Outrageously Non-Specific Request...

or overly specific request, depending on your angle.

I’m trying to remember the name of a PC RPG that I played sometime - I think - around 2003-4 ish. Around the same time as Caesar 3 and Baldur’s Gate 2 and Diablo 2.

The identifying features I can remember:

More or less 3D graphics
There was a market place
You could steal from market stalls (I think the icon may have been the classic RPG mask)
There was a thieves’ guild
There was honour amongst thieves - stealing from other guild members was bad
There was a food stall from which (potentially amongst other things) one could buy/steal kebabs
Eating regenerated health (I think)

Any ideas?

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No - wasn’t online. I think it was on only one CD Rom though.

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Single player games have guilds too and often have many side quests associated with them. The Elder Scrolls Series always has guilds with them. Fighters guild, thieves guild, and mages guild are pretty common.

I have absolutely no idea what this game could be though.

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a brute force solution would be to use wiki list like this

it breaks it down into genre platform year released ect.

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In this case, though, I am limited to my own brute force and recall/research capacity. I reckon i’ll find it hard to remember the name and the details i have given are the kind a person may remember, but are unlikely to appear online. I did try searching for kebabs in wikia.