Open Highway Reposted with extended 1st chapter

This is my first attempt to write since I was taking a couple collage classes about 12 years ago.
Please let me know how you all like it or not.

Open Highways
Written by: Trucker Mike

Chapter 1

Late one spring night Michael was headed down the Interstate 77 in North Carolina, he had to make a delivery the next night in Georgia. Therefore, he figured the next truck stop he would stop for the night and get a good night sleep. He pulled into the Wilcox-Hess truck stop just in to South Carolina. He pulled up to the fuel island and started to fill his truck up for the next days driving. After he finished he found a parking spot at the far end of the lot and put his curtain up across the windshield of his truck.

Michael owned a 2007 Kenworth W-9 tractor with a customized 165-inch sleeper. He treated his truck and trailer as if they were his own kids in a way. He was proud of what he had been able to purchase after a few hard year of work. He had et his sleeper area up with all the things he could ever need on the road, satellite TV and radio, a 32" flat screen TV, x-box 360 and surround sound system for entertainment. He had his computer with internet connection and had a small kitchenette set up with microwave, hot plate, coffee pot and fridge and a few miscellaneous items. The only time he need a truck stop was when he need fuel or a shower.

He then opened up his laptop and connected to the internet. After a few minutes, he had his e-mail account open and was checking his new messages. Michael had received a few emails about loads and other company business stuff in his main e-mail account. He also had a couple e-mails from his sister and his best friend from high school.

He opened the email from his best friend up. He had sent him some information about there 15-year class reunion and asked when he was going to becoming though the area again. He replied to his best friend and told him that he was going to try to head up that way in a few weeks. He had a load that was sending him out to the Las Vegas area and he was going to take a couple days off and try to hit a jackpot or two. Then he would try to find a load out that way. Michael hit the send button and checked the e-mail from his sister.

His little sister had just sent him some junk mails and a last e-mail asking him he was planning on coming though the area to see her anytime in the near future. She told him it had been almost 6 months since the last time she had seen his face. Michael typed a quick message to her, telling her that he would try to stop on his way back from Las Vegas but he was not sure, when it would be right now, it just depends on the loads. He told her to take care of herself and that he loved her.

After he finished the e-mail to his sister, he opened up his personal e-mail account and checked to see how had sent anything new to him there. He had a few junk mails and a couple replies to his topics at a forum he was member of. Then he went down the list and found an email that looked somewhat important.

A long time on-line friend, Angel-Eyes had sent him a message just a short time ago. He opened the e-mail up. She was asked him if he could turn on his messenger account tonight she need to talk to him about a small problem that she was having. He replied to her and told her he would turn it on and would be online for a little while to night or she could send him a text-message tomorrow and he would call her back then. He sent the message and then turned on his messenger account.

He then opened up his internet explorer, opened up the forums website, and waited for it to load up. After the website loaded, he checked on his the replies to a couple of his past topics. There were a few replies to a couple topics but nothing that need him to make a reply right away. Therefore, he opened up another website and waited for it to load up. About that time, his messenger buzzed letting him know that he had a message waiting for him.

He opened up the message it was from Angel-Eyes. She asked hi how he was doing tonight and where he was. He replied to her that he was doing ok and he was in S.C. on his way to Florida in the morning. She told him that she was going to open up her webcam page and told him to join her in a couple of minutes that way they could talk a little bit easier. He replied to her that he would get his stuff set up and join her in a few minutes he needed to close out a couple websites and he would be right there. Michael closed out the websites he had open and set up his webcam and mic for his laptop then he opened up the program so they could chat. He then waited for Angel-Eyes to send him a request to join her at her private webcam page. It took her about ten minutes and they were also set-up.

“Hey there Angel-Eyes how has it been going lately?” Michael asked.
“Not all that bad. Hey Michael just call me bay my real name please. It is just the two of us. In here right now.” she told him.
“Ok, Lynn no problem. So what is so important that you needed to talk about?” he asked her.
“Well I have ran into a small problem. As you know I got my CDL a few months ago. I was hoping that just maybe you could give me a job and teach me the rope on the road. In addition, my roommate let me know that he I moving out in two weeks and I have to move also since the place is in her name. So I like really need your help.” he explained to him.
“Lynn, I am not sure if I can help you out or not. I will have to check into it and if everything can be worked out. We can try it for a little while at first. You know the rules of my truck, since we have been friends for a long time. I know we get along and everything. Are you going to have a problem with my little rules?” he asked.
“I would never have a problem with your truck rules, that I a normal thing in life for us anyway. Are you going to have a problem with a female in your truck?” he asked.
“You should know that answer Lynn. I enjoy having you around. Beside it could be kind of fun. How about this come out on the truck at first as a rider till I get everything worked out with my company then you can start driving.” he told her.
“That sounds great to me.” he told him
“OK, then I will e-mail you and her is my cell number 1-555-555-1212. Give me a ring on Tuesday and I will let you know when I will be though to pick up up.” he told her.
“Ok, Michael. Talk to you then. Bye.” he told him
“Ok, take care and stay dry, not!!” he replied to her. Then they both closed there webcams down.
Michael shut his computer down and started to get ready for a nights sleep.
Once he had changed his clothes and brushed out his hair he laid down and feel to sleep with in about 30 minutes.

Michael woke up around 10 o’clock the next morning. He got his personal tuff ready and headed inside to take a quick shower and get some coffee. After about 45 minutes Michael was headed back out to his truck, he opened up his laptop, opened up his logbook program, and got it filled in for the day before and started for to day. He then got out of the truck and started to give everything a once over real quick. When he got to the trailer, he opened the side door up and stepped inside. He went though and doubled check all the cars inside to make sure they were tied down good still.

Michael enjoyed working for the transportation company he was with, most of the time he only had to haul one or two cars at a time. Except during the auction and show season then he would have to haul a few more sometimes. In addition, for such simple work he was paid a great rate. He figured if they could afford to pay as much as they did for the cars that they could afford to pay him a fair rate to haul them for them. In addition, the company aloud him to buy his own trailer so he could paint it to match his tractor, there only catch was he had to use it for company pondered stuff also. He also had the company partially sponsor his truck for the shows he went too. He also had two of there major builders they haul for sponsor his truck and trailer for shows, that way he could use there cars at shows also. He had to go to a few show with the truck and trailer for them also, but this was all part of the plan he had. He had enjoyed car shows and races since he was a kid and had found himself a way to be part of them now. Michael’s father had always told him he was too small to work on the cars with him when he was a child. Even as an adult people made comments about his size, Michael stood around 5’3" tall and weighed a little over 100 pounds. To Michael it seamed things were just fine the way they were. He had let his hair grow out over the past few years, his hair reached down about 6 inches below his shoulder blades. His hair was a light golden brown in color and had light green eyes that seemed to have a golden touch to them.

Once Michael had finished his walk around, he climbed back up in the truck and got ready to take off. He had set his GPS program and headed down the highway. About halfway down to Atlanta, his phone rang. Michael slipped his headset on and answered the phone call. It was his boss calling.

“Mr. Brunner, how are we doing this morning?” the person on the other end asked.
“Heading down the road, that’s about it. Why what’s up?” he asked.
“Just wondering what your plans were after you get unloaded this evening was all?” the person asked.
“Nothing really. I was hoping to get a load in the morning and I need to head by my friends place up in Texas for a day or two.” he explained.
"Well, I think we can work that out for you. I have a load coming out of Orlando headed out to Las Vegas if that sounds good to you. It picks up on Monday morning and does not have to be in Vegas until next weekend at the Convention Center. " the person answered.
“Sounds pretty good to me. Send me the info and I will check it out when I stop and will get back to you on it. Ok.” he replied.
“Ok, then talk to you in the morning. Drive safely.” The person replied and hung up.

Michael thought to him self that things seem to be working out just fine for Angel-Eyes to come out with him on the truck for a while. After she was on the truck, he would check into about her getting a job with the company as his co-driver. He figured that was the best way to work with them and his insurance company.
Around 4 o’clock, Michael pulled up into the Car shop he was delivering the three cars he had on. It took him about 2 hours to get the paper work and everything down after he unloaded the cars. Therefore, around 7 o’clock he was free to head down to the truck stop outside of Orlando, which was about 3 hours away.

A little after 10 o’clock that evening Michael pulled into the truck stop in Orlando. He found a parking spot and pulled in. Once he was parked, he fixed himself a little dinner and sat down to his computer. He worked on his business stuff for about 30 minutes and then opened up his e-mails and his favorite forum to see what had happen that day. The only new email in his business account was the dispatch info on the load Terry had called him about earlier. He replied to it quickly and told her he would be there to pick the load up. He then changed e-mail accounts to his personal one. There was not anything new in there so he closed his e-mail accounts down and checked out the forum for a few minutes. There had been a few new topics started so he posted replies to them. He also found a few new pic’s to post on the forum he thought the others might like to see, they were of him and his tractor at the last show he had competed in a few months back. He noticed that Angel-Eyes was on-line so he sent her a quick message to give him a call in the morning and he would have some good news for her then. Michael then went over to E-Bay to place a couple orders for things him and Lynn would need on the truck. He figured his supply would not last them both very long. He had the items shipped to her place so they would get them when he picked her up on Wednesday morning. He then closed out his computer and got his things ready for bed. He made a quick list of things to take care of in the morning and laid down for the night.

A few days later Michael had gotten loaded in Orlando and had hi-tailed it over to Houston to pick-up Lynn. He had called two days before and let her know that there would be three boxes arriving at her house before they left on Wednesday morning. He stopped at a truck stop about two blocks for her house. He picked up his cell phone and gave her a quick phone call.

“Hey there, Lynn. Are you ready to go?” he asked her when she answered the phone.
“Yea, your stuff just got her about 15 minutes ago. I have everything ready to go here.” she told him.
“Ok, then let me drop the trailer and I will be there in about 15 minutes or so. How much stuff are you planning on bring with you?” he asked her.
“I have two bags of clothes my laptop and a few odds and ends.” She told him.
“Ok, then. Once we are loaded up with your stuff we can get going and a little bit down the road we will stop and get everything settled in and get you all set up.” he told her.
“Ok, then see you when you get here.” she told him as she hung the phone up.

Michael disconnected the trailer and headed over to her place. He carefully pulled the truck in to the parking lot and parked in the back area to make it easier to get back out. About the time he got out of the truck, Lynn came out to meet him.

“Well are you ready to go yet?” he asked her.
“All ready. Got my stop moved out yesterday and the utilities are being turned of in the morning. All we have to do is load the last few things in the tractor.” she told him.
“Ok, then lets get everything down here and get it loaded up. We have to be in Las Vegas on Friday afternoon. Then we will be there for the weekend.” he told her.
“That sounds like fun. Let’s head up to the apartment and grab my stuff then.” she told him as she turned around and headed towards the apartment.

After about 20 minutes, they had all of her stuff loaded in the sleep and they were ready to go once the hooked back up to the trailer at the truck stop. Michael drove from there out to Just west of Phoenix that night. Then the parked for the night at the T/A truck stop. After they were parked, they sat back and relaxed for a few.

Open Highway Reposted with extended 1st chapter

You love your trucking, don’t you.

Open Highway Reposted with extended 1st chapter

the W-9000 is such a beautiful tractor. It sounds like your character has a good setup as well. Does he work for a van line (like Atlas)? I think if you included more about his job and what it requires it might be able to build some depth to his character.

Also, I noticed quite a few grammatical errors. A good practice to get into is to read over what you have written at least twice before you post it. This gives you a chance to catch things.

I look forward to more with this though.