One of our members needs help

So… I’m going to get bitched at by the person who I’m asking this for because they don’t want to ask for a help, but I’m posting this anyway.

A member emailed me early this morning that their family is in a financial bind. They lost their job and don’t have enough money for their utilities and food this month.

Now, normally I wouldn’t ask, but this person has personally bailed these forums out many times in the past 10 years so what I’m asking you guys for is to help us return the favor this one time

All donations received by me between 2023-01-15T18:00:00Z and 2023-01-31T18:00:00Z will be to help them. Please help them out.

They currently need at least $350 to pay their water and electric bills and have enough to buy food for their family.

Whatever you can donate to help them out is greatly appreciated.

Any of the standard donation methods will work, but preference to PayPal and Cash App as I can send those funds directly to the family without losing anything in processing fees.

To those who have helped so far, thank you. :slight_smile:

Between what my wife and I contributed and what you’ve contributed so far they have $87.49 :slight_smile:

Just wanted to give you folks an update. As of today we’ve donated $197.31 to them.


No, seriously, thank you. If it wasn’t for those who have donated they would be far worse off than they are. They did finally get some local help as well so they’re pretty close to fixing the immediate problem. :slight_smile:

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