Pharmacy helpers

Chapter 1

Bill groaned as the alarm clock went off wresting him from his deep slumber. Slamming his hand down with a vengeance he silenced the annoying alarm. Time for another day and another dollar. Stumbling into the bathroom he glanced at the mirror. Not really a vain person he still enjoyed the image looking back at him. Playing football for his high school team had left him with a muscular body framed by his black hair and grey eyes. Not really a looker with a bit of a potato nose and heavy bushy eyebrows, he had still dated quite a few girls during his high school years. Although only 18 he had managed to get a job at a local pharmacy. After graduating high school with a shop class in mechanics he had looked around to try and get work at a local garage but having no luck he had taken to applying to everything he could. Heading down to the breakfast table he could hear Jasons`s alarm go off.

Jason is his younger brother at 10 he is a lively kid with blond hair and blue eyes that promises to be a lady killer one day. At that age he was still convinced girl had cooties though and would never be seen dead with one. He had tried football at Bills urging, but having a slender frame he preferred baseball where he didnt feel like a bag being tossed around. Finding himself rather good at it he was a regular starter for the local little league team. Phantasy books was another past time of his dreaming himself into a world of dragons, wizards and swords. When not playing baseball or reading he loved taking his dirt bike to the local woods where they hade made a off-road course or wishing he had a games console, something he had pestered his mother for time and again. As he turned off the alarm he once again found his pyjamas clinging to his body.

Having heard his alarm go off Margareth had left the kitchen where she had prepared the boys breakfast, expecting to find Jason in a wet bed yet again. The boys mother had been widowed 3 years earlier when her husband James had died in a hiking accident, slipping while he was climbing a steep rockside. She was a handsome woman at 38, her hazel eyes and brown hair giving her a maternal look. A few had come around her door after the accident hoping to take her out as she was quite fit having shared her husbands hiking habit. Entering Jason`s room she could see he had once again wet the bed, after the accident he had wet the bed more or less every night. She had been carefull never to embarras him about it and simply thanked the plastic sheet for keeping his matress from being ruined. The doctor had been of little help saying he would simply outgrow it “Go shower and come down for breakfast while i take care of this”.

This was the normal morning routine and he undressed leaving his wet clothes in a pile for his mother before heading for the bathroom. Seeing he was a little late he uickly showered and went downstairs to grab a bowl of cereal. Bill greeted him and asked if he had wet again. “Yeah i just cant seem to stop”. “Not to worry someday you will”.
Margareth came back down and once again tried to get Jason to eat something more than cereal saying he would never get any meat. All in all a typical morning for the household.

“Jason i am heading for work now do you want a ride to school ?” The ride he was refering to was his beat up Ford. Although long past its prime the car was his pride and the familys main mode of transport. “Sure just let me grab my backpack”. Telling their mother he was giving Jason a ride Bill went outside to start it up.
Jason didnt mind that Bill`s car was old to him having a car in the family meant he could hitch a ride every now and then. “Im afraid ill be home late again the boss said i could work a double shift again tonight”. “Does this mean ill have to mow the yard alone ?” “Im afraid so but i promise ill trim the hedges myself tomorow”

Stopping outside the school gates Bill let Jason off. “Now dont get into any trouble ok?” “Darn and i was planning on doing nothing but mischief all day”.
With a raised eyebrow Bill glared at his younger brother. “Dont worry ill behave”. “Im sorry for working so much kiddo but…” “Dont worry about it i know youre doing it to help us” Quickly exiting the car he waved goodbye and headed off for his classes. As he pulled out onto the road Bill once again thought he would have to do something special for his brother to show that he appriciated all the work he did. He had known taking on the job at the pharmacy would leave Jason with a larger portion of
what used to be the boys shared chores but the money was more than he could pass up.

Although not a job he would have wanted for himself he was just happy to have gotten some employment. Thinking back on what he should do for Jason he decided to take some of his first paycheck and take him to the movies a weekend with a free choice of what to watch. Meanwhile Jason headed for his first class of the day. He was doing fairly well in school and had a few good friends. Seeing as he could not afford the brand clothing the cool kids wore his friends were among the middle graded kids,
you know neither popular nor hated. This suited him just fine as he was judged for who he was and not what he had. Seeing his best friend Matt hanging at the class room entrance he headed over.

Matt was an only child a whole week older than Jason something he would never let him forget. For the week he was older Jason never heard the end of it but it was all done in jest. Matt would stand out in any crowd with his red hair and freckled face. He had an average build that saw him winning most wrestling matches against Jasons slender build. Usualy cheery almost to the point of being obnoxius Jason was surprised to find Matt looking sullen this morning. “Everything ok ?, you dont seem your usual self”. “Im fine its nothing”. Not convinced but not wanting to bug him if he didnt want to tell Jason switched the subject “I dont have too many chores today so i could probably be ready after 2 hours or so”. “Cool you wanna come over to me or what ?”: “Yeah in case i need a little more time”. Jason found it easier to go to Matt when he was done as he didnt like rushing after school. As the bell rang they both headed inside to start another day of learning. Matt was feeling down due to waking up with a leaky Goodnite. Leaks happened every now and then but he hated them as it always meant he had to ask his mother to wash his sheets. Neither knew the other also wet the bed as both their parents were too embarrased to admit to having a child with problems.

Bill parked his car at the back entrance to the pharmacy close to the loading ramp. Locking up the car he headed inside.
As he entered the building he was greeted by his boss. “Morning Mr Adam , anything special on the agenda for me today ?” Since Bill was new and did not have a relevant education he was mostly doing the menial tasks around the store. “The storage could use some organising as we are expecting a restock truck later on today”
“Ok let me get into the coveralls and ill get right to it”. No employee was allowed to wear the white coats while working in the storage area as Adam could not stand to see an employee who had a dirtied coat.

Bill actually preferred the storage work as he was left mostly to himself. He had been shown how Adam wanted things organised and was now trusted to maintain that standard by himself. This allowed him a sense of freedom and accomplishment. As he entered he could see that until the truck arrived there wasnt much to do besides clearing empty boxes. Bill always prefered to make a large empty area by the entrance allowing him the chance to get the truck
unloaded fast and sorting the products to their shelves after.

This had caught Adams attention and he was pleased by the boys approach to this and other tasks. Although he had only worked there for 3 months and the usual trainee salary ran for 6 he had decided that tomorows paycheck would see Bill getting a full salary. Knowing the hardship the family had faced after the boys father passed away he had a soft spot for them, one he would never admit to. Having been a friend of the boys father he knew the family well.
Since the accident he had wanted to help them out but he did not wish them to become dependant on him. This was not out of malice but rather he wanted them to maintain a sense of being able to cope. He had been there for them in the first few months and arranged for the funeral and made sure
that they got their feet under them again. He still dropped by from time to time. He was going to have a small chat with Bill later to make a proposal.

As the bell rang signaling the end of the school day Jason picked up his backpack and started on his way home. Matt joined him for a while, the two chatting away about how they would spend the upcoming summer holiday. “I wish someone could fast foward 3 days so we could be out of school already” Jason did not quite share Matt`s feeling on the subject as he knew Matt would be away most of the summer. “So when are you guys leaving for the trip?”
“Saturday my parents wanted to get going as soon as possible”.

Matt`s parents were both teachers and as such had the summer off. The downside to this Matt claimed was an almost obsessive desire to visit museums and
historical sigths when on vacation. This year they were going to use the familys new mobile home to tour the country.
“You heard how long you guys will be gone yet?”. “Well atleast a month they said so we will be back mid july at the earliest”
Adam promised he would send Jason a few postcards and call him to let him know a few days ahead when he would be home
They walked on in silence each in their own thoughts.

Over at the pharmacy Bill had just finished stacking up the newly arrived goods and was sweeping the floor. Normally he would be finishing up at this time preparing to go home. Hoping he was still needed for an extra shift he went to look for Adam. “Ive finished the job and sweeped the floor”.
“Good sit down for a moment id like to have a chat with you”.A bit worried he might have done something wrong he sat down to listen to what Adam might want.
“Now first off i am really pleased with your work and i have decided that starting with tomorows paycheck you will be getting a full salary as a reward”
Bill was a bit taken back by this but was not about to argue. “Secondly as you have noticed the store is expanding its incontinence section”
Bill almost chuckled to himself, it would have been hard not to notice as he had shelved most of the new products.

“Now i want this store to be the largest in the town on this market and i have talked to a lot of the manufactors. A few of them want me to participate in the their test programs”. “Test programs ?” “Yes a few companies have taken notice of Kimberly Clarks profitt margins for the Goodnite range and want to move into that
segment of the market with their own products. As such they have developed night time and day time use poroducts aimed specifically
at the gap between the baby and adult market”.

“The thing is they can test these new products in their labs and find the maximum absorbency and stretchness and all of that but what they
can not test is how they will hold up to use by a wearer. They have asked me and others to test their products” “So what is in it for you then Adam?”
“If i can help them test their new products and give them the feedback that they need they will lower my purchase price as a thanks”
“With that i will be able to keep a lower general price on them and that should help me capture a larger portion of the market”

Bill could see how this would help get the store to the position Adam wanted it to have on that segment, he could not work out how this related to him.
“Sounds like you could make a nice profit of that , but im not sure why you are telling me all of this” “Because id like Jason to be one of the testers”
Starring like a deer caught in a cars headlight Bill was dumbfounded. “Now i know he still wets the bed and he would not be doing this for free , in addition to getting free diapers for as long as he needs them, they will pay a tester to help them gather data”. “If Jason agrees he will provide the feedback by filling out forms from the makers on things such as fit and feel etc.What id really need is 2 kids to test full time this summer to meet the feedback requirement but seeing as he only wets at night i will understand if he only wants to do night time.” “Im not sure how he would like the idea but i can ask him”. “Please do i will also throw in a game console of his choice from the store with a few games since it will help me out” Being a fairly large store Adam had decided to take in a few electronic gadgets to increase his costumer base. "In case he agrees i will let you have a package of one of the products that needs testing with you home.

The rest of the day passed in a kind of a haze for Bill as he was wondering how Jason would react to the idea of wearing diapers again. As the store was closing up Adam came over with 2 packs of Pampers Junior. “This is pampers answers to Goodnites, they did some research on what users and caregivers wanted.
It seems quite a few wanted a product that was basically a larger type of baby diaper since the pants diaper tend to leak if the child is a heavy wetter and these are a bit more flexible”. “That sounds weird to me surely a pants diaper with the stretchy sides would have more flexibility?”

“Great minds think alike, thats what i thought at first too. But as i read the info from them i could understand their thinking”
“It seems while the sides of a pants diaper allow for more flexibility in waist sizes they actually have less chances of
ensuring a tight fit in the crotch area. look at it this way with a tape diaper you can ensure a snug fit around the legs and thats where leaks happen.
The pants type will allow for sagging where the tape will hold it in place. The main thing is that while Goodnites is only intended for night time use these are
intended for day and night use which also removes the need to completely undress the one wearing them for a change”.

After a moments thought Bill could see the advantages, the main disadvantage he could spot was that a tape diaper would be more like a baby diaper
and not allow the child wearing them the chance to take care of changes themselves. He pointed this out to Adam.
“I know what you mean, but i think those that have a need for the greater absorbency that these offer will accept that instead of wet pants which would be much worse”.
Nodding he took the package. “Now this is the medium size of the new range. Pampers will introduce the junior line with the sizes 1 through 3.
1 for 5-7 years old. 2 for 8-10 years old and 3 for 11-13 years old. After that point they go into the youth or adult segment.
All the sizes have 2 absorbancy levels and as you can see while the packages are the same size level 2 has
only half the amount of diapers”.

With both packages in hand Bill was about to leave when Adam handed him a small shopping bag.
"Id also like to know Jasons thoughts on these if possible, if he rather not try them thats ok". A quick glance inside revealed the bag contained onesies and the forms to score the diapers. Shooting Adam a quizzical look he was told that a few of the caregivers who had disabled children had asked him to carry larger sized onesies to avoid the diaper peeking out of the gap between pants and shirts. "Now while i could give these to a few to try out the children in question are multihandicapped and have little or no chance of expressing their opinion of these. I would much rather get some feedback on them from the one wearing them than from a parent or caregiver who wont be able to tell me if they have irriitating points to them". Reaching the car Bill opened the trunk to hide the packages from sight. Not wanting to chance any of Jasons friends or peers seeing them.
Driving home he was conflicted, on one side he considered not mentioning the offer to Jason but he knew the extra money
would be welcome and it would also save their mother having to wash his bedding every morning.

Jason had finished his chores quickly wanting to spend as much time as possible with Adam before he left for the trip.
As he reached Matts house he saw the door was open with the parents hauling bags and boxes into the mobile home parked outside. "Hello there Jason Matt is in his room packing you can head right up to him if you want". "Thank you maam". He was amased at the clutter inside the house as usualy Matt`s parents were neat freaks and kept it spotless.
Finding Matt in his room he greeted him. “Hey i got my chores done faster than i thought”. Jumping with fright Matt looked scared and tried to hide the box he had been packing. Of course this only made Jason curious. “What u got some new toys u dont want me to see or something?”.

Matt shook his head seeming unable to speak. “Well what you got in there then?”
When he didnt answer Jason tried having a look for himself. Matt pleaded with him not to look.
“Come on were best friends we tell each other everything”. At this he relented and stepped aside. Looking inside the box Jason was surprised to see
several packages of Goodnites. “Wow you wet the bed too?”: As soon as he had said it he turned red when he understood he had just admitted to being a bedwetter himself. Looking up with tears in his eyes Matt couldnt belive he had heard that last part right.

“You see after my dad died i started wetting the bed, my mom just put a plastic sheet on my matress”.
“Yuck isnt that a bit gross lying in it all night?” “It is but i cant just go up to my mom and ask , hey mom can you get me some diapers?”
Giggling Matt wiped his eyes and told Jason he had always worn something at night to protect the bed. Seeing Jason starring at the Goodnites he offered him to take a couple home to try out. “I wouldnt mind but how would i explain it to my mom, besides if my brother found out he might tease me”.
“Yeah im glad im a only kid so i dont have to worry about that”.

The boys played with Matts xbox 360 with Jason wishing he could get one, heck he would even settle for a regular one. Matts mother entered the room and saw the box with the Goodnites. She nodded her head towards the box. “Its ok mom he saw them and he wets the bed too”.
“Thats good to hear”. Jason looked up at her with a kind of annoyed look. “I didnt mean its good that you wet the bed, im just glad you wont tease Matt for it”.
“Ah, of course i wont tease him for it how could i when i wet the bed too?” “This also means you sleeping over wont be a problem”.
The boys looked at each other. They had not considered this. Seeing what was coming she held up her hand. “You boys have school in the morning and we still have a lot to do to get ready for our trip. You can have Jason over when we get back”.

A bit disappointed but still excited about the idea of finally having someone sleeping over Matt was thrilled.“I hope we get back home fast then”.
Looking at her son with a what do you think youre saying mister look Matt was quick to expand. “I dont mean i dont want us to go or anything its just ive always dreamed of having someone spend the night and now i can finally do that”.

“The plan for the trip isnt quite done yet and what we have planned so far should take about 3 weeks. But we had considered a few other things if you want we can just do the 3 week plan and be home a bit earlier” Matt could barely contain his excitement at this and his mother laughed and said she would have a talk with his dad and arrange it. As she left they started planning all sorts of things they would do on their first sleepover. Everything from the standard staying up all night to ideas like sneaking a peak at scary movies was discussed.

Back home Bill had driven into the garage and used the built in door to get the packages inside without anyone seeing him.
“Whats that you got there Bill?”. His mother asked seeing him haul the stuff in. After an explanation of the offer he had gotten he turned to his mother.
“Im just not sure i even want to ask him to do this”. “I know what you mean, id like to stop washing sheets every morning not to mention it would help with the smell”.
They discussed it for a while and as Jason entered the house they still werent sure what to do.

“Im home. mom when Matt comes back from the roadtrip can i sleep over at his house please please please” “What about your bedwetting?”. Jason explained how he had seen the Goodnites and found out Matt wet the bed too. “Well even if he wets the bed too, he wears Goodnites to keep it dry you might ruin his matress”.
Jason hung his head he hadnt thought of that part. Seeing a chance Bill cut in. “Well Jason i got something that might help there”.
Jason listened to the offer Adam had made for him. “So if i agree to test out diapers for him i would get payed and also get a game console ?”
“Yes he will also ask you to try a few other things like these”. When Bill emptied the bag with the onesies on the table Jason asked what they were.
After an explanation what they were and why he wanted them tested Jason asked for a little time to think about it.
Margarath cut in saying why didnt he think about it until bedtime in a halfhour.

Pharmacy helpers

Aside from some small spelling errors you seem to have a good plot going.
This story does have potential, all I can suggest is to take your time and make sure you have a sense of where you want the story to go.

I like how you are not rushing anything with your story

Jayme Ann

Pharmacy helpers

This story has a lot of decent potential, but the abundance of spelling/grammatical errors makes it rather difficult to read.

Also, I’m not sure a ten year old would talk so openly about not only his problem but someone else’s problems with wetting the bed, no matter how frequent it’s been happening.

Last, the whole thing with Adam and the free game console stuff, that would more than likely be an incredibly creepy statement to hear for any mother; This isn’t the kind of normality a story based on a semi-realistic normal modern world would have.