Only At "Aunt" Pamela's House

Only At “Aunt” Pamela’s House

It was so many years ago, but I can still remember it as if it were yesterday. The memories of those days and nights remain one of my most cherished possessions. Whenever my mind wanders back to those earlier times, I cannot help but get lost in nostalgia.

The sound of her voice.

The gentleness with which she cared for me.

“Sweety, I think it is time for you to get ready for bed” Pamela whispered in my ear, kneeling down and putting a hand on my shoulder.

Though I was distracted by the video game I was playing with my best friend, the words cut right through causing me to immediately lose my focus. I knew what it meant. I knew the routine.

I blushed involuntarily, seeing my best friend Jake look over at me out of the corner of his eye. He knew the routine as well, even though his mother did her best to keep it private.

It went as it always did at. I went to her bedroom where she had the changing pad layer out on the floor with all the supplies ready. Baby powder, wipes, and a disposable baby diaper. My pajamas were layed out on the bed nearby.

“Lay down on the mat sweetheart. Lets get you all ready,” she instructed to me smiling.

It was such a strange feeling looking up at her kneeling in front of me, ready to change me into my diapers. As embarrassing as it was, I couldn’t help relaxing and submitting to her caring gaze. The calming tone of her voice was irresistible.

As embarrassing as my “issues” had always been, there was something I secretly enjoyed about being a “bed time baby.” Having all of Pamela’s attention was a powerful feeling, especially if she was changing me into diapers.

The first time I noticed that I started looking forward to being diapered at night was at a sleepover when I was six or seven years old. From there, I only got more dependent and addicted to the experience. Whereas sleepovers were once a big fear of mine, they now became something I asked to do almost every weekend.

Of course I wouldn’t sleepover just anywhere. My best friend Jake’s house was the only place I ever slept over. He and his mom Pamela had been family friends of ours since as far back as I can remember. Both of them were very understanding of my issues, just as my mom was, and took extra effort to protect my privacy.

Looking up at her, about to be changed into a diaper. I wondered why I craved her attention so much. My mother changed my diapers also, but it just wasn’t the same. Pamela’s demeanor changed when she was around me in diapers. It was like diapering and caring for me filled some unfulfilled need of hers to care for someone. The tone of her voice changed, even her posture changed subtly.

Whereas I whined and fussed to my mother when it came time for night diapers, I couldn’t help but being totally compliant around Pamela.

Maybe most of all, Pamela never questioned my accidents, even if they happened before I even got into bed. If I wet my diapers twenty minutes after being changed into them, Pamela acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Though well intentioned, her attitude created the unintended consequence that I would take advantage of her leniency. As I got older, I started having many “accidents” at her house that weren’t accidents at all.

“Legs up. That’s a good boy,” she instructed me lightly before placing the baby diaper under my bottom. I blushed as the padding touched my rear, being overcome with warm feelings. She smiled at me, sprinkling baby powder onto my front and bottom liberally. I watched as her perfectly manicured fingers expertly pulled the diaper up between my legs and taped it onto me snugly.

“There we go. Now lets get your PJs on, how does that sound?”

I blushed, but couldn’t help smiling and nodding.

She pulled my pajama pants up over my diapers and replaced my t-shirt with a freshly cleaned pajama shirt. “Thats a good boy. Now you will be warm and comfortable.”

I stood up and she began to pack all the supplies away. “Go on and play with Jake for a while more. You have about two hours until both of you need to be in bed.”

I nodded to her compliantly, watching her put all the supplies in the diaper bag she kept just for my visits. As I turned to leave she said “And remember, I will be checking on you as usual.” I blushed, nodding before leaving to rejoin Jake.

Jake turned, obviously blushing a bit as he saw me. He never mentioned my issues or diapers at all, and followed his mother’s instructions to just completely ignore my diapers. But it was obvious he was both curious about it all and embarrassed for me.

We went back to playing video games, but were quieter than before. Both of our minds were obviously fixated on what had just happened. As regular and usual as it was, the power of the experience never waned for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about the feeling of the thick diapers between my legs, cradling my bottom.

About thirty minutes in, Pamela came into the room and knelt down next to me. That feeling of butterflies in my tummy arose as she whispered to me, “Everything okay?”

I nodded blushing. Her voice became quieter and she moved closer to my ear, “Do you need changing sweetheart?”

I blushed, nodding no nervously, feeling the butterflies fluttering around in me. Ignoring me, she looked over at her son to make sure he wasn’t looking, and then reached her hand down into my PJs to check my diapers. Her fingers squeezed the padding, confirming what I had already told her. Me blushing red, she removed her hand and smiled at me before standing up and rustling my hair with her hand.

“One more hour boys, then I want you both in bed,” she said before leaving the room.

After she left, I could hardly continue playing I was so distracted. It was obvious Jake was distracted as well.

Very soon, the desire to wet my diapers became too strong to resist. Biting my bottom lip, I tried to act normal as I released a stream of pee into my baby diapers. I could feel the warmth spread across the front of my diapers and then spread up the back. I squirmed a bit, trying to suppress the delight I secretly felt at the feeling of my “accident.”

I was overcome with a feeling of embarrassment and shame as I realized how much I enjoyed the feeling of the wet diapers. I couldn’t wait to have Pamela find me that way and take me to her bedroom be changed.

Not soon after, my chance had come. Pamela entered the room in her pink silk sleeping kimono.

“Okay boys, lets get to bed. Enough games for today.”

“But Mom!” Jake answered.

“No buts! Off to bed.”

We both followed her to Jake’s bedroom which had a bunk bed in it. I always slept on the bottom bunk.

“Okay, you both brush your teeth and everything and then I will come to turn out the lights.”

I wilted at the disappointment that she hand’t checked me yet as she usually would have. Me and Jake both went to brush our teeth and Jake got into his pajamas.

Both of us now in bed, waiting for her return, I became overcome with the impulse to use my diapers for more than wetting. I could feel a growing pressure in my bottom, but I suppressed it, blushing red even at the thought of dirtying my diapers like that.

What would she think? What would she say? I thought, blushing, as I imagined Pamela finding me that way.

I would never think of doing it at home, as my mother wasn’t completely understanding even of wetting accidents before bedtime. But at Pamela’s it seemed possible. It seemed so tempting. Once I got it into my mind I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I don’t know what it was that made me finally do it, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I wouldn’t be able to help myself. I rolled onto my stomach, looking towards the door to make sure no one was watching. I couldn’t help blushing a little as I began to push.

What would she think? What would Jake think of me? The thoughts embarrassed me, but somehow made it more irresistible. I became totally entranced by the idea.

I lifted my bottom slightly under the covers and pushed again. This time, I could feel that there was no going back. The mess began to push its own way out of my bottom into the seat of my diaper. Instantly, I was able to feel it between my cheeks. I thought about stopping at that point, but I no longer had the ability to.

The little mass expanded between my cheeks, my heart beating faster and faster. I was anxiously looking towards the door, hoping I would finish before she came back. My body was filled with a naughty boyish pleasure as I pushed the rest out, feeling the seat of the diaper stretch to make room for the poo poo I was pushing out.

In an almost unexplainable way, I couldn’t have imagined a better feeling. I felt guilty at how much I enjoyed the babyish feeling of it in my diapers. I stayed on my stomach, now waiting for the inevitable.

Waiting, I guiltily embraced the babyish feeling. I pushed my bottom up a little, feeling how the mess felt as I did. It was such a powerful feeling, knowing what I had done, feeling it against me, waiting to be found by Pamela.

Then I heard the footsteps from the hallway, I lowered my bottom as my heart beat faster and faster. Should I pretend to be asleep? How would I explain it?

At this point, the smell had begun to spread out from under the blankets. The smell was so instinctually powerful. I don’t know what it was about it, but it quickly gave me the desire to suck on my thumb.

I closed my eyes, anxiously trying to make it look like I had no idea of what I had done. At this point, Jake would have smelled what I had done, and guessed it’s origin. I wonder what he was thinking.

The door opened, and Pamela walked into the room. “What good boys! Already in bed like I asked. Did both of you brush your teeth?”

We both nodded. Then she stopped and her head almost cocked to one side as if she noticed something. She avoided looking at me, as if trying not to upset me. First she looked to the side of the room as if she was thinking of what to do. She looked up at Jake in the top bunk and seemed to nod in acknowledgement of something.

Watching all of this, I began to blush as my heart beat faster and faster. I was overwhelmed with such a powerful feeling of helplessness, watching her as the smell of my “accident” filled my nostrils.

Pamela pursed her lips as she looked to the side for a moment.

“Okay, well lets tuck you both in. Jakey you first.”

I watched her legs as she tucked in her son on the top bunk, the smell getting only more obvious. Tears began to well up a bit in my eyes. I blushed uncontrollably, feeling completely at the whim of my emotions.

Then she knelt down and sat on the edge of my bed, with a smile that also showed a somewhat condescending look of empathy. My whole body filled with butterflies as I looked up at her, feeling the babyish mess in my dirty and wet diapers.

“How are you doing sweetheart?”

Her tone of voice and expression were soft of sympathy and maternal purpose.

She lowered her voice to a whisper, moving her face closer to me. “Doing okay there?”

She began to pet my hair. I blushed red with tears welling up in my eyes, the feeling of butterflies throughout my whole body.

“I am just going to check you, okay sweety?” She whispered caringly.

Her hand moved under the covers, moving down to my diapered bottom. I began to cry softly as I felt her fingertips move to the bulge on my rear, pressing only slightly against it, confirming what she already guessed.

She bit her bottom lip, nodding to herself in acknowledgement. Her hand moved away, and she began to pet my hair maternally.

“I think you had an accident pumpkin.” She said quietly, continuing to pet my hair as she knelt close to me.

“No worries sweetheart. I know it was an accident, isn’t that right.”

She looked at me, and I nodded, a tear coming down my face.

“Aww it’s okay. Lets get you to my room for a change? Okay?”

She obviously felt bad for me and seemed to be overcome with that usual caring sense.

“No worries. Let’s get you changed” she whispered, taking my hand and leading me up.

I felt the poo poo mess shift in my diaper as I got up. I couldn’t believe how much I was secretly enjoying the feeling of the dirty diaper while being led by Pamela to changing. I wondered why I felt that way but was completely unable to stop my cravings for her attention.

Pamela turned around before we walked into the hallway.

“Jake, me and your friend have to do something quickly okay? No problem at all okay? Just try to get to sleep and he will be back in a minute or two.”

I stood in her bedroom as she took out all the necessary diapering supplies from the changing bag. I wiggled my bum a bit from side to side as I began crying louder, unable to believe what a bed time baby I had become.

She pat the changing mat with her hand. “Come to the changing mat sweetheart. Lets get you out of those poopy diapers.”

I layed down on the mat looking up at her maternal smile, tears coming down my cheeks.

“Oh I know. I know. It doesn’t feel good to be in dirty diapers does it? I am going to get my boy all cleaned up.” She spoke nurturingly to me in her babyish voice as she removed my pajama pants exposing the swollen bulging diaper.

I began sobbing as she began to open the tapes on the front of the swollen diaper. “And you are soaked also, aren’t you. Don’t worry honey. Everything is going to be okay.”

She pulled the front of the diaper down, the babyish smell instantly strengthening.

“Awww I know it is uncomfortable baby. I know you don’t like your poopy diapers.”

I squirmed in secret pleasure, but also overcome with total embarrassment. She could see the mess had spread.

“It’s okay sweetheart. Pamela is here to make it all better. It was just an accident.” She said as she lifted my legs, looking down at my poopy rear.

She lifted the diaper a little away from my bottom before beginning to wipe my bottom. “Hold your legs up sweetheart, theres a good boy.”

“You are always such a good boy for me, aren’t you?” She said to me, smiling.

I continued to cry and wiggle during the change, as she expertly cleaned off my bottom and where the mess had spread around my front.

Once I was cleaned off, she completely removed the dirty pamper and taped it into a ball. It looked so swollen heavy and full.

“There there. No need to cry sweetheart. We got you all cleaned up, no more dirty diapers.”

She grabbed a fresh pamper from the side of the mat and unfolded it under my naked bottom. “Now lets get my bed time baby into a fresh diaper.”

I cried louder as I heard her, butterflies fluttering throughout my body, me wondering why I craved Pamela’s attention as much as I did.

Once she had me diapered up, with loads of baby powder, she lifted me up and embraced me.

“Aww its okay. Nothing to worry about. Everything is better now. It is just between you and me.”

She rubbed my back and I cried into her shoulder until I slowly calmed down.

Waking up the next morning was strange. My diaper was dry, and I almost wondered as if it had all been a dream. I knew it wasn’t, but it was hard to imagine I had actually done what I did.

The morning was awkwardly quiet, Jake obviously knew. He had obviously smelled what had happened, and heard me crying through the walls of the house. He never mentioned it.

Pamela also tried to act as if nothing had happened, though she asked me throughout the next day if I needed to use the bathroom.

The recent memory filled my head the entire day. I wanted it again. I craved her attention.

As me and Jake played board games and ran around in the back yard, I was constantly thinking about being diapered again tonight. Impatient to be Pamela’s bed time baby once again, knowing I would shamelessly fill my diapers with poo poo again like I had the night before.

Throughout the years I continued to sleepover at Jake’s whenever possible. I liked playing with Jake, but my motive was primarily to have more time with his mom Pamela. Them living down the street, it was convenient to stay over whenever I wanted, even multiple times a week. Pamela enjoyed having me over and never seemed to mind any of it, even my “accidents” that I somewhat suspiciously had every night I stayed there from that point on.

Though I later stopped waking up with wet diapers, I continued to wet them in the mornings, pretending to still need them. Though I knew that poo poo diapers were only for Pamela’s house.

I don’t know whether she ever suspected what I was doing, but I could swear sometimes that Jake seemed to almost seem jealous about it at times, seeing me being coddled by his mother. Whatever they were thinking, neither ever mentioned anything of it all those years. Their house remained my refuge until I outgrew it all in high school.

Though me and Jake grew apart once I went to college, me and his mom Pamela remain good friends to this day. Over the years, she has become a kind of an aunt to me, giving me advice and guidance from time to time. Though my days as her “bed time baby” are long gone I still think about them to this day.


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This is a first draft that I wrote very quickly. Would love to hear feedback. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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More please i love your story and what is the statues on the story with the girl and her aunt?

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Personally I don’t mind “mommy gets baby ready for bed” as a storyline. Its a nice one off throw back but I could have done without the poop

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I personally love your story I think you did a great job on it.I wish there was more to read tho

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Anyone still reading this story? Would love to hear more feedback. Always trying to improve. ;D ;D ;D ;D

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I was hoping you would continue it

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It is one on the best I have ever read and re-read