This story is now completed.

This story is about an average, quiet girl finding a secret power and transforming into a superhero, at the cost of her continence. A lot of sci-fi and alien stuff in this one.

This is still in-progress, and I’ll continue to add chapters as I find the time. It’s another request I received, but I took it much more seriously and got far more involved. I personally believe that it’s my best story so far, but I’ll let it speak for itself.

This cover is a commission done for me by Sketch Man. You can see his full gallery here:


Strange creatures in space suits. Ships zooming past one another. Lazers flying everywhere. A war raged between two extraterrestrial species, several lightyears outside the Earth’s solar system. In the center of a dark room aboard one of the ships sat a heavily-guarded safe made of several thick layers of a strong metal. Three creatures stood guard inside this room, and two directly outside it in a long hallway leading to the room. These humanoid beings were a dark shade of aquamarine and stood at 8 feet tall and 3 feet wide at the shoulders. They were heavily armed with metal suits and held highly-advanced weapons in their hands, designed to disintegrate anything that threatened the safe’s contents.

Suddenly, the creatures heard a distant crash. Battles were taking place in another room on the ship, and the shots were coming closer. The two standing guard outside the door raised their weapons as they awaited the enemies’ approach. The wall burst open at the end of the hall, and the two creatures opened fire into the explosion. But as the debris cleared, a glittering light began to appear. A force field had blocked the incoming shots. On the other side stood an army of bright-red creatures, about half the size of the blue creatures, with bright-yellow slits for eyes and insect-like mouths and bodies. They had two mantis-like arms protruding from their shoulders and two weapon extensions directly beneath, which appeared to be surgically attached. Their exoskeletal bodies began moving quickly through the force field as the blue creatures continued firing their weapons. Hidden mines in the floor blew some of the creatures to pieces while others were disintegrated by the weapons, but more and more swarmed through the hall, firing lazers from the extensions on their bodies. They quickly overtook the two blue creatures, and as some began hungrily devouring them, others moved on and began to break open the metal door which separated them from their prize.

The door gave way, and the three blue creatures within began firing as the red monsters crawled on through. Electricity pulsed through the room, killing yet more of the intruders, but this only slowed their progress. As with the two outside the room, they trampled the three guardians and started shooting and clawing at the safe. When the seal finally broke and the door opened, a small, red, glowing crystal appeared within. One of the insect creatures grabbed it in his claw, and the army rushed for the exit of the ship.

Meanwhile, more reinforcements were being dispatched to apprehend the intruders and retrieve the stolen property. As the red creatures boarded their spherical ships, the blue creatures followed suit in their triangular ones. The chase was on, as the triangular ships began shooting down spheres one by one. But they made a fatal mistake, shooting down the ship which held the stolen gem. The ship blew into a million pieces, sending organic matter and debris flying in all directions. The gem flew among the wreckage, sent millions of miles in an unknown direction, going unnoticed as the battle waged on.

“Are we almost there?” “My feet hurt.” “I’m hungry.” “Can we go swimming again?”

God these kids are annoying, she thought. Laura Black marched on, trailing the group of complaining children from behind, making sure nobody got lost. She wiped her short, black hair out of her face, and her tired blue eyes stared lazily at the path ahead. Why had she agreed to do this? Why didn’t she just get a restaurant job or something? “Oh, it’ll be so much fun!” her roommate had said. Bleagh.

Laura had signed up to be a camp counselor that summer to help pay off her student loans. She didn’t have much experience with kids besides some babysitting jobs here and there, but her roommate Kelly had convinced her to do this with her. Laura preferred to be by herself at home, and was kind of withdrawn. Right now her only goal was to pay off her loans and get a job somewhere so that she could get on with her life.

Along with an older counselor, Kelly Edwards led the group in front, a walking stick in hand. She looked to be enjoying herself quite a bit despite the whining children behind her. A smile lit up her face, making her shiny blond hair look even shinier. Her green eyes twinkled in the sunlight as she happily walked the path through the woods. She was quite fond of the children and experienced with them, as she had had plenty of siblings to look after growing up.

Finally, the group stopped at a clearing in the forest. Laura’s legs were tired and her energy was drained. “Okay, everyone!” Kelly yelled in a bubbly tone. “We’re gonna set up camp here, so let’s get out the tents and get to it!”

“Miss Kelly?” one of the boys asked.

“Yes Kyle?”

“I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Oh, alright! Miss Laura, will you please take Kyle somewhere to take care of business while we set up here?”

Laura cringed at the way her roommate called her “Miss” Laura. She liked Kelly, but her constant positivity could be annoying sometimes. “Alright,” Laura said. “Let’s go, Kyle.” She took Kyle and let him to a hidden spot among the trees. “Okay, go ahead.”

“But there’s no toilet here!” The child was incredulous.

“Of course not, it’s the woods. Just go behind a tree over there.”

“But I’m not sure if I can…”

Laura was getting irritated. “Well, just try to.”

“Okay.” The boy sheepishly walked over behind a tree to relieve himself. Laura looked away while he did so. She looked around the woods, wondering when this camping trip would end. She just wanted to go home and sleep. She continued looking around until a shiny object caught her eye. She walked over about 30 yards to investigate, and saw a bright red crystal on the ground beneath her. She reached for it and held it up to look at it. Suddenly, it glowed brightly, catching her off-guard a bit, then slowly faded back to normal. Laura simply stared at it, not sure what to think.

She heard a voice from the distance. “Miss Laura! I’m finished!”

Laura snapped back to attention, and pocketed the strange gem she had found. She brushed off the glowing as some kind of illusion, and walked back over to where Kyle was waiting for her.

“I’m finished,” he repeated.

“Good. Let’s get back to the group.”

They returned to the camp site, which by now had some tents set up. The group started collecting firewood, and soon had a nice fire burning in the middle of the clearing. It was getting dark now, and the children and counselors gathered around the fire, holding sticks with marshmallows on the ends. They sat on some log benches that had been put their purposely for the group. The faces of the 3 counselors and the 8 children glowed in the firelight as they talked about the activities of the day, along with what they would be doing the next day.

“Hey Miss Kelly?” one of the boys asked.

“What’s up, little buddy?” Kelly responded, bubbly as ever.

“Can you tell us a scary story?”

The other kids agreed and started begging for a scary story. “Yeah, make it REALLY scary!” “Make it have monsters and stuff!”

“Alright, everyone!” Kelly quieted the group down, then got a serious look on her face, her eyes squinting a bit as she began. “Have any of you ever heard the story of…” She paused for dramatic effect. “…Freaky Frank?”

The kids all shook their heads, silent but excited. Laura listened with interest; Kelly could come up with some creative, if not slightly stupid, stories.

Kelly continued, using grandiose hand gestures as she talked. “One night, a night much like tonight, a camper named Frank got out of his tent past lights-out. He thought it would be fun to go exploring by himself in the dark, dark forest. So, without telling the counselors where he was going, he started walking into the trees. He kept walking, waaaaay out into the depths of the forest. At one point, he looked back, and realized he lost sight of the camp! He turned around and tried to find his way back, but he was lost. He cried for help, but nobody could hear him; he was too far away by now. When everyone woke up the next morning, he was nowhere to be found.”

She looked around. Some of the boys had big smiles on their faces as they anticipated the next part of the story, while others, mainly the 3 girls, looked quite nervous.

“Then, on the next camping trip, the group came to a lake near the forest to go swimming. But one of the boys decided to swim too far out, away from the rest of the kids. The counselors begged him to turn around, but he didn’t listen. Then, the boy saw bubbles come up from the water beneath him.” Some of the boys giggled at this. “Oh, it’s not what you think it was. The boy looked down into the water and saw something coming up towards him. He got scared, and tried to turn around, but it was too late. Then… SPLASH!” Kelly shot her hands out in front of her and yelled, making the children flinch. The girls also squealed a bit out of fear. “There was Frank, his face white and ugly with red eyes, and he GRABBED the kid by the ankle and PULLED him under the water. And the two were never… seen… again. And THAT’s why you ALWAYS listen to your counselors.”

Kelly concluded the story and looked around. Four of the boys’ faces beamed with excitement, and they clapped at the conclusion. One of the boys and the three girls were quite frightened. The boy looked at Laura. “Miss Laura, is Freaky Frank gonna get me?” he asked fearfully.

Laura looked back skeptically, silently congratulating Kelly for scaring the living shit out of these children. “Ah, don’t worry,” Laura said. “Kelly is just making up silly stories.”

Kelly heard this, and looked at the boy. “Yeah, I might be… But we wouldn’t wanna find out the hard way, would we now?” She looked at the child with wide, threatening eyes. The boy was on the verge of tears, and Kelly suddenly stopped. “Okay, okay, yeah it’s just a story.” She went over to the child to comfort him. Laura chuckled a bit and shook her head. As much as Kelly loved children, she could sometimes take things too far.

The group finally settled into the tents, the counselors all sharing the largest of them. They were to take shifts during the night to check on the children and make sure they were all still in their tents. Laura took the first shift and sat on the bench near the burned-out campfire. She reached into her pocket for her phone, then felt the gem that she had found earlier, and pulled that out instead. She examined it, turned it over in her hands, rubbed a bit of dirt off of it. Then, as she watched, it began to glow as it had before. She stared intently, the red light hypnotizing her. Woah… she thought. Then, a bright flash blinded her. She drew in a breath quickly as she reached for her eyes with her free hand. She rubbed them, and her eyes slowly adjusted once again to the darkness around her. She looked back at the gem, but it had vanished. Realizing she must have dropped it, she looked for it on the ground beneath her, but couldn’t find it. She decided that she had just been tired and imagined the light, and now couldn’t find the jewel because of the darkness. Probably just a cheap toy anyway, she thought. Shrugging off the whole situation, she reached once more for her phone and played a game on it, waiting for her shift to end.


Laura awoke the next morning to the sound of a bell, the “morning bell” that the head counselor banged on until all the kids were out of their tents. It usually annoyed Laura, but she was feeling surprisingly well this morning. She sat up and grinned a little, wondering where this energy had come from. She normally didn’t feel this good even after coffee! She jumped out of the tent and started to help wake the kids up.

“Come on, sleepy heads!” she yelled. “Time to get up!” She went from tent to tent, yelling inside for the children to come out and get breakfast, which consisted of some eggs, bacon and oatmeal cooked over the fire. Laura devoured her breakfast with great satisfaction, and Kelly took notice of her unusual flightiness.

“What’s gotten into you this morning?” Kelly asked, grinning at her roommate.

“I don’t know,” Laura shrugged. “Just feel good today is all.”

“Well that’s good, because we got a full schedule today packed with fun activities!”

The children were still pretty tired and groggily ate their breakfast. This soon changed, however, when one of the kids decided to start a game. All it took were three little words: “Tag, you’re it.” Suddenly, the 8 kids all dropped their food and ran all over the place, nearly knocking down several of the tents. Some even ran out into the woods, and the 3 counselors began desperately rounding them back up.

When it appeared that they had everyone, the eldest counselor did a head count. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…” She stopped, counted once more, and again stopped at the number seven. “Wait a minute… Where’s Emily?”

The counselors searched the entire clearing, telling the children to sit and stay near the campfire. But the girl was nowhere to be found. It was nearly unfathomable; in just moments they had lost one of the children.

They nearly went into a panic, when suddenly, Laura heard a scream. It sounded like it was right next to her and she whipped her head, but neither Kelly nor the head counselor seemed to notice. She asked, “Did you guys hear that?”

“Hear what?” they responded in unison.

“I thought I-” Just then, Laura heard it again. “Emily’s in trouble; I can hear her!”

It still seemed that the other two couldn’t hear the noise, but it was no matter. Kelly said with anticipation, “Well, hurry up! I’ll come with you; Mrs. Reinhart, you stay here with the kids.”

Knowing she wouldn’t be as fast as the two younger girls, the head counselor agreed. Laura ran off and Kelly followed behind. But Laura was running much faster than usual, and Kelly found it difficult to keep up. While Laura dodged the trees with ease, Kelly had to stop every so often to adjust her path. Soon, there was a large gap between the two girls, but Laura paid no mind. She was focused on helping Emily.

They were nearing the edge of the forest now and Laura saw a white van just outside the trees, and a man walking towards it with something in his arms. This something, Laura realized, was Emily, and that creep was about to make off with her. Laura heard muffled screams coming from the girl, as her mouth had been covered somehow. She didn’t know what came over her, but some drive deep within her sent her speeding towards the man, faster than she had ever run in her life. As the man opened the door of his van, he saw the young adult rushing towards him, and hurried into the driver’s seat. The engine revved, but Laura reached the vehicle before it could pull off. She ran to the driver’s side, which was facing the woods, and tried to yank the door open, but it was locked. So in a blind fury, she punched the window, sending glass shattering throughout the front of the van. The middle-aged, bearded man recoiled in shock. He was not buckled in, so Laura, red with anger, grabbed his shirt and pulled him onto the ground below with incredible strength. By this time, Kelly had finally caught up and watched the scene unfold. The man, now face-up on the ground, pulled a gun from his jacket and aimed it at her chest. But this did not faze Laura. She jumped on the man with great swiftness, grabbed his wrist and pinned his arm to the ground with her left hand. She started punching him maniacally with her right fist, leaving giant bruises and gashes on his face. Finally, Kelly ran over and pulled Laura off of the now half-conscious man, screaming in protest as she did so.

“That’s enough, Laura! Get off of him before you kill him!” She dragged her friend off of the man, setting her on the ground next to him. Kelly then noticed the gun in the man’s hand, and tenderly took it from his weak grasp, placing it on the ground next to the van. Laura was now panting, her face still red with madness. Her mind was buzzing with slight glimpses of what she had just done. What had come over her? She would have never expected herself to respond like that to this kind of situation. As she sat panting and recovering, she became faintly aware of a wetness in her pants. But she was too frazzled to care, and continued to collect herself as Kelly took out her phone and dialed 911.

The man was arrested shortly thereafter, and Emily was freed from the van. She hugged Kelly and Laura, still scared out of her wits from the traumatizing situation, tears streaming down her face. Kelly dialed the head counselor informing her of the situation, and it was decided that remainder of the week’s activities be cancelled and the children returned to their homes. As it turned out, Laura did unconsciously wet herself during her incredible rescue mission, but that was the least of anyone’s concerns. Her unexpected bravery had saved Emily from further harm, the likes of which nobody wanted to imagine.

The counselors turned the children over to their parents. They watched Emily’s parents embrace her in a huge hug, so happy that their little girl was safe. After the parents thanked the counselors profusely for their bravery, Kelly and Laura drove to their apartment together in Kelly’s yellow buggy. As they drove, Kelly pelted her roommate with questions, unable to believe what her own eyes had witnessed.

“What the heck was that?! I’ve never seen anything that incredible before! You’re a hero, you know that? You should be on the news or something! I bet they call you, I bet they call and you get to be on the news-”

Laura silenced her energetic friend, still exhausted from her sudden burst of energy. “I’m not going on the news, Kelly. I just want to go home and get some rest.” She began to notice the urine in her pants more and more, the wetness getting quite irritating as they drove.

Kelly looked back. “Wow, heroic AND modest, are we?” She grinned from ear to ear, absolutely ecstatic about the whole situation. “What a gal. Well, I think you’ve definitely earned that nap, to say the least. You want anything, soda, water? Something to eat?”

Laura was now resting her head in her hand, her elbow against the car door. “No thanks, I just want to go home please.” Silence passed between the two for the rest of the drive as Laura tried to comprehend what had occurred. Whatever that was, it wasn’t her. Something had taken her over, had possessed her, during those crucial moments. She thought maybe she could attribute it to the sheer gravity of the situation, driving her to a state of desperation. But even then, that didn’t explain the unusual speed and strength with which she carried out her actions. It all became too much, and she quit thinking altogether.

They reached the apartment and Laura dragged herself out of the car, while Kelly sprinted to the door and began tugging on the locked handle. She then reached her hand up and motioned a punch towards the window. It became apparent that she was imitating the scene from earlier that day. Laura ignored it, waiting impatiently for her to unlock the door. After some giggles, Kelly finally reached for her keys and unlocked the door, holding it open for Laura. “Heroes first,” she said politely. Laura trudged through the door and walked straight to the bathroom, stripping off her shirt and wet pants to prepare for a shower. She stepped in, feeling the hot, steamy water pour down over her body, soothing her as she pushed the memories of her attack to the back of her mind.

Meanwhile, Kelly flipped on the TV, seeing if the situation had reached the news yet. She turned to the local news station and, sure enough, the face of the man who had tried to kidnap Emily was on full display as the newscaster spoke.

“…arrested on the charge of attempting to kidnap a young girl at a local camp site. He was found beaten severely on the ground, a weapon laying near his body. We’re still collecting the details on how this situation played out. In other news, a dog is capturing the hearts of millions…”

The man’s face was replaced with the newscaster’s as the subject changed. Kelly could barely contain her excitement. She was living with a hero! A real, genuine hero! She squealed with delight, imagining herself standing beside Laura as she received a medal of honor from an important man in a suit, and an audience clapping beneath them. Her fantasy was cut off by Laura’s request for a towel, which she had forgotten to grab in her haste. Kelly sprang quickly to her feet and grabbed a towel out of a nearby closet, handing it to Laura through the shower curtain. “Anything else I can do for you, hero?”

“Yeah, quit calling me that.” Laura was getting irritated with Kelly now; she was making too big a deal out of this. It was just a blind instinct, nothing more. She figured that anyone would have done the same thing in that situation. Still, she couldn’t help but feel that something was a bit off about the whole thing…

Too tired to care, she dried herself off and dressed herself in pajamas. She then flopped into her bed face down, falling almost immediately into a deep sleep.


Laura slept the rest of the the day and through the night, having glimpses in her dreams of the events that had taken place the previous day. She saw herself running toward a van, smashing glass, pulling a man out of the vehicle, punching him senseless…

She woke up the next morning with a start. Unsure of what time it was, she checked the clock. 8:00 AM. She had slept nearly 20 hours straight!

Just like the morning before, she was loaded with energy for some unknown reason. She jumped out of bed and walked quickly to the bathroom, relieving herself and brushing her teeth. Kelly was still asleep in the bedroom beside hers; she was still fully clothed and looked quite disheveled. Laura knew that she must have gone out last night, and probably bragged to a huge group of friends about what had happened yesterday.

Laura felt quite hungry and made herself a large bowl of cereal, along with a generous serving of eggs and toast. While she was digging into her meal, there was a knock on the door.

The door opened to an important-looking, perky woman holding a clipboard and pen. She looked middle-aged but with few wrinkles, indicating a face-lift. She smiled at Laura and began speaking. “Hi! I’m Michelle Banks from the TBC 19 News station. I received a tip that a Miss Laura Black may have been involved in the camping incident yesterday, and I’d like to conduct a short interview with her.”

Laura didn’t know what to say for a moment. She looked confusedly at the woman, about to turn her away, when Kelly appeared in the hallway. Rubbing her eyes and yawning, she came to the door. “Hey, who’s this?” she said groggily, her eyes still half-closed.

Laura was about to answer, but the woman cut her off. “Michelle Banks, TBC 19 News, here to get some info on yesterday’s camping occurrence. Is there a Miss Laura Black here?”

Kelly’s tiredness was immediately lifted and her eyes lit up. Laura opened her mouth to answer, but was once again cut off, this time by Kelly. “Why yes, she’s right here!” Kelly’s hands directed towards Sara, palms up, in a presentation-like manner.

The reporter beamed. “So YOU’RE Laura! I heard you did some amazing things yesterday!”

“Okay, hang on a minute.” Laura was not amused. “Who told you about yesterday and what did they say?”

“Sorry, I’m not at liberty to release the identity-”

“It was ME!” Kelly squealed excitedly. “Can you believe it, Laura?? You’re gonna be FAMOUS!” She hugged her roommate from the side, but Laura pushed her off.

“Can you excuse us for just a second?” Laura asked.

“Absolutely!” The reporter responded, perky as ever.

Laura shut the door and turned, scowling, to Kelly. “Why did you call her? I told you I didn’t want to be on the news!”

Kelly was incredulous. “What are you talking about?? Look, I know you want to be modest about this whole thing but-”

“No, it’s not that, Kelly. Something wasn’t right yesterday. It’s like… I wasn’t even the same person. I don’t want this getting publicity.”

“What do you mean ‘not right?’ You saved a little girl from getting kidnapped! If that’s not right, I don’t know what is.”

Laura’s anger faded a bit, and she thought the whole thing through. Finally she said, “Okay, I’ll talk to this lady. BUT-” She said this last word loudly before Kelly got too excited. “I’m telling her that I want to remain anonymous. Like I said, I don’t want publicity.”

Kelly’s excitement faded a little, as she resented this option. But seeing that Laura was adamant in her position, she didn’t push the issue. “Fine,” she said, crossing her arms. “But you’re really giving up a great opportunity here.”

Laura reopened the door. “Alright, come on in Miss Banks.”

“Oh please,” the bubbly reporter responded. “Call me Michelle. We’re all friends here.”

Laura was skeptical of this statement, but led the high-heeled reporter to the couch in the living room. The two sat down and began discussing.

“Now,” Laura said, “before we start, I wanna make something clear. You do not use my name in this report. I’m an anonymous girl. No, not even a girl. Don’t specify anything about who I am. I don’t want any media attention, understand?”

The reporter was a bit crestfallen, but didn’t let the girl’s request ruin her attitude. “Of course, I understand. So why don’t you just start from the beginning?”

The reporter readied her pen on the clipboard and began scribbling as Laura recalled what she could about the incident. She remembered hearing a scream in the woods, then running very fast. She stated that it seemed like some kind of force had taken her over. She then talked about how she saw the man carrying Emily toward the white van, and everything was a blur from there. There was sprinting, flying glass, and punches. And that was all.

The reporter continued scribbling. “Good, good,” she said. “This will make a great story. Just one more question. How do you feel about the incident? Do you have any regrets, anything you would’ve done differently looking back?”

Laura hadn’t thought about what she might’ve done differently. Sure, she acted way out of the ordinary. But looking back, it seemed like a proper response, one that helped save a little girl from God-knows-what. “No, I don’t regret anything. I think any right-minded person would’ve done the same thing in that situation.”

The reporter wrote this last bit down, then smiled at Laura. “Thank you so much, Laura. I really appreciate your time.” She then looked over to Kelly, who had been standing to the side the whole time. “And thank you for calling.”

The reporter made her way to the door, which Laura shut behind her. She turned to Kelly, who had a proud look on her face. “Aww,” she gushed, “my little hero!”

“I told you to stop calling me that.” Laura was still mad that Kelly had deliberately went against her wishes. But she let it go, and returned to her breakfast.

The next couple days were a bit unusual for Laura. First off, she seemed much hungrier than usual, and far more energetic. It even got to the point where she started going for jogs, something she had never done before, just to burn the excess energy. She also continued to receive unhampered praise from her roommate, who was still starstruck from Laura’s heroism. When the news report about the kidnapping finally aired, Kelly forced Laura to watch with her, and nearly screamed with delight when it ended. “THAT’S MY HERO!” she yelled, peppering Laura with hugs and kisses against her will.

One day, Laura decided to go out for a jog once again, still feeling energetic as she had the past few days. She decided to try a different route, turning left out of her apartment rather than right. After about 10 minutes, she was getting into downtown territory. She passed several alleyways and old, decrepit buildings, along with some tough-looking characters who glanced over as she passed. At one point, she reached a dead end, and decided to turn back.

It was on her trip back that a group of men she had passed along the way stopped her. They blocked her path, and when she tried to go around, they simply cut her off again. “Hey girl,” one of them said, “never seen you around here before.”

Laura sensed trouble, but tried to be polite. “Just passing through,” she said with a nervous smile. Again, she tried to go around them, but they were resilient.

“Hey, what’s your hurry?” Another one of them said. “We just wanna talk.”

“Sorry guys, I really don’t have time. I gotta get back home.” Laura was getting tense, feeling her heart beat even faster than it had been from her running.

“Oh c’mon, I’m sure whatever it is can wait. Just talk to us for a little.” The one who spoke reached his hand out to touch Laura’s shoulder. She reacted without thinking, knocking the hand away. The boys “ooh’d” as the one who reached for her took on a surprised look.

“Sorry,” Laura said quickly. “I have a boyfriend, and he’ll be really mad if he finds out I was talking to you.” This was a lie, of course. But she would say anything at this point to be let free.

“I don’t give a fuck WHAT your boyfriend thinks!” the one whose hand had been slapped said. He reached again for the girl, but faster this time. He grabbed her arm quickly and firmly, and began leading her to one of the nearby alleys. The group followed behind, sexually taunting her as she was being dragged.

“Yeah, this one’s nice.” “Mmm, can’t wait to get my hands on you girl.” “You gonna enjoy this baby.”

As she was being pulled against her will, she suddenly felt a familiar sensation begin bubbling up inside her. She could feel her energy rising, and she was growing more angry by the second. Her face got a deep red as she gritted her teeth. She realized that this was the feeling that had overtaken her several days before at the woods, and tried to fight it down. But it was no use; her full fury was about to be unleashed.

She used her right hand to reach over to her left arm where the thug’s hand was gripping her. She grabbed his fingers and pulled them across the back of his hand, nearly breaking them and causing him to recoil. He released his grip, and looked back amusingly at Laura. “Looks like we got a tough one here.” Again, his partners “ooh’d” in delight. He reached for Laura for the third time, but this time she grabbed his wrist as his hand reached toward her. She swiftly pulled his arm so that it was directly over her leg, and grabbed his upper arm with her other hand. His elbow was facing down, and her knee shot up to make contact, snapping the joint. The man screamed in pain, falling to his knees while his lower arm hung limply out of place. This had all occurred in little more than a second, and the rest of the group gaped at the scene. Laura was still fuming, and as another pair of hands reached for her from behind, she somehow knew that it was coming. She turned around and her fist made contact with the thug’s nose, shoving the bone inward and flattening his face. He reached up to his nose and yelled out in agony as blood poured down to the ground. Laura felt herself wanting more; she wanted someone else to reach for her and dare test her patience. But the other four members had seen enough.

“Woah shit, man. This girl knows karate or something.”

“Yeah fuck this, I’m outta here.”

As the remainder of the group backed off and walked quickly away, Sara could feel herself calming down. She hadn’t exerted nearly as much energy as last time, but it was still enough so that she felt a bit out of it. As she returned to herself, she looked down at the damage she had caused. She had mixed feelings about the whole ordeal, and felt pretty confused. What was going on? What caused her to keep transforming like this? She thought about calling an ambulance for the two on the ground, who were still groaning in horrendous pain form their injuries. But she wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible without being seen. She started running for home, realizing as she went that she had once again wet herself sometime during the ordeal. Only this time, the wetness did not come all the way down her pants. In fact, some of it seemed to be absorbed into her panties.

Once she had gotten a reasonable distance away from the incident, she reached down quickly to feel her underwear. She had originally just been wearing a regular old pair of panties, but now, they felt significantly thicker. Did I put on a pad this morning? she thought. But thinking back, she could not recall doing so, and anyways, she had just gotten off her period the week before. But she shrugged it off, trying to wrap her mind around the beating she had delivered as she walked the rest of the way to her apartment.


Kelly was on the couch texting her friend and watching TV when she heard the door open. She turned and saw Laura walk in, who looked exhausted.

“Hey hero,” she said with a grin, “how was your run?”

“It was fine.” Laura kept it brief; she didn’t want Kelly knowing what had happened.

“You look awfully tired,” Kelly said with some concern.

“Well duh, I just got done running.” Laura started shuffling awkwardly to her room, feeling her slightly-thicker panties squish as she did so. Kelly stood up to greet her face-to-face, and took notice of the wetness on her running shorts.

“Laura, did… did you have an accident?” Kelly pointed at the damp spot on Laura’s crotch.

“Um, no. There was just this puddle that splashed up and hit me.”

But Kelly caught a whiff of something that was definitely not water. “It smells like pee. You did have an accident, didn’t you?” she asked accusingly. “The only other time I’ve seen that happen is when…” Kelly suddenly put the pieces together, and her eyes went wide with excitement. “Omagosh, what happened? Did you beat up another bad guy? Did you save the day again?? You GOTTA tell me!!” She was in hysterics, grabbing Laura by the shoulders and shaking the poor girl, begging for an answer.

Laura freed herself, agitated that she would now have to explain herself to Kelly. She quickly said, “There were just these guys who stopped me on my run. They tried grabbing me so I punched one of them, okay? That’s all.”

But this was all Kelly needed, and she squealed with delight yet again. “The Mighty Laura Strikes again!” she yelled triumphantly, raising her fist in the air. “Now if only we could get her to stop wetting herself!” She giggled as she finished this last statement.

Laura had heard enough and was now thoroughly irritated. “Just let me go get changed,” she sighed. She made her way past her excitable roommate and to the bathroom. She removed her shorts and took a look at her underwear before taking them off. They had definitely changed somehow, as it seemed to now be made of some thicker material. She touched it, and it squished under the pressure, releasing some of her urine on the inside. Laura felt the cool liquid against her crotch and realized that she had been right in her observation: her panties had, in fact, absorbed some of her pee. She wondered how this had happened but didn’t dwell on it, as she was yearning for the hot shower water.

After taking her shower, she put her shorts and slightly-thicker underwear in the washer and went to her room. She napped until the wash cycle had finished, then switched her load to the drier. As she did so, she realized that her panties had somehow shrunk back to normal size. She was a bit confused, but didn’t concern herself with it. Maybe it’s just my imagination, she thought.

In any case, Laura’s energy was beginning to return and she was getting hungry. She went out to the couch where Kelly was talking on the phone. “Oh look, there she is now!” Kelly said excitedly. She directed her voice towards Laura. “Hey, I’m on the phone with Brittany. Told her what happened and she doesn’t believe me! Will you come tell her?”

Laura felt herself getting frustrated. “Damn it, Kelly, can’t you just keep this quiet? How many times do I have to tell you: I DON’T want any attention.”

Kelly rolled her eyes and went back to her conversation. “Okay she won’t tell you, but I’m telling you the truth!… Whatever… Okay, see ya Brit.” She hung up the phone and turned to Laura, an irritated look on her face. “You know, you really know how to turn something exciting into something boring.”

Laura was unaffected by this comment, and was just glad that Kelly had complied. “Whatever, Kelly. I’m starving; you wanna go somewhere to eat?”

“Sure!” Kelly said, her bubbly demeanor renewed.

The two got into Kelly’s buggy and drove off. Kelly babbled the whole way about Laura’s heroism, fantasizing aloud about all sorts of impossible situations. Laura tuned her out. God, she thought, how did I get stuck with such an annoying roommate?

She reminisced back to when she had first met Kelly in high school. The two were in totally different cliques, Kelly among the popular girls and Laura among the geeky and unnoticed. Kelly was the type of girl that could talk to anyone. She happily engaged in conversation on any topic and seemed to always have something to say. People delighted in her positive attitude and were drawn to her like a magnet. Laura, on the other hand, was just quietly slipping her way through school. She didn’t like attention and kept to herself, with only a couple friends here and there. The two girls didn’t pay much attention to each other through the first three years, but in their senior year they were assigned to be partners in a presentation project. Laura remembered how Kelly just wouldn’t stop talking while they worked, which suited her fine at the time. It just meant that Laura could talk that much less. They managed to worked out a wonderful system for their project: Laura did most of the research while Kelly did most of the talking during the presentation.

After receiving an A on the project, Kelly had grown fond of Laura and started calling her to hang out among other friends. Laura declined at first, not out of a dislike for Kelly, but because she felt uncomfortable around others in general. Kelly was persistent, however, and called her on a near-daily basis. One day, Laura submitted, and Kelly finally introduced Laura to her friends. Laura did have fun, but still preferred being alone or in smaller groups. Eventually, the girls found out that they would be attending the same college, so Kelly came up with the brilliant idea to rent an apartment together near the campus. Laura was apprehensive about this idea, but soon agreed to it, figuring that it would be cheaper than room and board and would save her an hour-long trip to school every day. So the two moved in together and found each other to be somewhat compatible, although Laura often got annoyed with Kelly’s excessive talking.

Laura was snapped out of her flashback when they stopped in front of a Chinese restaurant. Her mouth was watering at the thought of orange chicken and rice. The two walked in and were seated, and both ordered a Coke when the waiter asked for drink orders. As the waiter walked away, Kelly said skeptically, “You know, I don’t think you told me the truth about what happened earlier today.”

Laura gave her a strange look. “What are you talking about?”

“You know, the beating you delivered? I’m sure it was more than just you punching the guy. I mean, you almost killed that other guy who was about to kidnap Emily!” Laura got a nervous look on her face and bit her lower lip. “Ahh, see! I knew it! C’mon, spill it! What really happened?”

Unfortunately, Laura was not good at lying. It always made her feel dirty, and she only did it earlier to keep Kelly from jumping off the walls. So she told Kelly everything: getting stopped by the 6 thugs, getting grabbed, breaking the guy’s arm, and punching the other guy square in the face. She even told Kelly how she felt afterward.

“I don’t know, it was weird. Almost like… I wanted more. I wanted someone else to try and grab me so that I could beat them up.” She said this with some shame in her voice. “What’s wrong with me, Kelly?”

Kelly was about to answer when the waiter came back with the drinks. “And what can I get you to eat?” he asked.

Kelly responded first. “I’ll just have a plate of dumplings, please.”

The waiter then turned to Laura, who was scanning the menu. “Um yeah… Can I have this family pan of chicken and rice?”

Kelly was dumbfounded, and her eyes grew wide. The waiter was equally surprised. “You mean that one?” He pointed at the menu.

“Yup. That one.” Laura was unaffected by their stares; she was just hungry.

The waiter wrote it down with a concerned look on his face. “Alright, it’ll be ready in about 30 minutes.”

After the waiter was gone, Kelly continued to gawk at her friend. “Are you insane?? You’re not gonna eat all of that!”

Laura responded calmly, “I’m just really hungry. I’ve been eating a lot more lately, but it doesn’t seem like I’m getting any heavier.”

“Well, keep eating like that and it won’t be long.” Kelly dropped the topic and moved on to friendly gossip.

The waiter came back, carrying a small plate in one hand and a large, tin pan in the other. He set the plate of dumplings down in front of Kelly and the pan in front of Laura. Kelly nibbled at her dumplings every once in a while between her blabbering while Laura hungrily scarfed down chunks of meat accompanied by handfuls of rice. She nodded at Kelly every once in a while, her face covered in orange sauce from the chicken. Incredibly, she managed to finish the entire pan before Kelly even finished her dumplings. Laura leaned back, quite satisfied with her meal, while Kelly stared on once more. “I cannot believe you just did that,” she said. Laura simply smiled in response.

After about an hour more of Kelly talking and nibbling while Laura listened, the two started for home. It was dark now, and the streets were somewhat empty. They were approaching a 4-way intersection with a stale green light. Just as they were getting close to the point of no return, the light flashed yellow. Kelly stepped on it.

Worried, Laura began, “Kelly, don’t-”

“It’s fine, we’ll make it,” Kelly said. No sooner did they pass under the lights that it changed from yellow to red. But Kelly had no time to feel proud of herself, as they were suddenly blindsided by a vehicle coming from the left. The collision occurred at 40 miles per hour, and the effects were immediate. Glass shattered and flew into Kelly’s face, and her left arm was knocked into an awkward position. Laura was largely unaffected except for some glass hitting her skin, but she was terrified nonetheless. The cars continued traveling to the right as Kelly screamed in pain, and they came to a stop after 5 seconds of screeching and sliding. After recovering from her initial state of terror, Laura turned to Kelly, who now had tears of shock running down her face. She tried to move her left arm, but the bone had been snapped in two. Her face was scratched and bruised from the glass shards, and blood ran down the left half, mixing with the tears.

Seeing her friend in such a state made Laura’s anger rise like never before. She unbuckled herself and got out of the car, walking swiftly towards the other car, whose front had been smashed and crumpled. The man stumbled out of the car at the same time as Laura. He smelled of alcohol, and was obviously drunk. He looked confusedly at Laura, who was now seething with rage. She raised her fist and it met the man square in the jaw, throwing him to the ground in one lightning-fast move. Kelly watched from inside the car, screaming for her friend to stop. But Laura paid no mind, as she was now down on top of the man, throwing punch after punch, left and right across the limp man’s face. She stood up and started kicking the man, stomping his stomach and chest. Soon, the man could take no more, and promptly regurgitated, still lying face-up. Coughing and gurgling, he struggled to his side as Laura slowly came back to herself, her mind numb. Suddenly, she felt a pain in her stomach, and fell to her knees as she involuntarily released her dinner from earlier. It came shooting out of her anus without any effort, quickly filling her panties, which she now felt were wet and enlarged once again. For a full minute, soft, wet feces poured out of her, mushing up against her butt and crotch. When she finally finished, she breathed heavily, not fully realizing what she had just done. Exhausted, she sat back against the man’s wrecked car, squishing the contents of her thickened panties, as she heard the approach of sirens somewhere in the distance.

Re: Pamperess


Laura awoke, dazed and confused, in a white room. A needle was in her arm and she lay in a white bed, attached to several wires measuring such things as her pulse and blood pressure. She looked around and realized that she was in a hospital. She sat up, hearing something crinkle as she did so. When she moved her legs, she noticed an unfamiliar thickness between her thighs. She removed her covers and lifted her hospital gown to see that she now wore a white diaper around her waist. It came as a bit of a surprise at first, but because she was in a hospital, she figured that it must be a precaution given to most patients in her state. What did concern her, however, was the moisture within the white garment.

Just then, a dark-skinned nurse entered the room, carrying a new diaper and other changing supplies. She looked at Laura and smiled. “Ah, good. You’re awake. That’ll make this much easier.”

“Make what much easier?” Laura asked, although she had a feeling she knew the answer.

“Well, honey, I have to change you.”

Laura held up her hand. “Thanks, but that won’t be necessary. I can change back into regular underwear by myself.”

“Regular underwear?” The nurse didn’t seem to understand. “But your medical examiners reported that you were wearing a diaper of some sort, and that you had used it. We assumed you were incontinent.”

“A diaper?” Now it was Laura’s turn to be confused. “No, those were just my panties. And that usually doesn’t happen to me…” She blushed a bit as the memory of messing herself came fading back into her mind.

“Well,” the nurse responded, “your ‘panties’ were obviously made for some kind of protection. They were thick and looked like some kind of pull-up.”

Laura thought back to when she first noticed her panties inflate after her incident with the thugs. Sure, they had gotten thicker, but they still looked more like panties than pull-ups. Had they been even thicker this time, enough to make the doctors think she’d been wearing a diaper?

“Look,” she said indignantly, “I don’t know what you thought I was wearing but those were just regular underwear. So I’d like it if I could please just change myself back into some panties.”

“Well, there are a couple of problems with that, honey. The ‘underwear’ you had on were thrown away, and you don’t have another pair. We don’t have any spare underwear here at the hospital, so you don’t have much of a choice, I’m afraid. And on top of that, it looks like you’ve made good use of the one you got on.” Laura looked down shamefully and blushed at the sight of her wet diaper as the nurse continued. “I can still let you change yourself if you want, but it’d be much easier for me to do it, considering you’re hooked up to those machines.”

Laura realized she had been cornered. After some hesitation, she gave in. “Okay, fine,” she said, crossing her arms. “Just make it quick, please.”

The nurse complied with all due speed, instructing Laura to lift her legs in the air. She undid the tapes and wiped Laura’s bare bottom with wet wipes. She then applied a generous amount of powder, explaining that it would help prevent rashes. Finally, she removed the wet diaper from underneath the girl, quickly and expertly replacing it and taping it up.

“All done, honey,” the nurse said cheerfully as Laura lowered her legs. “I’ll be back in a little bit to check up on you and see how you’re feeling.”

The nurse left the room, leaving Laura alone with her thoughts. The night before seemed like a dream now. Wait, was it the night before? How long had she been in there? She looked at the date on her phone. Yes, it had been exactly 24 hours ago, and Laura had been passed out the entire time. She recalled the crash, with glass flying and hitting both her and Kelly- Kelly! She suddenly remembered the broken girl sitting in the driver’s seat, and yearned to see her. She frantically reached for the remote next to her bed and called the nurse.

The same, dark-skinned nurse from earlier entered moments later. “Do you need something?” she asked pleasantly.

“Where’s Kelly?” Laura asked eagerly.

“Kelly? Is that one of your family members?”

“No, that’s the girl I was with last night. Where is she? Can I see her?”

“Well, I’m not sure if she’s accepting visitors right now but I can check for you.”

“Please hurry.” The nurse left, and Laura tried to calm herself while waiting for her to return. It’s okay, she thought. Her arm was just broken. That’s all. But the image of the girl’s broken arm and bloody face didn’t leave her mind, and it seemed like hours before the nurse finally reentered the room.

“Kelly said you can see her. I’ll help you get unhooked and into a wheelchair. I’d let you walk, but wheelchairs are the policy for overnight patients.”

Laura was relieved to know that her friend was at least well enough to allow visitors. The nurse undid the wires from her body and assisted Laura into the waiting wheelchair. As they rolled towards Kelly’s room, Laura was mentally preparing herself for any shape that her friend might have been in.

They entered the room, and the first thing Laura noticed was the cast on Kelly’s arm. It was bright pink, and extended from her hand up to her elbow. There were some scabs and scars on Kelly’s face from the glass that had pelted her during the crash, but the doctors had assured her that they would clear up soon. But the most noticeable feature in Kelly’s demeanor was her attitude. It was not the same smiling, bubbly girl that Laura had seen just the night before. Rather, when she saw Laura roll in, a look of grave concern came over the girl.

“Hey Kelly,” Laura said softly. “You doing okay?”

“Yeah,” Kelly responded, her serious demeanor unchanged. “I’m doing just fine. I’m more worried about you, Laura.”

“What do you mean? I’m totally fine. Not a scratch on me.”

“No, Laura. I’m talking about what you did to that man who crashed into us.”

Laura had forgotten about that. It now came flooding back to her: the relentless punches and kicks flying from all directions towards the drunken, defenseless man. “I…” Laura began. She choked on her own breath as she tried to explain herself. “I just… freaked out or something. I don’t know wha-”

“Laura.” Kelly was forceful with her speech. “What you did to that kidnapper was a great thing. You saved Emily. And what you did to those thugs was also great. But this was just some guy who accidentally wrecked into us. Sure, he was irresponsible for driving like that in the first place. But that’s no excuse to just go totally wild on him.”

“But Kelly, I saw you there and I just got so-”

“I don’t care,” Kelly cut her off. “Laura, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but it scares me. It didn’t before; I thought it was all just reacting to situations in the best way possible. But I’m afraid you’re losing control of yourself. What you did last night could get you into serious trouble.”

Laura and Kelly were released from the hospital’s care the next day. They discovered that the man Laura had injured was in bad condition. Vomit had traveled down his windpipe and nearly suffocated him, and he suffered from a broken jaw and rib along with several bruises and open gashes. But, thankfully, he was alive.

Kelly was allowed to return home. But when Laura checked out, she found a police car waiting in the front of the hospital. Two police officers came toward her. “Are you Laura Black?”

Laura had never been so nervous in her entire life. Her heart pounded against her chest as she breathed, “Yes.”

She saw one of them hold up a pair of handcuffs. “Please turn around and place your hands behind your back.”

This is it, Laura thought. I can’t believe I’m getting arrested. My whole life is ruined! Tears streamed down her face, but she remained quiet as the officer recited her rights and led her to the back seat of the vehicle. Her whole body was numb, and the view from the windows blurred past her peripheral as she stared straight ahead at the steel cage separating her from the police. The seat was hard, but this wasn’t a problem for her, as the hospital diaper she still wore provided cushion.

When they arrived at the police station, Laura was escorted in and had a mugshot taken, in which her face was still red from crying. Afterward, she was given her phone call. She immediately dialed Kelly, who still didn’t know what had happened since she had been released from the hospital earlier than Laura.

“Hello?” Laura heard from the other line.

“Kelly,” she spilled out quickly, “it’s Laura. I got arrested after getting out of the hospital.”

“Oh, shit!” Laura exclaimed. “Okay, umm… Okay, I got it. I’ve seen enough TV shows about this to know what to do. When they sit you down to interrogate you, DON’T tell them ANYTHING. Tell them you want your lawyer. My friends told me about this guy who always gets them out of trouble when they’re at parties and stuff. I’ll call him and send him down. Just do what he says and you’ll be fine, okay?”

Laura absorbed all this as quickly as she could. She was so nervous the phone was shaking in her hand. “Um, okay I got it. But what if they get suspicious because I want my lawyer?”

“Don’t worry, they’re not allowed to use that against you. Just keep your cool and ask to talk to your lawyer. I’ll come down there as soon as I get everything worked out.”

“Okay. Please hurry, Kelly. I’m so scared I think I’m gonna throw up.” She was about to hang up when she remembered something. “Oh, Kelly! Please bring me some panties.”

The two said their goodbyes and hung up. Laura was then led into an interrogation room, where a man sat waiting with a clipboard and pen. Laura was seated, and felt her diaper push up against her, reminding her how long it had been since she had last peed.


No sooner had Laura heard this word escape the man’s lips than she blurted out, “I want my lawyer.”

The man looked at her boringly. “You can have your lawyer in a minute. I need some info first. Name?”

After giving the man her name, address, social security number, and other information, he left the room and Laura sat alone. She could feel the pressure in her bladder building up, but she was too nervous to ask to use the restroom. All she could do was hope that this business would conclude quickly.

A couple minutes later, two men entered the room and sat across from her. One of them spoke in a friendly manner. “Hello. Laura, is it?”

“Yes,” Laura replied meekly. She now had her legs crossed in desperation.

“Laura, we’d just like to ask you a few questions concerning the car accident from a few nights ago. You were involved in that crash, correct?”

Laura bit her lip nervously, not sure how to respond.

“Laura, can you answer me please?” The man retained his friendly attitude. Laura mumbled inaudibly, her head facing down. “What was that?”

“I want my lawyer,” Laura said, louder this time. Her bladder was now screaming for release as she squeezed her legs together and rocked back and forth in her chair.

“Laura,” the man said, “you can talk to me. If you get a lawyer involved this all just gets more complicated. Now why don’t you just answer me, please?”

Laura could stand no more. She closed her eyes, with tears in the corners, as her urine escaped into the padding. Although she had now wet herself three times in the past week, she hadn’t remembered what it felt like. Now, she felt the warm liquid flood the inside of her diaper, covering her crotch and butt in a disgusting, yet somehow soothing, warmth.

As tears began escaping her eyes, the man who had been speaking took notice. “Laura, I know this is all very new and confusing for you. But you have to tell us what happened that night. There is a man in the hospital right now, and he’s very hurt. We don’t think the crash itself is what caused his injuries, we think-” The man was cut off by the sound of trickling liquid. Laura’s diaper was not meant to hold so much pee at once, and it was working its way out of her shorts, onto the chair, and to the floor. The man looked underneath the table at the puddle that was now forming while Laura’s face turned tomato red. He then stood up, taking his companion with him. “We’ll just wait for your lawyer then,” he said as he exited the room.

It was about 30 minutes later that Kelly finally showed up. She brought a pair of panties with her, along with some extra pants. She noticed Laura’s wet diaper and stifled back laughter as she kept the seriousness of the situation in mind.

The lawyer that Kelly had mentioned followed shortly thereafter. He was a young, shaggy-looking fellow who looked like he had been into some trouble himself. He and Laura talked alone in the interrogation room after Laura had finished changing. He told Laura to tell him exactly what happened the night of the crash, and Laura explained every detail she could remember. She even included the bit at the end where she messed herself, with some considerable blushing.

“Well,” the lawyer said. “This seems like an open-and-shut case to me. All you have to do is say that the man threatened you. Then you’re scot-free.”

“What?!” Kelly said incredulously. “I can’t do that! That’s not what happened.”

The lawyer shushed her. “Look, it’ll be your word against his. A sweet, innocent young girl with no past criminal record against an older, drunk guy who caused the crash in the first place. He held up his hand to hit you. You reacted. Case closed.”

Laura still didn’t like the idea. “You don’t understand. I’m not very good at lying.”

“Look.” The lawyer was impatient now. “Don’t look at it as lying. This creep is the reason you’re in this situation in the first place. You won’t have to say anything except ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ I’ll ask the questions. You answer them the way I tell you to. Understand?” Laura hesitated, then nodded her head. “Good. Don’t worry, we’ll have you back home as soon as possible.”

Laura was forced to remain in a prison cell for the next few days until the trial. Kelly visited her every one of these days, reassuring her and keeping her up on the latest gossip. When the day of the trial came, Laura was escorted into the courtroom by two officers. She wore her orange prison jumpsuit, and glanced around nervously. Her lawyer already sat at the front, and Kelly was in one of the observer benches, the pink cast still around her arm. A jury lined the right wall, and Laura gulped as she looked over, realizing these were the people that would decide her fate. Then, her eye met the familiar face of the drunken man, the man she had so ruthlessly beat just a few nights ago. He was in a wheelchair and had large bandages over his swollen right jaw. He glared back at the girl, knowing that if he had to serve time in prison, at least his attacker would go down with him.

“All rise.” Everyone in the room stood up as the judge, in his black gown, walked to the bench. “Court is now in session. Judge Thomas Goodman presiding.”

The judge banged his gavel, signalling everyone to sit. “Calling the case of Edward Gordon versus Laura Black. Is the plaintiff ready?”

“We are, Your Honor,” the drunk man’s lawyer responded.

“And the defense?”

“Ready, Your Honor,” Kelly’s lawyer replied. A series of courtroom rituals then followed, including swearing in the jury and the attorneys’ opening statements. Then, the judge asked the defense for witnesses.

“Your Honor,” said Laura’s attorney, “I would like to call the defendant, Laura Black, to the stand.”

Up to this point, Laura had been quite numb, a knot in her stomach as she heard the people in court blabber on. But now, she took full attention at the mention of her name. She looked nervously at the lawyer, who motioned for her to walk up to the bench. She did so, moving slowly, deliberately. She finally reached the bench where the bailiff held out a Bible. “Left hand on the book, right hand in the air.” Laura followed these instructions. “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?”

Laura hesitated. She knew she would be lying on the stand today. The knot in her stomach twisted itself tighter as she felt a sickening feeling overcome her.

“Sometime today, please.”

The judge’s voice snapped her back to attention. “Y- yes,” she managed.

“Please be seated,” the bailiff said.

Laura sat down as her lawyer stepped forward. She looked worriedly from him to the plaintiff to the jurors, and finally at Kelly, who smiled and gave her a thumbs up, making her feel just a tad better. “Now Laura,” the attorney began. “Do you have any past criminal record?”

“No.” Well, at least that wasn’t a lie, she thought. We’re off to a good start.

“Have you been known to be violent or hurtful towards others in any way?”


“What kind of things do you do during your free time? Do you like going out and partying, or would you rather-”

“Objection,” the plaintiff attorney cried. “This question holds no relevance.”

“Sustained,” the judge said. “Get to your point.”

The lawyer inhaled deeply. “Alright, fine. Laura, you were involved in a car crash a few nights ago, correct?”


“Is the plaintiff the one who crashed into you?”


“Did you exit the vehicle after the crash?”

Laura felt tense as she knew the dreaded lie was approaching. “Yes.”

“And is it true that this man - Mr. Gordon, was it? - threatened you with violence while under the influence of alcohol?”

Here it was. Laura felt beads of sweat pour down her head as she struggled with the word that was trying to escape her lips. Here she was, in front of an entire courtroom, about to lie under oath. Her breaths came heavily, and her heart beat fiercely. The judge looked questioningly at her. “Please answer the question.”

“Um… Uh…” she began, but found herself unable to finish. She looked back at Kelly, who now had her hand over her mouth, looking on with worried eyes. Laura felt ready to pass out. Then, just as the “y” sound finally found its way into her mouth, there was a loud crash just outside the courtroom. Screaming could be heard as heavy footsteps pounded across the halls outside. The large courtroom doors came banging open, and that’s when Laura saw it. A huge, blue-green creature, humanoid in stature, stood at the entrance to the room, holding a large gun-like weapon in both hands. He wore a metallic suit over his torso and looked about the room with his pitch-black eyes, stopping at Laura. The room was filled with screaming and panicking as people rushed to the emergency exits. The officers in the room took out their weapons and shot at the thing, but the bullets merely bounced off the armor. The creature took large, heavy steps toward the bench where Laura still sat. Fear had overcome her, yet at the same time, she felt the familiar boiling of rage inside her as she prepared for the worst.

The room was empty now except for the creature, Laura, and Kelly, as the officers had given up their efforts. Kelly could only watch helplessly as the monster approached the bench. Laura’s fury was now in full swing, and as the creature approached her, she swung at it with all her might. It flinched a bit, but immediately grabbed Laura in both of his muscular arms, gripping her tightly in a bear hug. She struggled with all her might, but even with her increased strength, she was no match for the creature. She heard Kelly scream and run toward the struggling pair, but the blue creature simply kicked her away, sending her sliding across the floor.

“KELLY!” Laura yelled. As she watched her friend struggling on the floor, a new passion had awoken within her; a limit had been broken. She pushed her arms out against the sides of the creature’s grip, and he noticeably struggled to keep her contained. Then suddenly, his grip broke, and Laura fell to the floor, landing on her feet. She was vaguely aware of the fact that her underwear had expanded once again and were quite full of both urine and feces, but she paid no mind. She looked up at the creature, who dove for her, but landed on his face as Laura moved with near-super speed away from the threat. She lunged toward the monster’s blue face and hit it again, with much more force than before, and his head snapped to the side. A greenish liquid began trickling down the side of the creature’s face. Suddenly, two more of the the creatures entered the room and ran toward the girl. She dodged one, but fell into the arms of the other. Then, all three began constricting her, and she suffocated against their bodies as she struggled to free herself. But she had reached her limit; there was no escape from this position.

She felt herself starting to relax once more as the energy made its way out of her body. She had worked her body beyond the point of exhaustion, and now she felt dizzier and sicker than ever before. The creatures noticed the relaxing body and released their grip, allowing the girl to fall into the arms of the one she had punched. They exited the room with Laura in hand, as Kelly watched from the ground, unable to move. “LAURAAAAA!” she yelled. As she heard the stomping fade away, she put her head down on the floor, sobbing, tears flooding from her face, unable to bring herself to imagine the horrors that surely awaited her friend.


Laura awoke, once more, in a white room. Her mind was still numb, but as she regained consciousness, she figured that she must be in the hospital once again. She attempted to reach for her eye to rub it, but found herself unable to do so. Her arm refused to follow her command. She tried once more, pulling harder this time, but to no avail. She jolted awake suddenly, and looked at her right arm, which was extended above her head. She saw a glowing band surrounding her wrist, holding it firmly against the surface on which she lay. She snapped her head to the left and saw an identical glowing band on the other wrist. She strained against them, attempting to move her legs as she did so, which made her realize that she could not move her legs either. She looked down past her orange jumpsuit and saw the glowing rings surrounding each of her ankles. She shut her eyes and thrashed wildly, using all of her strength to try and break free of the bright restraints, but they appeared unbreakable. She relaxed her body once more, tired from her efforts. What’s going on here? she thought. Did they convict me? Is this some kind of prison room?

Her body was resting against a metal surface at a 45 degree angle, allowing her to swivel her head and view her surroundings. The room was an incredibly bright white and the walls were completely round. It was a somewhat large room with a smooth floor, and she was its orange centerpiece. She concluded that, while she had never seen firsthand the inside of a prison, this certainly was not one. She took a deep breath and caught a whiff of something rancid. She looked down once more and noticed a slight bulge in her prison uniform, realizing that it was the source of the smell. Her panties had inflated and were now very thick, and her pee and poop were pressing against her skin, causing her discomfort and disgust. But she quickly got over these feelings as they were replaced by fear, which began to well up inside her as she wondered where she could possibly be, and why.

Then, right before her eyes, a section of the rounded wall moved back slightly, creating an arch-shaped crease. This section then separated into two and split, opening the wall. Behind this new doorway was a blue creature, not unlike the one she had fought previously, but significantly smaller. It wore a black, robe-like garment which extended down to its ankles. On the right side of its chest was a small, white, circular symbol, resembling something like an eye with triangles protruding out of it. Memories of the courtroom fight flashed into Laura’s head, and her anger began to swell. But as she felt her heart rate increase and her breaths grow heavy, she suddenly felt a shock wave make its way down her body, causing her to convulse and cry out. It lasted for only a second, but left the girl sucking in breath as she struggled to recover. She urinated once more against her will, and felt her panties swell up a bit more. Her anger died down and she felt her fear return as the dark-robed figure began to step towards her disabled body.

“Relax,” it said. Its voice was deep, like somebody had lowered its pitch using a computer. This word caused Lara to look up questioningly at the creature. “Keep control of your emotions, Laura. We do not want to hurt you any more than necessary.”

As it neared Laura, she was able to make out more details. It had a flat spot where its nose should have been, and its mouth was large in comparison to its head. Its ears were pointed, and wrinkles covered its large, bald head. The hands only had four fingers each, which lacked fingernails. Its eyes were dark and shiny, almost hypnotizing. It moved closer to Laura, slowly and deliberately, seeming to judge each step before it took the next.

Its words did not calm Laura any. Her lip trembled as she choked out, “Wha- what’s going on? Where am I?”

The creature responded, “Do not be afraid. You are safe here at our space station. I am here to answer all your questions and explain anything that is yet unclear to you. But first and foremost, you must know that you are in grave danger, and we are here to help.” Laura was still scared and now slightly confused, and her expression showed it. So he continued, “I am called Gondreth. My species are known as the Hurians, and we are from the planet Ebok. You have inadvertently been pulled into a galactic conflict between my species and the Drazzelians, who wish to take you hostage and use you for their own evil purposes. It is fortunate that we got to you before they did. But now, your once-unnoticed planet will no doubt be their next target.”

He paused to let Laura absorb all this, and her fear dwindled just a bit as she realized that, at least for now, she was not in danger. She still had many, many questions… “So if you’re not here to hurt me, then why am I stuck like this?”

“We did not want to restrain you in such a way, but the power within you is too great to take any chances.”

“…Power? What power?” Laura did not understand.

“Many of your Earth years ago, the Hurians and the Drazzelians were locked in a brutal interplanetary battle. They sought after a great power source, one that our scientists had been researching for an extended period of time. It was created to counter the Drazzelians and stop their horrific overtaking of the galaxy. The scientists worked in a top-secret ship in an outpost near your solar system. One day, they finally completed a prototype of the energy device: a small, red gem, filled with concentrated chemical energy. It was designed to bond with a single organism and remove all of its weaknesses, as well as give it immense speed and strength. But before it could be perfected, the enemy discovered the outpost. They nearly made off with the device, but it was lost in the midst of the chaos. We have been searching for it ever since. Then, in a recent turn of events, our radars picked up a large burst of power coming from the direction of your home planet, Earth. It took some time to pinpoint the exact source of the power, but we eventually found it. It is you, Laura. You have bonded with the energy device and become the most powerful being in the known universe.”

Laura thought back to the red gem she had discovered in the woods. The bright flash it gave off just before disappearing, she realized, must have been the gem bonding with her. And the sudden increase in energy and appetite, the rising anger, and the enhanced athletic ability all fit together with this story. Laura found that she was no longer scared. In fact, she didn’t know how she felt at this point. How does one respond to such news? So she just sat in silence, still trying to come to terms with all of this.

“Now,” Gondreth continued, “if there are no further questions we must begin preparations for your training.”

“Training?” Laura snapped back to herself. “Training for what?”

“Combat. We must prepare you to fight the Drazzelians. If there were any way to remove you from this conflict, I would do everything in my power to do so. But these beasts will stop at nothing to capture you. So you must fight.”

The creature turned and began to walk out the doorway. Laura shuffled a bit, and realized she was still in a bit of a predicament. “Hey, um, Gondreth…” The alien stopped short. “Could I, like, get changed out of this? I mean, I’m kinda, well…” She began to blush as she searched for the right word. “…dirty?”

Gondreth turned back around. “What do you mean?”

“Well, I kinda… soiled myself.” The alien still didn’t seem to register. “You know, like, waste? Urine and feces?”

Gondreth now seemed to understand. “Oh, you mean to say you’ve released your bodily waste materials?” Laura bit her lip and nodded her head. “Is it causing you discomfort?” She nodded once more. Gondreth then moved back in front of Laura. “Is there a way to remove this garment?” He pointed at the prison jumpsuit.

Laura nodded. “Yes, there is a zipper in the top middle.”

Gondreth pointed. “You mean this metal protrusion?”

“Yeah, just pull it down.” Gondreth tenderly gripped the zipper and pulled it downwards clumsily. It was obvious that this type of clothing was not familiar to the alien. When he finally managed to pulled the zipper all the way to the crotch, he then went behind Laura. She heard clicking and beeps, indicating that he was pressing some buttons. After a moment, Laura felt her arms and legs rise a bit in the air against her will. The glowing circles moved with her, remaining around her wrists and ankles. Gondreth then proceeded to remove the orange jumpsuit, pulling at one sleeve, then the other. The sleeves slid over the glowing bracelets, causing Laura to wonder how such a restraint mechanism was possible. Once the sleeves were below Laura’s arms, Gondreth moved to the legs and slid the rest of the suit off. Laura looked down at herself. She was left naked except for a white sports bra and a thick, dirty… diaper?

The girl was incredibly puzzled. Hadn’t she been wearing panties before? The prison guards had given her granny panties to wear, as was the standard in jail. But the material was now nowhere near as thin as it had been before, and had bulked up to twice the size of the hospital diaper she remembered wearing. The sides now had blueish tapes where the waistband used to be. Incredibly, the outside was still completely dry, as the padding had managed to contain everything.

Gondreth was examining the panties/diaper with interest. “Is this how your species handles waste disposal?”

Laura’s blush turned an even deeper red. “Well, not exactly, but… I don’t even know how this happened. I usually go on the toilet, but every time I get angry and start fighting, I just kinda… let go. And then my underwear turn into this thing.”

Gondreth thought for a moment. “Does this object around your midsection look at all familiar? Is it something commonly used for this purpose?”

“Yeah, but usually only for babies who aren’t potty trained yet.” Laura was still red with embarrassment, and said these last words softly.

“That is interesting. Perhaps this is a result of the energy gem. When its energy is activated within you, your body switches to what your human scientists call the sympathetic nervous system. While this activates your muscles and puts you in “fight or flight” mode, it also reduces the effectiveness of other bodily functions, such as holding your waste. The gem must have recognized your inadvertent release of waste materials as a weakness. However, in its imperfect state, it was unable to strengthen the muscles that control the release. So it compromised, and used your memories of this waste-holding object to construct a device similar in nature using materials from your body.”

Laura stared on in amazement at this explanation. This alien species was obviously very smart. “How do you know so much about humans?” she asked.

“When we first reached Earth, it didn’t take long to collect information on your species. Your internet system was especially helpful to our studies.” A moment of silence passed as Gondreth continued to look at the padding around Laura’s waist. “I must apologize,” he said, “but I do not exactly know how to go about remedying this situation. I am not sure we have the materials to assist you. Our species simply releases gaseous byproducts into the surrounding environment.”

Laura thought for a moment. Even if these aliens had something to help clean her, she’s not sure she would want that unknown material on her skin. She decided that she would need a human to help her. “What if you brought another human onto the ship to help me?” she suggested. “There’s this girl I live with, named Kelly, who could bring some stuff here.”

Gondreth seemed to ponder this for a moment. “It is a good suggestion, though I fear making a second appearance on your planet. Your human counterparts are still quite shocked from our first encounter. But I can see no better alternative. If this ‘Kelly’ you speak of can assist us, then we must bring her to the station. What are the coordinates of her location?” As he said this, he put up his hand and pulled back his sleeve, revealing a small, metal bracelet. He pressed a button, and a three-dimensional projection of the Earth popped into view above the device.

“Um…” Laura said. “I don’t know the coordinates, but I can give you the address.”

“That will work fine,” the alien responded.

The downtown area was in turmoil. People everywhere were running for cover, and shouts of “Aliens!” and “Monster!” filled the air. The police force and the S.W.A.T. team both had the court building surrounded, guns at the ready, expecting the unexpected. But it was too late; the creatures were gone. All that was left was a young woman in a pink cast, crying and shivering in a lump on the floor.

The city’s government attempted to keep the situation under control and away from the public eye, but the news stations had already broadcast the strange occurrence. It wasn’t long before the entire country knew that something had happened in that courtroom, although nobody knew exactly what. The president of the United States was pulled from his business and forced to give a public address concerning the issue. He attempted to calm the public by giving vague statements such as, “My sources state that we are not certain as of yet what occurred today, but we are doing everything in our power to discover what happened.”

The internet was abuzz with activity. A few blurry photos of blue-green masses and large, eight-foot silhouettes were circulating all around the web. Some video clips also made their appearance, but none could give a clear view of the creatures. People both jokingly and seriously stated that the Earth is being overrun by aliens, and that the War of the Worlds had begun.

Kelly, along with many others, was taken to a room for questioning. The eye witness accounts were scattered and confused, but they all included large, blue creatures of some kind. Kelly gave all the information she could between fits of tears, wanting so badly for her friend to be found. When she finally finished, she broke down. The interrogators attempted to calm her, but it was no use. Her breaths came in quickly and choppily as she hyperventilated, and tears streaked her face. Eventually she cried herself out, and the police took the exhausted girl back to her apartment. The night passed restlessly for poor Kelly, who constantly awoke to frightening images of her friend being tortured and operated on by those strange beings.

At 8:00 the next morning, while Kelly still struggled for sleep, she heard a sound on the roof. She snapped awake, staying perfectly still, listening for the sound once again. She was about to relax after a bit, but sure enough, she heard it again. She shot out of bed, still in her pajamas, and grabbed the nearest thing that could possibly be used as a weapon, which happened to be a shoe. She stood stock still next to her bed, listening for any further sounds. Then, she heard a faint buzzing from outside her room. She moved slowly and cautiously towards the door, shoe at the ready, her lip quivering with fear. She turned the knob slowly, preparing herself for the worst. Okay, she thought, I don’t know what’s out there, but I’ll be damned if I go down without a fight. She felt some anger mix in with her fear, and she pushed the door open quickly and jumped into the hallway, screaming at the top of her lungs with the shoe held high above her head. Her scream died down as she saw nothing but the hallway leading into the living room. She took a deep breath. You’re just hearing things, she said to herself. She lowered the shoe and turned back to her room. But her eyes did not meet her room. Instead, a large, blue body with a metal suit stood in her path. It quickly grabbed her mouth and pulled her by her arm into the room, against her struggling and muffled yells. She was brought before a blue alien in a black robe, a lot smaller than the one which now held her. She continued to struggle, attempting to punch the creature and rip his hand away from her mouth.

“That is enough, Kelly,” the robed alien said in a deep voice.

This brought Kelly to a stop as she looked fearfully at the figure. How does he know my name? she thought.

“We are the ones who have taken the human known as Laura. She claims to know you, and seeks your assistance.”

Kelly’s fear turned to anger as she remembered her friend. She tugged once more at the hand on her face, and the smaller alien gestured for the larger one to allow her to speak.

“Where is she? What did you do to her?!” Her voice cracked in her rage.

“Do not be alarmed,” the alien said. He pulled up his arm and revealed a metal bracelet, pressing a button. In front of him, a hologram depicting Laura appeared. She lay with her arms above her in just a sports bra and a very full diaper, looking quite fidgety and uncomfortable.

“Is that…” Kelly began.

“As you can see,” the alien continued, “your friend is not in any harm. She simply needs assistance with the waste containment unit around her midsection. We have neither the knowledge nor the materials to handle the situation, and she requested your help specifically.”

Kelly continued looking at the hologram. She couldn’t help but stifle a giggle at the sight of her friend in a diaper. She looked awfully cute, like the babies she used to sit, only bigger. But she quickly regained her serious demeanor. “How do I know this isn’t some kind of trick? What exactly is it that you want from us?”

“With you, nothing,” the alien said. “But Laura is vital to us. She has absorbed a power beyond your understanding, and a race of evil creatures seeks to use her for their own purposes. We are protecting her.”

But Kelly still wasn’t convinced. “Then how come she’s stuck like that?” She noticed the glowing bands around Laura’s arms and legs.

“Her power is too great to be underestimated. We must be certain that she is contained properly until we have her full trust.”

Kelly rolled all this over in her mind. It all came so suddenly: one minute she’s standing in the hallway with a shoe as a weapon, and the next she’s having idle chit-chat with this… thing. But more than anything, it was a relief to see that Laura was okay. And besides, if they wanted to hurt her, surely they would have done it by now.

“Alright,” she said, “I’ll help you. But I need to get some things first. So can you tell this thing to let go of me?”

The smaller alien made some strange clicking and grunting noises, probably from their own language, and the larger alien released Kelly. “Collect the materials you require,” the smaller alien said, “then meet us back here. Do not tell any other member of your species that we are here. It is important to keep the native population of Earth as calm as possible until we can explain to them all what is happening. If you fail to do this, we will leave without you, and you may never see Laura again.”

Kelly nodded her head in understanding. She walked out of the room in her pajamas, grabbed the keys to her rental car, and headed for the pharmacy, smiling and giggling the whole way.

Laura had to wait several hours for Gondreth to return. Or was it minutes? She had trouble keeping track of time in her current state. All she knew was that her private areas were starting to itch and she needed to get changed. She fidgeted around, trying to relieve the itching; but her efforts were fruitless. At the same time, she was coming to terms with everything that the alien had told her: that she had absorbed some kind of power, that an evil alien race was after her, and that she would have to fight them. It all seemed surreal, and she was half certain that she was just dreaming. The only question was how far back the dream went. For all she knew, her shift had just ended at the camp site and she was sleeping soundly in her tent.

This possibility was shot out of her mind when she saw Gondreth return with a familiar, smiling, bubbly Kelly. She held a bag in her hand with a pharmacy logo on it, which Laura assumed was the cleaning supplies. “LAURA!” Kelly shrieked, much to the dismay of the alien beside her. She ran toward Laura, who was now smiling with relief at the sight of her roommate.

“Thank God you’re here,” she said. “Took you long enough.” Kelly embraced Laura, who was still stuck in her restrained position.

Kelly pulled back and wrinkled her nose noticeably. “Pee-yew!” she cried, smiling while waving her hand in front of her nose. “You sure are stinky.”

Laura turned red again as she remembered that she was on full display in a full diaper. “Look,” she explained, “this thing just appeared on me when I got angry, okay? Don’t give me any shit, just give me some wipes and my panties so I can change. Gondreth, can you let me out of this thing?”

“I am sorry,” said Gondreth, “but for everyone’s safety it would be best if you were left restrained for now. Kelly is here to assist you with whatever you need.”

Kelly nodded her head at the irritated Laura. “Don’t worry, Laura. I brought everything we need to get you out of that nasty diaper.”

“It’s not a diaper!” Laura said, her blush getting worse.

“Okay, sure,” Kelly responded, rolling her eyes. She set down the bag on the floor in front of Laura and pulled out several things: baby wipes, baby powder, rash ointment, and, to Laura’s surprise, a package of adult diapers.

“Where are my panties?” Laura said, seeing the bag was empty.

“Panties?” Kelly replied innocently. “Oh, don’t worry about that. I got you something better.” She ripped open the package of diapers and pulled one out, waving it for Laura to see.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, Kelly?!” Laura was incredulous. She felt her anger rise again. “What on God’s earth were you thinking?! You got me a pack of fucking- NNNNNGGGGHH!!” Another shock wave was sent through the girl’s body, making her convulse once more. As Laura started to relax, Kelly looked worriedly at Gondreth.

“Do not worry,” he said. “The pain is minimal, and is meant only to calm her anger.”

Kelly looked back to Laura, who was glaring up at her, breathing a bit heavily. “You okay, Laura?” No response. “Good. Then let’s get started.”

Kelly asked Gondreth if he could move the metal surface at all so that Laura would be lying straight back. He responded that he could, and moved behind Laura to the back of the room, where some buttons were lining the wall. He pressed a few, and the surface was brought parallel to the ground. Kelly undid the tapes on Laura’s diaper and opened it, revealing the putrid mess within, spread out over her crotch and butt. “Whew!” Kelly exclaimed, leaning back and turning her head. “You are one stinky little girl!”

Laura knew this was the kind of lingo that Kelly used when changing babies’ diapers. She scowled and looked away, her face still red. “I hate you so much right now,” she muttered.

Kelly then asked if there was a way to lift Laura’s legs in the air. After a few more button presses from Gondreth, the girl’s feet were brought slowly above her, leaving her poop-covered butt on full display for Kelly. Kelly then picked up the pack of wet wipes and went to work cleaning her nether regions, placing the used wipes in the mess underneath Laura’s butt. Next, she removed the full diaper with the wipes from underneath Laura, wrapping it all into a ball and placing it on the ground. She then picked up the new diaper she had pulled from the pack, unfolding it and placing it underneath Laura’s newly-cleaned rear end. After that, she picked up the rash lotion and squirted some into her hand, rubbing it together. “This might be a little cold,” she warned. Laura thrust her hips upward when she felt the cool liquid make contact with her butt, giving a bit of a gasp as she did so. Kelly laughed a bit at this reaction. “It’s okay, just relax Laura.” Laura complied, allowing Kelly to spread the lotion across her. She had to admit that it actually felt kind of nice after the initial chill. Kelly then went for the powder, applying it generously both on Laura and in the diaper. Laura smelled the powder, wrinkling her nose a bit, not sure whether or not she liked the scent. Finally, Kelly pulled the front of the diaper over Laura’s crotch and taped up all four tapes, completing the process. “All done!” she cried. “Look at my clean little baby!” She giggled with delight while Laura gritted her teeth in angry humiliation. Noticing her dismay, Kelly said, “Oh don’t be such a sourpuss. You look adorable.”

“Kelly,” Laura said, “you’re lucky I can’t move or I would kill you.”

“Well that’s not very nice,” Kelly said in response. “Maybe somebody needs a timeout?” She laughed harder this time while Laura blushed once more. “I’m sorry,” she said after a fit of giggles. “I’m done, I promise.” She wiped a tear from her eye while Gondreth pressed some buttons, returning Laura to her original position. He walked over to the girls from the back of the room, where he had stood the entire time.

“Now that that business is settled,” he said, “we must make preparations for Laura’s training. Kelly, you are free to leave if you wish, but Laura must stay.”

Kelly put her finger on her lip and looked up at the ceiling. “Hmmm,” she hummed, “nah, I think I’ll stay here. I wanna see my baby girl grow up to be a big, strong hero!”

“Very well,” the alien responded. “But you must remain here with Laura. I do not want you interfering with the space station operations. I will return later to inform Laura of the details on her training.” He turned and left the room, leaving Laura and Kelly alone.

“Man, isn’t this weird?” Kelly said. “Who’da thought we’d be on an alien space ship right now?” She sat down in front of Laura, her legs crossed Indian style.

Laura was still a bit flushed from what had just occurred. “Kelly, why couldn’t you have just brought me some panties? I mean, diapers? Really? Was that necessary?”

Kelly shrugged. “That alien dude showed me a picture of you in a diaper, so I just thought maybe you would need them.”

“Well, I don’t,” Laura replied indignantly. “That only happens when I get angry and go into that ‘fight or flight’ mode or whatever.”

Kelly had a full view of Laura’s diaper from where she sat, and noticed the wetness indicator. “Is that why you just wet yourself?” she said.

“What?” Laura lifted her head and looked down, noticing the unmistakable warmth spreading across her lap. “But that’s impossible! I’m not doing this!”

“Looks like somebody DOES need her diapers after all.” Kelly smiled, pulling out another diaper from the package next to her and waving it in front of her. Laura sighed and leaned her head back against the metal surface, wondering just how in the hell she had ended up where she was.


Laura had now been strapped down, naked except for a sports bra and diaper, for what seemed like years. She could feel energy pulsing through her body and was growing restless as a result. On top of that, she was starving. Kelly sat next to her, rambling on about their current situation and her usual gossip, jumping randomly from one subject to the other. After a long absence, Gondreth reentered the room, much to Laura’s relief.

“Hey, are you ever gonna let me out of this thing?” she asked desperately.

“In due time,” the alien answered. “For now, we must address the issue of sustenance. We do not have on the station anything that is similar to what you eat on your home planet. However, using our organic constructor, we have managed to create a suitable substance for your nutrition.”

Laura’s mouth began to water at the thought of food. She knew it would probably not be an ideal meal but she was too hungry to care. The door opened behind Gondreth and another alien entered, dragging with him a hovering cart with large bowls resting on it. As the creature approached Laura and Kelly, they could see the contents of the bowls: a mushy, orange goop. It smelled faintly like some kind of rotting vegetable, and this smell combined with the sight was enough to take away any appetite Laura had had. Both she and Kelly grimaced in disgust. “You expect us to eat that?” Kelly asked, pointing accusingly at the mush.

“Does this not suit your tastes?” Gondreth seemed confused. “It contains every material we have found to be essential to the biological makeup of your species. We have nothing else aboard the station for you to consume, so you must try it at least. The alternative would be to inject the materials, but that would be much more time consuming and not as effective a method.”

Laura found herself cornered. She didn’t want to eat this crap, and she certainly didn’t want it injected into her. She had always hated needles. But despite the grotesque appearance and smell of the food, she could feel her appetite returning. She had to try.

“Okay, I guess. Can you let me go so that I can eat it please?” Laura asked.

“I’m sorry,” Gondreth answered, “but I cannot release you yet. For now, Kelly will have to feed you.”

This infuriated Laura. “Oh come the fuck on! How much longer am I gonna be stuck like this?? All I want is to be able to eat my own damn food. Is that so fucking difficu-UHHHGGG!” Yet another electric pulse surged through her body, causing her to convulse. As she calmed down, she saw Gondreth hand Kelly a spoon-like object.

“After some observation, we have concluded that your species, like us, prefer to eat with utensils. Will this be of service?” he said, referencing the object.

“Oh yeah,” Kelly said. “This is good. Thanks.” She took the spoon from him and dipped it into the orange mush, squinting her eyes and frowning in disgust as she did so. She scooped the stuff up and observed it for a second before approaching Laura.

“Alrighty Laura,” she said, smiling suddenly. “Bottoms up!”

The spoon approached Laura’s mouth slowly, and Laura turned her head. She did not want whatever that was to enter her mouth. She felt the spoon touch the corner of her mouth, leaving a spot of orange.

“Oh c’mon sweetie,” Kelly said in a pleading manner. “Eat your food. It will make you big and strong.”

“Damn it Kelly, quit talking to me like I’m a baby.”

“Uh-oh,” Kelly said smugly. “Somebody’s a little cranky. She doesn’t want her yum-yums?”

It took all of Laura’s self-control and patience to not explode into a blinding rage. She felt her heart rate increase and her breath get heavier, but she was able to maintain herself. She said, “I’ll eat it, just give me a sec.”

“Hmm, i don’t know,” Kelly said. “I think someone needs a visit from the Tickle Monster to help her eat.” She reached up her free hand and started moving her fingers up and down in a tickling motion. It neared Laura’s belly slowly.

“No, please don’t.” Laura was incredibly ticklish. The slightest touch would send her into hysterics. “I’ll eat it, I swear. Just please don’t tickle me.”

“It’s too late for that, missy.” Kelly’s smile turned evil as her hand crept closer to Laura’s waiting belly.

“Please, Kelly!” Laura was desperate now. “I’m begging you, just give me the- AGH!” Kelly’s fingers had made contact and moved quickly up and down. Laura instantly felt the sensation of a thousand feathers brushing over her torso, causing her to writhe as she laughed uncontrollably. She was helpless against the merciless tickling, as both her arms and legs were kept securely in place. Her face reddened and tears began staining her face. Gondreth watched all this in amusement, pinching his fingers over his chin as he wondered at the strange human ritual.

Then, without warning, Kelly shoved the spoon into Laura’s open mouth. Her lips closed over it automatically, and she reluctantly pulled the goop off of the spoon. She felt the tickling stop, and began to calm down as she inspected the stuff with her tongue. After a moment, she realized that it actually wasn’t that bad. In fact, it tasted pretty good! She swished it around, savoring the flavor. It was somehow both sweet and salty, like some kind of desert item.

Kelly watched curiously as she swallowed. “How is it?” she asked.

“It’s delicious, actually. Hurry up, get some more! I’m starving!”

Laura felt her hunger return with a vengeance after getting a taste of the mush. Kelly happily obliged, dipping the spoon back in and feeding her another bite. This went on for some time until one of the large bowls was completely emptied out. Laura’s belly had expanded a bit, and she felt more satisfied with that meal than any other in her life.

After some insistence and reassurance from Laura, Kelly dipped the spoon into the second bowl. She brought it up close to her own mouth, hesitating before putting it in. Laura watched as her face lit up with delight at the taste of the stuff. She quickly reached for another spoonful, shoveling it into her mouth. She could only make it halfway through the bowl before she was satisfied.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding Laura,” Kelly said. “That stuff was amazing. I’m gonna have to get the recipe for that one.” She burped loudly, causing Laura to giggle.

“That’s disgusting,” Laura said.

Kelly sniffed the air. “Not nearly as disgusting as what YOU just did, missy.”

Laura was confused. “What are you talking about?” She smelled the air, recognizing the putrid odor. She could also feel a squishy substance on her bottom. “Wait a minute…” The full realization of what she had just done hit her like a ton of bricks. She turned beet red in an instant. “How is this possible??” she yelled incredulously. “I didn’t even feel it! What the hell is happening?”

“What’s happening is that somebody needs her diapers more than she realizes,” Kelly responded with a smug grin.

“That can’t be it. It must be something that was in that food we ate.”

“Don’t be silly,” Kelly said skeptically, crossing her arms. “There hasn’t been nearly enough time for you to digest that stuff. Just admit it Laura, you need your diapers.”

Laura could not deny the smelly, squishy waste that now rested between her butt and the diaper. But she still refused to accept that the release had been completely beyond her control and - perhaps even worse - beyond her notice. How was this possible? Surely it had something to do with the current situation. This would stop when things went back to normal, right?

“Fine. Whatever. I need them for now. But when things go back to normal, I’ll be fine. Can you just change me out of this please?”

“Hmmm…” Kelly seemed to think on this. “I don’t know. I did just change you earlier. I think you’ll manage for a while.”

Laura almost laughed. “You’re kidding, right? Just change me, please.”

Kelly turned her head in defiance. “Nope. I don’t like the way you’ve been misbehaving. You can just stew in that thing for a while longer.”

Laura realized that Kelly was serious. She felt a mix of anger and desperation take her over. “Oh come on! Is this because I got upset when you started treating me like a baby? Why don’t you try being in MY position right now! How do you think I feel suddenly being strapped down and stuck in a diaper with you teasing me constantly?”

Kelly remained firm. “Sorry, Laura. My decision is final. You can just stay in that thing until I decide to change it. It could be a few minutes or a few hours, depending on how well I think you’re behaving.” She had been looking away from Laura while saying all this, but now peeked over discretely to see the look of annoyance and anger on her face. Although she couldn’t say why, Kelly found this position of power to be quite amusing. She was enjoying the control she had over her friend, and would be sure to make the most of it while it lasted.

Laura was not as amused. How could Kelly do this to her? Wasn’t it enough that she had to be humiliated like this in the first place? She contained her seething anger as best she could to avoid another electric shock, but it was quite difficult. A million thoughts of what she would do to Kelly the moment she got the chance rushed through her head. Breaking all the bones in her body was certainly an option. Or maybe, better yet, make her experience what Laura was now going through.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Gondreth, who had been standing by the wall in the back of the room. He walked in front of Laura, her diaper now sagging with the weight of her poop. He said, “Well then, if the meal is concluded, I think it is time to discuss training.”

Re: Pamperess


“Sir, I’ve lost contact with the power source. The radar has gone blank.” The small green alien in front of the radar screen pressed some buttons to try to get the signal back, but it was fruitless. The source of the power was gone.

“Then we are too late,” a loud, sinister voice boomed from behind him. “The Hurians have retrieved the activated power source and are no doubt using it to their means. They will destroy us if we do not take action immediately.”

Suddenly, a door opened in the dark room, revealing another small green alien. “Sir, we have discovered the location of a Hurian space station. We believe that the gem has been taken inside and is prevented from showing up on our radars due to some kind of energy force field. We have no data on the current state of the power source as of yet.”

“Very well.” The voice came from a figure cloaked in black, the hood shadowing his face. His large body towered over the smaller, feeble aliens, even while sitting down.

“Have you any ideas on a course of action, sir?” the alien at the door asked.

After a moment of silence, the dark figure responded, “As I said, we must take action immediately. However, we cannot simply storm the station in full force. There’s no telling what the Hurians will do with the power source. Send a spy drone to infiltrate the base and investigate the status of the gem. We will plan our next moves accordingly.”

“Yes sir,” the alien responded, and he left the room.

“Sir,” the alien at the radar screen said, “what will we do if the power is already too much for us to handle? What will become of our plans?”

“The Hurians would have already attacked us if that were the case,” the deep voice said. "If my prediction is correct, they are preparing something as we speak. we should be able to intercept them in time to keep them from utilizing the power to its full extent, allowing us to capture it, or destroy it if necessary. As soon as we accomplish that task, we will destroy the Hurians, and the galaxy shall fall under our control.

“Now Laura, let us begin.” Gondreth stood in front of the restrained girl, freshly changed thanks to Kelly, who stood beside the blue alien. He pressed a button on his wrist, and an opening in the ceiling appeared above Laura where a strange device began lowering itself. It looked like a high-tech, futuristic helmet. Laura grew nervous.

“Woah, what is that thing?” Kelly asked excitedly.

“This is a brainwave reflector helmet. Wearing it will allow one to block out the outer world and be alone in one’s subconscious. It is vital that Laura fully understands the inner workings of her mind. This will allow for sound decision-making and quick reactions to dangerous situations.”

As the helmet grew closer, Laura asked in a shaky voice, “So, uh, what exactly will this be like?”

“It is different for every individual,” Gondreth responded. “It depends entirely on your own past experiences, inner feelings, and deepest thoughts.”

Laura tensed up even more when she realized that Gondreth did not have a straight answer for her. What was her subconscious like? She guessed it would be kind of like a dream, though she could not remember many dreams she’d had. The helmet was now inches from her face, and she gave one last look over at Kelly, who flashed a thumbs up. Then, the helmet slipped on over her, and all was dark.

“I’m now powering on the helmet,” Laura heard Gondreth say. There was a small “click,” and then her head began to feel fuzzy. She felt inebriated for about a minute before passing out completely.

Suddenly, she woke up. She looked around, recognizing the room of her apartment. An alarm by her bed was sounding. It was her first day of college, and she had to leave in a while. She brushed her teeth and ate breakfast, then proceeded out the door.

For some reason, she decided to walk instead of take her car. And as she walked, the people she passed stared at her. Not accusing, not judging; just plain, blank stares that seemed to pierce her body like daggers. Then, they followed her. Hordes of people of all kinds just mimicking her walk pattern, and though she looked forward, she saw them, their eyes still penetrating her body. In the distance she saw a familiar face: her friend Kelly, running toward her, happy as always. Laura felt relieved, but only for a moment. The people behind her suddenly surrounded her, creating a barrier between the two girls. The eyes stared at her, slowly growing more menacing, and the faces transformed into something unworldly and demonic. Some laughed maniacally, while others screeched and howled. The circle began closing in on her, and the poor girl braced for certain death.

She woke up in a cold sweat, panting and gasping for breath. She still saw darkness because of the helmet on her head, but it was off of her in a few seconds. The brightness of the white room made her squint her eyes and rendered her temporarily blind. As her vision returned, she saw Gondreth and Kelly standing in front of her.

“Oh God,” she panted. “Oh God…”

Though Kelly had been smiling before, it now faded into a look of worry. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “What was it like?”

Laura was near tears but did her best to maintain composure. “There were… these people… just looking at me, like I was the only thing that existed… and you were there, but they cut me off from you and turned into these horrible monsters…”

“Awww, it’s okay Laurie,” Kelly said sympathetically, embracing her still-restrained friend. “I’m right here. Don’t worry. Everything’s gonna be alright.”

It was too much for Laura. She broke down in a fit of tears from the sheer relief and happiness that the nightmare was over. Gondreth stood watching the entire time, and after Kelly released Laura from her hug, he began speaking.

“Laura, you seem deeply disturbed by what you witnessed in your subconscious. We will have to send you in again at a later period so that you may resolve your issues.”

Fear overcame Laura at these words. “What are you talking about? I’ll have to do this again??”

“I know it may have been unpleasant for you,” Gondreth said, “but it is of the utmost importance that you are at peace with your inner self. You must trust yourself enough to be able to make quick decisions and be prepared for the worst scenarios. Otherwise, having the greatest power in the galaxy is meaningless.”

Laura thought about this. He was right; there was definitely something screwy going on in her head. But surely it wasn’t always like this… was it?

“Anyways,” Gondreth continued, “we must move on. My associates and I have determined that it is safe to remove you from your restraints, as you lack both the capacity and the intention to harm our efforts.” After pressing a few buttons on his wrist, the restraints pinning down Laura suddenly dissipated. She moved her arms in front of her and wiggled her fingers. She felt incredibly relieved to be able to move again. She sat up and let her legs hang towards the floor, and that’s when she felt the soaking wet and stinking diaper underneath her.

“Um… Kelly, can I get a new diaper, please?”

“Oh, sure!” Kelly responded giddily. She giggled as she reached toward the floor for the package of diapers. She pulled one out of the package as she ordered Laura to lay down.

“Um, no thanks,” Laura said. “I can do this myself now.”

“Oh really?” Kelly said skeptically, raising an eyebrow. “Okay, show me what a big girl you are.”

She threw the diaper at Laura, who fumbled it a bit before catching it. She set it on her bench and stood up, feeling a bit light-headed as she did so. She felt the weight of the padding between her legs, realizing that it had leaked a bit. “Geez, how long was I in that helmet thing?” she asked.

“About a day and a half,” Kelly said matter-of-factly."

“Seriously??” Laura exclaimed. “It seemed like maybe an hour or so, not a day and a half!”

“Yeah, I wanted to change you but Gonderhead here wouldn’t let me.” She pointed accusingly at the alien, who seemed a bit taken aback by the accusation.

Laura reached for the tapes on her full diaper, pulling at them with some difficulty. After putting a bit more strength into it, she managed to break the tape loose on one side, then the other. The sopping, messy diaper fell to the floor with a thud. Then, she picked up the clean diaper and started unfolding it. It irritated her a bit; there was a lot of folded parts to this thing. After finally unfolding it completely, she tried to pull it up between her legs and do the tapes. However, it was harder than she anticipated. She had to somehow manage holding one side up while taping down the other, which she just couldn’t seem to do.

Up to this point, Kelly had been watching with amusement. She giggled and said, “Want me to do it sweetie?”

“Don’t call me ‘sweetie’ please,” Laura said with disgust in her voice. “I think I can manage this.” But it was becoming pretty obvious that this would not work. After a bit more struggling, she finally threw the diaper back to Kelly. “Damn it, fine. You do it,” she said, defeated.

Kelly happily obliged. She had Laura lay down once more and slipped the clean diaper underneath her. She then wiped her off quickly, and applied a generous amount of powder. “Don’t want to get a rash now, do we?” she said in a sing-song voice.

Laura chose to ignore this and instead changed the subject. Looking up at Kelly she asked, “So what have you been doing for a whole day and a half?”

Not looking up from her work, Kelly replied, “Oh, Gondreth let me go back to Earth again. I picked up some more changing supplies and some art stuff to work on.”

“Art stuff, huh?” Laura asked. She had seen Kelly doodling before; she had gotten quite good at it since she did it so often with the kids she babysat.

“Yeah, you wanna see?” Kelly asked eagerly. After she was finished sprinkling powder on Laura’s bare bottom, she pulled up the front of the diaper and taped it into place. She reached into a bag she had on the floor, pulling out a sketch book. Laura sat up and Kelly sat next to her on the bench. She opened it and began flipping through it. Laura saw many pages of what appeared to be a girl in a cape, wearing something poofy on her waist. Kelly began talking quickly. “So I’ve been thinking a lot about how you’re going to be a superhero and all, but you don’t like have a name or a costume or anything yet. So at first I just drew these little doodles to get myself started but then -” she flipped a few pages - “I started coming up with ideas.” She pointed at a page with a lot of writing on it. “This is a list of all the names I came up with for you: Diaper Dame, Princess Potty Pants, Lynn Continent…”

Laura looked at the book and listen to Kelly’s babbling, both flattered and disturbed by what was going on. For one, all the drawings had a clearly visible diaper, and all the names on the list had something to do with diapers. “Kelly,” she asked, “why does this have to center around diapers? Why can’t I just be like ‘Supergirl’ or ‘Miss Adventure’ or something?”

“‘Miss adventure?’” Kelly chuckled. “You can’t tell me you’re serious. That’s a terrible name for a superhero.”

Laura had to admit, that name had left a bitter taste in her mouth when she said it. Apparently she wasn’t very good at names, so she just looked at the list that Kelly had come up with. It’s not like it would catch on anyway, right?

“Okay,” she said finally, “how about that one?” She pointed to an item on the list.

“Oh, Pamperess huh?” Kelly said, delighted. “I like that one too. A bit more subtle on the ‘diaper’ aspect but still enough that people get the hint.” She winked at Laura, who blushed in response.

“Why are you so obsessed with my diaper?” she asked, smiling a little at the ridiculousness of it all.

“Oh come on, Laura. How many superheroes do you know that wear diapers?”

Laura thought about it. It certainly seemed like a unique characteristic, and she laughed at the thought of Superman flying around in a diaper. “Okay, fair enough,” she said. Her spirits had heightened; she was actually kind of enjoying this. “So we have the name. Now how about that costume you talked about?”

“Oh yeah!” Kelly said. “That’s the best part.” She turned the page and revealed some sketches depicting several superhero outfits. “This one’s my personal favorite,” she said. She pointed to a picture of a person in a long-sleeved shirt, thigh-high socks, and what looked like leather boots. There was an obvious bulge in the crotch area, indicating the presence of a diaper. “Nice and tight, so that it won’t catch on anything.”

“And so that everyone will see my diaper,” responded Kelly accusingly.

“Yeah yeah, you caught me,” Kelly said, throwing her hands up in mock surrender. “I just thought it would be cute!”

“Could you at least put on a skirt or something?” Kelly asked. “You know, to hide it a least a little bit?”

Kelly gave a heavy breath. “But that defeats the whole purpose!”

“Come on Kelly. You really expect me to prance around with a clearly-visible diaper? I think you know me better than that.”

Kelly rolled her eyes. “Okay, fine. We’ll put on a skirt. I’ll fix it later.” She closed her book and stuffed it back into her bag.

Laura felt her stomach growl. She just now realized that she hadn’t eaten anything in a day and a half, and she was famished. “Man, I’m hungry,” she said to Kelly.

Kelly looked over at Gondreth. “Oh Gonderson!” she sang out in a British accent. “Would you mind bringing a meal to our famished friend here?”

Gondreth gave her a confused look at the strange speaking pattern. But he seemed to understand. “Yes, I’ll retrieve some sustenance right away. After that, we will move onto the next phase of Laura’s training.” He left the room, leaving Laura to wonder if the next phase would be as emotionally scarring as the first.


“Man, that stuff is good.” Laura had finally finished eating several helpings of the orange alien mush she enjoyed so much. “You’re gonna have to give me the recipe for that when this is over, Gondreth.”

Gondreth seemed unamused. “It is fortunate that you enjoy the food, Laura, but we have more pressing matters to deal with.”

Just then, the door to the room opened, revealing a large blue alien similar to the ones she had first encountered in the court room. She became a bit nervous in the presence of such a hulking figure, but managed to keep her cool.

“This is Jagathor. He is the leading officer of our armed forces and a master of the art of combat. He will be your instructor in offensive and defensive techniques that will be vital to your success during battle.”

Laura and Kelly exchanged a look, Laura seeming pretty nervous and Kelly looking rather amused. “Ready to learn some karate, Laurie?” Kelly asked, making some chopping gestures with her hands.

“I guess,” she responded, shrugging. “If it’s anything like the Karate Kid then how hard could it be?”

“Very good,” Gondreth said. “Kelly, follow me. We will be monitoring Laura on a screen outside the room.” He looked at Laura. “Laura, listen to Jagathor carefully. He will supplement the strength inside of you with the skill to use it properly.”

Kelly gave Laura a quick hug. “Good luck! I’ll change you after if you need it.”

Laura blushed a bit, but returned the hug. “Okay, thanks,” she said with a smile.

Then, Kelly followed Gondreth out of the room, leaving Laura alone with Jagathor. The two simply looked at each other from across the room, saying nothing. A few moments passed with nothing happening. Just as Laura was about to say something, she noticed the room begin to change. The walls went from white to a light brown color. On the walls, some metal sticks and alien guns appeared, hanging side by side. She looked down to see a slightly cushioned surface beneath her feet, like a very large gym mat. After the room was done transforming, she looked back to the massive Jagathor.

“So, human,” he said in a voice much deeper and harsher than Gondreth’s. “You possess the greatest strength in the known universe, do you not?”

Laura, intimidated by the creature’s voice, took a moment to reply. “Uh, yeah… I guess,” she stammered.

“Good. Then show me.” He approached Laura, one large foot stepping in front of the other, until he was standing over her like a skyscraper.

Laura grew more nervous by the second, not knowing what the alien expected of her. “Um… What are you…”

“Hit me,” Jagathor said. “Hit me with your incredible strength. Make me hurt.”

“Uh- um…” Laura’s mind was a jumbled mess. Here she was, in just a sports bra and diaper, a mere ant in the presence of such a huge creature, and he asks her to… hit him? Apprehensively, she raised a fist. She wound up, hesitated for just a moment, and threw it forward half-heartedly, catching Jagathor on his thigh. The huge alien did not budge.

“Fool,” he said. “Hit me with your full strength! Do it now!”

This put even more fear into Laura. She raised her fist again and punched the same spot with only slightly more force than before.

“What are you afraid of, little human girl?” Jagathor asked sardonically. He leaned down closer to Laura’s face. “Do you think you’ll hurt me? Do you know the kind of pain I have endured as a member of the Hurian forces?! HIT ME HARD! TRY TO HURT ME! DO IT!”

Laura’s fear was becoming overwhelming. She had never been yelled at in such a manner before, and she felt threatened by the booming, demanding voice. She could feel her mind slipping and her blood pumping as the giant monster egged her on. Her breathing grew heavy and her nails dug deep into her palms as her fists grew tighter. When she finally reached the point of no return, she let out a loud scream as both her fists began flying in a frenzy. They became a blur in front of her as each blow brought an edge of pain to her knuckles. She could vaguely hear Jagathor screaming the word “yes” repeatedly, and after some time, she felt his large hand on her forehead.

“That’s enough!” he screamed. “Calm yourself now. It is over. You can relax.”

Kelly felt herself calming at his command as she no longer felt threatened. She felt somewhat exhausted from the effort she had just put forth. She also felt the familiar warmth as her diaper swelled with fresh pee against her will. As her mind returned, she looked at her knuckles. There was some purple liquid lying atop the red, raw skin, and as she looked up at Jagathor’s leg, she realized she had broken his skin. Purple oozed down past his knee, and she knew it must be his blood.

Just as she was about to apologize, Jagathor began speaking again. “You did well, Laura. Not many of my recruits can injure me in such a fashion. You truly do have strength that goes beyond your meek appearance.” He walked over to the side of the room and picked up something that looked like a towel, which he used to wipe his leg. “But you have a lot to learn before you can utilize that power to its fullest extent.”

Laura watched as he wiped his leg. She felt kind of impressed with herself, watching as he cleaned his the wound she had caused. But she wondered what there was to learn that she didn’t already know. “Like what?” she asked.

“Well,” Jagathor replied, “first off, your punching form is terrible.”

The training continued for several weeks and went on for what seemed like hours at a time. Jagathor began with basic combat techniques such as stance and form. As Laura picked up on the basics, the lessons started becoming more advanced. She began experimenting with different combinations of moves, and even tried some of the weapons. But after several failed attempts at using them, she decided to remain unarmed.

At the end of every lesson, she would spar with Jagathor. He would accept no less then Laura’s absolute best, so the sparring match would continue until Laura’s power finally kicked in. She soon felt herself gaining control over her power, like a switch that she could turn on and off. Although the training was very difficult and physically draining, she felt quite proud of her progress as she became a more adept fighter, and was confident that she would be ready for any enemy that came her way.

Meanwhile, Kelly made sure to keep Laura stocked with plenty of diapers. She took several trips down to Earth to pick up changing supplies whenever it was running low. During these trips, she also kept up with her friends and assured anyone who asked that Laura was, in no way, on an alien space ship preparing for the battle of her life. Unknown to Laura, Kelly also had a secret project going on, which she was all-too excited to reveal when it was finally complete.

At the end of a particularly long training session, Kelly walked into the room as Jagathor exited. She was carrying a cardboard box alongside her usual changing supplies. Laura, still smelly from both her sweat and her diaper, was curious. “What you got there?” she asked.

“Oh,” Kelly replied, barely able to contain her excitement, “nothing you would be interested in.”

Despite Kelly’s attempt to remain nonchalant, it was pretty obvious to Laura that whatever was in the box was definitely something she would be interested in. “Come on, spill it,” she said impatiently. “Show me what’s in the box.”

“Don’t you wanna change first?” Kelly asked, smiling. “Smells like you need it.”

“Damn it Kelly, the change can wait. What’s in the freaking box?!”

“Okay, okay!” Kelly finally submitted. “Don’t get your diaper all up in a bunch.” Kelly set the box down and turned away from Laura as she opened it. “Just a little surprise I got for my special little hero.”

Oh God, Laura thought. This can’t be good.

“Ta-daaa!” Kelly turned around, revealing a brightly-colored garment. It was long sleeved and pink in the areas above the torso and light blue in the skirt area below the torso. It appeared to be made of some material similar to Under Armour. From the neck to the chest there was a white area, which almost made it look like a bib. In this middle of this bib was a large, blue P in a slanted font. “Well? What do ya think?”

Laura had mixed feelings about the outfit. She didn’t think that Kelly would actually go and get the outfit they had looked at; she was convinced it had just been for fun. She had to admit it was kinda cool, and it looked like Kelly worked pretty hard on putting this all together. On the other hand, it wasn’t Laura’s style. She knew she would feel very uncomfortable wearing something like this in public, even on Halloween.

“Wow Kelly, um…” She wasn’t sure how to put her feelings into words. Kelly’s smile began to fade as she started realizing that Laura wasn’t completely in love with it. “It’s cool, I like it. But, uh…”

“What’s wrong?” Kelly asked. “Is it the color? The design? Don’t worry, it also comes with these stockings-” She held up two long, blue socks that went with the outfit.

“No, it’s not that.” Laura sighed. “It’s just- why should I have to be wearing some kind of outfit while I’m saving the world? I mean, won’t like, a mask suffice?”

“Oh, it comes with that too!” Kelly said. She reached back into the box and pulled up a small black mask that would cover Laura’s eyes and the top of her nose.

“See, why can’t I just wear that? Why are you trying to get all this fancy, colorful stuff?”

Kelly’s shoulders slumped in disappointment. After a moment of silence, her disappointment turned to irritation, which was now clearly visible in her face. “I worked really hard on this, you know. I made it just for you.”

“I know that Kelly, but-”

“Why do you always have to be such a killjoy? All I’m trying to do is make this a little more fun for both of us.”

Now it was Laura’s turn to get irritated. “Fun? You think any of this is fun?? Not so long from now, I have to fight an army - yes, an ARMY - of aliens. The fate of the entire world is on my shoulders, and quite possibly even more than that. All because I have this thing inside of me that turns me into a monster when I get mad. And all you’re worried about is having FUN??”

Kelly stood her ground. “You know what Laura? YOU’RE the one with the super cool super powers. YOU’RE the one that gets to do all the exciting stuff. I know that’s not your thing, and you hate being in the spotlight, but it IS my thing. I would trade places with you in a heartbeat. But since I can’t, I’m just trying to make this as exciting for myself as possible. But here’s something else. I’m not just doing all of this for me. I know you hate what you’re going through right now, so I’m doing it for you. I’m trying to make the best of a bad situation so that you still feel a little bit comfortable. I’ve been the one cheering you on since this whole thing began. All I wanted to do was surprise you with a cool little gift before you go out and save the world from certain destruction so that maybe, just maybe, you won’t feel like you’re alone when you do it.”

Kelly turned around and left the room, leaving Laura feeling flustered. She felt she was within her right to turn down Kelly’s gift. Still, she knew how much effort Kelly must have put into getting that outfit. Part of her felt like she owed it to Kelly to wear it. But another part of her screamed out in frustration at the ridiculous suggestion. And to make all of this worse, Kelly had left without changing Laura’s soaked and full diaper.

“Sir, the drone has infiltrated the base. We have collected this data on the status of the gem.” The small green alien handed a tablet-like device to the large figure sitting in his chair. “It appears that the power of the gem has been implanted into a creature called a human, a species which originates from the planet Earth. They are currently preparing it for battle and plan to use it as a weapon against us.”

The large, shadowy figure looked at the device. He saw recordings of the human being trained by a much larger Hurian, practicing battle techniques.

“Very good,” the creature said. "This means that my prediction was accurate. The power source is still not completely prepared for battle. We must make haste; set a direct course for the Hurian outpost. Spare no reinforcements. We must intercept this human at all costs. Take it alive if possible; dead if necessary.

“Yes sir.”


“No, no, no! What are you doing??” Jagathor was not pleased. Laura had failed several of her defensive moves and taken a beating from the huge alien. “I trained you better than this!”

Laura was on the ground now after being hit down by Jagathor. She was doing her best, but something was holding her back. “Sorry, sorry. I’ll try-”

“Don’t be sorry! Be strong! Show some defensive strategy!”

The alien was still in his fighting stance, standing over Laura. When she finally stood back up, she got back in her stance and prepared for the next onslaught of attacks. Jagathor began swinging his arms left and right, and Laura managed to dodge them. But she was then caught off guard by Jagathor’s leg sweeping both her feet off the ground. She landed on her back, dazed from the fall.

“God damn it,” she swore under her breath. How had she not anticipated that move and jumped at the right time?

“Do you want to get killed when you battle the Drazzelians?” Jagathor asked rhetorically. “Do you know how many of them you will be facing at once? Have you any idea how hungry they are for the power within you?”

Laura coughed as she came to a sitting position. Still a bit dizzy, she responded, “Yeah, I’ve been over this with Gondreth. I’m just not feeling well right now.”

Jagathor sighed. “Very well. We shall end this session for now and pick it up again later.” Jagathor left the room, and the walls and floor faded back to white. Kelly entered, but not with her usual bubbly personality.

“Need a change?” she asked unenthusiastically.

Laura’s diaper was wet, as shown by the indicator, but she was still upset with Kelly. “I’ll do it myself, thanks,” Laura replied. She snatched the diaper out of Kelly’s outstretched hand and began undoing the tapes on her current, swollen diaper.

As Laura fumbled around trying to get her new diaper on, Kelly said, “I just don’t get it. Why don’t you like the outfit I got for you?”

Laura replied in an annoyed tone, “It’s not that i don’t like it, Kelly. I just don’t want to be running around in it, that’s all.”

“But why not?” Kelly was insistent. "Do you really want people to know that you, Laura Black, are the single most powerful person on Earth? Don’t you want to protect your identity?

“I can protect my identity just fine with the mask you got me,” Laura said. She was currently trying to pull the diaper up between her legs and tape each side, doing a very poor job of it. “I don’t get why you want me wearing all that fancy colorful crap with it.”

“Because it’s COOL!” Kelly yelled excitedly. “Just imagine it: Pamperess, the hero of Earth, the savior of the galaxy! It’s just not the same if you’re wearing, like, jeans and a sweatshirt.”

“Look, I don’t want to make this thing any more difficult than it needs to be. I don’t need all that attention on me, okay?” Laura said. She had finally fastened the tapes on her diaper, but they were crooked and loose. She took one step towards Kelly and, as a result, the diaper fell down her legs.

“Want some help with that?” Kelly asked, stifling laughter at the horrible job Laura had done.

Laura couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah, okay.”

Kelly walked over and pulled the diaper up Laura’s legs. “You’re lucky these tapes are refastenable, missy.” As Kelly fixed the diaper she said, “Well, if you’re not gonna wear it in public, could you at least humor me and put the costume on for a sec?”

Laura rolled her eyes. “Okay, fine. But only for a second. No pictures or anything like that, okay?”

Kelly squealed like a fangirl. “Oh, you’re gonna look so AWESOME!” But as she reached for the box where the costume lay, the door to the room suddenly opened.

“Laura.” It was Gondreth. “It is time to send you back into your subconscious.” He pressed a button on his wrist, and the bench in the middle of the room slowly started to rise from the floor.

“Oh God, not this again,” Laura breathed. Even after several weeks, she was still pretty shaken from her last subconscious experience. “Do I really have to?”

“I realize it may not be very enjoyable for you, Laura,” Gondreth stated, “but it is vital that you are at peace with yourself. Only you can resolve the issues within your mind. Now please, take your position so we may begin.”

Laura looked over at Kelly with fear in her eyes. “I really don’t wanna do this again.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Kelly said, grabbing Laura’s shoulders. “It’s all in your head. Nothing bad can happen to you. I’ll be right here when you wake up, okay?” She then pulled Laura into a hug.

Laura hesitated, but returned the favor. “Okay,” she said.

“Yup, right here… and your costume will be here too!” She giggled as she stepped away from Laura, who simply rolled her eyes and smiled.

Laura walked over to the metal bench with Gondreth and Kelly watching. As she lied down, she heard a beep from Gondreth’s wrist and watched the ceiling open up, revealing the familiar helmet. She held her breath as it slowly lowered onto her head and face. All was dark.

Then, she found herself sitting in the woods. It was nighttime, and the children were all sleeping in their tents. Oh yeah, it’s my shift, she seemed to remember. She reached into her pocket to pull out her phone, but instead found the red gem she had picked up earlier that day. It had a familiar look to it, like she had owned it longer than just half a day. She turned it over in her hands, inspecting it, trying to find out where she had seen it before.

Then, she heard a noise behind her. She turned around to look and saw one of the children standing in front of her tent. She simply stared at Laura, no emotion in her face whatsoever.

“Hey, what’s up?” Laura asked. “You need to go to the bathroom?” The girl didn’t answer. “Um… You get scared or something?” Still no answer. Laura was getting uneasy; the girl’s eyes seemed to penetrate her. As she was about to say something else, she heard the other tents rustling. The children were coming out one by one, surrounding Laura, all with the same blank expression. “Hey, what’s going on guys?” she asked almost fearfully. The grip on the stone in her hand became harder as the children seemed to close in on her. They began to mutate into blackened, demon-like monsters, their eyes glowing red. As they came ever closer, Kelly stared forward, frozen in fear as she awaited what would certainly be her untimely, painful death.

Then, a small voice rang out: “It’s all in your head. Nothing bad can happen to you.” Suddenly, the demons stopped. They all turned their sinister stare towards the gem in Laura’s hand, which now glowed brightly. Laura, too, turned her head to look. She raised the gem up in front of her face and it shined brighter, causing the demons to squeal and cringe. And as the night suddenly turned to day, she could have sworn she saw Kelly’s figure standing in front of her, just for an instant.

Laura gasped deeply as she awoke, back in the white room on the alien spaceship. The helmet was lifted off her head, and she sat up to the sight of Gondreth and Kelly in front of her. She was breathing heavily, as if having just finished a workout.

“Wow…” she muttered.

“You okay?” Kelly asked with a concerned expression.

“Yeah,” Laura responded, nodding. “Yeah I think I’m fine.”

“How was it?”

“Um… It was different than last time,” she answered. “It was really scary at first, but then there was just this really bright light, and everything was fine.”

Gondreth seemed interested in this information. “Have you any idea why this light suddenly flashed and everything became fine?”

Laura thought for a moment. “I have no idea,” she answered, shaking her head. “Just one minute I’m about to die and the next…”

Gondreth was a bit disappointed at this answer. “Well, you are making progress at least, but you are not yet fully at peace with yourself. We must send you in again one last time at a later point.”

“Woah woah, wait a sec,” Kelly intervened. “If everything turned out fine, how is she not at peace with herself?”

“Because,” Gondreth said, “she has realized that there is a problem, and that there is a solution. But she does not know specifically what either one is. Once she discovers that, she will be able to realize her full potential.”

There was silence for a moment as the girls absorbed this information. Then Laura broke the tension. “So how long was I out this time?”

“Not that long, actually,” Kelly said, pulling out her phone. “Only about four hours.”

“Four hours, huh?” Laura said. “Not bad.” She looked down at her waist and saw that she was quite wet. “Not short enough to keep me from getting soaked though, huh?” She blushed a bit and smiled as she glanced at Kelly.

“No problem, Laurie. Gotcha covered.” She held up a new diaper in front of her as she grinned knowingly. “Gondreth, could you go get some grub while I handle the changing?” Gondreth didn’t seem to register. “Food?” Kelly rephrased.

A light bulb seemed to go off in the alien’s head. “Oh yes, right away.”

As he left the girls alone, Laura lied back on the bench while Kelly began untaping the diaper. “So,” Kelly said, “you ready to try on your costume?” She was grinning widely and was obviously quite giddy at the thought.

Laura sighed in response. “Do I have to?” she asked, clearly not as excited.

She had barely finished asking this when Kelly swiftly replied, “YES. You said you would, now you have to. Or I’ll spank you for being a liar, missy.” She waggled a finger as she said this last bit, then reached for the baby powder and began pouring it on Laura’s bottom.

At this point, Laura was used to this kind of baby treatment and just ignored it. “Fine, but like I said, just for a second. And I will NOT wear that thing in public, no matter how hard you beg me.”

Kelly was not disheartened in the least. “I know, I know,” she said, noticeably suppressing giggles.

Gondreth reentered the room just as Kelly finished taping up the new diaper. He carried with him a bowl of the orange mush that Laura had grown so fond of. “I must check on a few things; I will return shortly,” he said, exiting the room once more.

“Man, I can never get enough of this stuff,” Laura said, sitting up on the bench. As she began shoveling spoonfuls into her mouth, she glanced at Kelly. “You won fum?” she said with a full mouth, pointing at the bowl.

“No thanks, I just ate a little earlier,” Kelly said. “I think I’m gonna go change myself while you eat.”

“Oh okay,” Laura said. But as Kelly turned towards the door, she suddenly realized what Kelly had just said. “Wait a minute,” she said suspiciously.

Kelly turned back around. “Hm?”

“Did you just say you’re gonna change yourself?”

“Well, yeah.” Kelly clearly did not see the problem.

“You mean, like, your clothes?”

“No, I mean my diaper.”

“WHAT?” Laura nearly choked. “You’re wearing a diaper too?!”

Kelly still behaved as if this were totally normal. “Yeah, you didn’t expect me to go back to Earth every time I gotta pee, did you?” she smiled. “Don’t be silly.” Laura was left speechless as Kelly left the room. She wasn’t entirely sure why it surprised her so much; after all, Kelly’s logic did make sense. But how could she have been wearing diapers for so long without Laura even noticing? She continued to eat as she came up with other questions to ask Kelly when she came back.

Kelly came back into the room just as Laura finished eating. “Okay! Costume time!” she yelled, rubbing her hands excitedly. The box had been laying next to the bench the whole time, all the components still in it. Kelly walked quickly over to it, pulling out the pink-and-blue shirt/skirt first. She threw it at Laura and began grabbing out everything else, which included the black mask, blue socks, and white gloves and boots.

Having not seen the boots and gloves before, Laura started to really see how much work Kelly had put into this costume. “Wow, you really went all out on this, didn’t you?” she said uneasily.

“Well, yeah!” Kelly said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “You ARE a superhero, after all. I wanted you to look awesome!”

Laura sighed, feeling defeated. She looked down at the blue “P” on the chest of the costume. “You really want me to wear this when I’m, like… saving the world and stuff, don’t you?”

Kelly looked up, her hopes sparked. “Yes, I REALLY do!”

Laura was silent for a moment, thinking it over. I dunno… I’ll think about it."

“Yes yes YES!” Kelly yelled. “I knew you’d give in! I jus-”

“Hang on, hang on,” Laura cut her off. “I said I’d think about it. That doesn’t mean ‘yes.’”

“Okay whatever! Just put the thing on already!” Kelly said rapidly.

As Laura slipped the top of her costume onto her body, she asked Kelly, “So… You wear diapers too, huh?”

“Yeah, just temporarily,” Kelly responded evenly.

“Do you… you know, like them?”

“Like them? Aha, no. The only thing I like about them is the convenience. Everything else just sucks. They get hot and itchy, you get really uncomfortable when you’re wet… Oh, and don’t even get me started on pooping in them.”

Now this surprised Laura even more. “You tried pooping in them?”

“Yeah, just one time. It didn’t feel horrible or anything, just kinda mushy. But when I was going to change it, I accidentally slipped on the floor and landed straight on my butt. It actually cushioned my fall, but the poop just went everywhere. It took me like an hour to completely clean it all up.”

Laura laughed at the visual. “Oh my God, that’s hilarious.”

“Yeah, it’s kinda funny now that I think about it,” Kelly said with a smile. “But I don’t know how you can stand being in diapers twenty-four seven.”

“I don’t know,” Laura shrugged. “They’re kinda growing on me. They make me feel kind of, like, secure, in a way. It’s really hard to describe.”

“Yeah, well don’t get used to the idea of me wearing them,” Kelly warned her, “because when we’re out of this ship, I’m out of diapers for good. There will be only one diaper baby living in our apartment when this is all over with.”

“Oh yeah?” Kelly grinned. “Just keep in mind that this diaper baby’s about to save the world.”

“Yeah! That’s the spirit!” Kelly said excitedly. As Laura stood up to straighten and adjust the costume, Laura beamed. “It looks SOOO AWESOME! OMG!!”

Laura kept trying to pull the skirt down, but it wouldn’t go any lower. She knew that her diaper must be peeking out from underneath. “Kelly, can this skirt go any lower?” she asked.

“Nope,” Kelly said. “If we made it any longer it might mess up your movement. I did a lot of research on this, ya know.”

“That’s BS,” Laura accused her. “You know damn well that you just did this so everyone can see my diaper.”

Kelly let out a giggle. “Yeah yeah, you caught me,” she said. “But it’s still really awesome. Plus, nobody will be looking at your diaper if you’re out there beating up on aliens.” She picked up the remaining pieces of the outfit and threw them at Laura. “Here, now put on the rest.”

Laura rolled her eyes at Kelly. I probably won’t be wearing this stupid thing anyway, she thought. She first put on the socks, which went about two-thirds of the way up her thighs. She then struggled a bit with the boots, but managed to pull them on her feet, leaving a snug but comfortable fit. Then she slipped on the gloves, which came just a bit less than halfway up her forearms. Finally, she picked up the mask. She put the front part over her eyes and tied the back underneath her short hair.

When it was all done, Laura simply stood in front of Kelly. “Well? How is it?” she asked.

“Oh my God. Laura, you look absolutely FREAKING INCREDIBLE RIGHT NOW!!” Her voice was extremely loud, her hands shaking in front of her chest. “You GOTTA let me take a picture of this!”

Kelly began to whip out her phone, but Laura quickly stopped her. “Hey, what did I say? No pictures!” she yelled, pointing at the phone.

“Oh come ON! Why not?”

“Because I said so,” Laura said, crossing her arms. “I put this on, you get to see it. Nothing else. That’s the deal we made.”

“Ugh, you are such a fun killer,” Kelly heaved, grudgingly putting her phone back in her pocket. “Fine, I won’t take pictures. But can I at least-”

Suddenly, the door burst open. Gondreth entered quickly, followed by several other blue aliens of the same species but varying in size. “Laura!” Gondreth yelled. “Quickly! We must get you off the ship!”


Laura and Kelly were hauled by the blue aliens through countless hallways and past numerous rushing bodies. Everything was a blur; one moment Laura was safe and sound in her white room, and the next she was being carried away to God-knows-where. Though nobody had told her yet, she had a feeling she knew what was going on, and just the thought of it made her physically sick.

She lost track of time as dread slowly washed over her. Her training had made her feel certain that she would be prepared for when this time came, but it felt too early. Like a student about to take a test, she felt her confidence dwindling as the moment of truth approached.

After a while - a minute or an hour, Laura couldn’t say - the group of aliens escorting the two girls finally stopped inside a hangar full of spacecrafts. Just as in the halls of the main ship, the place was in a frenzy with aliens in suits running every which way. The group carrying the girls began moving once again into the middle of the mass and stopped again in front a slick-looking spaceship. It was obviously made for speed and maneuverability and it seemed to lack any kind of weapon. A door on the side opened, and the Hurians quickly escorted the girls inside. Gondreth followed, as well as two of the larger aliens, each holding an impressive-looking blaster. Contrary to how it appeared on the outside, the ship was actually quite roomy and could easily accommodate all five members.

Laura, still feeling quite ill, slowly slid into a seated position in one of the chairs that lined the walls. Her butt was greeted by a warm, squishy sensation, indicating that she had messed herself at some point during the trip. It was liquidy, and slid easily to the front and back of her diaper, causing her some discomfort as she felt bubbles form and pop within the padding.

Her attention shifted to Kelly, who had somehow ended up sitting right next to her. As they exchanged a look, Kelly appeared more confused than anything, but could not conceal just a hint of fear at the suddenness of this event.

As they felt the ship begin to lift into the air, Gondreth, who took a seat across from them, began speaking. “Laura, the Drazzelians have launched an unexpected surprise attack on the ship. We have not yet made contact with them, but our radars have determined that an unusually large squadron is approaching the base as we speak. We have sent out some fighter drones to keep them occupied while we evacuate to a safer location.”

While this came as no surprise to Laura, it did confirm her worst fear. These Drazzelians were showing no mercy in trying to capture her. She did take some comfort, however, in knowing that the Hurians had at least been ready for such a situation.

The ship zoomed off at an incredible speed, followed closely by several larger, heavily armored ships. Laura again turned to Kelly, who gave her a comforting look. “Don’t worry,” she said reassuringly, placing a hand on Laura’s shoulder. “They’re gonna take us to a safe place and make sure you’re ready to fight off those bad guys.”

Laura smiled. She was just starting to feel relieved again when the ship suddenly shook, startling all three of the sitting passengers. Gondreth immediately stood up and walked swiftly to the front of the ship, where the two pilots could be seen. They spoke in their native tongue and seemed to make urgent gestures toward each other while the pilots navigated the ship in crazy evasive maneuvers. Meanwhile, the larger ships outside could be seen firing from their rear turrets.

Any sense of safety still lingering in Laura was now gone; if she could see friendly ships firing, that could only mean that enemy ships were not far off. Fear overcame her again, and she gripped Kelly tightly in her arms. Despite herself, she felt tears welling up in her eyes and dripping down onto her mask. Kelly could do nothing but return the hug and try to comfort the miserable girl.

As suddenly as it had started, the chaos seemed to stop. The ship returned to its normal pattern and the fighter crafts outside ceased fire. Laura did not get her hopes up too quickly, however; she looked toward the front of the ship where Gondreth still stood. He now hunched over a small desk with several buttons on it, from which a strange transmission could be heard. Gondreth seemed to speak back to it aggressively, but neither Laura nor Kelly could understand what was happening. After a minute, the transmission stopped, and Gondreth walked back over to where the girls were still sitting. He paused for a minute before speaking, a concerned expression on his face.

“I have just received a transmission from the enemy. They warned us that if we do not give you over, they will be forced to destroy our entire base.”

“Wait,” Kelly said skeptically, “wouldn’t they just do that anyway?”

“That is exactly what I thought,” Gondreth replied. “So, of course, I refused the demands. But they went on.” He paused again before continuing. “Laura, they somehow know what you are and where you are from. Realizing that there is nothing I would not surrender for your safety, they have instead threatened something of yours: your home planet.”

Laura’s breath caught in her throat. Did she just hear him right? Quietly, almost whispering, she said, “You mean…”

“…Laura, if I do not hand you over to the Drazzelians, they will invade Earth.”

Laura had taken all she could handle. The combination of her own fumes and the overwhelming pressure from her current situation sent her into a downward spiral toward total blackness.

Images swam in front of her: she saw herself as a child, playing in the yard; at school, answering questions; at her tenth, twelfth, fourteenth birthday party; seeing Kelly for the first time in high school; taking walks between school and home…

But most vividly of all, she saw herself picking up a red gem in the forest. And as she touched it, her surroundings faded to complete darkness. All that existed was her and the stone in her hand. Stupid little stone; why hadn’t she just left it in the forest? Why didn’t she just keep walking past it? Here it was, the entire reason that she was in this horrible situation. Her entire planet - seven billion people - would be destroyed because of this very object. Her frustration at the stone grew into a raging fury. She squeezed the stone tightly in her hands as anger swelled inside her. But the stone did not give in easily; it began to burn her hand as she squeezed ever more tightly, steam beginning to rise from her palm. Laura remained strong, embracing the pain as she felt herself growing more and more ferocious, her fingers nearly melting into the hard material. She gritted her teeth in pain and anger, and when she could take no more, she raised the small red gem above her head and threw it with all her might to the ground.

The stone shattered into a million pieces, which came to rest on the ground. Laura breathed heavily, still not satisfied with this destruction. Suddenly, the pieces began to shake. They floated up from the ground and started to grow and transform. Laura watched as they mutated into those horrible demons that had for so long haunted her subconscious. As they finished their transformation, they began closing in on Laura as they had done twice before.

The initial shock of seeing these creatures sparked a fear deep inside Laura, paralyzing her as the demons grew closer. But then, she heard that voice again: “It’s all in your head. It’s all in your head.” She slowly started coming to the realization that this truly was all in her head; that she had the power to stop these monsters from overtaking her. Utilizing the same brute force that she had used just a moment ago, she began swinging at the demons the way Jagathor had taught her. The large, forceful movements of her arms sent the beasts flying, and each one disintegrated as it hit the ground. Back and forth she moved, arms and legs flowing powerfully and striking the shadows that invaded her mind. And soon, it was all over; she had won. She was all that was left.

Then, a blinding light. She shielded her eyes as the light overtook her. When she opened them again, she found herself in yet another white room; only this time, there was nothing but white. She felt a hand touch her shoulder and turned around to the friendly, bubbly face of Kelly.

“Hey Laurie! How you doing?” she asked with a smile.

“Kelly!” Laura was surprised for some reason. “What are you doing here? What’s going on?”

“Oh, you know, just watching you kick some monster butt.” She put her fists up and began imitating Laura’s fighting moves. “You should’ve seen yourself! You were all like, ‘Pow! Take this! Take that! Wappahh! Kapowie!’”

“Wait… you saw all that?” Laura was incredibly confused.

“Yup, sure did.” Kelly returned to her regular stance. “I know everything that goes on in your screwy little head. I’m the subconscious version of your friend Kelly!” She put her arms up, palms facing up, and smiled proudly.

Oh great, Laura thought. This lunatic is even in my brain.

Kelly laughed. “Omg, that’s hilarious!” she said.

“Wait, what-” Laura began.

Kelly cut her off. “Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. Laura, you do know that you’re the most powerful thing in the universe, right?”

Laura did know this, but was still a little reluctant to admit to it. “Um, I guess, but-”

“No, you don’t ‘guess.’ You are,” Kelly said a bit forcefully. “Got it?”

“Okay, jeez,” Laura replied, putting her hands up in defense.

“So what in the world is holding you back, huh?” Kelly’s hands were on her hips. “What do you think all these black monsters in your head are from?”

Laura thought for a while. That was certainly a good question; where did these monsters come from?

“Think about it, Laura.” She held up her hand as if presenting something, and above her appeared images of Laura’s past. “Think about all the times you’ve felt ashamed of yourself or that you weren’t good enough.” The images Laura saw were of her sitting alone at lunch, staring at boys from a distance, rejecting party invitations…

Suddenly, Laura realized what it was. My… confidence? she thought.

“There you go!” Kelly said excitedly. She put her hand down as the images disappeared from view. “Each of those demons represented a time when you didn’t feel confident enough in yourself to take on a situation or to put yourself out there, even when you really wanted to. You’ve always felt like you’re not good enough, Laura, and that just isn’t true. You are good enough; you’ve always been good enough.”

Laura felt a sense of enlightenment at this realization. She felt her shoulders become lighter as she finally realized the source of her problem. All this time she felt like she was less than everyone else; that she was somehow inferior. Deep down she knew that this feeling within her existed, but she could never pinpoint it or name it explicitly. Now the answer sat in front of her, clear as day.

“Wow,” she whispered. “All this time…”

“Laura…” Kelly held out her hands, and a full-body mirror appeared in her grasp. Kelly looked herself over: she wore only the diaper and sports bra that she had worn for so long in the alien space ship. Her eyes looked tired and her hair disheveled. Dirt streaks covered her body. All in all, she looked like an absolute mess. Kelly continued: “You may be the most powerful being that has ever existed, but it means nothing if you have no confidence. You have to reach deep within yourself and be willing to take risks, even if it means getting hurt once in a while. If you don’t realize this now, there will be nothing left for you later on.”

Kelly continued to look at herself. She was a sad sight in the mirror; certainly not what she wanted to look like. She closed her eyes. That’s not what I look like, she thought. I’m better than that. She opened her eyes again; this time, she was fully clothed in her pink-and-blue superhero outfit. Her smooth, black hair glistened in the bright light and her blue eyes glowed brightly. The look of a true hero.

Kelly peeked out from behind the mirror and smiled at the sight. “That’s more like it,” she said, grinning. The mirror suddenly disappeared from view. Kelly walked up to Laura and pulled her into a hug. “I believe in you, Laura,” she said softly. "Now, wake up. Wake up, Laura… Please…

Kelly had tried everything in her power to revive the unconscious Laura. She was not breathing, and her pulse was getting slower. Not knowing what else to do, Kelly now hugged her friend who still lied on the floor of the ship and begged for her to wake up.

“Please, Laura… Just wake up…” Tears filled Kelly’s eyes as she pleaded with Laura. Just as she was about to give up hope, she felt Laura’s chest move. Laura started coughing heavily as air finally filled her lungs and her heart raced to pump oxygen through her body.

Kelly looked down in disbelief. “Oh my God, Laura! I thought you died!”

As Laura came to, she slowly sat up and felt blood rush to her head. “Well… I didn’t…” she muttered.

Kelly laughed and cried at the same time as she hugged Laura tightly. When she finally let go, Laura slowly stood up, feeling her still-messy diaper sag between her legs. She turned to face Gondreth, who was visually relieved that Laura had finally been revived. “Gondreth,” she said, “what’s happening right now? Where are the Drazzelians?”

Gondreth spared no time in explaining the situation. “In the time you’ve been unconscious, the Drazzelian forces have decided that they had waited too long for a response. They are headed toward Earth as we speak.”

Laura felt a new sense of control contrary to the moments before she had passed out. She thought for a moment, then said, “Where are we headed right now?”

“There is another base that we have set up to complete your training. We are going-”

“Forget that,” she said. “Start heading toward Earth. We have to stop them from invading the planet.”

“But Laura-” Gondreth attempted.

“No, Gondreth,” she insisted. “Take me to Earth or I won’t help you anymore.” She turned to Kelly, who was obviously surprised at this new behavior. “And Kelly, as soon as we get there, I’m gonna need a diaper change.”

Re: Pamperess


As the spacecraft approached Earth, Laura realized that the Drazzelian army had not yet reached the planet.

“This craft was built for speed,” Gondreth explained, “so we were able to reach your planet before the enemy. But they are not far behind. When we land, you both must prepare yourselves quickly for the invasion. I have notified the rest of our forces of your decision, and they will arrive as soon as they can.” He paused for a moment, and walked closer to Laura. “Laura, you do realize that your training is not complete yet, correct? I understand your decision to defend your home planet, but it is a bold undertaking. Should you fail, you risk not only the life of your planet, but of the entire galaxy. This is the final opportunity I am giving you to change your mind.”

Gondreth’s words did not falter Laura’s confidence. She looked him dead in his large, black eyes and said, “I know I can do this. I have to.”

Gondreth sighed disappointedly. “Very well. I cannot stop you.”

As the ship entered the atmosphere, Kelly was quickly going over the plan with Laura. “So luckily I bought a big stash of diapers that I keep in the apartment. We’ll just land right in front of our house and get you changed real quick so you can go fight some bad guys. Got it?”

Laura raised an eyebrow. “Really? You bought a whole stash?”

“Well yeah, silly!” Kelly said, as if it were an obvious choice. “Do you know how much cheaper those things are when you buy in bulk?”

Laura let the issue go. “Whatever. When we’re done with the change, you need to get right back on the ship and get away with Gondreth. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“What?!” Kelly said defiantly. “You gotta be kidding. I wanna stay and watch!”

“There is no way I’m letting that happen,” Laura responded without changing her tone. “Do you want to get killed? This is my fight, and you need to stay out of it.”

Kelly realized the logic in this, but still groaned. “Fine…” she said, crossing her arms.

The space ship landed directly in front of the girls’ apartment per their instruction to the pilots. One man mowing his lawn stopped to gawk at the sight of Laura, still in her costume and messy diaper, rushing out of the ship with Kelly following. They entered the house and Kelly instructed Laura to lie on the floor in the living room.

She ran to her room to grab the changing supplies and came quickly back, stumbling and almost landing on top of Laura in doing so.

“Come on, come on!” Laura insisted. “Hurry this up!”

“I’m trying!” Kelly said frantically while ripping one of the diaper tapes. The diaper opened, revealing Laura’s messy bottom, and Kelly quickly reached for several wipes from the container.

“Jesus, that’s cold!” Laura yelled as she flinched a bit.

“Just sit still!” Kelly ordered her. She had to use several wipes for this, which caused Laura to grow impatient.

“You don’t have to spit shine my ass, you know!”

“Damn it Laura, I’m just trying to get you clean!”

“Hey hey! Watch the skirt!”

“I know, I know.”

“Come on, do the powder real quick-”

“Don’t you think I know how to change a diaper by now?!”

“Well then act like it! This is the longest change you’ve ever given me!”

Finally, Kelly finished taping the new diaper onto Laura’s waist. Both stood up, and Laura spoke quickly.

“Okay, now you get back onto the ship and-”


Suddenly, the whole apartment shook, sending both girls sprawling to the floor. As they regained their balance, they stood up again and rushed to the window, where a thick cloud of smoke obstructed the view to the outside world.

The girls ran out the door and started coughing as they inadvertently inhaled the fumes.

“Oh my God!” Laura exclaimed in horror.

“What the hell happened!” Kelly followed.

As the smoke continued to clear, Laura began to see strange shapes appear. There were two of them, red and insect-like in nature, with two sharp mandibles and two gun-like weapons protruding from their sides. They laid their sights on Laura and slowly began to move toward her and Kelly.

“Kelly, get back!” Laura shouted. Kelly complied, and ran back into the house to hide from the creatures. Okay, this is it, Laura thought to herself. This is what you’ve been training for. It’s now or never.

She flipped the switch, and her blood began to boil. As she lost control of her bladder, the anger rose within her body. She began to feel stronger; more agile. She locked on to the ugly creatures confronting her and began her assault.

Laura dashed toward them and dodged the incoming pincers as they tried to grab her. Following this, she landed an uppercut on one’s head, sending it flying. As it struggled to its feet, the other continued to grab at Laura, but made no progress. She easily avoided its attempts and kicked it in its midsection. The creature bent and crumbled to the ground. By now, the other one had gained its footing and ran toward Laura quickly with outstretched claws. She ducked and maneuvered behind the alien and stomped on one of its four legs, causing it to shriek in pain. She chopped the monster in its back and it collapsed downward, too broken to stand back up. The alien she had kicked now stood up again and made one last, feeble attempt to grab her. She whipped around and punched it hard in the face, sending it down with its partner.

The battle now ended, Laura felt herself calming down. Triumphant, she turned to look at Kelly, who had emerged from the house, expecting to see her giddy with excitement. Instead, she was greeted with a look of dark concern.

“I did it, Kelly!” she said, breathing heavily. “I beat them!”

Kelly simply pointed to the area across from Laura. She turned to look, and was filled with dread as she witnessed what remained of the ship in which they had arrived. Fire and smoke arose from the mess, and Laura knew instantly that those creatures must have been responsible.

A faint gasp could be heard coming from the center of the rubble. Laura ran to the noise and threw some of the charred remains aside, revealing the beaten face of Gondreth. He was pinned from the waist down underneath the burning roof of the ship, and the same purple substance that had oozed from Jagathor’s knee now drenched him in several places.

“Gondreth! Oh my God oh my God!” Tears began to form in Laura’s eyes as she started to lift the roof from his body. Kelly watched from a distance, eyes equally wet, her hands cupped over her mouth.

Gondreth noticed Laura’s efforts and quickly stopped them. “No…” he managed. He made strange sputtering noises as he slowly continued. “I am finished, Laura. You must not concern yourself with my fate. It is more important that you defend your own people.” He reached his blue hand to lightly touch the top of laura’s chest. “It is within you, Laura. You have the power. Now use it.” With that, he took one final breath, and was quiet as his hand dropped to his side.

Laura had never really dealt with death before. She vaguely remembered going to her grandmother’s funeral, but she was really young and didn’t entirely understand what was going on. This was the first real experience she’s ever had of someone close to her dying. Even though she had only known Gondreth for a few weeks, it was him who had been there in the room with her, overseeing everything and preparing Laura for the danger ahead. Laura felt a sense of emptiness inside, as if some part of her had been ripped from its core.

But with this emptiness came a new sense of purpose. It was not only herself or her world that she was fighting for anymore. Now, it was for Gondreth, who risked everything to help Laura fulfill her destiny.

She stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes. “Thanks for everything, Gondreth,” she whispered. She walked back over to Kelly, who still had streaks running down her face from the tears.

The two girls just looked at each other for a moment. Then Laura spoke. “You need to get to a safe place. Find a basement or a shelter or something; just get away from me. I’m the one they’re after.”

Kelly nodded her head. She pulled Laura into a hug and whispered in her ear, “Good luck… Pamperess.”

The two exchanged a quick smile as they pulled away from each other. Then Kelly started to run quickly away from the scene of the explosion. Meanwhile, Laura heard a noise in the sky as more spacecrafts descended, not a single one of which looked like it belonged to the Hurians.

Re: Pamperess


Laura felt a strange mix of exhilaration and apprehension as the large, grey-and-black ships began to touch down. There were hundreds of them, landing for what seemed like miles in a circle around the hero. Startled out of their homes from the previous fight, people in the surrounding apartments began fleeing on foot and in cars in scattered directions, not sure of where they could possibly be safe. Laura, in contrast, stood still, preparing to face the impending army of aliens.

As the area around Laura cleared out quickly, she could see some of the nearby ships begin to open. Inside each were dozens of red creatures, the same species of the two she had just beaten. Laura clenched her fists and braced herself for the onslaught, feeling the energy coursing through her body once more.

They quickly surrounded the girl and enclosed her in a circle. Laura’s fists began swinging, making impact with heads and bodies in a swift fashion. She managed to grab one by the neck and tossed it into several others, sending them tumbling to the ground. The claw-like appendages attempted to grab at her arms and legs and she began snapping them, hearing a bloodcurdling screech from her victims as they fell to the ground.

With each creature that fell, two more seemed to take its place. The horde was endless, but so was Laura’s energy. She kept her arms and legs moving, one after the other, effortlessly cracking the exoskeletal bodies of her enemies as they continued to swarm toward her. Their feeble attempts to grab her were useless, as she was much faster and stronger than any of them. This is easy, she thought to herself as the movements became routine. This is almost too easy. She almost laughed as she realized that she was easily decimating the enormous alien army.

After a while, a deep, booming noise, like a very deep siren, seemed to crash down on Laura’s ears. And all at once, the creatures stopped, even as Laura kept attacking. She punched down one more of them and turned around, ready for the next, before finally noticing the stillness. She looked around, now very confused: Why did they stop? The creatures were looking up in the sky, so Laura followed their gaze. A huge, purple ship glowed in the air and was quickly descending toward Laura’s location. It looked heavily armored and had several large turrets on the exterior. As it grew closer, the noise grew louder. The aliens made room for the ship to land about fifty or so meters from Laura, and as it finally touched down, the noise stopped. The humming of the ship’s engine slowed as a large door opened outwards to the ground. Laura knew by now that this ship was of some importance, but what it held within she could hardly guess. What could possibly make all these aliens suddenly stop and stare?

Then, a hulking figure emerged, walking down the ramp formed by the inner side of the door. Twice the size of the surrounding aliens, it wore a cloak which matched the color of the ship. There was a blue, glowing design on the chest: an alien symbol which looked like some foreign letter, lying within a triangle. A hood shrouded its head and face. The inferior aliens quickly made a clear pathway between Laura and the ship, allowing the mysterious figure to approach.

“Laura, the human female of the planet Earth. I have been awaiting this moment for a long time.”

Laura’s breath caught as the dark figure spoke. The voice was deep and dominating, though not threatening. She hesitated, but regained her own voice as she questioned this entity. “Who are you? How do you know my name?” she asked loudly.

“Who am I?” The voice seemed amused. “I am the one you have been trained to stop, Laura. I am the commander of the Drazzelian forces; the conqueror of planets and solar systems across the galaxy. I…” The arm of the cloak reached up to the hood and pulled it down as he finished speaking. “…am Drazzenon.”

Laura looked at the alien’s face with mild disgust. His four eyes were lined horizontally in the center of his bright green face and there were short pincers on the corners of his mouth. His cheeks appeared to be sucked inward as if he were eating something sour. He had two nostrils in the middle of his face, but no nose. His bare head was lined with a pattern of indents and wrinkles.

“As for your identity,” he continued as he walked closer, “it is one of two facts I know about you. The other is that your body contains a highly powerful energy developed by Hurian forces, a power which I desired to have for myself since learning of its inception. Now that that power has been absorbed by your body, the only way I may yet obtain it is through you.”

Laura’s curiosity kept her listening. Where was he going with this?

“Laura, I am certain that by now you have been told how great the power is that lies within you. You have also been told to use this power against me. But for what purpose?”

After a brief silence, Laura realized that he was waiting for her to answer. “Because… you’re going to take over the galaxy?”

“Precisely.” Drazzenon was now getting close to Laura. He stopped about ten feet in front of her and continued. “You have been told that your purpose is to destroy me and defend the freedom of the galaxy. But why do you allow yourself to be so easily manipulated by a people with which you have been associated for such a short time?”

Manipulated? Laura thought back to what Gondreth had told her about the Drazzelians. She had always trusted him when he spoke of this enemy race; what reason was there not to trust him? “The Hurians told me that you are violent creatures, and that you want the galaxy under your control to use as you please.”

“And what makes you think they were not just using you?” the alien asked skeptically. “Have you ever considered the possibility that you have been working for evil this entire time, and they were just fortunate enough to have found you first? What if you are brainwashed, tricked into a false sense of righteousness by the Hurian scum? They are a smart race, Laura. Too smart. They have you tricked into thinking that I am your enemy. But I want to help you.”

Laura scoffed at this suggestion at first. How stupid this guy think she was, anyway? But when she thought about it, it was true that the Hurians had been pretty lucky by finding her before the Drazzelians did. She also admitted to herself that it was possible they had been lying to her the entire time, and simply wanted to use her to get rid of their main enemy. Unlikely as she believed this to be, she decided to humor Drazzenon. “Help me with what?” she asked.

“To realize your true potential.” These words rang in Kelly’s ears, as they had been the words Gondreth used so many times before. “The power inside of you must not be wasted, Laura. If you join forces with me, we will be unstoppable. We can overtake the entire galaxy and establish a galactic empire, with you at its command. This is your destiny, Laura. This is why you were given this power. Consider my words wisely before coming to a decision.”

Laura now had to think for a while. For the past couple months, she had simply been listening to what the Hurians had to say and taking their word for it. Was that the right thing to do? Was it true that the Hurians had some stake in this that they had not shared with her?

And she realized it was true that she was the most powerful person in the galaxy. What would become of that power after she supposedly destroyed the Drazzelians? Would she just go back to being plain old Laura? That is all she had been wanting since this whole thing began, but it just seemed so boring now. The stone had given her a new sense of purpose; a new direction to her life. Was all that to end once her mission was complete?

No, this is ridiculous, said another voice in her head. Quit being stupid. Gondreth didn’t risk everything so that you could join the enemy. Kelly didn’t stand by your side through all this to watch you turn into some kind of power-hungry ruler. This guy is the real bad guy, and he’s trying to get in your head.

Kelly looked up at Drazzenon’s four eyes and gave her answer. “No,” she said. “I won’t fall for your tricks. You’re the one trying to use me, not the Hurians.”

Drazzenon was silent for a moment. “Is this your final decision?”

“Yes it is,” Laura responded with an air of accomplishment.

“Then you leave me no choice.” Laura watched the alien turn around and head back to the ship. Another loud noise, slightly higher than the last, began ringing in Laura’s ears. She heard movement and saw the aliens surrounding her point their blaster appendages in Laura’s direction.

Oh shit, she thought in a panic. She suddenly realized why the aliens had been so easy to fight up to this point: they were never trying to hurt her, only subdue her. Now, with hundreds of these monsters ready to blow her to pieces, she closed her eyes.

I can’t believe this is it, she thought. I made it so far, and this is how it ends. How could I possibly survive this?

“You can do it, Laura!” she heard. Suddenly, with her eyes still closed, Kelly’s figure formed in front of her. “You have the power to make it out of this! I believe in you, Laura!”

Next to her, Gondreth appeared. “Laura, you can win this battle. You must believe in yourself. Find the power within you. It is there, Laura. Now use it!”

Laura wasn’t sure how or why the two were talking to her, but she listened. She kept her eyes closed and began pumping herself up. She flipped the switch once more, focusing with all her might, summoning the full extent of the energy within herself. The intensity was so great that she could almost feel herself being lifted off the ground. She opened her eyes and watched as the aliens began firing their weapons… in slow motion.

Time around Laura had suddenly slowed down. The bright lasers from the guns moved toward her at the speed of a turtle, and she found herself easily able to dodge the incoming shots. Avoiding one laser after another, she started running toward the aliens and taking them out one by one, effortlessly cracking their heads and bodies at lightning speed. For Laura, it seemed to take an hour to disable the enormous group; however, when she finally cracked the skull of the last one and looked around, it seemed as though very little time had gone by at all. Most of the aliens were still on a very slow descent to the ground, and Drazzenon seemed only to have moved a few feet forward.

She leaned over and started breathing heavily from exhaustion. She had never accomplished such an incredible feat during her training, and the expenditure of power had worn her out considerably. As she desperately tried to catch her breath, Drazzenon stopped in his tracks. He turned around to look at the girl, who was surrounded by the injured, broken bodies of his army. If he was surprised at the sudden change, he did not show it.

“You are more powerful than I anticipated,” he said, walking back toward her. She was hunched over, hands on knees, trying to catch her breath. She could feel her head spinning as she heard Drazzenon continue. “The Hurians have trained you well. But decimating an entire squadron of my army in an instant has left you in a weakened position. And I intend to take full advantage.” As he said this, more Drazzelians began approaching from the distance. During their approach, Drazzenon started to remove his cloak, revealing his massive, four-armed body. It was humanoid in nature, with bulging muscles and a shiny green exterior. The hands each had three fingers and each foot had two large toes. The tank-like body intimidated Laura, and as a fist came smashing down toward her, she had to force herself to move out of the way. She stumbled backward onto her bottom, which squished from the volume of urine that now soaked her diaper. She looked around and saw the other aliens closing in, trying to think of what to do.

Then, she heard a loud explosion. A group of the bug-like aliens far to the right of her went flying as one of the Hurian ships blasted them. Reinforcements had finally arrived. Several ships flew overhead and ground troops began to run in, and the Drazzelians turned their attention toward the incoming threat.

As skirmishes began to break out between the two spieces, Drazzenon turned his head to see what had happened Laura took advantage of the distraction. She came to her feet and mustered enough energy to run toward the huge figure and punch him square in the gut. He flinched, but it was clear that he was not nearly as fragile as his smaller counterparts. Scowling, his focus now back on Laura, he swung his four fists once again. Laura dodged them the best she could, but only barely. One of his fists finally caught her cheek, making her head whip to the side. She saw stars for a moment, and an instant later saw a foot headed right for her body. It pressed into her chest with great force and sent her sprawling backward. She lied on the ground, unable to move from the shock of being hit with such brute strength, as Drazzenon approached her helpless body. He picked her up by the neck and she struggled against his grip, choking and gagging as the hand squeezed her windpipe. She winced and braced herself as the huge alien’s fist winded up, ready to finish her off.

Suddenly, a small rock met the back of Drazzenon’s head, causing him to look toward the source. “Hey dick head! Look over here!” The voice forced Laura’s eyes open and some distance away, Kelly stood with another rock poised in her hand. She chucked it at the monster’s head once more, which made him loosen his grip on Laura’s neck slightly and walk over to where the girl stood. Laura could not believe what she was seeing. What was Kelly doing here? She was supposed to be hiding! She tried to yell at Kelly to run away, but the grip around her neck prevented her from doing so.

Kelly stood her ground. She looked up confidently at the alien and said, “You put my friend down right now, you big piece of shit!” She reached down for yet another rock and chucked it at Drazzenon’s head. In response, he picked Kelly up by the ankle with one of his three free hands. Her head hit the ground hard as Drazzenon lifted her up, causing her to pass out.

“An acquaintance of yours?” Drazzenon asked, amused. “Perhaps I shall end her life first.”

As Laura watched him lift Kelly over his head, her anger suddenly surged. She gripped Drazzenon’s large hand with both of her own and brought her knees swinging upward toward his elbow. They landed with such force that it snapped the joint, causing him to cry out in pain and drop both her and Kelly the ground. He gripped his broken arm with the two hands from the opposite side, disbelief seeming to overtake him. Laura stood on the ground, her anger fresh from the visual of Kelly nearly getting killed. She lunged back at Drazzenon and started punching his gut again, landing one fist after the other. This caused him to drop his disabled arm and reach for the girl with his good arms, picking her up and throwing her in a fit of rage. She felt herself crash through the side of a house and land inside, but she quickly rolled and came back to a standing position. She emerged from the house and ran once again toward Drazzenon. He attempted to kick her as she approached but she ducked underneath his leg and came up behind his back. She quickly swept the other leg out from underneath him, causing him to fall face first to the ground with a “thud.” She jumped on his back in a single move and wrapped her arms around his neck, attempting to strangle him. He reached back and grabbed the girls body, tossing her in front of him. Both stood up once again. This time, it was Drazzenon who ran at Laura, and as he continued throwing punches, she blocked them all with her arms. She eventually caught one of his fists and swung the massive body over her head, sending him to his back. Finally, she jumped on him once more, and wound up her fist. She closed her eyes and put every ounce of what was left of her energy into her next move, and she watched as her fist went flying into and through Drazzenon’s head. The hand anchored itself within the creature’s skull, right between his middle two eyes. His body convulsed and he screamed out at the shock, and was then silent and still.

Laura yanked her hand out of the alien’s head, bringing with it some of the mushy substance from within. She saw where Kelly had landed and attempted to walk over to her, but the exhaustion overtook her. “Kelly…” she mumbled. Despite her efforts, the fuzzy feeling in her head finally overtook her, and her vision went black as she fell to the ground.

As Laura came to, she reached toward her head as she felt a sharp migraine coming on. Her eyes opened, and she found herself in a dark gray room. As her arm came into her line of vision she noticed several cables attached to her arm. She tried to sit up but the pain in her head increased, so she gave up the effort.

She had no recollection of how she had ended up in this room. The last thing she remembered was delivering the final, crushing blow to Drazzenon. She was too exhausted to care, however, so she simply drifted back into unconsciousness.

When she next woke up, it was to the sound of a door opening in the room. She lifted her head and saw Kelly enter, carrying a bag full of changing supplies. Laura smiled as the familiar face approached.

“Hey, sleepy head!” Kelly gushed. “How is my little hero doing today?”

Laura was relieved at the sight of her friend. It seemed that both of them had made it out of all that chaos in one piece. “Doing great, now that you’re here,” she said.

“Well, it looks like someone is in need of a change,” Kelly said, pinching her nose with her free hand.

Laura looked down and realized she was right; sometime during her unconsciousness she had both wet and messed herself considerably. She shifted her legs slightly and felt the mushy mass between her thighs. “Yep, you’re right about that,” she said.

As Kelly lifted her legs and began the process of wiping Laura’s bottom clean, Laura thought back to the battle. Looking back, it was incredible how she had managed to pull out that last bit of strength when she seemed to be defeated. But the sight of Kelly getting grabbed like that had given her the final push that she needed.

Wait a minute, she thought. She suddenly got angry as she remembered that Kelly was not supposed to have been there at all.


“Hm?” Kelly responded, not looking up as she continued wiping.

“What the hell were you doing out there?”

“Out where?” she asked innocently.

“You know what I’m talking about,” Laura accused. “I told you to find a safe place to hide and you just decided to come waltzing out into the open, waiting to get killed. What were you thinking?!”

As Kelly finished wiping, she reached for the powder and replied, “I wasn’t just gonna leave you there, Laura. During all that confusion when people were running all around, I ran into one of the houses to watch you battle it out. I didn’t see a whole lot, until you somehow took out every alien in one move! That was really awesome. But anyway, I saw that guy walking toward you and you looked really tired, and I knew that you might be in trouble. So I ran out and tried to help you. I don’t remember exactly what I did, but I think it helped somehow…”

“You threw a rock at his head,” Laura said. “That’s about the stupidest thing I think I’ve ever seen you do.”

“That’s what I did? Ha! Yeah, I guess that must’ve been pretty stupid. One of the aliens here told me that I hit my head pretty hard. I probably got a concussion or something, which is why I can’t really remember.”

As she pulled the diaper over Laura’s waist and taped it into place, Laura asked, “So where are we now? Is this some kind of hospital or something?”

“Yeah,” Kelly said, “something like that. The blue guys picked us up after the battle ended and took care of my head injury. You’ve been asleep for a couple days, and I’ve been in and out of this room changing you and stuff. They said they’ll let you leave in another day or so.”

The two were quiet for a minute, then Laura spoke up. “So… It’s finally over, huh?”

“I guess so,” Kelly shrugged. Suddenly, her eyes lit up as she got really excited. "You should see what it’s like on Earth. The media is going crazy over all this. Every news station is talking about the alien invasion and how it was stopped by Pamperess, the superhero!

Laura stopped her. “Wait, how do they know about me?” she asked.

“Well…” Kelly hesitated, smiling nervously. “I may have helped a bit with that. There were already people reporting sightings of aliens and stuff, and a few here and there mentioned that there was a pink superhero in the middle of it all. I just put it all together and sent the story to a bunch of news stations. The local ones picked up on it first, and then the bigger ones. So now, pretty much everyone knows about you, Laura.”

Laura thought about this. It was certainly strange hearing that everyone now knew about her and what she had done. It also felt kind of… exciting.

“Wow…” she breathed. “That’s actually really cool!”

“I know, right?!” Kelly yelled. “Pamperess, the Alien Slayer!” She pumped her fist over her head and took on a triumphant look.

Laura decided to join in. “Pamperess, the Savior of Mankind!”

“Pamperess, the Padded Protector!”

“Pamperess, the Diapered Dame!”

They both laughed together at the clever titles they had come up with. When the laughter subsided, Laura said, “You know, it’s funny to think how a few months ago we were both just normal people. Funny how much has changed, huh?”

“Yeah, that is weird isn’t it?” Kelly said, rubbing her head. “I mean, of all the things that could’ve happened in our lives, I never would’ve guessed that we’d be sucked into an alien war with you being the hero.”

Laura thought she heard a bit of disappointment in Kelly’s voice at this last part; Kelly had emphasized the word “you” ever so slightly. She thought back to when Kelly had tried to save Laura, and how stupid Kelly must have felt when she found out that the most she had accomplished was throwing a rock. But through it all, it was Kelly that had been by her side. Without her, Laura was unsure whether she would be be sitting here victorious.

“Hey.” Kelly looked up at the voice. “I may have been the one who beat the aliens and saved Earth. But I never could have done it without you, Kelly. You’re MY hero.”

Tears formed in Kelly’s eyes at these words. The two smiled at each other as they wrapped arms around each other in a warm, loving hug.


Laura was released from the ship after fully recovering. Before she left, several of the Hurian officers thanked and congratulated her profusely for helping them to destroy their sworn enemy, and Jagathor made her an honorary captain of the Hurian armed forces. They assured Laura that Gondreth would receive a spot among the most highly honored Hurians for the sacrifice he had made.

Laura and Kelly’s neighborhood was evacuated due to the events of the alien battle, so the two found a new apartment in a neighborhood nearby. The few people with which Laura had hung out before this strange series of events were convinced by Kelly that she had been attending a summer school program of some kind, which they believed. Laura talked to them about the whole alien incident, agreeing that it was indeed a crazy and mysterious occurrence.

Laura did attempt to switch back to panties, but found that her bladder and bowels were not quite as adept at containing her wastes as they used to be. Whenever she lost control, her panties would simply transform into a diaper as they had done before. She remembered how her original pair of panties had changed back to normal when she put them in the washer, and sure enough, the same thing happened when she tried it again. Somehow, though, wearing panties just didn’t feel right anymore. It felt like she was naked without the thick padding of a diaper constantly between her legs. Eventually, she gave up wearing them all together and switched back to diapers. She hid them easily under loose clothing, although it was less because she was still embarrassed by them and more because she didn’t feel like explaining why she now wore them.

As Laura and Kelly continued their schooling, they hung out together a lot more outside the apartment. She got to know Kelly’s group of friends, and found that she really connected with them. She even got to talking with one of the guys, and eventually, the two started dating.

As she had told Laura, Kelly no longer wore diapers on a daily basis. There were times when she would do it simply for convenience, such as going to the movies; however, the padding was just a bit uncomfortable to her. She happily continued to change Laura when she needed it, and eventually taught her how to do it properly on her own. But Laura still like it better when Kelly did it for her.

All over the internet, people still buzzed about the events of the alien invasion and the strange hero. Eventually, Laura decided to write her story and post it on a blog website, under the screen name “Pamperess.” The story quickly grew popular and people began messaging her, asking if she was indeed the famed hero they had heard so much - yet known so little - about. She never responded, and simply left them to wonder and speculate.

Although Laura had completed her main purpose as a superhero, she wanted to continue protecting the public. She attempted to keep the costume near her at all times, often leaving it in a bag in the trunk of her car if she was out of the house. She practiced with Kelly to change into it quickly in whatever secluded place she could find at the time. So far, there had been no need for her to do so. But if and when the time came, Pamperess would be ready.

Re: Pamperess

I like the story. It looks like there may be a sequel in the future.

Re: Pamperess

Perhaps one day. But that day is not today.