Perfection - A one-shot

I recently read a continuous story in german called ‘What If’ about a girl getting a notebook. Anything she writes in it becomes reality. I enjoy fics where characters attempt to fulfill their wishes, so I wanted to do my own spin with that concept. And, as to not be a cheap knock-off, I wanted it beneath 3k words and from the perspective of a character at a sort of ‘final’ reality when that happens. I don’t know about the quality, but it was fun to write at least.


There was a familiar tune in the air. It was the buzzing of workers, the typing of a hurried people, the constant background noise that went through the offices of Horninger&Sons Advertisement. Ever since the company’s buyout and the new rise to glory it was so much livelier than before. Once, the secretary of the CEO would walk through the halls and meet only a few, very familiar faces chatting away at the corners. Now, the offices were filled with strange faces that looked eager and busy. Those who spotted her gave her a friendly nod and one Albert Vale even stopped her in her tracks, hoping that she could get in a word with the board about a deal with some obscure company. If he hadn’t been as hot a man as he was, she would never have agreed to make an attempt.

Her steps went past the offices and into the elevator, where she took a deep breath and clicked the button for the highest floor. The secretary always got neverous before meeting the CEO, so she checked whether or not she did have everything. The documents sent by that one movie studio, ready to get stamped, as well as several lesser contracts which all needed the careful touch of the boss’ stamp. Then, there was the gift from the vice Jordan, who always sent presents to the CEO to keep her happy.

Looking at the wrapping paper, the colorful pictures of little kittens and bears with diapers and bottles one might’ve figured it was for the CEO’s child but the weird thing was that it wasn’t. She looked at the package, the careful wrappings around the box and wondered what it could be. Presumably something any other grown woman would find insulting, something any kind of adult would find degrading. She was sure of that, yet, as far as she was concerned, this was how it needed to be.

The ring of the elevator reaching its destination made it clear that she had no time for further contemplation. The doors opened, revealing the main hallway of the floor. It looked almost luxurious, the white walls with the replicas of greek statues flanking all the doors. Even the ceiling looked fabulous with its mosaicesque pictures. She enjoyed walking along this path and how classy it looked. Once, she even loved going into the CEO’s bureau, back when it smelled of expensive whiskey mixed with typewriter ink. Only the company’s name remained of that time and she didn’t quite enjoy her time with the new CEO as much. It just wasn’t the same when it was just a figurehead, and a strange one like this as well.

Once more she halted, before the final, the largest door. It was almost like a gate, leading to what the old Hominger referred to as ‘the lion’s den’. Back then, everything was made to impress. Even the sign to side that read ‘CEO’. As she turned, her thoughts went back to the linework, the downright impressive choice of font and couldn’t help but sigh at what replaced them.

Where the sign once hang was now a picture of what she presumed to be the company’s skyscraper. On each floor she spotted who worked there. The accountants were little animals looking out, waving papers that were as big as they. The designers held up colorful pens. She recognized a fire-breathing red dragon in a business suit carrying papers as screaming as she climbed the wall, too.

Is that supposed to be me?

She almost wanted to tell her boss off for that, and who could blame her? She was an adult, a grown woman, but presented herself like such a child. Proving that, atop the tower, beneath an arrow and letters that looked like they were written by someone who barely comprehended the concept of writing she sat. The drawing showed a girl on a throne, wearing a crown and what the Secretary presumed to be a wand. She was smiling as she looked at the world.

All that would maybe not have been that bad if it were not for the letters above. ‘THE PRINCISS’ it read. The secretary almost wanted to slap her chief for that. Still, this picture was probably crafted after the last business meeting, so she needed to make herself feel more important again, probably. Honestly, the secretary wasn’t one to burst into board meetings like that, but the CEO was her charge and it had been quite a while since her last diaper change. Sure, spanking and changing her in front of the other members before sending her off to her bureau might’ve been a bit extreme, but the girl needed guidance and she acted worse than any toddler ever would.

“Just be nice,” she told herself, “At least she’s got respect for you now.”

Eyes on the image of the dragon in an all too familiar suit, the secretary opened the door, putting on her best smile.

The first thing that reached her nose as she entered was the faint scent of a used diaper. She’d been in here often enough to know what that meant.

The bureau was less that and more of CEO Hammer’s very own playroom. Where once shelves filled with books stood, there now was a changing table. Where Horninger’s wooden table once stood, there now was a crib. The art on the wall was replaced by wallpapers of children’s cartoons and important facts of life, like what the alphabet looked like, or how basic math worked. Even the large windows, from which once the whole city could be seen, now were filled with art of a fairly childish variety. Pastel colors dominated, and along one wall there was a forest drawn in a cartoony, child friendly style. No, this wasn’t a bureau, it was every toddler’s dream of a room.

It did fit with the one who sat right beside her bouncer, racing cars along an imaginary track. She looked the size of a fourteen year old from the back. Her dark brown hair was done into pigtails and the attire was as fitting for her as her surroundings were. It was but a shirt that was so short, it barely covered her stomach when she didn’t lift her arms. On it’s front was a group shot of several characters from some cartoon the secretary didn’t know, but doubted it taught how a business woman dressed. In the morning, she had come with a pretty little dress at least, but of course, she had ruined it when she refused to wear a bib for lunch. So now, she was stuck with one of her favorite shirts and her underwear. Even if you thought it was a teenager, which the CEO obviously wasn’t, it was still juvenile. It was a diaper, the cover pink and filled with unicorns and princesses and the like. In truth, the secretary doubted anyone above the age of one would be caught dead in these things. But then again, ‘Miss’ Hammer did not dress herself.

Well, even if she could, the secretary doubted she’d recognize when to change anyways.

“Hey, little princess,” the secretary asked sweetly. “I see somebody’s been busy.”

She looked at the toys scattered across the floor, wondered whether letting the little pottypants on her own for more than an hour was really that smart of an idea. She shrugged it off, as the girl turned.

Leanne Hammer had been the successor to some company, her whole life trained for leadership or something like that. As far as the secretary knew, she found her first gig after Hordinger&Sons was taken over by their new overlords. Not only that, but with her at the front, business thrived again. Yet, as the secretary approached her, she was pretty sure this was mostly due to the vice getting her to put a stamp on the right papers. Even though she was twenty-two she looked like someone attending middle school and was at her best when the tasks she handled wouldn’t overexert a toddler. Nevertheless, with those blue doe eyes of hers and that timid smile she put on, the secretary felt her doubts pretty much melt away. After all, what position Leanne held didn’t matter, as long as she was as cute as a button, right?

“Hello, Miss Harding,” she said quietly, then looked at the cars, then back at her. “I. … I didn’t have anything else to do. I promise.”

She looked nervous, and even though the secretary felt a bit sorry for her, this was better than a brat who refused to get onto her booster seat because ‘adults don’t use them’, even though it was necessary. I do hope those times are finally over.

She finally stood close to her and the smell indicated that her thoughts had been right. Thank god she’s wearing the thick ones, the secretary thought, still amazed that Leanne might’ve not even known that she’d used them.

“I know, sweety. We didn’t really need much of you, today,” she said with a smile. In a way it was really pleasing, who else got to use all sorts of cutesy nicknames for their boss? “Anyway, I’ve got these documents for you to put your little stampy stamp on,” she continued putting down the papers by the young woman’s side. “And, if you do that for me,” she held the package up, “I’ve got a little present for you.”

She could’ve said two presents, but Leanne wasn’t the sort of kid who enjoyed lying on the changing table. Probably because she wasn’t actually a kid, but the secretary didn’t see too many differences between her and an actual baby. Even now, both the idea of getting to do stamping seemed to excite her and present made her eyes light up ever so brightly. She rose, the diaper sagging heavily between her legs.

It was the sort of product that advertised that they could be worn for twenty-four hours. As such, Leanne kept hers on for quite a while, especially since she was far too fussy to be changed every few hours, like she actually needed. The good thing about that was how she waddled across the room with it on. She looked like a duckling on its first walk, her butt wiggling from one direction into the other. Again, not much of a difference compared to an actual child.

She remained as Leanne looked for her stamp set between pencils and crayons, then walked over to some dolls, then to the changing supplies. As she waddled all over the place, the secretary couldn’t help but lift an eyebrow.

“Did you lose your stamp, Leanne?” She asked.

Hearing her first name made the young woman twitch, and she turned around, looking sheepishly at her supposed subordinate. “I… I know where it is, I’ll be there in a second,” she said and started to look between the diapers that lay there.

The secretary sighed, but felt also a bit relieved that all that remained of that woman’s power was a fancy name and a room far removed from the rest of the company. Even the members of the board had already instructed her to just give her some toys during the meetings and let her do whatever she wanted. As long as she looked cute, it didn’t matter anyhow.

She took quick steps across the room, putting down the package by the door before she walked over to the table. “You know what I think. I think you made a mess and can’t find anything. So, here’s how we’re going to do it: First, you our babygirl needs a new pampers. And then, we clean the room up, find the stamp and after that you get your present and I’ll drive you home. Okay?”

Leanne looked at her, her face more red than she probably wanted to show. “I don’t need a change, though–“

She couldn’t finish the final word as the secretary put her hand against the diaper, feeling how squishy it was. “You’re practically taking a little bath in that thing, Leanne. Now, get up on that table so I can put you into a new, comfy diapee, alright, baby?”

Once, she still would’ve put up a fight, but now she just nodded and lifted herself up the table. The secretary nodded and took a new diaper.

“Thank you, sweetie,” she said as the young woman lay there. “You really are special little girl.”

Leanne lay there, her legs unable to close due to the thick diaper. The shirt she had was as childish as they came and so was her hairstyle. It was hard to think of her as anything but a baby the way she looked.

“Is this weird for you, Miss Harding?” the girl asked, trying to be respectful.

“Why would this be weird, sweetie?” She asked right back as she began to untape the diaper, revealing a clean shaven crotch beneath.

“I’m a grown woman,” Leanne said with a shaking voice as her secretary folded the diaper back and reached for some moist towlettes. Considering the situation, the secretary couldn’t help but chuckle.

“As far as I’m concerned, sweetie, you’re my little princess and I wouldn’t want you anywhere else. Without someone to get you food, someone to change your dirty, dirty pampers, dress you properly, bring you to places and well, manage your life, I doubt you’d make it far. That’s why you don’t need to worry, as long as you’re a good girl, me and the rest of the company will be there for you. Just be your cute, little self and everything’ll be fine.”

After she finished wiping, she instructed Leanne to lift her butt, then she got the diaper out and threw it into the pail before putting a new one under the girl. It was a process she was used to, yet she tried to look at Leanne and keep up her smile throughout all of it.

“You know, a week ago you were afraid of me.”

Again, the secretary laughed. The bottom had been red for a while, and nobody could be afraid of a girl who came to work with a pacifier and her mouth and the vice president instructing the personnel to make sure she took her naps and needed to be supervised most of the time.

“Miss Harding,” she said again, her voice quiet. “I’ve gotten a book that made anything true I wrote in it.”

“Is that so?” The secretary answered as she pulled up the front and reached for the tapes.

“You know that we have a dinner with Bryce, right?”

She nodded. “Yeah, and afterwards his son’s going to take care of you. Don’t tell me you’re afraid?”

“Be honest, isn’t it weird for a ten year old to babysit a twenty-two year old company chief?”

As the tapes fit snugly around that tiny waist, the secretary sighed and smiled at the girl. Sure, it was weird, but. … “You’re a sweet girl, Leanne, so let me tell you a secret. Brian’s a clever boy, real mature. He knows how to change diapers from his cousin, I heard, and he knows a lot of fun games. Plus, you being with him will be more fun than staying with us boring old adults. That’s a perk.”

Finally, her smile reached through. “You don’t need a book to change anything about this evening, alright? If you get your pampers dirty again, you can just tell him and he’ll take care of it. We’ll take a onesie with us for bedtime and you get to show off that awesome shirt you’re wearing to a whole restaurant. They’ll all find your padded butt so cute, we’ll probably get a discount.”

Leanne giggled. It was small, but happy and it really made the secretary grasp why this girl was her CEO, just like this entire talk. Having a child play in the halls you were working could be a distraction, but having someone as old as her acting as young as she felt, it made her feel more optimistic. It really didn’t matter whether she could do business or even draw properly, as long as she was her cute, little self, it all didn’t matter. Next, they would clean up the room and after that, the little princess would finally be shown off to the world. Miss Harding was just happy to be the one who would help with that.

Re: Perfection - A one-shot

Very clever indeed.

You put the ‘outsider’ perspective to great effect. I wouldn’t expect “Just another wish story” from you, even had you told the tale from Leanne’s point of view. But this way, we can see stuff we otherwise wouldn’t, as well as learn the effects of her wish.

I really like how (As well as in your other story) you’ve omitted the actual wishes in favor of just showing us the effects.

Good job.