Overnight (Part Two)

[i]It was at that moment that she realized she had soaked her pull-up. The look on her face went from elation to horror. Tears came into her eyes as she gazed up at him again like a lost soul. He smiled warmly at her, placed a pacifier in her lips, brushed away the tears from her eyes, and ran his fingers gently down her face.

She closed her eyes and smiled behind her pacifier. They embraced even tighter. She laid her head on his chest as he carried her back to get changed. Everything would be all right because on this night she would be his BabyGirl.

To be continued…[/i]


He carried her back the hallway to the bathroom. Setting her down on her feet, he slid her skirt down to the floor. She kicked it off her ankles along with her sandals. He unbuttoned his shirt off her and she lowered her arms to her sides, allowing it to fall off her to the floor.

He slid her pull-up down her legs and off her feet. Her face turned red and she buried it in her hands. He wraps his arms around body and held her close. Rocking her back and forth, he kissed the top of her head.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Daddy will take care of everything, from a hungry tummy to a sleepy girl to a wet tushy. Soon you’ll be dry and powdered and in a soft diaper,” he said while stroking her hair.

He put two fingers under her chin and raised her eyes up to look at him. She lowered her hands from her face. “Does that sound comforting?” he asked.

She nodded her head, and he ran his fingers gently down her face once more. Taking her by the hips, he gently lifted her up on the counter. Taking out a wipe, he began to gently clean her diaper area. As he did this, he began tickling her sides. She twitched and giggled as she kicked her legs up at him. She jumped from her seat on the counter back into his arms, still giggling and squirming. He wrapped his right arm around her waist and began wiping her bottom. She soon settled down and laid her head on his chest again, reveling in how sweet he was being. It was because of him that she could play the baby. He made her so comfortable she never doubted him to be anything other than wonderful. In her eyes and her heart, he definitely wasn’t a frog in a stolen crown.

He threw the wipe in the waste can, and then pulled out of his shirt pocket a pacifier clip with a string that he attached to her pacifier. The clip he attached to the shoulder of her white t-shirt.

“You might need this,” he said with a sneaky grin on his face that got her mind wondering what he was up to.

“Why”, she mumbled behind her pacifier.

“I’ll show you,” he said. “Cover your eyes.”

She did so, and he guided her down the hall to the guest room. As she was being led, her mind began racing again at what she was about to see. Zeke had this ability to absolutely astonish her with surprises. He would remember little things that she said from weeks ago and he would go out and find what she was talking about. Whether it was a book or a movie or a pair of earrings, he would find it.

He opened the guest room door, and walked her in. Standing behind her, he said: “Okay, Princess. Open your eyes.”

She took her hands away from her face. Her jaw dropped at what she saw as her pacifier fell from her mouth but stayed attached to her t-shirt. Lilly was standing in the middle of a room that Zeke had transformed into a nursery. Not just any nursery, but he took every single thing, every single detail that she gave him about what her ‘dream’ nursery would look like, and he created it in this room.

She looked around, intently, and in an awestruck state of mind, she slowly walked over to a toy chest on the other side of the room. She kneeled in front of it, and opened the lid. Her eyes grew wide with excitement. She bounced up and down as she saw every toy from her childhood.

From My Little Pony to Rainbow Brite to Cabbage Patch Dolls to Care Bears to every girl’s favorite, Barbie. They were all there. He even found a She-ra, Princess of Power action figure (thanks to Ebay). She began to pull everything out in great haste until the chest was empty.

She stood up with the brightest of smiles and looked over at him with twinkling eyes. Then she noticed what was on the walls. Butterfly stickers in every color she could imagine. She spun around in circles with her arms stretched out wide. Then she noticed the crib! Loaded with teddy bears! Brown teddy bears! She ran over to the side of the crib and lowered it. The sheets, the pink sheets had Disney Princess prints on them!

Fearing that Lilly would start peeing (which she often did when she got too excited), Zeke walked up behind her and lightly patted her bare bottom.

“Someone still needs to be diapered,” he said as he delicately tried to direct her over to the changing table (which she hadn’t seen yet.

She broke free of him and ran over to the closet, throwing the doors open and gazing at the clothing hanging up. It wasn’t AB clothing, but it all looked just cute enough that any outfit could give her that “baby” feeling when she wore it, without giving it away to anyone else. So this clothing she could wear anywhere she wanted.

This entire room was created specifically for her, with her specific joy in mind. She turned around to him and plow into his chest, squeezing him as hard as she could while trying to say the words ‘Thank You’ as many times as she could inside of ten seconds. Then she spotted the book shelf in the corner. She ran over to it and knelt down, looking at all the book titles. Zeke picked up the diaper that was spread out on the changing table, unfolded, powdered, and ready to go. At this rate, he would never get it on her.

Lilly stood up and saw the biggest basket of crayons she had ever seen. Next to the basket were coloring books. Above the book shelf on the wall was a painting of a baby girl, lying on a Lily leaf, surrounded by a beautiful forest. She became spellbound by it, and stared at it, intently.

Zeke walked up behind her, positioned the diaper between her feet and slowly slid it up the length of her legs. She closed her eyes and gasped lightly. The feeling of the diaper on her skin made her shutter. She became very still and quiet as he brought the diaper up her body and into place. He fastened it carefully and sweetly. She turned to him and daintily raised her hands up to him.

He lifted her up into his arms and began to carry her out of the room. When they got to the door, he asked he to turn the lights out. When she did so, the ceiling lit up glow-in-the-dark stars, aligned as they appeared in the summer sky.

Astronomy was a hobby of hers. Tears streamed down her face as he carried back into the living room. She was so overcome with emotion she couldn’t even make a sound. He sat down in the couch and laid her across his lap. Wrapping her in a cotton blanket, he propped her head and shoulders up. Sitting on the table behind the couch was a bottle of milk that she never saw when she entered.

He placed the nipple of the bottle on her bottom lip, and softly said: “Open.”

She opened her lips and took in the nipple. Closing her eyes and beginning to drink from the bottle, she rested the side of her face on his chest while curling her body up tightly against him in the fetal position. What else could he possibly have planned? What other surprises could he have in store? And when was he going to ask her to marry him so she could live like this every day?

Zeke didn’t just have a head full of fantasy, but his thoughts were full of love. His caring heart was evident in his actions, his words, his intentions, his being.

She didn’t live every day like this, and she wouldn’t want to. She was still an adult, and led an adult life, but she sure wouldn’t mind living like this a little more often. Her mind, always busy with thought and analysis, started to slow down. Each thought that came to be was built off the previous thought. She didn’t want to move. She was so comfortable right now, and the milk was making her sleepy.

Zeke, who was rocking her gently while watching her nurse the bottle, brushed her bangs out of her eyes. He ran his fingers, ever-so-softly, over her eyebrows and down her cheeks.

Then her eyelids began to twitch. She had begun dreaming…

To be continued…