Only Babies Wear Those


It had been so long, yet she never forgot that time. No matter what was happening, it always came back in an instant.

At the time, she had been six years and five months old, according to the ancient calendar. No matter how far they traveled or where they settled, the people had kept those old traditions. Arenda always found it amusing how ironic “months” were, considering where they were, but they remained as useful milestones nonetheless. One such major event, and the one which played host to her bittersweet memory, was the annual celebration of November.

Her family’s many relatives had gathered for the usual reunion, which mainly consisted of large meals, loud voices, and plenty of drinking. It was after the main feast that she found she could no longer resist the temptation to indulge herself in her secret. The rest of her cousins were all out in the back yard, leaping about in childish games. The adults had followed them under the thinly-veiled excuse that the children needed watching. As it turned out — though not to anyone’s great surprise — the adults had been the ones in need of supervision as they ended up drinking merrily until they leaked and spilled all over the place.

Arenda had stolen away to her bedroom. She remembered the quiet comfort of the room, and the muffled clamor of distant voices. Sadly, she had somehow almost entirely forgotten the pure bliss of those few minutes, though the poignant event that followed was likely to blame. It couldn’t have been any more than ten minutes later that her older sister had burst into the room. Hindsight revealed that indulging her taboo interest in their shared bedroom had been a terrible idea. She could still picture the scene. Her sister stood in the doorway, a look of shock and disgust across her face. Arenda had been to scared to say anything or even move a muscle. She had been caught.

Down on all fours, she could do nothing to hide what she was doing as the clothes she had been wearing only consisted of a small shirt, a fuzzy pair of knee-socks, and a thoroughly-soiled diaper. In that horrifying moment, her diaper had grown even more wet, but that hadn’t been her biggest concern. She had known right away that her sister would tell on her as that’s what she always did with everything, but she had not. Instead, she quietly closed the door and walked away. Arenda had thought at the time that she would soon reappear with their mother and father, but she had not. No one ever said anything, so apparently she had never told them. Arenda was too scared to even ask her sister why she hadn’t tattled, so the topic fell into total silence. Her secret was safe.

Her secret remained safe for years, if only because she never dared to tell another living soul. She had never felt that she could trust anyone enough to share such a taboo interest.


Perhaps it was the time of year which was causing her to feel so nostalgic. Autumn was always a special time of year, even if they had long since forgotten most of its origins. It was a time of change; a time for dropping old grudges, and revealing new joys. This year, during the annual changing of the leaves — another long-kept tradition — Arenda hoped to finally build up enough courage to reveal her secret to her boyfriend. She felt that he deserved to know, regardless of if that knowledge would be merely accepted, or violently abhorred.

A distant hum; deep, melodic, and strong. The familiar vibration, if only for a few moments, drew everyone’s attention, as it always had, and always would. Natives and off-worlders alike could not ignore the sensation that touched them in their midst. Most heads turned eastward, toward the source; the breeze would arrive soon. Those familiar with the hourly occurrence would rejoice; those ignorant would often become alarmed. But regardless, in a little over a minute, the air would begin to move, pushed by the hemispheric cyclers.

Kids and adults alike would ready their kites and other playthings in parks all across the globe. Steps would lighten and paces would increase as all manner of feet danced just a little more happily across the soft and colorful landscape. Far above them, the giant sphere covered most of the sky. Its intricate pattern of red and white stripes spun endlessly in the distance. For now, it’s signature red spot was clearly visible, just off center from their location.

Arenda lay on her back; the fuzzy carpet massaged her with each occasional movement she made. All around her were the sounds of mirth and excitement. Just as expected, just as always, the warm breeze pushed the cool air away as it began to gently caress the region. She stared wistfully at the great celestial body above her, marveling at how it never threatened to crash down upon her. Though in truth, it was more likely to pull her into its swirling chaos. It’s violent storms and howling winds were always a fascination to her. She often wondered how something so deadly could also be the source of all their comforts. She had learned long ago in school that Jupiter was almost entirely gas. Layers upon layers of clouds and storms. In contrast, their world had non of these.

Arenda sighed contentedly as the wind touched her smooth skin. She was early, as usual, always preferring to arrive and wait, than to arrive late. This, of course, would give her some time to relax and enjoy the weekend, all to herself. She look a light drag on her clicker, breathing out a fruity vapor after a few seconds. Immediately, the effect hit her and she relaxed a little. She ran her free hand across the velvety fibers, digging her fingers into the plush weave. A noise caught her attention and she sat up. Nearby, a young child was crying. She took another light drag before tucking her piece away. After a moment of searching, she found the source of the distressful call; a young boy—maybe five or six—had fallen. Judging from the scene, it looked like he had been racing with some other children. He was sitting on the ground now, with several other kids crowding around him. A middle-aged woman—probably his mother—was rushing toward him, pushing a stroller. When she arrived she left the stroller and went over to the boy on the ground. In one smooth series of motions, she hoisted the boy, took a quick peek down the back of his pants, and rested him over her shoulder, bouncing lightly in an attempt to calm him.

The other kids quietly shuffled away. It wasn’t long before they had forgotten their fallen playmate, and were soon playing chain-leapfrog. Even Arenda was impressed as their synchronized jumps had four kids in the air at one time. None of them collided, but they were pretty far above the ground nonetheless. Their mothers must have their backs turned.

The commotion had apparently woken the sleeping child in the stroller, for at that moment Arenda began to hear another little voice crying softly. The woman, still holding the boy in one arm, returned to the stroller to roll it back and forth, hoping to soothe the child. The crying subsided, but Arenda could see that the child was definitely awake now. The little girl in the stroller began to squirm, shaking her head and the pink bonnet along with it. She was trying to sit up, but the seat had been reclined. Helpless, she squirmed all the more, trying to raise herself.

From her position, Arenda couldn’t see the upper body of the child; only her flailing arms and the frills of the bonnet were visible. Most of what she could see was just the light ruffles of the child’s dress, and her kicking feet. Her feet had cute little white booties on them, but they were barely discernible for all their movement. Between her legs, and much more stationary, was the obvious bulge of a diaper. It was swollen greatly, and the cutesy pattern had faded completely, indicating it was definitely in need of replacement.

Arenda let out a long sigh as she stood up. Every time she saw that, she felt only envy and shame. Her own indulgence was fun, but secretive. Oh, how she longed to come clean, to openly show her most inner desire. One day, she knew she would have to tell someone, but she just couldn’t find the courage. She really wanted to tell Levi, her boyfriend, as he would probably understand, but she feared what would happen if he didn’t.They had a good thing going, and she didn’t want to ruin it by telling him a secret that ought to be kept to herself.

Warmth spread between her legs as liquid rushed against her skin before being absorbed. She felt the waistband tighten, and the leg cuffs cinch up as they reacted to the volume of moisture. Glancing around, she made sure no one was looking, then she quickly pulled at the waist of her skirt. The inspection revealed that she too had managed to soak away all the patterning on her own diaper. Grabbing her purse, she started making her way toward the center of the park.

Her feet brushed lightly against the carpet, her toes spreading the fibers where they landed.She leaped forward again and again, each hop covered several meters of ground as she gently descended. Soon, she had left the soft comfort of the plush lawn, and transferred onto the springy rubber of the sidewalk. She didn’t like this surface as much, for even though her feet barely touched the ground, she still found irritation in the texture.

All around her the trees swayed lightly in the breeze. Their felt-like leaves were every different color of the rainbow, and it was anyone’s guess which color they would pick for the year to come. Legend had it that the changing of the leaves was inspired by a magical world, their ancient homeworld. It was said that the trees on that world grew on their own, and that at a certain point in the planet’s orbit, they would change color — almost in unison. She had been quite young when she’d learned the truth that their trees were artificial, and that the leaves’ colors were changed through a man-made process. The revelation had devastated her more than learning that Santa didn’t exist. And so, every year around this time she would find herself wistfully wishing to go to that mythical world and see its natural marvels.

It wasn’t that she disliked her own home, it was just that she always had a desire for adventure. If there were worlds with natural trees, and worlds where water divided the land, then maybe there was a world where she wouldn’t feel like there was something wrong with her. Perhaps there was a world out there where everyone shared her interest. She also guessed that if there was a world where her secret was no longer taboo, then something else would likely take its place. Maybe that something might even be something she considered commonplace. Still, she would be willing to give up something that she took for granted if it meant that she could live out her fantasy.

She caught a few strangers looking at her as she drifted past. She knew her skirt had caught their attention. It didn’t bother her what each leap revealed to them. They could see where she was going; they shouldn’t need to look.

“Hey Ma’am, you look like you could use a snack!”

Arenda turned to see a smiling, jolly man holding out a jar toward her. He winked and shook the jar a little, as if to entice her further by moving it. She couldn’t deny that she really did want a snack at that moment. “How much?” She stopped beside him, already reaching into her purse.

“They’re three quarters each; I’ll sell you two for one-whole though. You can share it with a friend.”

“That’s fine, I’ll take two.” She handed him a large coin.

“Thank you, Ma’am, enjoy your weekend.” From the cart behind him, the man fished another jar and handed it to her. He also held out two spoons and two napkins.

“Thanks, you too.” She smiled as she took the items, dropping one of the jars, a spoon, and both napkins into her purse. She knew Levi would like the apple flavor, and took the grape paste for herself.Unscrewing the lid of the jar with a pop, she slowed her gait to a walk. Recklessly, she dug into the jar with her spoon. With each mouthful, she could tell that some of the sticky mush had gotten on her face. Ignoring that, she happily tore into the paste until it was all gone. While she knew that Levi would like the apple flavor, she also knew that grape was his favorite. He wouldn’t miss it if he didn’t know it was ever there.

Satisfied that she had gotten every last bit of goodness from the jar, she looked around. She was near the pool now; just outside the changing rooms in fact. She had planned on using the ones near the entrance, near where she was planning to meet Levi, but she didn’t think she could make it that far. Rather, it was her diaper that wouldn’t last the journey, short as it may be. Another trickle of warmth and she knew that was all it could take. Procrastination was one of her shortcomings, and diaper-changes had been one of her worst areas in that regard.

She dropped the jar and spoon into the waste bin outside of the changing rooms. Pulling one of the napkins from her purse, she wiped around her mouth. A mischievous smiled spread across her face in place of the mess. With one pass of the napkin, she could feel it pull every trace of evidence from her skin. A quick rub between her fingers and those too, bore no incriminating grape residue. As the napkin had done is job in soaking up all the purple, she dropped into the bin.

Stepping quickly, she made her way into the changing rooms. Once she had closed herself inside a suitable stall, she set her purse on the table and pulled a clean diaper from within, setting it nearby in preparation to replace her sagging garment. With a quick snap from the button, she lowered her skirt and began removing the tapes on her diaper. First one, then the other; then finally, she lowered the heavy thing, taking with it all of the unwanted moisture from between her legs. She wadded it up quickly and secured it within the complimentary disposal bags, before setting it aside and retrieving its dry replacement. The clean diaper made a faint crinkle as she unfolded it. Unlike the other, this one still bore its pink flower pattern. It was mere seconds before she had taped herself into the new diaper, and once she had refastened her skirt, collected her purse, and disposed of the old diaper; she was on her way.

She felt a lot lighter now, without the weight of a soggy diaper, and her steps became prancing as she resumed her journey to meet her boyfriend. For a couple seconds at a time, she would pretend that she was truly weightless, as each leap carried her several yards toward him.

Fortunately, he was looking away when she landed near him, giving her a chance to brush her skirt down. “Hiya!” she squeaked happily, causing him to spin around quickly.

“Oh, hey!” He cracked a smile and held out his hands in a welcoming gesture.

She immediately dove in for a quick hug before retreating. For a second, she stared up at him silently. When he didn’t say anything, she prompted, “what are you waiting for, let’s go!”

“Well, I was waiting for you…as usual.” He smirked, leaping away quickly to avoid a swat directed at his rear end.

“Get back here!” She leaped after him. Once she caught up, she also had to dodge a hand directed at her own posterior. “Hey!” She backed away defensively, “don’t forget we’re in public.”

He threw his hands into the air, “What? You started it!”

She had no response.

“Never mind, let’s go down toward the blocks and get something to eat.” He waved his hand dismissively, not particularly interested in keeping this nonsense going any longer.

“How about we just hang out in the forest?”

“Sounds good to me.” He took her hand and led her back along the path she had come.

But as they walked Arenda began to feel uneasy. She had sworn to herself that this would be the day to tell him; this would be the day she let her secret out. But it felt wrong. It was such a pivotal thing, something that could potentially end their relationship. And if he told other people, she could lose her job, or her other friends. It could make her a total outcast. But to hide it was to lie, and she couldn’t bring herself to lie to him; not any more.

And so each step, each second she delayed was just another lie. That wasn’t fair to him.

“Hey.” She slowed down.

He turned to her, aware that something was troubling her. “What’s up?”

“I need to tell you something—”

Before she could finish, a nearby voice interrupted her. “Excuse me sir, do you know where the shuttle station is?” A middle-aged woman was quickly approaching them, a young girl was trailing close behind her. “Oh, did I interrupt? I’m terribly sorry. If you could spare a minute of time, I think I’m lost.”

Levi turned to face the woman. “Well that depends on where you’re headed.”

“We’re headed to the Val—”

“Mummy, this feels funny.” The child whined pitifully and they all looked down. Tugging at her mother’s skirt was a young girl with long black hair and slender eyes. Arenda took notice of how different the child was, but quickly looked away in spite of herself.

“Hush Lucy, you—”

“But Mummy, I don’t wanna wear a diaper.”

Her mother crouched down. “Look, you’re just gonna have to live with it. You’re a big girl now, and I expect you to act mature; don’t throw a tantrum.” She brushed the girl’s hair back. “Now, you’re being very rude while I’m trying to ask for directions. Just be quiet while Mummy is talking; I’ll change you in a minute.”

Arenda tried as best she could, but in spite of herself, she just had to to stare. This girl must have been at least twelve, possibly older. She was wearing a colorful, animal-print romper. Under that was the obvious shape of a diaper, and judging by its swollen size, it wasn’t a clean one. Other than that, she only wore a pair of rainbow-pattern toe socks. Even Arenda was shocked to see a mother dress her child like that, but that didn’t for a second, cause her to not be envious of this ‘Lucy.’

“As I was saying, we’re headed to the Valhalla region…” The mother continued to speak, but Arenda wasn’t paying any attention.

It was clear that these two were either tourists or had just moved here. Judging by their physique, which was more sturdy than her own, Arenda suspected that they might be from somewhere with higher gravity — possibly even a planet. She crouched down and put her hand on the girl’s shoulder. “It’s okay sweetie, don’t be sad.”

The girl looked up, but her countenance didn’t change. “I don’t wanna wear this.”

Arenda whispered softly as she lifted her skirt just a little. “You don’t have to be embarrassed, everyone on Callisto wears diapers. See, I’m wearing one too.”

The girl sniffled looked down. “But…”

“You’ll get used to it, I promise.” Arenda noted that her efforts didn’t seem to have much effect. “And hey, those are cute socks too, but you might wanna try going barefoot like we are. The textures around here are really soft,” she paused for a second, “but I understand if you don’t wanna take them off.” To her surprise, Arenda found herself being pulled away by a hand on her arm. Apparently, she had missed the entire rest of the conversation while she was talking with the little girl.

“Good heavens! She’s out in public in that!?” The two of them looked to see an elderly lady sitting on a bench, shaking her head in disapproval. She spoke boldly, barely waiting until the mother and child were out of earshot. “What moon are they from?”

Levi led Arenda away down the path. “They’re just tourists, we can’t expect them to know everything.” Levi whispered to Arenda as they walked.

“No, I guess not.” She scuffed her foot at the ground, dragging it lightly across the rubber tiles of the sidewalk. Now she felt even more reluctant to try and come clean.


It wasn’t too much later that they found a quiet spot in the middle of the forest. They said nothing to each other, save for when Arenda gave Levi the jar of apple paste. There was nothing wrong with that, as they often liked to simply enjoy the silence together. This time, however, Arenda was using the silence to settle an inner conflict. She wanted to tell him her secret, but she was worried about his reaction to that young girl from earlier. She couldn’t tell what he thought about the whole thing, but she suspected disapproval. She didn’t want to hurt Levi, but she felt that it would hurt him more to keep it from him.

The young girl and her mother were evidence that Arenda was not alone. Somewhere out there, there were people like her, whether they knew it or not. Maybe it was just the norm for them, but to her it was a pleasure. They didn’t need to know that, no one did, but if she could live on a world where she wouldn’t be shunned for what she liked, maybe that would be for the better. Even if it hurt her and hurt Levi to tell him who she really was, it might be the right thing to do.

She didn’t know how long had passed, but her clicker had found its way into her mouth again. She didn’t remember putting it there, but she was sucking on the rubber nipple like her life depended on it. Every so often, she would stop playing with it and breathe in. The taste alone was relaxing, but when she breathed through the device, it would release a thin vapor into her lungs. She couldn’t remember what mixture this was, but its calming effect was unmatched in her opinion.

“Goodness, are you that stressed out?”

Arenda turned to Levi and quickly spit the clicker out, letting it dangle from its ribbon. “No,” she said quickly, then added, “I’m just thinking about something.”

He put a hand on her shoulder. “Well by all means, don’t let me interrupt.”

Arenda shifted her legs to a more modest position as Levi stood up next to her.

He took a few steps through the dense covering of white leaves but turned back toward Arenda. “I’m gonna grab a drink, you want something?”

“Sure.” She didn’t move.

“Anything in particular?”

“Bottled liquid please.” She looked up with a grin. He only shook his head and walked away with a laugh.

When he had gone, she popped the clicker back in her mouth. Brushing her hand through the leaves, she could still feel the shaggy carpeting that was hidden beneath the piles. Picking up one of the leaves, she turned it over in her hand. It was white and had a fuzzy, felt-like texture. It was floppy, but something inside of it made it crinkle distinctly as it bent and twisted. Her mind once more returning to thought of real leaves, she wondered what color leaves truly were. The leaves she’d known were always white or gray once they fell to the ground, but the ones on the trees could be any color. Most tree-leaves were some light pastel shade, but some of them were bright and vibrant hues. Soon, each tree would get its assigned color, and would stay like that until this time next year. It seemed wrong to her, that someone else got to decide what color the trees should wear. If she could, she’d ask the trees what color they wanted. If only they could answer…

Roused from her musings, she felt a rumbling in her midst that wasn’t from hunger. She had just changed recently, so she was a little upset that she had to go so soon after, but there was nothing else to be done. Climbing to her feet, she squatted down and waited. While everything else was shifting around inside of her, a small trickle of pee found its way into her diaper, only to be quickly absorbed. Soon enough, a soft mass pushed out of her and spread into the seat of her diaper. Not even a second later, she felt the familiar cool sensation as the diaper emitted its sealing gel. The gel slid along her skin, working its way between her bottom and the mess she had just made. The gel had warmed by the time it had finished sealing her mess, and the associated odors, inside its slippery exterior. In response to the extra weight, the leg cuffs and waistband also tightened slightly, cinching in to help keep her diaper in place.

With a sigh, she plopped down on the ground. Beneath her, the gel felt almost the same as the mess she’d made. Despite the fact that she could feel it smearing against her as it was pressed beneath her weight, she knew that it still kept her skin safe and protected. They didn’t have this technology when she was little, and messes needed to be cleaned up by hand. Ah, the marvels of modern technology.

Just then, she felt herself being pulled back as Levi grabbed hold of her and planted a kiss on her lips. Grabbing hold of his shoulder, she pulled him off balance and he tumbled over her. Together, they rolled over several times on the soft bedding of leaves before they finally came to a stop. Levi lay on his back and Arenda was on top, straddling him.

He put his hands on her middle, just above her waist, and began sliding them beneath her shirt.

“Hey.” She grabbed him by the wrists. “If you wanna do that, maybe we should take this somewhere more private.”

He looked slightly disappointed for a moment, but soon brightened. “Fine, your place then? Or do you wanna just stay here for a while?”

“Don’t start something you aren’t prepared to finish.” She smiled, knowing how effective her teasing was on him. Still, she wasn’t comfortable getting very intimate when they were technically out in public. She liked having him all to herself, like a secret… a secret. She suddenly remembered that she really needed to tell him, but now wasn’t quite the time.

“Your place it is.” He beamed up at her, then looked toward her waist. His face showed a bit of confusion. “Hey, are you w—”

“Save it.” She put a finger on his lips. “Whatever it is, save it for when we get home.” Just to tease him a little more, and possibly distract him, she gave him a kiss before climbing off and letting him stand. She wondered how he hadn’t immediately noticed, but she knew he was sometimes a little oblivious.


By the time they were inside her apartment, they had long since finished their bottles, and her diaper was much heavier because of it. She would have to convince him to give her a few minutes before they commenced the fun. That was usually quite the difficult task, as he was quite the persistent love maker, and not easily distracted from his goal.

“Can I help you in there?” He called toward her as she attempted to retreat to her bathroom. “Or can I help you out here?”

She spun around and saw he was winking at her. He wasn’t joking and she knew it. As much as she wanted to quickly dispose of her messy diaper, she hesitated. He was already shirtless, and had his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts. She knew what he wanted, and as much as it really didn’t do anything for her, she knew it drove him crazy, and that was enough to make it fun for her as well. He was a little old-fashioned sometimes, but she didn’t count it as a fault. Whatever made him happy was the what she wanted to do.

“You’re weird.” She knew the irony in her playful accusation, but she knew he wasn’t ashamed of his little kink. It almost wasn’t fair that he had a kink that was accepted while hers was not.


She wasn’t going to refuse him anyway, and was already nearing the bed. He look hold of her by the shoulders, and she let him lay her down on her back. In a flash, her skirt was gone, flung across the room with reckless disregard.

“Well then.” He stopped, standing up as he stared down at her.

She didn’t really know why he liked changing her diaper. To her, it was just something that she did whenever it needed to be done. To most people, it was just a regular occurrence and no one really put much thought into it. But he really liked it, even if she didn’t understand why. He peeled back the tapes and pulled the front of her diaper down, exposing her bare skin as well as the sealed mess beneath her. Lifting her legs, he pulled away the crinkly diaper and rolled it up. Grabbing a wipe from the nearby case, he proceeded to wipe her as if she wasn’t already clean. It had been more than fifteen years since she’d worn a diaper that didn’t seal her messes, so the act of being wiped brought back distant memories.

While he worked, her mind wandered, flooded by nostalgia. Maybe that was why he liked changing her: nostalgia. Only babies actually needed someone else to change them, everyone else just did it themselves. On top of that, wiping wasn’t necessary anymore as the diapers took any and all refuse with them when they were removed, leaving the person dry and clean. But if Levi wanted to change her and wipe her, maybe he was into a little bit of roleplay. Maybe her fetish wasn’t so different from his.

He stepped back and dropped his shorts, quickly removing his own diaper before tossing both soiled items in the waste bin.

Arenda took a deep breath and steeled herself for the worst. Maybe this was the worst time to tell him, maybe it was the best time; she couldn’t be sure. One thing she was sure of was that no matter what, she couldn’t wait another minute. “Levi.”

“Yeah, what is it?”

She hesitated. “You remember I wanted to tell you something at the park?”


“Well, it’s something that’s really hard to say, but I have to tell you.” She forced the words from her mouth, but each one felt like a brick dropping from her tongue and crushing the mood as it fell.

Sensing that this was serious, he came over and sat beside her. “Go ahead, I’m listening.”

“I’m not going to tell you not to laugh, I’m not going to tell you to be nice. I just have to show you this, and I want you to be honest. I’m ready for whatever you reaction.”

Getting up, she retrieved the secret — or one pair of them at least — from deep in the back of her dresser drawer. She held it behind her back as she returned to stand in front of him.

He waited patiently, know it was best to let her show him in her own time.

“There, this is it.” She held out two folded white articles of fabric.

Levi looked at them in disbelief. He had seen these before; everyone had, but he never knew they came in this size. Taking them from Arenda, he turned the item over in his hand, the soft texture making no sound at all as it flopped over and over.

“Well?” She asked.

“I don’t get it.” He looked up. “What does this mean?”

She had tears in her eyes. “I like to wear them.”

“Are you serious?” He had no tone of scoffing or condescension, but simple curiosity. “But why?”

“Yes, I’m serious…” She hesitated for a moment. “I like wearing socks. I always have.”

“But only babies wear those.”

“I know, but I can’t help it.” She sniffled and tried to wipe away some tears.

He put an arm around her and drew her in close.

“I love wearing them. I love how soft they are around my feet and ankles. I don’t need them, but I want to wear them.” She paused for a breath, but the words were coming to her more easily now, and it was all she could do to keep herself from babbling unintelligibly from excitement. “I mean, I know they’re only for infants whose feet are really sensitive, but they still feel great. I guess I’m a weirdo or a pervert, but they make me feel little and safe.”

Levi waited a few moments for her to calm down before he replied. “So… do you get turned on when you wear them, or what?”

“Yes.” She barely kept herself from shouting. “It’s hard to explain, but—”

“It’s okay. I mean, I don’t fully understand, but if it makes you happy…”

She looked at him quizzically. She could hardly believe it, but it was starting to sound like he was okay with her fetish. Careful not to relax preemptively, she prodded further. “So you don’t think I’m messed up?”

“Well who am I to judge? I like changing your diaper and wiping you clean.”

“Yeah, but like half of everybody does that. No one likes wearing socks. Well, no normal adults anyway.”

“Well if you like them, then don’t worry about anyone else.” He kissed her on the cheek and stood up. “I love you, and I want you to be happy.”

It seemed impossible that he would be okay with her sock fetish. In a world where everyone who could walk was barefoot, she felt like a black sheep. But here she was, suddenly reassured that the person who mattered most in her life was willing to accept her strange desire. She looked up at him as he stood in front of her, socks in hand. “What are you doing?”

“My baby needs to wear her socks, so I’m going to make sure they’re snug and comfy.” He leaned forward and pushed her back.

She lay back helplessly on the bed, her heart racing as she felt him working around her feet. First he grabbed one foot, then the other, kissing each one in turn. She felt the bulky soft knit of a sock as it slowly encased her toes. Her breathing grew heavy as Levi slowly worked the lush material over her foot, around her ankle, and all the way up to her knee. She caught a gasp as he carefully massaged the sock against her skin. By the time he got the second sock past her foot, she knew she couldn’t wait any longer. Reaching down, she grabbed him and pulled him toward her. He complied instantly, climbing onto the bed on top of her.

She looked up into his face smiled. It wasn’t like she could help it. Every nerve in her body was tingling as they drew closer. She knew what he felt like, but this time it seemed different. No, not different: better, as if everything was amplified to an extreme she had never thought possible. Was it because she wore socks, or because he condoned it? She didn’t know, but she did know that this would truly be a November to remember.

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Re: Only Babies Wear Those

This was flipping BRILLIANT. Well plotted and played, author! The world building was subtle; it blended in beautifully with the other elements of the story and felt natural. Little bits and pieces added up here and there to create a whole picture of their world. I liked the sci-fi touch. I wasn’t expecting that. And that ending! I laughed so hard. I loved this fic, well done. :smiley:

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Re: Only Babies Wear Those

"There’s something I need to tell you, but you’re going to think I’m weird.

“Of course I won’t. I love you.”

“OK <deep breath> I like to wear…”

“What sweetie? You like to wear what?”

“I like to wear… socks.”

“Ugh! You freak!”

I found the twist about society’s opinions of what is considered “normal”, absolutely delightful.

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Re: Only Babies Wear Those

Meanwhile, in bizarro world…

… or Callisto, or whatever.


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Now that’s clever. I’d love to see what this place looks like.

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Simply wonderful!! This story had me curious the whole way through. I didn’t see that twist at all. What a clever title too. It helped with the twist at the end. I giggled out loud at it. Thank you for the escape into your mind :slight_smile:

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I’ll admit two things about this piece that may be unpopular perspectives: first, that it took me a very long time to adapt to what at first seemed a rather dry narrative style, and second, that I really disliked the title. About (1): I got used to it and ended up enjoying the piece quite a bit, appreciating the relationship it built and the clever reversal of expectations at the end. But (2) I really think it could have been achieved without such a blatant title. I know, I know: others liked it, and I’m probably the only one whom it bothered. I guess I like a bit more subtlety if it is possible. :slight_smile: Still, as a whole story, I liked this one a lot.

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Re: Only Babies Wear Those

You’re not the only with those views.
(Except for the title; I liked the title.)
But otherwise, yes I do feel that it could use a heavy amount of polish to smooth out the narrative and make it flow better.

I was quite surprised to see this one get so many votes.


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It’s CK’s and she’s a phenomenal writer, but this one I think was not her strongest. (Sorry, CK.) It’s like it’s a framework to make the title work instead of a real story. I thought it was a solid third place piece when I read them at first. Mine’s not my strongest either; I really think “Bad Moon Rising” deserved to win.

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[Five character minimum]

Re: Only Babies Wear Those

So it’s yours?

I’m reacting to posts in “Bad Moon Rising” now, but then I was reacting to them before as well. Clawdia said it was CK’s so I just assumed it was. (I know I wrote the other winner.) Truthfully, as I was reading it, I thought the style more yours than hers. I’d have guessed that way had there been a guessing thread.

Re: Only Babies Wear Those

That was because I was looking at a cached version of the poll. Didn’t realize my phone was being dumb again. :slight_smile:

I’m a sci-fi junky myself. i ENJOYED this story. It took a bit of thhinking/reading to figure out that they were nor on earth,but next to Jupiter holy space cadets! where ever that Castillo is I want a ONE WAY ticket there like NEOW!! PLEASE WRITE more hapters on ths PLEASE.

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In case you hadn’t noticed, this is in completed stories. That means there are no more chapters coming. I’m doubtful there will be a sequel, but that is a question only the author will ever be able to answer.

As Ally said, this one is completed, so there aren’t any more planned chapters.
But I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Maybe one day I’ll do something else in this particular branch of fiction. But again, I wouldn’t hold your breath. I’m a slow writer and I’ve got many other projects I aim to complete before tackling any new ideas.

WOW !! This one is Genius !

I found that there’s anything needed in a short story:

The naration is kept light but with everything you need to understand the world.
The plot is awesome and the end permits to understand what seems odd in the rest of the story.

Thank you for great work !!

Quite a interesting short story with a great twist, thanks for the story.