawled forward, her messy padded rear wiggling and swaying for all to see as she approached the trough and shoved her face inside, making as much a mess as she could as she ate. This was the normal expected order. She often was only allowed to mess shortly before feeding. This ensured more used diapers sooner, and provided a necessary break before the change, both of which meant more people watching for longer. At times, she could go hours without a change if Mommy decided it was for the best.

She wondered idly if she’d be allowed to sleep in the house tonight. That was happening more and more, and her treatment inside was getting better and better. Her food was improving, and she often had more comfortable beds to sleep in. As with the audiences, her experienced could vary depending on what her mistress wanted, varying from full baby treatment, to full pig, to only a woman, and all in between. However, at all times one thing was certain: she was her’s, all her’s, and only her’s.

She heard snippets of her mistress’ speech now, giving a time for her diaper change at some point in the future. She didn’t bother to listen. She didn’t need to know, and didn’t have anything to keep track of time anyway. In fact, it was better that she didn’t. All she had to do was obey when the time came. It was a lesson she had learned again and again, and now fully understood.

Re: Piglet

It’s not terrible so far as the proofing on this story goes, but it is sloppy. Pronoun switching and apostrophes on pronouns such as her’s where hers is all that is needed are distractions.

Re: Piglet

Thanks for feedback. I also noticed some of the genders get confused. Originally the ‘dom’ character was male, but I changed it later at the preference of the requester. Thought I got them all, noticing a few now, along with the things you said.