Overnight (Part One)

Lilly rolled down the window to take in some of the spring air as she drove into the city of Lancaster. It had been raining all day, and now at dusk, it had finally stopped. She was driving to the house of someone who held a very special place in her heart. He was a guy she met online who had proven to be an absolute gentleman. She had spent many nights at his place, but this night was very special. It held something that left her mind flooded with too many thoughts to keep straight. She had apprehensions and fears about it.

On this visit, she would bare her soul and share her most well-kept secret. She kept this secret close to her heart. She couldn’t wait to reveal it to him, but at the same time, she had never revealed it to anyone. So the idea was a new one. Kind of like take fantasy and turning it into reality. She was nervous but also excited. Her mind was busy with thought.

Girls are often said to overthink everything. Lilly was making that belief a concrete truth with her thoughts and concerns and wishes and hopes. She couldn’t help it.

Deep within her heart, she had a dream. A dream so vivid and powerful and real that she never tired of thinking about it. But to live her dream, she would have to have courage. Courage so strong that she would be able to open her heart and reveal her most secret desire. Her dream was a fantasy to be little, to be a girl again, to be regarded and taken care of like a girl. It included every sweetest thought in her mind. To run around with a world full of butterflies to chase and flowers to pick. She would be taken care of and she would feel love so deep and so true that her heart would never be without that feeling. The more she thought about being a girl, the “littler” her feelings became. She dawned on dreaming of becoming a baby again. As a baby, she would be surrounded with love and the attention would never end.

But she was a full grown female. She led an adult life, and wasn’t looking to regress to an infant’s life…maybe she could just experience it a little.

This is what led her to many ABDL websites. She was in search of that guy, whoever he might be, who fit the role of “Daddy” that she had in her mind. Her search was long, and she would often race home from work, jump into a t-shirt and a diaper, and log on, each time hoping she would find him.

What she found was a lot of people who took ABDL and BDSM and combined them. She had no desire to be bound or beaten or controlled like that. She wanted the innocence and the love and nurturing that were in her dreams. She found a few guys that saw things the same way that she did and who weren’t into the dominance of power. Unfortunately, they lived really far away. She wasn’t made of money and couldn’t relocate to them. So her search continued.

Then one evening about three months ago his profile appeared on an AB site. Like a bright beacon of light there to grant her wishes. He was a local, well… local to her. They both lived in Lancaster, PA. He had no picture of himself on his profile. Neither did she. But she began to wonder if he was someone she knew. His name didn’t sound familiar. Curiosity got the best of her, and she sent him an email. They began emailing, and eventually moved on to phone calls. She didn’t want to rush anything. This was her greatest passion and secret, and how wonderful it felt to finally talk with someone who felt the same way.

In the past three months, they had made many trips to Park City (a local shopping mall), sports bar (where he learned that two light beers was her limit), Fiorentino’s (she just loved Italian food), Long’s Park, Central Market in the city, an Arts Festival, and the list went on.

He was a Daddy, in the ABDL sense, standing 6" tall. She was a diaper girl, submissive and shy in personality. She was 5’5", and might have weighed 98 lbs. when soaking wet. It wasn’t for a lack of eating. She was petite, and wasn’t complaining about it at all. So they were a cute match for each other.

As she turned onto his street, she started thinking about how much she enjoyed the attention and constant care he gave her. It made her feel like a little girl. She craved that feeling when they were apart, and ached for it at this moment as she parked in the lot behind his apartment building.

The warm night breeze of early June blew gently as she crossed the parking lot to his front door. She rang the buzzer. His voice cut through the night air, and charged the “butterflies” in her stomach to begin to churn.

“It’s me!” she said in a cheery little girl’s voice.

“I’ll buzz you in,” he said as the door open and she stepped into the elevator.

He lived on the top floor of an old warehouse that was transformed into a studio apartment building (a part of the renovating of downtown Lancaster). From his window you could see the lights of Clipper stadium.

The elevator door closed as she leaned against the back wall, and took her long brown hair down out of a ponytail. He loved her long hair, and spent such time running his fingers through it. She glanced over at her reflection in the elevator wall. She turned to face her reflection and began a regiment of last minute adjustments from her red skirt to his white button-down shirt she “borrowed” to her hair. His shirt was so big on her she could have worn it as a dress. She leaned in close to her reflection to check her make-up, knowing full well that it would be messed up in two minutes anyway, but that didn’t matter. So long as it was perfect when he first saw her. She leaned back and looked up, impatiently, at the floors she was passing. Her heartbeat raced and her excitement built as the “butterflies” within her stomach.

She looked down at her toes sticking out from her sandals and the red nail polish on her toenails. It matched her red fingernails, her red skirt, her lipstick and the color of her skin as she began to clench her knees together. All of this anticipation made her have to pee. She wore a pull-up in public (for discretion), but she didn’t want to greet him with a wet diaper on.

The elevator slowed down and came to stop on his floor. She was fidgeting now with urge to pee and the delight of seeing him. The doors opened and he was standing there to greet her. She leaped up into his arms and her world became him.

“Hello Zeke,” she said.

At 8 o’clock at night it was as if the sun returned to the sky. She felt his beating chest and hugged him so tightly. Looking up at him, she wrapped her legs around his waist. He smiled back down at her as he puts his hand on her diapered bottom.

He gave her a wonderful feeling of security. She felt safe in his arms. He wasn’t the key to eternal happiness. He wasn’t perfect, but he sure helped her make sense of a lot of things. Putting it to words wasn’t always the easiest task, but she loved how she felt when in his care.

It was at that moment that she realized she had soaked her pull-up. The look on her face went from elation to horror. Tears came into her eyes as she gazed up at him again like a lost soul. He smiled warmly at her, placed a pacifier in her lips, brushed away the tears from her eyes, and ran his fingers gently down her face.

She closed her eyes and smiled behind her pacifier. They embraced even tighter. She laid her head on his chest as he carried her back to get changed. Everything would be all right because on this night she would be his BabyGirl.

To be continued….