Pampers Baby-Dry Story

Its late October in a town called Oak Meadows, Kristen Was a 29 year old single mom of a sweet little girl, who was the light of her life.
Chloe was 7 years old getting ready to turn 8 on the 23rd of December and was growing fast, Chloe thought to herself on how she used to be able to hold Chloe in one hand almost and kinda missed taking care of her in every way other than what she does now which is mostly just cooking and cleaning. Chloe was about 4 foot tall and probably about 50 pounds soaking wet, she was very small for her age and it worried Kristen who tried everything to make her baby gain weight. Chloe didn’t want to grow up and on the inside she was a 3 year old toddler who missed the way Kristina used to treat her when she was still considered a baby. They both had secrets & mixed emotions about this ordeal and never said anything to one another about it, until Halloween night, that’s when it all changed for little miss Chloe.
Chapter 1 The Accident

Chloe went trick or treating on a cold and rainy Halloween night with her mommy of course and went around the neighborhood and got 2 pillow cases full of candy, Chloe went dressed as the main character from Frozen, her favorite movie, and got so many people to compliment her costume it made her feel good to pretend to be someone else for awhile. After they finished Kristen took her to eat McDonald’s and got her a happy meal and decided to have her a little heart to heart talk with her cute Chloe bug. They talked about how much they missed being young, Kristen told chloe about times before she had got pregnant and chloe asked what she was like as a baby, Kristen told her that she always wanted a baby girl and jumped for joy finding out she was gona have her. She said that for the whole 9 month pregnancy she stocked up on all kinds of supplies for the new baby. She said by the end of the 8th month she had a wall of Baby Diapers stacked up from bottom to top, Chloe asked if she was nervous about her being born and other things. Kristen said that the only thing she was nervous about was making sure you always had the best things for the Infant/baby and toddler stages. Chloe asked you got me the best of what mommy? Well sweetie I wanted your most important item to be a special brand that mommy loved all her life. What was it? I wanted you to have the best Baby Diapers money can buy sweetie, for those 9 months i bought you only Pampers Baby Diapers, every size from Newborn to all the way up to size 7 which was the biggest size they made just to make sure you would have all the time you needed to mature on your own time and not mine. I wanted to make sure you were ready for potty training and not me being tired of changing poopy diapers…ewwww mommy poopy diapers don’t sound like fun to me, Kristen looked down at her baby girl and that was it, that was the moment she finally figured out what was missing in her and chloe’s relationship. Kristen said to Chloé, hey sweetie how about when we get home and get ready for bed you come sleep in mommy’s bed tonight? Chloe looked up and smiled saying I would like that mommy, I get scared sometimes. Kristen said she would always be there for her and then asked chloe if she wanted her to baby her a little just to make her feel better about growing up? Chloe said mommy I love you and ill always be your baby. Kristen smiled and they talked jokingly on the way home about chloe being a baby thing to which Kristen laughed and said I bet you would still look so cute wearing baby clothes again; they both laughed and chloe asked the question Kristen had been wanting her to ask for years…mommy can we go to Walmart and get me something only for a baby? Kristen kinda smirked then asked, what kind of baby thing do you want? Chloe took a long time to answer her mommy before finally saying well I would love a super soft baby blanket to sleep with, Kristen said that she would absolutely get her baby girl and cute baby blanket :two_hearts: to sleep with.
So Kristen turned the car around heading to the local Walmart for the special item her baby girl had requested. They pulled in the parking lot and went inside grabbed a cart and went heading for the baby department. They walked through the cute little onsies and skirts and dresses and Kristen told chloe to pick out a few things she would like to wear.
Chloe pointed to a couple pink dresses and and a little velvet mini skirt before coming to a super small and cute little baby blue onsie that Kristen asked if she would like to wear it to sleep tonight, chloe responded saying mommy I would love to and picked out the one she wanted and put it in the cart. They got a couple more things and went to get her baby blanket and in the same isle were to what chloe didn’t know was the beginning to the next best part of her little life, Chloe looked at the Pacifier’s finding one she liked and asked the question? Mommy can I get one please please please? Of course you can sweetie, you do still suck your thumb at night to go to sleep dont you? Chloe smiled saying yes putting the pink paci in the cart and they made one last stop to get chloe the biggest part of this little idea which was a baby bottle so she could suckle a little baby bottle while drifting off to sleep in mommy’s arms for the next few days…Kristen wondered over to her favorite isle and immediately went into a fantasy she had, she kept this secret from every single person that ever known her, see Kristen loved becoming a mother for many reasons but the main reason was that for years before she got pregnant she would wear Baby Diapers 24/7. She was always a little bit of a bed wetter from when she started potty training up until she was about 14 or 15 years old. No one knew, only Kristen and her mommy, not even her daddy knew about it because she was so embarrassed about it. Kristen’s mommy had kept her wearing baby diapers for all those years making Kristen become dependent on them because she felt so special and loved by her mommy and the secret bond they shared. They would every weekend make a trip to Walmart to (grocery shop) aka diaper shop to pick out different brands of Baby Diapers trying to find the ones that fit her growing body and also didn’t leak with the amount of pee Kristen let lose in her sleep. They tried countless brands from luvs, Huggies, Parents Choice, and other off brand diapers. They all failed to make Kristen satisfied by either leaking or not fitting her right or were uncomfortable and Kristen’s mommy wanted her baby girl to be comfortable sleeping so they bought a brand Kristen didn’t really know all to well but her mommy said they were the oldest and in her eyes the best brand available at that time. They finally found a brand that worked extremely well for the issues Kristen had, being that they were comfortable and small and able to be hid under clothing and the most important part is that they didn’t leak while Kristen slept. They had found Kristen’s secret first :cupid: love of her little life and at the age of 6 Kristen began wearing Pampers Baby Diapers size 6 which at the time were very basic and non flashy unlike today Pampers Baby Diapers are known for being the most popular and the absolute cutest BabyDiaper in the market. So for years Kristen wore the Pampers and stayed with them until she became about 9 years old. That’s when Pampers changed up there marketing ideas and came out with 3 different types of New Baby Diapers ever to hit the market. They were first make Baby Diapers developed specifically for boys and girls and another one that was called Pampers Baby-Dry diapers to which little 9 years old Kristen absolutely fell in love with the second they came out she had bought all the sizes from about size 3 up which she barely fit into and at 9 years old Kristen like chloe was super small and her hips were tiny for most girls her age so she settled into the next ones up, size 4 Pampers Baby-Dry diapers. For the next 2 years she never outgrew the size 4 Baby-Dry diapers and so her and her mother had found Kristen’s good luck charm she wore to bed every single night and for all those years she almost always never woke up to a dry bed or dry diaper to which worried Kristen’s mother but she didn’t see it as a problem as long as no one knew she was having to wear Pampers Baby-Dry to bed and also that she fit them so well and they were very comfortable and held every single ounce of liquid coming from little Kristen. At the age of 12 she had become accustomed to wearing her Pampers much that she from time to time would wear them during the day, her mother didn’t mind at first but did want her to actually use the potty for day time. So they kinda made a deal that made Kristen feel a type of comfort and security that was her being securely Diapered for most of her preteen day’s. When she turned 13 on her birthday her mommy threw her a special birthday party for her and her best friend whose name was (kylie) at the time which was a small little 13 year old girl roughly the same body type and look as Kristen. Her mommy would refer to her as Kristen’s twin in almost every way except one. That all changed that night after the party and Kristen became really sleepy and wanted to go to bed but Kylie didn’t want to go home for some reason so she asked if she could stay and sleep over with Kristen, her mommy had no issue with it except one and pulled her daughter to the side and asked her simply if she would mind that Kylie found out her little secret? Kristen I have no issue Kylie staying the night with you but you know she is going to see your room and all the “things” in there. Kristen was kinda shocked not thinking about the many many different packages and boxes of Pampers Baby-Dry diapers litering the room. She didn’t have time to try and hide them so she would just pretend not to care that they were there and would say that they kept them there for storage for Kristen’s cousins or something. So with that they finished there night and got ready for bed, they both headed up to her room and she prepared for any comments Kylie might have for the stacks and stacks of Pampers Baby-Drys all kinds of sizes, packages, and huge boxes of 128 baby diapers which she would easily go through in about 2 weeks mostly using all of them 24/7. As she was thinking she couldn’t for atleast the last 3 to 4 years couldn’t remember not wearing Pampers Baby Diapers night or day. She eventually just about stopped using the toilet unless to make a poopy and even that she kinda began to wonder what it would feel like to just poo herself and let her Pamper fill up with mushy and sometimes runny poo. She fantasized about pooping her Pamper but was afraid her mother would find out and 1 either be grossed out or 2 make her stop wearing them except for at night time and she did not at all want that so she began to think of a way to maybe have an extra accident a couple nights before the birthday night with Kylie, she thought about how her mother always was the one to change her wet Baby Diapers and never changed a wet one herself for some reason she never understood. Her mommy had always wanted and even liked to change her tight little baby diapers and it just always was a thing. She said she wanted to make sure she was always clean after wetting her Pampers so her mother had just always done it for her first thing every morning. She would use be woken up at about 630 every morning by a kind and loving mommy whispering goodmorning sleepy head does someone need a diaper change usually holding a fresh new Baby-Dry and packet of baby wipes before reaching down and inspecting her daughters wet full soggy diapers. She would always put her in a new dry one right after in case she went back to sleep until Kristen finally told her the she had accidentally forgot to go potty and kept wetting herself during the day so Kristen’s mommy started to just change all her full and soaked Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers all day and night all the time. So about 3 days before the night with Kylie she went to sleep knowing what she wanted to do and planned it pretty well so she thought. She had intended to be unaware of pooping her Pampers Baby-Dry so her mommy would come in and find her in a absolute wet and all of a sudden very very poopy Baby-Dry diaper. She took a bottle to sleep every night as it was just kinda part of her routine she became accustomed to being in Baby Diapers also came with her being able to pretend to be a baby somewhat all the time to which her mommy didn’t have a problem with and actually she didn’t want her to to stop wearing the diapers at all, in fact she secretly wanted her daughter to wear them and use them completely instead of half using them at and the toilet. So at this time Kristen and her mother both wanted what each wanted but in such a way it would never happen unless Kristen did it and she was set on doing it, she wanted to be a complete baby girl again, drinking bottles of baby formula and wearing onsies and even wanted to a crib to sleep in, but never thought all that was possible since her mommy always just put regular milk in her baby bottle at nighty night time during her nightly diaper change getting her ready for bedtime. So the same thing happened that night as many before there and after to her mommy came in at around 930 at night, she opened her door saying to Kristen hey there baby you about ready for a diaper change and she always had her bottle ready for when she changed her Size 4 Baby-Dry Diaper so Kristen began suckling the cute bottle while her mommy untaped her soaked full Pampers Baby Diaper and pulled out out from under her small round button and began to wipe her privates with a cold baby wipe and then grabbed 2 things asking Kristen if she would like a different color Pampers Baby-Dry or could mommy pick? Kristen mostly let her pick seeing she always knew which color she wanted. Kristen said in mid suckle from the nipple of her bottle, mommy I wants that one pointing to the sesame street character ones which were brand new to the Pampers Baby-Dry line up. So mommy smiled and fulfilled her baby’s wish and pulled out a new package of Pampers that looked so different then what they had been using which were just a pink or purple package saying Pampers Baby-Dry Size 4 Diapers to now a completely new look and even feel and texture to the new “brand” which now looked like even more of a babyish type which just fueled Kristen and her mommy more, making them both almost wanting the other one to ask for a baby Kristen to push warm mushy mess into a baby diaper for her mommy to change but Kristen’s mommy didn’t ask simply because she didn’t think her baby girl was actually wanting to be a complete baby pushing large amounts of soft mushy poo into her tight Pampers and squishing it around since Kristen didn’t change her own diapers and actually didn’t really know how to for the most part but never had to find out how to change her own babydiaper. So mommy reached for the new light blue package of Size 4 Pampers Baby-Dry…
The package change now looked and reminded Kristen that this was her moment to have an opportunity for her to become little miss Poopy Pampers baby tonight so she excited for the new Baby-Dry diaper to be put on, her face lit up and she giggles saying mommy I loves this you know? You love what sweetie? I love to wear these amazing things to bed and every day and night over and over again…you do? Yes mommy I even wish I didn’t know how to use a darn toilet just so I could have been able to poop my little baby diapers every time but I know you wouldn’t like that, well Kristen to be honest I never really thought about it before but let’s just say if you did make a big poopy stinky mess in that cute little Pamper mommy would change you and care for you just like I used to when you were a actual baby…Kristen stopped and almost dropped her bottle at what her mommy had just said, admitting she would want her to push a big mushy stinking poo into her Baby-Dry and she would even want her to do it and she would change her too…wow Kristen thoguht as she just lay there ready for the soft white Pampers Baby-Dry Size 4 Baby Diaper to be pushed under her tiny butt and pulled up and taped shut nice and snug ready for her complete transformation back into a literal Baby Girl again. Wow she thought this is it as her mommy pulled open the package and pulled out a new looking style of Baby-Dry Size 4 Diaper she never seen before but was instantly surprised and in love with them at how they just so happen to switch to this style of Baby-Dry Diaper at this time in her life as she prepared her body to make her dream a reality; and so it began mommy opened up the little bit bigger of a size 4 Pampers Baby-Dry saying I do believe these are just a tad bit bigger then your normal ones which is good i guess since they are still the same size 4s she had been using but this confirmed Kristens thought that she was meant to do it tonight of all nights so it began as mommy opened her soaked old style Baby-Dry Diaper and began wiping her cleaning her up saying wow baby you really soaked that one bad, good thing mommy’s here to get you into a fresh and clean Pamper so you can sleep well and wake up knowing your bed isn’t wet and your safe and secure. Lift your butt sweetie as she did mommy slid the much softer and bigger Pampers Baby-Dry Size 4 Diaper under her soft smooth butt and began to pull the front up when she asked her daughter if she wanted some baby powder so she didn’t get a rash as it looked a little irritated down there to which now miss little BabyDiaper girl Kristen reluctantly answered yes still sucking her bottle of milk as mommy grabbed a bottle of Baby powder and sprinkled it all over her butt and private parts rubbing it in good so she had even more conformation as to her idea of waking up right before mommy’s diaper change time and doing what she had been holding in for 2 days just for that moment and it was so close only a few hours of comfortable sleep and setting a somewhat quit alarm at 605 which was plenty of time to try and push a big mushy warm poopy mess into her brand new Pampers Baby-Dry Diaper so she could roll around a little and make it extra messy for her and now known mommy who wants her to do it as well. She pulled the front of the Cute Baby-Dry size4 Pampers Baby Diaper and attached one tape at a time and once it was snuggly fit on her little body she commented how bigger and better it felt to which her mommy made the comment looks like my little baby diaper girls got a tad bit more room in case of a special surprise that might show up in her brand new Size 4 Tight little Pampers Baby-Dry Diaper with a smile and winked at her…she winked Kristen thought she winked, wow oh my God yes she winked!! As she tried to keep her composition so her mommy would leave the room so she could add the finished product to her still more than half full baby bottle full of warm milk. Kristen waited for the door to close before getting up and going over to a half used open box of the old style Baby-Dry Diapers and getting out a bottle of milk of magnesia and said with a smile enough of this and ill be not only make a big stinky poopy in my Pamper in the morning but all day long ill be sending warm runny poopy mush spewing into my wonderful and amazing new way of life which she couldn’t wait for to happen. She mixed alot of the magic milk and drank it down fast and closed her little eyes and drifted off to sleep and began to dream of a good day with her mommy tomorrow making both of there dreams secretly become a reality Kristen never knew until now…she woke up at about 4 am and felt her tummy twist and gurgle and instantly regretted drinking all that magic milk not knowing when this massive runny poo would come spewing out into the back of her diaper making her have to sleep in it for 2 hours so her mommy would come change her so she held it in and put her stomach to ease and went back to sleep sure that she would be able to hold it for another 2 and a half hours, her cute little pampered butt looked alot better in these new Pampers which had alot more designs on them then before they almost invited them to be put to the test of how much mushy madness could be pushed into them and hopefully she didn’t leak out warm runny watery poo her first time trying to go poopy in her Pamper. She will just have to find out if Pampers Baby-Dry Size 4 Baby diapers stand up to the way a new kind of baby girl is being born today, and bam the clock struck 605 and her alarm didn’t go off as planned and she kept happily sleeping except her upset tummy had another plan for the morning and without the fact she hadn’t woke up to her mommy coming into check on her and change her diaper, she continued to sleep soundly as mommy closed the door quietly and began getting the supplies to change her baby daughters wet Pamper or so she thought. She reached for a clean new diaper and looked at it and said to herself these new Baby-Drys are just to damn cute as she looked over at Kristen who slept away, her tummy had other intentions and began to growl and begin her bowls moving downward without stopping except by the bottom and back of a new style size 4 Baby-Dry Pampers Diaper snuggly attached around the new little baby Kristen, as mommy came over with the new diaper in hand nd a pack of pampers baby wipes she heard the sound of a little fart that sounded kinda off and knew instantly what was about to happen in that room with a sleeping little Kristen she unknowingly laying on her stomach instinctly pushed her little Pampered Butt up ever so slightly and her bowls pushed and her mommy could do nothing but watch as a large round lumpy mush came spewing out and exploded out the back of little baby diaper girl pushing and squishing itself as she pushed more and more runny lumpy mush into her Pampers, mushy watery mess spread all over the bottom of her diapered butt and squished as she just kept grunting more and more poopy mushy mess into her Little Size 4 Pampers Baby-Dry Diaper she didn’t look finished as Kristen woke with tears running down her face still laying on her tummy as she pushed the last lumpy mush out and spread itself into the absolute full shitty smelling baby diaper she now was in. Kristen, cried and cried as it hurt her little bottom at the amount of runny poopy water she now had in the back and bottom of her Baby diaper, she kept crying not knowing why she was crying she just was as she rolled over making the poopy mess squish and spread the front of her now brown stained poopy Baby Diaper and was greeted by her mommy’s motherly eyes as she put her hand on Kristen’s tummy and said shhh baby its okay shhh you just had a little bit of a poopy diaper happen its okay honey mommy’s here and we’re gona get that stinky Pamper changed and get you all cleaned up and into a fresh and clean little Pampers Baby-Dry Diaper okay baby see holding up a brand new size 4 baby diaper Kristen calmed down and stopped her crying before saying mommy I did a big poopy mess in my diaper, ohhhh its alot too as she squished it some more without meaning to making it almost leak out the side of her leg but not to bad. Mommy took her baby girls legs and held them up and began the process of changing her first massively poopy pampers baby diaper in about 12 years not knowing this moment was even possible, that didn’t matter she was done preparing for this exact moment almost excited that it happened this morning right in front of her at the time of her usual simple Baby getting her normal wet diaper changed to now its a full blown stinky watery mess thats wating for both them to take in but without more hesitation she untapes Kristen’s Poopy Pamper revealing the worst poopy mushy green almost liquid mess pooling up into the grooves of the now extremely hot stinky Size 4 Baby-Dry Diaper and began to wipe her baby girls poopy butt with a cold baby wipe which seemed almost an impossible task to which she kept up getting little Kristen finally cleaned up after 6 big cold pampers baby wipes and rolled them into the massive poopy pampers baby diaper and taped it shut and threw it into the trash before she got the new diaper under her wet but clean bottom lifting her butt sliding the fresh size 4 Pampers Baby-Dry Diaper under her soft butt and adjusted It just right and said okay gunny don’t worry your all good and clean smelling good now, see all that poopy mess is all gone now and mommy’s here to keep it that way. She sprinkled alot of really nice smelling baby powder all over her little parts back to front and pulled the front of the brand new Pampers Baby Dry diaper over her pee pee and then began to tape it shut one at a time ever so gently cooing her baby girl so she knows that she is safe and secure after what she witnessed her little baby girls body do while she slept, she told Kristen it was perfectly okay for her to have that happen and that she was glad the new size 4 Pampers came just a tad big bigger with just so happen to alowed for the room her massive poopy mush spewed into allowing her to keep from leaking all over her bed and staying in her Baby Diaper which was a amazing site for both Kristen and her mommy not having to clean up mushy watery poopy from getting all over her bed and making it ruined instead her little Baby-Dry Size 4 Pamper held every single bit of that poopy mess giving Kristen and mommy alot to talk about as she got up and ready to go down and eat breakfast and then go to the store to get stuff ready for her birthday party of 1 person in a couple of days. Kristen and mommy loaded up the car and headed for Walmart to get supplies for her and kylies fun time they would be having.
2 days later
Back to the night of fun with her mommy and Kylie it was mentioned that little Kylie wanted to stay the night and sleep over in Kristen’s room with her in her bed which wasn’t a problem at all except for what happened 3 days ago and about 4 more massively poopy runny baby diapers later this night just might have a couple more surprises up its sleeve for little Kristen and Kylie who are about to walk into her room for bedtime when she stops little Kylie at the door and says hey I gotta tell you something and it’s kinda personal and I’m sorry I never told you but I have kept it a total secret from everyone all the time 24/7 even at school so you have no idea what your about to see walking into my room okay girly? Kylie stopped and looked very confused not knowing what the hell Kristen could mean at all so she just smiled and said look whatever it is im sure it won’t be a big deal and I bet it won’t even bother me at all, okay Kristen whats in your room? Come on girly she said smiling as Kristen began to open the door and walked inside and instantly Kylie saw and knew exactly what she meant by the fact that she could count about 6 different colors and brands of different looking boxes and little light blue packages not being able to completely read what they said Kristen turned on the light and bam Kylie instantly knew that Kristen was serious about keeping a secret she knew nothing about and she just dropped her jaw and said wow!!..Kristen waited a couple min before saying anything about the best way to tell her best friend since kindergarten that for all those months and years her best friend wore Little Baby-Dry Pampers Diapers under her clothes for some reason, she didn’t know the extent of how much she wore them or if she had to have them on cause she couldn’t stop herself from peeing or pooping so miss Kylie just walked over to an open box of the new style of Pampers Baby-Dry Size 4 Diapers Kristen was so glad they had for the last few days of what had happened…she had only intended to poo just one diaper at one time and instead for the last 2 days she has pushed a massive amount of poopy runny mess into her Baby Diapers the first when she was still sleeping and the rest throughout the day but she all in all enjoyed it so much and honestly was glad to have a friend stay with her to give her positive thoughts about her now being a real baby diaper pooping girly again, she loved it and now she wanted to just give Kylie a piece of this wonderful gift for her to try herself if she wanted to but she would have to ask me. So Kylie went through the big box of 128 Size 4 Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers and pulled a couple out and smelled the lovely scent that came from the fresh clean Baby Diapers. She put the diapers back into the box and just took in the site and could feel what Kristen was trying to explain but instead it explained itself or atlest most of it and it was up to Kristen if she wanted to share her reasons with her or not, so Kristen how about how cute these look huh holding up a cute little baby diaper and Kristen smiled and started talking about them and how it all started and basically hadn’t stopped since she was 4 years old and now its basically like her second lifestyle that she absolutely loved every bit of and loves even more now after the last 3 days. She told her it all not missing a detail or anything and made it to where Kylie understood that she can’t help her bladder when she slept and now its just become a comfort for her to always be there with a cute little baby diaper taped to her bottom parts, then explained to Kylie that she really truly has a problem being able to hold her pees and almost wets her pampers without knowing or even trying to, it just kinda happens now and i kinda like it said Kristen as kylie said she would have been there for her best friend if she had just told her about it. Kristen said she was sorry and that she just started really wearing them 24/7 about 6 months to 9 months ago and thats when she said she absolutely fell in love with the lifestyle explaining all the assecessories that come along with it. She showed Kylie her closet full absolutely full of little baby clothes and dresses and her onsies which Kristen said was her favorite color and fit her absolutely like the Pampers Baby Diapers fit and explained how comfy they felt and when they were on her she could feel how the little tight baby diaper wrapped itself around her curves and hugged her body just so perfectly that she was in a state of constant happy all the time :two_hearts: :sparkling_heart: :heart: especially in the mornings and about this time every night…kylie looked at her and said why what happens at this time? Kristen paused and said that she would have to show her everything and pulled down her tight leggings to reveal her super wet and squishy Pampers Baby-Dry Size 4 Diaper and then said my mommy is the only one who has ever changed my Pampers, I honestly can’t remember how long its been since I even pulled one of these tapes off myself, Kylie looked at her wet baby diaper and felt a sense of wonder and it was plain as day on her face but she said nothing except im kinda curious about the way they feel…Kristen shocked looked at Kylie and then said do you wanta know what it feels like? Be honest Kylie? She paused a bit then started to turn red which told Kristen she was wanting to be put into one of her little Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers when its that time as mommy comes in the room and sees a baby Kristen with pants around her ankles and a soaked baby diaper looking right at her and little Kylie who almost jumped when she came in. Kristen said mommy I needs a new diapee please…of course sweetie go ahead and lay down and mommy will get that icky diapee off my sweet baby girl. She layed down and said that Kylie was the first person to see her in a baby diaper and also the first to see her get that same baby diaper changed and put into a clean fresh pamper to be ready for bedtime. As Kristen got her wet diaper changed and cleaned up Kylie just watched and it was very obvious she was envious about what was happening and wanted to ask the question Kristen knew she was to scared to ask so she waited for mommy to finish putting the new BabyDry under her butt and sprinkles the baby powder over her and pulled the front up and over sealing the little tight Pampers Baby-Dry Size 4 Diaper up nice and tight making Kristen feel wonderful and said thank you mommy, to which she said your very welcome my sweet little angel now i got your bottle here ready for you when you get laid down. Have you and Kylie had a nice time so far? I know this must be new for you little one but this has been something me and her have been doing all her life. Kylie looked and mommy said she has never really been without a diaper and over the years she has become my sweet little baby that I want to keep this way for as long as possible. Kylie looked at Kristen and then down at her pure white clean new Pamper and was screaming on the inside to try it but just couldn’t bring herself to say it so instead mommy said she would be right back with something for kylie to feel a little better and left the room. Kristen said it, kylie just ask her…ask her what? You know what, Kylie blushed and said is it that obvious? Absolutely is and is not being hid very well. Mommy returned a moment later with another baby bottle full of milk and handed it to Kylie who gladly took it and then said the phrase Kristen was waiting to hear…She looked her mommy and asked her hey ummm would you ummm maybe ummm please, uh okay well mommy stopped her and said yes sweetie lay down on the blanket and pull your skirt and panties off for me while I get you a little baby diaper for my baby’s best friend. She did exactly what mommy told her and was ready for the first time she was going to be put into a Baby Diaper. Mommy grabbed a new Pampers Baby-Dry Size 4 from the open box and the baby powder and knelt down and lifted the new baby’s legs and slid the Pamper under her butt and sprinkled some powder on her butt and privates and pulled the front of the Baby-Dry Diaper up and taped the first side then the second and adjusts it so it fits her just right knowing something that little miss Kylie and even her baby didn’t know but was ready for the morning wake up routine and ready for 2 diaper changes instead of just the usual things she’s done for months knowing that now Kristen is pooing her Pampers without knowing she has to be ready for a possible midnight diaper check and little did Kylie know she was about to have a crash course in being a little PampersBabyDry girl as she laid them both down in Kristen’s bed and tucked them in and handed the bottles of milk to them, said to drink it all down and sleep well and if either one of them needed her to just holler for me and ill come doesnt matter the time okay baby’s? Okay mommy as she suckles the nipple on the bottle drinking the milk and Kylie put the bottle in her mouth and began the same thing and the both of them were very happy to be able to share this experience with each other and Kristen was happy to have a baby diaper friend who was in the same room with her and just wanted her to have a good experience with her first time wearing an actual baby diaper, she couldn’t believe that she fit into a Pampers and a size 4 at that. She played with the front of her tight Baby Diaper and felt how the Pamper hugged her legs and rolled on her side drinking her bottle and began to fall asleep. They both slept well and had to be the happiest either have been in a long long time and not even caring about anything at all. Kristen woke up at around 3 am to feeling her bladder freeing itself and the warm pee flowed out into her Pamper causing it swell up and become soggy and warm to which she rolled back on her stomach and went back to sleep. They both woke up around 615 to each other smiling and then they checked out there baby diapers, Kristen pulled back the covers revealing a very wet and soggy Pamper full of her nightly pee pee and Kylie looked at her dry Pamper almost a little sad that it wasn’t wet like Kristen’s. She said that she thought that wearing the diaper to bed would magically make her wet it without knowing it but Kristen said thats not how it works my pamperdd friend. Kylie said that she loved the Diaper and being a baby sleeping with it making me feel safe and comfy and with the love of a friend next to me helped alot. I was just wondering how I would feel if I just peed in my pamper just to see how it feels when Kristen said that she should try it so Kylie rolled over to her stomach and began to slowly pee in her baby diaper making it warm and wet filling it up with pee she was now in a soaked Pampers Baby-Dry Diaper and asked Kristen what was next when here come her mommy and she said how did my baby’s sleep? To which they both shook there heads smiled and said were both wet and need new pampers please. Mommy looked at Kylie and said wow you wet your diaper my sweet angel awww that’s okay let’s get you changed and into a clean Pamper okay sweetie? Sure thing and laid down on the blanket and spread open her legs ready to have her first real Diaper changed. Mommy asked her if she would like a different type of Bsby Diaper to wear for the day to which Kristen said oooooo yeh mommy she wants a pampers cruiser diaper yeh yeh they are super comfy just like these except you don’t waddle as much and if you have a accident they will hold just as much if not more than the Baby drys do. Mommy’s grabbed a Size 4 Pampers Crusier Diaper and began to change both girls and got them both taped up nice and snug in there super cute little Cruisers for the day and went and played in the living room in just their Pampers within full view and not a care in the world. Kristen asked Kylie if she had ever thought about messing a diaper? And Kylie said what? Like pooping in it? Yeh silly girl Kylie said she thought about last night but couldn’t make herself do it even though her tummy hurt and she Kylie knew she needed to go but didn’t want to do a big poopy bt herself so she asked Kristen if she felt like she needed to go poo soon and Kristen said that she was starting to feel like her tummy was hurting and the general need to poo when out of no where Kylie stopped playing and dropped to her knees grunting feeling her bowls rip apart and said oh no Kristen its coming what do I do? Kylie frantically looking down at her Cruiser Diaper knowing and second she was gona go poopy all over herself. Kristen said to get on her knees and stick her butt out and push it out. She said kylie don’t worry about it at all your Pamper will catch every bit i promise you baby your gona enjoy the feeling that comes with it. Kylie kept grunting her tummy tearing itself up as she pushed her but up and out Kristen just watched as Kylie was about to push a mushy poopy into her Size 4 Cruiser Baby Diaper when mommy came walking up hearing her grunting and said come here baby ill hold you til and rock you to make it come out easier, Kylie jumped into mommy’s lap and she started rocking the little 12 year old Pampers baby diaper girl back and forth patting her cute little but she kept groaning and pushing but it just wasn’t coming the easy way and tried to just push it out but it wouldn’t so she started to cry, tears running down her face she was at once in her life she felt about the age of about an 18 month old infant being rocked back and forth with her loving mommy and about to be pushing a super runny messy mush into her Pamper but it just never came, nothing but pain and groaning, pushing and trying so hard to just end it and poop in her Baby Diaper when she finally had enough and felt it coming she stopped crying and looking right in mommy’s eyes with the look of a helpless little infant about to push mush out the back and into her waiting dry and ready Pamper. Mommy continued rocking her and patting her butt feeling her pampered butt, excited to feel it coming and able to make her feel safe as she


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