Only Mommy gets to touch

“Headshot! Take that moron!” Will screamed into the headset attached to his Playstation controller. Call of Duty always brought out some, let’s say, colorful language from him. Since he only got to play video games for an hour a day, he got pretty serious. If you were to be listening to him when he was in a rather heated match, you would think it was life or death. To Will, however, it pretty much was.

Carly, however, was on the opposite end of the spectrum when it came to gaming. She had never placed a game and had no interest whatsoever. Ever since they had started dating three years ago, she had tried to get used to her boyfriend screaming during his daily gaming sessions. It never got any easier.

It had been about an hour and a half into the allotted two hours of gaming time Will got each day. Ever since they had started living out their MD/LB relationship, she had put some pretty strict rules on TV time. The swearing was tougher to control. Carly allowed it only while he was gaming. Even then, there was times when she had to head up and tell him to knock it off with the bad words.

As she turned the page on her book, she heard her little man scream “Suck it, you dumbass” and that was the last straw. He was lucky there was so little time left or she would have walked up and pulled the power cord out of the wall. She, however, had a way to calm him down that didn’t take such harsh measures. She put her bookmark in and headed up to Will’s bedroom.

“You are the worst at this game. You are terrible!” Will literally screamed into the microphone. The game was down to the last final kills and he was locked in. Just as he picked up his favorite in game shotgun, he felt a hand grab his crotch. Startled, he looked down and saw his mommy’s fingernails running along the plastic backing of his crinkly underwear. He tried to put his attention back to the game, but he saw that he had already died. “Mommy” Will whined, before putting his hand over the mic.

“Uh oh, looks like someone just lost. Not only that, but my ‘big boy’ has a soaking wet Pamper” Carly said in a teasing voice with a sly smile to match. “Since you just finished your game, I want you to go back to the main menu so mommy can change her baby’s wet dipey” she continued with the mocking tone, squeezing the soggy padding to make her point.

“But mommy” Will said, his hand still covering the microphone “I’m not a baby.”

“Oh really, you could have fooled me, Mr. saggy butt. Now, either you can go back to the main menu and tell your friends goodbye or mommy can put that device on her head and narrate the whole diaper change for them” the smile stayed on her face as she gave the threat.

Knowing she was not bluffing, he took his hand off the mic and said “bye guys, I gotta go” in a defeated tone. Once everyone had said goodbye to him, he exited back to the main menu. Will was just glad that none of his friends said anything about the mommy comment from a minute ago. He took the headset off and put it to the side as he saw his mommy walking over to the dresser to pick out his next diaper.

As he was waiting for his fresh padding, he took a look down at what he was currently wearing. No wonder mommy wanted him to be changed quickly. As he surveyed the swollen padding, he figured that one more drop of pee might have made this thing leak. It was at least twice as thick as it was when dry. When he poked at his soggy crotch, it felt squishy, which wasn’t a bad thing. He kept letting his hands explore the wet diaper wrapped around his waist until Carly noticed what was going on.

“No sweetheart, only mommy get to touch your Pampers. Does my little man want mommy to make him feel good in his dipey?” the 24 year old asked.

The 23 year old responded with a shy nod and a “yes mommy”.

“Ok baby boy, you know what that means” she said as she walked back over to the dresser and grabbed a couple things. Walking back, she laid out everything on the bed: a baby blue pacifier, a teddy bear, and a pair of both mittens and booties. “It’s time for my big boy to be my baby boy” Carly said as she popped the pacifier in Will’s mouth and began putting his hands in the mittens.

Will didn’t really have a little age pinned down, but it definitely was not a baby. He hated the baby talk that was thrown his way, the bottle feedings, and just the overall feel of being in baby space. He liked playing video games, watching PG-13 movies (only when mommy was around), and playing with legos. It just so happened that he liked to wear diapers while doing those things. They just felt so damn comfy and helped him relax better than a beer or a bath.

Carly, on the other hand, would love to see her little man in baby space a lot more often. She had a very maternal side that she would really like to express more. Yes, she was able to do that by cooking Will lunch or giving him diaper changes, but it just wasn’t the same. She wanted the closeness and intimacy that came with babying her boyfriend.

Which leads them both to right now. They had made an agreement that, every time mommy made him happy in his big boy parts, she was able to baby him. It worked out well for both of them.

As she finished pulling the booties on her baby boy’s feet, she smiled at his helpless form. There he was, nursing a pacifier with mittens on his hands and booties on his feet, a swollen diaper wrapped around his waist. To add the final piece, she reached to the end of the bed and grabbed his teddy bear. While he didn’t give him a name, she decided for him that he was named “mister cuddles”. Cheesy, she knew, but it was adorable.

“Tank ou fo mister cuddles mommy” Will lisped behind his pacifier, trying to play up the baby talk that Carly loved so much. He knew, the better he made her feel, the better she would make him feel.

“Of course baby boy, mommy would do anything for you! Yes she would!” she cooed at the diapered man in front of her. If you didn’t see what was happening, you would have sworn it was just a mom talking to her newborn.

Carly reached for the bloated diaper and ran her red fingernails against the crinkly plastic. That sound drove Will wild and he even shivered a little bit when it hit his ears.

“Now that my baby boy is all comfy and cuddling with his bear, I think it’s time mommy made her baby boy even happier” she used that same syrupy tone as she placed her palm on Will’s padded crotch. “My my, someone made such a soggy Pamper” she smiled at him, her tone switch from syrupy to sexy in an instant.

“Show time” Will thought as he started nursing the binky in his mouth. He figured that, if he was going to have the baby items, he would use this. Sweeten the rewards. “I did pee pee in my dipey mommy” he babbled around the bulb in his mouth.

Rubbing the squishy padding, she nodded to him and responded “You sure did, mommy is surprised you didn’t leak.” She just kept rubbing the diaper, wanting nothing more then to make her boyfriend happy. “Do you like that baby?”

All Will could do was nod and nurse his pacifier. His breathing was becoming a little heavier. He squeezed the bear in his grasp a little tighter, unknowingly.

“Mommy loves making her baby boy feel good” Carly said as she sped up the rubbing speed. While she knew he wasn’t a fan of baby talk, this was the only time she was able to do it. She was going to overdo it. “Tell me, what does baby like most about his dipeys?”

She actually wanted him to answer a question right now? Mustering as much composure as he could, he answered “Me wike it when mama wubs my dipey when it’s full of pee pees.”

This was starting to get Carly hot and bothered now. “Oh, you mean like this?” she asked as she sped up and smiled as Will squirmed even more. She liked watching Will get off as much as she liked getting off herself. If he was wearing mittens and diapers while holding a teddy bear, all the better.

Will was close. He had never been good at pacing himself. Even when he thought of baseball or taxes, it never worked. It was one of the main issues when getting into a relationship, but Carly didn’t seem to mind. Don’t misunderstand: he satisfied her in the bedroom as well. It was just that, when Carly was the one in charge, he never lasted long.

When she looked down on him, she knew he was close as well. “Is my baby ready to make cummies in his dipey?” she asked, already knowing the answer. “Not yet sweetheart, hold it in for a minute. Mommy will tell you when you can make cummies” she said with a sly smile.

What kind of torture was this? He went through every distraction he had, but nothing seemed to work. The diaper clad man had no choice but to just lay as still as his body would allow and concentrate on not finishing. A horrible strategy, but it was his last option. 30 seconds later, he was about to lose the fight. Just in the nic of time, he heard his girlfriend’s beautiful voice say those amazing words.

“Ok baby, make cummies for mommy”

Once the words left her lips, he started bucking like he was in a bull riding competition. Will bit so hard on the plastic bulb in his mouth that he was surprised he didn’t break it in half. Mister Cuddles was in a vice grip in between the man’s arms.

“Good boy, make your Pamper all sticky for mommy” she said as she rubbed her hands on her baby boy’s legs. Once his midsection had calmed down, she gave his padded crotch a couple final pats. “Did that feel good sweetheart?” she asked with a huge smile on her face.

Will nodded so much, he was surprised his head didn’t fall off. Every time she touched his big boy parts in his diapers, it was magical. “Tank ou mommy, I wub ou” he mumbled around the shield of the pacifier, trying to catch his breath at the same time.

Carly’s heart could have exploded due to cuteness at that moment. “Mommy loves you to baby boy. Now, how about we get this swollen dipey off and get you more comfy?” she started to pull the tapes off without waiting for an answer. Once she had all four tapes ripped off, she gasped. “Hold still baby boy, mommy needs to go grab something.

Will just laid there, in bed, nursing a pacifier and cuddling a bear as mommy was coming back to change his wet diaper. If there was a more vulnerable position, he couldn’t think of it. He just sat and thought what his buddies in college would think if they saw him like this.

Carly returned in what felt like no time with her hands behind her back. “Guess what mommy has for you baby?” she asked, then revealed a baby bottle full of milk. “Mommy wants you to nurse your baba while she changes your sticky Pamper. Why don’t you put your teddy to the side so you can hold it” she said, handing Will the bottle.

Will knew better then to argue. This was baby time for him and, of course, babies drank from bottles. The mittens, however, made this task a little more difficult. He had no chance of holding it one handed, so he had to put both hands around the bottle and nurse the cold milk from the nipple.

Satisfied with her baby, Carly got back to changing him. As she pulled down the front of the padding, she proclaimed “My my, someone made tons of pee pees” as she pulled the Pamper out from under him and got to work wiping him. Satisfied that he was clean enough, she grabbed the diaper and stuffer she picked out and placed them under his butt.

Will never tried to watch his diaper changes. He would always try to find something else to keep his attention. Sometimes, mommy would even let him play video games while changing him. Today, however, it was the bottle. He just stared at the ceiling and nursed the tasty milk from the bottle as he felt her smooth baby powder all over his diaper area.

Taping up his diaper quickly with the skill of a seasoned mommy, she gave him a couple pats on his dry crotch and smiled. Carly was so glad that this was her life and she wouldn’t change it for anything. “Does that baba taste nummy baby?” She asked.

Will just nodded back. After he thought about it for a second, he wanted to make his mommy happy for doing something good for him. Turning up his cute factor to 10, he smiled around the nipple and cooed “Me wuv my baba mommy, it super nummy” as he kicked his feet, his dry bottom crinkling for all to hear.

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