Op. Lighthouse: Nexus (Ch.9 finally done)

Chapter 9: Thunder

As he dreamed, a growing noise gradually brought Aileron out of his slumber. Becoming conscious again, he quietly contemplated the sound, which was a high pitched whine that gradually was becoming louder. It took a few moments to register. It was a fighter engine, no, two. And they were big. The sound was relatively quiet as the twin engine fighter-bomber taxied out to the runway. A large, heavy plane like that would have to make a maximum effort take off, which meant that…

Oh no, Aileron thought, his eyes snapping wide open a split second before the aircraft in question ignited the 'burners. The following cacophony was akin to a persistent explosion, and it tore the peaceful silence of the night to shreds. As he feared, the sleeping Elise was jarred awake by the frighteningly loud crescendo. Not knowing where she was or what was happening, she immediately proceeded to freak out.

“Ahh!” she cried out loud, her whole body instinctively curling as she grabbed onto Aileron’s chest. In response, he immediately wrapped his arms around her, covering the back of her head with one hand.

“Elise, it’s okay, it’s just a fighter taking off,” he assured her while rubbing her back. Feeling his tight and comforting embrace, Elise began to calm down as the sound faded into the distance with the source. A moment later, the plane took off from the ground and immediately turned north and all was quiet again. Aileron sighed in relief, glad that it was over. However, no sooner than things had calmed down, he was suddenly startled by the unexpected feeling of something warm and wet spreading across his lap.

Uh oh, he thought, feeling his eyes go wide. Elise, in her terrified state, had apparently wet herself. Lying on her stomach atop Aileron as she was, her diaper couldn’t absorb everything quickly enough and it leaked. For a moment, Aileron was utterly lost, unsure of what to do. He remained completely still as the warmth soaked into his trousers and ran down between his legs, prompting a shudder.

Well that’s an interesting feeling, he inwardly thought, gulping at the new sensations.

Considering Elise’s shy nature, he figured she would probably be horribly embarrassed about such an accident, so he was quick to reassure her.

“Elise, it’s okay,” Aileron said in a much higher than normal voice. However, despite the situation, she so much as reply. In fact, her breathing had become slow and steady again; she was asleep.

“Elise?” Aileron asked again. No response. For a few moments, Aileron just laid quietly. The wetness was starting to cool, and it wasn’t comfortable at all. He carefully rolled Elise off of him, onto her back. He paused a moment, staring at her peaceful features in the low light. He then got up and clicked on the light, surveying the damage. It wasn’t too bad, really. Most of the escaped wetness had been absorbed by his pants and very little got to the bed. However, he knew that Elise, as well as himself, would need to be changed.

It was still rather cold. Aileron found the heater and cranked it to full blast. He waited a moment for the warmer air to circulate from the old and rattling heater, then got right to work. Elise was deep asleep, and he didn’t really want to wake her up. Despite that, he decided to go ahead and change her in her sleep. If she woke up she probably wouldn’t be offended; their relationship was one of mutual trust.

Carefully, Aileron unbuttoned the cargo pants that she was still wearing from the previous night. After pulling down the zipper, he began to work the now wet pants off of his girlfriend, all the while careful to not disturb her. Once he had the pants off of her, he tossed them aside; match-grade ammo for tomorrow’s laundry. Her diaper was utterly soaked, mostly in the front as she had been lying on her stomach. Aileron shook his head, thinking he probably should have insisted on changing her before they went to bed. He carefully unfastened the tapes on the plastic outer cover of the diaper, which was extremely loud and made him cringe every time he pulled one off. Still, Elise remained fast asleep, even as he pulled the wet diaper off of her skin. Her facial features tightened a bit as the cold air assaulted her, but even then she didn’t awake. Apparently, nothing short of a fighter jet could awake this sleeping beauty. Aileron briefly wondered if a kiss would do the trick, but then moved on to more pressing matters.

He balled up the used diaper, which was much thicker than he was used to, and got to work cleaning Elise up. He used a couple of wipes, and tried to hurry as much as possible without compromising the quality of his work. He methodically checked her skin for any signs of rash, and finding none powdered her and taped on a new diaper. Once Elise was freshly diapered, he tucked her in and clicked off the light.

Aileron decided to go ahead and take a shower himself. He turned the heater back down to a normal setting, so as to avoid burning the old thing out, and headed into the bathroom. He took off his clothes, and then got into the shower.

The warm water was a welcomed comfort. As he washed, he thought about the previous events of the night. He had been able to almost immediately identify the aircraft that had so rudely woken both he and Elise a few minutes prior.

The sound had been produced by the combined power of two Lyulka Al-35F turbofan engines in full afterburner. The only plane around there equipped with those powerplants was an Su-34 Fullback that belonged to Aileron’s friend and fellow pilot Skylar Bennet. It was only three in the morning, but nevertheless Skylar was off to who-knows-where to do who-knows-what. The nature of their job didn’t always consider the schedules of the pilots, Aileron thought.

Friends for over a year, Skylar and Aileron had very similar personalities. While Skylar was a bit older, they both had a deep rooted love for aviation that spread into every aspect of their lives. As they had been through more than a few tense situations together, their bond wasn’t something trivial. However, Skylar owed him yet another one for what had just happened. Aileron chuckled. It wasn’t like he would tell Skylar about this, though.

After he was finished, Aileron dried off and got dressed in some clean clothes, opting for a pair of track shorts and a white tee. When he headed back into the room, he noticed that Elise was now hugging his pillow. He smirked, she really was quite adorable.

Getting into bed, Aileron tried to pry the pillow away from Elise, but she wasn’t letting go. With a sigh, he just let her be and laid down on his back next to her. Thankfully, she had left him enough room for that, but the covers were a lost cause. She had somehow wrapped herself up in them, probably rolling around looking for him in her sleep while he was in the shower. Instead, she found the pillow, but by then she was already wrapped in the covers and didn’t leave any excess. So, without a blanket or a pillow, Aileron just laid back and watched the dark ceiling he was familiar with. After a few moments, as Aileron was drifting into sleep, he heard a crinkle as Elise shifted position. As soon as he opened his eyes, her arm found his chest. She pulled herself closer, dropping the pillow over the side, and snuggled up against him. Aileron welcomed the warmth of her closeness, but he still didn’t have a pillow to complete things. He tried reaching for the pillow Elise had just dropped, but she was holding onto him firmly, and it was just out of reach. Sighing again, Aileron put an arm behind his head and relaxed, using his other arm to cuddle Elise. What a night it had been.

Morning sunlight failed to awaken Aileron this day. In fact, he didn’t open his eyes again until around ten in the morning. Slowly, consciousness returned to the weary aviator. The blurry world came into focus after a few blinks and, taking a deep breath, Aileron yawned and stretched out his back. He remembered that Elise had been with him, and then realized that she wasn’t hugging him anymore. He looked to his right and saw her on her side, head propped up with one arm. She was wide awake, and her deep blue eyes were big and clear. She smiled at him.

“Good morning,” she cooed.

“Morning,” Aileron said much more roughly, then yawned again.

“Did you sleep well?” Elise asked.

“Sort of…” Aileron ran a hand through his disheveled hair. “You?”

“Yeah,” Elise nodded slightly, “but I feel like I had a strange dream or something.”

“Ah,” Aileron said, then remembered all the chaos that happened in the middle of the night. “Oh…” he said involuntarily.

“Hmm?” Elise asked. Aileron didn’t really want to tell her what had happened, but he decided he couldn’t lie to her, either.

“Yeah, last night,” he said, taking a breath, “in the middle of the night an Su-34 took off and woke us both up.”

“I don’t remember,” Elise said, shaking her head with a confused look upon her face.

“You weren’t awake long,” Aileron said. “Needless to say, it startled us both. You… had an accident.”

“Really?” Elise asked, glancing down toward her lap, “I just checked and I’m pretty dry…”

“Yeah…” Aileron said, feeling himself blushing.

“Speaking of which… where are my pants?”

“About that…” Aileron said with a difficult face, “you see… your diaper leaked… pretty badly.”

“Oh…” Elise said, her eyes widening in comprehension.

“And you were still on top of me…” Aileron said, feeling his face getting hot. Elise started to blush as well.


“Yeah… we both got pretty wet,” Aileron swallowed hard, scratching his head.

“I… I leaked on you?” Elise asked, looking so dismal she almost looked like she was going to be sick.

“Yeah,” Aileron replied.

“I… I’m so sorry, Aile… I should’ve changed before bed… I…” Elise said, red faced and flustered. Tears began to come to her eyes.

“It’s okay, Elise, really,” Aileron said, hoping to calm her down. “It just means that we have some laundry to do, that’s all. No harm done.”

“Are… you sure?” Elise asked pensively.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal. Things like this happen.”

“They do?” Elise asked.

“To us, anyway,” Aileron said with a shrug and reassuring smile. Elise smiled a little in return.

“But, I don’t remember changing,” Elise said after a moment, glancing at her mostly dry diaper.

“I… I tried to wake you up but you were out cold,” Aileron said worrisomely, “…so I changed you in your sleep… I hope you don’t mind.”

“Actually… I’m kind of disappointed,” Elise said, her face reflecting her discouragement.

“You are?” Aileron replied, feeling a worry pang in his stomach.

“Yeah… because I wasn’t awake to enjoy that…” she said quietly, just above a whisper.


“Sorry… that I leaked on you…” Elise apologized again.

“Don’t mention it,” Aileron replied.

“And I don’t have any extra clothes either…” Elise said disappointedly.

“I figured I’d just get you a flight suit or something that you could wear while we did laundry… there are plenty of those in the hanger locker room.”

“Oh, yeah,” Elise said with a nod, “that would work.”

“All right,” Aileron said, getting up out of bed. “I took a shower a little while ago, so it’s all yours. I’ll go and find you something to wear and be back in a few minutes.”

“Okay,” Elise replied hesitantly.

Stepping into the shower, Elise shuddered at the cold. She quickly turned on the hot water, hoping to regain some warmth as soon as possible, but in her haste she forgot that water cools down over time. Thus, she was assaulted with a spray of cold water that had already been waiting in the pipes.

“Kya!” she screamed, startled. Thankfully, the cold was short lived, and soon the water heated up to a pleasant temperature. With a sigh Elise relaxed and let the water cascade over her naked body. She leaned up against the wall and slowly slid down to a sitting position, her legs straight out in front of her, knees bent slightly as the shower was shorter in length than her legs. Closing her eyes, she just relaxed and let her mind wander.

The first thing she thought was that she wished Aile were with her. If only she had been bold enough to ask for him to help get her cleaned up, then he would be there now. As this was only a shower and not a bath, she could think of no practical way for him to bathe her that wouldn’t require him to be in the shower with her. She smirked at the thought.

Then, she remembered what had happened the previous night. The memories were almost more surprising than the sudden jet of cold water had been, and even less pleasant. After all that had happened, when she was finally safe and at peace in Aile’s arms, she had done something incredibly impulsive. She had actually instigated something with Aile that could’ve very well led to them taking their relationship to the next level. Thinking about it now, her previous actions appalled her. It wasn’t that the thought of making love with Aile didn’t appeal to her, but rather that she had almost rushed headlong into it without even getting his consent. Aile wasn’t like other guys; he was very cautious and preferred to take things slow. Elise wasn’t sure what in his life had caused him to be like that, but for some reason he was very patient and wanted to do things right, rather than right now. He had been very careful to make their relationship something special, and she had almost ruined it because she couldn’t control her emotions. Elise felt very disappointed in herself, and she was suddenly worried that Aile was disappointed in her too. Feeling as she did, she couldn’t relax any longer. So, she began to get washed up.

Aileron returned to his room after just a few minutes. When he got back, Elise was already done showering and was sitting on the bed with just a diaper and a tee shirt on. The shirt was over sized on her, and it didn’t take a rocket surgeon to realize that it was one of Aileron’s.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I borrowed one of your shirts,” Elise said reservedly.

“Not at all,” Aileron said, “what’s mine is yours forever, babe.”

“Thanks,” Elise replied.

“I got you a flight suit, it’s probably a bit too big for you, but it’ll work while we wash our clothes in any case.”

“Thank you,” Elise said, accepting the dark gray jumpsuit. Having been on sorties with Aileron a few times, she already knew how to don one of the somewhat complicated suits. Instead of getting dressed, however, Elise just hugged the suit close to her. Her silence caught Aileron’s attention.

“Elise… are you okay?” he asked.

“Aile…” she said, then collected her thoughts, “I’m sorry about last night.”

Aileron thought a moment.

“Which part?” he asked, somewhat playfully. Elise sighed sadly.

“Well, for everything,” she said, “but in particular… about how I acted last night… before we went to sleep. I went to far and… I’m sorry.”

Aileron paused a moment and just stared at her with caring eyes.

“Elise…” he began, carefully forming his words, “you don’t have to apologize for something like that. I love you, and nothing’s gonna change that. And I’ll take care of you… no matter what it is you need, I’ll be here for you.”

Elise blushed.

“I… I feel the same way… so… if you ever… want to go to the next level…”

“I know,” Aileron interrupted, smiling warmly and blushing a little himself. “But like I said before… I don’t want to screw this up. You’re special, and thus this relationship is special. We’re going to be together forever, as long as you’ll have me anyway, so we can take our time.”

“Forever?” Elise asked. It was the first time she had thought about their relationship beyond high school. She couldn’t see herself ever wanting to be apart from Aile, and it seemed that he felt the same way about her.

“Yeah,” Aileron shrugged, “nothing will ever come between us, I promise.”

“I’m going to hold you to that,” Elise said with a warm, sweet smile. Aileron smiled back.

“Now then, let’s get this laundry started so we can get some breakfast!”

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Op. Lighthouse: Nexus (Ch.9 finally done)

A chapter that took way too long to write. Sorry about that guys. This one is one of character development, and I do hope you will enjoy it. I admit that I didn’t edit it to extensively as I wanted to post it ASAP, so please forgive (and point out) and errors.

Hope you like it 8)

Op. Lighthouse: Nexus (Ch.9 finally done)

Nitpicks first:

"“Ahh!” she cried out loud, her whole body instinctively curling as she grabbed onto Aileron’s chest. In response, he immediately wrapped his arms around her, covering the back of her head with one hand instinctively.
" Instinctively, immediately, instinctively really stuck out at me - I think the second instinctively hangs rather awkwardly at the end of the sentence.

"often considerate of late hours, Aileron mused. " Inconsiderate, I think.

“Aileron said worrisomely,” do you really mean worrisomely?
From the OED: Worrisome, a, Apt to cause worry or distress; given to worrying. I’m not sure that the second definition can really be used comfortably in the adverbial form.

"“I hope you don’t mind but I borrowed one of your shirts,” Elise said reservedly. " Comma missing before ‘but’ and perhaps after ‘started’ in the last line.

Interesting that he’s turning her down: if his fear is doing something to fast for her and she asks…

It’s good that you’ve moved on with the story a bit and I like the fact that the characters are a little more realistic, a little less naive and in general stronger than they have been previously.

Re: Op. Lighthouse: Nexus (Ch.9 finally done)

Thanks Nemo. As always your suggestions are good, and I’ll do my best to heed them. I made some changes, but as for the ‘worrisome’ one, I’ll have to look into that when I have more time. It’s tough to concentrate at the moment because I’m not at home.

Take a look at the suggested changes if you have a moment and tell me what you think. I’m always looking to improve my skills. Thanks again.

Op. Lighthouse: Nexus (Ch.9 finally done)

RT, this chapter was worth the wait!! Good job!!

Op. Lighthouse: Nexus (Ch.9 finally done)

Great to see the continuation. Still a fantastic read, but I just have to ask…

The shirt was over sized on her, and it didn’t take a rocket surgeon to realize that it was one of Aileron’s.

Rocket surgeon?

Op. Lighthouse: Nexus (Ch.9 finally done)

I can’t believe that none of the rest of us noticed that!

Op. Lighthouse: Nexus (Ch.9 finally done)

what happened to all the stories. no posts since the 6th of march

Op. Lighthouse: Nexus (Ch.9 finally done)

Thank you for another great chapter.

Now I think it is past time for those chains, wrist straps and ankle restraints. These are a special type that chain you spiritially and physically to your chair, untill you write another chapter!!!

I do need a little relaxation from reading (and enjoying) text books all day. (decided to attempt a degree again.)

Op. Lighthouse: Nexus (Ch.9 finally done)

Haha wimsett, you’re timing couldn’t be better. I just wrapped up chapter 10 and was coming here to post it.

Looks like I dodged the magical chains once again! Boo ya!

(I’d better be careful, the locals are gettin restless :shock: )