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Paine’s Nursery

Mr. Paine was a psychologist of the worst sort. He understood what made people tick. He knew what frightened them. He delighted in the mental anguish of others (especially women).

The scion of a wealthy family, Paine was no stranger to money. His father Tom was the executive of a food processing company. During his childhood he watched over the workers with his father. He enjoyed the abuse his father inflicted on employees.

Paine had an older sister named Jane. She was 14 years old at the time (4 years older than Paine). She had platinum blond hair and baby blue eyes. Her face was innocent and childish. Indeed, she looked more like a 10 year old than a developing woman. The most delicious part about her was her smooth, pale, silky thighs and innocent smile.

Paine’s parents punished any form of misbehavior. His sister Jane was caught pilfering makeup from a local beauty shop. Money wasn’t an issue. She could have easily bought the entire store. Instead, Jane enjoyed the thrill of five finger discounts. The local sheriff dragged her home after castigating her severely and telling her next time he wouldn’t be so nice.

Enraged by her actions, Tom beat her with his belt in front of little Paine. Her pain and suffering sparked something in little Paine: A certain passion and desire to cause little girls to cry and face humiliation.

These dark desires would build over time. Eventually, his sister became so frightened of her father she began wetting the bed. She blamed the ensuing nightmares and the abuse of her father as the primary cause. The bedwetting grew worse and she wet herself almost every night.

Tom would have none of that. She was a disgrace to the family name. No self respecting man would ever marry a woman who wet herself. Tom had a plan. His daughter was obviously a baby. Baby’s are selfish and steal things just like his little daughter he thought. They also wet themselves and have no control. If she was going to act like a baby she was going to dress like one too!

The next day Paine’s mother called him into his sister’s bedroom. Inside the room lie little Jane on the bed with nothing but a shirt on, her private parts exposed for all to see. Next to the bed lie baby wipes, baby powder, and a pink diaper with little Cinderella images clearly meant for teenage bedwetters. His mother appeared from the darkness of the adjacent bedroom and told him to observe. Paine watched with delight as she wrapped the diaper around Jane’s clean shaven little crotch. Her face burned crimson red with embarrassment.

“Leave!” screamed little Jane as tears streamed down her cheeks. Paine only laughed with glee at his sister’s predicament. He felt a twinge of pleasure deep down inside his pelvic area. There was something special about seeing a girl embarrassed and wearing a diaper. The event become one his fondest childhood memories.

His mother was absent most of the time. She was immersed in drugs, alcohol, and all forms of bodily abuse. She had no self control. No willpower. In a sense, she was “incontinent.”

One day, Paine’s mother suffered a drug overdose. She was sent to the hospital and died of cardiac arrest. Little Paine was grief sicken and angered by this. The loss of his mother was devastating - his psyche permanently altered.

He came to believe all women lacked such restraint. Women needed to be controlled, humiliated, and dominated (much like his father’s workers).

His sadistic desires and fantasy’s multiplied over the years. 14 years later Paine was a newly minted graduate with a dual PhD. in medicine and psychology from an ivy league university. A brilliant student and genius tactician, the young doctor excelled at everything he did. Like his father he had an entrepreneurial bent.

Paine started a business.

This was no ordinary business. Ostensibly the firm’s purpose was to reform women suffering drug addiction and domestic abuse through counseling and drug therapy. However, Paine’s methods were unorthodox to say the least. Indeed, he delighted in the psychological torture and humiliation him and his colleagues dished out.

Paine protected himself by having patients sign a waiver which released him from any future liabilities (in case one of the girls disagreed with the treatment and later tried to sue).

Paine shared his father’s beliefs. If women act like babies they deserve to be treated like babies. This includes diapers, pacifiers, cribs and teddy bears.

His first patient was a young woman named Christina. Christina had a serious problem with alcohol and knew deep inside she needed to take corrective action. She flew from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles just to visit Dr. Paine. It was 2 P.M. when she stepped into Mr. Paine’s office. She had already been drinking even though it was early in the day.

“You’re the doctor?” inquired the young lady in a sarcastic and rude manner. “Indeed, my name’s Dr. Paine” he replied cordially as he extended his hand in an attempt to give her a handshake. The woman softly nudged his hand in a failed attempt at a handshake. Her coordination was off.

“Hey, can I get a drink!?” yelled the woman obnoxiously in a slurred manner. She was clearly intoxicated and out of her mind. She was very cute and innocent looking. However, this was a girl who should not be wasting her life away drinking Paine thought.

“Of course, my lady…” said Paine softly with a crooked smile. “I always like to treat my new guests to a drink” he said. “The brew is one of my special mixtures. It’s sure to give you a kick but contains no alcohol. Remember, we’re trying to get you away from the bottle” he explained. However, the last sentence was misleading. He wanted the girl to be on the bottle… a different kind of bottle.

He stepped over to the cupboard in the back of the room. His body was now partly concealed by the tall counter. He reached into the cupboard and pulled out a special flask.

This drink was different. It was non-alcoholic and innocuous. It looked and tasted like regular alcohol but was actually a concoction brewed by Paine himself. The substance immobilized the victim and created peaceful, passive feelings which the doctor could then exploit.

Mr. Paine added something special to the concoction: A powerful laxative that would act within the hour. The beverage would cause her to completely lose control.

He brought the drink over to the young woman. She hastily gulped it down. “Perhaps you should visit with the other girls” suggested Paine. The woman took the suggestion to heart and joined the other women in the lobby.

The other women were also patients. They were brought in by Paine’s colleagues and were under their guidance. Many of them had difficult lives. They were all young and cute but had chosen to destroy themselves through drugs and alcohol.

Prior to meeting in the lobby the girls were also given a taste of Paine’s serum. Soon the urges of nature would take over and they would need to relieve themselves. Unfortunately for them, they would not be using the toilet.

“Welcome ladies” shouted Paine as he entered the lobby. “We’re ready to begin your treatment. Each of you have faced difficult times. I understand your problems. My mother also suffered from many of the same ailments you do. That’s why we’re here to help you.” stated Paine in a caring and friendly manner.

“Come this way. This is where we perform our therapy sessions,” he explained. The girls entered the large room.

This was no ordinary room.

The room was gigantic and very opulent. It was decorated with stars and paintings of castles and serene wilderness. In the center lie a large white table with black straps. Behind the table in the far back was what appeared to be a large wooden jail cell. Upon further inspection it was a crib the size of a small house.

They were in a nursery. Paine’s nursery.

“As you can see ladies, this isn’t going to be your average therapy session,” stated the doctor.

“You’ve all acted poorly. You’ve all show a lack of restraint in your lives. You’re a disgrace to yourselves and society” he said angrily.

“We’re going to fix that. Take off your clothes!” ordered the doctor.

“What!? You can’t do that to us! I didn’t sign up for this! This is insane!” the girls cried out. The doctor stared at them. His face remained expressionless. He glanced over to his colleagues and made a slight nod with his head.

They responded immediately. With great alacrity the men rushed across the room and grabbed the women by their arms. They struggled but were eventually subdued by the men.

“As I’ve said: You’ve all acted poorly. You’ve all shown a lack of restraint in your lives. You’ve all acted… dare I say, like babies?” he said forcefully.

“Because you’ve acted like babies you will now be treated as such” he asserted. “Does anyone know what little girls wear?” he asked.

The girls thought for a second but didn’t want to say what they were thinking.

“This…,” he said as he pulled out a large white diaper from the drawer next to the entrance. “This is what little girls wear. Tonight and for the rest of your time here you will be wearing one of these!”

“Discipline! Discipline is what each of you needs. Discipline is what you all lack. Discipline… is what will transform you back into grown women. Until you have it, you will remain immature little girls under the watchful eye of myself and my colleagues,” he bellowed.

Succumbing to the sedatives mixed into their drinks they began to relax and allow the men to take control. Each of them was stripped naked and diapered. They could no longer resist. They were tired.

“Play nicely now. We’ll be back to check on you later,” he told them. The men followed Paine as he left the nursery.

The girls began to get sleepy. Some of them had the urge to pee badly from the drinks they imbibed earlier. A few of them released their bladders and soaked their diapers with the hot yellow fluid which gushed from their little vaginas like a tsunami. Their consciousness began to fade as they slipped into dreamland.

Christina began to dream about her childhood. She remembered how her parents forced her to wear diapers at night just as the men had forced her to wear diapers in Paine’s nursery. “No, stop it!” she screamed. “I don’t need diapers. I just had an accident that’s all!” she told her father.

“An accident? You’ve been having them all week. Your mother and I are becoming very concerned. Perhaps we should take you to the doctor. Until then your mother and I have decided that diapers are the only way to keep your bed dry,” explained her father. “We love you. I’m sure the doctor will help you. Good night,” he said softly as he shut the door. She crossed her arms and slowly drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later Christina and the other girls woke up. Her vision was blurred and she had forgotten where she was or what was going on. Reality struck her hard in the face as she looked down at her diaper and remembered the other girls who were now also wearing diapers. Worst of all, she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen.

The laxatives began to churn in her stomach. Her bowels screamed in pain as their contents began to liquefy. A wet fart bubbled up from her diapered behind. Her cheeks flared up with embarrassment.

The room grew quiet.

The other girls observed silently. Fear turned into morbid curiosity as they watched intently. They knew they would soon been in the same situation. They wondered what little Christina would do. Would she run for the bathroom and risk further punishment? Or, would she succumb to the inevitable and fill her diapers like a good girl?

A few moments passed. Christina glanced around the room. Time was running out. Carefully, she slowly stood up. Any abrupt movements would cause her to violently expel the contents of her aching bowels.
Another wet fart signed things were headed downhill. The smell made her gag and she felt like throwing up. However, she was resolved to get away from the others. She began to quietly move to the other side of the room towards the couch. If she could hide behind the couch she could fill her diaper in peace - away from the prying eyes of others.

She made it only a few feet before doubling over in pain. It was too much. She got down on her knees. Her diapered behind was in plain view of the others. She let out a soft grunt as a torrent of watery fecal matter spurted into her diaper. Wet farts accompanied her final steps back into degrading infancy.

Christina shed silent tears of humiliation. She was now a bad baby and she smelled like one too! The other girls held their noses in disgust as the dark corrupt smells emanating from Christina’s pamper filled the room.


The door to the nursery flew open banging against the wall. Mr. Paine stood towering in the doorway. His face was obscured in shadow. The white silhouette made its way towards Christina. He picked the crying girl up with little effort and whisked her away to the changing table.

The tension was palpable. The other girls became nervous. They wondered how long it would be before they faced the same fate.

Christina lie on the table. Her soiled diaper visible to the other girls. Some of the girls choose to look away while others watched with their hands covering their face. Slowly, Mr. Paine ripped the tabs off the girls diaper. He looked her in the eyes. His eyes were hypnotic, they reassured the girl that everything would be okay. Daddy Paine was there to clean and help his little girl.

Her poop covered crotch was visible for all to see. She felt so weak. So exposed. So vulnerable. Mr. Paine wiped and cleaned the girl front to back in a very caring and loving manner. On the inside, Paine was a caring person. Although he got off on the suffering of others he also cared for them and wanted them to improve their lives.

The smelly diaper was removed and tossed into the diaper pail next to the table. He placed a fresh diaper under her and powdered her clean shaven vagina. Indeed, her little pussy was now powdered white just like a child’s birthday cake ready to be devoured.

Christina was sent back to visit with the other girls. They spent the rest of the day together. All of them had to go through the humiliating experience of wetting and messing their diapers in front of each other. However, the ordeal seemed to bring them closer. Indeed, the girls began to develop a sisterly bond over the coming days and weeks.

Morning sunlight pierced through the dark curtains of Mr. Paine’s laboratory. He got up and dressed himself in his usual attire. It was the girls’ final day of therapy. He would release them today if they had shown clear improvement.

He walked briskly down the main hallway ready to check on his little girls. The stench of stale urine overtook him as he opened the door to the girls’ nursery. They lie sound asleep in the oversized crib.

A yellow tinge glistened off of the girls’ pampers. They had finally begun bedwetting. Mr. Paine couldn’t wait to see the humiliation on their faces. He opened the gate into the crib which resembled more of a large wooden jail cell with blankets and teddy bears.

“Wake up!” Paine barked. The girls opened their eyes. They looked around at their surroundings. Why were they wearing diapers, they thought to themselves. Then they began to feel the wetness between their legs. Their urine drenched diapers irritated their skin and made them want to rip them off. One girl screamed and trembled. She was completely disoriented and had no idea what was going on. Then she remembered the events of the previous night.

She couldn’t believe what she had done. Why had she wet herself last night? She was frightened by the accident she had. Usually, she would wet herself after waking up like the other girls. However, she also felt a strange twinge of excitement between her legs. She couldn’t believe she was actually starting to like diapers and being controlled by Dr. Paine and his associates.

The doctor’s words echoed throughout her subconscious. She knew he was right. She knew she lacked control and needed to fix her life. She new she was a bad girl. However, she also thought Dr. Paine’s methods crude and overly sadistic.

The doctor felt differently. He knew that desperate times called for desperate measures. He was determined to save the girls from their own gluttony. Each of them reminded him of his mother in some way. He vowed to prevent the same fate happening to them.

The women had finally passed Paine’s test. He instilled a desire to maintain control over their own lives. Their experience with diapers taught them valuable lessons and what it means to be an adult and live responsibly.

In the end, Paine’s subjects gained greater control and awareness of themselves. They understood what it meant to be a functioning adult in society. Paradoxically, the “torture” they endured was actually a form of healing. The women thanked Mr. Paine and began to share his little fetish. At night they secretly lusted for domination and forced diaper wearing. They loved it when their husbands would baby them and control them.