Photo thread

I was wondering what y’all think about starting another photo thread? It wouldn’t be quite like the other one. Since its in the Off Topic area there would have to be different rules.
Rules such as: no pictures of you, your friends or family. No personal information (includes license plates I would imagine). It there are people maybe blur or blot out their faces? (There are probably some other restrictions that I haven’t thought about but could still be added.)

I’m thinking that it could be a thread to post pictures that you find interesting and worth sharing. As with the other photo thread if you could also post a little information or none at all that would be great ;D.

If it proves to be too much of a hassle, well I’ll understand if it doesn’t work out.

Without further hand wringing I present pictures of Hawaii from a helicopter!

Re: Photo thread

Pics from the top of Koko Head crater! It was a long climb up and an even longer one down. (I was still worn out from the ascent.) The rails are the remains of an old Navy tram line that was used to service the top of the mountain back when it was a shore battery.

Re: Photo thread

It took me three hours to change all ten of these tires and my boss wasn’t too happy about it. But what does he expect when I don’t get the help I was promised? He couldn’t even spare a Cage Truck to come pick all of the tires up when I was done so I had to put them all in the back of MY truck.