Panties [Complete]

[b][i][size=9px]Standard warnings are in effect: furry, brief mention of genitals, etc. etc. I think it’s time to face the facts: I’m just too long-winded to write good porn.

Dedicated to Tainted_Sins.[/b][/i][/size]

This story begins with a pair of panties.

The panties in question were a gentle shade of pink, cut low and imprinted with an admittedly adorable red heart shape on the back, just above the hole cut open for the tail that was to go through it. The presence of the heart modulated the overall presentation of the panties to give the impression of a line straddled just between an innocent cute and a rather flirtatious kind of sexy.

It was for precisely this reason that the panties caught the eyes of Louis as he breezed through his school’s large cafeteria, though this reason was aided generously by the attractive rear that filled them. Louis positively gawked as he moved by with his tray balanced in his hands, suddenly smitten by the feline sitting by herself at a table who was either perfectly alright with her low-cut panties being on full display due to her equally low-cut jeans, or otherwise unaware of the free show that she was giving anyone who merely happened on by, such as Louis did.

Of course, Louis didn’t sit down immediately right then and there at the table, engaging in friendly conversational with the ulterior motive of gaining access to the aforementioned panties, because that was simply not the kind of boy he was. Girls were not objects of sexual conquest to be attacked and conquered but distant and beautiful things that were to be admired and smitten but never approached. In fact, if the truth is to be told, Louis had never had had a single romantic encounter except for a brief and awkward two week fling in elementary school of the holding-hands-at-recess variety, and it can be agreed that that’s hardly a romantic encounter at all.

Instead, Louis kept walking until he was absorbed into the cluster of friends that he usually spent his time with and began eating his lunch. During a lull in the conversation between himself and his friends, Louis eventually pointed out the existence of the panty-wearing feline, who his friends generally concurred to be a new student named Sarah, who was, it was agreed by the friends, building a reputation as a “bit of witch”. Despite this reputation, Louis still found that he was unable to keep his eyes off of the attractive young girl, right up to the point when the school’s bell rang loudly, signaling that the lunch period had come to an end and that it was time for the students to head to their next classes.

That is how the story began.

|Some time later…|

It had been one of the most enjoyable things that he had ever done. This thought was on Louis’s mind as he lay awake in Sarah’s bed, staring at the ceiling in Sarah’s room, with Sarah herself cuddled against his chest beside him.

We should probably back up a bit and explain in brief the series of events that lead up to an enthused and mildly boggled Louis finding himself here in Sarah’s bed, enjoying a moment of slightly sticky bliss with one of the most beautiful felines he had ever met held tightly against his side and fading rapidly into happy unconsciousness.

Louis had obviously eventually managed to work up the courage to approach the feline that he had become so attracted to, which is a lot more than can be said for most of the other girls whose look that he had fancied at one time or another. Things had slowly and gently snowballed, and what was a nervous conversation over trays in the lunch room eventually became a friendly familiarity, and what was a friendly familiarity eventually blossomed into a relationship that could very well be termed as intimate. As is the general course of things, this lead to spending time with each other outside of school, including evenings and nights that Sarah, who hadn’t turned out to be a witch at all, spent over with Louis at his house and evenings and nights that Louis spent over at Sarah’s house. This most recent evening, Louis had been invited over to Sarah’s house. Sarah had told Louis that her mother would be away for the night, and, as people at the age that Louis and Sarah were are wont to do, one thing had lead to another with predictable results.

The panties had very much played a large role in these things that had been lead to. As coincidence would have it, Sarah happened to be wearing the very same panties that had so attracted Louis’s attention on the first day that he became aware of her existence, and when the moment had come in which she pulled herself out of her low-cut jeans and stretched out atop her bed for his benefit, he thought that his heart was going to explode out of his chest, not to mention other organs of the body that were similarly becoming quite cramped. Revealed in all their glory, the front of the panties were found to be just as enticing in their display as their rear, revealing a small pink bow worked into the fabric on the front, along with, as he could now see, pink lacework around the holes for the legs. It could be said for them that they were perhaps a bit childish in their looks, but to the watching Louis, there had never been a sight infused with more passion and arousal, to say nothing of the rather fetching feline who currently occupied them.

And, so, Louis did the acceptable thing to do when presented with these kinds of situations and, for the first time in his life, made passionate and uncontrollable, if a bit clumsy, love to Sarah. Afterwards, early in the morning, they had finally finished, culminating in the point at which we now arrive, in which Louis lay staring at the ceiling with the now dozing Sarah passed out beside in pitch dark.

Now, as Louis lay there in quiet contentment, a couple of unfamiliar emotions started to steal over him. Mild shock started to gently blossom into outright nervousness as he realized just how deeply he had gotten involved with this beautiful young feline next to him, going so far into a relationship as to have passionate and uncontrollable sex. Passionate and uncontrollable sex was something that was generally frowned upon for people their age, with stern admonishings administered by both his mother and father at infrequent intervals, along with the yearly sexual education classes. As mentioned before, Louis had certainly never gone this far, and the knowledge that he had induced some feelings of panic, and he was gripped by the sudden and irrational urge to desert the scene of his crime. This is, of course, a very rude thing to do to a friend who you have just made passionate and uncontrollable sex with, but the panic was, of course, making Louis do things that he wouldn’t normally do otherwise.

As such, Louis scrambled around the room in pitch blackness, groping around with his hands in an attempt to retrieve his clothes so that he could dress himself and make his getaway. This is a difficult thing to do when you are in a room that you are only haphazardly familiar with, so it did take some time before Louis was completely dressed, belt cinched around the waistband of his jeans and his hooded zip-up sweatshirt zipped, which Louis had taken to wearing without a t-shirt underneath it, as males his age will occasionally do. From there, it was an easy job to quietly sneak out of her room and down the stairs to the front door where he had come in at and taken off his shoes. Once they were safely on his feet, Louis, careful not to make any extraneous sound, opened the door and snuck out to his car, which he promptly started up and drove straight back home. So tired and overwhelmed with what had just happened was Louis that there was scarcely any time between him falling on top of his bed and falling straight to sleep, still completely dressed.

When Louis opened his eyes, the display on his bedside clock was there to greet him. Vision still somewhat blurry from sleeping, he carefully read out 8:02, staring blankly at the numbers until his brain was able to go into high enough gear and process them, forcefully reminding poor Louis that he had but twenty-eight – twenty-seven, his brain vaguely corrected as he watched the display switch from 8:02 to 8:03 – minutes in order to get prepared to school. Because driving to school was an event in and of itself that took upwards of twenty-five minutes, this caused a small panic in the young man, and it was in this frame of mind that he hurriedly tugged his shoes back on, exited his house, climbed in and started his car and got on his way to school.

It was fully three minutes into his trip to school that Louis remembered, to his mortification, the events of the night before – the sensual cuddling, the passionate and uncontrollable, if a bit clumsy, sex, the feel of Sarah cuddling up against his chest before nodding off, and then his subsequent egress from the house. Louis knew that Sarah would in all probability be quite furious with him, and he was starting to wonder if he had doomed the first relationship that he had ever truly enjoyed.He would of spent the rest of the trip worrying about this if he hadn’t become distracted by an odd sort of feeling.

The feeling was coming from around his crotch, a tight sort of feeling that, while not actually unpleasant, was wholly foreign to him. At the next red light, Louis put the car in park and, moving quickly, unbuttoned and zipped down his pants so that he could see what the problem was.

It was the panties. There, clinging to his crotch, were the panties that started the whole affair with Sarah, the little pink bow that was worked into the fabric on the front still managing to look cute, despite being affixed to the waist of a wearer that they were definitely not intended to be on. Involuntarily, Louis felt a stirring in looking at the them, maybe because of the memories associated with them and maybe not, and a certain swelling only served to point out just how ludicrous they looked on him, and not on Sarah.

Unfortunately, Louis’s ruminations were drawn short by the sound of the honking car behind him – the light had turned green! --, and, feeling his cheeks redden in embarrassment, he quickly did the zipper of his pants up and buttoned the button before allowing his sweatshirt down again, though the sight of the lacy pink panties affixed to his crotch remained in the forefront of his mind. Realizing that it was far too late for him to go back home and change, Louis, cheeks hot, resigned himself to a day wearing an extremely feminine pair of panties.

The rest of the trip to the school passed somewhat less eventfully, though Louis was still feeling rather worried about the status of his relationship to Sarah. How angry would she be with his panicked exit from her house in the middle of the night? It was with this thought, filling him with trepidation, that he parked his car and walked to class. Louis was so caught up in his thinking that the gentle but firm grip that caught him at his elbow and stopped his walking as he moved to enter the building caught him completely by surprise.

“What are you doing out here by yourself, sweetheart? Preschoolers go into their own building, not the one for the high schoolers.”

The total randomness of the statement was enough to throw Louis for a loop, and it was in complete surprise that he turned to look up at the speaker. Standing over him – not a very hard feat to do, mind you, because Louis was not very tall – was a motherly-looking rabbit, sufficiently old enough that she had obtained the aura of authoritative matronly respect that certain women begin to cultivate as they get older. The younger boy vaguely recognized the woman’s face as belonging to the principal that oversaw the kindergarten and preschool portion of his school.

“You’re not supposed to be running around without your mother or a teacher,” gently reprimanded the older woman when it became clear that Louis was too confused to speak. “Lets get you back to your class, little missy,” she said, and, without another word began to lead the poor boy off towards the aforementioned building.

It wasn’t until he realized that he was actually being lead towards the preschooler’s section of his large school that he managed to recover his senses. Cheeks red, speaking in a quiet and embarrassed tone of voice even as he was lead into the building, Louis wondered, “I-is this some kind of joke?”

This only had the effect of causing the woman to raise one eyebrow. “It’s no joke, miss. Someone your age shouldn’t be running around by themselves.”

Again, Louis was thrown for so much of a loop by this that he couldn’t even find a suitable response. He was obviously no preschooler, and he didn’t even know what to make of ‘missy’. It was in this state, blushing and stammering, that he was navigated down a series of hallways to a door that was very clearly marked ‘P 2s &3s’. Louis was ushered into the classroom, which looked very much like all preschool classrooms in that it was large and colorful, and it wasn’t long before the rabbit was speaking over his head to the motherly-looking maine coon teacher that sat seated in a rocking chair with a large illustrated book in her hands, surrounded by a half-circle of wide-eyed three year olds.

“Is she one of yours, Carol?”

The maine coon took only one look at Louis before nodding her head, saying, much to Louis’s embarrassment, “That’s my Lisa, mmhmm. I was wondering when she was going to arrive. Is everything alright?”

“I found her wandering around by herself down in the courtyard, near the high school entrance. Would you give a message to her mother about making sure that she gets to the classroom?”

“Of course, Ms. Zoey. Thank you for finding her.”

With that humiliating exchange completed, the rabbit smiled at the teacher and shut the door, leaving an embarrassed Louis behind. Understandably upset, he turned around at the sound of the door starting to close, though what greeted his eyes startled him enough that any thoughts of protest, or anything else, really, flew out of his mind.

To understand the full effect of what Louis saw, a few things need to be mentioned at this point. It may have been gathered that Louis wasn’t the tallest person around, or neither very big in general at all, as the comfortable fit of a rather attractive girl’s panties on him attested to. There was a very good reason for that, and that was Louis’s species, that of a hyena. There’s a lot that can be said about a species whose females possess their own sizable psuedopenis in the wild, with pack hierarchies placing the lowest ranked adult female higher than the highest ranked male. There are, indeed, very many things that could be said, but what will be said instead is that Louis did indeed conform to the stereotypes that centered around males of his species, in that he was of petite size with an, indeed, femininely curve to his body that could very well be labeled as womanly.

With this in mind, the sight that greeted Louis née Lisa was closer to humorous and quite possibly cute more than it was to outright ridiculous, for what he saw when he turned to see the mirror mounted on the opposite side of the door that he came in on shocked him – his hair had inexplicably lengthened, long and luxuriant blonde locks rolling down to gather and spill over his shoulders, distinctly feminine in it’s look. Gone, too, was his zip-up hooded sweatshirt and blue-jeans – an altogether juvenile yellow blouse clung to his thin frame, making a distinct contrast against his light gray fur. Slightly numb, Louis briefly noted the gentle lace frill around each armhole, along with the pink star embroidered in the middle, centered over his small tummy.

He was similarly shocked and mortified to see the transformation of his perfectly acceptable blue jeans into a rather adorable purple skirt, knee-length with the same juvenile tint that was to be seen with his blouse. A small twist to the side revealed it to be uniform all the way around, save a small hole cut in the rear for his stubby little tail. The movement also brought to his attention a curiously new sensation around his crotch, just as foreign as the incident that started off the morning, but at the same time, different. Wide-eyed, Louis reached down and tugged the front of his skirt up, just enough to see what was causing the sensation.

To his extreme embarrassment, Louis was greeted with the sight of those same pink panties that he had tugged up his legs the night before, right down to the adorable little bow worked into the fabric on the front, only with, he noted, an increased thickness at the front, growing even wider as it went between his legs and came back up behind him to caress his rear. He was, he realized in shock, wearing an extremely girlish pair of training pants. A pair of childish white sneakers with cartoon flowers on them was duly noted adorning his feet, completing the look.

Again, it should be noted, Louis’s body wasn’t particularly masculine to begin with – where on another boy the clothing would look so out of place as to be ridiculous, on the hyena, it merely looked comical, as if a teenage girl were to happen into a bin of extremely childish clothing and not instead the same clothing on an obviously male figure. Indeed, it’d take a discerning eye at all to tell that Louis was male at all, though he was very certainly not three years old.

So captivated by his own reflection was he, he failed entirely to notice the teacher when she came up behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder, saying, “Would you like to join us, Lisa? We’re having story time.”

Understandably dazed with all that had happened, Louis was lead over to the rest of the preschoolers in numb muteness. He was embarrassingly aware of the presence of the training pants hugging his waist by way of their thickness and the way that they rubbed against him and slightly forced his legs apart, keeping the reminder of his girlish and infantile clothing fresh in his mind. Easily guided in his confusion, it wasn’t long at all before Louis was lead and settled down among the younger children, gently ushered down onto his rear with his legs crossed in front of him. Soon, the motherly maine coon teacher had moved back towards her chair and resumed where she left off in the story.

The whole experience was, of course, very embarrassing for Louis, and it was the first time since he had been stopped by the principal that he had had an opportunity to stop and think about things. Something was very obviously wrong – Louis was almost entirely sure that he was not, in fact, a three year-old girl in preschool, but everyone else around him certainly seemed to think so. The transformation of his clothes was also something that required some thought – clothes definitely weren’t supposed to do that, and unsurprisingly, his attention was particularly drawn to the training panties that he was even now wearing. He was just starting to make a connection between the night before and the unusual occurrences when he became aware of another sort of unusual feeling, though this one, thankfully, wasn’t centered on what was around his waist.

Louis suddenly realized that, all around him, the children’s eyes were focused expectantly on him, as well as, as he discovered a moment later, the teacher’s too. It was obvious that something was expected of him, but, having been occupied in his own thoughts, he had no idea what it was. Feeling a blush rising up in his cheeks, Louis stammered, “W-what?”

Much to Louis’s embarrassment, the class around him broke into quiet giggles while the maine coon gently reprimanded, “I asked if you were paying attention to the story, Lisa. We’re all supposed to be following along, dear.” Louis felt the the rose of embarrassment bloom on his ears and face as the three year-olds around him tittered. Blushing becuause of it, he apologized in a timid voice, “S-sorry.”

“It’s alright, sweetheart,” said the teacher with a warm smile, which, of course, only served to make Louis that much more embarrassed. He fidgeted in his seat in quiet humiliation as the teacher settled the rest of the class down and got back to reading the picture book. This time around, Louis kept his attention on the book, despite the obvious feelings of embarrassment in doing so like an obedient preschooler, which, as stated, he most definitely was not.

Very soon, the end of the story was reached. This came as something of a dissapointment to Louis as, despite himself, he had begun to become interested. Closing the book and standing up, the teacher announced that it was free play time, and that the class had two hours before snacks. The children around Louis scattered and delved into whatever toys that caught their interest, leaving the nervous hyena standing by himself. Did this teacher really expect him to play with a bunch of three year-olds?

Apparently, she did: the motherly maine coon soon noticed Louis standing by himself and moved over, gently querying, “Don’t you want to play, Lisa? Here, lets find you some friends.” Before he knew it, he was being gently steered over towards a corner where a young boy and girl were playing, the former enthusiastically running a toy tank over the carpet, the latter playing with a doll in each hand.

“Lisa, sweety, this is Bill and Francis. Why don’t you see if you can play with them while I go take care of some things?”

Louis shyly nodded his head in agreement, too embarrassed to put up a protest at this point. He turned away from the teacher and was about to approach the children when he became aware of a hand gently brushing aside his skirt and then, a moment later, a finger gently tugging the legband of his training panties away. The state of his training panties found satisfactory, Louis felt the teacher gently smooth his skirt back down and pat the seat of his rear, offering encouragingly, “That’s a good girl.” As the teacher moved away to attend to other business, Louis realized with white-hot embarrassment that he had just had his training panties checked like the three year-old girl that he most certainly wasn’t.

The humiliation of what had just happened wasn’t given time to sink in – as the teacher moved away, Bill, a small wolf dressed in overalls and a red shirt, looked up cheerfully from the plastic tank he was scooting around the floor and asked, “Hi! You wanna play tanks with me?”

Before Louis could respond, Francis, a rather prude looking skunk girl, dressed in clothes more similar to what Louis was saying, interjected: “Lisa doesn’t want to play with dumb tanks! She’d rather play dolls, with me. Right, Lisa?”

So forceful was the little skunk that Louis couldn’t stop himself from shyly nodding his head in agreement, and with an apologetic look at Bill, he settled down next to Francis. Looking disappointed, the wolf trundled off to go find more willing playmates, leaving Louis alone with Francis, who watched Bill go with satisfaction. “Aren’t boys dumb? I hate boys,” she said happily before handing Louis a doll of his own. The feminized hyena was informed that his doll was the baby doll and that Francis’s doll was the mother doll, and the tone in which the little skunk put it brokered no arguement on these points.

The next two hours passed surprisingly quickly. While Francis more or less made it clear that she was in charge, Louis found that it was almost enjoyable playing with the dolls and making up stories, to the point that it came as a surprise when, two hours having passed, the teacher announced that it was time for snacks. Following the rest of the class, he moved to sit down at the small tables in one corner of the class.

Sitting in a chair that was much too small for him and that much more humiliating because of it, Louis quietly ate his cookies and sipped his milk, embarrassing as it was to drink it through the sippy cup he was given. He was feeling thoroughly embarrassed to the point of wondering if it might just be best to try to sneak out of the classroom when the teacher loomed over the class again. “Now, we all know what comes after snack time, don’t we?”

Unhappy grumbles greeted the teacher as the preschooler class quietly chorused, “Nap time.”

“That’s right! As soon as you’re finished with your snack, grab a sleeping mat and blanket from the closet and I’ll dim the light once we’re all settled in.”

Thus, poor Louis was forced to follow the general flock of the class, grabbing both sleeping mat and blanket from the aforementioned closet and then laying it out in the middle of the classroom. As he lay down on the blanket and pulled it over him, he thought about how ridiculous that he’d be curled up under a blanket in the middle of the day, expected to go to sleep as if he were some toddler. So moodily did he brood upon this point, he was totally unaware of the sudden weariness that began to steal over him, leaving him snoring as gently as any of the other children in the class.

Consciousness returned slowly, in degrees. Grumbling in reflex at the sudden intrusion of the light turned on by Ms. Zoey to rouse him and the rest of the class, Louis pulled himself as far as he could into the comfortable confines of the blanket, one eye opening just a tiny crack as a defense against the unwelcome fluorescent light. Through a blurry lens, he could just make out the sight of his maine coon teacher moving from student to student, gently rousing them from their respective naps.

After a moment, the little hyena gradually latched onto something curious-- at every odd or so student, Ms. Zoey would bend down and move close, her hands shifting under the blanket as if to check something. This curious movement was invariably followed by a smile and a warm word of praise to whomever the teacher happened to be standing over and, after a fuzzy moment of dim cognition, Louis realized that the teacher was checking on the other students who were wearing training pants. Without thinking, the little hyena groggily moved a hand down to check on the state of his own padding.

Louis was instantly awake. The slight press of his hand against the front of the training pants immediately forced into contact the damp confines of his padding with the rest of his crotch, the moist insides still warm. Unable to suppress a quiet whimper, the little hyena pushed further, immediately confirming the suspicions that were lurking in the back of his mind-- he had completely and undeniably soaked his training pants.

Further speculation was forestalled as Louis suddenly became aware of a shadow falling over his eyes, blocking out the light that so bothered him earlier. He gave a quiet whimper as he realized that it was his turn, just like the other preschoolers, to be checked. His eyes widened as Ms. Zoey bent down and worked her hand underneath the blanket, cheerfully greeting, “And did you have a nice nap, Lisa? Did we make it all the way and keep dry today?”

Louis could only squirm and try to stammer excuses as he felt his teacher’s hand gently rolling him over, then moving forward to carefully tug away the waistband of the hyena’s training pants. A single finger confirmed what Louis had just discovered himself moments before and, a moment later, he felt himself gently being tugged into a standing position while Ms. Zoey soothingly comforted, “It looks like we’ve had a little accident, Lisa. Lets get you cleaned up and changed, sweetie.”

Immediately, Louis became aware of a quiet chorus of giggles smothered behind paws. Looking up as he was pulled out of his blankets by the teacher, the little hyena became suddenly aware of the entire class watching him, each and every one united in common amusement with, he realized with a sinking and deeply humiliating thought, he, the only one to have woken up with a wet pair of training pants. Cheeks and ears burning in embarrassment, Louis felt all eyes on him as he was finally brought upright and then gently ushered towards the bathroom door by Ms. Zoey, each and every step causing the sodden training pants to rub up against him, bringing with it a fresh renewal of the waves of humiliation that he was drowning underneath.

It came almost as a relief to be brought into the surprisingly spacious little bathroom, even though he was dreading what was sure to be the impending humiliation of being changed into a fresh pair of training pants. It didn’t help that the teacher was speaking in a soothing voice and doing her best to comfort what she thought to be a three year-old little girl, which, of course, only served to make Louis that much more embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, Lisa,” soothed the maine coone. “Potty-training can be hard. I’m sure that you’ll get a handle on it soon,” she said to the blushing hyena. She wrapped her arms around Louis in what he thought initially to be a hug but, to his surprise, he soon felt himself lifted off the floor, his small body transferred over to the small changing table that was the fate of all little children who couldn’t quite manage to keep themselves dry.

“Can you lift your skirt for me, sweetie?” gently queried the teacher, to, with much blushing, Louis moved to obey. Disobedience was out of the question at this point, the hyena having long past been swept up into the current events to which he was helpless to fight. He stared up at the ceiling as he felt Ms. Zoey’s hand on his hips, working at either side of his training pants and, a moment later, the quiet rip as she pulled them apart from each other, undoing the childish garment before pulling it away.

A quiet whimper escaped from the hyena’s muzzle as the training pants were tugged away, leaving his damp crotch completely and entirely exposed. These fillings increased tenfold as Ms. Zoey, quietly humming a placating tune to keep him calm, acquired a fresh wet wipe from the shelf underneath the table and began going through the motions of cleaning it up, bringing the tantalizingly cold wipe around his limp shaft before drawing it lower, bringing it down between the fold of his legs and eliciting a quiet squeal from Louis in the process.

Never before had Louis felt so completely emasculated and powerless and, thus, it came as a complete surprise when he began to feel an unusual stirring between his legs, one that had before been only limited to occurring while either observing beautiful girls from afar, furious sessions in his bedroom late at night when he was sure his parents were asleep or, most recently, while making passionate and uncontrollable, if a bit clumy, sex with Sarah. To his extreme surprise and humiliation, Louis realized that he was becoming undeniably aroused.

Louis was more confused than anything-- anything outside of arousal, at least. The hyena’s thoughts about his own sexuality had never strayed into any sort of realm where he had found himself desperately aroused to be soothed and cooed over as if he were a three year-old girl, and finding himself in the position in the here and now only served to confuse him and break down the last crumbling vestiges of masculinity that he had managed to hold on to throughout this entire ordeal, and, of course, to arouse him too.

His maine coon teacher seemed entirely unaware of the slowly unfolding erection between her student’s legs-- she cheerfully went through the business of wiping and cleaning, and soon enough was ready to lever Louis into his next crinkly undergarment. Eyes tightly shut at this point, Louis felt himself gently lifted and settled back down onto something that crinkled quietly upon contact. The little hyena squirmed very slightly as he felt something thick and soft lifted up between his legs and brought down over his waist. It took poor Louis a moment to realize that he had been regressed into something even more infantile than training pants and, with a shy stammer, he peeked at Ms. Zoey over the curve of his little belly. “D-diapers?”

“Now, Lisa,” began the maine coon placatingly, her firm soothing but firm, intended to convey that there would be no argument. “We know the rules, don’t we? An accident means that we have to have protection for the rest of the day. We can try staying dry again tomorrow, alright?” Louis gave a quiet squeak of acknowledgment, closing his eyes as the diaper was taped into place and shivering when he felt the feel of the thick padding jostle the erection straining just below it inside.

It was as such that Louis was finally picked back up and gently deposited back on his feet. Giving an encouraging pat on his padded bottom which, really, only served to make him that much more embarrassed, Ms. Zoey said, “Doesn’t that feel much better, Lisa? Don’t worry, hun. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it soon.” A blushing Louis nodded his head shyly as Ms. Zoey moved to open the door and, unable to entirely squelch his own curiosity, he gentle pulled back the top of his skirt, glancing down so that he could catch a glance at the garment that was causing him so much embarrassment and, he humiliatingly acknowledged, arousal too.

Unsurprisingly, there, hugging his hips tightly and intimately, was a fresh plastic disposable diaper, modeled in much the same manner as the original pair of panties that started the whole fiasco. They were a gentle and wholly feminine shade of pink with, yes, a small bow worked into the front of decoration. Louis could just barely make out the lace edging around the legholes and he had a sinking feelling that, were he able to turn around and look at it, there’d be a red heart impression on his rear, right below the tail. More important, the sight of his infantile undergarments suddenly sent a fresh wave of arousal through the little hyena, and he was unable to suppress the quiet mewl as his shaft strained that much further against the padded confines.

The little hyena was not given overlong to think about his predicament-- a short moment later he felt Ms. Zoey’s hand on his back, ushering him back into the room proper. He became immediately aware of the forced waddle that the diapers imposed on him-- which had the painfully enjoyable side effect of gently stimulating his already erect shaft–, but more embarrassing was, just as before, the pairs of eyes that were locked onto him as he came toddling back out into the teacher, quiet spurts of muffled giggling breaking out here and there as he was lead over to his spot and, with a quiet crinkle, settled back down by Ms. Zoey.

The rest of the class transpired uneventfully enough, if still rather somewhat embarrassingly so. Louis was forced to go through the motions of the preschool class, including lunch, another snack period and more free play time and managed to do so without incident, though there were a few moments punctuated by humiliation in which Ms. Zoey checked in on the state of the poor little hyena’s diaper. Fortunately for Louis, the excitement eased eventually, relieving the painful strain in the process. Thankfully, too, Louis also managed to keep himself dry and earned himself nothing more than the embarrassing praise of being congratulated for keeping himself dry. In fact, the day managed to progress without real incident until almost three-thirty, which, as Louis was anxiously anticipating, was the time that the preschool class ended.

The bell had rung, which, of course, had little bearing on whether the preschoolers could actually leave or not-- they were there until their mothers or fathers came to pick them up, which happened in a steady and regular stream. The class began to dwindle in size until it was just Louis and a few others. Eventually, the time came until the last other occupant, Bill, was finally picked up too. The young wolf gave an apologetic look to Louis-- they had finally gotten to play together! – as he was ferried off by his mother, leaving the poor little hyena alone. Minutes began to tick by and Louis had almost reached the point of saying something to the teacher when a familiar voice met his ears.

“I’m here to pick up Lisa.”

A blush already spreading across his face, Louis turned to look in the direction of the door and the voice. Standing there, sure enough, was Sarah, the tall feline looking at him with an unreadable smile stretched across her muzzle. Amusement seemed to play in her eyes as she looked Louis up and down and the little hyena knew then that she completely and totally knew what was going on and that it was through her entirely that he now found himself here, sitting on the carpet in a preschool room dressed in the adorable clothes of a little girl, with an entirely obvious diaper hugging him underneath his skirt.

“Ah, there you are,” said Ms. Zoey with a smile, standing up to attend to matters. She gently helped Louis into a standing position and ushered him towards his girlfriend-turned-mother, saying over his head, “She was an absolute angel today. There was a little accident around snack time” --Louis’s blush intensified into a brilliant scarlet-- “but she has managed to keep dry for the rest of her day. Such a good girl!” The praise was accompanied with a gentle hair tussle, Louis’s embarrassment palpable.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that she behaved so well,” said Sarah, taking her boyfriend-turned-toddler’s hand into her own. She gave him another smile that had Louis turning away and blushing fiercely while she finished, “We’ll see that you do a better job of keeping your panties dry, won’t we?” There was nothing for the little hyena to do but give a humiliated squeak.

Sarah and Ms. Zoey exchanged a few more happy pleasantries and then it was time to go, the taller feline leading Louis through the halls of the children’s building and back towards the parking lot. Throughout it all, Louis suffered the quiet embarrassment of appearing in his feminized state in front of the school at large, though, as it would turn out to be, no one gave a second thought to the sight of the teenage feline leading her equally teenage if much more childishly-garbed hyena along. All the while, too, Louis squirmed and tried to think of something to say, but words seemed to stammer and die off in his throat.

It wasn’t until he was lead to his own car-- with a humiliating shiver, Louis quietly noted the presence of the oversized toddler’s chair in the backseat, which he was of course lead to and helped into-- with Sarah beginning to strap him in that he finally managed the courage to even open his mouth, but even then, before he could say a word, he became aware of an unusual feeling happening around his, as many other unusual feelings had happened today, his waist.

The little hyena noticed a gentle tickling sort of feeling between his legs and, as the last strap was being locked into place, he realized with burning humiliation that he was wetting himself again, this time in full view of Sarah. What’s worse, she seemed aware entirely of what was going on if the smile on her face was to judge and, with an almost malicious giggle, she gave the front of his diaper a small pat before closing the door and heading around to the driver’s seat. It was as thus that Louis had to suffer, squirming as he felt his bladder empty into the hungry disposable. By the time that Sarah was levering herself into the driver’s seat and buckling herself up it was done, the little hyena now firmly ensconced into a feminine and soaked disposable diaper. To make matters worse, he felt the beginnings of an erection again and the sound of the engine starting was all that hid the sound of his whimper as he shifted back and forth in embarrassment.

The car was started and Sarah drove off, pulling out of the parking lot. For the first few minutes, the car was a box of awkward silence, although every few moments Sarah would glance over her shoulder and look at Louis with a wholly amused smile. It wasn’t before a full three minutes had passed that Louis finally managed the courage to speak, and he did so in a quiet and stammered voice.

“Y-you really are a witch, then?”

“Yes,” came Sarah’s simple reply.

A few seconds of awkward silence dominated again, and then Louis let spill a torrent of stammered and embarrassed but wholly truthful words: “W-when I left you like that, i-it wasn’t because I d-didn’t like you! I j-just felt kind of o-o-overwhelmed with e-everything that had happened! I r-really r-really really l-like you, Sarah! I m-m-mean it.”

Seconds past. Long long seconds. To poor Louis, each second stretched out like an eternity until finally Sarah spoke again:

“I think I overreacted a little, yes,” she said, turning around again with a smaller smile on her muzzle. It was a good smile and conveyed a huge amount of information to embarrassed little Louis: amusement in the little hyena’s situation, for one, regret for the situation that she had pushed upon him in a moment of upset annoyance upon awakening in bed alone and, most wonderfully, a generous measure of actual affectionate for the hyena. In that moment, the hyena knew that everything was alright and the situation was salvageable, and that’s why, perhaps, he let blurt the next statement, something that he hadn’t even acknowledged entirely to himself.

“I r-really liked it. A-all of it,” said Louis, looking away with his cheeks blazing hotter than they had previously all day.

The wonderful smile was replaced by a perplexed gape. Sarah had not expected this. The spell that she had woven had been done under the intention of entirely embarrassing Louis, which it did so magnificently, but she had been entirely unprepared for the discovery of an entirely new side to the hyena that was she was so attracted to. True, she had always known right from the start that her boyfriend wasn’t the most masculine male on campus, but an attraction for feminization and diaperings was something entirely out of the blue.

Sarah considered the admission, thinking about the implications that it would have for her relationship with Louis, and then decided that it wasn’t as big of an issue as she had previously thought. After all, she really liked him.

“I think,” she said, “that that’s just fine with me.”

And that, more or less, was that.

Panties [Complete]

I actually really liked that story. It was a bit different from the kind I usually read, but still very good. :smiley:

Panties [Complete]

Thank you; I appreciate the kind words. I was trying to emulate the style of a writer that I really enjoy and I think it turned out alright.

Panties [Complete]

I loved the sissification elements in this, it was very well written.