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Padded Gamer

Lea our 14 year old protagonist sat in her computer chair, feet propped up on the corner of her desk; clicking away at yet another online game fighting the same boss over and over for some piece of legendary loot she was always striving for.

“Come on…just a little more…” Lea quietly spoke in the company of herself; waiting in anticipation to see whether or not her hard work at grinding would have finally paid off.

With one final strike on the boss his body dissolved into nothingness leaving behind the well earned loot he carried on his soul.

“Yes!” Lea shouted in cheer over her digital victory. “Now where is it….where…” she said, voice now trailing into uncertainty as to whether or not this battle had truly been a win.

Hopes now dwindling fast as she scrolled through the drops, seeing exactly what she didn’t want; finally threw her head back in a sigh of disappointment as realization kicked in proving just how her struggles did not suffice for such a reward.

“It’s not fair! Stupid loot system!” Lea cried in a small fit of rage, spinning pointlessly around in her chair mentally tallying this as the 23rd attempt to of no success.

She then read the time on her monitor seeing that it was already 11:47PM, a red flag for how she’d been at grinding for too long that night. With a quick disconnect from the server and then quitting the game entirely, Lea rose from her chair taking a moment to fit in a good stretch from after sitting for so long; and then walked towards the bathroom to get ready for bed. Passing the body mirror that stood tall in her room to only take a moment’s glance at her slim 4’7" black-haired self, she opened the door to her bathroom and flicked on the light, straining her eyes usually accustomed to the darkness. After a quick brushing session with her teeth and a brief wipe of her face with a washcloth once more all light in both rooms had vanished with the exception of light emitting from the digital world.

“I have to get that mount next time…” Lea faintly spoke, scrolling down the page of the wiki for the game she’d consult daily, only to reassure her resolve at getting this rare item.

Yet only for her eyes to stray for a second, as she had noticed the stray tab left sitting at the top of her screen. From the piece she could read as the heading it was the light novel she was currently into, “Sword Art Online.” which only re-sparked all the fantasies she’d personally have about being able to actually live an MMORPG. She sighed in jealousy as she read a few tidbits of the light novel she had opened up at that moment. Minimizing the page and sending her computer to sleep, moving onto her own nights rest now. Casually in sync as she both managed to strip herself of her clothes and walk towards the bed; by the time her head hit the pillow all that she wore was a pair of panties and a stray nightie laying on the floor.

Laying there in silence as she listened to the calming noise of her ceiling fan, her imagination of what an RPG like life would be like ran wild. Looking up at a poster of a large male elf aiming an arrow down at her, she wished to herself, “I wish I could live a life where I’d actually be in the game…no matter what.” holding of the most sincerity in her gamer-like tone.

Yet, what shook her mental state for a moment was almost as if something faint…seemingly far away whispered with an echo inside of her head, “Really?…No…matter…what?”

Already feeling the sleep inside of her starting to consume her she hadn’t paid much mind to what she heard in her head, marking it off as the tiredness talking; careless replied out loud as she shut her eyes, “Yeah…no matter what…”

Just as Lea faded off to dreamland a figure outside her window had become visible, white hair running past her shoulders with a crescent shaped streak of red hair, hanging right between their eyes. A smirk running across their face of unknown intentions had appeared and only grew by the seconds.

“Then let your wish be my command, little girl…” they said, letting out a small female giggle as the snapping of fingers could be heard with a small purple light sparking from their fingers. As with the fading of the spark; so did she…


So if you made it to this point I want to thank you for reading what little has been posted ^.^ Do know that something should be up tomorrow, I do in fact have plans for this; just wanted to get this started now as I really liked the idea behind this. I suppose I don’t mind feedback as it is? Yet not much to critique all the same….oh well!

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It’s an interesting premise to be sure but it’s only a prologue. You could make it the next Bioshock or the next Mario as far as plot goes.

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I’ll be looking forward to where this goes. :slight_smile:

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Chapter 1: A Game?

As the sun stood at 8:47AM in the morning; sunlight crashed into Lea’s room within inches of her face, threatening to submerge her eyes in the morning brightness.

“Ahhhhwghhh!” came as a slur from Lea’s mouth; yawning as she opened her eyes back to reality.

Managing to sloppily sit up in bed, Lea rubbed the rest of the sleep out of her vision, refreshed for her final weekend day of grinding to only hope for good results. Yet first, she took quick notice at how her body was telling her unusually at this time that a trip to the bathroom was needed. Paying no mind to the unanticipated bodily function, Lea dragged herself from the soft bed and into her bathroom from the night before. Passing the bathroom mirror Lea flipped up the seat and sat down to do her business. Once finished and flushed, she stopped by the sink for a moment to wash her hands, only except this time she got a good look in the mirror.

“What the hell?…” Lea said as if unsure herself as she pressed her hand against her own reflection. Right above her head was floating text only to not be reversed by the properties of the mirror; as Lea could read it bright as day.

LV1 Lea

Lea didn’t know what to feel about this; scared, shocked, worried, afraid? Though what emotion inside of her seemed to prevail the most was growing curiosity. Just when her thoughts were lingering more and more as questions in her head began to spike onto a monumental level, a voice interrupted the silence. “Ah, just noticed now have you?”

Practically jumping out of her skin, Lea quick darted her head both left and right to see whoever had just spoken.

“Whoa! Jumpy one aren’t we? Out here kid.” the voice continued to speak, leading Lea back into her bedroom and then to the window sitting right beside her bed.

When Lea looked at the window she could see someone with white hair and a streak of red sat outside. Aside from all this however, what really through Lea for a loop was trying to figure out just how was this person outside their window on the second floor of a two story house?

Backing up trying to maintain assertiveness in her voice, Lea with diminishing confidence said “Who a-are you? And wh-what do you want?”

“Well, I can answer whatever questions you may have, as soon as you open this window that is. Gets boring after floating for a bit ya know?” the stranger casually said, treating the situation as any other form of normal encounter.

“N-no, why would I let some stranger into my room? Leave before I scream for my mom!” Lea slowly began to raise her voice, all because of the rising panic in her.

“Hey now, lets just calm down for a second here; I don’t bite, promise! And also, wouldn’t you like to know why you just read a level off the top of your head?”

Awfully curious about it herself, Lea knew this person had hit the nail right on the head. Maybe she could let this woman in? As strange as the fact was that she said she was floating, she did somehow know about the title above her head. With caution, Lea edged towards the window, mentally preparing herself for the worse. As she finally reached the window, slowly flipping the locks on top to their opposite ends, Lea backed up without hesitation like evacuating a bomb that was about to blow.

“There, I unlocked it. You can open it yourself now.”

Not a noticeable care in the world, the mysterious person had opened the window from the outside and stepped in one foot at a time, revealing her black boots just below the knee, with a pair of white and light pink horizontally striped socks following suit. Now in full view; Lea could tell that this person was definitely a woman with a figure that definitely spoke for itself, sporting a large proud chest and as if perfect curves to go along with it. Clothed in a gray skirt and red loose shirt, visually connected by a slightly tilted leather strap wrapping around her body; this woman now stood dominantly before Lea.

After getting a quick look at who they were, Lea then soon noticed how there was a title above their name too, only reading this time as:

LV?? ??

“You have a name above your head too?” Lea openly questioned, noticeably staring at what was above the woman now.

“Yep! Everybody does, that’s how Gamer works.” they said; posing as an easy question for her.

“Gamer?…” Lea asked, confusion already growing.

“Alright hang on, sit down first. We have a little bit to cover in only so much time, so let me do all the talking for now. 'Kay?”

Silently agreeing, Lea pulled her computer chair out a bit and sat on it with hands balled into fists resting on her legs. Following along with her movements, the woman then sat down on Lea’s bed taking in a small breath of air.

“So first off, I heard about your little wish last night and I decided to grant your greatest desire.” she said, only to be interrupted by Lea right off the bat.

“Wait that was you who was in my-” Lea was beginning to say, as she was soon then cut off.

“Ah, ah, ah! I thought I’d be the one talking first. And to answer your question; yes I was talking to you telepathically and have been hanging outside your window ever since.” she continued. “Basically you have been given an ability which is what you call ‘Gamer’, something I can only tell you briefly about as I myself don’t exactly know how it fully works. From what I CAN say, it’s just about as self explanatory as the name gets. It’s basically the same as bringing all the aspects of one of those MMO things you were playing last night right into real life; only you can see it for what it is. MEANING, that all those title things you see above people’s heads and such? You’re the only one capable of seeing them so don’t ask somebody normal about them, because they’d probably think that you’re crazy…”

“Are you serious?” Lea wondered in her head; trying to take in all that this person had just said. “This isn’t normal, you don’t just wake up and have this kind of……oh so amazing ability!” Lea cheered in her mind, as a broad smile began to form on her face. “Do I really get to live in an RPG!?” Lea kept asking in her own head, beginning to lose control of her excitement.

“Well I can see how well you’re taking things.” the person calmly spoke, finding Lea’s smile to rub off onto her own.

“How long does this thing last?” Lea finally asked her, with an expression already written on her face knowing just the kind of answer she’d want.

“In short? A lifetime I suppose. Or basically as long as you exist, you’ll have this ability. Once you agreed to this there was no backing out.” the now seemingly angel had honestly told Lea.

“Yes! How could this get any better!?” Lea happily sang in thought, taking all these words as honest truth and no lie.

Spinning happily around in her chair now; Lea was soon abruptly called out of her daydreaming as her practically new best friend said, “I know you’re all happy; but there’s still a small bit we have to cover.” she continued. “To be brief, if you can believe that kind of ability you have now know that I’m what you…mortals would call a demon!” “Don’t freak out though, I didn’t do this for your soul or anything but I just wanted you to know that ‘Gamer’ isn’t the entire name of your ability. Like spinning a random chance spinner the full name of your ability is ‘Padded Gamer’, which just about defines the kind of person your character is now.”

“‘Padded Gamer?’” Lea asked, completely clueless of what the new addition meant. “Why not just ‘Gamer?’”

“Demon; like I said, there has to be some catch for there to be worth for me. I didn’t choose the word specifically but know that you made an irreversible contract and what you get is what you get. But who knows? Maybe you won’t even mind it, just keep in mind how that basically frames what you can do in this little RPG world of yours now.”

Shaken a little bit by how this person claims herself to be a demon, Lea decided to not get cold feet and continue having her answer what questions Lea had. However, their chat seemed to have ended there as the demon finally stood up from the bed.

“Sorry to end this little conversation short, but I have business to attend to. Get accustomed with your new gift and I’ll drop by later tonight to see how your progress is. Have fun!” she said, already propping one foot on the windowsill.

“Wait hang on! I never got your name!” Lea quickly said, wanting to be familiarized with the woman in the least bit possible.

“Oh, that I can answer, it’s Lunar.” she said, facing back towards the outside world.

Just in that moment, one set of question marks where her name should be had now faded and transitioned into “Lunar.” Satisfied with that, Lea made a tiny wave saying goodbye.

“See ya kid! Like I said, I’ll be back sometime later.” and with that, Lunar then flung herself from out the room and on the inside to Lea, looked as if this woman had just dared committing suicide! Rushing to the window quickly, Lea looked down expecting to see a corpse only to meet her eyes with the green lawn that’d always been there. Confused and able to only label it off as some strange form of magic, Lea made quick work of shutting her window and then sat on her bed.

Collecting all her jumbled excitement from what had just happened; Lea felt a new question strike her thoughts as she openly spoke, “How do I start?” resting her chin on her hand standing tall off of her leg. Yet as if fate had somehow met her mind, right before her eyes a light green square popped up right before her eyes littered with black text reading: “Congratulations! You have learned a new skill!” Already intrigued by this, Lea hesitantly tapped on the square fore it to them minimize into nothingness and have a new blue square take its place. However, now seeing what the skill name was she was awfully surprised.

SKILL NAME: Incontinence LV0 XP0.00%


Well! I’m glad to have finally gotten that out. Having more fun with this the more I imagine just where it’s going and all the possibilities along the way. Maybe if I’m lucky I can throw out another chapter today; but who knows. Anyways, as the same before I welcome feedback in its early stage and I thank you for reading this new addition!

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An ABDL Gamer story…works for me XD I’ll keep an eye on this one ^^

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OP, did you by chance ever read/watch No Game No Life?

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Course I did o.O Had an amazing time watching it too =D I’m not too sure just how much this is going to match up with that though X3

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Chapter 2: Learning the Ropes

What had she just read? Lea cleared her mind as she rationalized that her eyes must have been playing tricks on her or something. Taking a closer look this time; to Lea’s disappointment she had not read the skill name incorrectly.

“What the heck? How can that even be a skill?” Lea questioned, not liking where this was headed at all. Tapping on the small text square once more, instead of it disappearing it expanded height wise as a description was now visible.

Incontinence (Passive) LV0 XP0.00%
“After years of being a big girl, wielding the mastered arts of the potty,
you’ve grown tired and have discovered a way to now abolish all training
you possess and revert into a carefree pants wetter! Every time you manage
to make it to the toilet, the urge will only grow stronger until the skill
possessor can no longer reach the bathroom without letting loose.”

“You have to be kidding me!” the young girl worriedly spoke, not at all looking for a way out of toilet training. “This was supposed to be like an RPG, not a baby transformation!” Lea complained, just at that moment putting two and two together. “Wait….‘Padded…’” Oh crap! How didn’t she notice it any sooner? Was being a baby her actual class? “She cheated me!” Lea complained, already letting her first skill, she definitely did not want sour her dream she’d always fantasize about. Making an urgent mental note in her head to make Lunar fix this, Lea read over the skill one last final time.

Summing up the basics of the skill, Lea determined what the worst about this skill was how it was passive; meaning it’d always be in effect leaving her unable to do anything about it.

“There’s got to be some way to unlearn this skill…” consoling herself, trying to find the crack in her supposedly sealed fate. She tapped on the skill for a final time and this time it had disappeared to leave no other message in its place. “How can I find my skills list…think!” she wondered, racking her brain for some kind of solution. Deciding to just about spitball at that point; Lea closed her eyes and in a slightly embarrassed tone said, “……Skills!” Expecting nothing to happen, Lea opened her eyes to only be surprised as a new tall white rectangle appeared before her. “It…worked!” Lea cheered, able to see one small box sitting at the top right of the square.

Tapping it quickly expecting to see options, only did the description she had read just a second ago only popped up. “No….” she whined. Where could she get rid of the skill!? After about what felt like 5 minutes of messing around with that one skill she tried a final voice command. With a stuttering embarrassment in her voice, Lea said “Unlearn…‘Incontinence!’” All that she was rewarded with though was her lingering shyness at the words that had come out of her mouth. “Whatever… I’m sure Lunar can get rid of it later today. Besides, I doubt the skill will be that much of a problem…” Lea reasoned; as a way to prevent panic from setting in.

To take that wretched skill off her mind though, Lea then decided to check out two more possible sections of her character.

“Stats.” Lea calmly spoke, this time expecting an actual result.

Right then the skills window shrunk until it was gone and was then replaced by a new white rectangle as tall as her and as wide as two of her. On the stat window it showed a green bar with a black outline having the text 100/100 written on it and below it a blue bar reading the same value. Guessing that it was a health and mana bar, Lea inspected the rest of what the stats window had to offer. Right below the two bars, a gray unisex body model in a near T-pose with what looked like clothing spots connected by lines to the corresponding spots of the body was displayed. Hat, face, necklace, earrings, rings, it had just about everything a person could possibly wear. Two slots had actually been filled already, the underwear and shirt section where her panties and nightie were.

Tempted to experiment, Lea tapped on the box where her nightie was and two options had shown up below it that read “UNEQUIP” and “DROP.” Not exactly willing to test whether or not she could digitally strip herself, Lea concluded that section of ‘Gamer’ there and moved onto what she was curious about next.

“Inventory.” which was responded to by a now white square popping up in place of stats lined with a large area of individual boxes capable of carrying an item type each Lea was guessing. Willing to test even further with this though, Lea picked up the nearest item she could find; a book, and started aiming it towards the first box in the inventory. Like magic the book had completely turned white with a blue outline around it and suddenly vanished, with a ding! noise playing as the first empty slot was now replaced with the very book she had just been holding.

“No way…” Lea said in awe as the possibilities with this inventory were beginning to seem endless in her eyes.

When going to remove the book, as if some invisible force were drawing her to it, her hand had penetrated the window and the hole she was making in it was having an outline of white light emitting from it. While trying to grab it being amazed by how the process worked and looked; she had felt the book. She couldn’t see it, but definitely felt it as she tightened her grip on it. Reeling back out her arm from the inside of the inventory what rest in her hand now was the same book from less than a minute ago, the top right box reverting back to its original empty state. Fascinated by this sole ability alone, Lea messed around with various objects in her room having fun with just inserting them and removing them. Only when had it just started to become boring Lea could hear the sound of a door in the hallway opening.

Looking at the clock to see how it was now 9:29AM Lea was able to guess that it was probably her mom, who Lea just happened to plan on asking for breakfast. Already making use of her new ability, she removed her nightie and panties by placing them in her inventory. Lea walked over to the dresser next to her bed and opened it to be welcomed by a fresh new pair of neon blue panties, (not accompanied by a bra which she is disappointed to say,)a pair of black leggings, a denim skirt a few inches above the knee, and finally a blue shirt similar of the shade to her underwear. Satisfied with her attire, Lea moved onto the prepping stage of her first day as the hopefully not so unfortunate “Padded Gamer.”

Walking down the gray walled hallway, Lea had then moved to the wooden stairs into the room connecting straight to the kitchen.

Upon walking in though, Lea could see the title above her head reading:

LV2 Jane

“Morning sweetie. Get some sleep this night I hope?” Lea’s mother asked, all too knowing of her acclaimed, “Unhealthy gaming” habits; all the while stirring up a bowl of batter.

“Mom, it’s the weekend, relax. You know I get enough sleep on school nights and during the weekend I get all the more sleep.” talking to her mom feeling as if this conversation had already repeated itself too many times.

“I know, I know. I just wish you’d sometimes not have to be so…absorbed into those computer games.”

“Don’t worry about it. I get good grades and those ‘computer games’ are an outlet for me.” Lea said, taking a seat at the kitchen table.

“Honestly I swear, that computer is going to be as much as part of your life as it was to your father.”

Sadly, Lea had lost her father as her mother lost her husband to an incurable disease that made quick work of his life. Lea had only been about 4 at the time, so it was difficult to say that she could constantly feel any strong emotional attachment for the man, yet he supposedly lives on through the sole habit of being a technology addict Lea seemed to have inherited from him.

“But anyways, your pancakes will be ready in about 5 minutes.” she said, pouring the well stirred batter onto the hot pan.

As promised, within 5 minutes presented before Lea were two chocolate chip pancakes, covered in syrup and freshly buttered. Lea could never pass out on her mom’s famous chocolate chip pancakes.

“Thanghgs Mawm.” Lea said, mouth already filled with the chocolatey goodness.

“No problem hon.” her mom said, fighting off a tiny giggle at how adorable her small daughter looked right now, face stuffed with pancake. “Just make sure to keep your face clean!” she said, moving on to her now waiting coffee maker.

Taking a break from her irresistible food, Lea walked over to the fridge and grabbed the jug of milk and then took a cup from the cabinet, (just managing) and poured herself a glass, moving back to the table once returning the jug back to the fridge. In only a few more minutes Lea had made light work of the filling breakfast, and only a small amount of milk was left in the glass.

“Amazing as always mom!” Lea said, complimenting her food that never seemed to disappoint.

“No problem, just leave your plate and glass there, I’ll take care of it.” her mom replied, sipping on a cup of coffee.

Going in back to finish the glass of milk off, Lea could somehow now only focus now on a strange feeling slowly settling in her lower region. As it grew stronger and stronger it took her a few seconds to realize that this was the feeling of her needing to pee! Pushing back her chair quickly, Lea darted for the bathroom on the first floor and slammed the door, struggling with the button to her skirt for a second purely out of rushing, and dropped her underwear and leggings letting out a sigh of relief as she felt the sudden stress pooling away. Not long after she could hear a knocking on the bathroom door, hearing her concerned mother.

“Lea? Are you alright in there? You suddenly started bolting for the bathroom out of nowhere.”

“Oh um, yeah, don’t worry mom, everything’s fine! Just had an emergency.”

“I see…did you…get it all in?” with hesitancy in her voice.

Causing Lea herself to blush, Lea quickly said “Yah! Of course I got it in mom!”

“I’m sorry honey! I’ll leave you to your business now!” her mom said, quickly walking off.

Letting out one last sigh, Lea tried to figure out what had just happened. “The urge was stronger this time! And…didn’t it take me longer to notice?” Lea worried. For best case scenario however, Lea marked that off as paranoia and simply focused on finishing up in the bathroom. After that little moment of being reunited with the most life ruining skill ever, Lea stepped out of the bathroom and passed through the empty kitchen and walked back up to her room, she needed to take her mind off of things as they were now.

Finding her backpack all by itself sitting in the corner of her room, Lea dragged the book filled bag over to her desk where she’d finish up what little weekend homework was assigned to her. Okay….lets start with Algebra…she said, getting into her work.

A few hours had passed, Lea had been long done with her homework and decided against her plans for this morning to go outside, but found company with her computer, back to grinding that very same enemy she had been hacking and slashing away at from the night before.

Right in the middle of her fifth attempt an enemy returning far too soon had begun to snake its way through her bladder. “I can’t have to go now!….” Lea whined, not wanting to lose her current battle fighting the boss. She’d be damned if this forsaken skill was now going to interrupt a whole different game she was playing! Determined to hold strong and finish the battle, whatever confidence she had originally seemed to have entirely dissolved as she felt a hot spurt of urine shoot into her underwear just after a few minutes of her supposed mighty resolve. “Crap!” Lea shouted as she practically dropped everything at once to immediately tend to her magically overflowing bladder. Right as she lifted the toilet seat one last quick warm spurt was soaked by her now dampening panties as the muscles she was straining to keep a lid on her toilet control that was quickly coming loose. Thankfully she was finally set to empty whatever was left in her while she inspected the damage on her underwear. Combined with how the urine made the panties darker and the already black leggings masked by the skirt, she shouldn’t have a problem wearing these again as long as she herself doesn’t mind the feeling. And as she was sitting there a skill update window had popped up.

Incontinence LV0 XP20.00%

“20%!?” Lea quietly shouted in the bathroom shocked. How could it already have gone up by that much? Lea was starting to guess that each leak is worth 10% as she almost lost control twice. What really worried her was just how bad it could level the skill if she had a full blown accident before reaching the toilet; something she had to prioritize in order to avoid it.

Leaving the bathroom and then shutting the door, Lea looked over to the battle she had been in the middle of to now see her character’s corpse on the ground. With a disappointed look she took a glance at the clock reading 11:57AM. Sitting down she prayed inside her head begging, “Please come soon Lunar…” as she felt the wet crotch area of the panties rub up against her skin.


Still at a bit of a slow pace, I know. In due time I plan on stepping up the diaper elements which I do plan to play a much more crucial part in the “Padded Gamer” system. Once more if you have feedback PLEASE nail the harsh truth into my face or if ya have anything to say at all (Preferably not purely negative) leave it as a comment! :slight_smile: Expect to see something tomorrow I suppose. I don’t plan on adding anything else tonight; but who knows o.O

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Mornin’, maybe I can pump out 2+ chapters today? One can only hope =3

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Chapter 3: It Gets Worse

It had been only about an hour since she finished that too close of a bathroom trip and whatever concentration she had on her game was completely gone now. All Lea could do was direct 100% of her attention to her bladder, making sure to use the toilet immediately at the sound of nature calling; she absolutely could not afford to take her chances with this incontinence skill, unknown to just how bad the skill’s passive effect could be by the level. Lea had given up for the time being on trying to expand her horizon on just how far she could take this ability of hers until Lunar could give whatever limited knowledge she had left to Lea. Nevertheless, it was getting awfully boring waiting on her toilet needs for this long.

Fed up with sitting around; Lea decided to take a nice long hot shower, something that could practically wash any stress away for her.

“Ah….much better!” Lea rejoiced in her head, letting the warm water soak through her jet black hair.

While it probably wasn’t that big of a deal, Lea made sure to pay extra attention to the areas of her skin that had come in contact with her…“minor” accidents.

Right around the time Lea had just finished rinsing the rest of the soap out of her hair, she had just managed to hear a knocking noise from the outside of her bathroom.

“Lea, honey? I just wanted to let you know I’m going to be running a few errands!” from the sound of it, Lea’s mother shouted over the running water.

“Kay, love you!” Lea shouted back.

“Love you too!”

Shortly after, Lea turned off the shower and had her hand make a mad dash for the towel sitting on the bathroom counter right next to her. Escaping the transition of cold between the shower and outside of it, Lea made an audible shivering noise as she embraced herself in the fluffy towel wrapped around her whole body. If there were any perks to being small for your age, this would have to be one of them; being able to have just one towel wrap around you completely.

It didn’t take long to dry off, as Lea began to gather the clothes she had put on this morning. The only piece of clothing she had decided against though was her panties. Even after drying off, the stains were still noticeable and she wasn’t too up to the challenge of sitting in them ALL day. Without thinking much of it, Lea picked up the pair and moved to toss them in the hamper, yet suddenly stopped as a message of text appeared in front of them.

Panties (Common) Durability 40%
“A normal pair of panties, I sure hope a
girl is the one holding these!”

Now she could start reading the details of every day items? It looked like her ability was evolving with her the more she interacted with things. Aside from incontinence maybe Lea could find many more beneficial sides to this. Once Lunar got rid of that stupid skill she could finally start enjoying the potential of “Gamer!” Also, what Lea had noticed was the durability rating right next to it. “40%…?” Lea wondered, confused just why the durability was so low. Tapping on the 40% durability a little sub box enlarged out of thin air which looked like to be a battle log of some sort. Except when reading it a visible frown was left on Lea’s face.

Panties - Durability
Bladder Leak -30%
Bladder Leak -30%
Total 40%

“Not funny.” Was all Lea could say, as she then quickly closed the screens and tossed the pair into the hamper not pleased with what she had just read. Something of actual interest had taken it’s place shortly after however, as a message she had only ever read one other time before saying, “Congratulations! You have learned a new skill!” Lea was hesitant to continue with this one, as her last skill was nowhere at all what she wanted. Only with enough coaxing did she finally tap on the window as the new text read:

SKILL NAME: Inspect LVMAX XP100.00%

“This is more like it…” Lea said, feeling the happiness rise in her voice as she felt like she just made a gamble and won the lottery. Pleased to have learned a skill from what seemed to be from an actual RPG, Lea continued to close the skill alert and open up its description.

Inspect (Activate) LVMAX XP100.00% MP COST 0
“By taking an interest in your surroundings you can now
tap into the universal reserves of ancient knowledge and
call upon the known lore of any desired object.”

Lea was loving this skill more and more by every word. While it was a relatively basic skill, it could definitely prove to be useful and was all the more special for being a skill not related to the word “Padded.” Happy with her new little discovery, Lea closed the skill menu and went downstairs to the kitchen for a victory glass of milk.

Taking a satisfied sip from her glass, Lea walked back upstairs into her room. Completely forgetting about her important mental focus, Lea booted up her computer from its ongoing sleep and resumed her favorite game. For the rest of the day all Lea had to do was just relax, kick back and grind this annoying boss.

1 hour of killing the boss over and over; Lea was not proud to say that her desired drop did not ever appear. Looking at the time once more to see that it was 1:13PM, her impatience for Lunar’s arrival could only grow more and more. Lost in thought, she was soon snapped out of her thinking as she heard the sound of the front door opening and then closing. Figuring it was her mom, Lea ran downstairs to welcome her home.

Sure enough, it was her mom who was placing bags on the kitchen counter.

“Hey mom, so what were ya out buying?”

“Oh nothing, just a few groceries, soap? Nothing interesting. But anyways, it’s been a while as far as I know since you’ve ate. How about I make you a few sandwiches?”

“Sounds good. Thank you!” Lea began to shout as she ran back up the stairs retreating into her room, while her mother now stood in the kitchen, grabbing a loaf of bread.

Sitting down in her computer chair with a nice lunch to look forward to, Lea was going to happily continue the game, had it not been for the sudden striking feeling of the need to use the bathroom. The urge this time had snuck up much closer on her until just now being detected. What was worse this time was due to how much it had built up, she was at near bursting point which limited her moves greatly. With swiftness and an intense level of caution, Lea rose from her chair in the most careful way possible. Unfortunately her greatest efforts weren’t perfect, as she felt a warm squirt into the front of her underwear.

“Come on! You can make it!” Lea cheered on in her head, as she now stand cross-legged making tiny waddles to the toilet.

With each step, tiny drops of overflowing urine were squeezing just by her guard, causing more and more damage to what piece of clothing she had just gotten finished changing.

By the time she reached the toilet, it hurt her confidence as she wasn’t too sure whether or not that could be considered a victory. Seeing the state of her panties, what seemed to be about a quarter of what didn’t make it to the bathroom made it in her panties. Were her physical and mental abilities not up to par with this constantly advancing skill? What was the worst of all was how for the time being; whatever progress she made with this skill wasn’t showing any signs of declining in progress. Just how worse would it be at level one?

While sitting on the toilet, Lea checked the progress of the Incontinence skill to see how far it had gone.

Incontinence LV0 XP90.00%

“90%!?” Lea openly said in shock, trying to comprehend just how it could reach a number so high in just one potty trip. Trying to contemplate the spike in percentage, Lea was starting to wonder whether or not she should have just let go and see the kind of experience it’d gain rather than have multiple failed attempts at holding it in, feeding the skill all the more points.

Looking down at her undergarment for a final look, Lea used her Inspect skill on them to see the durability at only 5%. Big surprise. Lea sighed as she was just going to put on her third pair of panties in the same day.


It’s getting there! I promise. I have a good direction where I want this to head and once Lea’s first day is over I’ll finally be diving her into the world of magic, all the while mixing in her “Gamer” ability too. Believe me, you’re going to be satisfied with how this goes! (At least I think?) And on a sad note, I’m sorry to only have one chapter at this time; got caught up watching a live stream and I’m currently reading the manga, “Kure-nai” (Kinda hooked) Nevertheless if not one tonight, definitely at least one chapter tomorrow! Comments encouraged as always and I hope you enjoyed this small addition to “Padded Gamer” ^.^

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I’ll admit that reading the forst couple chapters of the story left me skeptical and not entirely impressed, but in the last couple you have certainly stepped it up! Your quality of writing and going into detail seems pretty solid, and hopes are high for a fun story!

Re: Padded Gamer

The first few chapters were just to set a foundation, but I was trying to get them out as fast as possible because of the lacking in content people come here for >.< Just glad people are enjoying the latest two! Probably the biggest issue for me was trying to decide whether or not if I included this or that, I’d be rushing it way too much or not.

Re: Padded Gamer

This has got me very interested, the whole video game thing is really unique.
Please continue and thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Chapter 4: Level Up!

Lea was left with about 10 minutes to collect her thoughts and such, in a fresh pair of underwear she had no intentions of changing out of that day. Letting her concentration slip for even a second would prove fatal to a successful bathroom attempt, something she could not afford to fail. It was just a battle against time at this point…and liquids. If Lea could somehow manage to survive by the time Lunar got here, everything would be fine.

“Lea! Your lunch is ready!” Lea’s mom shouted from the kitchen.

Snapping back into reality, Lea stood up and walked down the stairs, meeting eyes with a delicious looking pair of sandwiches sitting so vulnerable on a plate.

“Thanks mom!” she happily thanked her mother, digging into her sandwiches without a moments delay.

The two chitchatted a bit in between the chewing of Lea as she finally took her last bite of such an amazing meal.

“Amazing as always mom.” Lea confidently stated, looking at her now empty plate with the exception of stray breadcrumbs.

“No problem kiddo, but aren’t you going to drink your water?” her mom asked puzzled, happening to notice how it hadn’t been touched the entire time.

“Oh…” Lea simply said, now noticing the filled cup too, but mind filling with thoughts of the regret that could only follow if she drank it.

“Aren’t you going to drink it?” she asked, seeing it as only a simple task.

“Well um, I’m not that thirsty, that’s all.” Lea said, with a basic excuse.

“If you insist.” her mother shrugged, walking over and taking the water herself; sipping a large amount of it. “Just leave your plate there, I’ll take care of it.”

Lea pushed out from the table and got up from her chair, yet at the same time Lea’s mother stopped her for a moment.

“And actually, I know how it’s a Sunday and all, but I’d like to get you out and grab a few pairs of jeans you have been wanting.”

Feeling as if getting outside was a somewhat nice change of pace, Lea agreed asking, “When are we going?”

“Well like I said, since it’s Sunday we should probably get moving ASAP; the stores are going to close earlier than usual. How about you throw your shoes on right now?”

“Sure, just give me a couple of minutes.”

And with that, Lea scurried up into her room so she could put her computer to sleep and then ran downstairs putting on a pair of white shoes with a thin black trim, she finalized her getup by putting on a red sweatshirt.

“Ready to go?” her mom asked, taking her keys off the counter accompanied by a purse slung over her shoulder.

“Yep.” Lea plainly responded, sitting on the step from the kitchen to the entrance room.

Shortly after the two found themselves sitting in a car currently on their way to the store. A small conversation lingered between the two but came to a short end as they parked in front of the large clothing store.

Upon walking in Lea’s mom had directed her towards what they were looking for like she practically had a map of the store implanted in her head. While walking Lea had noticed all the titles above people’s heads, not being able to see their names but their levels she could see, as no level was higher than a 2.

Arriving at the pants section, why Lea sat quietly on a stool in the area she waited for her mom to pick out the pants she had shown her online. Not being one much for a clothes addict like people would expect most girls to be, Lea was an exception; still taking value in her clothes, just not being obsessed over them. While waiting on her, Lea hadn’t expected what happened coming; the evil urge returned again to use the bathroom.

“How? I didn’t even drink anything!” Lea angrily raved in her mind. Feeling the urgency of her bladder though, Lea quickly got her mom’s attention.

“Mom? Mom? It’s an emergency.”

Turning back wondering what she was going on about, Lea’s mom said, “What is it Lea?”

“I need to use the bathroom. Badly.”

“Can’t it wait?”

“I’m not joking! Where can we find a bathroom here?”

“Well…hang on. Come with me.”

Lea’s mom started walking towards the nearest worker in the department followed by a Lea who had a bladder that was beginning to push beyond its limits.

“Excuse me?” Lea’s mom asked a worker, calling to their attention.

“Oh hi, what can I do for you?” the worker asked in a cheery tone.

“Hi, where are your bathrooms?” she asked in the kind of voice that showed just how much she didn’t see Lea’s situation as an emergency.

“Bathrooms? Oh, right! You can find them at the other end of the store right over there.” She said, pointing to the opposite end of the store.

“Other end!?” Lea whined to the worker, already cupping a hand embarrassingly over her crotch.

Seeing the position Lea was in, the woman sympathized as best she could saying, “I’m sorry kid, I’m sure you’ll make it if you can hold it.”

“Hold it!?” Lea screamed inside her head. Just how much was this woman looking down on her? To her Lea probably looked like some kid who just got out of potty training or something!

Sensing the awkwardness in the atmosphere, the worker quietly left the two to their own problem, not exactly sure how she could be much more help.

“Mom! What’re we gonna do?” Lea asked, hoping for her mom to whip up some magical solution that would get her out of this mess.

“Well Lea, our options are awfully limited here… But why didn’t you speak up any sooner?”

“I didn’t even-” Lea stopped for a second, almost telling her mom how she actually didn’t even feel it, which would make things much worse for her. “Um I…I don’t know, I just thought I could hold it? It happened so fast!” Lea reasoned, not exactly being too far from the truth.

With a look deep in thought on her mother’s face, Lea’s mom then took her by the free hand and managed to pull her a few sections of clothes racks into a nearby changing room. The two entered a room and she shut the door locking it.

“Mom this isn’t a bathroom!” she complained, afraid of just where this situation was heading.

“I know hon, and I’m sorry; but you haven’t exactly left me much to work with here, so you’re just going to have to go right here.”

“Here!?” Lea in a hushed voice screamed out of concern of others hearing them. “But…but why?”

“I know it’s hard, but desperate times can call for us to do things we don’t want to do. This may be tough on you but think of it as a reminder to keep in better check of what happens down there.”

She couldn’t be serious! Right now her mother was asking her to pee her pants in a changing room! What’s even worse was that she was sure to reach level one with her Incontinence skill if she had an accident now! Lea gave her mom one last look of hope, but to no avail her mother’s decision hadn’t changed. Tears stinging Lea’s eyes as she now knew her fate was sealed, the emotional stress had broken whatever willpower she had keeping her bladder under control. Watery eyes had now gone to waterfalls, just like the inside of her underwear as a warm undying stream broke loose. Overwhelmed by the infantile act she just committed, Lea fell to her knees as she now sit in her own wet mess.

Unable to do much at that point, Lea’s mother could only sit down and embrace her in a hug, trying to feel her daughter’s pain. Welcoming the hug, Lea wrapped her arms tightly around her as she sobbed, feeling the gross liquid leak its way through her clothes and in between her legs.

The situation carried on like this for a few more minutes as somewhere along the road her bladder had finally ceased the havoc it was reigning upon Lea. As crying subsided to sobbing, then devolved into sniffles followed by the occasional tear, Lea had calmed down into a very displeased state.

“All better?” Lea’s mom quietly asked, rubbing her back.

Lea could only respond in a brief muffled tone managing an “Mhmm…”

“I think we should leave the store now…we can worry about the jeans some other time.”

“How can I leave like this?” Lea asked, unable to face her mother after something so embarrassing.

“Here, hand me your sweatshirt.”

Lea complied, giving her mom her jacket. She then had Lea stand up, which her mother then took notice to the dark spot on the back of her skirt visible in the mirror, meaning she had definitely leaked quite a bit. Wrapping the arms of her sweatshirt around her waist, her mom finished it up by tying a knot in the front. With most of the sweatshirt hanging in the back, if nobody were looking for an accident nobody would notice.

“There, all set. That should cover you until we get home.”

“Are you sure? I feel wet.”

“Well honey, do you think all the other people in the store are going to feel what you’re feeling right now?”

Realizing the child-likeness in her own statement, Lea blushed as she stuck close to her mother exiting the store. Feeling a rush through her body, Lea wanted her mom to speed up as she now noticed the puddle she’d made in the changing room. What had even knocked her pride down a few more pegs was an alert message popping up saying, “Congratulations! A skill has leveled up!”

Incontinence LV1 XP0.00%

She didn’t have the heart to even attempt looking at it any further.

One quiet car ride accompanied by a pair of wet and cold panties later, the two now sat opposed from each other at the kitchen table.

“Lea, do you want to talk about what happened back there?” Lea’s mom said, breaking the ice.

“Wh-….What do you mean?” Lea asked, obviously uncomfortable about the situation.

“Well…about the fact my fourteen year old daughter just…had an accident in her pants at the store.”

“It…it was nothing. Just an accident, it won’t happen again.”

“Are you sure Lea? You’re telling me what just happened in there was a complete fluke?”


“Alright then. I’ll be holding you to that.”

The conversation concluded there as Lea now shamefully walked up to her room to change her clothes altogether as just about everything from the waist down had taken too much of a beating. Lea was disgusted with herself, even when she placed all the blame on that skill purely out to get her potty training, it didn’t change the fact that she was indeed pissing herself left and right. All she could cling onto was Lunar somehow getting her out of this mess. Finally deciding to face the music, Lea opened up her skill window to view her Incontinence skill to see if anything had changed. As her fears were now worsened, the description of it’s effect had increased to an only more terrible state.

Incontinence (Passive) LV1 XP0.00%
“After years of being a big girl, wielding the mastered arts of the potty,
you’ve grown tired and have discovered a way to now abolish all training
you possess and revert into a carefree pants wetter! Every time you manage
to make it to the toilet, the urge will only grow stronger until the skill
possessor can no longer reach the bathroom without letting loose.”
Additional Effect(s):
+30% chance to lose control of bladder in sleep
Little fluid intake required for large urine output

Lea could only watch in true fear as she now read what evolution this skill had undergone. What was terrifying was the abnormality of its progress, in just one level, the first level at that; it was reaching heights Lea couldn’t have imagined were reachable in only one day of having the damn skill! Still, the small hope of Lunar remained in her mind as she closed the window, trying to relax.

Stripped of her wet clothes and replacing them with a new pair of underwear, loose baggy shorts and a basic short sleeve shirt, Lea made the tough decision to nap away the remaining troubles of the day. With a now empty (hopefully) body, she could at least try and take some edge off the stress. Besides; her chances of wetting the bed were only 30%, she couldn’t be that unlucky…could she?


Curse you Lunar! Where are you!? For those who have been reading these past chapters, it’s about to step up another level I’m 99% sure about in the next chapter. Sorry about this being so late when I added it too! I’m happy though I managed to get this out today, only to my discredit at how it’s only 9 minutes until midnight….anyways, comments as always appreciated and I thank you all for the alarming number in people who read this topic! Until…tomorrow? Most likely? Trying to stay faithful to the at least 1 a day thing. Ciao!

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Lovely story. The pacing feels good, I love the mechanic that you have put into place; it tickles my gamer self, and it feels pretty clever.

Carry on, this looks super fun.

Re: Padded Gamer

Very interesting. I wonder whether level 2 is the cap or if that’s just “the limits of average human potential”. Looking forward to seeing what other skills pop up as this goes on.

Re: Padded Gamer

Chapter 5: No Turning Back

It was a peaceful silence, enjoying her dream as she lay in a comforting bed; not a single care in the world. If only it could have gone on like that forever, until she was disappointed to hear the noises of reality calling her from beyond the land of dreams.

“Lea?….Lea!” She could faintly hear her mom’s rising voice from the other side of the door.

Buried by the face of her pillow she muffled an, “Mhmm?”

“Dinner’s ready, come on down an eat.”

Dinner? Had she really slept that long? Not like it mattered. The sooner this day went by the better, sleep was a convenient way to ensure just that. Trying to kick her body into gear, Lea quickly tore herself from her almost immovable state of lying in bed. Standing in a daze for a moment next to her bed, realization sunk in awfully quick as she remembered her final thoughts before her head hit the pillow. Hands darting for her crotch in the blink of an eye, Lea this time was not soaked in pee but in relief. Her 70% had prevailed! It finally seemed like luck was on her side this time. Now if only it could stay that way for the time being…then she would truly be happy.

Like lunch, it wasn’t a very talkative meal between the too; tied with the facts how her mom’s cooking was too good to give her chewing mouth a break, and how the atmosphere still tended to be awkward after the incident at the store earlier. Lea couldn’t have changed it in any way, the less they talked about it the better. Lea had made sure to thank her mom for the meal, but other than that, that had just about concluded their dinner. Though to prevent any more talking for the night, Lea decided to say her goodnight right then and there.

“I’ll just say goodnight now mom. I think I’m going to turn in early.”

“Are you? Maybe it’s all that gaming that’s been catching up to you.”

“Nah, not in the mood for it tonight and I just thought I’d go to sleep now. I was recently busy trying to enjoy it.” Hinting to her jokingly mood of not being to happy about having to wake up."

“Well, have a good night and don’t forget that you have school tomorrow.”


School. Something she was not looking forward to after just one crazy weekend day. Yet what mattered now was enjoying the time she could at this moment take advantage of. Back in her room Lea finally decided to wash her legs off from her, “little” accident earlier today. The smell of urine was starting to lurk and it was important to seize and eliminate it with haste. A few minutes later she sat on the toilet naked from the waist down with her legs making way for a wet facecloth so she could wash the smell away. Hopefully Lunar would show up before she went to sleep. Getting into bed she turned on her tv letting the noise drown her into sleep, wondering what would happen either later tonight or tomorrow. She could only hope for Lunar to come.

Again twice that day did somebody wake her up from her sleep, a voice calling to her, one she’d been waiting to hear from for what felt like forever.

“Hey Lea…hey Lea…wake up!”

Opening her eyes fuzzy from sleep, Lea hazily asked, “Lunar?…is that you?…”

“Yep! Come on! Get up, we need to talk! Tell me about your first day.”

“Hang on hang on…” Lea said, able to catch a glimpse of her clock seeing it was just about midnight. Clearly her energy level was nowhere near up to par with Lunar’s. “Lunar can’t you see the time? You need to be quiet or you might wake up my mom.”

“Your mom? Oh! No need to worry about that. I made sure to cast a soundproof ward on your room when I got here.”

A soundproof ward? It’d be nice if Lea could have some ACTUAL magic like that. The only magic she had was being able to do was have accidents in her panties.

“Well hang on…give me a second to wake up here.”

Shuffling around in bed Lea could feet something wet and cold under her bed. Moving around a bit more she could feel that from the waist down she was laying on a good deal of it.

“What is in my bed?…” Lea wondered, entirely unsure of what it was.

Throwing the covers off of her, what she found was only to be disappointment and shame. If only she had been as lucky as she was during her nap. What really annoyed her was just how much her luck had soured into a cruel betrayal. A pesky 30% had just done in yet another pair of underwear in the same day.

“So you’re a bed wetter I see?” Lunar asked, not even attempting to hide the smile on her face with pure amusement.

“That’s not funny. I’ve been meaning to have you take care of this.”

“Take care of what?” Lunar asked, playing the ignorant role as she sat down in a chair in front of her.

“As soon as you left I learned this dumb skill called Incontinence! And it’s been making me have….” Lea furiously blushed in the darkness, “accidents….”

“Accidents? Like pantie pissing accidents perhaps?”

“Yes….you don’t have to rub it in! I’m serious! I need you to get rid of it!”

“Do you NOT remember what we had gone over earlier this morning?”

“What are you talking about? This isn’t the time! Just fix this mess!”

“Lea, like I said; what’s done is done. Whatever happens with you, pardon the pun; OR your pants is beyond my control.”

“Lunar…this isn’t the time for joking. YOU did this to me, YOU have to be able to fix it!”

“Listen I don’t think this is clicking for you. I. Can’t. Do. Anything. If I would I could, but that’s just the way things are.”

Lea was started to grow annoyed at this point. Just how lightly did Lunar see her problem? She practically doesn’t even care at all!

“Lunar! You have to! I’m losing my bladder control!”

“Listen kid, I would if I could. Sometimes life can throw ya a hardball. What can I say?”

“What can you say? Lunar, WHAT CAN YOU DO?”

“One last time Lea. I’m powerless in your situation now. This all became about you when you decided to wish for this.”

Tears like from the store began making their ways into Lea’s eyes. It couldn’t be true…she had just gone through so much today all to be told it was only going to repeat itself tomorrow? It wasn’t fair! Yes she did wish to live like in a game…but not this! The tears began to fall as she silently wept in front of the seemingly unfazed Lunar.

“Come on…it’s not the end of the world. So what? You just can’t use the toilet anymore! Big whoop!”

Obviously she could not feel Lea’s pain, Lea cried even harder as her only hope just told her she was doomed to a life of incontinence. It couldn’t be true, could it?

Managing to break through her sobs Lea shakily asked, “A-and you’re s-sure hiccup there’s nothing you c-can do th-that might help?”

Stuck in a look of halfassed thought, Lunar finally said, “Well like I said, there’s nothing I can do DIRECTLY, but I could probably send ya on a wild goose hunt for some solution that might not even exist.”

“What is it?” Lea quickly asked, taking this 50/50 chance as a wholehearted 100% solution.

“You can’t go now, but sometime later you could check out what’s called the ‘Magician’s Square.’”

“What’s that?” Lea sniffled, wiping a few more tears from her eyes.

“If I remember right…it’s basically some kinda hub that most dimensions connect to I guess. There you could find lots of magic shops, it’s no guarantee but they might be able to help you with your problem in some way. Hell, maybe if you learn to live with it an alchemist would be nice enough to whip ya up some diapers.”

Ignoring her last sentence emotionally hurt by it, Lea asked, “When can I go? And how do I go?”

“That’s the thing…I’m not sure if you CAN go? By yourself that is.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a relatively basic spell to learn, but I’m not sure how you’d learn it. The way I learned it was by reading it outta some book I have on me.”

“Do you think I could take a look at it?”

“Knock yourself out.” Lunar casually said, outstretching her hand in a flat position as if it were a platter. Out of thin out a purple flame emitted and had gone like it had come, only to leave a somewhat thin book in its place.

Tossing the book over to Lea she curiously held it in her hands.

Lea examine the black cover, back and spine paying attention to the tiny engraving all over it. Then she had an idea, suddenly speaking out loud saying, “Inspection.”

Followed by her words an expected box popped up providing the description she had desired.

Dimension Hub Warp Skill Book (Common)
“Commonly classified as a novice spell, the bare
minimum of a magic wielder’s capability is typically
recognized through the ability to cast this spell”

Closing the window, Lea opened up the book to reveal all foreign signs, but it looked like that wasn’t going to be a problem as a new text box appeared. “Congratulations! You have discovered a new potential skill! Would you like to learn it?” Then the two options presented before her were Yes/No. Being a nobrainer, Lea selected “Yes” and then she had felt a sensation she had never felt before. It felt like she was feeling knowledge itself rush through her body, as the feeling soon grew less and less until she felt it no more. “Congratulations! You have learned a new skill!”

SKILL NAME: Hub Warp LVMAX XP100.00%

Without hesitation Lea opened up the skill providing a telltale face for Lunar who quietly sat across the room.

Hub Warp (Activate) MP COST 20
“By harnessing the ability of your magic,
you can now connect to a larger body of
mystical force and instantly travel to that
designated point.”

“Seeing how you have that taken care of,” Lunar said, to Lea’s surprise suddenly having the book in her hand again. “I think we should stop here again. And I wish you luck on your potty troubles.”

Still not happy with the constant stabs Lunar took at her helpless situation, Lea could only block out the pain by only focusing on possibly have founding a light in the dark. She would have to make her move soon tomorrow, this simply could not be delayed.

“Same time tomorrow?” Lunar asked, ready to jump out the window again.

Lea quietly nodded; giving Lunar the clear to go, and then she was gone. Somewhat at a middle ground at this point Lea got out of bed, disliking their whole conversation overall because of the constant minder of her sitting in wet cold panties that clung to her skin. Hopefully things would go her way tonight, as it was starting to become apparent of the mark she was starting to make on her underwear supply.


Okay, we’re ready! It seems like that damn 1% got me this time. But if it isn’t this next chapter that comes out that will be giving you guys the next step for what you want, it’s DEFINITELY going to be the bridge to it. Kinda sucks for Lea as she now knows her chances of beating this bladder issue have just dwindled by quite a bit. Hopefully this Magician Square place will save her? Who knows!? Because I sure don’t! I’m sorry for those who were disappointed for this chapter so I hope you can forgive me T^T, but there shouldn’t be any more delay as far as I know. As usual, until next time! Cya!

PS, Do these chapters feel short to you? Personally they do to me but that’s probably the paranoia talking…anyways I hope the a- chapter-a-day makes up for that.

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You should be finding out more on that somewhere down the road. Yet overall thanks for dropping a comment :stuck_out_tongue: I tend to value the little things >.<

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This story is cool. Looking forward to reading more of it.

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I eager wait the upload of the latest chapter everyday the story is now reaching stunning point and I can’t wait to see what you have in store. This is one of the best stories I have encountered in awhile you’ve done a great job.