Phoenix Feathers

I am a heavy insomniac, so all of this is the result of my nocturnal brain, enjoy :slight_smile: p.s. I did a bit of refining, because there were spelling mistakes everywhere and so it makes slightly more sense.
Chapter 1: settling in
As I stared out the window of the police car, I thought to myself why did this happen to me, today of all days it was in bearable. As I recounted the events of the morning in my head. I woke up at 7:30am, I could hear my family talking with someone, seeing as I was still in my pyjamas I stayed behind the closed door of my room, while I got dressed to see who it was. The talking turned to shouting, this confused me and narrowed down the list of people they could be talking to. I opened my door a crack to see someone I didn’t know, holding a gun to my 6 month old baby brother, this got me awake shit we’re getting robbed the only thing that stopped me from grabbing both of my metal baseball bats, was the fact that he was holding a gun to my little brothers head " where is the safe?" He asked, how did he know about our gun safe My dad had a firearms license so by law we had to keep it in a safe. Then before I knew it BANG, “I’ll find it myself then” BANG, BANG, BANG. I immediately grabbed my phone and called the police, I ran outside my balcony door, he heard me and chased after me, then he heard the sirens, took one shot at me, missed, " you got lucky, kid, I’ll see you soon" and he bolted.
After a brief interrogation at the police station, they sent me off to an orphanage, I was completely settled by about 4:00, then a lady named, Samantha walked in she looked about 24 years old, she asked my basic details I answered all in one sentence “my name is Brandon Lewis, I am 13 years old and I am here because my family was murdered in front of my eyes”. Samantha wrote that all down and politely thanked me cooperation cooperation?, I didn’t even know we had a choice after a dinner of beef stew, my least favourite dish, I went up to my room and found a note on the bed, it read ‘come down to dinner hall at midnight -k’ I figured it was some sort of initiation, not wanting to do anything at midnight, I just got in bed and went to sleep.

Chapter 2: You’ve got to be kidding
He was standing in my room, the killer, he kept repeating those same words “see you soon, kid,” then he pointed his gun at my face. I woke screaming, shivering, fumbling for a light when I found one, I pointed it at the door, then the window, then back to the door. That Samantha girl walked in and asked what happened, my only reply was “memories” then she noticed something I had not, a damp slightly yellow patch around my waist. “Must be pretty terrifying memories, to make you do that” you weren’t there almost 24 hours ago “well just In case it happens again” I know where’s she going with this, I butted in before she could finish " absolutely not"
“It’s just a precaution”
“And I’m just a supermodel, I don’t care”
“Well fine, but if it happens again, look out”
“It won’t” I hope
Then she shut the door and that was that, it was 11:45 so I decided to take a shower and go down to the dinner hall, how bad could this be compared to what I just went through I quietly snuck down to the dinner hall, then a group of people stood up from behind the table, a rather tall girl walked up to me " my name is Kate, I wrote the note that brought you here" she had blonde hair, and sky blue eyes, “announce your name” she said in a very regal tone, I replied as a mouse would “I’m Brandon” I said so quietly I could barely hear it, but somehow she managed to hear me she then something only a psychic would’ve of said “why were you screaming before?”
" how did you know it was me?"
“Because no one else screams when they wake up” there were coins being thrown from person to person I got curious enough to open my mouth again “what are they doing?”
“They had bets on whether or not it was you screaming” she lent forward and whispered in my ear “if you need anything, just ask, I promise I won’t laugh, most of the time” she then straightened up and said proudly “welcome to your temporary home”.
Now at least I know it wasn’t something weird that they wanted

Chapter 3: repeats
I woke screaming the next night a little quieter though, this time it was 3:00am, I checked in between my legs before grabbing the torch, wet, please, Samantha, don’t come in here
And in she comes. She turns on the light, I do my best to hide it, no success. “Do you remember our deal, Brandon?” Unfortunately I did, I nodded slightly, “stay here then” this was probably going to be the most embarrassing situation ever, hopefully Kate won’t find out, I’m willing to bet she would laugh at this one. Samantha came back with a diaper and all the necessaries, it only took about 3 minutes, but felt like hours, when she was done she took my pyjama pants with not sure that was necessary. I went back to sleep in no time flat. I woke up with Kate’s face 3 inches from mine, after how I ended in the orphanage, not the smartest thing in the world, my arm reflexed and stopped just as it was about slap her. she doesn’t know what happened, you can’t blame her , then satan herself walked in, Samantha quickly booted Kate out of my room, and proceeded with demeaning questions, she stripped away the covers so fast, she proceeded to change me, “why do I have to wear one during the day?”
“Because I see you as a loose cannon during the day”
“Why don’t you trust me?”
“Ok fine, since you have no record during the day, I’ll let you off” when I finally had time to check my phone, I went on Skype, most of my international friends were worried because I normally talk to them a lot. One in particular however; ratedRman was very worried and after I told her what happened.

B.sta says: so, yeah, now I’m in an orphanage all by my self
Ratedrman says: Awww, -hugs-
B.sta says: -hugs back-
Ratedrman says: I will get my parents to buy me a ticket to Australia, and adopt you myself, how does that sound?
B.sta says: thanks but that won’t be necessary.
And that was that. Afterwards I went to ask Kate how long she had been here “about a year, why?”
“So, why are you in here?”
“Entire family murdered”.
“That’s not possible”
“Why not” she looked extremely offended
"Because that is why I’m here too.

Chapter four: glitter, glitter everywhere
The fiasco with Samantha went on for about 4 weeks, then when I was talking to Kate one day Samantha came in,
“Brandon, come with me”. This worried me a little since she never comes to see me during the day, she took me to a room she called ‘the big boss’s room’ I sat down in a chair in front of a dark brown desk. Then a lady came in, I didn’t know this lady
“My name is Ruby and I run this establishment” I guess that is what Samantha meant by ‘big boss’
“We have a couple of nice people who are looking to adopt a 13 year old boy, are you interested?”
My reaction was immediate “why on earth wouldn’t I be?” Then she called in one of them a woman named Hannah, she looked like Kate but much nicer, “so your Brandon, nice to meet you” all I could do was smile. She introduced me to Daniel, her husband, he shook my hand in greeting, he told me he was a game developer, and Hannah was a game programmer, and I myself were a heavy gamer, jackpot, I can’t believe this. so I went and packed my things again, said my goodbyes and left, they had a pretty nice car, Holden commodore, on the way to her house, we talked about what I was interested in “games, always games”
“Found the right family then” Daniel said, I sure hope so Hannah pass me a note, what wouldn’t she want to say in front of her husband ‘Samantha told me about your nightmares an their aftermath, so I’m going to have you wear a diaper as you go to bed instead of halfway through’’ oh, great I folded the note, and put it in my pocket where I would get rid of it later
Daniel got curious about my past “so how did you end up in the orphanage?”
“I’m not too keen on talking about it” Hannah looked at Daniel as if to say ‘what has he been through’. When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was the fact that the front could be measured in acres, then we walked inside, the house was very modest for the amount of land out the front, they showed me to my room, and I almost shrieked in happiness, emerald green walls, about 6 square metres, I was in paradise “I’m glad you like it” Hannah had picked up on my excitement, she then turned on the ceiling fan, and glitter came down everywhere “welcome to our household, Brandon”
“Thank you for accepting me” finally things seemed right.

Chapter 5: school
As was the routine, I woke up swimming in sweat and a slightly swollen diaper, but I wasn’t screaming, that was an improvement, then I remembered, Hannah was taking me to school at 7:30am it was 5:30am so I decided to stay awake. When 7:00 came around, Hannah walked in and got me out of my diaper “why can’t I do it myself?”
“Because this is much easier , I don’t mind” but I do. She finished up and I got ready for school. We arrived and Hannah walked me into the office, told me where to got for roll call and left. I walked out and sat down near the hall, since it wasn’t time for roll call, I hadn’t checked Skype in weeks I pulled out my phone and saw that ratedrman had been messaging me a lot
B.sta says: hey sorry I haven’t been replying, I’ve just been so busy
Ratedrman says: :o you replied, what do you mean?
B.sta says: I got adopted by a gaming couple
Ratedrman says: yay!!!
B.sta says: it’s been a week since they adopted me, I’m currently at school waiting to go to roll call
Ratedrman says: OI, get off your phone your at school :stuck_out_tongue:
B.sta says: I’m going to have to cuz the bell just went ttyl, -hugs-
Ratedrman says: -hugs back-
I went and sat down in my line, and did the necessaries when asked “who the hell are you”. When first break came around, that’s when I glimpsed him was that…no it couldn’t be…can it…oh my god it is…it’s James

Chapter 6: old memories
James, the only living memory of my old life, not a pleasant memory either, wait, if he’s here, that means Rachael is too, I can’t let either of them see me. James and I were inseparable friends once, he came to school one day saying he got a girlfriend who went to a different school, her name was Rachael, “and you never allowed to talk to her” I viewed this as unfair, even more so when he let everyone else talk to her and even meet her, then he began thinking she was unfaithful to him just like rated, he had Skype
[]James[] says: Rachael says I’m boring
B.sta says: what do you mean
[]James[] says: I’m not talking to her because of something that happened like 30 mins ago
B.sta says: that doesn’t answer my original question
[]James[] says: she kept saying I was boring up until last week
B.sta says: what did she start saying?
[]James[] says: nothing she just I was boring up until last week
B.sta says: so how does this affect now if it happened last week
[]James[] says: this is why I don’t fucking bother, goodnight
It confused me a lot so what did I do, I spoke to Rachael, I need to know why was happening so I could help, and Rachael explained to me that it didn’t happen las week, her exact words were ‘I don’t think your boring, not anymore.’ Then Rachael and I began to get along so we kept talking in secret. He found out within four days because Rachael slipped up when he asked her who she was talking to
[]James[] says: you son of a bitch, how fucking dare you
B.sta says: I was concerned, she told me you were thinking of suicide
[]James[] says: I don’t give a fuck, the one thing I asked you to do was not talk to her, and you couldn’t even do that.
B.sta says: wow that shows how much faith you had in my abilities
[]James[] says: and you didn’t even tell me
B.sta says: what would you have if I did
[]James[] says: fuck you, I’m done, bye
He blocked me straight after that, and then he turned all of my friends against me so I was forced to move school. I went through the rest of first break without being noticed, then, my next class, I was in a class with him

Chapter 7: how much worse could it get?
When the teacher called me out to the front to introduce myself, I was confident he wouldn’t recognise me, since I had long hair when he last saw me, at least not until I announced my name, he had his head on the desk, so he didn’t see me, “Um, hi everyone, my name is Brandon Lewis” James sat bolt upright in his chair well, this will be fun"do I have say anything else?" I asked the teacher, she told me I didn’t have to “you can sit behind James” it just gets better doesn’t it I took my seat and did my best to concentrate, but so many memories about James were flooding back, at lunch I tried to find the hardest to reach place possible, but he still found me, and he brought Rachael with him, I almost hyperventilated because the memory of my family was still fresh and add this on top, " can I help you with something?" I asked trying to keep all emotions at bay.
“I was hoping you could, in the nicest possible way, fuck off!!”
“I don’t have time to deal with your tantrums” then Rach found the hint
“Brandon? What happened, you wouldn’t be here unless there was a reason”
“I’m not going to talk about it” she turned her attention back to James.
“Leave, I’ll tell you if I can find out” he didn’t want to leave her alone with me, but she convinced him to leave,“do you want to tell me in private?”
“I would prefer not to” I didn’t really want to be left alone with her know James
“I promise I won’t tell him unless there is drastic need to do so” what harm could come from it “ok, I’ll tell you, but don’t tell him, he’ll take advantage and make me live in hell again”
“Ok, but I said I wouldn’t tell him anyway”
“Just making sure, I woke up one one morning to my family shouting and-” I couldn’t continue, it was still too much, Rachael looked at me with eyes that said ‘I’m here if you need me’
“And I watched my entire family murdered”
“Do you remember how we supported each other for 4 days?”
“It looks like we’re gonna start this again” then she hugged me, I was getting ready to bolt, because if James saw me, I would lose my head. I got home and Hannah had some friends over o said ‘hey’ and went to get changed out of my school uniform, there was a letter on my bed I opened it and tossed it aside to read later, I went down to the kitchen to get some food and then back to my room, I eventually ran out of things to do so I read the letter ‘hi, I have met you before, only briefly, but you have seen my face, I’ll see you soon, kid.’ I almost immediately wet myself, I began shaking in fear, it was from the person who murdered my family. Hannah noticed my absence and came to look for me, she found me “did something happen at school?” yes, but that’s not why I’m scared I handed her the note and said “the man who murdered my family said that to me before he ran away, and…um…I er might have wet myself in fear”
“That’s fine, since this is the first time, it doesn’t matter at all.”

Chapter 8:acceptance
We didn’t hand the note to the police because there was nothing they could do,that night the screaming returned, Hannah understood, but Daniel, he didn’t like the fact that I was 13 and waking up in the middle of the night screaming. School got harder as James wouldn’t give me a break “why aren’t you gone yet?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean you shouldn’t be here, I hate you for what you did”
“Did Rachael tell you anything?”
“She said you didn’t say anything, did you?”
“Nothing that requires your attention”
“So you did say something though”
“Just stay out of it” It’s hard enough as it is I came home and there was a Polaroid picture on my bed, it was me, today, talking/arguing with James, this don’t scare me as much as the note, so I just hid it, not wanting to cause trouble, I had a headache from stress, I went to get something to eat and there was a note from Hannah ‘went out to a sudden business meeting I’ll be back soon’. they left me home alone when someone is trying to kill me, what fun. But nothing happened, they got home at 6:30 which I was used to because my parents used to do that everyday, Hannah made a quick dinner and not much was said, I didn’t tell them about James because he wasn’t important, the three of us played a multiplayer game of Starcraft 2 then Hannah help me get ready for bed, “goodnight Brandon” I wasn’t paying attention so no reply came from me, but I wanted to see, what they though of me behind my back. When Hannah left the room I got out of bed, hid right around the corner to the lounge room and listened to the conversation between Hannah and Daniel “he’s in bed, now we can watch the movie”
“Why do you treat him like he’s 5?”
“I don’t, he just needs extra attention every once in a while”
“Every night”
“Well, his entire family was murdered in front of him”
“Why do you think that happened, he could be hiding something from us”
“What could he hide from us, there’s nothing unusual about him”
“The kid is 13 and wears fucking diapers”
I bolted back to bed, I didn’t want to hear anymore, Daniel hates me, I didn’t do anything to him I had had enough, I don’t care if the psychopath finds me, no one cares about me enough to be missed, I opened the window and jumped out, into the street only wearing a diaper and a shirt, of course when I noticed I went back and got a pair of pants. I bolted, they don’t care about me.

Chapter 9: here, I will be safe
I ran in the cold night, tears glistening down my face, I decided to take a shortcut, I ran down an alley if you come out in the night to find me, you’ll get a big surprise, I’m not in the mood for someone to just jump out at me, and along the train lines, when I finally arrived I was relieved, as I stared at it, I pulled out my key, I was at my old house I walked in and bee lined to my room, everything I didn’t pack was still there, I hopped in my old bed and decided to sleep here tonight, I woke up at 6:00 am finally, no interruptions . But the diaper was still wet, so I binned it and thought what my next move would be, I checked the entire house, this time with my metal baseball bats, to see if the psycho was here, he wasn’t I looked in the mirror and remembered that no one cared about me, then my sister and my baby brother appeared in the mirror, I turned around but they weren’t there, I looked back and my sister was pointing at something outside the room I looked and it was picture of the whole family I grabbed it, and looked back at the mirror, " are you confined to this house?" She nodded I decided to leave, it was unnerving to know everyone has been watching since I arrived, then I heard tyres, on the gravel driveway, I looked it was Hannah, but not Daniel, I sat down at the table and stared at the photo, Hannah must of guessed I was here, she walked through the front door, “Brandon? Are you in here?” I didn’t answer I just stayed where I was, she walked in to dining room, and took one look at what I was looking at, and hugged me for what I wish was years, “Daniel said-”
“Shhhh, I’ve taken care of everything. The psycho doesn’t know I’m here,” of he did he would’ve made his move before, here I can be safe, even if it is just a while. My emotions, after so long, after everything from my old life, after James have finally been reborn again
(Brackets mean msg from the author, don’t try looking these names up on Skype, it’s not my actual Skype name, I finished yaaaay, I’m debating whether or not to write an epilogue, But for now I’ll just stick to commenting. And Ratedrman is a girl -S)

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I love the story it has great potential

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I really would like see more of this becuase ending was left with large cliff hanger.

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I agree with this person I want more.