Out For Blood By kenk7us2002

Out For Blood By kenk7us2002

Chapter 1

Katy had indeed returned to her work as a special agent for the FBI. Then while Katy was in the hospital with tonsillitis. Amber and Gretchen went on a routine assignment.

Gretchen was shot and killed by a two-bit criminal. Amber put three in his head before he hit the ground.

Katy simply blamed herself and once again did what she always did when the stress got too much. She regressed to toddler Katy.

She was once again put on leave of absence by the bureau and returned to her Hawaii home. Lena was very involved with her new career. She helped ex strippers get back on their feet and new careers.

She took over Katy’s finances and simply hired a new Nanny for her.

Millie the new Nanny was no nonsense. She treated Katy just as she acted like a naughty three year old.
If she felt any affection for Katy she never showed it. Just the same she did a marvelous job of taking care of the baby girl in her charge. The truth was that Millie had learned early in her career not to get too attached to her charges.

About a year had past. In reality Katy was now a twenty seven year old woman. She still looked at best a girl in her late teens.

Millie never took her out of the house that her diapers were not covered. Not that Katy would have cared.

Millie was about five eight and a little over two hundred pounds. She was a plane looking woman of about forty. Actually neither Katy nor Lena new a thing about her.

Lena came over from California when she could and spent time with Katy. Katy loved seeing her but still never left toddler mode even for a moment. She simply refused to talk about anything to do with being and agent or the past.

On this particular visit Lena was honestly beginning to worry. She was beginning to think Katy had crossed over and was lost forever.

Millie told her she never touched her computer. She simply spent everyday playing with her toys, both inside and outside. She had never once asked to do anything remotely adult.

Before Lena headed home she decided to suggest Millie try and old trick.

“Millie I want you to read out loud to her from a newspaper everyday. That and I want you too see that she watches or at least can’t help but hear the nightly news.”

Millie nodded her head then Lena once again headed home.

Millie saw no sense in what Lena wanted but did as she was told Millie always followed orders.

Millie would read from the newspaper out loud while Katy ate her breakfast. Then have the TV on with the news while she was fed her dinner.

From what Millie could tell Katy paid no attention what so ever. At first she would beg for cartoons when Millie put on the News.

This routine continued for three months with no change from Katy.

Then one night this report came on the air.

“The two missing female FBI agents have been found dead. Mischa Roberts and Amber Robinson had both been missing in action. Miss Roberts for two months and Miss Robinson for about three weeks. When asked to comment Chief Masters of the FBI deferred. We will have more on this breaking story tonight at eleven.”

“Get me out of this high chair Millie!”

Millie looked up to see Katy was crying quietly tears just streaming down her face.

“What’s wrong Katy did you know those girls?”

“Get me out of this chair Millie, they were like my sisters. Baby time is over Katy has work to do.”

“Now you just calm down and finish your dinner or you get know desert?”

By then Katy had undone the strap around her waist. She then yanked the tray off and tossed it on the kitchen floor. Before hopping down.

“Fuck you and your desert Millie I got work to do.”

Katy headed towards her bedroom. Not the nursery she had been using. Millie followed behind her quickly grabbing her shoulder and spinning her around.

“Young lady you will not sit for a week for this stunt.”

She then reached for Katy’s ear. Katy simply grabbed her wrist and twisted it bringing Millie painfully to her knees.

“Millie you really do not want to fuck with me right now I am not in the mood. Now do your job and go clean that mess up. I need to pack.”

Not sure what else she could do Mille did as she was told. When she finished cleaning up the mess she picked up the phone and called Lena.

“Hello Ms Lena this is Millie.”

“Hi Millie did Katy see the news report about the two agents?”

“Yes Ma’am that is why I am calling.” Millie then filled Lean in on what had happened.

“Listen to me Millie. I do not want you to hinder Katy simply help her. I feel for those two agents but god help who did this when Katy finds them.”

“But Ma’am I know Katy used to be a big time FBI agent but now she is just a baby girl. She will be in great danger. She will not use sound judgment.”

“Millie honestly I did not know you cared. You have always done and excellent job for Katy but you have never shown her any affection.”

“It’s just my way Ma’am but trust me I care for the girl. Honestly I love her with all my heart who could help it.”

“Then tell her Millie and go with her. I am sure she could use your help.”

Millie said she would and then said goodbye. Lena told her to keep her posted.

Millie made her way to the bedroom. Katy was just coming out of the shower. Her bags were on the bed already packed.

“Millie if your going to try and stop me please don’t I have no wish to hurt you.”

“First off I just got told that I have never told you how I feel about you. Maybe I was scared to get too close to you. But Katy I love you with all my heart. I am not going to stop you nor will I interfere in your investigation. But I am coming with you to take care of you.”

Katy smiled and walked to Millie and gave her a big hug.

When the two finished hugging. Millie gave Katy a cross look.

“One thing before I get you in a fresh diaper and go pack. I can not tolerate the language you were using.”

Katy found herself crying standing on a towel in the corner. Millie had blistered her good for the cursing, and the mess in the kitchen. Katy new she could stop Millie if she had wanted too. Then again she liked the idea of Millie coming with her. Katy had not taken care of herself for a long time.

Millie finished packing then checked to see if Katy had packed everything. The thing she noticed was that Katy had packed no toys. Millie got a few of her favorites and packed them in her bags and put a coloring book and crayons and Katy’s stuffed rabbit in the diaper bag.

She then removed Katy from the corner and took her to the changing table in the nursery.

“Millie I am sorry the way I acted before and will not defy you again. Accept in the case of your trying to stop me from doing this investigation.”

“Agreed honey but do you think the FBI will let you help?”

“That’s up to the Chief Millie but if they will not I will simply do my own investigation.”

“Should I call the airport and check the flights?”

“Nope if there is not a flight available I will charter a plane to LA. Call Joe and tell him to watch the house and lets go Millie.”

Twelve hours later Katy Matthews knocked on the door of Chief Masters’s office. She had left Millie back at the hotel.

“Come in and it better be important?”

“Hi Chief Agent Matthews reporting for duty.”

The crusty old Chief did not even crack a smile.

“You get tired of loafing around on the beach agent?” As he finished his statement he laid Katy’s gun and shield on the middle of his desk.

Katy reached for it and Chief Masters grabbed her hand.

“This ones all about teamwork Katy or you will end up dead agreed?”

Katy looked Chief Masters dead in the eyes.

“Yes Sir agreed but I promise you I am not the one that is going to end up dead.”

The Chief smiled “Then come here and give me a hug baby girl.”
Katy did exactly that. The Chief pulled her in his lap and buzzed his secretary. “No one is to bother me until I say understand?”

“Yes Sir”

“Ok Chief fill me in, I want to know every detail.”

"Honey that’s just it we don’t know much. Mischa was on a routine stakeout. We were after a rapist and were actually just helping the local police. This clown likes young girls.

He killed all four agents that were guarding her with his bare hands, and then snatched Mischa.

Amber went in with a couple of investigators just to investigate. Some how he found out they were snooping around. He took out the two male agents in their rooms while they were sleeping and Amber came up missing."

“When they found the bodies chief had Amber and Mischa been raped?”

The Chief looked away.

“Come on Chief I need to know I am a big girl now.”

The old Chief choked back tears as he spoke.

“Mischa had been dead a while when we found her body. Maybe a couple of weeks I still do not have the complete autopsy report. Amber had been repeatedly raped and sodomized. I am pretty sure Mischa was too.”

Now Katy could feel her own tears streaming down her face.

“He disappeared without a trace Katy. If it is indeed a he and not a them.”

“Well there has to be more chief we will find it.”

“Have you assigned a detail yet and who will be the agent in charge?”

“I am working on the detail sweetie and the agent in charge is the best agent I have ever had. When she follows the rules.”

“By the book Chief by the book right up until I blow this creep away.”
“Not if I get there first little one.”

Katy smiled “Well great minds think alike Chief.”

“Honey the funeral for both girls is tomorrow afternoon. You are and honorary pallbearer. If that’s ok.”

“Of course Chief, but what made you so sure I would be here.”

“That’s simple your Katy Matthews, remember always trust Katy.”

Katy smiled and hugged the Chiefs neck.

“Now I got to call the ball and chain and tell her we have a guest for dinner. She will be so thrilled to see you sweetie.”

“Can I bring my new Nana Chief she is back at the hotel?”

“Of course dear.” The Chief then slid his hand under Katy’s dress and checked her diaper.

“You got a spare honey your soaked.”

“In my purse Chief there’s some wipes and powder too.”

The Chief stood Katy up and removed her skirt then picked her up and carried her to the sofa.

He then got the supplies he needed and changed her diaper.

“Thanks Chief I always no I can count on you. Now what time do you want me for dinner.”

“Seven O’clock sweetie.”

Katy finished putting her skirt back on.

“Will be there Chief she then gave him a kiss and headed out the door.”

Katie noticed a good-looking young man standing outside waiting to see the Chief. She smiled at him and then said goodbye to the Chiefs secretary.

“You mean I have been fucking waiting too see the Chief for and hour. While he had a visit from a little girl?”

Deana the Chiefs secretary laughed. “Little girl my ass that’s Katy Matthews.”

“No shit, damn I though she would be bigger.”

“She’s big enough Ron mostly heart. Now what the heck do you want I am a busy man?”

Ron Williams turned to see the Chief standing in the doorway.

“Chief uhhhhh I wanted to talk to you about this detail too find Mischa and Ambers killer. I would like to volunteer to be the agent in charge.”

“That jobs already taken Ron but you can be on the detail if you want?”

“If that means I have to work for that little girl that just left your office no thanks Chief.”

“You no Ron you’re a good agent that lacks one thing humility. So I am going to do you a favor and teach you some. You will be on this detail and you will take your orders from that little girl.”

“But Chief?”

“This conversation is over Agent Deana would you get my wife on the phone please?” The Chief then turned and walked back in his office shutting the door behind him.

Ron mumbled to himself, as he wandered back to his office. “Now I am a fucking babysitter.”

Chapter 2

Even after being up late and having dinner with the chief the night before. Katy was up the next morning at five am.

Millie woke up when she heard Katy stirring around.

“Honey what in the world are you doing up so early?”

“Millie the first order of business is for me to get in shape. I am going to the bureau gym. I will be back at around nine and then we can go get dresses for the funeral. You will attend with me wont you?”

“Of course dear anything you want.”

“Great then get me out of this diaper, so I can do my morning business. Then order us some juice coffee for you and a protein shake for me. We will get breakfast before we go shopping.”

Katy finished on the potty and called for Millie. She knew how to wipe her own butt but then Millie was still here. Millie wiped her clean then was going to diaper her.

“Millie just hand me a pair of those goodnights. I don’t wet much when I work out and I will be fine. I will take and extra pair in my gym bag just in case I need them.”

Millie quickly dressed Katy in some gym sweats and then fixed her hair in a ponytail.

“Millie get the morning paper and see if you can find us a furnished apartment for rent. Tomorrow we will need to buy a car. You can be my chauffer I never did learn how to drive.”

Millie smiled “I would like that honey I have never been involved in and FBI investigation. This is very exciting for me. That and I want to help you get the ones responsible for what happened to those girls.”

Katy smiled and headed to the gym. It was three miles away. Katy made it in about twenty-seven minutes jogging. When she checked her stopwatch she groaned.

“Damn I am out of shape. This could be a lot of work.”
Jake the old man that ran the gym was just opening up when Katy got there.

“Katy Matthews I cant believe my eyes. Its about time we had some talent in Jakes gym again.”

Katy hugged his neck and then began her workout.

Soon Jake was spotting her on the bench press.

“I am in terrible shape Jake, I got lots of work to do.”

“You don’t look in bad shape to me honey. Just give it time it will get easier.”

After working with the free weights and about every machine the gym offered. Katy made her way to the ring to practice her karate.

Just as she was walking in one side of the ring the agent she had seen at the Chiefs office was making his way into the other.

“Hi there I am Katy Matthews agent what’s your name.”

“Ron Williams, the Chief told me we would be working together on the detail.”

“Oh so you are to be part of my team agent. Good can you defend yourself? Maybe we can spar a bit”

Ron laughed “Sorry miss I know your reputation but I do not fight little girls.”

Now Katy was pissed even though he was almost a foot taller than she was. She was determined to kick his ass.

“Jake get us some gloves and foot protection please.”

“Hey I told you I don’t fight girls.”

“Well agent you see you have no choice I am making, you’re sparring with me and order. If I sense you are holding back I will give you every shit detail this investigation calls for.”

Ron was not happy but he put on the shoe protection and gloves. While Jake helped Katy with hers.

“Little one he is a big boy and he is really good. Your better but watch it he has a strength advantage.”

“Thanks Jake I will take it easy on him.”

Katy walked to the center of the ring trying to adjust her helmet. Jake had insisted she wear one.

“Where’s your helmet agent?”

“I don’t think I need one if were going to do this lets get it over with.”

“Ring the bell sunshine”

“Ding ding”

The moment Ron got the words out Katy jumped in the air and hit him right in the jaw with a front round kick.

She did not knock him down but it stunned him and he took a knee.

Suddenly anger took over and he rushed Katy she tripped him and hit him with and elbow to the back.

Ron fault his own emotions slow down idiot she is only a little girl.

He slowed down and they began sparring in earnest.
Two things hindered Katy. One she was by no means in shape and had already been through a grueling workout. Two the shots she could not duck she had to block and Ron had too much power for her.

Katy hit the mat hard with his last kick. She did not get her arms up in time and the kick hit her dead in the chest. When she hit the mat it knocked the wind out of her.

Katy lay on the mat fighting to get her breath.
Ron was on a knee at her side not sure what to do.

“You ok Katy I am so sorry?”

Jake came running up. “Get out of my way you big bully, Katy are you ok.”

“I am fine Jake just fine. Good match Agent Williams we will have to do this again sometime.”

“What you did not get enough this time?”

“Listen asshole we were sparring this was not life or death. That and I have not been on a karate mat or worked out for over a year. Next time it will be different I assure you.”

Ron walked away thinking about what Katy had said. No karate or working out in a year. My god had he underestimated this little girl. She was simply fucking amazing.

Ron smiled besides she’s cute maybe I will thank the Chief for this assignment someday.

Katy was very sore when she got back to Millie. They went to breakfast then shopping for dresses.

Having found the appropriate attire they both had their hair done in the hotel salon.

The funeral was what can you say a funeral. Katy did not cry. She was determined not to do that until Mischa and Amber’s killer was graveyard dead.

As the funeral was over she found herself talking to the chief?

“Katy I here you did a bit of sparring with Ron Williams this morning that was dumb. Do you want to get hurt?”

“No Sir Chief I wanted to see where I stood in my conditioning and it was pathetic. Next time we spar I will kick his butt.”

The Chief smiled," Honey Ron Williams is a very good agent but a bit arrogant. Just the same I am glad I put him on your team. He will be and asset."

“So am I Chief besides that he is cute.”

“Hey I thought you were only into, well uhhhhh girls?”

“Chief I have had one relationship, she happened to be a girl. Honestly I have no idea what I am into. So when will the rest of my detail be ready?”

“Let’s see love its Thursday, I will have a team ready for you by ten O’clock Monday morning. Say a ten am meeting in the conference room.”

“That’s good Chief it will give me time to get and apartment. I also would like to have everything you do on this case so I can study.”

The Chief smiled “Here’s the address to your new apartment Katy. This one is on the agency they should be finished furnishing it by the time you get there. The information you want is listed under your favorites. Give these to Millie it’s the red Ford 500 in the parking lot.”

Katy looked at the keys the Chief had handed her, and smiled.

“Chief you take such good care of me.”

“It’s the least I can do for my best agent.”

Katy kissed him goodbye and went to find Millie.

After a short stop at the hotel they arrived at the new apartment building.

Katy quickly found her bedroom, the one with the changing table and the computer.

Katy booted it up just as Millie walked in the room.

"I bet a certain little girl needs a new diaper then we need to see about getting something to eat. Tomorrow I will go shopping. We have everything we need honey. All the cooking utensils there are even a few groceries, juice and enough to make breakfast in the morning in the fridge.

Millie helped Katy up on the changing table. As she was changing Katy’s diaper Katy spoke up.

“Millie could you go for Pizza tonight, I need to get on the computer and get to work. I would suggest you call Luigi’s it’s the best Pizza in Chicago.”

“Of course dear and how would you like the Pizza?”

“Just tell Luigi it’s a Katy Matthew’s special.”

(Canadian bacon green peppers onions and extra cheese.)

Millie finished Katy’s diaper and then went to make the call.

Katy clicked on favorites on the computer. The Chief had supplied her with.

There were only four things on her favorites.

FBI files
Katy got right to work. It was Showtime.

Chapter 3

Friday Saturday and Sunday a very sore Katy Matthews worked out diligently about three hours a day. The rest of every waking moment she worked on the case. Checking and double-checking what they had looking for any clue that would tell her what happened to her friends and why.

Katy cried when she read the autopsy reports she simply could not help herself. She only stopped to eat and take her afternoon nap. She had tried to get out of the nap on Friday along with sore muscles she ended up with a sore butt too go along with it.

Katy was also not too happy when Millie made her go grocery shopping with her. Just the same Katy had promised to mind Millie or face the consequences. In all things outside the investigation.

Millie simply said Katy having her rest was her responsibility investigation or not.

Monday morning dressed in a blue business suit Katy showed up at the bureau. The Chiefs secretary gave her a list of her staff and told her where her office was.

Katy was shocked to see she had and office and a secretary. Her name was even on the door. Her secretary was and older lady named Daisy.

She introduced herself to Katy and told Katy she was here to help. Katy handed her the staff list.

“Ms Daisy I want these agents added to my address book and my yahoo messenger. I want them all to have yahoo messenger on at all times when they are in the office or have some sort of mobile device when they are not. I need a cell phone with all of their numbers on it along with the Chiefs and my home number. Here is my home number and my yahoo address and my id and password. Before you get started will you contact my four agents and tell them there will be a staff meeting in my office at eleven am. Tell them I expect everyone to be on time I would like it if you were there to take notes. I assume you have the security clearance.”

“Yes Ma’am and I can see it’s going to be fun working for you.”

“Daisy please its just Katy, and you are not working for me but with me ok?”

“That’s fine Katy I heard you were special. Katy please feel free to let me know when you need a new diaper. It will be my pleasure to change you. We have a changing table in the back room in your office. I also have all the supplies you will need.”

"Thank you Daisy, one more thing I need my uhhhhh associate Millie to have a cell phone too and credentials here at the bureau. She is going to be driving for me. I am sure the Chief will clear the credentials.

“Katy he has already made her a temporary agent. I called her this morning she is going to the pistol range this afternoon for her first lesson and to be issued her weapon. She sounded very excited. She also insisted that I make you take a nap at two, for at least and hour.”

Katy blushed she also new if she did not take the nap and Daisy told it would be her behind.

Promptly at eleven o’clock three agents walked into Katy’s office.

Jed Peters and older agent and crack investigator. What he could not do with a computer had not been invented. Katy had worked with him before and considered him a friend.

Jamie Ryan was next Katy did no know him. He was small and looked like a nerd. He was however a Harvard law grad and had and IQ threw the roof. Katy shook his hand and introduced herself.

The third agent needed no introduction at all. It was Lana Roberts one of the original Under Cover Babies. Actually at about five ft Lana was the tallest original Under Cover baby and maybe the prettiest with her bright red hair and blue eyes.

Katy and Lana hugged Katy was so glad to see her. Lana whispered" I got myself pulled off a kidnapping case to be here Katy no that I want this bastard every bit as bad as you do."

Katy nodded she would catch up with Lana later.

“Please be seated and make yourself comfortable.”

Katy looked at her watch it was ten after and no sign of Ron Williams. It was about a quarter after when he came walking through the door.
“Where the hell have you been agent Williams?”

“Hey tone down a bit I was just running a little late.”

“If you want to stay on this case you will not run late to meetings you will be where your suppose to be when you are supposed to be. You can be early but I will not tolerate late understood?”

Ron was humiliated being dressed down by this small girl. But he did not want it on his record that he had been removed from this case. It had been given the highest priority the bureau allowed.

“Yes I understand and I apologize to everyone.”

Katy then passed out a report seventeen pages worth that she had written and made copy’s of.

“That’s what we have team nothing zilch zero seventeen pages of crap. I expect every one of you to go over it with a fine toothcomb and find what I missed. Now that aside does anyone have anything?”

Jed spoke first “I just got assigned this morning Katy I been on vacation my daughter had a baby. But if there is anything there I will find it.”

The others just sat there with blank looks on their faces.

"Ok did everyone get my message on the messenger thing. I want what you have when you get it. "

They all nodded. Even Ron realized using messenger and email to correspond was a good idea.

“Ok then lets get started. Jed you get on the computer and recheck everything.”

“Lana I want you and Ron working as a team. I want everyone that has had anything to do with these cases re interviewed. I will expect daily reports in my inbox.”

“Jamie I want you to work Interpol and the CIA find something anything they know that they don’t want to tell us. I don’t care how you do it just do it.”

“Any questions team?”

“Yeah this team you made up, with me and Lana who is in charge Katy?”

“Well I hope you can work together, but when it comes down to it Lana is the senior agent.”

Ron grimaced at Katy’s answer.

“Ok everyone is dismissed except you Ron I need to talk with you for a minute. Thanks for coming now get out there and find the needle. Keep me informed of everything you get.”

When everyone had left, Katy turned to Ron.

“Ron I know you think that I just gave you a shit assignment. It’s the very assignment Amber was doing when she got snatched and two agents got killed. I chose you because I think you can handle yourself if push comes to shove. I don’t want anything to happen to you, and damn sure do not want anything happening to Lana. Get that chip off your shoulder and be her partner trust me she is damn good agent. If you don’t then it might get you both killed and that would piss me off.”

“I gotcha Katy I will take care of myself and your friend I promise you have my word on it.”
Katy smiled “Ok then I will take it. Don’t forget we have a rematch in the gym coming up real soon.” Now you better go catch up with Lana I want the two of you on the road tomorrow."

Ron smiled and left the room. To be honest with himself everything Katy had done in the meeting was pretty impressive. She was prepared and takes charge. She had obviously done her homework and did not expect her agents to get her started.

Besides she was so damn cute. Ron wondered if the rumor that she wore diapers was really true.

About thirty minutes later Lana messaged Katy and asked if she wanted to do lunch. “We could go to Reuben’s Deli like we used too when I was in town.”

Katy wanted to work but had strict orders about eating from Millie.
“Ok Lana I will meet you at the front door at 1230.”

Katy looked at her watch it was twelve fifteen. She buzzed Daisy and asked her too come in.

“Yes dear what can I do for you some lunch maybe?”

“No thanks Daisy I am going to meet Lana for lunch but I could use a fresh diaper. By the way what time is Millie supposed to be at the range?”

Daisy took Katy by the hand and led her to the back room. “Three O’clock honey.”

She removed Katy’s skirt then helped her up on the table. It was obvious Daisy had changed plenty of diapers in her time and she made quick work of changing Katy. Before helping her get her skirt back on.

“Thanks Daisy you do that pretty good.”

“I have three grown daughters honey and six grandchildren right here in the city. I have worked part time for the agency for years. I volunteered to work full time if they would assign me to you. I knew Amber I wanted to do anything I could to help catch her killer.”

Katy smiled then tiptoed up and kissed Daisy cheek. I better run don’t want to be late after the butt chewing I gave Ron."

It was only two blocks to the deli so Lana and Katy walked and talked. Some about old times some about new ones. Lana was normally and agent in Topeka Kansas. Her hometown. She was married and had a little girl.

“My husband is a police officer Katy. He understood how important this was too me. I have kept myself in shape and I can still shoot. But for the last four years I have been mostly a glorified secretary.”

Katy laughed, “Until last week I was a full time baby Lana. I just hope I am not over my head.”

“Katy I have never seen anyone with more heart than you. I have also never seen you fail at anything. I do not think its possible to be over your head. By the way Ron and I met for a while. I do not know what you said to him but his attitude was a hundred percent different. I sent you and email with our itinerary for the next few days we leave in the morning”

The girls had a wonderful lunch they both had the house Reuben’s. Lana was heading home so she called a cab. Katy just walked back to the agency to walk off her meal.

Daisy insisted on a nap when she got back. So Katy lay down on the sofa in her office. Daisy went right in her purse and got her pacifier.

“Daisy please promise me you will wake me in and hour ok?”

Daisy nodded.

Katy sucked on her pacifier and drifted off too sleep.

One hour later as promised Daisy shook her awake.

Katy smiled I think I am going to go see how Millie is doing at the range Daisy. Then I will head home with her. You can take the rest of the day off when I get a new diaper."

"Thanks honey you have my home number on your cell too if you need anything. I am also on your messenger list. "

“Daisy I do not get here before ten I am working out mornings. No need your getting here early either.”

Daisy changed her then went to answer the ringing phone. Meanwhile Katy put her skirt on.

“Katy honey the Chief would like to see you if you have a moment.”

Katy told Daisy bye for the day, and headed to the Chiefs office. His secretary was away from her desk but his door was opened.

“You wanted to see me Chief”

Katy walked in and the Chief got up and closed and locked the door. He then sat down on the sofa and patted his lap. Katy crawled in his lap and smiled.

“So what can I do for you Chief?”

“Humor the old Chief with what you have so far and what your doing. I got that report you sent me very impressive.” Katy had sent the Chief the same report she had given her team.

Katy told the Chief exactly what she had assigned her agents to do. Even the exact orders she gave Jamie.

The Chief smiled “Honey I can not see where you have missed a thing. You send Jamie to see me in the morning. I will give him a couple of tips off the record too help him with his assignment which never happened.”

Katy giggled and then the Chief started tickling her.

“Hey stop it please I just got a new diaper.”

The Chief grinned and stopped. “Well Chief if that’s all you wanted I should get going. I want to check on Millie at the pistol range and maybe fire a couple clips myself. I have not fired a pistol in over a year.”

“Good idea and I hear your workouts are going well. Listen to me baby I want reports every couple of day. If you have nothing you tell me that. That and if you need anything just say the word.”

Katy kissed the Chief on the cheek and hopped off his lap. "Your always there for me Chief have I ever really thanked you?’
“Honey you’re the best damn agent I have ever had you make me look good that and yes you have thanked me. You can thank me on this one by catching the scum and staying alive. Now scoot and go practice.” The Chief gave Katy a playful pat on the butt as she left his office.

Katy arrived at the range and found Millie right in the middle of her lesson. She was doing pretty good and had and outstanding instructor. Katy checked out some spare clips and looked for and open range to use. That’s when she spotted Ron who had just finished shooting and was waiting for his target to come back to him.

“That’s not bad shooting what range Agent?”

Ron turned and actually smiled when he saw Katy."

“Twenty five and what do you mean not bad. Like you could do better?”

“Step aside rookie and let a marksman take a couple shots.”

Katy placed a new target up and hit the button and watched for a second as it headed out on the range.

She then put her headphones on and loaded her pistol with a practice clip.

The target past the twenty-five mark and Katy seemed to ignore it.

“Want me to stop it and bring it back a little agent?”


Katy watched it until it hit the fifty mark then stopped the conveyer.

“Ha ha Katy you will be lucky to even hit the target at this distance.”

“Yeah and it would probably be even harder if it was moving.”

Katy put her headphones in place and hit the retrieve button on the machine. She then aimed and emptied the clip in the target very quickly.

Katy then stood there whistling as the target slowly came back.

Ron was stunned when he saw the target. All nine targets were clearly in the bull eye a circle about two inches in diameter.

“Damn I heard you were good but that’s ridiculous.”

“Well actually I was a little off or there would have been only one whole. The rest of the bullets would have just gone through there dead center.”

Ron gave her a dirty look, “Sure Annie Oakley.”

Katy lost it and broke down giggling. For some reason she loved talking trash with this guy.

“Katy you never cease to amaze me. I am quickly learning not to underestimate you. Listen when I get back in town could we maybe have dinner some night?”

“That depends on the quality of work you bring back with you agent.”

“Well I got to get home and pack. Don’t worry about Lana Katy she will think she is traveling with Alstate.”

Ron then grabbed his things and walked away.

He was gone when it hit Katy. Alstate ha ha Lana is in good hands ha ha ha.

Katy fired off the rest of her clips practicing with both hands. Then joined Millie who was ready to head home.

“So how was your first day love?”

“It was incredible Millie but I have lots of work to do when we get home.”

Chapter 4

Two weeks into the investigation. Katy still had one thing nothing zilch crap. Zed reported to her daily. He had investigated every relevant file he could find. Now he was going over them again.

Lana and Ron had interviewed at least a hundred people in close to ten cities. They were do home today and would report in this afternoon.

Jamie was the problem; he was after all doing undercover work on his own. Using the methods and help the Chief had given him.

Just the same Katy thought felt he could at least report in on messenger or something. She calls the Chief to ask what she should do.

“Katy do not worry about Jamie you will here from him soon I am sure. Now don’t forget to tell me what you get from Ron and Lana this afternoon.”

“Ok Chief no problem.” Katy was still worried. Just the same she went back to work.

That afternoon she was taking her nap when Daisy woke her up.

“I hate to cut your nap short honey but Ron and Lana are on their way up.”

She then gave Katy a new diaper while she attempted to wake up from her thirty-minute nap.

She got herself squared away and opened a diet coke for the caffeine something she normally avoided because it caused her to wet more.

After a warm welcome Lana and Ron detailed what they had. Which again was nothing.

Zed who had joined them spoke up. “Katy we might as well face it this case is a dead end. I think this investigation is over. You have run as good and investigation as I have ever seen, there is just no evidence.”

Katy looked at Zed with and almost angry look.
“I thought you knew me better than that Zed. I don’t quit something I start and I do not no how to fail. I will however have you relieved, without tarnish to your record should that be what you want?”
“Katy I could give a damn about my record I am due retirement soon. I was just saying if there is no evidence what do we investigate? Just the same I see your not giving up so I will just stick around.”

Katy then turned her attention too Lana and Ron.
“Ok other than pure information that you retrieved what does your gut tell you. Come on anything.”

Ron looked at Lana but she had nothing to say. He was basically giving her the first opportunity to speak.

“Katy one thing sticks out about this. This guy is a bad motherfucker. He kills people and it’s like they never new he was there almost like a ghost.”

“Or a Ninja?” Katy and the other agents turned to see Jamie standing in the doorway holding a box of files.

“Jamie what happened to keeping me informed where the hell have you been?”

“Katy calm down it was not safe trusts me. What I have in this box may still land me in federal prison. It was damn hard getting these copies out. I have been working as a janitor in the CIA building in DC. The Chief got me the job and the clearance. I have been living in a fleabag hotel and waxing floors and cleaning toilets. But I think I have something here.”

Katy smiled “Sorry Jamie I have mainly just been worried, tell us what you got.”

"Well the CIA has been looking for years for a guy code name the “Ninja Assassin” he kills for money. He is very good at it. "

“So what’s that got to do with our case?” Ron asked.

“Well it seems like this guy likes to rape his female victims. That and often just before he kills one of his victims a young girl is raped in the area sometimes two.”

"Does he kill them too? " asked Lana

“Not always the victims that lived only describe him as wearing black pajama’s and a mask. But he likes to hurt them from what I have read its all pretty sicko.”

“Ok give that box to Daisy Jamie she can be trusted. I want copies of what is in there for all of you, the Chief and me. I will have them delivered to your homes by courier later today. Now I want all of you to take off until Monday. Look the files over and see what you can come up with. But mostly I want you rested and relaxed when you come back this investigation just got kicked up a notch.”

Zed looked at Katy. “Katy I will give you nothing but my best and never question you again. If there is something in those files I will have it for you Monday.”

“Zed old buddy, I never questioned your dedication. Trust me everyday I have wondered if we were just a dog chasing our tail. Don’t sweat it. But do get some rest.”

They said their goodbyes and headed out the door.

“Katy told Daisy what she wanted done with the box. Then told her when it was done to have a courier make the deliveries. She then told her she was off till Monday too.”

“I will deliver them myself honey. For this teams eyes only. Now do you need a new diaper before you head home?”

“Not going home yet and I am dry. I am going to see the Chief. See you Monday Daisy.” Katy then tiptoed up and kissed her cheek."

When Katy got to the Chiefs office she saw his door was closed. She looked at the Chiefs secretary.

“Hi Pam is the Chief busy?”

Pam smiled “yeah with a budget meeting. Watch this.”

Pam rang the Chiefs phone.

“Chief Katy Matthews is here to see you.”

Almost immediately about ten people walked out of the Chiefs office.

“Hi Chief this could have waited, I did not mean to break up your meeting.”

“You saved my life Katy I was dying of boredom. I told them to finish without me. Now what you got for me?”

Katy explained what Jamie had brought them. That and how it went along with what Ron had to say.
“Chief I have not read the stuff myself yet but we will all have our own copies today including you.”

“Good work Katy I look forward to the read.”

“Chief I gave myself and my team the next few days off. But trust me each and everyone of us will be studying those files.”

“So will I Katy and thanks for keeping me posted. Your first break in the investigation feels pretty good doesn’t it?”

“Not nearly as good as it’s going to feel to bag this guy. Chief I need some help here. It may seem pretty dumb but do you know anyone that knows anything about Ninja’s?”

"The Chief smiled “Yes not exactly a Ninja himself but and expert on what is supposed to be a secret. I will get in touch with her and see if I can set up a meeting.”

“Her Chief now that’s interesting.” Katy then kissed the Chief and headed home. She was ready for a bit of relaxation and baby time herself. Some how Katy had the feeling this case had hardly begun to get tough.

Chapter 5

The next day was Friday and Katy honestly tried to relax. Just the same she found herself going over and over the files. Millie came with in a millisecond of spanking her to get her to stop and take a nap.

Even with a warm bottle it took a while to get Katy to sleep. Everything in the files had to do with what the Assassin had done all over the world. Not one word gave a hint to his identity or nationality. It seemed he never spoke to his victims. When you added in the black pajamas and the mask he was pretty much invisible.

Katy got up from her nap and went right back to work. That was when Millie told Katy she had a phone call.


“Hi Katy its Ron”

“Yeah Ron what do you have for me?”

“Hey wait a minute you gave me the weekend off. I was just calling to see if you would have dinner with me?”

“You mean like a date Ron?”

“Yeah of course I am certainly not asking you out to talk business.”

“Well Ron I am not so sure that’s a good idea. After all you do work for me, besides I have a lot of work to do.”

“Katy dammit , you need to take a break and rest too. I am just a friend asking you to dinner. What do you think I am going to try and jump your bones?”

“Of course not Ron, hey you got something against my bones?”

“No Katy not at all, but I am a professional, besides you might try and kick my ass again.”

“Hang on a minute then, I need to check something.”

Katy ran through the apartment like and excited two years old. “Milllliieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Millieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

“Calm down baby what’s wrong?”

“I got Ron on the phone and he wants to take me to dinner like a date? What should I say?”

“What ever you want to say Katy, it’s not for me to decide who you date.”

“Ok let’s say I go what about curfew Millie I need to know now?”

“I think your curfew should be appropriate to your age. Which means there is not one. Just go love and have a good time.”

So much thought Katy for Millie bailing me out of this situation.

“Ron uhhhhhhhhhh I guess ok what time please?”

“Well Katy I wish you would not sound so excited, lets say I pick you up at seven.”

They said there goodbyes and Katy spent the next four hours getting ready. Honestly she had just finished when the doorbell rang. Katy was dressed in a cute red cocktail dress and red high-heeled shoes. Millie had helped her with her make up and hair and of course double diapered her, covering the diaper in red plastic panties.

Katy of course had a spare diaper in her purse but was hoping not to need a change before she got home. Katy walked slowly to the door it was the best she could do in her heels.

“Hi Ron nice to see you, come on in.”

Katy was shocked to see Ron holding roses.

“Uhhhh Ron are those for me?”

Ron finally recovered from his trance. “Oh uhhhhh oh yeah I mean sure of course dammit Katy your so incredibly beautiful I can not even think.”

Katy grinned and took the roses from him. "Ron this is Millie she sort of takes care of me Millie say hi to Ron.

After the two were properly introduced. Katy handed the roses to Millie and asked her to put them in water.

“Well Ron should we get going?”

“Oh yeah uhhhhhh nice to meet you Ms Millie I promise to have Katy home early.”

“Just have her home when you run out of fun things to do, but not too much fun ok?”

Ron grinned and reached out and took Katy’s hand.

Katy was stunned when Ron took her to the nicest restaurant in down town Chicago.

Katy had prime rib and all the trimmings. While Ron had the biggest steak the restaurant offered.

They made chit chat when Katy tried to bring up the case Ron hushed her. “Katy take the night off.”

After dinner he took her by cab to a local nightspot. Soon he had her on the dance floor. Katy was weary of what might happen but he was a perfect gentleman. Actually Katy was having the time of her life.
About midnight Ron suggested that they leave. Katy was more than a bit grateful her diaper was sagging to her knees. I was no help that she had had several glasses of white whine.

When they left the club and entered the cool night air. The only thing Katy was thinking about was how incredible Ron was and how attracted she was too him. Katy had dated guys before but never had she had these feelings. At least not for a guy.

Suddenly the cool air got too her along with the wine and Katy found herself getting sick by the curb. When she had rid herself of her dinner.

She looked at Ron. “Ron I am so sorry maybe you should take me home?”

“Katy what you need is more fresh air. Lets take a carriage ride in the park?”

Katy knowing her diaper was soaked wanted to say no she even tried to say no. But she simply could only say one thing.

“Sounds great Ron.”

By the time they got in the Carriage it started to rain lightly. The driver put the top up. The first thing Katy noticed was she could no longer see him.

As the Carriage started to move Ron snuggled close to her. Katy was feeling fine now but her heart was going a mile a minute. Then Ron whispered to her.

“Katy I know you have to be soaked, yeah I know about your diapers. If you have a spare I would be glad to change you. Hey I have two baby sisters its no big deal.”

Once again Katy tried to mouth the word no. But looking into Ron’s beautiful eyes the only thing she could do was point at her purse.

Before she knew what was happening Ron had her lying on the carriage seat and had her panties at her ankles. He removed the soaked double diaper she was wearing and tossed them out of the carriage into a wastebasket they were passing in the park.

He then gently and thoroughly cleaned her diaper area with a wipe. He slid the fresh diaper under her and after taping it shut pulled up her plastic panties.

Ron then helped Katy up to a sitting position.
Katy reacted by wrapping her arms around him and kissing him with all her pent up passion. They snuggled and kissed for the rest of the carriage ride. Never once did Ron try a thing out of line.

When the ride was over Ron called a cab, as Katy held tight to his hand. They made out in the cab all the way to Katy’s apartment. Ron paid the cab and sent it on its way. Before walking Katy to the door.

As he kissed her goodnight he pulled away.

“Anyone asked you from now on your Ron’s girl.”

Katy giggled,“Yeah well that makes you Katy’s guy and don’t you forget it either.”

They kissed for another ten or fifteen minutes, honestly Ron had to send her in the house.

“I will call you tomorrow Hun we will do something ok.”

“Anything you say Ron (giggles) at least away from the office.”

Katy then finally walked into her apartment. She found Millie sleeping in the living room.
She woke just as Katy entered. “Hey little girl what time is it?”

“I have no idea Millie but I do know that I am in love.”

“Well baby that will have to wait till tomorrow for now your little butt needs to be in bed.”

Millie picked Katy up and carried her to the nursery. Katy was sound asleep before her diaper was even changed. Millie was grateful that Katy had changed her original diaper. Then again she wondered. She was also happy that Katy had found someone. She tucked the sleeping girl in her crib and gave Katy her pacifier.

Chapter 6

Katy had slept in the next morning until after nine o’clock. She then made herself get up to try and do some work. The bottom line was she was hung over and cranky from a lack of rest. One thing led to another and Katy snapped and cursed at Millie.

Katy stood in the corner her nose to the wall. She had finished crying. Actually she was just rubbing her butt and rehearsing her apology to Millie. That and waiting for corner time to be over.

Just then Katy heard the doorbell ring. She turned to see Millie going to answer the door. Katy gave Millie a pathetic look and Millie motioned for her to go to her room. Katy scrambled into her bedroom not wanting anyone too see her like this.

“Hi Ron what brings you over this morning?”

“Uhhhhh Hi Ms Millie uhhhhh is Katy home?”

“Sure have a seat I will get her for you.”

Millie went to the bedroom and quickly diapered Katy. “Millie I am sorry I was naughty please am I grounded?”

"No baby but I do not want you doing anymore drinking. "

“You never have to worry about that again Millie.”
Millie helped Katy off the changing table.
“You want some shorts honey?”

“Nope he has seen my diapers Millie. He changed me last night and was a perfect gentleman.”

Millie smiled.

Katy then walked into the living room wearing only a diaper and a Lil Mermaid t-shirt.

“Hi Ron what’s up?”

Ron smiled and Katy went straight to him and kissed him.

“I made some plans for today I forgot about I thought maybe you would join me.”

“Sure what will we be doing?”
Ron took Katy by the hand and led her to the window. There was a trailer behind his SUV and two four wheelers sat in it.

“Wow Ron that looks like fun.”

Just then Millie came up and looked out the window.

“Ron I don’t want to hear of Katy riding one of those things without a helmet.”

“No problem Ms Millie I have helmets for both of us. There is one thing though. We will be going to a rally about forty miles from here. I don’t plan on coming back until tomorrow night. We will be camping out.”

Katy looked at Millie her eyes simply pleading.

“That’s fine Ron, but one thing you will be in charge of Katy and her diapers. You had better not bring my girl back to me with a rash. Katy Hun I expect you to mind Ron. Ron you put her over your knee if she does not. I don’t want her getting crazy while riding one of those things. Or misbehaving period.”

Ron blushed at the thought of spanking Katy. But both he and Katy said yes Ma’am in unison.

“Ok Katy lets get you packed and dressed then.”

Forty-five minutes later Ron and Katy were on the road. Katy had blushed a bit when Millie handed Ron her pink diaper bag and teddy bear.

Ron thought it was cute that Millie had pinned a pacifier to her denim short alls. Ron was driving along Katy was sucking her paci and watching the road.

“We need to make a stop about ten miles up the road Katy”

“What for sweetie?”

“I need to get you some coveralls and boots. I also want to make sure your helmet fits. To be honest the four wheeler and helmet I have for you belonged to my ex fiancé.”

“Oh so I have some competition?”

“Not really Hun she got married a couple of weeks ago. Actually she eloped it seem the guy she dumped me for knocked her up. It’s a long story. Emi had a thing for danger. She cheated on me with this longhaired biker dude. I caught them and told her it was over. But it was my lucky day Barney bad ass got in my face.”

Katy giggled she figured one bike dude got the shit kicked out of him.

They ended up stopping at the sporting goods place. Katy bought three sets of cute coveralls. A helmet boots and goggles. Ron then had her lay down in the back seat of his SUV as he unsnapped her short alls and checked her diaper. Finding it wet he smiled at her and changed it.

It was about two o’clock and Katy was sound asleep in the passenger seat when they arrived. Katy woke up and could not believe her eyes.

There were motor homes everywhere. Then in another area there was like a little tent city. Ron drove towards it.

He told Katy to stay in the SUV like one might a small child. Katy did as she was told. Not wanting to find out if Ron would indeed spank her for not minding.

When Ron returned he was smiling. “We might as well leave the car right here Hun. Our tent is just about twenty feet from here.” It seemed Ron had rented a tent. Along with the tent he got electricity a small fridge and a Weber grill.

Behind the tent was a shower with hot and cold water and a bathroom. That Katy and Ron would share with two other tents. They unpacked everything and put the food and stuff away.

Ron had brought plenty of everything.

“Katy can you cook?”

“I can’t even boil water man of mine. Some catch you got huh.”

“Well I guess that’s a small sacrifice. I get the prettiest girl in the state. Who can also probably whip everyman here, and I know can out shoot them. I think I don’t mind she can’t cook.”

Soon Katy coerced Ron to show her the rest of the four-wheeler park. Ron checked her diaper and finding it wet changed her before they took a walk around.
Katy loved Ron changing her he was so gentle. He then took her by the hand and they went looking around.

Katy was surprised this place had everything. A restaurant and gift shop. They even had a gas station. There were three tracks to run the four wheelers on.

Katy guessed there must be a thousand people milling about.

“Ron this looks like a pretty big deal, what’s the occasion?”

"Well its always crowded here this time of year. But tomorrow is race day. They have Men’s Open and Senior division races. Women’s and junior division.

Then at the end of the day. All the winners race in a handicap race."

“How do you handicap a race?”

“Well they let the women out first then the juniors then the seniors then the Open winner. Then they race to the finish. Each race is always ten laps. They use the expert track. For the races.”
“Well then we better get going and practice. I got a couple races to win.”

“Who said you were racing I intend to teach you how to drive but I mainly brought you to cheer me on. This year I am taking it all.”

“Sure Honey all you have to do is beat me.”

They made there way back to the tent. Fixed them a sandwich. Then got dressed for riding. The tracks were always muddy. Which is why they needed the boots and coveralls.

Once they got the four wheelers unloaded. Ron went about showing Katy everything. Giving her not only a course in riding but safety as well.

He only turned his back for a second.

Katy fired up the four-wheeler and was off in a flash.

Ron looked up to see Katy riding on just two wheels as she popped a wheelie. She then sat it down spun it around and drove it full throttle back to Ron’s feet.

“Gee honey this seems easy enough. You ever going to start yours?”
“Where the heck did you learn how to ride?”

Katy giggled. "I got two of these back home in Hawaii we used to race them on the beach, and over the sand dunes. Now lets go I plan to spend the afternoon kicking your big butt. Katy then took off headed straight for the expert track.

Ron hopped on his four-wheeler and took off after her.

Chapter 7

Katy stood in the corner of the tent sniffling and dancing from foot to foot. She rubbed her bottom vigorously, and asks herself one question. When was she going to learn to mind?

Ron was riding the second four-wheeler back to his campsite. He felt bad having spanked Katy but did not see that she gave him a choice. He had told her over and over to slow down and be more careful.

Finally he had just grabbed her by the hand and walked her back to the tent. She seemed to know what was coming, and pleaded the whole way back for a second chance. It was too late Ron was a bit angry and needed to teach Katy a lesson.

After he had spanked the girl and put her in the corner of the tent. Ron had simply set about getting his four wheelers. He rode up to the camp and parked the second one. He then got the hose and began rinsing the mud off of it.

Katy had been in the corner for a while now. She was done crying and working over in her mind her apology. Katy felt that if her apology was sincere enough maybe Ron would change his mind about her being grounded and not being allowed in the race tomorrow.

Just then she heard Ron enter the tent. But did not dare take her head out of the corner.

“Katy you can come out of the corner now.”

Katy turned to face him, trying hard to remember the speech she had been rehearsing. She could tell by the look on Ron’s face he was still not happy. Suddenly Katy was scared she was about to get dumped.

“Ron Katy’s sorry she was naughty and understands why she had to be spanked please forgive me?”

Ron walked to Katy and smiled he then gave her a big hug and a kiss.

“I do not understand you Katy Matthews but I love you. When you get in a childish mode you think and act just like a child. At other times you can be so adult. I love the child and the adult but when you behave like a child you leave me no choice but to punish you like one.”
Katy held up her arms she wanted Ron to pick her up. He did exactly that and sat her on his hip.

“When Katy is naughty she expects to be punished there is just one thing you need to remember?”

“What’s that baby girl?”

“It is cruel and unusual punishment to put Katy in the corner without her pacifier.” Katy giggled and Ron smiled.

“I will remember the next time honey. Now we need a shower are you and adult now or do you need some help with your shower?”

“Me just a baby me no can take a shower by myself.”

Ron smiled he then removed the rest of Katy’s clothes and then his own. Quickly wrapping himself in a towel and then doing the same for Katy.

“Wait I need shampoo and rinse and some soap?”

Duh thought Ron so did he. The thought of washing Katy’s naked body was confusing him.

Soon they made there way to the shower out back.

Ron locked the door and then Katy took off her towel and hung it on a hook. Even though he had changed her several times. Seeing Katy’s fit beautiful body all at once took Ron’s breath away.

“You going to shower with that towel on Ron. Come on give a girl a peak?”

Ron took the towel off slowly and hung it up. Soon they found themselves standing under the shower. Katy looked down at Ron’s manhood it looked as if it might burst.

Ron trying to keep his mind off that began shampooing Katy’s hair. Katy reached out and grabbed Ron’s organ.

“Look honey I found a new bath toy.”

Feeling Katy’s hand Ron thought he might pass out. He then pushed it away and went back to her hair.

Just the same there was no stoppi