Out of life of Alex, the diaper streamer!

It’s year 2070 and to be honest, everyone expected something more of it. Like, sure, we DID manage to do a lot, but instead of technology, humanity managed to change much more socially, though not without being forced to. No, there was no nuclear war and aliens didn’t come to turn us into a servant race, it was actually much less dramatic! You see, humanity, or should I say USA, spent this half-a-decade battling social issues! What a twist! Well, obviously, we didn’t fully escape the corpo-crawl, so maybe Cyberpunk wasn’t that much off…

Enough with that though! What matters is that pretty quickly all matters of fetishes were normal, or acceptabl, at the very least. With what little we got in the matter of tech was revolutionary. Cyber-enchancements, transportation methods and new sexual revolution made a lot of jobs either redundant or extremely popular! Such was the situation for Alex Thawne, a 19 years old resident of Saint Orleans, redefined as Venezia of the New World. Particualrly speaking, Alex was a streamer, a pretty popular one at that. Mostly playing games, watching movies or videos, as DMCA stopped existing, thank god. There was one thing, however, making him truly stand out…

You see, Alex was a sissy, diaperclad boy with no fear of NSFW content on his stream, sexual or not! Notorious for wearing extremely girly, fetishistic or provocative clothes and more than subtextual actions on live broadcast, he quickly became a fan favorite on the platform, wearing this as a badge.

And so, Alex was pretty popular no matter what he did, people clearly choosing to watch him instead of whatever else was on screen at the moment. It didn’t help that Alex was living with a Mistress who more than enjoyed seeing her boytoy blush himself out of his mind in front of thousands of people.

“Latex_Kitty, thank you for the donation~! As for your question, nah, I don’t plan anything with that soon, believe me or not. Like, my hair gets all messed up when in full bodysuit.” Alex responded before taking another sip out of his large, almost one and a half foot long baby bottle of a white liquid. The bottle was obviously sponsored, mark of three claws next to a rattle next to it clearly showing it was an energy drink made to look like that, which only helped in the fantasy. He fixed a strand of his deeply, dark red, wavy hair, putting it past his obligatory cat-ear headphones set, knowing well it’ll fall back onto his face again.

Alex was merely 4’8 feet tall, which wasn’t rare for the current males, especially if they chose to either stay or go back to their small height. But Alex was a natural, giving him much more no-effort cuteness. His skin was light brown, like a well made lattee coffee, his eyes having a nice, amber shine. Obviously naturally pretty, he face was heart-shaped with soft features and full lips, currently clad in black lipstick. That last part was a part of his current outfit, this week being goth-themed. He had a short, black leather jacket, a spiky collar, black shades around his eyes and naturally, a big, puffy, black diaper with white skulls all over it barely hidden by a short skirt.

But, enough about his looks, Alex was currently looking past his screen, roping his opponent in a card game as he bit his lip, breathing heavily. His Mistress decided to place nice, little triggers in his head, so when viewers donate a specific sum of money, he would put on a little show. The message in the top left of the screen amptly read “Have a good time~” It was a lot of money, but currently, Alex was too busy letting out weak noises as a bit louder hiss was spreading around the room.


Then, his other gate gave up as well, his diaper expanding under the flood from both sides, meticulous sound hand crafted by his semi-sadistic handler forcing him to let everything go. As his numbers one and two filled his puffpants he was reminded that it was, in fact, everything. So, right after his bladder emptied itself, his hidded member began spurting away, now dealing with his over-filled balls, diaper doubling in size since before the donate until he was done. His cheeks darkened, sweat was going down his brow and half-closed eyes looked at the “Defeat!” screen, making a cute, grumpy, pouty face. His pampers were now big enough walking by himself was impossible, so he didn’t even bother with trying to go to change himself. “Th-thank you for the dono…” He mumbled, begrudgingly returning to play, not hearing a loud, pretentious giggle from behind his door.

Just another day on this very stream…

(Hello! Thank you for reading. This is my first story that I am planning to write in my past time. Note that English is not my first language, so I apologize heavily for any errors that might’ve made you like this less. And if you enjoyed it, feel free to tell me about it! See you soon~)


Another Alex, another messy adult diaper. There must be something with the name that just screams “I belong in diapers forever.”

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