Out of the Question!

Author’s note: I’m continually amazed at the creativity of people here: while the vast majority of stories are derivative in the extreme, there are some very talented writers on here that manage to invent new twists on the same old, which is very hard to do in fetish stories. I’ve tried to do that myself at times, and hope I succeeded. This is not one of those times. This is just my twist on a very familiar scenario. I hope the character dynamics and quality of writing make up for that. Besides, sometimes you just want to read or write a fantasy, not invent the universe to bake an apple pie. Enjoy!

Out of the Question

“That’s simple not happening, mom!” Karen had been dreading this conversation, and now Ashley was getting hysterical. Her face was red, her eyes watery, sitting there on the edge between anger and sadness.

“Ashley, please,” Karen tried. “Think of your sister!”

“I’m sixteen! Six. Teen. There’s no way….” Tears were flowing down her cheeks now.

“Ashley, this is gonna be a hell of a race if we’re going to make it to this wedding in time. I’m sorry, I got held up at work and we had to delay the trip a day, but it is what it is. There’s simply not going to be time for more than maybe a single stop.”

“Mom! Surely you don’t think I can’t…?”

“No, honey. I’m fairly certain you can hold it. Well, there was that one time….” Karen trailed off. This wasn’t the time to bring up that incident. She needed Ashley to go along with this, and then she needed to finish packing, and she needed it done yesterday. “Sorry,” she continued. “Forget I mentioned that. Tell you the truth, that was years ago and I had a similar incident at that age. But your sister is another story. She needs this, and she’s really vulnerable right now.” Anna, Ashley’s twelve-year-old sister, had recently lost her best friend to a car accident and was really down in the dumps. “I don’t think she can handle anymore emotional stress right now. But if you agreed to this, she wouldn’t feel embarrassed. No one else will know. It’s only a one-time deal. Please?”

Ashley bit her lip. Apparently Karen had hit on the right track. The two sisters were inseparable, and she knew Ashley had been mildly depressed herself lately, feeling like there was nothing she could do that would ever make up for what Anna had lost. Finally, Ashley nodded.

“Fine. Fine. Only for her. But there are conditions. No one can know, you will not put me in any position where anyone could ever find out, and you will not make me use them. You will never even allude to the fact that I’m wearing them. It will be a thing between Anna and me, and you’ll stay out of it.”

Karen nodded. “Thank you for being so understanding.” So it was settled, then. Her two daughters would both be diapered for their trip.

After some hurried packing, they packed lunch for the car and piled in. “Make sure you use the restroom before we go,” Karen said to Anna, carefully avoiding any similar admonishment to her older daughter. She did note that Ashley had both coffee and juice for breakfast, and didn’t notice her popping off to the restroom before they set off. Oh dear, she thought. Hopefully this won’t be an issue later.

“So, is it true?”, Anna whispered to Ashley. “You’re really wearing one too?”

“Anything for you,” Ashley said. “You know I don’t need them, but I just didn’t want you to feel alone.” Secretly, she hated her mother for pulling on her heart-strings like that and forcing her into this embarrassing situation, but she couldn’t bring herself to say no.

“Can I see?” Anna said.

Ashley sighed. “Anna, please, this is really embarrassing for me. You know it, mom knows it, but let’s not mention it again.” Nevertheless, she lifted up her shirt to reveal the waistband of her pull-up.

“That’s so cool,” Anna said. “But how come yours is different than mine?”

“Because I’m not gonna use them,” Ashley said. “Yours is designed for… heavier use.”

Anna looked a bit dejected at that. “Hey,” Ashley said. “If it makes you feel any better, you can imagine that I do need them, I just grew out of the heavier ones. Just please, let’s change the subject.”

Anna smiled. Evidently the fantasy that her older sister was still having accidents was enough to take her mind off her own frequent mishaps.

“So, looking forward to the wedding?” Ashley said, as they entered a stretch of forest road with nary a house in sight.

“Can’t wait!” Anna beamed. “I’m gonna be a flower girl!” It was their cousin’s wedding. Ashley wasn’t all that excited, but family is family.

It was still early morning, and she was tired, so Ashley soon fell into a slumber. When she woke up, they’d been on the road for three hours already, which suited her fine. Long road trips were terribly boring. This area had very unstable cell reception, too, so she didn’t even have social media to distract her. She did notice a twinge in her bladder, but nothing urgent. Although Mom had said there would be few stops, they’d have to make at least one, to eat dinner, and besides Karen must surely need a restroom at some point herself.
The bladder twinge brought her mind to Anna’s little problem. She’d always had a somewhat weak bladder, but nothing that approached a medical issue. It was more the fact that she had ADHD—well, not diagnosed, but Ashley was sure she must have some sort of attention deficit—and often got caught up in one activity or another and left it a little late. Since her friend’s death, Anna’s accidents had been more frequent, but who could blame her? She’d slept in Ashley’s bed several times the past few weeks, and Ashley could hear her whimpering in nightmares. The poor girl must be reliving her friend’s death every night. No wonder she wet the bed.

As for herself, she was as potty trained as any sixteen-year-old. Blushing, she remembered that one incident years ago that her mother had alluded too earlier. Too much soda at the cinema, caught in traffic on the way home, didn’t quite make it all the way up the stairs to the bathroom when they reached home. But that was only once! It could happen to anyone. Her friend Nicole, for instance, had once leaked in her shorts when the two of them were busily competing in Mario Kart, with the toilet just a minute away. She felt her cheeks flush. Why was her mind so focused on accidents? Why couldn’t she think of anything else? But the constant feeling of the padding around her bottom made it hard to ignore such thoughts. She glanced over at Anna, and noticed her squirming a bit. Hopefully she’d last a while longer.

“Lunch, ladies?” Her mom interrupted Ashley’s train of thought from the front seat. Come to think of it, she was getting hungry, and thirsty too. “I packed some sandwiches, water, juice, take your pick,” Karen said. “Take your pick and throw me a sandwich while you’re at it. They’re in that plastic bag between your seats.”

Anna nibbled at her sandwich, and Ashley voraciously consumed hers. Not before taking a healthy gulp of water. It was a hot day, and she seemed to be constantly thirsty.

Anna’s squirming was now more pronounced. “Sis,” she whispered, “I kinda need to pee. I really don’t want to…”

Ashley gave her sister a pat on the shoulder. “We’ll stop eventually. You’re stronger than you think. I believe in you.” That seemed to calm Anna’s mind, but not her body. She was now resorting to holding herself openly.

By now, Ashley’s water bottle was empty, and she was beginning to wonder about her own strength. Her bladder was now sending insistent signals—not ones that she couldn’t fight for another hour or two, probably even longer, but she was getting uncomfortable. After all her protests and her perfect record, the thought that she might actually need her “protection” at some point mortified her. If only she’d remembered to pack a book to read, so she’d have something else to think of. But in the rush of things, she’d forgotten a lot of things. She wasn’t sure if she even remembered to pack a toothbrush, and she definitely needed to pick up some tampons.

They had passed the empty stretch of forest road, and scattered houses were beginning to appear. Soon they’d be passing through the first real city on their journey. “Anna,” she whispered. “We’re gonna be passing a town soon. Now might be a good time to ask for a break.” Secretly, Ashley hoped she’d get a chance to visit a restroom, but she was too embarrassed to ask herself. Besides, her mom had been quite insistent that they had no time to waste, but it couldn’t hurt to ask, right?

“Hey mom, can we stop at the next town?” Anna asked. “I kinda need to pee.” Probably the understatement of the year, judging by her body language.

“Sorry sweetie, there’s no time. We’ll grab dinner at some point but right now we really need to be speeding on. Wouldn’t want the flower girl to be late to the ceremony, would we?”

Well, that wasn’t quite true though, was it? The ceremony was early, sure, but it wasn’t until the next day. On the other hand, arriving at a party sleep deprived wouldn’t be much fun. And then it hit her: her mom had been held up at work. Maybe she hadn’t had time to buy a wedding gift? Maybe that’s what it was all about. Ashley was pretty sure her sister had inherited her inattentiveness from their mother. By her own admission, Karen had done poorly at school, but once she entered the working world, her people skills had led her to quickly rise in the ranks. Now she was a manager, which meant more responsibility, and afforded her daughters nice things. A little gratitude might be in order, Ashley admonished herself. She was, after all, a teen, and as teens do, she had plenty of conflicts with her mother. But deep down, she had to admit, Karen was a great mom. Being a single mother to a teenager and a preteen couldn’t be easy.

As they passed the town, the look on Anna’s face told it all. She must know she wouldn’t make it. And sure enough, on the outskirts of down, her eyes glazed over, and her eyes fell down to her lap. When it was all over, Anna leaned over and whispered tearfully, “Ashley, I didn’t make it.”

What do you even say to that? “Don’t worry about it,” Ashley tried. “Your pants are dry. You tried your best. If mom wasn’t so hell-bent on making this trip non-stop, you would have made it.”

Anna gave a sniffle, but Ashley launched into a couple of funny stories about the various relatives they’d be meeting at the wedding—their family, like any extended family, had its share of weirdos—and that seemed to take Anna’s mind off the state of her underwear.

Ashley’s own predicament, however, was getting worse. She was now forced to fidget a little to maintain control, and this wouldn’t escape her sister’s notice for long. How long until their scheduled dinner-stop? Surely it couldn’t be that long. Surely… No, she could not even permit herself to think any other way. To even consider that she might end up like Anna was unthinkable.

Well, an hour later, she could think of nothing else. Her hand was now lodged between her legs, and Anna had definitely noticed. “Sis,” Ashley whispered. “You must be uncomfortable in your wet underwear. And between you and me, I’m seriously dying here. If you ask nicely, play the sympathy card, maybe mom will make a stop and let you change.”

Anna nodded. “Moooom,” she said. “I’ve been… I’ve been wet for a while, okay? It’s embarrassing and now it’s getting real uncomfortable. Can we please please make a stop soon so I can change?”

Karen glanced at her daughters through the mirror. Ashley was lightning fast in straightening her posture and removing her hands from her crotch, hoping her mom wouldn’t notice her own predicament. “Sorry, Anna,” Karen said. “We’ll have to go on a while longer. But in a couple of hours we’ll stop for dinner.”

Two hours? Ashley could not believe it. The horrifying thought of two more hours of extreme desperation was almost enough to make her leak right then and there. Instead, she redoubled her efforts to squeeze and squirm, and tried to think of anything but pee, but right now pee was an elephant. Can’t unthink what you’re actively trying not to think of.

Time passed incredibly slowly. After ten hours of Ashley’s internal clock, only one had passed in real time. She was now getting frequent bladder cramps, and each one threatened to unleash her bladder into her pants. Why hadn’t she gone before they left? Last time she went was before bed, and now it was afternoon the next day. How could she face her mom if she had an accident, after making such a fuzz earlier about her wholly unearned diaper situation?

The landscape they were passing by was once again forested and devoid of any landmarks, anything of interest. Every answer to “I spy” would be “a tree”. There wasn’t even another car on the road. Nothing at all to distract Ashley from her bladder. Unbidden, a list of shameful memories entered her mind, one after another. Every time she had not quite made it, as far back as she could remember. In order:

  1. She wet the bed once when she was four. Okay, which four-year-old hasn’t? That was the last time she ever wet the bed.
  2. School trip in third grade. She made it all the way home, but her panties had a wet spot when she entered the bathroom.
  3. Seventh grade, she leaked a little when Nicole made her laugh too hard. But that wasn’t so bad, was it? It was only a tiny spot on her panties, no one ever knew.
  4. Eight grade, the aforementioned theatre accident. Her only true full-on wetting since she was potty trained.
  5. Ninth grade, she had an almost accident, but made it completely dry. It was a combination of unforeseen circumstances. Every time she was about to go to the bathroom, something came up that required immediate attention. Still, this one would have to be counted as a victory. After all, she made it with not a single drop outside the toilet bowl.
  6. Last year, she woke up desperate and found the bathroom occupied. Ironically, it was Anna changing her wet diaper. By the time she entered the bathroom, there was a small damp spot on Ashley’s pyjamas.

All these memories made her question her confidence that she was, indeed, “as potty trained as any sixteen-year-old.” On the bright side, those tiny leaks didn’t count as real accidents, did they? At least Ashley couldn’t allow herself to see them as such. She imagined similar incidents had befallen her friends, too. And even her mom had confided that she’d had an incident similar to Ashley’s movie theater mishap.

Another cramp hit her, harder than before, and Ashley had to furiously squeeze her crotch to prevent the flood. Anna leaned over and whispered, “Ashley, are you gonna have an accident too?”

Ashley blushed. “I hope not,” she whispered back.

“Don’t worry,” Anna said. “I’m sure you’ll make it. And besides, you’re always so nice about my accidents. If it happens, we’ll pretend like nothing’s wrong. If we’re smart, we can maybe even hide it from mom.”

Oh god. Ashley wanted to cry. How could she even face her mother in a wet diaper? No, no, no. This is not the end. I will make it, she thought to herself. Repeating it like a mantra. Admittedly, the mantra was somewhat undermined by her constant fidgeting.

Another hour passed, and they entered another town. To everyone’s relief, Karen announced that it was finally time for a break. “I’m starving,” she added, making no mention of any other bodily needs, her own or her daughters’.

They pulled into a McDonald’s, and Ashley gingerly stepped out of the car. By now, it was impossible to hide her desperation. She could not stand still, she had to stop and cross her legs twice on the way to the entrance, but miraculously, she was still dry. Another two minutes and she would be unleashing a torrent in the toilet, and her dignity would only be slightly damaged. Ashley noted her mom’s knowing look, but there was no time to argue. She power-walked straight to the bathrooms, each step feeling like a sledgehammer to her abdomen, and found an empty stall. Anna followed, carrying her diaper bag. Mercifully, the bathroom was empty. No doubt some customers had noted her predicament on her way in, but if Ashley could make it one more minute, all would be redeemed. She’d seen grown women desperate before—although no actual accidents—so surely those stuck-up ladies could sympathize.

Ashley was in the stall before you could say “accident”, and unbuttoned her jeans at record speed. She had made it. She had made it!

Except she hadn’t. The sight of the toilet so close proved too much for Ashley’s overworked bladder. She began leaking as she undid her pants, and when she tried to pull down the diaper and seat herself, the floodgates opened in earnest. An unfamiliar warmth enveloped her nether regions, pooling around her butt. Once she started going, she couldn’t stop. Ashley realized that if she lowered her diaper now, the pee would go straight down her pants. Defeated, she sat down on the toilet and finished up her accident into her diaper. Ashley couldn’t suppress a whimper. This wasn’t supposed to happen! How could she…? What would her mom say? And then there was a knock on the stall. Probably her mom. Ashley’s life was over.

“Sis, you okay? Can I come in?” It was Anna, not Karen. There was no use denying what had happened, at least to her sister.

“The door is unlocked,” Ashley said. In her haste, she’d forgotten to lock it. The stall was a little cramped with two people in it, but Anna entered anyway and locked the door behind her.
It was obvious what had happened. Ashley sat crying on the toilet with a sagging, yellowed diaper between her legs. Anna stepped over and gave her a hug. For the first time in years, it felt like the big sis-baby sister relationship was reversed. Ashley leaned in and cried into her sister’s shoulders. After a minute, she had calmed down sufficiently to release her grip and consider your options.

“I’m so sorry that happened to you,” Anna said.

“Not as sorry as I am.”

“Are you gonna tell mom?”

Ashley considered it. There was nothing she would rather avoid. But how could she possibly hide this? Her pull-up was so full it was leaking out the sides. Even if it wasn’t, it was now bulky enough to be visible in her rather tight jeans.

“No,” Ashley said. “I can’t. But I don’t know how I’m gonna hide this.”

“Easy,” Anna said. “Throw away the soiled diaper and go commando. Mom won’t notice. I would offer you one of my spares, but as you said yourself, they’re… Designed for heavier use. Much thicker.”

Well, that was one solution. “Okay,” Ashley said. “If you don’t mind giving me a little privacy, I’ll get rid of this filth and clean myself up, then we’ll meet up and pretend like nothing’s wrong.”

Anna fished out an opaque plastic bag and handed it to her. “A little trick I learned,” Anna said. “For disposing of embarrassing evidence in case anyone else is around to see.”

“Thanks. I love you, sis.”

“Love you too. Now, get yourself cleaned up,” Anna said, and with that, she left Ashley alone.

The cleanup wasn’t as bad as she had feared. Except for a little bit of pee on her upper thighs, everything was contained by the pull-up, and her pants were completely dry. She ripped off the sides of the dirtied diaper, cleaned herself with copious applications of toilet paper, put the diaper in the bag and raised her jeans. After hiding the diaper bag in the trash under a mountain of paper towels, she washed her hands and face, and once she was sure her face no longer showed any evidence of her previous crying spell, she entered the restaurant and joined her mother and sister. Thankfully she’d forgone her makeup today since they’d be traveling all day and no one but her immediate family and perhaps a few strangers would see her. Running mascara would have given her away.

“Hey, honey, took your time,” Karen said. Then she lowered her voice and asked: “Did you make it? I know you were pretty bad off there.”

“There was only one empty stall and Anna called dibs,” Ashley lied. “You’re right, I was in a bad shape, but I made it. I told you I was only doing this for Anna.”

Ashley would never know for sure if her mom had bought her lie, but she seemed satisfied with her explanation. They finished their meal while speculating on which of Ashley and Anna’s more questionable relatives would get drunkest at the reception, and then they set off again. Anna in a fresh diaper, Ashley commando, and Karen—presumably—in grown-up panties, not missing the opportunity to use the facilities herself.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. The wedding turned out to be more fun than expected, and Anna won the bet on which intoxicated uncle would make a mess of his speech. At night in the hotel, Anna and Ashley shared a bed. Unprompted by her mother, Ashley decided to wear pull-ups to bed, mostly as a thank-you to Anna for all her help and support. She stayed dry, of course, and in the daytime she went for panties.

The trip home, Anna wet herself twice, but as they were in no hurry, they made frequent rest stops, and Ashley was more careful about her liquid intake, so no further incidents occurred.

Many years later, Ashley would fall in love with a man who got extremely excited when she worked up the courage to tell this story. But that, my friends, is a story for another day.

Re: Out of the Question!

This was an adorable little one shot. I’m finding it harder to keep up with serialized stories with my 50 hour work week :’( Reading this from start to finish in one go was wonderful.

I do think Anna is a little too… I don’t know, smart? You describe her as Attention deficit and depressed but when Ashley had her accident, Anna seemed way too prepared and comforting with all the right things and her sentence structure did not feel like a 12 year old. Maybe next time a little more time spent with her to kind of establish her. The plastic bag seems like it may have been from the mother? You say Anna has accidents all the time and her family is keenly aware so who is she hiding this from and knows to bring the bag to her sister?

I am putting WAAAAAY too much thought into this, I’m sorry, it’s really not a BIG issue, just one of those things that made me go… huh… and now that I am writing it out to myself, new questions just crawled out of the woodworks. That was actually pretty funny to overthink.

Re: Out of the Question!

Thanks for the feedback. I wanted to describe the relationship between the sisters as particularly close… And Anna may have a poor attention span, but she is emotionally sensitive and perhaps a bit precocious (it is, after all, possible to be both bright and quick-thinking on the one hand and easily distractible with issues of concentration over longer time spans at the same time.) And something tells me Anna is quite familiar with the procedure behind hiding an accident from outsiders.

But perhaps that didn’t come across clearly enough in the story. This was quite literally a one-shot: written in one session.

As for why she’s bringing the diaper bag (including another bag to hide the soiled diaper in), she was in need of a change herself, and probably wouldn’t love to have strangers observe her placing a clearly wet diaper in the trash either. Her family knows, but nobody else needs to know.

But by all means, I don’t mean to come across as overly defensive. This isn’t a perfect piece and feedback is always appreciated.

Re: Out of the Question!

Finally got round to this one. A sweet little story.

For what it’s worth, I immediately assumed Anna had reason to conceal her issue from friends. Even if only bedwetting, should she go on sleepovers that would be sufficient to give her some experience right there. If she’s been needing protection during the day, there’s quite a few more chances to practice discretion.

Thanks for writing and sharing this.

Re: Out of the Question!

I read this the other day. It’s a nice read, looking forward to more from you.

Re: Out of the Question!

Cute story, very comfy reading.

I agree Anna seems too smart, but lots of fictional kids are unrealistically smart. The problem may be that her dialogue gets more sophisticated as the story goes on. At first, I pegged her at the maturity of an eight-year-old, but later, she reads like a teenager.

Re: Out of the Question!

[QUOTE=donbiki;71286]Cute story, very comfy reading.

I agree Anna seems too smart, but lots of fictional kids are unrealistically smart. The problem may be that her dialogue gets more sophisticated as the story goes on. At first, I pegged her at the maturity of an eight-year-old, but later, she reads like a teenager.[/QUOTE]

Thanks you for the feedback and praise, buys. Perhaps you are right about the dialogue… Anna’s early lines could perhaps have been written in a way more in line with my intentions about her vocabulary.

But I was a precocious child myself and know very well that it’s quite possible for someone to have the vocabulary of a teenager and the emotional maturity of a ten-year-old. As for her smarts: She is twelve years old. I don’t see anything she does in this story as beyond the mental capacity of a twelve-year-old. She’s simply teaching her sister how to deal with a situation she, herself, has undoubtedly experienced many times before. Throwing away a soiled diaper is hardly a revolutionary idea, and bringing a spare bag to hide it in was likely something she’d been taught by her mother.

Anyways, those were my thoughts about her character, although I see that at least to some readers this wasn’t clearly enough established. It really is hard to establish character - especially someone who has conflicting personality traits - in a short story.