Padded Roadtrip

Another story. This one is also up on AO3 if you want to skip waiting for me to post chapters.

In second person, Australian English.

Summary: Today is the day your mum takes you on a roadtrip holiday.

You’re going to drive all the way to Sydney and then drive up to Brisbane, stopping to see various sights along the way. It’s a long way to drive from Adelaide to Sydney though; mum says that even though we’re starting now it will be dark by the time we get to Sydney.

But that’s okay, you’re eight, you’re a big girl now, you can tolerate driving all day to see two whole new cities. Right?

Padded Roadtrip

Part One

You wake to the sound of your mum’s voice.

The sky outside is still a bit dark, the sun still rising. You think for a moment when you remember that today is the day your mum takes you on a roadtrip holiday.

You’re going to drive all the way to Sydney and then drive up to Brisbane, stopping to see various sights along the way. It’s a long way to drive from Adelaide to Sydney though; mum says that even though we’re starting now it will be dark by the time we get to Sydney.

But that’s okay, you’re eight , you’re a big girl now, you can tolerate driving all day to see two whole new cities.

You jump out of bed and head into the kitchen. Mum’s there eating some toast.

“You ready, honey?” she asks.


Well, get yourself some breakfast and then have a shower and brush your teeth.

You do to the pantry and grab a box of your favourite cereal, grab a bowl from the cupboard and the bottle of milk from the fridge. It doesn’t take you long to wolf the whole lot down.

“Don’t forget your teeth,” mum reminds you as you head to the bathroom.

You pull off your PJs and turn on the shower. It doesn’t take long to shampoo your hair and scrub yourself down. Getting out you wrap yourself in a towel and brush your teeth before drying yourself off.

Having forgotten to bring some clothes into the bathroom with you, you carefully peak out the bathroom door for any sight of mum. But having confirmed the coast is clear, you slip out and cross the hallway to your room.

In not time at all you’ve gotten some underwear and socks on, and knowing it’s summer you select some sports shorts and a t-shirt to wear. When you get back to the kitchen you can’t see mum, but you can hear movement in the loungeroom where mum is moving the bags you had packed the day before to take out to the car.

“Come you help me, honey?” She asks. “Just grab whatever you can carry.”

You grab your schoolbag that mum insisted you use to carry your day-to-day things and follow her out of the car. Standing at the boot you look for a spot you can slip it in. There’s a lot of stuff already packed but you find a spot eventually, giving the bag a wiggle so it will slip in. Mum’s doing something with the driver’s side rear door.

“You should do a walk-through before we go,” says mum, not looking up.

She’s right so you head inside and mosey about looking for anything important you might have forgotten. In the lounge you find your tablet you’d left charging overnight. That’s important so you gab that. Heading to your room you give that the once over, spotting your favourite hat. Satisfied you haven’t left anything behind you head back to the car and open the front passenger door.

Inside is the child-seat mum insists on using. You know the law says only seven-year-olds and younger have to sit in one, but mum insists it’s safest to be in one and you’ll have to sit in it until you outgrow it.

Most of your friend’s parents make them use booster seats, but this is a proper child seat with a special six-point harness. Mum had bought it specifically because it had the harness all the way up to age seven and does not convert to a booster seat when you got too big like most other less safer seats. You know this because mum told you when you complained about having to still use it.

It is comfy though.

You stash your tablet and stick your hat behind the seat. You watch as mum goes back inside to do her own walkthrough before leaving. You take your seat in the car to wait for her as the sun starts rising. You can already feel it’s warm and that the day would be a scorcher.

Getting your tablet out you start playing games, wondering why mum was taking so long when she finally steps out of the house and locks the door behind her.

Your door still open mum comes around and starts buckling you up.

“Mum, I know how to do it myself,” you say.

You’re a big girl. You shouldn’t need mum to do your seatbelt for you.

“I know, but sometimes I like doing it for you.”

You don’t grumble as she helps you slip your arms though the shoulder straps and pulls up the bottom straps, connecting all three together with a snap.

She gives you a smile which you try not to return.

“Watch your hands!” she warns before closing the door.

She hops in the other side and starts the car, closing the door with a slap.

“You ready?” she asks.

This time you can’t help but give her a small smile.


You pull out of the driveway.


About fifteen minute later mum is pulling into the petrol station for some fuel. You don’t way much attention as you fiddle with your tablet as mum fills up. But look up when the door opens; it’s mum.

“You want anything to drink?” she asks?

Mum doesn’t let your drink soft drink very often and she didn’t say “anything but that”, so you try asking her for it.

“Sure, any snacks too?”


“Uh – yeah…” you rattle off a few.

Mum rolls her eyes affectionately.

“I’ll get you one or two.”

Well it’s better than nothing.

You go back to your tablet and in a few minutes mum is back opening your door, placing several bags of something on your lap, followed by a huge bottle of something.

“What the?” you ask bewilderedly.

Turning the bottle so you can see the label you realise it’s some sort of generic soft-drink. It’s the same flavour you asked for but not the right brand. It is huge though; you had expected a can or a 600ml bottle, not a huge two litre bottle.

You look at mum questioningly.

“The servo drinks are normally really expensive. This stuff was on special though.”


It’s not too bad though. It’s still sweet and tastes pretty good, and it’s huge.


You sometimes put your tablet down and watch the scenery go by.

The Hills give way for farmland. You pass country towns and soon you’re in what mum says is the Riverland. Then we reach the Murray.

You didn’t even realise such a thing existed, but you were going on a boat for cars . Mum drives the car down the ramp towards the river and onto the ferry. There are a few cars in front of us and over the next few minutes a few more cars slipped in behind. Then a man pulled a boom gate down before going to the driver’s cabin to take the ferry across the Murray River.

You want to get out and watch, but apparently you’re not allowed to, so you roll down the window instead to get a better view.

It’s hot outside but you can smell the river. It’s not bad, but a bit weird.

At the other side the boat driver gets out to lift the boom at the other end of the ferry and cars start driving off.

As the car gets up the ramp you realise it’s even warmer than you thought and put the window up. There’s a town at the top. The heat reminds you though to have a drink and you do so before looking at the bottle. It’s about half-full and you didn’t realise you had drunk so much.

You don’t think much more of it though until mum is speeding away from the town.

“Mum, I need to go to the toilet.”

She gives you a sideways glance before turning back to the road.

“You should have asked when we were still in town. If you have to we can stop at the side of the road.”

You glance out the window. It’s farm country and there’s almost nothing at the side of the road to protect you from view. You’re not sure you could go knowing someone might be watching.

You shake your head.

“I’ll wait,” you say quietly.

“Well, the next town is about thirty minutes away. We can stop there.”

Five minutes later you’re fidgeting in your seat. Ten minutes and the pressure builds. At fifteen you’re beginning to have serious doubts you’ll last another fifteen minutes. You’ve stopped fidgeting because you’re not sure you’ll be able to hold if you do.

At twenty you are ready to bust, but… it’s still clear farmland. You’ve watched as dozens of other cars have passed in the other direction and there’s no cover at all. Someone is bound to see you.

In your worry your concentration laps for a second and a spurt of pee wets your underwear. Your eyes widen in shock and you draw a shocked breath.

“Pull over!” you say quickly.

You’re going to pee and there’s no way you can stop it, but at the side of the road is better than doing so in the car.

Mum pulls over fast and in the process the car hits a small pothole on the side of the road. You gasp again as another spurt leaves you.

You fumble with the buckle and then manage to fumble with the door handle too.

Then, you trip.

You don’t fall very far and there is some grass to cushion your fall, but you can’t stop it anymore, your pee gushes out of you. You can feel it soak your underwear and your shorts and all you can do in lying in the grass crying. By the time the flow ebbs your mum is by your side to pull you up to a sitting position.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” she tells you as she rubs your back.

You’re still giving the occasional hiccupping sob and your face is wet from tears but your mum takes the time to inspect your hands.

“No scratches?” she asks. “Do you hurt anywhere else?”

You shake your head.

“Come on, lets get you up. You don’t want to sit in the mud.”

It’s too hot for the mud to be anything but your pee.

Mum pulls you up before going to the boot and opening it for some clothes. You’re just sniffling by the time she gets back with another pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

“Do you want some help?” she asks.

You shake your head; this is embarrassing enough as it is.

“Do you want me to block the view for you?”

You freeze. You’re sure that some cars passed why you were on the ground wetting yourself like a baby and that someone must have seen you. You nod.

Mum turns her back to you as you pull off your wet shoes and socks.

You’re not sure what to do next; if you pull off your shorts and undies and then put on fresh sets your wet shirt will get pee on them, and if you change your shirt that’s wet around the bottom, your clean shirt will get pee on it from your shorts. Reluctantly you strip both your top and bottoms off.

Just as you slip on some new undies though you hear the sounds of a car. You move up against the car to give yourself some better cover and fearfully watch as it drives by. At it disappears into the distance you quickly get the shorts and shirt on.

With that done mum holds out a plastic bag to put everything in, ties it up and places it in the back. You’re subdued as you get into the child seat and don’t complain as mum buckles you up.

Now it’s over and you have time to think you almost want to cry again at the humiliation. It’s a reminder of the bedwetting you finally managed to stop last year. At a sniffle, mum grabs you hand and gives you a comforting squeeze, the next town in sight.


Mum gets some more fuel before pulling into the supermarket. She grabs you hand comfortingly.

“Honey, I’ve been thinking,” she starts. You begin to worry. “So that we don’t have to worry about another accident that we get you some nappies.”

You look at mum fearfully, your lip quivering.

“I-I don’t need nappies!” you exclaim.

“Sweetheart, I know what happened was really embarrassing for you. I don’t want you to have to go through it again. With a nappy on the worst that happens is it gets wet.”

Your eyes are watering in shame. A sob escapes you.

“No one will know about the nappies. I’m not going to tell anyone,” she continues. “And if you have another accident no one will know. You won’t have to worry about anyone seeing you.”

Mum looks at you sadly.

“I don’t want you feeling hurt like that again.”

Mum’s right, but you worry that mum will think less of you for saying yes, like you worried that you weren’t a big girl because you had trouble wetting the bed once.

“I’m not going to think badly if we get you some nappies.”

You give a shuddering breath before nodding. Mum gives your hand a squeeze in response.

“You won’t even have to come in, I’ll go get them and we’ll find somewhere to get you changed.”

It’s a small relief. Shopping with mum had felt embarrassing too when she had to buy pullups for you.

Mum leaves the windows down for you as you try to distract yourself with your tablet. The heat is oppressive but she’d back fifteen minutes later with some more snacks and a shopping bag you’re sure contains the nappies.

She tactfully doesn’t mention anything before driving in search of somewhere the change, eventually finding a toilet block and some picnic tables by the river. It even has a shower.

“You want to rinse down too, honey?” she asks.

You get out of the car and wonder where everyone is.

“Where is everyone?”

“I’m not sure, you’d think with this weather everyone would be swimming.” Mum looks around. “Maybe it’s too hot?”

You don’t see anyone either, so you cautiously move towards the outdoor shower. It only has unheated water but that fine given the weather. You give one cautious look around before stripping off and giving yourself a quick rinse. Mum has a towel for you by the time you’re done.

“Come on over here,” she says leading you away from the toilets and towards the picnic tables.

Once there she tells you to it on the table. You’re not sure why.

“Lay down, honey.”

Mum rips open the plastic package of… nappies , actual nappies. Not pullups like she used for bedwetting, but nappies that had to be tapped up. You eye them in shock.

“But – I-I don’t need baby nappies!”

“Sweetheart,” she replies. “You know pullups never hold much. You always had trouble with leaks.”

That was true, you could remember how just sleeping in the wrong position or sitting wrongly when you got up would cause them to leak onto your PJs.

“You don’t want to leak into your seat especially if the seatbelt squishes your nappy. These will hold a lot more.”

You squirm a bit, looking at the ground in embarrassment. You can’t disagree with what mum has said. You nod.

“Lay down.”

Mum undoes enough of the towel and you raise your bum so she can slip the nappy under you. Then mum tapes you up securely. When you sit up mum presses a clean pair of shorts and a shirt to you before tactfully going off to pack the car back up.

When you stand up you shuffle slightly feeling the nappy around you. It’s not bad, nappies have never felt bad, but it’s still embarrassing.

You slip on your shorts and shirt and head to the car, getting into your seat. Your mum gives you a kind smile as she does up the buckles. You can’t deny that mum isn’t treating you weirdly about it, so you let mum do them up for you.

Back on the road with the town distantly behind you stop yourself from drinking. You felt thirsty and already had the lid off and the bottle to you lips when you decide you should cut back, but mum notices.

“You shouldn’t stop drinking honey. I know you might think it’s a good idea after having an accident, but in this heat you’ll just make yourself sick.”

You squirm a bit, remembering the embarrassment of wetting yourself, but you are thirsty and your mum is right; being dehydrated sucked so you returned the bottle to your lips and quenched your thirst.


An hour and a half later you cross the border into Victoria. Mum says it won’t be long before we cross again into New South Wales.

The drink has gone right though you though and you start squirming again.

“When can we stop again?” you ask.

She glances at you before looking back at the road.

“I wasn’t planning on stopping until we needed fuel. You need to go to the toilet?”

You give a nod.

“Hmm, I’m not sure, but we can keep an eye out for the signs.”

It’s another ten minutes before mum spots one. The familiar feeling of being about to burst is returning by this point.

“It’s about fifteen minutes to the next town,” she says.

You blush in embarrassment; you know you won’t make it that far. It’s beginning to hurt to hold it again.

“Do – you think I’m a b-baby if I need nappies?” you ask.

You feel humiliated asking.

“No, sweetheart, never!”

You squirm again.

“It hurts,” you admit. You can feel tears forming in your eyes.

“Honey, if it hurts just go in your nappy. I’m not going to judge your badly for it.”

You give a shuddering breath. Mum’s right.

When she takes you hand and gives it a comforting squeeze you make your decision and relax. Mum tactfully doesn’t look your way as the long spurt of pee fills your nappy. It’s a relief on your agonising bladder to let it all out and you can feel your nappy swell under the strap of your seat. You know in that moment mum had been right about the pullup.

When the flow slops you squirm a little in your nappy. It’s warm and wet but it’s not bad for that, it’s bad because you couldn’t stop yourself.

“All better?” mum asks.

“Yes,” you reply quietly.

“Do you still want to stop?”

You quickly glance at her. You’re not sure you want to go through the embarrassment of getting changed just yet.

“When do we need fuel?” you ask.

Mum glances at the dash and make a quick calculation.

“An hour, and hours and a half or so?”

You squirm again, you’ll be fine until then.

“I can wait,” you reply.


You fall asleep not long after, the embarrassment and humiliation coupled with the early hour you had gotten up at exhausting you.

You wake to your bladder again. Eyes groggily looking around trying to figure out where you are.

“You awake, honey?”

“How long did I sleep for?” you ask.

“Hmm, two- and a-bit hours, I think?”

It takes a few minutes to process that.

“Did we stop already?”

“Yeah we did. Sorry I didn’t wake you, but you looked exhausted.”

The sleep had been nice, your nappy was still wet though.

“Is being wet bother you?”

“No,” you reply quietly.

“Well the next stop is twenty minutes away. You want to get changed then?”

You give mum a small nod.

Your bladder is filling, but this time you think you could hold… but it was still uncomfortable. You ask yourself if you should just go in the nappy; its already wet after all. Mum won’t be able to tell and you’ll be able to relax.

You give a discreet sideways glance at mum and grab your tablet. You start up a game before giving her another discreet glance. As you relax and the flow enters your nappy you try to look like you’re playing a game and not wetting yourself again.

Again, it’s a relief and the nappy isn’t so bad warm. It feels squishier too and is straining a bit more against the seatbelt between your legs.

At the next town mum pulls into a petrol station and leads you to the toilet with a changing table. You’re hesitant though.

“Don’t worry, no one is about,” mum says reassuringly.

You don’t see anyone either so you let mum lead you in, locking the door behind you.

She pulls the changing table down.

“How about you get your shorts off first.”

You hesitate for a second before slipping them off. You can see your nappy stained yellow and bulging slightly.

“Oh my,” mum says. “Definitely glad I didn’t get you pull ups.”

You squirm shyly at the comment.

“Come on, let’s get you up.”

Mum lifts you under the arms ad places you on the table, the wet nappy squishing under you. You lie down and she quickly untapes it before you hold your bum up and she changed the wet nappy for a clean one from under you. There’s a pause though and you overcome your embarrassment to look at what mum is doing: she’s shaking baby powder on you too. You try not to think about it as she tapes you up again.

A bit red in the face you slip your shorts on and follow mum out.

“Want some lunch?” she asks.

“Yes,” you reply.

It’s a bit later than you normally eat lunch, but you’ve had snacks and did sleep through normal lunchtime so you’re not super hungry.

“What do you want?”

You’re not entirely sure so you think for a moment. You eventually think of something and ask mum.

“How about we grab it to go and go find a picnic spot? I’m sure there are a few places around here.”

You don’t know anything about that but can’t disagree.


The food is good and you’re enjoying it, but then you feel the familiar movement: you need to poop. You’ve almost finished your meal but you mum notices the slight change in demeanour.

“What’s the matter honey?” She asks. “Need a change already?”

Look up at her in shock.

“N-no!” you stutter back.

“No need to be embarrassed about changes.”

You take another bite of your meal before feeling your bowels move again.

“I need to poop,” you admit quietly.

You’d already scoped the place out and hadn’t spotted a toilet and going back to town would mean doubling back.

“I don’t mind changing dirty nappies, honey,” says mum.

You look at her in shock. You’re not sure what to say to you avert your eyes and try to finish your meal.

“Couldn’t I – I just go –” you’re embarrassed to say it “– in the bushes?”

Mum gives you a sad smile.

“I’m not sure you should do that in a picnic park. We don’t have a shovel either.”

You squirm, feeling the strong need to go.

“I’ll go back to the car and let you do your business, okay?”

Red faced and averting your eyes you give her a small nod. She stands up but before walking off pulls you into a hug.

“I mean it, I don’t mind changing dirty nappies. Looking after you is never a chore sweetheart.”

You’re embarrassed but do feel comforted by your mum’s words as she walks off.

You don’t have a choice though.

You’re not sure what you should do though, you’re not sure you could go standing up and sitting on the picnic bench like sitting on a toilet mean it pressed into your bum. Eventually you decide to sit on the bench but use your arms to hold yourself up.

Shyly giving the park one last sweep for people watching you use you arms to lift yourself up a bit and begin to push. First though you pee a little bit, what small amount had accumulated since you last wet filling the nappy, but it doesn’t take much for the log to squeeze out as well; you’re only straining a little bit.

As the log drops into the seat of your nappy it takes on a bit of weight, but you can’t consider for long it as you feel another poking through. You push as it parts your bum-cheeks and then it too drops out. You sigh, relaxing now that’s everything out and then sit.

There’s a sharp intake of breath as the poop mushes on your backside. You hadn’t intended to do that, you just sat without thinking. You squirm a bit, feeling embarrassed again.

Again, it’s not bad and it doesn’t smell too much, but you worry what mum thinks of you.

She gives you a smile as she comes back with the bag of nappies and the changing supplies.

“All done?” she asks.

You give an embarrassed nod before you slip your shorts off again and lie down on the picnic table.

The process is more involved this time as mum has to wipe your messy bum down with wet wipes.

“Does this really not bother you?” you ask.

Mum stops and looks up at your face. You want to look away but you can’t.

“Not really, no,” she replies. “Maybe I’d prefer to not have to do it all the time, but this… it reminds me of when you were younger, and I wouldn’t mind it for a little while.”

She finished wiping you down and now it’s time for the baby powder.

“Like when I was a baby?” you ask in a horrified whisper.

She pauses after a few shakes and looks at you again.

When you were a baby, but it’s not about you being a baby. It’s just… it’s nice to have the opportunity to look after you more. I wouldn’t mind having to look after you like this a while longer.”

She’s taping you up as you stare at the clear sky.

It’s… nice for mum to be looking after you and it’s nice to know she really doesn’t mind; in fact, she wouldn’t mind doing it… more.

You lie there for a moment longer considering what the roadtrip holiday would be like in a nappy. The nappies are nice dry and they’re nice wet and if you stopped worrying about mum treating you badly about it you wouldn’t ever have to worry about toilet breaks or sore over-filled bladders.

“Would you like to stay in a nappy for the trip?”

You sit up, your arms shaking a bit. You can feel how warm you face is and the question. You’re avoiding mum’s eyes but just for a moment glance at her and you can see she seems hopeful at the question. It… would be nice.

“Y-yes,” you reply, squirming.

Mum gives you a wide smile and pulls you into a hug.

You feel a bit scared about the idea and about the idea of someone else finding out, but the idea is comforting all the same.

“Don’t worry, it will be our secret,” mum says as she steps back from the hug.


You feel too tired to really appreciate Sydney as you approach the city. It’s too dark to see anything too and mum says that to see anything good right now we’d have to drive though some really busy parts. Instead the place you’re staying for the night sounds too tempting.

Mum orders some pizza as soon as we’ve got the stuff we need for the night inside and you take a seat on the sofa.

“Do you want a change now or after dinner?” she asks.

Giving a bit of a wiggle your nappy feels pretty full and you haven’t been changed since lunch.

“Now,” you reply.

Mum gets you to lie down on the floor as she changes your wet nappy. Now you’re trying not to worry about mum the attention is kind of nice. Soon you’re all dry and mum helps you get your PJs on.

Mum gives you a small smile and a look as she comes in with the pizza box. You realise your nappy is high enough to peak out of your PJs. It’s okay though you think as you finish your food and head straight to bed.



Thanks for the really cute story, I hope you will continue it.



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I’ve got 4 chapters so far.

Padded Roadtrip

Part Two

It’s dark when you wake. You can feel your bladder warning you that you need to get up to the loo. Years of training to stop bedwetting is reminding you you need to get up, so you roll and begin shuffling to the side of the bed when you notice the padding between your legs.

That’s right, you’re in a nappy. A real nappy, not even a bedwetter’s pullup. You pause for a moment and then roll back into the position you had woken up from. You were wearing it, and mum had said you could use it. There’s a moment as you have to overcome all that training telling you you can’t pee here before, with a pleasurable sigh, you relax and let the flow fill your nappy. It’s warm and encompasses you. You can feel the droplets running down and over your bum before being absorbed by the fluffy lining of the nappy.

It’s nice and you realise you had forgotten how nice it as to not have to worry about this sort of thing.

Soon you’ve drifted off to sleep. It doesn’t feel like long before you’re woken again.

“Wakey wakey,” your mum calls from the door.

You blink the sleep away to see mum smiling at you.

“Come on, I’ve got breakfast going. We can eat, get you into the shower and then get ready for the day.”

Oh yeah, you’re in a new city, with loads of cool things to see.

Mum disappears as you take a moment. You can feel your nappy is wet and it’s also still warm under the covers.

Getting up, you can feel the top of your nappy peeking out over the waistband of your PJs. You self consciously pull the waistband a little higher and try to pull your top down a little bit more before heading in search of the kitchen. The place isn’t huge, but you’re unfamiliar enough with it that it takes a moment to realise which way down the corridor you need to go.

In the kitchen your find mum is finishing up some poached eggs. You take a seat at the table and wait for her.

“You wet, sweetie?” mum asks.

You nod with a blush. Mum just smiles.

“I’ll get you in a dry nappy after you’ve showered.”

You dig in and eat in silence for a few moments when a question occurs to you.

“Where are we going today, mum?”

You wait a moment as mum finishes her bite.

“Well, I was going to take you to the Powerhouse Museum.”

You give her a curious look, not sure what it is.

“It’s a museum that shows technology. From airplanes, to electronics, trains. They even have a spacesuit and some space stuff.”

You perk up, it does sound interesting.

Knowing you’re going to be in a dry nappy soon and with a nervous glance at mum, you relieve yourself. You squirm a bit in the squishy warm wetness and keep eating.

Finishing your meal, you locate the bathroom and shrug off your PJ bottoms before pulling off your top. Looking in the mirror you look at yourself with your yellow-tinged nappy. It’s heavy and you can feel the weight of it supported by your hips. You’re not sure what to do with it so you just untape it and let it flop to the floor.

“Knock, knock,” mum says a few minutes later. “Where’s your nappy, honey?”

“On the floor,” you reply.

You can make out the shape of mum through the fogged glass as she places the wet nappy in a bag.

“Finish up soon, sweetie,” she says as she leaves.


“All clean?” mum asks as she spots you stepping out of the bathroom.

You nod.

You’re holding your PJs in front of you. It seems a bit silly to worry about being seen nude when you know what mum is about to say, but you feel some slight embarrassment anyway being caught nude in the hallway.

“Come on, lets get you in your nappy.”

Mum leads you to your room and tells you to lie on the bed. She slips a nappy under you before folding it over and taping it up securely. With that done you lie still a moment before realising mum is looking through your bags. You sit up and look at her curiously; normally you pick your own clothes. Mum spots you looking.

“I thought I might pick something cute for you today.”

Part of you wants to say you can do it yourself but another kind of likes the idea of being dressed up. Soon she’s holding a pink t-shirt out for you. You raise your arms and she slips it over you, helping you get the arms though the holes. Then she turns back to the bags and gabs something else.

“Stand up.”

You do as you’re told, and mum holds out your denim short overalls to step into. With both legs in, mum pulls them up before pulling the straps over your shoulders and attaching the clips to the bib at the front. With the extra thickness of the nappy the overalls actually pull the nappy snugly against you.

Mum then pushes you back again and you sit on the bed as she puts socks on your feet before putting on your canvas shoes for you and tying them up.

“Oh, you look very cute, sweetie,” says mum as she steps back to admire the handiwork.

You feel cute too. You’re actually wiggling slightly in excitement.


According to mum, Sydney traffic is the worst, so instead of driving into the city it’s a five-minute drive to the train station. The trains are a bit different in Sydney; every train is electric and they have gates at every station to make sure you have a ticket before you get on. You stand by as mum gets two tickets from the machines before leading you to a turnstile. There’s a lady watching everyone as you scan the ticket at the turnstile and push the bar hard to get through. The lady smiles at you and you smile back as mum follows you through.

“Grab my hand, sweetie,” mum tells you.

There are several platforms and loads of people about. A lot of them are wearing business clothes but some are older school kids.

“What platform are we going to, mum?” you ask.

Mum slows and looks up. Your eyes follow hers; here are electronic signs at various intervals listing the destination and departure time for the next train. The platform you’re on clearly says Central Sydney .

“The right one already,” she replies.

There are no seats free, so mum leads you by the hand to one end of the platform and you stand at her side.

“How come there are kids in school clothes?”

Mum looks out across the platform, no doubt seeing the other schoolkids.

“Not every state has the same holidays as we do,” she replies after a moment. “It’s good because it means holiday locations are less packed.”

That does make sense to you.

There’s a recorded warning over the loudspeaker warning that an express train will be passing soon. Mum grips you hand a bit more firmly and you step a bit closer to her. The train is really quiet so it’s a bit of a shock as it shoots by with a gust of wind.

“Wow,” you say.

“It’s fast, isn’t it?”

You nod in agreement.

A few minutes later there’s another announcement, only this one is for a train arriving at platform one. You look up to find a sign.

“This is our train,” you tell mum.

She smiles back and nods.

“So it is.”

The announcement gets people standing up and people start congregating near the yellow safety line. You can see mum give a worried look towards the crowds as she leads you the same direction.

This time you have your eyes peeled up the track and can watch the train as it rolls into the station. The crowds seem to get worse and mum gives you a worried look, before crouching down in front of you.

You’re not sure what she’s doing when she suddenly pulls you into what seems like a hug and then picks you up. You give a tiny yelp of surprise as she bounces you, slipping an arm under your bum before you instinctively wrap your own arms around her neck. You blush slightly at the realisation that mum is carrying you like a little girl. As the train doors open, she carries you inside.


There aren’t many free seats in the train with most newly embarking passengers standing. But mum manages to get one seat and she tells you to sit on her lap.

“Would you like me to do your hair?” mum asks after a few minutes.

You turn your head and find she’s giving you a kind smile.

“Okay,” you reply.

You’re not sure what mum has in mind but remembering how much you liked mum looking after you so far you agree. You didn’t normally do much with your hair, only tying it back with a scrunchy if it was getting in the way. From the feel of it though, mum is tying your hair into pigtails, starting on the right.

She pauses after a few minutes to pick the backpack off the floor and place it in your lap before opening it. You can see several nappies and – quickly going red faced – glance around for anyone looking, but soon mum finds several hair ties at the bottom before zipping the bag shut again. Mum secures the end of the pigtail before moving onto the next.

It makes you feel really young to have mum doing your hair for you, and even more so as she’s doing it in pigtails. It’s childish , but then you realise there’s no one about you know, so why does it matter? You’re in another state, a thousand kilometres from home. You’re not going to run into someone from school. You squirm happily knowing you can enjoy the childish hair and cute outfit mum chose for you.

The train seems to get more packed the closer you get to Central Station. You’re not sure how because there’s no room, but somehow people still get on. Eventually mum shuffles back in her seat a fraction and pulls you closer, helping you avoid getting a face of handbag. Thankfully, Central is the next stop.

As the train pulls in, most people stand up and start clambering for the door. Mum stays seated though, giving you a squeeze with her arms. At that moment you realise your bladder is filling up. It’s not full , but you could go. It would be better than needing to go on the walk to the museum at least. You’re not sure if you could pee walking, so you might have to stop and that would be really obvious, not to mention having to explain to mum.

But still, what if someone notices? You’ve never wet anywhere you can remember except alone or in front of mum.

“Don’t worry,” mum whispers. “No one will notice.”

You freeze and after a few seconds realise you must have been fidgeting really obviously. With a moment of nervous lip chewing, you agree and try to relax enough to pee. It takes a few stops and starts – you being really conscious of the people around you – but soon you let it out with a small sigh.

It feels a bit different to normal. Obviously, you’re in mum’s lap, but the overalls pulling your nappy close means the pee sort of flows over your skin before being absorbed. You can feel it wash over from your front to your bum, it tickles a little bit actually.

“Time to go,” mum says as you finish.

With the train emptying mum takes your hand instead of carrying you. The weather seems to have warmed up though, the hot air on the platform hitting you as you leave the airconditioned train and because of it you almost forget to skip over the gap.

Sydney Central Station is really different from Adelaide. For one it feels high up, instead of being sort of underground, and as you step outside and see the street you realise it really is; it’s a story above the road. There’s even a bit that continues through the station and goes across the road on a bridge. You can see a train taking off into the distance.

Mum leans down.

“Do you want a change when we get to the museum?” she asks you.

You’re not sure; the nappy feels like it could take a lot more, and while warm and wet it feels kind of nice. But it is a bit bulky between you legs.

“How far is it?” you ask.

“It’s not far, it’s only a kay .” Mum looks you over. “Do you want to find a change room and get a clean nappy now?”

After a moment’s consideration you shake you head.

You don’t waddle much as mum holds you hand. The weather is getting warmer though so mum stops to get a water bottle out. You take a big drink before resuming. There’s a small line at the entrance to the museum and you both join it. It only takes a few moments to get to the head of the queue.

The lady at the ticket booth looks down at you for a moment.

My , you must be a very smart little girl to want to see the museum,” she says kindly.

You’re not sure what to make of the comment. The lady looks at mum.

“So, one adult ticket?” she asks.

Mum looks a bit confused too.

“Only one?” she asks.

The lady inclines her head towards the sign before you.

“Don’t worry, kids under five are free.”

You blush slightly and are half tempted to say she’s wrong, you’re eight , but mum just smiles back.

“Oh, okay then.”

Mum swipes her card and the lady hands her a ticket.

“After this sweetie you’ll be able to impress all your new friends at school.”

The lady is smiling and you can’t help but give her an embarrassed smile back.

You waddle slightly as you enter the air conditioning of the museum.

“Now, lets get you changed.”


There are lots of things to see and explore in the museum.

You start on the ground floor where there’s massive old steam locomotives. They’re strange and completely different from the train you rode in this morning. Seeing the old carriages, it’s hard to imagine actually riding in them and it’s super weird that you can open the windows.

Inside the locomotive itself you find dozens of valves and gauges. You can even see inside it where there’s loads of pipes. You have to wonder what it would be like when hot and imagine that the people who ran these things must have had to work really hard especially on a hot day like today.

Moving on there’s a massive rocket engine.

“This is the same type they used to fly people to the moon,” mum informs you. “There were five of them on the first stage of the rocket.”

“Wow,” is all you could say.

The thing was ginormous and was easily several times taller than mum.

“This is the only one on display outside America.”

The next think is a display case with a space suit in it. As you look up at it, mum crouches down next to you.

“You know, they have to wear nappies too,” she whispers.

You glance around but don’t see anyone else nearby.

“And they’re really big people,” she continues. “So don’t worry you about it.”

You give mum a small nod and she gives you a reassuring smile.

It eventually reaches lunch time and mum leads you out of the museum. Apparently, they’ll let you back in with the same ticket on the same day.

“Do you need a change?” mum asks as you eat lunch.

You squeeze the nappy between your thighs a bit.

“It’s only a little bit wet,” you reply quietly.

Mum looks at you worriedly.

“Hmm, I think you need to drink some more,” she says.

Mum pulls out a water bottle and places it next to the soft drink she bought you.

“I would like you to drink all of this before we head back. I don’t want you getting sick.”

It’s not full and it’s not a huge amount, but it’s still quite a bit with the soft drink. But mum is right, it is warm, just like yesterday. So, you drink the whole lot before finishing your burger and then sip on your soft drink for the rest of the meal.

Walking back to the museum you notice the other problem though. Last time you had pooped it was just you and mum in a park. Now you were in the middle of Sydney, the busiest city in the country with people everywhere, and you’re worried someone will notice.

You don’t have much time to think about it though as you reach the next exhibit. It’s all about what shops used to look like a long time ago, with old cash registers and products to see. There are mannequins wearing old fashioned clothes, tins with labels and brands you’ve never heard of, a cabinet of old doctor’s equipment, the list goes on. It’s really fascinating and it pushes the poop problem out of your mind… until it doesn’t.

Crouching down to look at something on the bottom shelf you suddenly notice you really have to go. You quickly stand up, knowing that squatting made it worse, but that familiar pressure is still there. You’re not sure you could even walk very far without messing yourself.

Looking around you see mum is a short distance away looking at another display. The place isn’t packed but isn’t deserted either. You’re not sure you could poop standing up or with all these people around, but you don’t know where to you could go. But the pressure builds.

You’re sure you’re about to go right there when you spot an adult squatting in front of another exhibit with their camera in hand, taking a photo of something. It occurs to you that you could squat down again and pretend to be interested in this thing some more.

Knowing it’s coming whether you want it or not, you squat down again.

You can feel the poop beginning to come out of you so red faced and with another glance about, you give it a push. Suddenly you’re peeing and can feel the wetness over your skin while the mass parts your behind and immediately runs into your nappy.

With the support of your overalls pulling the nappy close, the poop immediately squashes against it and begins to spread over you bum, most of it moving up through the gap made by your cheeks and down to the middle of the nappy. It feels strange as the poop forces your cheeks apart.

Blushing furiously, you pretend to read the sign as you give another push, earning another spurt of pee and some more poop into your packed nappy. Finally finished, you take a moment to catch your breath before realising you’re in the middle of a museum with other people. So, you stand up and look about.

There’s no one super close and it doesn’t smell too bad, but you’re sure it wouldn’t take much to get people looking about for a messy little girl. Looking for mum, you spot her standing a bit too close to some other people. You want to tug on her sleeve and ask for a change but you think they’d either smell it or hear what you ask mum. Instead, you try walking in her general direction, trying to avoid other people.

It feels weird having a packed nappy, but walking is even weirder with the feeling of poop opening your bum cheeks and the general warm pasty feeling over your bum. As you stand away from mum and the people near her you tense your cheeks for a moment and the feeling of poop opening you goes away.

Still, it’s worry as you wait before an opening appears when mum notices you and breaks off.

“What’s the matter, sweetie?” she asks.

She crouches down and gives you a reassuring hug before separating slightly.

“Oh my, you need a change, don’t you?”

You’re trembling slightly as you glance about, and by the time you’re looking back at mum you suddenly realise you’re about to cry.

“It’s okay, sweetie,” she says reassuringly. “That’s what the nappy is for.”

You give mum a wet nod before she picks you up. The poop moves a bit as she bounces you to support your bum with her arm, but it’s nice to be able to just press you face into mum’s top and not look at anyone. It’s a short walk to the changing rooms and mum sits you on the changing table.

After locking the door, she grabs a fresh nappy and the packet of wet wipes from the bag before she undoes the buttons on your overalls and pulls them down.

“Lie back, sweetie.”

You do so and let mum pull your overalls down past the knees.

“Hopefully we won’t have to pull your shoes off to clean you up.”

She rests your feet on her shoulder before untapping you before cleaning your front up with wet wipes.

“Lift your bum for me,” she says, and you do that. “Just a little higher, and there!”

The wet wipes are cold on you as she gets everything off and cleans you up. She then pulls the messy nappy out from under you before placing it in a plastic bag and then into the nappy bin. Soon the fresh nappy is underneath you and you can relax on it.

You feel a lot better as mum tapes the fresh nappy up securely and pushes the overalls up over you nappy. Standing on the floor, she pulls the straps over your shoulders and does up the buttons for you.

“All better, my brave little girl?” mum asks.

You give her a small smile and a nod.


You manage to miss the afternoon rush as you catch the train home.

It’s been a long day and you feel like you could fall asleep against mum. You almost do as the train reaches your station. Soon mum is buckling you up in your seat.

“Now, because we can’t eat takeaway every night we’ve got to go shopping,” says mum.

That makes sense, as much as pizza and fish and chips sounds great for every meal.

“Have the nappies given you any problems?” she asks.

You blink at her a moment and realise she’s going to buy some more. You suddenly feel embarrassed.

“No, they’re fine,” you say, looking out the window.

“You sure? I got the store brand ones for you last time because I thought you’d only wear them a day.”

Glancing at mum, she looks strangely hopeful.

“I was thinking of getting you the more expensive ones; they’ve got cute cartoons on them.”

You’re still not sure, worried that it might be too much.

“I’ll get them anyway, so you can try them.”

You give her a small nod, your nervousness increasing as the shops draw closer.

You wonder for a moment if you can ask to stay in the car, but the weather is warm and sitting alone in the car in Sydney is a bit different from some rural town. So, you let mum unbuckle you and lead you by the hand to the trolleys.

“Hmm,” hums mum. “You’re a bit big for the baby seat,” she says with a touch of sadness. “Would you like to rid in the trolley?”

You glace at the trolley and then back to her before nodding. Mum lifts you up under the arms before lowering you in. You grab the side of the trolley for support as she pushes you along. Mum grabs vegetables, fruits, meat and some canned stuff, along with bread and milk. Apparently, you’re having pasta tonight which is good for you as mum makes great puttanesca.

But that doesn’t sooth the worry as you reach the baby section. Mum goes to grab a big bag of nappies and walks over to you with them, showing you the packet.

“See, aren’t they cute?” she asks.

They are , but… well you don’t have a good argument against them and mum does seem happy to buy you expensive nappies.

“They have pullup nappies too,” she adds.

Your eyes glance at the shelves.

“I’ve not sure they’ll stay up as well but they might be more convenient.”

You’re not really sure how to say it and not sure you should even admit it, but you don’t really want to do the nappy up yourself.

“I-it’s okay,” you say quietly. “I… I don’t mind it if you do my nappy.”

It’s the closest you can get to admitting it.

Mum smiles broadly at you.

“And I don’t mind changing them,” she says.

You wonder if mum knows what you’re thinking.

After a few moments mum places the big 48 pack of nappies in the trolley.

“Well, I’m paying for them, so I don’t mind the extra to keep you snug and dry.”

You give mum an embarrassed smile but instead of returning to the trolley and moving onto the next things you need at the shops, mum turns back to the shelves of nappies. You’re not sure what she’s looking for so you’re a bit confused when she grabs another packet of nappies.

“I think you’ll need some swim nappies, too,” mum says knowingly.

The packet has picture of fish on them from a big movie series. You’d seen them before and seen little kids wearing them at the pool or at the beach, but you’re not sure what they are exactly.

A blush on your face the whole way, mum pushes the cart to the checkout. You try to not look at the girl at the checkout.

“Well, you’re a cutie,” she says.

You know you can’t ignore her so you look at her. You’re sure the blush is obvious.

“Aww, don’t be shy.”

Mum’s smiling between the two of you. The girl at the checkout is really old, but she’s not an adult; she looks like a high schooler. She’s pretty too. She leans a little closer.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about the nappies,” she says with a nice smile. “Just because you need them doesn’t mean you’re not a big girl.”

You’re shocked by the statement and all you can do is give her a wide embarrassed smile.

“Thank you,” you reply quietly.

The girl’s eyes sparkle, clearly glad she cheered you up in some way.

It’s nice, and you feel fuzzy and warm all the way to bedtime.



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The first part of the story of the roadtrip where she was trying to get out of the car without peeing reminds me of one time in my childhood. Luckily (or maybe not) i found a bush.

This is a fun story.

Padded Roadtrip

Part Three

“There we go!” says mum.

You’ve got a dry nappy that’s taped up snugly and now mum is picking out some clothes for you. She comes back with a white sundress. She pulls it over your head and does the buttons up at the back. You feel small but cute looking at yourself in the mirror. Mum then helps with the socks and shoes. It’s not long before you’re ready to go.

Strapped into your car seat securely, mum starts the engine and pulls out of the driveway.

“Where is this place?” you ask as mum pulls onto the freeway.

“A bit south of Sydney,” mum explains. “It’s the oldest national park in Australia and second oldest in the world.”

“And it’s just called Royal National Park?” Mum nods. “Weird.”

She shrugs back.

“I guess when they opened it, they could just call it the national park and no one would confuse it.”

You giggle at the lack of foresight. The smile on mum’s face says she agrees.

“So, do you want to go swimming first or look around the park first?”

Swimming does sound nice.

“Swimming?” you ask.

“You sure?” mum asks with a knowing look. “I bet it will be better to cool off in the sea after we’ve gone around the park.”

You can see the logic in it so you nod. Mum gives you a pat on the leg before turning back to the road.

You can feel the orange juice at breakfast getting to you, so you relax and let it out. It’s not much, but there’s no need to hold it with your nappy on.

The sights are interesting as mum drives but soon you reach the park. Mum slows the car as it reaches the toll booth and mum swipes her card to pay the fee. The man in the booth hands mum a map and some guides which she hands to you before driving off into the park. Shortly after she finds a place to pull over and takes one of the guides from you.

“So, we’ll go swimming later at Wattamolla Beach. It’s apparently nice and calm,” mum said. “We’ll do a short walk first though.”

You nod absently.

“I think we’ll try the walk to Bungoona Lookout and if you’re up for it we might try a longer walk.”

You’re not sure what that is but it sounds interesting.

Mum starts driving again, occasionally pausing to check the map. Eventually you reach the car park for the walk.

“Do you want a change before we start?” mum asks.

You’re only a little bit wet and there are loads of people about. You’re pretty sure there’s no change rooms either. You shake your head.

“I’m okay.”

“Alright then. I won’t bring any spare nappies with us though. It should be okay; the walk is only a kilometre or so.”

It doesn’t sound too far.

Mum is carrying a camera as you look about. There are a few other people here, some with kids to – some might even be your age. But they’re already setting out and you don’t have a chance to talk to them.

“Don’t forget your water bottle,” mum says handing it to you.

The path is wide and smooth so walk isn’t too hard. You sip water on the way up the hill too as the weather is a bit warm. Soon you reach the top to find a lookout with a handrail.

“Wow, look at the view,” says mum.

Mum’s right, the view is good. You can see forests in every direction and big hills too. Down below is a big river winding its way through the hills.

You need to pee again though so you just let it go as you hold onto the handrails. In the quiet of the wilderness, you can hear the sound of your tinkle and then the crinkle of your nappy as it expands. It’s only when you’re done that you notice the girl nearby watching you, a small bit of surprise on her face.

She’s a little bit younger than you, but you suspect she actually looks the same age as you or perhaps even older. You blush slightly, wondering if she might have noticed you going in your nappy. You give her a nervous smile and she quickly looks away. You find yourself wondering if she was watching you before her family headed back down the hill.

Soon mum suggests you head back to the car. It only takes a few steps before you notice a problem though.

“Mum,” you whisper even though there’s no one else about.

“Yes, honey?” she asks, turning from something she was going to photograph.

“My – my nappy is slipping down.”

It seemed that the last wetting and the walking was a bit too much for the nappy.


There’s a small amount of laughter in mum’s eyes at the admission.

“It’s okay, it’s not far to the car now.”

You put your hands on your hips, pressing the plastic sides of the nappy to stop it slipping off. The motion slows you down and it’s not before long that mum turns around. She picks you up, bouncing you slightly to shift her arm under your bum before carrying you the remaining short distance to the car.

With mum’s arm supporting your nappy, you decide it’s nice to be carried like this, and it stirs vague memories in your mind. Knowing you’re about to get changed, you let another small spurt into your nappy. There’s no point holding if you’ve got a nappy on.

“Would you like to go swimming now?” mum asks you as you look at the other cars in the car park over her shoulder.

You nod.


“Hmm,” mum hums in thought for a moment. “I might hold off on changing you for now. Your nappy isn’t leaking, is it?”

“No,” you reply. “Why though?”

“Well, the beach isn’t that far a drive and you’ll get changed out of the nappy not long after.”

“Okay,” you agree.

Mum opens the car door, setting you down in your seat on your wet nappy. It squishes and is warm around you as mum buckles you up. She kisses you on the forehead before closing the door.


Reaching Wattamolla Beach, mum pulls into the far end of the carpark, avoiding the other cars for your sake.

“This is your swim nappy, sweetie,” mum says, holding it up for you.

You’re not sure what a swim nappy is though so you ask her.

“It will catch any poopies,” she replied. “But it doesn’t absorb liquid like a normal nappy so you can swim in it.”

Blushing slightly, you hold your dress up as mum gets your wet nappy off and then she helps you step into the swim nappy. She pulls it up between your legs.

“Can you see it?” you nervously ask as mum helps you get your arms though your sleeves on your bathers.

Mum doesn’t answer as she zips you up and steps back.

“Don’t worry, no one will notice it.”

Mum’s giving you a reassuring smile as you feel the swim nappy between your legs. It’s really different from your real nappy. It’s not as soft and doesn’t feel as secure. The ruffle on your bathers will probably hide it though.

“Okay,” you reply quietly, trusting mum knows.

She leads you by the hand down the path towards a set of stairs down onto the beach. Beach isn’t really the right word for it though, it’s more like a river mouth, with a large sandbank blocking the river from the ocean.

“When enough water flows down river it washes the sand bank away. Then the waves create a new sandbank,” mum explained as you looked out from the staircase towards it.

Suddenly you jump, feeling a trickle of warmth run down your legs. Mum grabs you so you don’t go down the stairs.

“Don’t worry, no one will notice,” she says as you look down to see a small puddle on the steps.

You’d wet your nappy without even thinking about it, completely forgetting what mum had said about the swim nappy.

“Someone will see!” you say quietly, looking about.

“No one will notice,” mum repeats reassuringly.

You give her a worried look and she takes your hand again.

“Come on, lets get you into the water, then no one will be able to tell – for sure.”


“My name’s Suzy,” she introduces back to you.

The girl you’d spotted at the lookout is sitting across from you in the damp sand. You’re both trying to build sandcastles against the small waves blown in by the breeze. It doesn’t take long for the water to erode the sand and you have to constantly repair it.

“I bet I can make mine taller,” you tell her.

“Nah uh,” she disagrees. “I’ll just make mine bigger.”

You laugh as you scoop more damp sand into your bucket and mould another block of sand on your castle. Suzy doesn’t have a bucket, so she begins just scooping sand into a big pile. It’s slow going, but the wide base seems to be advantageous against the erosion of the waves. Meanwhile, your three blocks of sand on top of each other are looking perilous.

A signal from your bladder, you only hesitate a moment before just going. As you do so, you realise it might be visible in the sand. As your thoughts turn to that worry, your attention on your castle slips and it topples over.

“I win!” the younger girl declares.

There’s a light laugh behind you. Turning around, you don’t recognise the woman.

“Mummy!” exclaims Suzy.

“Having fun, Suzy?”


Suzy and her mother discuss what Suzy has been up to before asking what your name is. After introducing yourself, her mother tells Suzy she needs more sunscreen.

“You remember last year, Suzy – you know you don’t want to get sunburn.”

Suzy pouts at the fact she has to abandon the sand.

“I’m not done yet.”

Her mum sighs good naturedly.

“I can do most of your sunscreen while you’re playing.”

So, as you keep building your sandcastle, Suzie sits mostly still, letting her mum put sunscreen on her neck and arms. Eventually Suzy has to stop so her mum can do her face and then her legs.

Maybe your mum had been watching, because it’s not long before she’s there with a big bottle of SPF 30 as well.


Your hair still damp from the swim and in a clean dry nappy, mum buckles you up in your seat as you head on home. You almost feel like a nap after the active day but the movement in your bowels gives you a warning.

You’ll be in the car for another thirty or forty minutes. You’re sure it will smell and that just feel humiliating. It would be really obvious to mum what had happened. You squirm though and you begin to have doubts you can hold it.

“What’s the matter?” mum asks with concern.

There’s a moment’s silence before you reply.


Mum gives you a worried look and a pat on the leg.

You try to ignore it but your fidgeting to find a comfortable position is still obvious.

“Sweetie, I know something’s wrong,” mum says knowingly.

You know mum will pry if you don’t tell her.

“I need to poop,” you admit with an embarrassed blush.

You can’t look at mum and instead look out the window.

“Oh honey,” says mum sadly. “It’s okay; if you have to go you have to go.”

She reaches out and takes you had, giving it a squeeze.

“This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve had a poopy nappy in the car, you know.”

You look at mum, still filled with worry. She takes a moment to give you a reassuring smile before her eyes are back on the road. The movement in your bowels again reminds you that you really do need to go. Acceptance begins to form in your mind and now you start to think about how to do it.

Your child seat is secure and doesn’t give you much ability to move. You can only lift yourself a little bit to give some space in your nappy. But you can feel it’s not going to matter soon.

Lifting yourself the little bit you can, you start to push and the mess begins to easily leave you. It’s even more confined than yesterday and quickly begins to spread forwards and backwards. Your bladder starts to release too, the nappy sucking up the liquid and expanding. You’re pretty sure you have poop almost in your front and all over your bum. You relax for a moment and then you begin to push the rest out.

Tentatively sitting back in your seat, you can feel it as the soft mess spreads further. It’s warm, but not bad feeling. It’s a bit smelly though.

“All better?” mum asks as you as she lowers both yours and hers windows a fraction.

You nod smally, squirming in your seat.

“I was going to take you shopping for some clothes. You okay with being cleaned up in the changing room?”

You’re a bit worried that someone will notice your poopy nappy as your walk from the car – if only from the smell, but you’re not sure what other option there is. You nod in agreement.


Mum gives you another smile.

About thirty minutes later and a short stop so mum can check her map on her phone, you pull into the shopping centre car park. Mum helps you out of the car and you stand in the carpark in your messy nappy. You can feel the mess stick to you as mum takes your hand and guides you into the shopping centre.

No one seems to look too closely at you, though that might be because you’re not lingering too long. You squirm slightly as you reach the baby changing room to find it occupied. Mum holds you hand as you both wait. Standing there, you can feel the need to pee again, so you just go, and before long a mother with a toddler in her arms comes out. She gives mum a smile before she’s off and mum ushers you into the changing room. Mum lifts you up under your arms and sits you on the edge of the table causing the mess to move again.

“Don’t worry,” mum says, giving you a smile. “You always look super adorable when you’re embarrassed like this and you’re already a very cute little girl.

You blush, unable to keep an embarrassed smile off you face. You end up shyly looking away as mum’s words make you feel warm. Mum surprises you with a kiss on the forehead before she opens the nappy bag and begins getting the supplies she will need out as you lie back. Mum then pushes your dress up and begins untapping you.

“My! It’s a good thing you had your nappy on,” she says with a small laugh.

Red faced, you lie there, wondering if mum thinks you’d have messed if you didn’t have a nappy on. Still, while it is embarrassing, in a way it’s also nice to have mum look after you and it has been really nice so far when you weren’t worrying about other people. Before long mum has a fresh nappy around you and pulls you upright.

“There, all clean.”

You squirm again before mum plants another kiss on your forehead.

“You don’t need to be embarrassed, my little girl. You’re wearing nappies for a reason and that’s what they are for.

“I know,” you reply quietly.

Mum lifts you off the changing table, but instead of placing you on the floor, she pulls you close. You snuggle into her chest as she brushes your hair with her hand.

“Okay, lets get going,” she says, lowing you to the floor. She takes your hand as she leads you out of the changing room.


“There you go!” says mum, zipping you up.

The one-piece set of pyjamas feel secure, holding your nappy close and removing any worry about it falling down. But it’s really obvious you’re in a nappy, the bulge on your back and front evident. There’s no one else in the changing area, but it’s a bit cramped with two people in the changing room and mum crouching down to your level, so mum left the door open a bit.

“How’s that feel?”

You wiggle a bit; your slightly damp nappy feels secure as you do so.

“It’s good,” you say smally.

She helps you get out of the PJs and adds them to the keep pile. Then she hands you a light pink leotard. You had not ever done ballet, but you knew people who did and knew what one was. You look at it in confusion.

“I was thinking that you could wear this under your dress so you don’t have to worry about your nappy slipping down,” she explains.

You could see mum’s point and let her help you into it. As she pulls the straps over your shoulders you can feel that like the one-piece PJs, the leotard helped support your nappy. Satisfied, mum added two of those to the keep pile.

Next was what mum called a romper. It was another one piece but more like a combination of shorts and a shirt. It was light and probably too cold inside the airconditioned store, but you could see why it might be good in the heat.

“Why don’t you stand outside and show it off?” mum suggested as she did the buttons up.

She led you by the hand to some clear space and after a moment you gave a small twirl. The rompers kept your nappy up and were loose enough that you thought it hid your nappy.

“Oh, Ann!”

You look up at mum’s words to see a familiar face. A feeling of dread comes over you.

“What a surprise,” Ann replies. “Small world, huh?”

Ann is the mother of a girl in your class.

“Julie! Come over here, look who I found.”

A girl named Julie. You suddenly feel less confident about the rompers hiding your nappy as Julie with her red hair and freckles appears.

You’re not best friends with Julie, but you did go to her birthday party a few months ago – most of the girls in class went to it – and you were pretty friendly, so you were pretty sure you were friends. The fear of her finding out swirled around in your mind though.

Julie greets you.

“H-hey Julie,” you reply.

You really hope the loose romper hides your nappy.

“So, Sydney too?” you manage to ask.

Julie nods.

“Yep, we’re here to see my auntie and uncle.”

“Oh, cool. Um – we’re just on holiday.”

“Julie, why don’t you try these on first?” her mum suggests, breaking off from her conversation with your mum for a moment.

Julie takes the offered clothes before heading into the change room. You decide now might be a good time to change back into your dress to hide your nappy better, but before you’ve moved, a woman mum’s age takes the only other stall. Then you realise it’s even worse because Julie is in the stall where your dress is.

You shift awkwardly, unsure what to do. When you glance at your mum though, Ann is looking at you curiously before looking at mum questioning. Mum gives you a sympathetic glance and it hits you that Julie’s mum knows. She figured out you’re in a nappy.

You can feel your lip quiver and your breath hitch as you force yourself not to cry.

“She had an accident on the drive over,” mum admits quietly.

“Aww, you poor thing,” Ann comments with a glance at you.

You look away in embarrassment as mum continues.

“I got her into a nappy for the rest of the way and she seemed so worry-free in it so I asked her if she would like a nappy just for this trip.”

Ann covered her mouth, hiding a giggle.

“Oh, really?” she asked. “How adorable.”

You glanced at mum as she shrugged with a smile. Seeing you looking, mum gave you a reassuring smile.

“It’s definitely more worry free and I think she likes the attention. She’s been very affectionate since we got here.” She gives you another, slightly sad smile. “She’s been having lots of fun, but she worries too much that someone might notice or care she’s in her nappy.”

At the word nappy you glance fearfully at the changing stalls. You can Julie’s feet under the door as she changes into something, but you worry she can hear this conversation. When you look back, Julie’s mum is stepping towards you before crouching to your level, a small smile on her face.

“You shouldn’t worry so much, sweetheart,” she says.

Red in the face, you give her a small nod.

Ann glances at the changing stall for a moment.

“Want to know a secret?” she asks you.

You’re not sure what this could be about, but you nod more firmly.

“You don’t have to worry about Julie, she can’t make fun of you for this, and I’d be very cross with her if she did. She still has trouble with the potty at night.” It takes a moment for it to click that Julie has accidents in bed. “She even wore a pullup on the flight over just in case she went to sleep.”

Ann’s words make sense, Julie wouldn’t tease you for your nappy because she had to wear them as well. But it’s only sort of; you’re wearing nappies not pullups, and during the day too. You’re sure Julie isn’t messing herself either.

“So, don’t you worry about your nappy, and if Julie makes fun of you for it, tell me right away. Okay?”

“That’s right sweetie,” mum agrees.

You give Ann a weak smile and a nod.

“O-okay,” you manage to get out.


Mum chatting away with Ann, you and Julie follow them through the store as they browse the other clothes on offer. As you and Julie chat, it’s clear both of you are a bit bored by this wandering. However, Julie soon tugs on your sleeve and points.

“Lets go play some games.”

The entertainment section has some game consoles on display to try out.

“Yeah, that sounds fun,” you agree, deciding that did indeed sound fun.

As your plumber gets knocked off by the blond boy with a sword again you notice your nappy feels slightly heavy. You don’t remember wetting it, but you also don’t exactly keep note of every time you go. It’s a strange feeling however to just realise you’re wet, but at the same time it is what your nappy is for and it’s way easier than worry about finding mum to take you to the toilet.

As you finally win a round, Julie slumps, leaning against the display case the screen is perched on. As she does so, your eyes trail down to the slither of pink underwear peeking out from her jeans. Some strange part of your brain was slightly surprised it wasn’t a pullup, but obviously Julie’s mum was talking about pullups for night-time.

“Lucky shot,” she mutters before standing upright again.

“Nuh ah, I’ll keep winning,” you reply back.

She smiles at you, a confident gleam in her eyes.

“You’re on!”

“Oh, there you two are,” says mum some time later. “I should have guessed.”

Ann is with her, some clothes over her arm.

“Time to get going, honey,” she says.

Both you and Julie go “ Aww ” at the same time to which both mums laugh lightly.

“Don’t worry,” you mum says. “We’re going to catch up tomorrow at the aquarium.”

You can see Julie brighten at your mum’s words. You’re sightly worried a whole day might expose you, but you’ve had fun playing games with Julie. It will be good to see her again.

Julie hugs you as you part ways past the checkout.

“See you,” she says.

“See you, Julie,” you return.

Waving goodbye, mum leads you back to the car. Before helping you into the car, mum paths your bottom.

“Hmm,” she hums. “Do you think you can last until we’re home for a change?”

Wiggling slightly, you decide that while your nappy is heavy, it’s not full.


Mum helps you into your seat and does up the straps for you. It’s late afternoon as your drive home. When you yawn as mum pulls off the freeway, she doesn’t miss the action.

“How about after getting you changed, you get into your new PJs for dinner?” she suggests.

“Okay,” you agree after a moment.

You’re surprised mum doesn’t suggest an early bed, but you can tell you’re exhausted and that you might just nod off anyway. It did make sense to be in your PJs ready for bed if you did.

After a change, your new PJs and some dinner, you curl up against mum in front of the TV. You soon doze off, before being momentarily woken as mum puts you to bed.

“Thanks, mummy,” you mumble as she kisses you on the cheek.

Note: That’s all I have that’s complete. Don’t expect further updates very often.


It’s a lovely story.

Thank you for your note about the updates. I know the amount of effort that goes into writing. Any updates will be appreciated as you can do them.


This is a truly wonderful story keep up the awesome work

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thank you
story is very nice, mummy doesn’t mind cleaning my stinkie butt, such is rare to find

I forgot to mention, but this story was originally planned as a script for a text adventure game. But, with only a semester of Java for uni and being bored to tears by the topic, I kind of suck at programming. I was using Quest and didn’t get past the “at home stage” before deciding to just write a story. It might happen some day, but not likely.

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One of my new favorite stories!!! Great work! Can’t get enough of it!

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Maybe you could do another attempt. It doesn’t matter that you have written the story already. You can add more options in that way.

I like Quest and I’ve used it for an adventurous story. I also developed an ABDL-themed small game using RPG maker.

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I really hope that the main character gets to go swimming again, swim diapers are sadly very underepresented in ABDL stories, along with cloth diapers.

This an abandoned story?

I doubt it. it’s been ~15 days since the last update and we were told:

So, I think we just give her some time.

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This was cool though!

cant wait to read more

Padded Roadtrip

Part Four

Mum pats you on the bottom. Your nappy is swollen, and under your new one-piece PJs it is obvious at first sight.

“Lets get you changed,” she says, leading you to the loungeroom.

The PJs make your nappy feel more secure around you as you follow mum. Outside, it’s already light, but it’s not like morning light, but grey and cloudy.

“Seems there’s a storm today,” mum says as she unzips you and helps you out of your PJs.

“Oh — are we still going to the aquarium then if it’s raining?”

Mum chuckles.

“The aquarium is all indoors. I just need to check with Julie’s mum; we were planning on having a late breakfast/early lunch together. We might need a new venue.”

“Oh — okay.”

Mum feels around your waist and then where your nappy goes around your legs.

“Does it fit well? No leaks.”

“Nope,” you reply with a pop. “No leaks.”

You remember the days of waking up with wet marks on your PJs and wish you’d been in real nappies instead of pullups when you wet the bed. Not to mention mum would have looked after you then as well. It would have been nice.

“That’s good,” mum replies as you lie down on the carpet.

You enjoy mum looking after you as she changes your nappy. She untapes you and wipes you down with a wet wipe. Then she puts a clean nappy under your bum and sprinkles some baby powder over you. The nappy feels snug and secure as it goes up between your legs and mum tapes you up.

“Now, we’re not going out for a little bit, so why don’t you enjoy some TV?”

Mum comes back with a t-shirt for you to wear which works well for the warm, humid weather as you enjoy some cartoons.

“Here’s a fruit box to keep you going, sweetie,” says mum, handing the already opened container to you.

“Thanks, mum.”

Lying on your stomach, your legs swinging in the air, you slowly sip the sweet, fruity drink. On the TV is a show about a dog and her family for you to enjoy. The drink seems to go right through you, as when the show finishes you feel like you could go again. Maybe you could hold it for a lot longer, but you are in a nappy and it’s nicer to just not.

It’s easy to relax and fill your nappy. Only this time, it feels a bit odd as your pee seems to run down your front. For a second it feels like your nappy might leak around your stomach, but the nappy does its work, sucking up the warm liquid and swelling between your legs. Confident in your nappy, you relax and enjoy the next show coming on.

As you do, you mind wanders to Julie. Sure, her mum told you that she still wets the bed, but you’re wearing nappies during the day which is a lot different, isn’t it? It’s also super obvious if you mess them. If Julie is around, you think you might ask mum to take you to the loo today when you need to poop.

Soon, mum comes back.

“Julie’s mum has gotten back to me. Our table booking was supposed to be outdoors and they don’t have any space inside, so we’re looking for some place else.”

“Oh — okay.”

There are a few moments of silence when mum sits down on the floor next to you and pats your bum.

“Hmm — I think you need to drink more, sweetie,” she says in concern. “Your pee isn’t supposed to be that dark.”

You blush faintly at the personal conversation.

“I’ll try,” you eventually reply.

Mum makes and agreeable hum.

“Let me get you a drink bottle then.” She quickly comes back with a pop top full of water. “Try to drink half of it before we head out, okay?”

As you sip on the bottle, you realise you are pretty thirsty. Another show or two goes by and you’re almost done with the bottle when you feel you could go again. Relaxing, you can feel the nappy further swell between your legs.

“Alright, we’ve got a place for lunch,” mum says as she comes back into the room. “It’s not for another two hours, so maybe I can get you a slice of toast to keep you going.”

At home, mum would be okay with you eating it on the couch, but because you’re renting this place, mum says you have to eat at the table. Your wet nappy squishes slightly as you take a seat but everything feels good to you. Once you’re done, you have a quick shower before mum puts you in a fresh nappy.

Sitting on your bed, you watch as mum looks through your clothes. She comes back with some shorts.

“Something the matter?” mum asks you.

You shuffle nervously.

“What if someone sees?” you ask.

Mum gives you a reassuring smile.

“I don’t think you have to worry about Julie,” mum explains. “That would be hypocritical of her, after all.”

“Hip-hippo-critical?” you ask with confusion.

“It means to… tell other people not to do something or tease them for something, while still doing it yourself. It would be silly for Julie to make fun of your nappies when she needs some protection as well.”

Well, mum was sort of right…

“What about other people?” you ask quietly.

“It would be pretty weird for someone else to comment, don’t you think?” says mum with a touch of humour. “They don’t need to know why you need nappies, and they know that.”

Smiling reassuringly, mum holds the shorts out for you to step into. Deciding to trust mum, you hold onto her arms to steady yourself before mum pulls them up over your nappy.

“Besides, I’m sure we can find a longer t-shirt for you. There’s bound to be one here.”


Julie and her mum are staying at her aunt’s place. It’s a twenty or so minute drive, letting you see a slightly wet Sydney from the comfort of your child seat. Everyone talks about seeing the bridge and the Opera House, but that was apparently way in the centre of the city, and Sydney was big — way bigger than Adelaide.

When mum pulls up to the kerb, you squirm slightly, still a bit nervous about your secret. You don’t immediately get out, and to your surprise your mum opens the passenger side door. She gives you a small smile as she unbuckles you and helps you out of the car. She takes a moment to tug the back of your t-shirt down, making you realise it had gotten caught at the back for just a moment and probably showed your nappy off to the world.

“Now, Julie’s place is…” mum says, scanning the street numbers. “That one.”

Taking your hand, mum looks both ways before leading you across the deserted suburban street. The house isn’t huge and it’s one of those houses that’s part of several houses on either side. It’s made from red bricks and has a small garden out the front.

Careful not to slip on the wet pavers, you follow mum to the door. A woman with similar red hair to Julie answers the door. After mum introduces herself, she squats down to your level.

“Oh — you must be Julie’s friend. Right?” she asks.

“Yep!” you say with a nod, trying not to feel nervous.

“Well, I’m Susan.”

She looks a lot younger than Julie’s mum, so you guess she’s Julie’s mum’s younger sister.

“Hi,” you say with a small wave.

“Julie is in the lounge room.”

You give her a smile and walk past her, letting Susan and mum talk. It’s not hard to find the lounge as you just have to follow the sound of the TV. But, coming into the lounge, Julie is playing on a handheld console with earbuds in while Julie’s mum taps away on her laptop, occasionally looking up at the news on the TV.

“Oh — hello!” she greets you.

Julie looks up for a moment and gives you a smile before turning back to her game.

“Hello,” you reply back.

“Come on, Julie. Games off while your friend is here,” says Anne.

Julie scowls before pulling her earbuds out by the cables and setting her game down.


As mum and Susan follows you in and they start chatting with Anne, you and Julie both ask each other what you’ve been up to. But, neither of you have really done anything since yesterday afternoon. As you talk you begin to wonder what you and Julie can do to pass the time, when your mum suggests that everyone gets moving.

“I’m sure we’re all quite hungry. It must be about time to start heading to the café.”

Anne glances at the TV for the time in the corner of the news broadcast before saying, “If the rain holds, we could walk and get there just on time.”

“I’ll take a look,” adds Susan, getting up from her seat.

You can hear her open the front door and step outside before coming back a few moments later.

“I think it will stay clear for half-an-hour or so.”

As Julie gets her shoes on and the other adults get their jackets just in case, mum leads you to the car to grab your own jackets.

“Need a change?” mum asks.

You fidget slightly.

“Nope, all dry,” you say, surprising yourself.

“I’ll bring some changing supplies in my bag, but your nappy should be able to hold out until after lunch.”


There were puddles everywhere and rain in the distance, but unlike home where rain normally meant cold, it was reasonably warm. But it was also really humid which was a bit of a strange experience.

Spotting a reasonably deep but small puddle, you jump into it, making a big splash. You glance at Julie, sharing a giggle at your antics. Julie is about to jump in another when her mum calls out.

“You’ll be stuck in wet shoes until after lunch if you do that, sweetie.”

Your own shoes were very slightly damp. You could feel the water soaking your socks around your ankles where your shoes no longer shielded your socks from water. Glancing at mum, she has a small knowing smile on her face and you can tell that she agrees with Julies mum.

You and Julie grouch for only a bit but it’s quickly cut off as you find a low brick wall to balance on. You giggle and laugh as you play together, the adults watching the two of you fondly. You are so carefree that you barely stop as you wet your nappy. But soon you hit the more busy main street and your mums take you and Julie’s hands firmly as to safely cross the road.

“I called?” Susan explains as the group of five enters the café.

You are quickly led to a table by one of the waiters who hands the adults some menus, while between you and Julie, sitting next to each other, he places a kids menu. You’re both allowed some soft drink and picking out what you like, the orders are placed.

As the adults talk about boring adult stuff, you and Julie talk about games and some movies you had both seen. Your parents sometime query you and Julie about things you had seen in Sydney, but otherwise you are left to your own devices. By the time food is being brought out, the soft drink has run right through you. Though wet, your nappy is comfortable to sit on.

Julie does not have that luxury.

“Mum, I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” she says as food starts being brought out.

Anne glances behind her spotting the toilet sign nearby.

“Want me to come with you?”

Julie blushes.

“I’m not a baby,” she mumbles.

Her mum gives her a kind smile.

“I know you’re not, my big girl.”

So as Julie leaves, mum glances at you questioningly.

“All good?” she asks you.

“Yep,” you reply with a nod.

You’re sure your nappy could hold more, and besides, where could you get changed? Where could you get changed where Julie doesn’t find out?

Julie is only gone for a minute or two, so her food is still hot when she gets back. Sharing a smile, you both dig in.


On the way back, Julie ignores her mother’s warnings and jumps into the puddles. It’s loads of fun as you try to make the biggest splash. Soon Julie figures out this thing where she stomps down as she jumps, making an even bigger splash. Inevitably, both yours and Julie’s shoes are waterlogged in short order.

“Sweetie, Julie has dry shoes at her aunt’s place; you don’t,” mum chides lightly.

It takes only a moment for that fact to click as you look down at your very wet shoes.

“Oop?” you offer.

“We’ll have to get those off you before you go inside Susan’s house: we don’t want to make a mess, so we?”

“Same for you, Julie,” her mum adds.

“Soorry,” Julie sings.

You wonder though.

“Can we… still jump in the puddles?” you ask. “They’re already wet…”

Mum rolls her eyes fondly.

“Might as well.”

So, giggling the whole way, you do exactly that.

You had forgotten what mum had said by the time you get to Julie’s aunt’s home. She puts her hands on your shoulders to stop you running into the house.

“Remember, shoes,” chides mum.

“Oh — yeah.”

You and Julie both leave your wet shoes and socks by the door.

“Lets play some games!” Julie suggests.

You hum in agreement, following Julie into the lounge. Grabbing her hand-held console, she turns to her mum.

“Can we play in the bedroom?”

“That’s fine,” says Anne.

As you follow Julie in and look about, it seems to be a spare room for guests as there is a single mattress on a bed frame and another single mattress on the floor next to it. Both have sheets and covers on them, though the one on the floor is messier.

“This is where you’re staying?” you ask.

“Yeah. Mum and me sleep here.”

Laying front down on the bed, Julie props the screen up against her pillows and hands one of the controllers to you. Julie then lays next to you and soon your pikachu is trying to knock Link off over the edge. It’s loads of fun and you lose track of time until someone knocks on the door and pokes their heads in.

“Having fun, you two?” you mum asks.

“Yep!” Julie replies as you hum happily and nod.

“That’s good.”

Mum takes a seat on the actual bed and watches you play. Once you finish the round, you glance at her expectantly, but Julie is about to start another game.

“Just a moment, Julie,” says mum, catching her attention. Julie pouts slightly as she drops the controller to her bed. “You might have noticed we’re not at the aquarium…” Actually, you had forgotten about that because of the fun you were having. “With the change of plans earlier, everything is all over the place, and if we go to the aquarium now we won’t be able to see much before it closes.” Mum sounds slightly apologetic at the change of plans. “Your mum and I —” mum looks at Julie as she speaks “— decided that we’ll go tomorrow instead.”

It’s a bit sad that you had to wait, but you’d had loads of fun with Julie so it didn’t bother you much. But after mum leaves you to your games, you glance at Julie. She’s frowning, and is no longer laughing along as you play or trying to goad you into a bad position.

“You okay?” you ask her.

Julie replies with an annoyed grumble before muttering, “Doesn’t matter.”

Mentally shrugging because what can you do, you go back to the now less fun game. Previously Julie was a better than you, with you only winning every third or fourth round, but now you were approaching five consecutive wins.

A small glance at Julie reveals her frustration on her face. You begin to feel bad.

“Want to play something else?” you suggest.

“I-I —" stammer out Julie, her voice frustrated. Then she sighs tiredly, deflating a little. “Yeah,” she agrees quietly before getting up. She mutters something about the bathroom as she leaves the room.

The reminder makes you worry a bit. Your nappy feels really swollen between your legs, to the point where you worry it might leak… Panicking for a second, you cautiously feel under yourself to find Julie’s bed covers are still dry.

Maybe you are being silly? Mum had been in here only a little bit ago. She probably knows more about it, so if she didn’t suggest a change then, your nappy can’t be too close to overflowing, right? Normally you’d have asked for a change by now, but besides trying to figure out how to do it without Julie noticing, it would be embarrassing to ask for a change in front of Anne and Susan.

You’re casually scrolling through Julie’s game list when she comes back, but not sure what to pick. You are about to ask Julie when she flops onto the bed next to you and sighs. She’s looking at you uncertainly — perhaps almost apologetically — when the slight bouncing of the bed made by her flop causes her pillow to slip off the end of the bed and to the floor, and causing the console to re-enact Julie’s flop.

You shuffle so you can sit on your knees, planning to prop the screen up again when you spot what was hiding under Julie’s pillow: her pullup.

After a moment of staring, your mind races to come up with something — anything — that avoids humiliating Julie. Something that lets you pretend that you did not see it. But it’s for naught.

“I-I’ll do it,” says Julie from your side, her voice going up in pitch.

Glancing to you side, you spot that Julie had mimicked your motion and is sitting upon her knees. She probably had intended to do the same thing that you were about to do, but with that there was little chance of pretending that you had not seen the pullup.

Julie does not look back as she quickly shuffles forward and shields the pullup from view with her body. Even with her back to you, you can tell that her motions are nervous as she picks the console and then her pillow up, before carefully setting the pillow back down at the head of her bed and propping the console up again as it was before.

You are about to try and look at nonchalant as possible, and try to act like you did not understand what you saw when Julie gives you a nervous glance back. But you hadn’t been ready and it said everything on your face. You are fidgeting awkwardly, wondering how you can make things better when Julie sobs.

It’s heartbreaking. There’s nothing more you can do now but shuffle down the bed and wrap Julie in a hug. Sobs wracking her, she cries into your t-shift. You wish you could do something to make her feel better, but the only thing that comes to mind is to keep hugging Julie comfortingly.

A minute or two later, Julie turns her head to the side and asks quietly, “D-doesn’t it b-bother y-you?” Her voice carries confusion.

“N-no,” you stutter out.

It hurts to see Julie in such a state.

“You must think I’m a-a baby,” she says quietly, her voice mystified.

Being a baby — being smaller — doesn’t sound bad to you, and you almost say so before you realise that Julie probably doesn’t want to hear that. She wants to hear that you don’t think she’s a baby — and you don’t, even if it would be cute. You nervously swallow as you know what to say.

“I wore pullups too… until a few months ago,” you admit quietly.

Julie’s breath stills before steadying. She looks up at you, her eyes red and face wet with tears, almost not sure she can believe you. You smile sadly back.

“I — I still have accidents,” you continue nervously. “Sometimes…” You try to shrug despite Julie in your arms. It’s embarrassing, but seeing your friend hurt so much pushes you forward. “I had an accident on the way here, in the car.”

Believing your words, Julie sniffles be she gives you an embarrassed and wet smile back.


When Julie’s mum Anne pops her head in, Julie’s tears are dried enough that she’s none-the-wiser. Julie didn’t want to play anymore, and was content to lay next to you as you worked your way through a single player game. Julie had already played and finished it, so she was happy to offer tips to you as you did.

“You’ve got to put the portal there,” she instructed, pointing at the screen so you did as you thought she had instructed. “No! To the left and up! No, I mean right!”

She’s slightly frustrated by the fact you have to figure out the right way to solve the puzzles, having solved them already herself. You giggle and she pouts back, which makes you giggle more.

“Sweetie, we’ve got to get going soon,” calls your mum.

She pops her head into the room as you look back.

“Just a few more minutes,” you insist.

Mum laughs lightly back.

“That’s what you said five minutes ago,” mum replies. “Come on, we have to get to the shops before they shut. I’ve got to grab some things for dinner.”

Grumbling slightly, you pause the game and get up. Julie jumps to her feet too, giving you a thankful smile. She follows you and mum to the door, and it’s not until you get there that you realise how much you had waddled. You give a nervous glance at Julie, but there’s no indication that she noticed it.

“Bye!” Anne and Susan offer you. As you leave.

Julie gives you a big hug to which her mum says, “Don’t worry, you’ll see each other tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow,” you tell Julie as she lets you go.

As her aunt closes the door on you and mum, you are glad that you managed to make Julie feel better. You hated seeing her hurt like that, but you were glad it worked out in the end. Waddling to the car with your very swollen nappy between your legs, you wonder if you should have told Julie about your nappies. She would have been okay wit it, you were sure, but the nerves got the better of you.

Jumping up into the car and sitting in your seat however, you are reminded that you need a change. You fidget slightly.

“I need a change,” you tell mum quietly as she buckles you up.

“Oh — I had put it off because I knew you were worried about Julie. Do you want a change now?”

Well, not really. You were all ready to go, anyway. You shake you head.

“Alright, I’ll change your wet bum when we get to the supermarket.” Getting into the drivers car, she starts the engine and gets moving. “I know we didn’t get to the aquarium, but did you have fun? Julie’s mum was telling me how excited Julie was to go.”

“Yeah,” you reply before wondering if you should say more. Julie had been sad about it, but those feelings had been lost in the pullup’s incident. “I-I saw Julie’s pullup.”

Mum gives you a curious glance before her eyes are back on the road.

“It was an accident: it was under her pillow —”

“— Like I used to do for yours?”

You blush faintly and nod. Mum did do that, because otherwise you sometimes “forgot” to put your pullup on. Sometimes that meant you actually forgot until getting into bed but then didn’t bother getting out to grab one when you did remember, and sometimes you just didn’t want to wear it, feigning forgetfulness. But it was hard to pretend that you forgot when it was under your pillow.

“Julie… cried when I found it,” you admit, a wobble in your voice. It hurt, even after making Julie feel better. “I told her about when I wore pullups.” You voice is quiet and you look out the window, worried that you might cry. “It made her feel better.”

Coming to a stop at some traffic lights, mum surprises you by taking you hand and giving it a squeeze.

“I’m glad you made her feel better,” says mum sincerely. “I know that was very hard.”

You turn and give mum an embarrassed smile at her praise.

“Did you tell her about your nappy?”

You shake your head.

“N-no, it was…” you trail off.

“That’s okay. I know even admitting that you wore pullups is hard.”

“I-I just told her I had an accident, when we were driving here.”

Mum gives your hand another comforting squeeze before the light turns green. Soon mum pulls into the car park.

“Oh — I think we should have gotten you change earlier,” says mum matter-of-factly as you get out of the car.

Worrying, you twist and turn, trying to see your bum and how bad the leak it.

“It’s okay,” say mum reassuringly. “It’s just a little bit. Just two little lines.”

Squirming slightly uncomfortably, your worry only abates a little bit. You were familiar with the two wet lines; the same thing happened when your pullups leaked around your legs. Taking you by the hand, mum leads you from the front to the back car door and opens it for you.

“Hop on up and I’ll get you changed.”

There’s a moment of worry that someone might see you, but mum’s presence is comforting, as is her reassuring smile, so you climb up and lay down on the seat, your knees bent. Mum then opens her nappy bag sitting in the footwell and removes a fresh nappy, along with some wipes and powder. There’s not lots of space.

“Hold these for me, sweetheart,” she tells you, giving you the powder and wipes. The nappy she wedges between you and the seat back.

You relax and look up at the ceiling as mum undoes the button on your shorts, unzip them and then pull them up to your knees.

“Oh — my,” says mum at the sight of your nappy. “I don’t know how this didn’t leak more.”

You don’t wonder, but it’s comforting as mum goes through the motions of wiping you down.

“Bum up,” she says. You comply, letting mum swap your wet nappy for a dry one. Then she generously powders you. “It’s best not to leave you wet this long very often.”

You trusted that mum knew what she was doing and would help you there, and then — squirming happily — mum folds your fresh, dry nappy over you. Your nappy secured comfortingly around you, you help mum pull your shorts up and then she buttons you up.

Mum pulls you upright and then into a hug, and you easily relax in her arms.


Mum has only placed a single item in her basket when you feel your bowels moving. But your worry feels distant, you realise as you glance at mum. It feels even more insignificant as you think back to how close friends you surely were with Julie, and how you are sure that she won’t tease you for nappies.

Maybe you didn’t need to worry? That maybe mum was right, and that everything would be okay?

You don’t think that you could be completely brazen about it, but no one would give you a second glance if you acted like nothing was amiss. Right?

So, feeling safe and comfortable, with no worries to bother you, you squat down. So unworried, you did not notice where you were until now: the baby section. Within arms reach is a packet of brightly coloured dummies. So, as you hear the faint tinkle as you begin to wet your nappy and you push out your mess, you reach out to grab a packet.

Holding the packet closer, your shorts holding your nappy close to you as the mess begins to cup your backside, you look it over. You can’t help but smile softly, imagining what it would be like to fall asleep sucking on a dummy. These dummies are in pastel colours, but looking up, you can see some more, some with different colours and patterns.

“Do you want me to get you some?”

Turning your head, mum startling you only induces a slight wabble as you squat there.

“Can I?” you ask, faintly surprised by the offer.

“Of course,” says mum, before planting a kiss on your cheek. She gets up. “Pick a packet that you like and put it in the basket.”

You happily squirm in your messy nappy, but you need to finish pooping first. It doesn’t take long to finish your business and then you stand up, looking up and down the different packets of dummies. Squirming, feeling the warm mess move slightly in your nappy, you feel very small — but you also feel safe. Mum will soon look after you and get you cleaned up, and right now you are obviously just a little girl, with no worries in the world.

The hardest thing you have to do was to choose just one packet! Eventually, you just close your eyes and point. But when you open your them, you don’t like the selection. So, you try again, and the result is much better: a packet with three dummies in red, blue and green, with gold stars all over them.

Happy with your choice, you skip towards mum who has moved down the aisle and place the packet in the basket. Mum gives you a smile before grabbing something off the shelf.


Mum does not comment on your messy nappy as you go through the checkout, nor does she as she opens the car boot and places the shopping bags in the back. It’s only after you sit in your car seat — your mess in your nappy spreading — and she grabs the restraints to buckle you up that she pauses and looks at you with a hint of surprise.

“Oh — I guess you need a change, then?” You smile happily back, not at all bothered by your nappy. “Right. Well, I’ll change you when we get back to the house.”

Mum finishes bucking you up and closes the door. As she starts the car you suddenly realise how tired you are. There was all that jumping in puddles with Julie, then balancing on walls. All the laughing and playing, and then the sadness and pain that Julie had felt. At least you had been able to make Julie feel better.

You’re not sure where you dozed off, but the next thing you remember is the metallic zip sound as mum secured the handbrake. She smiles at you as you give her a bleary look. Coming around the other side of the car, she helps you out of your car seat, lifting you out before setting you on the ground. She holds onto your shoulder for just a moment to check that you aren’t going to fall over, before going to the boot and getting the shopping.

“Lets get you in the bath, I think.”

“Okay…” Despite your tiredness, you stomach growls. “Mummy… I’m hungry.”

“I’ll get dinner going while you’re in the bath.”

“O—” your response is cut off by a yawn. “Okay.”

Leaving the bags in the kitchen, mum guides you towards the bathroom. After turning the taps on and adjusting the temperature, she helps you get your clothes off, leaving you in just a nappy. She tells you to wait before going and grabbing the nappy bag. She then instructs you to lay down on the bath mat where she can wipe you down.

The mess all gone, you get in the warm water.

“I’ll be back in a moment, honey,” explains mum with a kind smile. “I’ve just got to get dinner going and then I’ll help you shampoo your hair.”

“Okay!” you reply as you splash in the water.

It doesn’t feel like long at all before mum is back.

“Lets get your hair all clean.”

It’s nice to just sit there as mum works the shampoo through your hair.

“So, did you have fun today?”

“Yep!” you chirp back happily. “Lots of fun!”

“That’s good, even if we didn’t quite get to the aquarium today.”

“Ah huh,” you agree.

Careful to keep the shampoo out of your eyes, your mum carefully scoops up water to wash your hair out with, using her off hand to shield your face and eyes.

“I bet you’re hungry, so lets get out of the bath now and dry up so we can have dinner.

Humming happily, you take mum’s hand to step out of the bath tab. She’s very careful, helping you make sure that you don’t slip on the wet floor. Then mum wraps you in a towel, helping you dry off.

“Now, lets get you in your nappy.”

Skipping the now wet bath mat, mum guides you to the bedroom you are staying in and instructs you to lay down. Unfolding the nappy, she slips it under you and applies some powder before folding it up between your legs and taping you up. Feeling protected and secure in your dry nappy, you get up just as mum finds you a t-shirt to wear.

“Arms up!” mum says.

She slips your hands through the right holes and pulls the t-shirt over your head, then she slips her fingers behind your neck and pulls your slightly damp hair out and over your collar for you.

“If you want to take a seat at the table, I’ll have dinner out in just a minute.”

“Okay, mummy!”

It’s not long after dinner that you are completely exhausted, so mum soon puts you to bed.

“Goodnight, my darling daughter,” she tells you.

But, there’s one thing she forgot.

“Mummy…” you try to say, trailing off.

“What is it?”

Despite your sleepiness, your nervousness leaks through.

“I — Can I have my…?”

Mum’s face lights up in realisation.

“Oh — of course!” she says. “I’ll be back in a moment.”

Mum leaves your room, but is true to her word and back before you can think about it. She holds the packet up where you can easily see it.

“Which one do you want, sweetie? We’ve got red, green and blue!”

“Oh — um — c-can I have blue?” you ask timidly.

“Of course!” mum replies, her voice bright and reassuring.

Opening the packet, mum removes the blue-with-gold-stars dummy for you and carefully slips it between your lips.

“Goodnight, my baby girl.”

“’oodnigh, mummy,” you reply back from behind your dummy.

Switching off the light, mum closes the door with a smile. Glad that you are mummy’s baby girl, you softly suckle your dummy as you drift to sleep.


Superb chapter as always! Thanks so much for updating!

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