Ornaments (Last chapter posted 11/29)

So it happened. Old WBD actually wrote a Christmas story. And even though it’s finished, he’s going to be all Grinchy and give it to you in serial form. Merry Christmas, amirite? :wink:



Gina blushed as they walked toward the entrance of the mall, clutching Daddy’s arm tightly. She couldn’t believe she’d let him talk her into this. Under her heavy overcoat, under the long skirt she wore, was one of the Tranquility ATN’s he’d been putting on her at home during the day on occasion, what he referred playfully to as her “little-girl panties”. At home, they made her feel little, playful, and very affectionate toward Daddy, much the same way the much thicker Drynite 24/7’s made her feel at bedtime. She’d even gotten somewhat used to wetting them, though she was very fussy about being changed immediately after.

But here, now, in spite of all the layers of clothes, Gina could hear the rustle. And she was quite certain everyone in the mall would be able to hear it too. But Daddy said they needed to go shopping for an ornament, something to celebrate their first Christmas together, and he hadn’t given Gina any time to think about what she was wearing before he helped her put her overcoat on and whisked her out the door. By the time it sank in what was happening, it was much too late to protest. Daddy was very strict about Gina wearing panties of some sort at all time. It was a bad habit she used to have before she met him, going commando, and during the week, when they were apart, she had to send Daddy a picture of her in the panties she chose each day before going to “school”, and then show him that she still had them on when they video chatted in the evening. She actually enjoyed those little show-and-tell moments, and she suspected Daddy did as well.

A cold gust of wind bit their cheeks, and they quickened their pace. It was such a relief when they passed through the air curtain and into the warmth of the food court. “So, where shall we start our search?” Daddy asked.

“Um…” Gina was trying not to fixate on her underwear, but it wasn’t working very well.

“How about Justice?” His sly smile gave away his real intent there. There was only one reason ever to go to Justice, and that was to add to Gina’s growing collection of very little-girly hair accessories, barrettes, headbands, and other oddities that just made the 42-year-old look that much more like a 3-year-old when she looked in the mirror after Daddy dressed her on the weekends. Not that Gina didn’t enjoy the heck out of it. She loved feeling little, and looking the part just pulled her that much deeper into her little-space.

“Daddy, there’s no ornaments in there!” It was a distraction, and it was helping. She had to give him that.

“There aren’t? Well where do you think we could find some?”

“Macy’s has a whole Christmas section, Daddy!”

“Ah yes, I seem to recall it right near the little girl’s section. Perhaps we can find you something pretty to wear while we’re there?”

“Daddy! We’re supposed to be shopping for ornaments, not baby clothes!” Being five feet tall and very slender made for constant awkward moments whenever they were near girls’ clothes, since she could easily fit a girls’ 14, and routinely wore girls’ size 12 jeans because of how tiny her ass was.

“Well then by all means, let’s go shopping!” Daddy playfully swatted her on the bottom, redirecting her attention right back to the thick padding hidden underneath those clothes. No girls’ size 12 jeans were fitting over her current underwear, that was for certain. She blushed deeply as they began to make their way through the crowds, his hand on the small of her back.

They didn’t go straight to Macy’s, though. They wound up stopping at Justice, where she found the absolute cutest little headband with a cluster of pink flowers over the top. And they stopped at Hallmark, to look at their little ornament offerings. There were lots of adorable ones there, and she would have bought them all just because they were so cute, but nothing really said “Daddy and babygirl,” especially not for this, their first Christmas together. They stopped at Bath and Body Works too, just because she loved smelling all the smells, not to mention watching Daddy cringe at all the smells. Lobbying for a rather expensive gift pack got her what she really wanted, which was a bottle of “Sea Foam Cotton” scented body wash she’d been lusting after for weeks.

Then the inevitable happened. She had to pee. She was sure this little shopping trip would be done and over before she had to face this. The worst part was, her body almost betrayed her right away, as relaxed as she’d become wearing diapers and wetting them over those few months. But she couldn’t do that, not here! People would see! They’d know she was peeing herself! Everyone would know! And what if it leaked?! She’d be mortified! Everyone in the mall would laugh at her, with pee in her socks! She froze stock-still right at the entrance to Macy’s, feeling the heat fill her face, and her knees buckled in not very subtle fashion.

“What’s wrong, princess?” Daddy whispered.

“I gotta go pee, Daddy!” she whispered back, her voice trembling.

“So what’s stopping you?”

“I don’t wanna do it here! Everyone will see!”

“Everyone will see right through your overcoat and under your dress and watch you pee in your pampers?”

“No, they’ll see my potty-face, and they’ll know what I’m doing!”

“And you really think all these people are going to stop and pay attention to you instead of worrying about what they’re here to do, which is go Christmas shopping? Close enough attention to recognize that someone they’ve never met looks like she might be going tinkle in the middle of the store instead of the bathroom?”

“No, but…”

“But you’re just being silly, then. Come on, let’s go find a pretty ornament for the tree.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him in a side hug, kissing her forehead.

And that was that. Daddy had issued the verdict, and she knew making a scene would be far more humiliating here and now, not to mention painful later over Daddy’s knee, than what was about to happen. They moved through the store, him setting a brisk pace that forced her to abandon any attempt to clench. Within minutes she was leaking, and the heat rose up into her face as she stared at the escalator stairs in front of her. They stepped on, and she finished her business, the swollen warm mass between her legs simultaneously comforting and teasing her. She wanted a change. Even at home, she hated sitting in a wet diaper very long. Didn’t matter how meticulous Daddy was about putting cream and powder down there to make her feel dry, that was still her pee, and it was still wrapped around her waist, and she wanted out of it. But a change now would mean trudging all the way back out to the truck in this cold weather, not to mention the mortal fear of some passerby catching a glimpse while Daddy changed her in the back of the truck. And there was no way Daddy was going to just let her take it off and dispose of it in the ladies’ room. Little girls needed to be wearing panties, that’s all there was to it.

And then she saw it. There, hanging on the fake tree set up in the Christmas department, she saw it. The most perfect ornament for their first Christmas together. She reached out and picked it up by the string. “Oh Daddy. It’s perfect…” Wet diaper was forgotten. Shame and embarrassment was forgotten. The crowd was forgotten. All else ceased to exist but her, and Daddy, and the perfect little ornament.

He smiled broadly and pulled her close to him. “It’s adorable. Just like you, babygirl. A perfect ornament for our first Christmas tree together. Good girl!”

Her toes curled involuntarily, and pleasant little electric shocks shuddered up and down her spine, as they always did when he said those two words…

Gina smiles as she hangs it on the tree, right at eye level, right in the front, right where it belongs. Their very first Christmas together, commemorated with a little girl, head full of blonde curls, snuggled up in a red blanket with white fur trim at the base of a beautiful Christmas tree. “Baby girl’s first Christmas,” it read on the placard below. She takes a long look at it, and a sigh escapes her lips. She reaches back down into the box…

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Sweet. Can’t wait for more developments.

Well, ask and ye shall receive!


Gina could barely breathe getting out of the car at the Magic Kingdom parking lot, blushing as red as the little red roses on her cosplay pink Cinderella dress she’d made specifically for this trip. It seemed like such a fun idea when Daddy encouraged her to put her sewing skills to work for the vacation they’d saved up for three months to take, celebrating their 10th anniversary together, but stepping out of that car, she’d never felt so self-conscious.

Now, hours later, after getting nothing but congratulations and smiles from passers-by instead of the strange looks she was expecting on this perfect fall day in Orlando, she felt completely comfortable, happy, and very, very little, standing in the express pass line at Under The Sea. The fit-and-flare waist was a perfect choice, completely hiding the bulge of her very thick diaper, slightly heavier now after her morning coffee found its way through her system over the last several hours. She chuckled as they stepped into the teacup, amused at how panicky and anxious she once was, so many years ago, about wearing diapers in public with Daddy. Now, it was just as natural as wearing panties, except no need for potty breaks. And in a place like Magic Kingdom, with so much to do and so seemingly little time to do it, not having to stop to go potty was an absolute joy.

She sighed contentedly as his arm wrapped around her shoulder. Their eyes met, and she nestled into his chest, his huge grin matching her own. “Are you having fun, Daddy?”

“Daddy’s having fun watching how much fun his little princess is having.” The ride began to move, and soon they were floating through a silly mixture of animated critters and video clips as snips of all her favorite songs from The Little Mermaid drifted through the air. Another sigh as little trickle slipped into her diaper, warming up the padding around her. Daddy had insisted on packing only her very thick night-time diapers for the trip, and Gina was grateful knowing that there would be no chance of a leak between now and lunchtime, or between lunch and supper. They’d already scoped out the family restrooms at the park, so privacy was a non-issue, and while the security guard who searched Daddy’s knapsack raised an eyebrow at her changing supplies, he said nothing as he let them through the gate this morning. Quietly, Gina was relieved Daddy had chosen the plain white Confidry 24/7’s instead of her Rearz Princess diapers to pack for changes at the park, even though the diaper she had on under her long dress was very pink and very princess.

After Ariel’s Grotto came the Mine Train and Peter Pan’s Flight and It’s a Small World and the Haunted Mansion, stopping off at Sleepy Hollow Tavern for a snack. She was glad to have a change by then, her diaper having become very heavy and very clammy by that point. On their way through, she saw a few little girls pouring out of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, all done up in their sparkly outfits, and she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy. Tiny though she was, the park was very strict, no one over 12 could get a princess makeover.

Arms wrapped around her from the back. “My princess is just as adorable as they are. And her dress is much prettier!”

Her toes curled again at Daddy’s low, soft voice in her ear. “Thank you, Daddy.” She nuzzled his chest, and they went on through the park. Every ride was ridden, from Thunder Mountain to the Flying Elephants to Space Mountain, and it was a very tired Daddy and Gina that made their way back down Main Street toward the exit. It was only then that Gina began to realize, Daddy wasn’t just tired, he was hurting. Despite his best efforts to mask it, Daddy was in pain, limping slightly. His back must have finally been set off from all the walking. Gina had seen this before, and she cursed herself for not giving him more opportunities to rest and relax. His breathing sounded ragged too. That was something completely new, and it worried her.

“Daddy, are you alright? Do you need to sit down? Should I get a cart for you?” There were electric carts available at the Town Hall.

“I’m okay, babygirl. But yes, I think sitting for a few minutes would be good.” He coughed, clearing his throat a bit, and they sat on a nearby bench.

“I’m sorry, Daddy, I didn’t mean to rush you around so much!”

He put his arm around her. “Princess, you were a good girl today, you have nothing to be sorry about. I wanted my baby to do all the fun things there were to do here. Tomorrow we’ll have a rest day, and then we’ll do Epcot on Wednesday. As long as we take breaks, Daddy will be fine.” As if for emphasis, he coughed again, letting out a subtle wheeze.

After a few minutes of people-watching, they did indeed head for the exit, but not before a quick stop in Crystal Arts at Daddy’s insistence. “My princess still needs her tiara, doesn’t she?”

“But Daddy, your back”

“No buts. Daddy’s fine. Let’s go find a pretty tiara for the prettiest princess in the park.”

Gina did want a tiara, but much more than that she wanted Daddy to feel better. Still, she relented, and they went into the gift shop. What caught her eye when she entered was not the crystal tiaras in the center showcase, but something under the glass at the counter.

“Oh Daddy! Look! It’s perfect!” Gina gasped as she pointed.

“My Cinderella found her glass slipper, didn’t she?” Indeed she had, a beautiful, delicately blown glass slipper ornament, perfect in every detail. A perfect commemoration of their vacation, and the perfect addition to their little collection of “together” decorations for their tree…

She hangs it delicately, a few inches off to the side of the boy pushing the girl on the rope swing, just above the gold-plated diaper pin, then steps back to admire her work. “Perfect!”

The familiar lump begins to form in Gina’s throat, and she fights it back. “No crying! It’s Christmas! It’s time to be happy and celebrate!” She takes a deep breath, exhales, and turns her attention back to the box…

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Well this is very sweet and not at all dark and foreboding.

Like the sighing and toe curling. Gina’s intimate knowledge of diaper brands seems a bit out of character. Does a 3yo know they’re wearing Pampers Simply Dry Size 6’s? Seems like they’d call them something else.

Wonder what’s in the box?

Of course, you don’t think I’d write a dark and foreboding Christmas story, do you? What kind of monster do you take me for? :smiley:

Gina’s intimate knowledge of diaper brands seems a bit out of character.

Well, remember, these were snippets in time - one was the first year they were together, the next was 10 years later. One becomes quite well-versed in diaper brands when one has been wearing them fairly consistently for 10 years.

Wonder what’s in the box?

I’ll let you try and suss it out yourself, as the answer is in her actions relating to the box, but the last chapter will certainly answer this question authoritatively. :wink:


Gina’s heart soared as she and Daddy walked carefully together toward the front door. She was more than happy to let him lean on her as he took his wobbly steps next to her sure ones, his breathing in the chill December air wheezy and uneven. Daddy was sick, of that there was no doubt, but he was well enough to come home tonight. That’s all that mattered. Home in time for Christmas. A month ago, when they were riding in the ambulance together, his oxygen saturation dangerously low and his pulse weak and faint, Gina wasn’t sure if he was coming home at all, and the fact that they were making their way up the walk now was a joy beyond all joys for Gina.

Sixteen Christmases Gina and Daddy had spent together. They were both gray now, the age showing in the lines on their faces, but he was still Daddy, and she was still his little girl. Being little was harder now, though, since Daddy had gotten sick. She couldn’t just let go and be little and let Daddy take care of things when he needed her help with so much lately. Not that she didn’t have her own old-age troubles. She was more than a little scared when she started having real accidents, frequently enough to where she no longer trusted herself without at least a pad in her panties. The doctor explained her prolapsed bladder, and offered her some sort of surgery and hormone treatments. Gina had heard stories about women who took estrogen after menopause and wound up with cancer, and she turned him down flat. Diapers had been a part of her life for so long now, the idea that she actually needed them now was somewhat of a welcome, in a way.

Gina opened the front door and locked her arm around Daddy’s waist as he shuffled in next to her. “Look, Daddy! I decorated the tree yesterday, when the doctors said you could come home! Do you like it, Daddy? Did I do good?” She waved toward the tree.

Daddy smiled and cleared his throat. “Yes, babygirl, you did a very good job. It’s a lovely sight to come home to.” He squeezed her shoulder. “Good girl!” He stopped for a moment, and his smile faded.

“What’s wrong, Daddy?” Gina was unnerved by his change in demeanor as she helped him to his favorite rocker.

“Come here, Princess.” He motioned toward his lap. Gina gingerly sat down between his legs, the hem of her dress riding up behind her, and he wrapped his arms around her, patting her bottom softly. The familiar sound of hollow plastic rang in her ears, and she nuzzled his chest, squirming and rustling contentedly in his embrace. Wearing one of her Princess diapers under her dress to come pick him up was definitely the right choice today, and she was glad she made it. She probably could use a change, but it wasn’t urgent; this was a moment to savor.

“Nothing’s wrong with the tree, baby. Daddy’s just a little sad because we didn’t get a chance to find an ornament this year, that’s all. It’s still a beautiful tree, and Daddy is just happy to be home to enjoy it with his beautiful babygirl in time for Christmas.”

In all that had gone on since Thanksgiving, the thought of an ornament hadn’t even crossed Gina’s mind, not even as she hurriedly decorated the tree last night. “Oh, Daddy, I didn’t even think about an ornament. I’m just so glad I have my Daddy back! I love you!”

“I love you too, princess.” Daddy squeezed her tight, and Gina could feel a slight tremble in his embrace. Clearly Daddy was still weak from all the treatments. He released, then grasped one of her hands. She grabbed on with both of hers, and then she saw it. Her eyes lit up as she touched his wrist.

“Oh, Daddy, we already have the perfect ornament for this Christmas!” Gina jumped up as Daddy’s face turned to surprise. She dashed to the kitchen and rummaged through a drawer and found the ornament hooks, then grabbed a pair of shears on the way back through, grinning ear to ear.

“What are you doing, princess?!” Daddy called out, laughing.

Gina laughed as well as she ran back to his chair and picked up his hand. “Hold still, Daddy!” She snipped the plastic bracelet just short of one of the available holes.

“My hospital bracelet?!” Daddy laughed heartily, then coughed a bit.

“Santa gave me my Daddy home for Christmas! What better way to celebrate it?” She poked the ornament hook through the hole and cinched it tight, then faced the tree.

Gina’s eyes grow misty as she hangs the plastic bracelet on the tree, Daddy’s vitals imprinted on the side, just off to the left of the little gold paci. It was indeed a wonderful Christmas, having him back home again just in time to celebrate their sixteenth Christmas together. It’s a comforting memory, and Gina hugs herself just a bit after she stands back from the tree. “The best Christmas with Daddy ever,” she whispers as she admires it and all the other beautiful memories on her tree.

The box is nearly empty now, the ritual nearly complete. Gina’s bottom lip trembles as she reaches back in one more time…

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The end seems clear now, in a Greek tragic play kinda way. I’m still wondering what specifically is in the box. Hopefully it can live up to the billing.

I have some thoughts on Gina that I’ll leave for the final chapter, once it all plays out.

Well, I think you’re going to be disappointed by what is in the box. Or at least you’ll have a headslap moment when you realize what was in there. I’ll be interested to hear those thoughts.

BTW - here’s the final chapter. 4

The morning started out wonderful, and the day had only gotten better with each passing moment. After all those very bad days for Daddy over November and December, and another bad stretch in February, he was having a good day today. Good days were rare anymore, so they were treasured that much more when they happened, and Gina and Daddy made sure they enjoyed them to their fullest. These days, thanks to her bladder troubles, Gina was wearing some sort of protection all the time, and Daddy having a good day meant a little-girl day for Gina, which meant thick diapers and a pretty dress over them on such a warm spring day as this. Letting Daddy worry about her tinkles, with all the intimacy of careful diaper changes that came along with it, made Gina feel so very little, which was a wonderful respite from worrying about Daddy’s health all the time. In those moments, Daddy being sick was forgotten,

Daddy had decreed a junking day, which was also a very special treat. They wandered off into the countryside, stopping at every oddball-looking secondhand shop and antique store along the way, making sure to take rest breaks when needed. They found some neat little treasures so far, a beautiful ceramic music box, a beautiful Satsuma vase, and a lovely antique brooch of brightly colored flowers and sparkly gems. All were protected in the back of their van, wrapped in blankets and tucked into one of the storage bins fixed to the side wall. Daddy bought the work van years ago. It was a way to ensure privacy for Gina after so much difficulty finding private places to change her diapers when they were out and about, and once Gina actually started needing protection on a routine basis, it became a place of respite, comfort even.

Gina was very comfortable as they entered this shop, Daddy having changed her a mere twenty minutes before, and though he wouldn’t say anything, Gina knew by Daddy’s movements and his breathing that this would probably be their last stop before heading home. The subtle rustle under her dress, the sound which once gave her so much anxiety in public places, now gave the gray-haired babygirl quiet joy. She and Daddy wandered through the little shop together, chuckling at silly things they’d seen a million times in a million other shops together, and marveling at some of the oddities that were unique to this one.

It seemed so strange, really, when it happened. Surreal, almost. She and Daddy usually started looking for their annual ornament in late summer and early fall at the earliest. Many years they’d had to rush around in November trying to find that special something before it was time to put the tree up on the first weekend of December, as they did every year. But here it was, March, and here they were on a completely unplanned trip, and here it was. As though the perfect ornament had found them. They looked deep into each other’s eyes and smiled together, both knowing. It was perfect…

Gina smiles wistfully as she places the old bearded man holding his tiny granddaughter high above his head into the perfect spot on the tree, just to the right of the sleeping baby, above the boy and girl snowmen holding hands. “It was perfect, Daddy.”

She steps back to admire her handiwork. Seventeen beautiful ornaments, sixteen Christmases with Daddy and, well… Her smile grows strained at that last thought, and her eyes well up as she looks out the window at the cloudless December evening sky. “Do you like it, Daddy? Did I do good?” she whispers, her voice beginning to falter.

Tears flow freely now as she sits in the rocker. So many nights she spent curled up in Daddy’s lap here, diapered and jammied and nursing her bottle, watching a movie together, or him reading her a story. She curls up, pulling her knees tight to her chest, and her princess pink diaper reveals itself from under her nightgown with a pronounced rustle. She gazes once more out the window.

“I miss you so much, Daddy…”

Good ending. It seemed a touch anticlimactic without the surprise I was expecting. I knew the box had anniversary ornaments, but with all the framing and dramatic trailing ellipses… I thought there’d be a special twist at the bottom of the box. Fooey.

About Gina, I sense a missed opportunity here. She’s a workable character but rings a bit one note. (Everything is lovely, wonderful, special, perfect…) The theme here seems to be how loving relationships evolve, but stay strong over time. In that vein, I liked how Daddy has to “sell” his role even as he loses the ability to actually take care of Gina. After years of having her pretend, now he is the one pretending. Because they love each other, they pretend together. That’s a big strength of this story.

But I think it would be even stronger if we saw more of Gina’s half of this equation. Somewhere among these years, she switched from little to de-jure-little, taking care of Daddy while pretending to be taken care of. We never get to listen to her stew over that. Struggle with that. I think of the transition as being gradual, awkward, disheartening, depressing, but ultimately touching. It would deepen her character to engage with that. I would have loved to feel it.

But enough on what’s not here. This was a sweet little love story, and not nearly so bleak as I feared. Good Christmas reading for a snowy night.

Which was all it was supposed to be.

I agree that there were opportunities to develop both of these characters, but this was a vignette, really, or a series of them, that I never intended to get into the details of “how”,just that the “what” would be enough.

I’m grateful that you were pulled in enough by the “what” that you cared about the “how”. :slight_smile:

I knew it, but I had to read it anyway.

What are the chances I’d get dust in my eyes right near the end?

Well done, though, as always. Very sweet.
Too sweet almost. In fact, if not for the ending, I’d have to ask where you put the real WBDaddy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I must confess, when I hatched the idea, I let out an evil little chuckle as I declared that “they’ll be crying in the aisles” - but I surprised myself, because even I teared up as I wrote those last two chapters. So the emotion was honest, even if the motivation behind it might have been somewhat nefarious…

Awh, this was so much sadder than I was expecting! D: Gosh, now I’m out of tissues!

I guess I should also say, now that I’ve had a little while to think about it, that I can’t really see this working any better were it fleshed out. (gonna have contradict donbiki on that)
These are moments out of their time together, not how they came together, or how they came into this interest; none of that, and each moment is tied to an ornament; even then, we only see a few of those.

More backstory would undoubtedly hurt the effect. And as far as Gina’s perspective, that’s all we have, is it not? All of these are her bittersweet memories, each one bubbling up as she grabs the next ornament. In this moment, she wouldn’t be reliving their entire history, and definitely not any of the times that were bad. No, she would only remember exactly what we saw, which is only the best and most memorable times she had with him.

Nope, I wouldn’t change a thing…
…except the formatting, which is all over the place. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is really sweet. Sad, but sweet. It’s also refreshing for a Christmas story- most of them (at least the ones I’ve come across/ have read/ seen on TV, etc) have happy-sappy life is all sunshine and lollipops endings. Which, being Christmas, is generally expected/ wanted. But having a Christmas story with not a happy ending is a nice change of pace, IMO.

Yeah, some copy-paste fails involved there.

Thank you. That’s kinda how I felt about it. Be sweet, but be real, was the thought process going in.

IT WAS a great story. Too bad that Gina hadn’t met another daddy or mommy after his death for her to continue on.
I enjoy ABDL stories but the ones that have violence or that are very dark,not so much. This story had its dark’s and lights a nice mix. I’m of the opinion that ABDL stories should be kept happy or neutral. The dark side is reserved for BAD stuff that happens in this world. This world is supposed to be happy and stress free unlike the REALITY OUTSIDE our dwelling places.

The last scene was intended to convey the very next Christmas, the one just after he died. It’d be a bit soon for her to just go find another Daddy, after 16 years with him, don’t you think?