Hello, my first attempt at fiction, trolled the board and the one before it and the one before that lol. Thought i’d try my hand at writing. Probably horrible but i’ll give it a shot. It’s kinda a mean story, but lifes not all sunshine and butterflys and alot of its based on life experiance, erm not all of it though lol. K erm yah here it goes. I got more written already. but i’m having a terrible time gettin the spacing in this box thingy, but i’ma get there.

Overcoming: Prologue

The bright glare of the bathroom lighting bothered my eyes as I stared dejectedly into the reflection in the mirror. I dazed for a moment, forgetting my surroundings, and was almost able to drown out the angry yelling in the background. It’s times like these that make you wish you could just disappear, of course life isn’t that easy. A rough hand on my shoulder brought me back to reality, and there i stood in just a diaper staring into the bathroom mirror while my mother paced behind me,
shouting once more.

“What are you thinking! Are you some type of sicko, do you get some type of perverse joy out of this?” she shouted as she held onto me
from behind. My silence didn’t do anything to help my case, of the hundreds of thoughts that swirled through my mind, none of them seemed
capable of reaching my mouth. I wanted to say they made me feel safe, I wanted to say it had nothing to do with sex. The very thought embarrassed me. At 12 years old the very idea was still embarrassing enough.

“No, I don’t know.” It almost seemed like a mantra now, I don’t know was all I could respond with, no matter how much I wanted to tell
her why. In truth I wasn’t even sure myself what kept drawing me back to them, all I could come up with was they made me feel safe, not
that i could voice it.

“Look at yourself, just look at how silly you look.” She grabbed my face and forced me to look back at the mirror, holding my chin
and forcing me to stare at the reflection. I was sick to my stomach, the whole world was spinning around my head, and the only thing
I could focus on was the fact that in my haste to put the goodnite on, I had somehow put it on inside out. In my defense she had burst into my room with the offending article and threw it at my feet, having found it hidden in the basement. I didn’t entirely look at what I was doing as she screamed and told me to put it on. Now though, it was the only thing i could focus in on.

“I’m sorry” I stammered out, not even knowing what I was apologising for, I wasn’t hurting anything, I didn’t even know how she found them, hidden as they were. It’s not the first time I’d been caught, and no matter how many times I swore to myself it wouldn’t happen again, somehow it did.

My eyes roamed my reflection in the mirror. Messy uncombed hair framed my face, I was a bit tall for my age, but the only thing my eyes came back to was the offending white garment around my waist. I wiped my eyes, to rid them of tears, and tried to listen to what my mother was shouting.

“Your sick, I don’t even know what to say to you, just get out of my sight.” She pushed me a little and I stumbled out the door. I wasn’t sure how long she made me stand looking into the reflection of the mirror, but my legs were tired, and it was a relief to stumble back to my room.

As soon as i entered and closed the door, I ripped the offending article from my waste and threw it across my room toward my waste bin. From there I strode to the closet and ripped through a pile of old clothing to find the suitcase in which i kept the rest of my accessories. Luckily she hadn’t found this particular cache, I opened it and looked in at my modest collection of baby bottles and pacifiers as well as a pack or two of goodnites.

I upended the whole thing into the trash bin, all my long collected secret pleasures fell with a clatter into the bag. Swearing to myself I’d never touch another. It was a empty promise, I knew it, but for that moment I meant it. I had made this same vow before, right after she had caught me and forced me out behind our house in the middle of January, in nothing but a diaper. I remembered pounding on the door as the snow froze my feet, She didn’t keep me out there long at least.

After putting on pajama’s and climbing into bed I pulled the covers over my eyes, and prayed I’d disappear. I prayed if there was any god i’d be allowed to fall through the earth. To vanish without a trace, of course i wouldn’t be so lucky. Tears stained my pillow, and somewhere between racked sobs and the spinning of my head I fell asleep.

In a lot of ways falling asleep was a lot like disappearing. It was a welcome release and when i woke up, I did feel better, relaxed in fact. Like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I blinked my eyes, to get rid of the sleep, and to clear my vision only
to come face to face with two black eyes. I jumped and almost fell out of bed. The surge of panic abated when i saw a stuffed bear laying next to where I had been curled. It brown fur and big black eyes stared up at me. I’d never seen it before, and it had been awhile since I’d slept with a stuffed animal. I hadn’t had a cuddly in a long time, though eventually I did want one. A mental picture of my mother flashed through my head and i wondered if she was playing a cruel joke on me. Looking around my room I saw my trash bin had been moved and upon inspection, I found it remained in the same condition i had left it. I’d have to take it down later.

Picking up the stuffed animal filled me with warmth, and I hugged it to my chest. It’s warm fur pressed into my arms and I nuzzled it. An echoing voice in my head shouted freak and I dropped the bear, The memory still to fresh from just a few hours earlier, stealing myself I grabbed the bear and before i had another impulse to hug the cute critter I tossed it in the trash along with the rest of my comfort items. I’d have to get what was left in the basement latter assuming my mother hadn’t
found it all.

Carefully opening the door, I was relieved to find the rest of my family had gone to bed, I wasn’t sure of the time but I must of slept for awhile because my dad and older sister had already gotten home and were already retired for the night. Tiptoeing down the stairs, I opened the front door and walked as quickly to the curb as I could. Luckily it was a Tuesday and trash would be picked up n the morning so i could dispose of my belongings now.

It was painful to let that bag go, but I steeled myself and did so. Sparing one backwards glance I raced back to the house and mindful of the rest of the sleeping people in the house, I carefully closed the door.
Stumbling to the kitchen, I found a plate left out for me. At least I wouldn’t go hungry. My mother wasn’t a bad person, she just had history of her own. She suffered from bed wetting when she was younger and a rather severe mother of her own. I guess finding me in what was a traumatic object from her past is just to much for her. I can’t
help how I feel though.

Sitting down, I ate my cold spaghetti as I cleared my mind. A resolution to change, to put this behind me firm in my head. The cold spaghetti was nothing special, but I was hungry and still tired from the days drama. I’d be glad to get out of the house for school tomorrow, it would be nice to have a break from the days tension. A sick feeling filled me
as I tried to consider how I’d face my mother again. Though, if it was anything like all the other times I’d been caught, we’d pretend it never happened. All smiles, forced and held
with duct tape and glue, but smiles none the less.

I returned to my room and crawled back into bed, now more composed then before. My last thoughts for the night was why me. Why couldn’t I be normal. If i had know how abnormal things were going to get, I probably wouldn’t tempted fate. I fell into blissful sleep and turned over my arm reaching out as I neared the land of nod, Had I not been so tired I would have realized that the soft object i pulled back with my outreached arm wasn’t my extra pillow, by a cuddly bear none the worse for wear after its trip to the curb.


It’s the prologue, so I think I’ll have to wait for a chapter or two before providing an opinion.


Actually, this is pretty decent. Plot-wise I don’t know yet, but this is readable AND interesting enough to keep me reading more.

Honestly, this reminds me of what happened when my mom caught me at 13. I had to kneel for half an hour in front of her while she screamed at me.

You’re right, you need to fix the para spacing. A few other things:

‘dazed for a moment’ - dozed, not dazed.
‘article from my waste’ - WAIST. Gads. This error always makes me smack my head. WASTE = rubbish (or poop/pee). WAIST = body part. Homonyms, but mean two VERY different things.
‘still to fresh from just a few hours earlier, stealing myself’ - it’s ‘TOO fresh’, and STEELING, not stealing.

A bit more typos here and there, but not too many.

Please keep writing this. It looks fairly promising.


so far so good. my only qualm with this is that theres no chapter one as of yet :stuck_out_tongue:


I could have read too quickly, but do we know if the character is a guy or a girl yet?