Pampered Pearl chapter 4

Here’s the fourth chapter. I’ve changed the female character’s name from Pearle to Pearl. It’s just neater. Hope you enjoy.

Chapters 1-3

Pampered Pearl

Chapter 4

Two days had passed since Pearl’s revelation, and I’d had time to come to terms with what she’d told me. The morning after, I’d found one of Pearl’s bags in the bathroom. Opening it, it proved to be filled with pull-ups, diapers, wipes and everything needed for changing. There were even a few toys and a box of crayons. I suddenly remembered she’d kept a stuffed animal, a floppy-eared puppy whose name was apparently ‘Spoink’, in her bed since day one. Not unusual for a teenage girl I suspected, although it did take on a slightly different meaning now. When I went down for breakfast, I didn’t mention the bag to her, and she didn’t bring it up either.

I knew I’d be okay treating Pearl like the little girl she wanted to be. When you’re in love, a part of that is obviously lust, but an even larger part is the desire to care for someone, to protect them and make them happy. Taking care of Pearl during her little-girl moments would not be a problem for me. I was okay with the diapers and wetting too. The thought of Pearl cuddled up in a diaper and sucking her thumb didn’t seem ridiculous or silly to me. It seemed cute and lovable, and something I was beginning to look forward to. That she felt relaxed and safe enough around me to actually surrender control over basic bodily functions and wet her diaper, made me feel strangely happy. But more than anything, I felt proud that Pearl had chosen to share her deepest secrets with me, and that she trusted me to be a part of them. Even though she had behaved like nothing had happened since she told me about her interest in being a little girl, I was sure it would bring us closer together when the time came. I definitely wanted that.

The only thing I was uncertain of was the messing. While I could understand that, for Pearl, the complete release of control was enjoyable and thrilling, maybe even essential to her experience, cleaning up wasn’t necessarily going to give me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Yet suffering a few moments of unpleasant odour seemed like a small price to pay in order to fulfil the deepest, secret desires of a loved one. Although I was unsure how I’d cope, I knew I wanted to try.

The day did not start well for Pearl. Actually, I suppose it did, because she stuffed herself with coco-pops at breakfast, but soon after that, Heather called on her cell-phone. I thought about leaving the room to afford her some privacy, but I could barely decipher Pearl’s hyper teen-speak when she was in friend-mode anyway, so I decided not to bother. The conversation seemed to start off pleasantly enough, but after a while I noticed Pearl looking unusually tense and grim, so I started to pay attention. From the way the conversation was going and Pearl’s icy tone, I surmised that her queen-bee position was being usurped, and that Heather-the-partygirl was the new pretender to the throne. The whole thing ended with a sugary goodbye, followed by Pearl slamming her cell down on the kitchen table muttering a barely discernable ‘bitch’. Slamming the phone down is a lot less fun in these cell-phone times, I though.

“Want to talk about it?” I asked.

“No. There’s no point. But she’s SO going to pay for this. I hope that wannabe-surfer bitch gets eaten by a shark.” She grabbed her cell-phone again and marched out of the kitchen. “I’ll be in my room.”

Oh well, I thought. If Pearl wanted to sulk, I’d give her some space. I might as well get something sensible done. I’d been faffing around a lot lately, what with Pearl around. I’d talk to her later, when she’d calmed down a bit.

I knocked on Pearl’s door a couple of hours later, and, to my relief, her voice sounded almost cheerful when she hollered ‘come in’. She was sitting cross-legged on the bed, reading a comic book. I suppose the cute manga cartoon had cheered her up. She was wearing nothing but a white top, ankle socks and a pair of tiny, tight shorts - the kind you can only get away with at a certain age. Stooped down over her comic, her hair covered her face, and it caught the sun spilling in through the window, giving it a golden glow. My heart skipped a beat. She looked lovely. Her room, however, did not.

I should have realized that teenagers are not the tidiest bunch, but I doubt I could have prepared for the state of Pearl’s room. From the amount of clothing lying on the floor or haphazardly thrown over chairs, tables and the bed, I was surprised she’d only arrived with the three suitcases and the bags. A pile of laundry was dumped by the door, her intention of bringing it down to the laundry room long since forgotten. Pearl would always tidy up and help out around the house, but it appeared that this diligence did not apply to her own room. I sighed. I suppose it was up to her. Circling the dirty laundry and almost toppling a wobbly stack of books and comics, I stepped into Pearl’s domain.

“How are you feeling?” I asked tentatively.

“I’m hungry,” Pearl stated with a slight pout.

“Oh, right.” Pearl seemed calm enough to me, and if she didn’t want to bring up her conversation with Heather, then it wasn’t really my place to do so either. “Why don’t you come down then? We’ll make some lunch.”

“Okay. Soon,” she said, stooping down to her comic again.

Summarily dismissed for her teenage territory, I retreated down to the kitchen to prepare lunch. I decided on chicken pesto sandwiches. While I wasn’t a great cook, my friends seemed to enjoy these and I hoped Pearl would too.

After a while, Pearl came trotting down. Surprisingly, she didn’t offer to help me with lunch, electing instead to hang over the counter, flipping through the comic she’d brought down with her. She seemed to only be looking at the pictures. I suppose she knew the story already.

While I was preparing the food, I must admit I did sneak a few peeks at Pearl’s ass. It looked splendid in those shorts. As I was finishing up, my eyes wandered over to her again, but this time I was surprised by what seemed to be a dark patch between her thighs. Her crotch seemed distinctly damp. I considered if this might be the first appearance of little-girl Pearl, but I wasn’t quite sure. She’d admitted that she sometimes wet herself by accident, and if that was the case now, I didn’t want to embarrass her by pointing it out. If this was an accident I’d let Pearl to quietly excuse herself and change.

Satisfied with my sandwiches, I placed a vase on the table, a lovely bouquet of summer flowers that Pearl had picked yesterday. Just the thing to brighten up our meal. I looked over at Pearl again.

The damp patch between her legs had grown into a dark crescent covering most of her bum, a slow trickle of pee running down her left leg. A small puddle had appeared on the floor beneath her, and her left foot was firmly planted in the middle of it, tinting her ankle sock a light yellow.

“Pearl, Honey?” I said softly.


“Did you have a little accident?”

Pearl turned towards me and her hand darted to her crotch. She peered down between her legs, then up at me.

“No,” she claimed insistently, her face a perfect image of wide-eyed innocence.

“Really? Because I kind of think you did.”

Pearl shook her head vigorously, long blonde hair obscuring her face. “No, I didn’t silly!”

“Uum… Pearl?” I nodded towards the fresh trickle appearing from her shorts leg, lazily making it’s way down the inside of her thigh. It’s hard to claim to be dry while you’re standing in a puddle and actually peeing. She looked down again. Then back up.

“Oops,” she grinned impishly. “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry Honey. It’s just an accident. Let’s get you cleaned up.” I took Pearl by the hand and noticed it was damp. “Come on, little gem.”

I moved towards the bathroom, a wet little Pearl tagging along behind me. I was enjoying this already. Little Pearl was cute, and she still had her sassy nature. I guessed little-girl Pearl would be a handful.

“Maybe we should try these diapers, Honey?” I suggested once we stood in the bathroom. “You know, just in case you have another accident?”

“NO! I don’t want to,” Pearl protested with force. “I’m NOT a baby and I DON’T need diapers! It was just an accident and it won’t happen again ever, ever. I promise. Diapers are stupid!” She crossed her arms defiantly, her lower lip stuck out to a pout.

I was a bit surprised by this. After all, Pearl had admitted wanting to wear diapers, and I thought she would be pleased. She definitely didn’t seem pleased though.

“Are you sure, Honey? Because it’s not nice being wet, you know. I think you should, just in case you’re unlucky again.”

“I’m NOT wearing diapers 'cause I’m a big girl now and I wear panties and I don’t need diapers anymore and you’re just a big meanie!”

“Alright. No diapers. How about these pull-ups then?” I tried. “They’re just like your big-girl panties, only…” Pearl cut me off.

“Meanie, meanie, meanie, meanie!” Pearl stamped her foot.

“Alright, little gem,” I sighed. “I know you’re a big girl now. Just wait here, and I’ll get some panties and clean clothes from your room.”

“Okay,” she beamed triumphantly.

Sifting through Pearl’s disaster area I picked out a summer dress, white, with small, embroidered flowers on. Among her underwear I found quite a few panties with cartoon figures, little animals or flowers on them. I decided a white pair with pink trimmings would be perfect.

Arriving back in the bathroom, I’d half expected Pearl to have stripped down, maybe even showered. She hadn’t. She just stood where I’d left her, although now she seemed engrossed in her effort to stick our two toothbrushes together by the bristle. Of course, I thought. Little girls don’t clean themselves up if they pee their pants. They need help.

I managed to peel off Pearl’s ankle socks despite her distracted passivity, but pulling her wet shorts down proved harder. I tugged the soaked shorts down to mid-thigh, revealing equally soggy panties, but, since they wouldn’t stick together, one of the toothbrushes kept dropping to the floor and Pearl would immediately stoop down to retrieve it, making undressing her rather difficult.

When I finally managed, I discovered that her pubic region was completely hairless and smooth. ‘Ouch,’ I thought. ‘bet that wax was painful’. And yet, despite having admired her adult body only minutes earlier, I found myself affected by the nakedness of the woman I loved in an unexpected way. My reaction to her nudity was not arousal, but it wasn’t indifference either. I was perfectly aware of her beautiful shape, but sexual feelings felt strangely out of context. I still wanted her, just not now, like this. Rather, I had strong feelings of tenderness and love - the desire to hug rather than make love. She needed me, and I was there for her.

Pearl too, seemed unfazed by the fact that she was naked in front of me. She’d given up her toothbrush project, and now appeared equally engrossed in balancing a shampoo bottle on its rounded lid.

“Right, Pearl. Hop in the shower, and we’ll get you nice and clean again.”


She stepped into the shower clutching the shampoo bottle, crouching down to continue her balancing game on the shower floor tiles while I picked down the shower head. I decided against soap. I suspected this would not be the last clean-up today, and I didn’t want to be too hard on her skin.

Once I’d showered and dried her, I slipped the summer dress over her head and pulled her panties up beneath it. She looked nice and clean. ‘Fresh as morning dew,’ I thought.

“So then,” I said. “My little water-gem is all nice and clean. Time for lunch.”

Pearl nodded. I picked up the shampoo bottle which she summarily dropped in the sink, replaced it and followed Pearl back out to the kitchen.

“Why don’t you sit here while I mop this up?” I said, sitting Pearl down at the table. I gave her the comic book to keep her occupied while I wiped up the remains of her accident from the floor.

When I was done I served my sandwiches. ‘Damn, these are good,’ I thought, taking a huge bite. I was hungry. Glancing over at Pearl though, I noticed she hadn’t touched hers.

“What’s the matter, Honey?” I asked.

“I don’t want it.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not hungry,” Pearl said, pushing the plate away.

“Well, I think you should try some. It’s really good, and you might like it. You never know 'till you try.”

“But it’s got icky green goo all over it,” Pearl complained, pointing to the pesto. “I don’t like it and I want Nutella.”

Nutella? I didn’t have any Nutella. I suppose few grown-ups have chocolate spread in their fridge. I started to realize I wasn’t too well prepared for the arrival of little Pearl.

“How about peanut butter and jelly? I think I have that,” I ventured.

“Okay,” she pouted. “But I wanted Nutella.”

So I made her a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, carefully removing the crusts and cutting them into neat triangles. I placed them in front of Pearl.

“So, what do you want to do today then, Pearl?”

I half listened to her chatting enthusiastically on about Spoink and how she was going to make him a castle, but in my mind I was making up a shopping list. I was hardly prepared for having a little girl in the house, and there were some things I needed if I wanted to offer Pearl the experience of a carefree childhood.

Once Pearl had finished her sandwiches, she was off, scampering upstairs without the slightest thought of clearing the table.

“Where are you going, Honey?” I shouted after her.

“I’m getting some paper. I’m going to draw a picture!”

That’s a good idea, I thought. Something to keep her busy while I go to the shops. I considered taking her with me, but somehow I didn’t think a teenager would have the confidence to act out these fantasies in public.

Pearl returned seconds later, carrying paper and her box of crayons. She plonked herself down on the kitchen floor and dumped the crayons all around herself.

“It’s going to be my best drawing EVER,” she claimed, and within seconds she was completely engrossed. I noticed that she stuck her tongue out of the side of her mouth while she drew. I’d only seen that in Charlie Brown cartoons before. Despite the absurdly bright and cheerful colours, her drawing was up to her usual grown-up standards. Pearl was quite good at it, actually.

“I’m just going to pop out to the shops, Pearl. Will you be okay?”

“Mhm,” she muttered distractedly.

Pampered Pearl chapter 4

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Pampered Pearl chapter 4

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Pampered Pearl chapter 4

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Pampered Pearl chapter 4

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Pampered Pearl chapter 4

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Pampered Pearl chapter 4


Pampered Pearl chapter 4

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