Op. Lighthouse: Nexus (Ch. 1-6 repost)

Operation Lighthouse: Nexus


Perched high above the crashing waves of the Pacific, amid the pine trees and rocky formations characteristic of the Oregon coastline, stood an archaic structure. The white lighthouse towered over the rocky cliff, a steadfast sentinel of a simpler time. A time before seaborne ships relied on sophisticated sensor technology to guide them away from the dangerous protruding rocks near the coast. A time when all ships were merely seaborne. Now the lighthouse stood only as a landmark, the vision of a past all but forgotten.

Built more recently next to the lighthouse, but looking very much from the same time, was a high school. Aptly named, the institute was known as Lighthouse Academy.

Rather than using more modern construction techniques, the high profile school mostly utilized wood and stone. It was built somewhat similarly to a medieval castle, though the high walls and guard towers characteristic of such a structure were not present. Rather, the perimeter of the school was surrounded by a stone wall that nearly encompassed entirety of the campus, save only for the area along the edge of the cliff, which only had a shorter iron fence so as not to obstruct the view.

This particular Tuesday morning was rather cold and foggy, but as usual students were up early to attend their classes. Since Lighthouse was such a prominent and expensive institution most of the students were of the cultural elite. As such, it was a relatively small campus, and the number of students absent on this morning was even smaller. Many of the youths were destined to follow in the footsteps of their wealthy parents, whether they be headed for politics, big business or the medical community; good attendance was a must. Lighthouse Academy looked very good on a college application, and it was for that reason why tuition and other fees were so high. It was also for that very reason why students rarely, if ever, missed class. However, there were two students this morning who were truant.

In honesty, the two weren’t much missed because of their relative unpopularity. Oh yes, even to the high class, wealthy students of this academy, popularity was just as important as it was in any public high school. In fact, it may have been even more important. However, the two students who were marked absent this morning didn’t much care about such trivial things.

Despite being unpopular, Elise Laraway was very well known throughout the campus. In all likelihood, there probably wasn’t even one student or teacher who didn’t know her name. She had become quite famous, or rather infamous, after her hidden condition, her deep dark secret, had been leaked to the public. The fact was that Elise was helplessly incontinent. Even at the age of sixteen she was forced to wear diapers, and that made her the target of much teasing and ridicule. In a place where reputation was everything, Elise had without a doubt the lowest of all.

Even despite her downfall, she was a very lovely young lady. Adorned with feathery blond hair that reached to the middle of her back, eyes so deep that one could lose themselves in them for hours, and fair, nearly flawless skin; Elise was easily one of the most beautiful girls in attendance at the school. She was also a very talented violinist, and very intelligent while retaining the charm and innocence of a little girl. And yet, even though she was probably the very picture of a perfect girl to many of the boys, the single flaw of being incontinent somehow disqualified her from all of it. As young people can be quite fickle and cruel, Elise was shunned from the social circles of the school the moment her secret was out in the open. And for a long time she was left with nothing but bitter and utter loneliness.

Then, all at once, everything changed. When Elise was dragged into the boys bathroom by a few of the male students who had the intent to cause her harm she thought that she was having her worst day yet. However, before she knew it, it had turned into the best day of her life. Before the boys who had assaulted her could do any real harm, a new and mysterious student known by the unconventional moniker of ‘Aileron’ showed up just in the nick of time. In an amazing display of skill and utter superiority, the boy managed to subdue all three assailants in a matter of seconds. Invariably, as Elise’s skirt had been taken from her, the new boy would soon learn of her condition. Against all odds, the sight of a girl his age in a diaper didn’t perturb him as it had others. Not even the sight of her in a wet diaper seemed to put him off in the slightest. Unlike her peers this new boy didn’t in any way mistreat or make fun of her, nor did he try to hurt her. Instead, he offered his hand to help her up. After their strange first encounter their relationship quickly grew, and before Elise had realized it were even possible, they were in love. And even after many terrifying challenges, the two of them were to this day still together.

Chapter 1: A new face, a new problem

It had been a few days since Elise had been herself. As with the previous few mornings, this day Elise awoke to an unsettling feeling in her stomach as well as assorted pains all throughout her body. As she painfully rolled onto her side to hopefully resume the peace that was sleep, Elise remembered the troubles of the previous night. She cringed at the memories and hoped in earnest that Aileron wouldn’t be put off of her by the terrible experience.

Last night, well after lights out, her illness had reached a peak. Thankfully, Aileron had been there. If he hadn’t, Elise had no idea what she would’ve done. As she threw up everything that was in her stomach, the uncontrollable urge to relieve herself in another way suddenly overcame her. She tried to hold it back, but even before she knew she was losing the fight, she lost it. An involuntary spasm, the feeling of strained muscles being pushed passed their limits, and suddenly everything was forced out of her and into her diaper. Aileron, who had been holding her hair and trying his best to comfort her, was just as surprised as she was when it happened. He was used to dealing with her wet diapers, but an accident like this was uncharted territory. To say that Elise had been embarrassed would be an understatement, and to make matters worse, she was just too sick to take care of it herself. Aileron, however, was there for her like he always was.

He took off her diaper, cleaned her up as best as possible with some wipes, then gave her a warm bath. Thankfully this semester she had been lucky enough to get a room that had a full bathtub in it rather than just a shower. Although, taking into account how her friend Lina had taken care of bathing her once before, Elise curiously wondered just how Aileron would’ve handled such a situation. Would he have gotten into the shower with her? It was something she had been thinking, as well as dreaming, about ever since. After the bath, he dried her head to toe and got her dressed in another diaper and a tee shirt, the very same items she was wearing now. Even though she was still sick, and her body ached, the feelings of being cared for were enough to coax her to sleep.

The events of last night had indeed been very, almost unbearably, embarrassing, but because that had happened, Aileron had for the first time given her a bath. Rather than dwell on the shame of messing herself in front of her boyfriend, Elise instead focused on the memories she had of his soft touch, and the pleasant warmth of the water in the bathtub. Her thoughts made her feel warm and… wet? Elise realized that she was wetting her diaper, and immediately rolled onto her back. This way, when she wet herself the absorbent material of the diaper would be able to most effectively soak it all up. If she stayed on her side it would be much more likely that the diaper would leak, and she didn’t know how long it would be until she would be changed. She could probably do it herself now, but as her body ached quite a lot, she preferred that Aileron do it. A quick look at her alarm clock told her that it was still early in the morning, and she probably wouldn’t see her boyfriend for another few hours. However, it was close to break, and Rachael sometimes came to the room. Maybe, if Elise asked nicely enough, Rachael would change her. Immediately after thinking it, Elise shook her head and smirked. That was a silly thought, but somehow it appealed to her.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a pair of feet softly hitting the hardwood floor to her left. Elise gasped and jumped a bit in surprise, but she wasn’t scared. She knew exactly who it was that had just come through the window. There could be no one else at this school who could, or even would, pull off something like this.

“How ya feelin’?” Aileron asked as he walked over and sat down beside Elise on her bed.

“Aile… what are you doing here?” Elise asked as she calmed her breathing, which was a bit rapid from being startled so soon after she had awoken.

“Coming to check up on you, of course,” Aileron replied. He held up a small container. It was a cardboard cup with a plastic lid, and in the cold air it was gathering a fair amount of condensation. “I brought you some soup, if you’re up to it.”

“No, thank you,” Elise said, then sighed. “My insides still feel…” Elise searched her vocabulary for the right word to describe how she felt. Aileron, however, knew what it was like to be sick, and immediately finished her thought, albeit with his own kind of twist.

“Like a small plane hit by a big missile?”

“…Yeah,” Elise nodded with a bit of a smile. “Kind of like that.”

“You gotta eat something, though. It’s been a while since you’ve had anything,” Aileron said with a troubled look.

“I know, but… well, this is at least a really good diet, right?”

“You don’t need a diet, beautiful,” Aileron replied as he ruffled Elise’s disheveled hair with his free hand, “you need something to eat.”

“I know…” Elise replied. She reached up and took his hand, bringing it to her cheek. Sighing at his warmth, Elise added in a tone that sounded as if she were dreaming, “…I’ll try to eat something later, okay?” Aileron smiled satisfactorily.

“That’s all I ask,” he relented, then took a quick look around. “Before Ms. Livingston comes back from teaching her second period class do you need anything? I won’t be able to come back until lunch, so if you need… to be changed…” Aileron trailed off. Even though changing his girl’s wet diapers had become somewhat common between them he was still shy about asking if she needed it.

“Actually… I just… kind of… well,” Elise glanced down, blushing a bit. Likewise, even though she was used to having her diaper changed by her boyfriend, Elise was still embarrassed to admit when she needed it.

“Okay,” Aileron got up and moved to the door, opened it and looked both ways down the hall to confirm that they were alone. After closing the door he looked at his watch. They should have about ten minutes before second period ended. Thankfully, the house mistress Ms. Livingston doubled as an anatomy teacher in the morning, and during the first two periods her house was left unattended. In fact, it was the very class Aileron was currently skipping. It didn’t matter, though. Even if he wasn’t in the class he was still technically learning about anatomy.

Using this window of opportunity, Aileron would change Elise and make sure she would be comfortable until he could come again at lunch. He gathered the supplies he would need, including a fresh disposable diaper, from the chest at the foot of Elise’s bed.

As with other times before, when Aileron went to change Elise she just kind of went limp. She laid on her back and just waited patiently for him to get started. Aileron found it kind of strange that she didn’t help with the process, but at the same time he was kind of glad that she didn’t. Somehow, taking care of her every need made him feel very close to her; it was a feeling that he liked. Though he was too shy to ask about it, he suspected that Elise liked being taken care of so thoroughly.

Aileron pulled back the covers, and Elise suddenly gasped as the cold air assaulted her naked legs.

“Sorry, babe,” Aileron said. “I’ll work fast, okay?”

“No, it’s okay, you can take your time,” Elise replied, though her slightly chattering teeth seemed to belie that statement. Aileron smirked; she wanted him to go slow. His suspicions that she liked this as much as he did were strengthened. Even so, as he could tell that she was cold, he went right to work. He unfastened the six tapes and pulled the diaper away from her skin. Wet it was, but the diaper was also very warm. She must have wet herself very recently, Aileron surmised. After setting the wet disposable aside, he cleaned her up with a couple of wipes, then placed the new diaper under her bottom. When he lifted her legs, Aileron noticed a bit of reddening on her rear.

“Lotion,” he said quietly to himself, reaching for a small container. He popped the top and squeezed a moderate amount onto one palm, then looked down a moment at Elise. It would be hard to apply the lotion to her rear like this, so he helped her roll onto her stomach. As he spread the cool cream over her soft skin, he heard Elise sigh contentedly. Aileron smiled, rolled her back over, and applied more lotion between her legs and anywhere else that was normally covered by a diaper. When he looked up at her face, Elise was blushing a little, and had her eyes closed. From the look upon her gentle features, Aileron could tell she liked the feeling of the lotion, or maybe it was his fingertips as they glided across the tender skin of her diaper area. However, at times like this he always made sure that he didn’t let himself get carried away. He didn’t know why, but he was afraid to move on to a higher level in their relationship. In fact, he still hadn’t even kissed her yet. Strange it was that he had seen her naked many, many times and yet hadn’t even kissed her. They were, however, a strange couple. A teenage girl who was still in diapers, and an underage pilot with combat experience.

Noticing that Elise was shivering even more than before brought Aileron out of his thoughts and back into the present. He finished with the lotion, then applied some lavender scented powder as well so that his girl would feel fresh and dry until they next met. After that he pulled the front portion of the diaper snugly up betwixt her legs, pulled the left side up and around front and unattached the tapes from where they were stuck at the time of manufacture. He then fastened the left side tapes to the front of the diaper, and then likewise with the right side. A couple of adjustments here and there and Aileron was satisfied, as was Elise, with the diapers placement on her body. He let his eyes linger on her for a moment, taking in how cute she was like this, and then pulled the covers back up to her neck.

“There you are,” he said. He took the used diaper and balled it up with the wipes and took it into the bathroom, where he disposed of it into the trash can. After washing his hands, Aileron returned to the main room. “Anything else I can do for you?”

“I don’t suppose you could get into bed with me and keep me warm?” Elise asked with a smile. Aileron felt a deep pang of desire. In the past they had shared the same bed only a few times, but it was enough to change Aileron’s whole perspective on sleep. Now, it was difficult to get restful sleep when she wasn’t next to him.

“I’d love to, babe, but I’ve gotta get outta here before Livingston shows up. If they caught us together like this I would be flogged,” he said, then bent down and kissed Elise’s forehead, “but even then it would so be worth it.”

“Well, I can’t have you being flogged,” Elise said with a sigh, “but I’ll at least see you at lunch, right?”

“Yeah,” Aileron replied, “I’ll be here.”

“Then I’ll live,” Elise grinned.

“You’d better,” Aileron replied with a small laugh, then turned to leave, “see ya later.”


He slipped back out the window and hurried off toward his own house. He had to get ready for his first class of the day.

It didn’t take Aileron long to get ready. He was already dressed in his school uniform when he went to go see Elise, and just had to gather up his books and other materials. Of course, always one step ahead, his supplies were already stored inside his school bag and waiting patiently for him atop his bed. Aileron rushed in, snatched up the bag, and rushed back out in less than three seconds.

He was on time for his third period class today, which was actually a bit rare as he always got hung up during the break. However it really didn’t count today as he hadn’t even attended his first two classes. Taking his usual seat, Aileron took out his text book and a pad of paper, along with a pencil. Third period was a math class, a subject he excelled at due mostly to his background in aviation.

A few minutes passed before class began. The teacher, Mrs. Ahern, took her podium and quieted the chattering students like she did every day, but this time something was different. Rather than spouting nonsensical things about parabolas and log rhythms she instead called over a student to the front of the class. It was a new girl that Aileron had never seen before now.

“Class, we have a new student joining us for the first time today,” Ahern said, then turned to the girl and said, “go ahead and introduce yourself.”

Even before she spoke Aileron noticed that there was something different about this girl. The first thing that stood out was the way she carried herself; very different from the typical student even here at Lighthouse Academy. Her posture was near perfection, and the way she moved suggested a confidence that was uncharacteristic of any girl he had ever met. She was tall, probably as tall as he was, and had shoulder length, feathery platinum blond hair that seemed to radiate light. Her jade green eyes were clear, and the look they possessed was like that of a resting leopard. Perfectly calm, yet ever aware and utterly fearless.

“My name is Lucine Arlette,” the girl spoke. Her voice was strong and even, and her manner of speech was very articulate. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” she said with a small curtsy. The simple movement showcased unmatched grace, akin to an eagle’s. It also suggested that she was brought up in a proper environment. Aileron could easily imagine her being the poster child for this academy. The rest of the class was so impressed they nearly broke into a round of applause.

“Thank you, Lucine,” the teacher said, “you may take the seat next to Tyler.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Ahern,” Lucine said politely, then made her way down the aisle toward the empty seat as every eye followed. Even Aileron caught himself staring, but quickly shook off the feeling. As Lucine made to sit down she suddenly looked Aileron right in the eye and gave a wink. Aileron, taken completely off guard, flinched a bit at the simple gesture. Lucine sat down, eyes forward, leaving Aileron to contemplate the meaning of the wink. It was strange, but even though Aileron couldn’t remember ever meeting this girl before, there was something about her that was somehow very familiar.

After class was over, Aileron gathered up his belongings and quickly left. He wasn’t sure why, but the new girl was making him feel very uncomfortable. During class she had glanced back at him about seven times, and each time the urge to get up and run away got stronger and stronger. It wasn’t that Aileron didn’t like this Lucine girl, quite the opposite. He found her quite attractive, and because of that, even though it wasn’t something he could really help, he felt indescribably guilty. He dearly loved Elise, and the very thought of being attracted to Lucine made him feel like he was betraying her somehow. Of course, he was probably taking this too seriously, as he often did. Even he knew that feeling an attraction wasn’t something that was deplorable, and it wasn’t like Lucine was the first girl who had tempted him. Not even close. In fact, his friend Katrina, with her constant advancements and generally flirtatious attitude was far worse than ten Lucines could possibly be. Or so he thought.

So wrapped up in these thoughts was he that Aileron nearly collided with a girl that had suddenly stepped in his path. Caught off his guard he stumbled a bit, then looked up at whoever had so rudely cut him off once he regained his footing. He was taken aback to see Lucine’s brightly smiling face.

“Hello, there,” she greeted warmly, “my name is Lucine Arlette. We just had a math class together.”

“Ah, yeah… right,” Aileron said, feeling very uncomfortable. He had been careful to leave class quickly so as not to have to talk to her. And even despite her being bombarded by a shelling of male attention at the end of class, she had extracted herself and quickly chased him down. Something was really weird here. After a moment of silence, he realized that Lucine was probably waiting for him to introduce himself.

“Ah… I’m Aileron Phoenix,” he said awkwardly, “it’s nice to make your acquaintance.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well, Mister Aileron,” she replied with a slight bow.

“Um, so I guess you’re new here, right?” Aileron said, not wanting to spawn an awkward silence.

“Yes, today is my first day. It’s a lovely campus, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Oh, um… yeah as far as campuses go it’s really…umm… swell,” Aileron cringed. He really wasn’t good at talking to the opposite sex.

“Listen, I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you,” Lucine said.

“A favor?” Aileron echoed. Somehow, this didn’t bode well.

“Yes, I was wondering if you would show me around. It’s easy enough to find my classes, but aside from that and my house I don’t know very much about this campus. It’s small, but it’s also complex.”

“Oh, um, sure I guess,” Aileron said. In truth he didn’t want to do it, but at the same time he wasn’t the kind of person to just leave someone hanging.

“Perhaps we could get together today, say at lunch time?”

“Lunch?” Aileron blinked twice, “ah, no, I’m sorry.”

“Oh…” Lucine looked a little taken off guard.

“It’s just that my girlfriend is sick right now and I’m going to go check up on her at lunch,” Aileron said. He noticed that for an instant when he said the words ‘my girlfriend’ Lucine looked incredibly distressed. It wasn’t something that lasted long, in fact it was like a flash and then it was gone. Her confident demeanor returned immediately thereafter, so quick in fact that Aileron questioned if he had seen anything at all.

“Oh, I see,” Lucine replied.

“Yeah…” Aileron trailed off, not really knowing what to say. After a very, very awkward moment of silence between them, Lucine asked a question.

“If you don’t mind, what is your girlfriend’s name?”

“Elise Laraway,” Aileron replied with a bit of a smile.

“I see,” Lucine looked a bit thoughtful. “Well, I hope Miss Elise recovers quickly.”

“Thanks,” Aileron replied.

“I’d better get to my next class. See you again, Mister Aileron!”

Aileron watched her as she walked away. She gave him a smile and a little wave, then clutching her books close to her chest, she briskly but gracefully walked away, disappearing around a corner.

“Well… that was… odd,” Aileron said to no one in particular, then headed toward his class.

As she walked she paid very close attention to her pace and posture. She was still confident and collected, even if she had just been shot down. Once she was out of line of sight, however, she could no longer keep her calm.

Lucine faltered just a bit. It was probably not noticeable to any of the students around her that she was upset, but it was all that she could do to keep her composure. She stopped for a moment next to an administration building and rested against the wall for just a bit.

“Damn it,” she lamented, sighing inaudibly. It wasn’t that she had been so easily shot down that was bothering her, but rather that she had been rejected by him. Lucine took a deep breath and continued on to her next class. Though she was feeling dejected, she wasn’t out of the game yet. So he already had someone, it wouldn’t be a problem. She was going to give it her all and emerge victorious.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Most Wanted

Sneaking into Elise’s room in the morning was one thing, but during lunch was a completely different story. It was much more likely that he could be caught by a teacher, or big mouthed student, at a time like this. Still, he had promised that he would check up on Elise at lunchtime. Even though he was forbidden to enter her room under any circumstances without an adult present, he really didn’t care. His girlfriend was sick and he was the only one who she trusted to take care of her.

Carefully, Aileron opened Elise’s window from the outside. Even though he had already peeked inside and knew that the room was unoccupied save for Elise, Aileron still tried his best to open the window as silently as possible. He didn’t want to get complacent, after all. A moment and a quick look around later, Aileron was confident that his stealth was uncompromised and that it was safe to move. So, as agile and quick as a cat, he climbed through the window and dropped down on the other side onto the hardwood floor.

“Hi, Aile,” Elise greeted happily. Aileron looked over at her and noticed that she looked a lot more full of life than the last time he had seen her. Also, she wasn’t startled as she was in the morning, but that was probably because she had been expecting him this time.

“Heya, doll face,” Aileron greeted.

“Doll face?” she echoed with a giggle.

“Yeah… sometimes I like talking like I’m from the nineteen forties.”

“You’re silly,” Elise said, still giggling. Aileron smiled at her.

“Perhaps so, but you still love me right?”

“Of course,” she replied with a warm smile.

“Glad to hear it. Anyway, you’re certainly looking better. How do you feel?”

“Better,” Elise confirmed. “I ate the soup you brought me… it was really good.”

“Oh, good,” Aileron sighed in relief. He was glad that she had eaten something. He also had another thought. That soup had been mostly broth, and a quick look at the disposable container that was still on Elise’s nightstand confirmed that she had indeed consumed the entire contents. Also, there were two small water bottles next to it that hadn’t been there this morning. Without a word his eyes meandered down to her lap, which was covered by a thick blanket. By now the broth and water had probably mostly made it’s way into the fair maiden’s diaper, and it would probably be a good idea to get her changed into a new one.

“So,” Aileron began, sitting down next to Elise on her bed. “Do you need your diaper changed?” Immediately after he said that he kind of regretted it. There had to be a better way of asking if she needed to be changed; something that didn’t make it seem like she was a toddler. The connotation wasn’t lost on Elise and she blushed a bit, feeling kind of awkward. However, it wasn’t something she could deny. In fact, her diaper should have probably been changed a while ago. She felt the wetness against her skin, which meant the absorbent material was past it’s limit. At the same time she realized that they weren’t in the most private of situations. If someone were to walk in on them while he was taking care of her, it would mean a lot of trouble, mostly for Aileron. She just could not risk that.

“I… I think I’ll be okay for a while,” Elise said, but Aileron immediately detected her insincerity.

“Are you sure? It’s been a while since I last changed you… did you change yourself already?”

“Well…” Elise trailed off. She couldn’t lie to Aileron, no matter how much she wanted to protect him. “No… I haven’t even gotten out of bed since then.”

“I’d better get you into a new diaper then. I don’t want you getting a rash or something,” Aileron replied.

“No… it’s okay. I’ll be okay for a while… maybe Rachael will help me or something. I’m really not that wet.”

But Aileron wouldn’t believe her. He knew that it was dangerous to try to change her right now. Elise also knew that, and she would gladly sacrifice her comfort just so that he wouldn’t have to risk getting into deep trouble on her account. Even if that was the case, Aileron was more worried about his girlfriend’s health and comfort than he was about the school’s policy.

Without a word Aileron twisted around and slipped a hand underneath the covers. He felt around and found the hem of Elise’s tee shirt, sliding his hand under it and onto her stomach. Elise inhaled sharply at his touch, and when he began to slip his hand into the waistband of her diaper, she caught his wrist with both hands and stopped him. Their eyes met a moment, Elise’s expression betraying her. She slowly let go of his wrist, and Aileron slid his hand down her abdomen and into her diaper.

“Babe, you’re soaked,” he said in a sympathetic tone. Elise avoided his gaze, looking away guiltily.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly.

“I know you’re worried that we’ll get caught, but I can’t have you getting a rash. Unless you feel up to changing yourself, you’ve gotta leave it to me. Now, do you want to do that or do you need my help?”

“I… need your help,” Elise replied in defeat.

“Okay then,” Aileron smiled a bit. “Now, I have an idea.”

“An idea?” Elise echoed.

“Yeah… the bathroom. If we go in there, close the door and turn on the shower we should be able to remain private. Even if Livingston comes in she won’t just barge into the bathroom, right? And if need be I can escape out the bathroom window.”

“Yeah… I guess you’re right,” Elise had to agree with his logic. Aileron smiled at her once again.

“Okay, let’s get to it then,” he said, removing the covers from over his girlfriend’s slender body. Elise shuddered at the sudden inrush of cold air, which was compounded by the rapid displacement of the large blanket. Taking a moment, Aileron patted her now visible diaper. Not only had all the wetness indicators faded into nothingness, but the originally white diaper was obviously yellowed. Elise looked guilty again and Aileron just smiled and scooped her up in his arms.

“Y… you’re uniform’s gonna get wet,” Elise said worriedly. She knew that her diaper had already leaked a bit onto her bed.

“It’s okay, I’m going to PE next anyway,” Aileron replied confidently. Since PE was his last class, once he changed out of the uniform he wouldn’t really need to change back into it. So, holding his girlfriend in his arms Aileron turned toward the bathroom. At that moment, the front door suddenly opened. Aileron felt his heart skip beats, and his mind suddenly went into overdrive. He was already formulating a plan of action which involved ‘flash-bang’ grenades when he realized that there was no need. The person who barged in on them wasn’t someone who would blow their cover.

“Geez, Rachael, you nearly gave me a heart attack,” Aileron replied. The small, dark haired girl closed the door behind her.

“Sorry,” she said, “I was just coming to check up on Elise.”

“Aww, thanks Rachael,” Elise replied with a smile. She was fully aware that Rachael had a clear view of her utterly soaked and malfunctioning diaper, but she wasn’t embarrassed. Not only had Rachael seen her in a wet diaper many, many times, but Elise had also seen Rachael likewise. There weren’t any secrets between them now.

“I guess you’re well taken care of, though,” Rachael replied kind of dryly.

“Yeah,” Elise replied, smiling at Aileron, who returned the smile.

“I’m gonna get her changed in the bathroom. I’d appreciate if you could be a lookout… being caught would be decidedly bad,” Aileron said.

“Um… okay,” Rachael said, but something in her voice indicated that she was worried about something else. Aileron took notice.

“You okay, Rachael?” he asked in a slightly concerned tone.

“Y…yeah… it’s just that I… well,” she hesitated, “… I kind of need the bathroom too…”

“Oh…” Aileron replied, eyes widening a bit in comprehension. “We’ll be as fast as possible, okay?”

“Okay,” Rachael replied, fidgeting nervously. Aileron had seen firsthand how skilled Rachael was at controlling her bladder; not so much. Sure, when he had seen her wet herself – twice in one day as a matter of fact – it had been due to a chemical she had unwittingly consumed. Even so, Elise had told him that ever since that accident Rachael had been going to the bathroom much more often, which was resulting in a shrinkage of her bladder capacity.

“Rachael, do you want to go first?” Elise asked.

“N…no… you look like you really need to be changed, and there’s no way to tell when we might have company. Go ahead… just try to hurry, 'kay?”

“Thanks, Rach,” Elise replied. Aileron looked a little worriedly at Rachael, who was absently bouncing up and down a little. Despite his concern, he began to carry Elise into the bathroom when she remembered something.

“Oh, and just in case,” Elise called back to Rachael, “you know where to find diapers if you need one!” she said with a grin and a wink. Rachael suddenly blushed furiously at the inference. Aileron was a bit embarrassed himself at the reference, but it was still all that he could do to avoid chuckling at Rachael’s over-the-top reaction.

The couple disappeared into the bathroom and the door closed behind them. Rachael paced around the room, trying to keep her mind on anything but the pressure that had been building since about two hours ago. Why, oh why, hadn’t she visited the bathroom earlier? Her reputation had already been smashed to bits when she had that accident in first period math last semester, and even if she wasn’t even beginning to live that one down anyway, she really didn’t want a repeat. As it stood though, she would probably be fine until Elise was changed. Or so she thought until she heard the shower start. The sound of the jet of water did little to help her, and she felt an involuntary spasm in her bladder. From past experience, she knew she was very close to having a very unfortunate accident. Feeling herself on the verge of a panic, Rachael’s eyes immediately darted to the chest at the foot of Elise’s bed.

“Rachael’s a good friend,” Elise said to Aileron as he set her down on the bathroom floor.

“She’s come a long way since when we first met,” he replied as he took a towel from the rack and unfolded it. He laid it out on the floor and then lifted Elise onto it.

“Yeah… I’m really glad she agreed to be my roommate this semester,” Elise said as Aileron took a diaper from the small stash in the bathroom cupboard.

“Yeah,” Aileron replied as he unfolded the diaper, “I like that they let us choose our roommates this semester. I’m having a blast living with Arnold.”

“I honestly don’t think anyone else would be my roommate… too bad Kat or Lina aren’t here anymore.”

“Yeah… too bad…” Aileron replied half-heartedly. In truth, he didn’t really need the stress that those two girls brought him. Kat’s constant advancements and unpredictability, and Lina’s utter ignorance to all things normal… between those two Aileron was amazed that he was still alive. Still, he knew that when things got serious he could count on both of them. “But even if Rachael had said no I would’ve been happy to be your roommate,” Aileron said with a wry grin. Elise giggled.

“Somehow I don’t think they would have allowed that… but it would be nice.”

“It would be easier to take care of you without all this subterfuge, and I think I could get used to holding you close during these cold nights.” Elise just smiled warmly and blushed a bit, remembering the nights they had spent together in the past.

“Yeah…” she replied with a sigh. Aileron began to unfasten the tapes of her wet and leaky diaper. He gingerly detached all four, then removed the diaper, which was surprisingly heavy. He was impressed with the amount of liquid one of these could hold when push came to shove. Marveling at the bulk, he balled it up as best he could before placing it into the trashcan. After that he took a container of wipes from one of the drawers and got to work wiping down Elise. Her skin was a bit clammy, but for the most part looked okay.

“I wish I had time to give you a warm bath,” Aileron said. “Maybe I can sneak in tonight.”

“That would be nice,” Elise agreed. Aileron finished cleaning her up and placed the clean diaper underneath her. He then and applied a generous amount of baby powder, making sure it was distributed evenly over Elise’s damp skin. Once satisfied, he brought the diaper up between her legs and over her front, taping it into place and adjusting it a bit for the perfect fit.

“All done,” Aileron said. Elise sighed contentedly, relaxing a moment and reveling in the comfort of a brand new diaper.

“Thank you,” she said gratefully.

“Anytime,” Aileron replied, staring into her deep blue eyes. He became lost a moment in her gaze, wondering if this would be a good time to kiss her. Still to this day they hadn’t even shared their first kiss, despite their closeness and the intimate nature of their relationship. Somehow, something always came along to interrupt them when the moment seemed right, and Aileron knew that she longed for it as much as he did. However, it had to be special, so just anytime wouldn’t do. Weighing his options, Elise brought him back to reality.

“We’d better hurry and let Rachael use the bathroom,” she said with a concerned look on her face. Aileron sighed dejectedly, but she was right.

“Yeah,” he replied, picking Elise up from the floor.

“You don’t want to have two girls that need to be changed, do you?” Elise said with a grin. Aileron blanched as his heart skipped a beat. He wasn’t sure how to reply to that one. Elise just giggled at his reaction.

Reaching for the doorknob, Elise turned it and pulled the door open a bit. She peeked outside to make sure they were still alone. Thankfully, they had no company save for Rachael. Aileron carried Elise back out into the room. Rachael was standing between the beds looking very flustered, but her nervous fidgeting had ceased and it didn’t look like she was as desperate for the bathroom as they had expected. She was blushing rather heavily, though.

“You okay there, Rachael?” Aileron asked as he moved toward Elise’s bed.

“I… I’m fine,” she said rather unconvincingly. She briskly walked past them and into the bathroom. As she closed the door behind her Aileron eyed her legs, noting that they were still dry. He also noticed that in her right hand was clutched something made of pink cloth, and as she walked past them both Aileron and Elise heard something. The subtle sound they both knew well, like rubbing tissue together, as she walked. Aileron looked at Elise after he set her down on her bed.

“She…” he said.

“…Didn’t make it,” Elise finished his thought while shaking her head. Aileron smiled painfully.

“She really is a good friend,” he said. Elise merely smiled and nodded.

Aileron arrived a bit late to PE. By the time he got there most of the class was already at their activities, but since he had long since gotten on the coach’s good side, Aileron was cut a bit of slack. He quickly got changed into the boy’s winter PE uniform, which consisted of a gray tee and navy blue track pants. Fastening his charcoal colored running shoes, Aileron stuffed his school uniform into his locker, closed it, and left the room.

Arnold had already started stretching by the time he arrived.

“Hey, bud,” Aileron said, sitting down near Arnold and joining in.

“Oh, hey, Aile. I wasn’t sure you were coming to class today,” Arnold replied, his voice a bit strained as he pulled at his outstretched foot with his hands.

“I was with Elise during lunch, got a bit hung up I guess.”

“How’s she doing?” Arnold asked while switching to a new position.

“Much better, I think she’ll be back up and about pretty soon.”

“Good… hey,” Arnold said, getting Aileron’s attention. The latter followed his friend’s gaze toward the locker rooms a few hundred feet from the track. “Isn’t that the new girl?”

Aileron merely gulped in reply.

What is she doing here? Aileron thought.

“Mind if I join you boys?” Lucine asked as she walked up. Despite the cold January weather, she was attired not in the winder uniform, but rather the summer’s. Instead of track pants, she wore very short nylon shorts of the same color. On top was the same gray tee that students generally wore year round, but it seemed a bit tight over her well developed chest. Even though he tried to avert his eyes, Aileron couldn’t help but notice that Lucine had very nice legs. Long, smooth and well defined… it was hard to take his eyes away from them. An image of Elise’s smiling face flashed through his mind, and he immediately looked away as if he had accidentally gazed upon the afternoon sun.

“Not at all,” Arnold replied. He also appeared to have noticed Lucine’s attire… or lack thereof, but didn’t seem as phased as Aileron was. “Aren’t you cold?” he asked as he looked her up and down.

“M…me?” Lucine said, failing to suppress a shiver, “no, n…not at all.”

“O…kay,” Arnold replied. Lucine just smiled sweetly at the two boys before her, taking a seat a moment later. She began stretching, then appeared as if she had for the first time noticed Aileron’s presence.

“Oh, hello Aileron, I didn’t realize you were in this class!”

“Hi Lucine,” Aileron said rather dryly, keeping his gaze away as Lucine stretched those long legs.

“You two know each other?” Arnold asked.

“Yeah, we met in math class,” Aileron said.

“Aileron, could you help me with this stretch?” Lucine said, recapturing their attention.

“Excuse me?” Aileron asked.

“Push on my back… to help me stretch,” Lucine asked again. Aileron hesitated. One second, two seconds… three. Arnold noticed his discomfort, and came to his aide.

“Here, Lucine, I’ll help you,” Arnold said, shifting his position to behind Lucine.

“Oh, thanks… um…?”

“Arnold Tyler,” Arnold said as he gently pushed on Lucine’s back, helping her to stretch her limits.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Lucine,” Lucine replied, voice strained. Aileron breathed a sigh of relief. To ensure that didn’t happen again, Aileron hopped up to his feet.

“Ready to start?” he asked Arnold.

“Sure,” Arnold replied. Lucine also got to her feet.

“How many laps do you boys usually run?” she asked.

“Lately it’s been ten,” Arnold replied casually.

“Ten?!” Lucine said in a surprised voice, but immediately calmed herself down. “Not bad,” she replied as apathetically as possibly.

“Let’s roll,” Aileron said, then began jogging around the track. Arnold and Lucine both followed, keeping station with him. After a few moments, about a quarter lap, Aileron began to increase his pace.

Lucine was getting a bit worried. So far they had gone through two laps and neither boy showed any sign of slowing down. In fact, Aileron had been steadily increasing his speed with Arnold keeping up. Lucine had managed to maintain station with them, but she was getting tired faster than she wanted to admit. However, she wasn’t about to give up. She could stay with these boys and prove herself to Aileron. However, by the time the fifth lap came around, Lucine was beginning to doubt even herself.

“Quite the runner, aren’t you,” she said between labored breaths. Aileron glanced back at her, but immediately looked forward.

“You don’t have to try so hard to keep up with us, y’know,” he said. Lucine’s heart sank when his voice came out as completely casual. He wasn’t even getting winded yet. Similarly, Arnold seemed like he was just out for an afternoon walk, not a brisk run. However as much as her aching legs and burning lungs were pleading with her to take Aileron’s advice, Lucine’s pride stepped in and took over.

“No way, I’ll keep up no matter how fast you two run,” she said, trying for the life of her to sound as casual as they had. Aileron glanced back at her for a moment, and when he did she noticed a look of disdain in his eyes. She felt an anxious pang in her stomach. The look in his eyes said that he really didn’t like her, and that she was just being a nuisance to him. The sudden instinct to run away from him began to surface, but it was immediately quelled by an incredible drive to prove herself. She wasn’t going to just give up and run away.

“Okay… just don’t push yourself too hard, Lucine,” Arnold said in a slightly worried tone. “Aile and I have been doing this a while.”

Lucine merely nodded in reply, not wanting to give up any more precious endurance to speech. They were nearing the start of the sixth lap.

Only five more, Lucine told her aching sides and legs.

Unfortunately for her, Aileron sped up as soon as the sixth lap began. Lucine struggled, and after willing her legs to push the desired limit, she was able to catch up to the two boys. However, he accelerated again. And again. And… again. By the time the seventh lap rolled around, Lucine had fallen half the track’s worth behind them. Try as she might, she couldn’t even keep up the pace she was at, and soon began falling even farther behind. They lapped her once, and as they passed Arnold called back to her.

“Good effort, Lucine.” Aileron, however, didn’t even look at her. She slowed to a walk, suddenly devoid of the will necessary to keep running. That one had hit her hard. Lucine felt her throat tighten, and tears welling in her eyes. Her lip quivered, but that’s as far as she let it get. She wasn’t going to start crying after all of this; she had to maintain face at the very least. However, she also had to get off the track before she lost it and burst into tears. Thankfully, it was nearing time for the class to end anyway, and Lucine began walking back toward the locker room. Though she was defeated, she tried her best to walk upright.

Arnold looked back at Lucine’s slowly retreating figure, then over at his friend beside him. They were starting on their eighth lap, and both boys were starting to get a bit winded.

“Impressive,” Arnold said.

“What’s that?” Aileron replied, keeping his eyes forward.

“Lucine, she’s pretty fast.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Aileron shrugged a bit. Arnold noted that Aileron didn’t seem to like Lucine very much. Having been nice to just about everyone since Arnold had come to know him, it wasn’t normal for Aileron to act this way. However, he wouldn’t push the subject right now. There would be plenty of time to talk later.

Lucine flopped down on her bed an hour later. Her body was absolutely exhausted from the run, and was demanding rest. She had over done it, by a large margin, and now she was paying for it. Her sides and abdomen ached, her legs felt akin to spaghetti, and her head was swimming in a stormy sea of confusion.

And on top of all that, she felt utterly defeated. With a bit of effort, she turned her head to the side and looked at the other bed in her room. Thankfully there had been a vacancy in this house for her when she arrived, even if it was later in the semester. However, due to the currently enrolled number of students, she was put into a room with no roommate. To some, this would probably be a blessing, and indeed Lucine had felt that way about it at the beginning. But, right now it was just adding to her bitter loneliness. She felt tears again coming to her eyes, and her throat was sore due to having denied herself from crying earlier. No one was watching her now, but it probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway. She couldn’t keep the tears back anymore even if she wanted to. She found her pillow and hugged it tightly as she began sobbing. It was painful for her to realize, but Aileron didn’t even remember her. Nor was he interested in her. In fact, he even seemed to dislike her. Suddenly, everything seemed so hopeless, and Lucine felt a despair that she had never before known.

As she cried herself into a deep sleep, a thought crossed her mind. It seemed hopeless, but it wasn’t over yet. She couldn’t let it be. She had come too far.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Reassurance

Wednesday morning was rather clear and bright. Though a fan of cloudy days, Aileron welcomed the rare sunshine. After his second period class had ended, he took a few minutes during the break to admire the view of the Pacific ocean as it lapped harmoniously at the Oregon coastline. Standing with his arms rested against the iron fence, Aileron gazed out over the endless blue tapestry and allowed himself to fantasize a moment. How he longed to be in his plane, soaring over that blue water with Elise in the back seat. It was an absolutely perfect day for flying. Of course, to him every day, be it sunny, rainy or in the middle of a hurricane, was perfect for flying.

As if his thoughts were a cue, a low rumble sounded from the distance. An early morning flight of US Navy FF-24 Firefly aerial frames turned lazily outbound. For a moment their engine nozzles were pointed toward the school, and the thunderous roar was impossible to miss. Only a moment later they turned back toward the Naval Air Station a few dozen miles to the South and the sound subsided. Lately, there had been quite a few patrols in the airspace around Lighthouse Academy. The recent hostage situation that was compounded with the arrival of a MiG-42 Fastback had the authorities a bit on edge, but Aileron could already tell that the stepped-up security was beginning to wane. It wouldn’t be long until that incident was just a distant memory. However, to him it had been a lot more personal. He had fought, and killed, that day in order to protect his schoolmates and especially Elise. He didn’t regret what he had done, but he did worry about something like that happening again. He knew there was a security contingent from Aegis enrolled in the school, but as for who it was or even how many there were, Lang wouldn’t tell him.

At that moment a girl’s voice brought him out of his thoughts.

“Beautiful,” she said. Aileron recognized the voice, and he cringed a bit. It was that girl Lucine. What was she going to bug him about this time?

“Those are FF-24s, aren’t they?” she said after a moment. Aileron was silent a moment, but when what she said had registered, he turned toward her in disbelief.

“Excuse me?” he said, confused. Had he really just heard that? From her?

“Those frames. I think they’re C models,” Lucine said, squinting at the silhouettes as they disappeared into the distance.

“Uh… actually, they’re E models,” Aileron replied, still at a loss.

“Oh? How can you tell?” she asked, looking interested. Aileron didn’t really know what to think, but he did know one thing. Someone was talking to him about aircraft. No one here at the school ever talked to him about aircraft.

“The sound,” Aileron replied, turning back to where the frames had disappeared. Even if they weren’t visible, the distant sound of their engines was still vaguely audible. “The C model’s engine sounds much more throaty.”

“They have different engines?” Lucine asked.

“Yeah, it’s the number one difference between the C and E models. The E is a medium range strike frame with a secondary air superiority role. The new engine is less powerful, but much more fuel efficient. The sole benefit is increased loiter time in the Close Air Support role.”

“Really?” Lucine said, sidling up to him. By this point Aileron had forgotten how uncomfortable this girl made him feel.

“Yeah, but I think it was a bad call by the US Navy and Air Force. The C model frame may have a limited range and loiter time, but it’s more powerful engine lets it excel in air-to-air combat, which was the whole point of using frames over fighters to begin with. The high thrust-to-weight ratio allows it to overpower most enemies when in WVR.”

WVR stood for “Within Visual Range.” Ever since the introduction of ‘proactive defense’ systems on aircraft, close range dog fights had become much more common. The aerial frames that were currently in service were designed to overcome the limits of regular fixed wings fighters, their unique designs allowing for super-maneuverability never before seen in a manned vehicle.

“I see,” Lucine replied, comprehending even the jargon. “But I read the E has a more powerful radar and electronic warfare package.”

“Doesn’t matter when you’re in a close range engagement. I’d sure hate to be an E model pilot when engaging something like a MiG-42.”

“The Fastback?” Lucine asked, calling the frame by it’s ‘Global Coalition’ reporting name. “Isn’t the Firefly much better?”

“Not at all,” Aileron said, feeling his pride for the venerable Fastback that had saved his life more than once come to the surface, “it’s thrust to weight ratio is amazing, plus it has a very advanced anti-missile system and twin thirty millimeter cannons. In a dogfight it’s king… until the Lightning four comes into service, anyway.”

“Hmm,” Lucine tilted her head thoughtfully, “it’s getting close to class time, but I want to hear more about this. How about at lunch?”

“Lunch?” Aileron suddenly came back to himself. He was going to go see Elise at Lunch. And here he was talking to this really attractive girl so casually. Suddenly, he felt very guilty.

“Ah, no… I’m busy at lunch,” Aileron replied, once again becoming slightly cold toward Lucine.

“Oh,” Lucine said, failing to completely hide her disappointment. The slip wasn’t lost on Aileron, but he acted as if he hadn’t noticed. Lucine continued, “there’s always PE class, right?” she ventured. Though the sting of Aileron’s cold shoulder the previous day hadn’t yet worn off, she tried to act as if she wasn’t at all bothered.

“Y…yeah,” Aileron replied. He felt a little badly that he had obviously disappointed her. However, it wasn’t something he could really do much about. “I’d better get to class, see you later, Lucine,” he said, than immediately started walking toward his math class.

“But…but…” Lucine stammered uncharacteristically, then called, “we’re in the same class!” before quickly catching up to him. Aileron silently cursed. He knew he was trapped. He couldn’t just ditch her now if they had the same class at the same time without being a complete and total jerk. As much as he wanted to get away from this girl who would threaten his relationship with Elise, he couldn’t really do that right now. So, with a sigh, he let her walk beside him. However, he was silent the whole way.

There was a pop quiz in math class when they arrived. Lucine was annoyed at the surprise exam, not because she would have a problem with the material, but rather it prevented her from talking with Aile, who she had managed to sit right next to today. It was a long exam for a quiz, and it would probably take the slower students the whole period. It seemed like the teacher didn’t really mind, as she was sitting behind her desk catching up on a stack of paperwork. Silently, Lucine cursed the woman. It was obvious that this was just a way to keep the students quiet and busy while she worked on her own agenda.

Aileron was the first done with the test. It had only taken him about nine minutes, which was kind of impressive even to Lucine considering the length. She, however, finished it in only eleven minutes. Aile seemed to take notice as he glanced over when Lucine had placed her pencil down atop the overturned sheets of paper. However, he immediately looked away again, as if pretending he didn’t notice at all. Lucine, however, took some pride in her work. Math was something she was very good at, apparently second only to Aileron himself in this class.

Class still had about another forty minutes until it would end, and Lucine was quickly bored. Unfortunately she couldn’t talk to Aileron, who was right next to her, without inciting the anger of the teacher, who she was currently subject to. So, sighing, Lucine put her head down on her desk and closed her eyes. She hadn’t slept well the previous night.

With nothing else to do, Aileron gazed out the window for the better part of the remainder of class. After a few minutes, he glanced over to Lucine. She had her head down on her desk, resting on her arms. From the looks of her position, lack of movement, and breathing, she was asleep. Aileron contemplated Lucine for a few moments, wondering where it was she came from and why she wanted his attention so badly. Since she had appeared before him the previous day she had caused him nothing but grief.

Looking down at her sleeping form, Aileron felt something different. When she wasn’t trying to be all confident and impressive, she was just a teenage girl. In fact, when she was quiet like this, she even resembled Elise a bit. Lucine was taller and her hair was a bit different in color, but both girls were fair skinned and lovely. However, when Aileron looked at Lucine’s hair, a long dormant feeling of nostalgia began to surface. Something about her hair was familiar. After a few more minutes, Aileron realized he had been staring. Purposefully, he looked away and returned his gaze to the sparse clouds outside the window as the floated silently across the blue sky.

After fourth period History class was over Aileron quickly made his way over to Elise’s house. He wanted as much time as possible in case he needed to change her or maybe even give her a bath if she needed one. He had successfully done exactly that after lights out the previous night. It was a bit precarious, but using the sounds of the fully open faucet as a soundproofing method he was once again able to pull it off without getting caught. It was tricky when the bath started to get close to overflowing, and he had to periodically drain the water so as to avoid that.

When he arrived, Aileron was surprised to see Elise stepping out of the front door of her house. She was attired in the school uniform and had her book bag with her. She closed the door, then turned to see Aileron approaching.

“Heya, baby doll,” Aileron said, calling her by one of the many, many pet names he had for her. Elise’s face lit up when she saw him approaching.

“Aile!” She said, quickly embracing him. Aileron was taken a bit aback; Elise wasn’t usually this outgoing. However, feeling her arms around him his heart instantly melted, and he hugged her right back. She was so warm and soft, it was hard to let go.

“How are you feeling?” Aileron asked. Elise smiled up at him.

“Much, much better!” she said happily. Indeed, her face was so much more full of vitality than when he had last seen her.

“That’s great, babe, I’m so glad,” Aileron said in a relieved voice. “Are we going to lunch, then?”

“Yeah,” Elise nodded. She found his hand with her own and they began walking toward the dining hall. “I don’t really want to eat anything, though. My stomach still feels a bit weak… maybe just some juice or soup or something.”

“Yeah, you gotta eat something,” Aileron replied. They walked for a bit, but Elise soon stopped him.

“Aile, is something bothering you?” she asked, a concerned look gracing her features. Aileron started a bit, then realized that he had been uncharacteristically quiet while they walked.

“N…no,” Aileron stammered. “Not really.”

“But?” Elise asked. She could tell that something was indeed bothering him, and Aileron couldn’t lie to her.

“Yeah… actually, there’s this new girl,” he said. Aileron didn’t take notice, but Elise’s eyes widened a little bit.

“N…new girl?” she asked, her voice a bit worried.

“Yeah, her name is Lucine… she’s been bugging me constantly since she started the other day.”

“Oh… I see,” Elise replied. “Does… she… does she like you?”

“I think she does,” Aileron sighed deeply, “and she is really pretty and even has an interest in combat aircraft. In fact, she’s pretty knowledgeable about them… it’s rare to meet a girl our age like her…”

Driven by a deep rooted and irrational fear of abandonment, Elise began to panic. She took a deep breath and calmed herself, but the questions that had been on her mind of late were threatening to break her. Indeed, Aileron and Elise had been through a lot together, but the latter was beginning to seriously wonder how the former felt. True, Aileron told her he loved her, but at the same time, he wouldn’t further their relationship. Now, Elise wasn’t in any real rush to get to the next level, but so far they had been rather platonic. She wasn’t really sure why Aileron wouldn’t treat her more like she had seen other boys treat their girlfriends. Of course, Aileron wasn’t conventional, and she didn’t envy those girls anymore anyway. Still, she needed the assurance. Of course, even she knew it was silly to worry about Aileron just up and leaving her for some new girl, but Elise had been abandoned many times in her life. It was easy to be pessimistic in her situation.

Aileron, with eyes cast downward, took a deep breath and let it back out into the cold January atmosphere.

“…but she’s just too pushy. I already told her I have a girlfriend, but she doesn’t seem to care. It’s really starting to bug me, you know?”

“Y…yeah,” Elise tried to get a grip on her swirling emotions.

“I think I’ll have to talk with her… tell her I’m really not interested,” Aileron said, feeling resolute. However, when he looked down at Elise he noticed her worried expression. And even though she tried to hide it, Aileron could easily see right through her. Feeling that Elise looked like she could use a compliment, Aileron added, “… and that she doesn’t even hold a candle to my girlfriend, so she should just give it up already.”

Elise looked up at him, then glanced away again.

“Do you really feel that way?” she asked.

“Yup,” Aileron nodded, “you know I love you,” he said rather resolutely, but when Elise didn’t reply he added, “…right?”

“Aile… I’m not… holding you back, am I?” Elise asked, her voice shaking.

“Holding me back?” Aileron was confused, “I don’t understand.”

“I mean… I don’t want you to stay with me out of obligation or responsibility… if you want to see someone else…. I’ll…”

Elise closed her eyes, precariously close to tears. Aileron was surprised that she had gone from being so happy to being so sad in a matter of seconds. He had to remind himself that she had been through a lot in her life, and abandonment was something she was pretty used to. He had to make this right before it got any worse.

“Elise,” Aileron said. She didn’t look at him or reply, so Aileron gently placed a finger underneath her chin and coaxed her to face him. She opened her eyes, which were shimmering with unshed tears, and looked into his own. Aileron could see the uncertainty in her eyes, and it pained him greatly. Even after everything that had happened she still wasn’t able to completely give her heart to him? She was still afraid she would get hurt by trusting him? He would have to do something to prove his intentions, to show her that he was indeed as in love with her as she was with him.

That’s right, Aileron thought to himself as he watched Elise’s beautiful eyes, I know what to do now…

Slowly, so as not to startle her, Aileron moved closer to Elise. She suddenly looked afraid, almost terrified for a moment, but as his face inched closer to her own, and he tilted his head slightly, she knew exactly what was coming. Giving herself over to instinct, Elise closed her eyes, allowed her lips to part slightly, and anxiously waited. A moment later their lips met for the first time.

She had never before been kissed, and even though it was very cold out at the moment, Elise felt indescribably warm. Held in the arms of Aileron, with his soft lips pressed gently against her own; it was like a fantasy. In that moment all her doubts were cast off by the tender gesture of their love, and immediately she felt her heart become stronger. However, tears still flowed. Emotional low rapidly replaced by high; it was too much for her to handle. She sobbed as Aileron broke off, and felt hot tears cascading down her face. However, she was smiling. Aileron smiled a sincere smile and wiped a few of her tears away with his fingers, then took her into an embrace that lasted several minutes.

Lucine had witnessed the whole thing. She had been walking toward the dining hall when she noticed Aileron walking with a girl she hadn’t seen before. She took cover behind a nearby cobblestone wall and watched stealthily, curiously spying on them. When Aileron kissed the girl Lucine felt her heart drop so hard that it actually hurt.

Before she even knew what she was doing Lucine found herself running. She ran, tears falling from her cheeks, all the way across campus. She didn’t even care if she was attracting a whole lot of attention as she ran, sobbing uncontrollably, past numerous students who were walking toward the dining hall. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for her still tired body, Lighthouse Academy was a small campus, and she quickly found herself at the border. She put her arms on the fence at the edge of the cliff, put her head down upon them, and cried her heart out. The sounds of the waves crashing against the base of the cliff drowned out the sounds of her crying, and before long she was able to calm herself a bit.

“Hey, are you okay?” a voice asked. Lucine, startled, looked away from the newcomer. Next to her a few dozen feet away was the lighthouse from which the school derived it’s name. She faced it as she tried fruitlessly to wipe away any sign that she had been crying. Even if she could dry her tears, her red eyes and cheeks did little to help her look anything but distraught.

“Go away,” she heard herself say. She hadn’t wanted to say something that sounded so desperate, but it was a basic defense. She didn’t care who it was that was behind her, she didn’t want anyone to see her weak like this. However, the person persisted. Lucine felt a hand upon her shoulder, and even though she had known someone was there, it startled her so greatly that she jumped.

“It’s okay…” the voice said. It was calm and soothing, kind of like Aileron’s, only a bit softer. She recognized it.

“What do you want?” she asked, purposefully trying to sound rude. Her hostility was belied by her nearly breaking voice.

“To help, if I can,” he said. Lucine turned to glance at him, but then quickly looked away.

“Arnold, right?” Lucine asked. He nodded.

“Yeah,” Arnold replied. “What’s wrong, Lucine?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she said. A gust of wind blew out from the sea, blowing her long hair up and to the side. Lucine put a hand on either side of her face as her tussled hair blew about. Arnold’s hand was still on her shoulder.

“You’ll feel better,” he said. Lucine took a deep breath.

“I… want to be alone,” she replied.

“Okay,” Arnold took his hand from her. Immediately, she wished he hadn’t. The air around her suddenly felt so much colder. “But when you do want to talk, you know where to find me.”

And with that, Arnold turned and walked away. Lucine turned and watched him leave, realizing for the first time that Arnold was very handsome.

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Mealtime Recon

“See ya later, babe,” Aileron said, giving Elise a hug.

“Be careful,” Elise advised, knowing that Aileron was going to PE class, where he generally liked to push his limits. Even though she was privy to just how tough Aileron could be, she still worried about him. And even although he told her not to worry, Aileron was secretly glad that she did. After a few words of farewell, Aileron and Arnold left Elise at her music class and headed toward the locker rooms.

“So…,” Arnold trailed off. From his tone, it was easy enough for Aileron to see that Arnold wanted to talk about something. However, it struck him as odd because usually he would just come right out and say whatever was on his mind.

“What’s up, Arnold?” Aileron asked.

“I saw Lucine at lunch today,” Arnold said. In a rare show of annoyance, Aileron rolled his eyes.

“What, is she bugging you now too?”

“Not exactly,” Arnold said, then took a breath, “I caught her crying.”

“What?” Aileron replied incredulously. Somehow, he didn’t see Lucine as the kind of girl to be caught crying. She was always so overconfident and pushy.

“Yeah. Furthermore, I think it has something to do with you.”

“How do you figure?”

“Well, it’s obvious that she likes you.”

“So it seems,” Aileron replied with a sigh. After a momentary
pause, Arnold continued.

“You were pretty mean to her yesterday, you know.” Aileron gave Arnold a look like he was about to protest that statement, but before he could speak he was overcome with feelings of guilt.

“Yeah, I was,” Aileron admitted with a sigh. “It’s just that she’s been bothering me every chance she gets. I don’t know how to turn her down politely, and she can’t really seem to take a hint. I don’t want to be rude or anything, but she’s really making me uncomfortable.”

“You don’t like her, then,” Arnold said. It was more of a statement than a question.

“Of course not!” Aileron replied, almost sounding offended. “I love Elise.”

“I know that,” Arnold said, waving his hand, “but you don’t really seem to like her, even as a friend.”

“I guess I don’t,” Aileron replied with a shrug. They walked through the door to the locker room, proceeding to row four, where both their lockers were located.

“In fact,” Aileron said as they rounded the corner, “I don’t even understand how she could like me. We only met yesterday, and she’s been bothering me ever since. I mean, I know all about love at first sight and all, but that girl has to be certifiable.”

“Well crazy or not, she’s still a girl.”

“There’s a difference?” Aileron replied, scratching his head. Arnold chuckled.

“Look, all I’m saying is that you should try being nicer to her. If she’s brave enough to come out to the track today let’s take it easy on her, okay?” Aileron thought about this for a moment.

“I guess I can always get a full run in after class,” he said finally, and with a sigh added, “it’s not like I do my homework anyway.”

“That’s the spirit,” Arnold said, giving Aileron a hearty slap on
the back.

A few minutes later they were walking out onto the track. Contrary to both of their expectations, Lucine was there waiting for them. Aileron seemed a bit disappointed, but Arnold was actually quite impressed. He still wasn’t entirely sure of the reason behind Lucine’s outburst of emotion earlier, but he did know that she had seemed embarrassed when he caught her. Yet, even after that, she came out to the track where she knew both he and Aileron would be.

As they approached, Lucine gave them a side glance and continued with her stretching.

“Hey,” she said, her tone unenthusiastic and low.

“Hi, Lucine,” Arnold said, sitting down on the rubber surface of the track. Aileron sat down next to him.

“What’s up, Lucine?” Aileron asked. Though his kind tone seemed forced, Lucine perked up a bit.

“Nothing,” she said cautiously. “You?”

“Not much,” Aileron said, voice strained, as he reached for his toes. However, he wasn’t able to touch them so easily. “Curse you, illusive toes!”

“You… can’t touch your toes?” Lucine said in a cautiously incredulous tone.

“You try ejec…” Aileron said before he stopped himself short of saying the word ‘ejecting’. After a moment he instead said, “umm… back problems.”

“Oh,” Lucine said, blinking a few times.

“Ready for another run?” Aileron said, changing the subject.

“Ah, not really,” Lucine admitted. She was still feeling really worn out from the last run. And her episode earlier hadn’t helped much, either. “But, I don’t give up that easily.”

To Lucine, that statement had a double meaning. However, it was entirely lost on Aileron.

“We’ll go easier today, Lucine,” Arnold said.

“You don’t have to on account of me,” Lucine replied.

“No worries,” Arnold said, “besides, running isn’t much fun all by yourself. If you have someone next to you, then you can go much farther.”

“Agreed,” Aileron added.

“Thanks,” Lucine said, a bit of a smile gracing her lips.

Overall, the run went much more smoothly than the previous day. Lucine was able to keep up, and they only ran one mile, during which Aileron regaled her with a rundown of aerial frame technology. Arnold was genuinely surprised that Aileron would pick such a topic to converse with a member of the opposite sex about, but he was even more surprised that Lucine enjoyed it immensely. By the time of their fourth lap around the quarter mile track, Lucine was showing signs of exhaustion. Aileron and Arnold, who customarily ran about 2.5 to 3 miles daily, were barely even winded. As a courtesy, Aileron just kept talking so that Lucine wouldn’t have to, and before long they had completed their mile run.

To Lucine, it was a major victory. Not that she had run a mile, that was nothing. But, it seemed like Aileron was finally beginning to warm up to her.

Similarly to the previous day, Lucine hit her bed hard after class. Fresh from the shower, she curled up in the still unmade blankets and let out a sigh of delight. Her aching body found solace in the warmth of the covers, and now that classes were over she could take a nap or just relax for a while.

As her weary eyes closed, and her breathing steadied, she vaguely thought about the day’s events. The unpleasant memory of seeing Aileron and that girl kiss came to mind, and Lucine immediately tried to think about anything else. However, she began to wonder just what Aileron saw in that girl. True, she was pretty. However, she was nowhere near in the same shape Lucine was. She was a demure girl who was obviously not very athletic, though of average build for a girl her size. Lucine was taller, fitter, and more confident, all qualities she prided herself on, and yet Aileron didn’t seem to be attracted to her in the slightest. For the past two days she had worn the shortest, most revealing shorts possible during PE class, but she hadn’t even once caught Aileron eying her well defined legs. It had been both disappointing and painful, seeing as how the temperature was around forty degrees Fahrenheit.

What about that girl was so appealing to Aileron? Lucine just had to know. If she was going to defeat her and steal Aileron’s affection, she had to know all that she could. As she drifted off to sleep, Lucine decided that tonight would be a good night for some reconnaissance.

“May I sit here?” Lucine asked for the second time that evening. Carrying her dinner tray with both hands, she had been trying to find a group of girls to eat with and hopefully glean some information from. However, it wasn’t going as planned.

“This seat’s taken,” the red haired girl said rather rudely.

“Oh, sorry,” Lucine said, feeling a bit downtrodden. She turned around and started to look around for another group to try when she heard a voice call out to her.

“Hey, you can sit here,” the voice said from a few feet away. Lucine turned to see two girls sitting at a small table. One of them had long dark hair and a very plain look about her. She wasn’t the kind of person who one would easily pick out from a crowd, nor did it seem like she desired to be. The other girl, the one who had called out to Lucine, was very small and wore glasses. She wore her light brown hair in a braid, and had a very childish look about her, almost so much so that she didn’t seem to fit here in a high school setting. Lucine thought vaguely for a moment that she could easily be a 10 year old who had a super intellect or something.

“Sure you don’t mind?” Lucine asked politely. The girl with the glasses shook her head, her braid swaying back and forth like the pendulum of a clock.

“No, of course not. Please, sit down,” she said, motioning toward one of the duo of empty seats. Lucine set her tray down on the table and gingerly sat down, her legs reminding her of her previous exertion.

“I’m Meagan,” the small girl said, “and this is Krystal.”

“I’m Lucine,” she said with a polite smile, “thanks for letting me sit here.”

“You’re welcome,” Meagan replied. Lucine was indeed glad that the tiny girl had extended the invitation. She was starting to feel awkward standing around like she was in a huge room of people who were almost all sitting down. However, it was a bit of a strange sight to see Lucine, a girl who could easily be described as the most attractive in all the school, sitting with two nondescript girls that almost no one knew existed.

“You must be new here,” the dark haired girl, Krystal, said in a very soft voice.

“Yeah, I only started yesterday,” Lucine replied. “How could you tell?”

“It’s a small campus, new arrivals don’t go unnoticed,” Krystal replied.

“I guess new arrivals aren’t really welcomed, either,” Lucine said with a sigh, “some of those girls were pretty mean.”

“Oh, you don’t want to get tangled up in their crowd anyway,” Meagan said, waving a hand, “I can already tell you’re too smart for them anyway.”

The sudden compliment made Lucine feel a bit awkward.

“Thanks… but it’s too bad, because I was actually looking for some information. Those girls seem like the gossipy type, you know?” Lucine said. She poked at her food a bit with her fork. It was some pasta with some kind of Italian sauce tonight. It smelled pretty good, but Lucine wasn’t all that hungry.

“Information on what?” Krystal curiously asked.

“People,” Lucine replied simply.

“Anyone in particular?” Meagan inquired.

“Yeah,” Lucine said, glancing over toward the South wall. Aileron was sitting at a table with three other students. Arnold was there, as well as a small girl with dark hair she didn’t know, and the girl who Lucine recognized as Aileron’s girlfriend. She glared a few pointy objects her way before returning her attention to the two girls. “Do you know anything about Aileron Phoenix?”

“Aile?” Krystal squeaked out in a bit of a surprised voice. Immediately, she blushed and looked down at the table.

“Don’t mind her,” Meagan said with a roll of her eyes, “she’s got a major crush on him.”

“I do not,” Krystal said nearly inaudibly, pouting.

“Aileron is pretty well known around here. He’s a gentlemen and pretty good looking too, which would make him a pretty good candidate for the popular crowd, just like his extremely well-off friend Arnold. It didn’t take him long to commit social suicide by getting together with that girl Elise, though.”

“Huh?” Lucine was a bit confused, “what’s wrong with her?”

“You mean you don’t know?” Meagan said, wide eyed.

“No, what?” Lucine said, looking between the two girls, waiting for an answer.

“Well, you see,” Meagan said, leaning in closer and lowering her voice, “Elise has a biiiig problem.”

“What kind of a problem?” Lucine said, following suit and leaning in close while speaking quietly.

“It’s something that she tried really hard to keep secret, but it came out last semester, and ever since she’s been probably the least popular individual here at school.”

“What is it?”

“It’s something you won’t believe, even if I tell you,” Meagan pressed on.

“Well, what is it?” Lucine was getting impatient.

“Well, you see…” Meagan trailed off, pushing her glasses up against the bridge of her nose and letting the suspense grow, “her problem is…”

“She wears diapers,” Krystal interrupted. Lucine looked at Krystal, blinked once, looked back at Meagan, blinked twice, then looked back at Krystal.

“WHAT?!” she shouted, earning the attention of those around her. When she realized that all eyes were on her, Lucine slumped down in her seat a bit, blushing.

“I was getting to that,” Meagan said accusingly, apparently a bit miffed at having her moment of profound gossip stolen by her friend.

“Are you serious?” Lucine asked Krystal dubiously.

“Yeah, she’s serious,” Meagan replied before Krystal could. “Elise has some bladder control issue and has to wear diapers, even during school.”

“And Aile knows this?”

“Everyone knows,” Meagan shrugged, “Elise has been the target of bullying and general mean spiritedness, but all that stopped when Aile arrived.”


“Yeah, Elise was always alone before he showed up, but as you can see she has a few good friends now. Rumor has it that Aile rescued her from some guys who were trying to abuse her.”

“No kidding?” Lucine said, still in disbelief.

“Really,” Meagan confirmed. Lucine leaned back in her chair and stared off into space. She suddenly felt extremely guilty.

“I don’t have anything against the girl myself,” Meagan
continued, “I mean, it is a pretty weird problem she has, but it’s not like she can help it. The people who make fun of her for it used to be pretty cruel.”

“Poor Elise was always so sad back then,” Krystal said in a sympathetic tone. “To be honest… I was kind of worried that she was going to try to kill herself. It made me uncomfortable that she always hung out so close to the edge of the cliff during break time.”

Listening to Krystal and Meagan chatter, Lucine looked over at where Aileron’s group was sitting. The girl who they described as being profoundly depressed was smiling, even laughing. She looked very happy, as did Aile. It was hard to imagine her as being so sad like they described.

Krystal sighed heavily.

“Aile is so nice to be her friend. I have to admit that while I felt sorry for her, I was never brave enough to go and talk to her.”

“Yeah, he’s nice, but he already paid for it. Remember?”

“Oh, yeah,” Krystal said, a bit wide eyed.

“I… have to go,” Lucine said, getting up.

“Hmm?” Meagan was surprised.

“Sorry, I just remembered I have to take care of something,” Lucine said. She knew her excuse was vague, and probably not convincing, but her guilt was quickly taking it’s toll on her. She wasn’t going to keep calm much longer.

“Thanks for letting me sit here,” Lucine said as she quickly gathered up her tray and implements. “I’ll see you two around, okay?”

“O…okay,” Meagan nodded. With that, Lucine walked away, turned in her tray to the kitchen staff, and left the hall.

Standing on the perimeter of the school, looking out toward the dark and mysterious waters of the Pacific, Lucine felt warm tears forming in her eyes. She felt extremely bad about how she had been acting. She came to school and was focused on only one thing. So focused was she that she was almost treating Elise like an enemy. However, after hearing about the life that she had, and how Aileron had been so kind as to save her from it… it was just too much for Lucine to take. A sob escaped her, and she was about to just give herself over to her emotions, when she detected someone approaching. Quickly, she wiped her tears away and tried to act nonchalant.
“Hey there,” a familiar voice said over the sound of the crashing waves. His voice was deep and soothing; she felt her heart flutter. Lucine glanced to her left to see Arnold assuming a position next to her. He rested his arms on the fence and closed his eyes a bit, feeling to cold ocean air rushing through his blond hair.

“Hi,” Lucine said, her voice devoid of any happiness.

“Want to talk about it?” Arnold asked, not taking his eyes from the inky blackness of the overcast sea.

“About what?” Lucine asked. Arnold shrugged.

“About whatever it is that’s bothering you,” he replied evenly. Lucine sighed audibly.

After a moment of silence, she asked, “is it really true that Aileron’s girlfriend is incontinent?”

“Yeah, it’s true,” Arnold nodded. Lucine sighed again.

“Aileron is a great guy,” she muttered bitterly.

“The best,” Arnold agreed with a slow nod.

“I feel like the worst person…” Lucine trailed off.

“You really like Aile, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Lucine replied.

“Why?” Arnold asked.


“Why do you like him so much? You’ve only known one
another for a couple of days, right?”

“Well… that’s…” Lucine faltered. She didn’t want to reveal too much. “I have my reasons, okay?”

“Okay,” Arnold relented. “But I should warn you… Aile and Elise have been through a lot together. They’re really in love.”

“I noticed,” Lucine said begrudgingly.

“Aile is a really nice guy,” Arnold said with a smile, “but he’s also very, very protective of his girlfriend. He knows you like him, and he feels like you’re trying to threaten their relationship. That’s why he’s been so curt with you in the past.”

A pause followed. After a couple of minutes, Lucine finally spoke.

“I never even stood a chance, did I?”

“Not really,” Arnold shrugged. “Elise has been branded an outcast simply because of one problem she’s had since she was a little girl. If people could just look past that, they would realize what a great girl she is. Even I was guilty back then. I was intimidated because of the inevitable unpopularity that would come from associating with her. Looking back, I was really stupid. I wish I could be as brave as Aile… and I consider myself really lucky to be his friend.”

“At this point… it looks like that’s all I can really hope for too,” Lucine said. “I don’t want to give up… but I couldn’t live with myself if I took Aileron away from that girl.”

“Elise may seem small and timid, but she’s stronger than you might think.”

“Whatever the reason, I can’t win against her.”

“You should talk to her. Maybe you two could even be friends. If you wanna be friends with Aile, you have to be friends with Elise too. They’re like a packaged deal or something.”

“Right now that’s too much to ask,” Lucine said with a deep sigh, “that girl’s still my competition. I don’t think I could be friends with her… not yet, anyway.”

“Well, if you need a friend for yourself, you know where to find me,” Arnold said. He shivered. “It’s a bit too cold out here for me, I’ll see you later, Lucine.”

“Ah… okay,” Lucine said. Arnold turned to leave.

“And keep your head up,” Arnold said over his shoulder. “Aile may be taken, but there’s someone out there for you, too, Lucine.”

And with that he walked away. Lucine turned and watched him leave. Walking with his hands in his pockets, Arnold disappeared around the the corner of a building. As the silence of the night, and the crashing waves that only seemed to add to it, encompassed her, Lucine suddenly really missed Arnold’s company.

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Proposal

The next day at lunchtime, Aileron was picking up Elise as normal. However, ever since their kiss the previous day, Elise had been somehow different. She was normally very happy to see Aileron, but today she just glowed. Aileron was happy to see this change, as she appeared to be very much a girl in love. She had such a lovely face, and the way it lit up when she saw him really made him feel pretty good.

“Hey Aile, guess what?” Elise said, interrupting Aileron’s thoughts.


“Last night my father called.”

“Oh, really?” Aileron asked, kind of surprised. Elise really didn’t have a good relationship with her father. In fact, the reason she was enrolled at this boarding school was because her father didn’t want to take care of her. It was extremely rare for him to make contact with her.

“Yeah,” Elise said, as excited as a little girl on Christmas morning, “and he wants to get together and have dinner tonight! Isn’t that great?”

“Yeah, it sure is, babe,” Aileron said. He was pleased because he knew that Elise really wanted to better her relationship with her father. At the same time, he was disappointed, because it meant that he couldn’t spend the night with her.

Lunch went as normal. Aileron, Elise, Arnold and Rachael talked about various things. Everything from the current world situation, to the latest gossip, to movies and music they all liked; no topic was left unexplored. However, as is the nature of lunch break, it soon came to an end and they were forced to return to the grueling monotony of class.

After saying farewell to Rachael, Aileron, Arnold and Elise walked toward the music building. Elise liked it when both Aileron and Arnold walked her to her sixth period class. She enjoyed the jealous, as well as openly hostile, looks she got from some of the other female students. In fact, she even thought she saw a couple of the male students give her the very same looks once or twice. Being escorted by two extremely good looking guys made her feel like a princess, and it was something she liked quite a lot.

“So, you’re gonna leave pretty much right after school gets out?” Aileron asked.

“Yeah,” Elise nodded, “after music class I’ll get ready, and my father will pick me up right after seventh period ends.”

“I’m going to skip my weight lifting period and come to see you, okay?” Aileron said.

“Okay,” Elise nodded. She knew that doing something like that was strictly against the rules, but she also knew that Aileron could manage to do so undetected. Besides, by this point neither of them cared much about the rules anyway.

“Okay, I’ll see you in a little while,” Aileron said, giving her a tight hug. Elise hugged him back, sighing contentedly.

PE went smoothly. Lucine actually dressed in the normal winter attire and didn’t really try to usurp Aileron’s attention as she had in the past. They just got in a nice brisk mile run and discussed air power as before. Arnold didn’t have much to contribute to the conversation, but he listened all the same. He felt bad for Lucine, knowing that she liked Aileron as much as she did, yet didn’t stand a chance against Elise. It just was ill fated for her, and now she knew it.

After the period ended Aileron got in a quick shower and headed to see Elise off.

Aileron arrived at her window, which was thankfully shrouded by a few trees, and peeked inside. Elise was there, wearing just a tee shirt and a diaper, looking through her dresser. Aileron silently opened the window and set his arms on the sill. He watched her for a few moments, and when she apparently found what she was looking for he cleared his throat loudly.


“Eek!” Elise squealed. Startled severely, her whole body shook, but then she became very still. Amused, Aileron watched as her diaper went from pure white to a pale shade of yellow in the crotch. Slowly, Elise turned and glared at Aileron, who was grinning at her from the other side of the window.

“You…” she said threateningly.

“Getting ready to meet your father?” Aileron said, still grinning.

“Well, I was just about to get dressed…” Elise said in a slightly irritated tone, “but now I have to get changed.”

“Heh heh,” Aileron chuckled, “sorry babe.”

Effortlessly, Aileron climbed through the window and landed silently like a cat on the hardwood floor. Elise walked over to meet him, still looking kind of miffed. However, Aileron knew better. He could tell that she was quite happy to see him, even if he had purposefully frightened her into wetting herself.

As she approached, Aileron immediately took her into a hug. Instead of returning the gesture, she just turned her head and rested it against his strong chest and sighed.

“It’s okay,” she finally said. “It’s not like I have to do laundry now or anything like that.”

“Hey, you gonna fall asleep like that?” Aileron asked, looking down at her. She had closed her eyes and was softly moaning.

“I wish I could,” she replied.

“Well, you’re leaving in about a half an hour, so you’d better get cleaned up. Mind if I help out?”

“You have to help out,” Elise muttered, “because it’s your fault I’m all wet.”

“Fair enough,” Aileron replied. After a moment of silence, they finally broke their embrace. Aileron got all the supplies he would need to get her cleaned up and diapered.

“Wanna take a shower?” Aileron asked.

“No, I just took one,” Elise said, then blushed and shyly added, “just make sure to clean me up really good, okay?”

“Yeah,” Aileron said with a nod. His heart skipped a beat at the realization of what he was about to do. For some reason, when it came time to change Elise and clean her up, he got really excited. It perplexed him as to why he enjoyed this so much, but it was okay because Elise seemed to like it too. It wasn’t something they discussed, and normally he just felt his way through it. If he paid close attention to her reactions, he could touch her in pretty much any way without going too far. Though he was always very careful not to get carried away, even when it seemed Elise wished he would.

Together, they walked into the bathroom. Aileron shut and locked the door, just in case someone came in the room while he was changing her. Turning to face the waiting Elise, Aileron examined the state of her diaper. While wet enough to warrant a change, it didn’t really look like a full bladder’s worth. Aileron thoughtfully rubbed his chin.

“Hey, you’re not really that wet. Do you think you have to go anymore?” he asked. Elise was a bit surprised that he was asking a question like that.

“I don’t know,” she replied in earnest. “I can’t feel when I have to go. It just… happens.”

“Hmm,” Aileron thoughtfully replied.

“Though, sometimes I…try,” Elise said, feeling herself blushing. It was an embarrassing topic of conversation for her. “The doctors say that the nerve damage won’t heal itself, even over time. But sometimes I think I can feel it… just a little.”

“Go ahead and try,” Aileron suggested. Elise gave him a look like she couldn’t decide whether or not to, but went ahead and followed his instructions. Closing her eyes, she concentrated and willed her bladder to release. After several seconds of nothing, she gave up.

“I can’t,” she said disappointedly.

“Hmm,” Aileron again rubbed his chin in thought. After a moment, he walked over to the shower and turned it on full blast. Elise looked at him expectantly, but what he did wasn’t what she had been expecting at all. She caught the mischievous look in his eyes, but by the time she realized what was happening, it was already too late to stop him. Aileron started tickling her all over. Unable to do anything else, Elise burst out laughing as she tried fruitlessly to fight off Aileron’s attack. However, she wasn’t a strong girl by any means, and due to his recent weight training, Aileron was stronger than ever.

“Aile… please!” Elise managed between fits of laughter, but Aileron wouldn’t stop. He got her up against the wall, pinned her, and mercilessly poked at her ribs, under her arms, and her stomach. Elise laughed and laughed… so hard that she was having trouble breathing. She laughed so hysterically that her bladder just gave way and she suddenly soaked her diaper. Aileron stopped tickling her and watched as her diaper swelled as it grew increasingly wet. Elise brought her rapid breathing under control, looking at Aileron accusingly.

“Why you…” she said in as threating a tone as she could
muster. However, her beaming smile belied any hostility.

“Sorry, but I was curious,” Aileron said with a shrug, smiling back at her. He again looked down at the soaked diaper. “Guess it worked.”

“Sure did,” Elise said, looking down at herself and biting her lower lip. Gently, Aileron placed a hand on the front of her diaper, feeling the warmth. Elise shivered a bit at his soft touch, inhaling sharply. Aileron looked up into her eyes, which were a bit distant. Staring at her angelic face, he got the urge to kiss her again. Slowly moving forward Aileron’s lips met Elise’s and they kissed for what seemed like an eternity. When they finally broke off, Aileron noticed that Elise was blushing, but she looked very content.

“I love you, Elise,” he said.

“I love you too,” she replied. For a long moment, they just silently stated into one another’s eyes.

“You are very wet,” Aileron said, breaking the silence. Elise blushed all the more.

“Your fault…”

Laying down on the towel Aileron had set out, Elise quietly waited as he knelt down and got to work. He untaped the sodden diaper, then lifted Elise’s legs straight up in the air and removed it. Relaxing, Elise let her knees bend, but she rested with her legs still in the air as Aileron balled up the used diaper, and prepared the new one. He took a few wipes and throughly cleaned Elise up, applied some lotion and powder, then set the new diaper underneath her. Once he was satisfied with how it was positioned, he pulled the diaper up snugly into her crotch and began fastening the tapes. As usual, Elise didn’t even say a word throughout the entire process.

“All done,” Aileron said. He stood up, washed his hands quickly in the sink, then helped his freshly diapered girlfriend up onto her feet.

“Thank you,” Elise said meekly.

“My pleasure, babe,” Aileron replied. Elise turned around and leaned up against him. Aileron wrapped his arms around her midsection and pulled her close for a few moments. However, time wasn’t their ally, and soon Elise had to get dressed and ready to leave for the weekend.

“That’s him,” Elise said as black car pulled up affront the school. The chauffeur got out and opened the back door for Elise’s father, who got out of the car and walked up to the pair who were waiting near the administration building.

“Remember, I’m just your bodyguard,” Aileron reminded Elise, who nodded a bit in reply without looking over at him. Elise’s father, Marshal Laraway, had seen Aileron once before when he picked up Elise from Icarus airfield. Even despite the fact that Aileron was the one who had risked his life to save and protect Elise, Marshal still paid him little heed.

“Hello, Elise,” he said a bit sternly, “are you ready to go?”

“Father, you remember Aileron, right?” Elise said, directing her father’s attention to the young lad. Marshal turned and half scowled down at Aileron, who was grinning kind of awkwardly.

“Yes, right, the bodyguard from Aegis,” Marshal replied. “I trust you are taking care of my daughter, young man?”

“Yes sir,” Aileron replied in earnest, even if he wasn’t with Aegis anymore.

“You’d better be, I’m paying that Lang fellow quite a bit of money to ensure her safety.”

“You can count on me, sir,” Aileron said in a serious tone.

“Right, well, shall we go, Elise?”

“Yes,” Elise said a bit sadly. Aileron handed her the bag he had been carrying for her.

“Take care over the weekend, Miss Laraway,” Aileron said in his business voice. Elise smiled at him.

“You as well, Mister Phoenix.”

Marshal had to sign Elise out in the administration building, and then after that they were off. As the car rounded the fountain at the front of the school, Aileron could see Elise looking back at him longingly. Aileron watched her disappear around the corner once they left the school. It reminded him of how painful it had been when she was taken from his side after the crazy ordeal they had been through back then, but this time he knew he would see her again. He didn’t care what got in the way, he would always keep that girl at his side no matter what. With that reaffirming thought Aileron turned on his heel and walked back into the school.

To most people who met her she came across as naïve, but Elise was just as astute as anyone else. Since as far back as she could remember, she knew her father harbored a great disdain for her. Still, always the optimist, she never gave up hope that someday her father would realize that she was a good girl and reconcile their relationship. Tonight, she was excited that her hopes might be realized.

Throughout the car ride her father was mostly on the phone talking with various people. It seemed that his political position demanded a lot of time from him, and even Elise knew that his position was very important. Russia was grudgingly a member of the newfound Global Coalition and sometimes tensions between the powers would rise. As the ambassador to Russia, Elise’s father’s job was both precarious and very important.

After a fairly short car ride they arrived at the airport, and were literally driven right onto the apron, where a commuter jet was waiting. It wasn’t Elise’s first time in a commuter, and even though her father took them as routinely as he did automobiles, she still found them intimidating. Boarding the business jet, Elise felt a feeling of trepidation. She didn’t know the pilot of this plane. Was he really competent enough to handle the aircraft in case of an emergency? Was flying really his passion, or just some job to him? Elise hesitated a moment, but eventually swallowed her fears and got on board the plane after her father. She sat down in the seat across from his and strapped in. When the engines of the plane started, and the whole craft shook, she suddenly missed the security of Aileron’s embrace.

Even though this was supposedly the civilized way to travel, she would have much rather been blasting through the clouds at supersonic speeds with Aileron.

The flight was uneventful. Elise spent most of her time just staring out the window. Restrained to just a small hole in the wall, the view of the outside sky was disappointing to her. Flying in the unobstructed view of Wraith’s bubble canopy, where it felt more like she was riding on the plane than in it, was much more satisfying. She remembered how Aileron told her he only flew if he was the pilot. After seeing how his sky looked, as opposed to this dumbed down version, she was beginning to see things his way.

It wasn’t a terribly long flight, only about forty five minutes. They landed at the airport in the same town that Elise’s father’s mansion was in.

Finally around seven o’clock they were sitting down to dinner in an extravagant restaurant. Having grown up in the lap of luxury, Elise was no stranger to refined eating establishments such as this one, but even though she had a talent for acting elegant and refined, she much preferred a more casual atmosphere like the one she was more accustomed to back at the school. Still, she didn’t show any discomfort, even if inside she was feeling strained.

They were seated in a quiet corner that afforded them a degree of privacy not seen in a normal restaurant, which was beneficial since it seemed that Marshall had a rather heavy subject to discuss with his daughter.

“Elise, I have good news,” he said about halfway through their meal.

“Good news about what, father?” Elise asked. Even though she would have liked to call her father by a more affectionate nickname than simply ‘father’, Elise couldn’t bring herself to say ‘daddy’ or even ‘dad’ to him. As far back as she could remember she had just called him ‘father’. She didn’t like it. Even though it was probably insignificant, just that alone made her feel miles away from him when he was seated just across from her at the very same table.

“About your condition,” Marshall said in a hushed tone. Elise was taken aback. It wasn’t normal for her father to bring that up. Without waiting for a reply, Marshall continued, “I’ve been talking with Doctor Lipinski recently and it seems that a new treatment has been developed that has a very good chance of curing you. I set up an appointment tomorrow morning for a preliminary examination.”

“Oh… that’s…” Elise was suddenly overcome with a flood of emotion.

“Isn’t it wonderful, Elise?” Marshall continued without even noticing her trepidation.

“Y…yes,” Elise said. For some reason she felt troubled, but still managed to force a smile. She couldn’t understand her own feelings. Being cured of her incontinence was something that she had desired for a long time. If the treatment was indeed a success she wouldn’t be an outcast anymore, and she could live life as a normal girl. That was what she wanted, wasn’t it? Absently she squeezed her thighs together a bit, feeling the thick, soft material of her diaper bunching up against her skin.

Next Day

It was a familiar setting that she had experienced many times growing up. Most children had fond memories of spending time outdoors with friends and family, but for Elise all she could really remember were the frequent hospital visits that made up much of her childhood. Even though she felt that a girl her age shouldn’t care about things like that, the young Elise genuinely wished that she could somehow take back her past and do it all over. If only she didn’t have the curse of being incontinent then everything would be different… or at least that’s what she had thought every single day up until now. At present, she was being given the chance to rid herself of that curse once and for all, so why was she hesitating now? She was still a young girl; she could still make memories and live out many of the fantasies that she had always had. A previously unattainable dream was achieving fruition, and yet for some reason it depressed her.

Dressed in only a diaper and a tee shirt, Elise sat atop the examination table in the doctor’s office. True, this was a different doctor than the one she had seen growing up, and this office was miles from the one she so vividly remembered, but it was all the same. Once again she was sitting in a diaper atop a cold table. Would this be the last time she experienced this?

So lost in thought was she that Elise barely even noticed the door open. She looked up somberly as the doctor, an older and somewhat overweight man with graying hair, walked into the room, closing the door right behind him. Adjusting his thick rimmed glasses, he surveyed the young girl before him and gave a friendly, professional smile. Elise felt a tad bit embarrassed, but her wealth of experience with doctors curbed that a little.

“Good morning, Miss Laraway,” the doctor greeted in a friendly manner. After a brief pause he continued, “my name is Doctor Lipinski.”

“Nice to make your acquaintance, doctor,” Elise said meekly. Lipinski walked over to a small sink in the corner and washed his hands. After a moment of drying them with a sterile towel, he donned a pair of rubber examination gloves and proceeded over the the table where the diapered teen was sitting.

“How are you feeling today?” Lipinski asked.

“Well,” Elise replied. In truth, she was feeling terribly anxious, which was making her somewhat nauseated.

“Good,” he said, taking his stethoscope and putting it to her chest underneath her shirt. Elise inhaled a bit sharply at the sudden feeling of cold metal against her skin. “Give me three good deep breaths,” Lipinski said, listening intently. Elise did as instructed. After a few moments, the doctor took the stethoscope away and jotted something down on a piece of paper that was attached to a clip board. A normal battery of simple tests and one-answer questions ensued. Elise was all to familiar with this routine, but rather than being bored with it there was something about the gentle and professional touch of a doctor that brought her a feeling of comfort. It wasn’t anything like when Aile touched her, but rather different somehow, though she couldn’t put her finger on why. At the thought of the young pilot who was currently so far away she immediately felt a wave of loneliness wash over her, but she quickly shook it off. Before long, Doc Lipinski was all done with the tests.

“Well, you appear to be in good health, but unfortunately there’s still a number of tests to run. This is, after all, a very risky operation.”

At that moment a light went off in Elise’s head. Her father had made no mention of it being a terribly precarious operation. In fact, he hadn’t really said anything about negative side effects at all.

“Wh…what do you mean risky, doctor?” Elise asked uneasily. Doc Lipinski gave her a quizzical look.

“Surely your father went over the procedure with you beforehand,” he said as more of a question than a statement.

“N…no, he didn’t really tell me anything,” Elise said worriedly. After a gulp and a moment of hesitation, she finally asked, “is there something I should know?”

The doctor took off his glasses and rubbed his temples, then replaced them onto his face. After sighing a moment, Lipinski took a seat on a stool next to the examination table. He spoke in a controlled, but somehow disappointed, voice.

“Due to unique nature of your disorder regular spinal treatment wouldn’t work. There is a new procedure that involves reconstructing the damaged nerves using a type of nano-technology, but because it’s a new process there are a lot of risks involved. The chances of success are actually quite slim.”

“…and if the operation doesn’t succeed?” Elise asked nervously, trying to control her voice and sound calm.

“There’s about a ninety percent chance that if the operation fails you will be left paralyzed from the waist down.”

Elise was speechless. A lot of feelings that she didn’t quite understand were welling up from deep within her. Surprisingly, though, disappointment about the operation was small. The most overwhelming feeling she was experiencing was anger. Anger at her father for not telling her about this.

In the end Elise went ahead with the examination and tests. While she was extremely worried about the potential threat the operation presented, she realized that it might be her only opportunity to live her life as a normal girl, and that was something that was important to her. In any case the operation wasn’t actually scheduled until the following week. She had seven days to think about it.

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Resolution

Saturday night Elise laid down on her familiar bed at her father’s house. She had been sleeping in this bed for a long time until she was enrolled in the boarding school. Now, whenever she slept in this bed it meant that she had to be away from Aileron, the one person in her life who seemed to understand her. Knowing that he was currently so far away made her miss him terribly. Her only comfort was that she knew that he was probably thinking about her as she was of him. That made her feel closer to him somehow. Turning on her side, Elise stared out her window at the full moon looming in the distance.

If she thought hard enough about Aileron, it was almost as if he were right beside her in bed. She could almost hear his breathing, feel his warmth, smell his scent. She thought back to the last time they were together, when he had tickled her into wetting herself. She smiled when she thought about it. Then she remembered how he had placed his hand on her wet diaper. The mere memory of his soft touch caused her to shudder, and she realized that her own hand was caressing the same spot.

It forced her to again reflect on her day. She had constantly been thinking about the risk the operation posed. It was the only thing that stood in her way of a cure to her condition. But now that she thought about it, there was more to her hesitation than just the danger. When she thought about Aileron in times of loneliness, she often recalled the times they had been close. The times that mostly came to mind were those when he had changed or bathed her.

A girl her age, especially in modern American culture, should have wished to be independent of anyone, especially a man. However, Elise didn’t really like being independent. It wasn’t that she couldn’t take care of herself; she was just as capable as any girl her age, and quite proficient at changing her own diapers. But she liked being taken care of. She knew that she could give herself over completely to Aileron, and he would take care for her; give her whatever she needed. That level of trust and intimacy was something she placed a lot of value on.

If she hadn’t met Aileron, she might have been more willing to go through with the operation despite the risks. Before he flew into her life, she had little hope of being accepted as she was. Once her secret was out in the open she soon came to hate her life. It would’ve been worth it to risk her health for the chance of normality. At that time she didn’t even dare imagine that there would be someone as wonderful as Aileron who would not only accept, but even embrace her despite her flaws.

When she really thought about it, she didn’t mind so much being in diapers. Sure, it was a hassle to change them all the time. They were warm in the summer, and she was pretty much relegated to wearing only dresses and skirts. But it wasn’t that bad. She had been wearing them her entire life, after all. In fact, the thought of what it would feel like to be lying in her bed in cotton panties, rather than a disposable diaper, seemed absolutely foreign to her.

What bothered her was what other people thought. She had seen how something that seemed trivial in the great scheme of things could easily ruin her life. How people saw her was now very important. But, when Aileron was with her, it wasn’t a problem. In fact, the only person’s opinion that really mattered to her now, besides her father’s, was Aileron’s. She wouldn’t be able to make a decision before asking him. Since she already knew that her father wanted her to go through with it, if Aileron felt the same way then she would go into it without hesitation. However, if Aileron disagreed with her father, she would have to seriously consider who’s opinion mattered more.

But for the time being she tried to just force the issue out of her mind. She was worried what he might say, but instead of dwell on it, she found her other pillow and embraced it, imagining that it was Aileron lying with her.

It wasn’t until late on Sunday night that Elise finally returned to the school. Unfortunately, it was too close to lights out to see Aileron, so she would have to wait until lunch time tomorrow. Elise had a hard time sleeping that night. She was worried about how Aileron would respond to her situation. She decided that it would be best if she didn’t tell him about the risk until she knew how he seriously felt about the operation, and the possibility of her being normal. If she told him about the risk right away, he obviously wouldn’t want her to go through with the procedure. Keeping that a secret would be the only way to find out what he really thought.

Finally, the next day arrived and soon lunch period had begun. Elise anxiously waited outside her house for Aileron to come and meet her.

Approaching her house, Aileron immediately caught sight of Elise standing outside of the door like normal. However, rather than notice his approach as she normally did, she seemed preoccupied with something else.

“Heya doll face,” Aileron greeted warmly. Elise started a bit, then looked up at him. As soon as their eyes met she smiled a bit, but whatever was bothering her quickly overpowered the warm feelings she got from seeing him.

“Hi Aile, how was your weekend?” Elise asked.

“Kind of boring,” Aileron said with a sigh, “I missed you a lot, and even Arnold was off campus. I did spend some time catching up with Rachael, though. What about you? How did the big dinner with your dad go?”

“It went…” Elise thought back to Friday evening’s strained dinner with her father. “It was nice,” she said, sugarcoating it.

“Well, that’s good,” Aileron said, but seeing Elise’s sad demeanor he added, “right?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Elise replied, then sighed.

“Elise,” Aileron asked in a more concerned voice, “what’s bothering you?”

“I… well… can we go somewhere and talk… alone?”

“Yeah,” Aileron immediately replied. Usually anything Elise had to talk about she could say with the company of Arnold and Rachael. However, this time it felt like whatever she wanted to discuss was far more important than other times.

“Where can we talk privately?” Elise asked.

“I know just the place,” Aileron replied.

There was an area near to the library building that had a few trees. Normally, especially during this time of day, no one would be there.

“So, what is it you wanted to talk about?” Aileron asked once they were in the secluded place. Elise looked out over the waves as they slowly made their way toward the cliff which they were standing atop. Unconsciously, she hugged herself as the cold breeze rushed over them. Aileron took off his coat and lovingly draped it over her shoulders.

“Thank you,” Elise said, looking up at him. Aileron smiled down at her, and she looked away slightly embarrassed. After a moment of hesitation, she took a deep breath and spoke.

“Aile… you love me, right?” she asked. Aileron was taken slightly aback at the strange question, but replied immediately.

“Yes, I love you very much, Elise,” he said with a smile. Elise looked up into his eyes, but again looked down and away.

“Would you love me more if… if I were normal?”

“What do you mean normal?” Aileron asked.

“You know… if I didn’t have to wear diapers all the time,” Elise said softly, her voice barely audible over the crashing waves in the distance.

“I don’t think I could possibly love you more, Elise,” Aileron said. “And your being in diapers isn’t something that bothers me. You know that already, right?”

“Yeah, I guess I do,” Elise again sighed.

“What’s this all about, Elise?” Aileron asked.

“It turns out that… there’s this operation. My father told me about it… it’s possible that if I agree to go through with it I could be cured.”

Aileron felt his heart skip a beat.

“You mean… you wouldn’t need diapers anymore? You’d have full control over… everything?”

“Yes,” Elise nodded her head.

“Well… that’s,” Aileron rubbed the back of his head. He wondered how he should respond to her. He knew that she had a longing desire to be normal in that regard, so he should be supportive of anything that could help her to that end. However, at the same time he felt something else. A feeling that told him that even if it were possible, he didn’t want Elise to change at all.

“It’s great, right?” Elise asked.

“I… I don’t know, Elise,” Aileron sighed, feeling defeated. He just couldn’t be supportive if his own heart wasn’t in it. “Why should you have to change anything about yourself? There’s… there’s nothing wrong with you.”

“But… there is. Just because of a car accident when I was a little girl I’ve been like this… if there’s a way to fix it now after all these years, shouldn’t I be happy about it?”

“You mean… you’re not happy?” Aileron asked.

“I… I don’t know,” Elise said in a tone that Aileron had never heard from her. She seemed frustrated, but at the same time very sad. She clenched her fists at her sides and closed her eyes, suddenly fighting back tears. “I should be happy about it… but… but…” her voice broke and a sob escaped her. Clenching her teeth she tried desperately to keep her composure.

“Elise,” Aileron said, not knowing what else to say. He reached out and took her hands in his own and gave them a comforting squeeze. Elise looked up into his eyes for a moment, then suddenly broke down in tears. She sobbed heavily and fell against Aileron’s chest, wrapping her arms around him as tight as she could. Aileron held her as she uncontrollably sobbed into his chest.

Damn it,” Elise said, her voice muffled. Aileron was surprised at the first thing he had ever heard her say that even vaguely resembled a curse.

“Elise… I love you, no matter what you decide,” Aileron replied. However, he couldn’t just leave it at that. He knew that if he didn’t come clean with her now he might regret it for the rest of his life. “… And also… well…”

“What?” Elise looked up while dabbing at her tear filled eyes with one fist.

“I… well,” he sighed, then scratched his head, “I don’t really know how to say this.”

“Just tell me,” Elise urged.

“If you want my opinion… my real, actual, true opinion…” he trailed off, hesitating. Elise nodded her head beseechingly. “Well,” Aileron continued, “to be honest, I don’t want you to stop… wearing diapers, that is.”

“You…” Elise’s eyes grew wide, “you don’t?”

“No, I don’t. I… well… I like that you wear them. I mean… I think you’re really cute and I…” Aileron stammered, his face feeling very, very hot. He forced himself to continue, “I… like changing you, too. It makes me feel really close to you when you let me take care of you, and I don’t want to let that go.”

“Really?” Elise asked kind of dubiously. Aileron sighed, feeling kind of ashamed of himself. He hung his head and replied.

“Yeah, it’s how I really feel. Sorry if that’s weird.”

“No… it’s…” Elise bit her lower lip, “… would if be weird if secretly… I… felt the same way?”

Aileron looked up, his mouth open a bit and his eyes showing his surprise. After a few moments, he replied.

“Well… I…I don’t know… but if we both feel the same way…
then who cares if it’s weird or not?”

“I… guess you’re right,” Elise replied.

“What is normal anyway?” Aileron asked. “We’re better than normal… we’re… we’re…,” Aileron sighed, though it came out as more of a huff, then said in a strong voice, “We’re ‘Aileron and Elise’, damn it!”

There was a silence that followed that impromptu and awkward statement. For a moment, they just looked at one another, neither of the two sure of how to continue. Then, Elise just couldn’t contain herself any longer. She suddenly laughed out loud at his oddball statement. Aileron couldn’t help but join her, and they laughed together for the first time that day. As funny as the statement had come off as, Elise found a strange truth in it. It was true that they weren’t what was considered a ‘normal’ couple, but neither of them were ‘normal’ people. However, that didn’t carry a negative connotation. They weren’t normal… but in a way of looking at it, they were much better than normal. Elise didn’t fully comprehend it herself, but she knew that the sadness and indecision that she had previously felt was completely gone. Now, she was content. Safely in the arms of her lover, and securely in a soft diaper.

Elise thought a moment, and glanced down toward her legs, then back up into Aileron’s eyes.

“I don’t suppose we could… go somewhere even more private for a few minutes,” Elise asked. Aileron looked at her quizzically.

“What for, my dear?”

“Well,” Elise couldn’t help but smile when she said this. It was the first time she could ever remember being this happy at what she was about to say, “I’m wet. Will you change me?”

Aileron smiled at her and nodded once.

“My pleasure, babe.”

End of Part 1

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