Does anyone here like parodies?

My favorites are songs. I like Bob Rivers and Weird Al.

My favorite parodies are:

Bob Rivers:

Clean the Catbox (Rockin’ the Casbah)
Asshole Son (Black Hole Son)
You Got a brand New Ice Skates (Break your Knee) (Brand New Key)
I can’t Afford to Drive My Car (baby You can Drive My car)

Asshole Son reminded me a lot about my first boyfriend (anyone remember him?)
And Spokane used to be my favorite song because it was Spokane but when I found out what the song was about, I got offended and now it’s not my favorite song anymore. They were saying it was a horrible city is why :evil:

Weird Al:

Amish Paradise (Gansta Paradise)
Sue Ya All(No parody of any song)
Phony Calls (Waterfalls)
Ebay(I Want it That Away)
Couch Potato (Lose Yourself)
Jurassic Park (McArthur Park)

Ugly Girl (Barbie Girl)
Some Bastard Stole my Car (How Bizarre)
A Whole Nude World (A Whole New World)
Barbie is a Bitch(Barbie Girl)
Barney’s on Fire (???)


I despise parodies in general, they take away appreciation for the actual thing they are parodying.

Furthermore, the fact that there’s a parody of Black Hole Sun, by far the best song ever written for grunge music in my opinion, just makes me hate it even more.


Oh, I -adore- weird Al. (He’s an absolutely fantastic concert presence, too. One of the best showmen I’ve seen in my life and that’s saying a lot). He consistently not only makes great parodies and music, but every once in a while actually surpasses the musical quality and talent of the people that he parodizes. Absolutely excellent.

My recent fun song of is that I just can’t stop giggling at is “Weasel Stomping Day.” I just break into extreme giggles every time I hear it. :smiley:

I’m also a huge fan of Tom Lehrer and PDQ Bach, the former of whom is a massive influence upon Weird Al (and I’ve met, once, though only in passing) and the latter of whom is a contemporary, but much more geared to big fans of classical music and musicians, both of which I am. :]


Ahh… Weasel Stomping Day is a favorite of mine. I have all Weird Al CDs, and I’ve seen the man perform twice in Cleveland.



Spokane, it is nice to see you posting again!!

While parody songs are funny, I will have to side with Jaks!!


I have a limited tolerance for parodies… I enjoy Weird Al, but there are very few other parody-ers, from any medium, that I can stand. But I also have a fairly limited range of things that I find humorous. To quote the great Freaks & Geeks, “I don’t like jokes. I don’t think they’re funny.”


I love well done parodies. I often think of Weird Al’s version of a song before the original artists.


I like weird al althoug he has been mistakenly given credit for thats your horoscope for today which is not in his song but still pretty funny … I do however have an appreciation of the medical comedie parrodies by ameteur transplants however much of their songs are very vulgar although the anaesthetists hymn, the finals countdown and eternal clerking are reasonably acceptable for most audiences :slight_smile:


I like Wierd Al. The songs of his that I have heard were all very well done and very funny. The two that I like the most are Couch Patato and eBay.