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As i have been told I should not post anew thread for each chapter I will continue it in this,and then add to it.I enjoy writuing these andf despitre criticism will continue to post soon after finishing each chapter,my fun is writing therm and sharing them.
If you have any suggestions for emily ,they are welcome but I do have a long story arc in mind or if you want the word files with images <removed by admin, PM user instead --RY> (replace comma with period!!)

Having made good time he stopped near the motel and got a small pizza with extra sauce, and vanilla pudding cups at a drive through.
John pulled up right outside the motel office and went in, checked in and got the room key. Then drove along and parked outside their room.
Leaving Emily still asleep holding her doggy, he took some stuff into the room and unplugged the digital clock in the room before waking her.
“Wakey wakey sweetheart, we are there” and as she woke unstrapped her from her seat.
Emily looked up at him and said “ Where are we?”
“At the motel, you went to sleep an hour ago, let’s get you inside and then some dinner”
Emily and her daddy went into the room, it was not large nor fancy but nice, one room plus bathroom, a small kitchen area with fridge, microwave, a TV on a cabinet, there was one double bed and a kids bed in the corner.

Emily looked around the room and was drawn by the reflection of herself in the full length mirror on the wall What she saw was a very young girl, her hair in pig tails, wearing a childish outfit, holding her stuffed toy. Also her face was dirty, and her top had stains on it.
Her daddy just let her look, waiting to see what her reaction would be.
After a few seconds when she said nothing he said “Alright sweetie,I think first you probably need to go potty and wash your hands, then some dinner, bath and then you can watch some TV, but not too late”
In the bathroom which like the room was basic but nice, there was a step stool built into the sink, and a riser chair for toilet.

“Oh that’s a good idea isn’t it, you know how awkward it can be for you on some toilets, I must remember to leave it on, except when I use it”
Emily looked a bit red but said nothing as John continued “ Well you go potty and wash up and I will get your dinner”
He left the bathroom but left the door wide open then as Emily was in bathroom he quickly used the TV remote to block all but the kiddy channels then and cranked up the thermostat and went to diner area ,glancing towards the bathroom and smiling as he saw Emily on the toilet.
He took a special glass from his bag, and put on counter.
A few minutes later Emily came out the bathroom, her face a bit cleaner now.
“Did you wash your hands?’ John said but checking them as he said it and Emily nodded.
John lifted her up onto the booster seat on the chair so she was level with table top.
“ I got pizza and pudding, but I ate mine while you were asleep”
He put the pizza on a pink plastic plate from cupboard and placed it in front of her.
“What would you like to drink, juice, water, milk or there is chocolate milk?
As Emily took a slice of the messy pizza she said
“Apple juice”
Her daddy paused waiting,
“Apple juice please daddy” she finally said.
“Ok sweetie “ As he poured juice into the plastic glass he had prepared some days before by heating the base then pushing the bottom from the inside so as to make the bottom slightly convex.
He put the full glass of juice by her arm, to one side of her.
“There you go, sugar, and there’s pudding for after”
Less than a minute later as John was looking for a suitably small plastic spoon for the pudding, there was a crash as the glass of juice fell over, spilling it on Emily ,the table and floor.
“I’m sorry daddy, it just fell over” Emily cried
John started to wipe off the table then used a small white tea towel to dab the juice from her face and wet top tucking it under her chin and into the neck of her top “Its ok accidents happen, at least it was plastic, you are messy today”
He took a different cup from cupboard, and filled with juice, then clipped a top on it

“There you are sugar, now if it falls over it does not matter”
Emily seemingly happy her daddy was not mad just accepted it and said” Thank you daddy I will be careful”
She finished her pizza getting a little pizza sauce on the white bib and wiped her hands on it too, before John put the pudding cup and spoon before her, the spoon had a wide handle but small bowl, so it took her awhile to eat it, a little getting on the now not so white towel.
John sat watching, thinking how effective the Lamotrigine was at making her clumsy and less coordinated.
When she had finished John wiped her face and hands a little with the towel.
“Ok bath time “as he lifted her to the ground
“I thought there would be a shower, but there’s only a bath, so I may have to help you in and out”
He took her to the bathroom, and turned on the taps so the bath would fill, he added some strawberry scented bubble bath and a few bath toys.
He took the elastics from her hair as she undressed down to her panties, then she hesitated
“Do you need to go to the toilet again?” he asked
Emily paused and said “no,I just am not used to being seen like this”

“Don’t be silly angel…I have seen you before, so what’s different now?” he said smiling
She then pulled down her panties, and was nude. He quickly put her in the tub then helped her wash her hair using some of the bubble bath, then sweet smelling conditioner.
“Daddy did a bit of a hack job on your hair I’m afraid sugar, lots of uneven sections, but we will get that sorted soon, the colours are matching already” Blowing a handful of bubbles at her.
He noticed how her thumb was a little pink from her sucking in her sleep
“What’s wrong with your hand sweetie, did you get something on it?, I’ll put some cream on it later”
It was obvious she knew what it was ,but embarrassed to admit it.
Once she was clean he had her stand and he rubbed her hair dry, then put another towel around her, and carried her out and sat her on the bed.
He took a nightie and slippers from the case and put it over her head, and the slippers on her feet.

“I hope you like the princess nightie sweetie?”
She looked down and said “That’s not a Disney Princess, that is Snow White”
He laughed “I am a silly daddy, anyway I think Snow White and you are princesses anyway”
He took over and sat her on fluffy rug on the floor in front of the TV, gave her the remote and said
“You can watch TV, or there’s your books, and coloring books in your bag while daddy has a bath too”
Putting her bag beside her, then going and putting some chocolate milk and Temazepam in another identical but different coloured sippy cup, then putting it with a few vanilla wafers beside her.

She looked up at him and unexpectedly asked
“What time is it?”
Noncommittally John said “It’s late and we have to be up early in the morning”
Before she could inquire further he said
“Now you be good while daddy is busy”
Then he went into bathroom leaving the door ajar so he could see Emily flicking through the cartoon, and kiddy channels, hoping none told her it was only just after 7pm
He soaked in the bath reading for a while then got out, dried off, and got dressed.
After putting all the dirty laundry in a laundry bag he went and sat on chair with Emily at his feet, watching Powderpuff girls cartoon.
“When this ends its bedtime sweetie, we have a long drive tomorrow”
But he thought to himself, not that far if it works
While the cartoon was finishing he filled two sippy cups, one with juice the other with a mix of warm milk and a little formula powder.
Turning off the TV he led her over to the toddler bed and took her slips off her, put her on the bed and covered her with the comforter, gave her the milk cup, and said.
“Drink this ,it’s nice and will help you sleep, I will leave another drink by the bed, in case you are thirsty in the night”
John turned away slightly so she could not see him, key a button on his phone in his top pocket.
Once she had enough milk he said
“Now sweetie, before you go to sleep lets go over it, what is your name?”

“Emily Sinclair” she replied

“Who am I”

John Sinclair, my daddy” she said

How old are you?

“I am 8 years old” she answered

Who is your mummy?”

“My mummy is in heaven”

He then went through variants on these and a few others for several minutes.
“Very good my sweet daughter, I love you”
Emily after a pause said “I love you daddy”
“Well you go to sleep and have dreams of being a princess because you are”
He kissed her forehead and tucked her doggy beside her and turned off the light, and then all the lights in the room and sat in the chair reading his Ebook by its own illumination.
After about 20 minutes she was sound asleep, her thumb in her mouth, with no encouragement from John.

He got up and took from his bag a Bluetooth baby monitor and set the camera so it gave a good view of Emily sleeping, and would pick up any sound above her breathing and very faint sucking sound.

Putting the monitor in his pocket knowing that any sound or movement would cause it to beep and he could then see and hear on the monitor, he left the room locking it behind him and went along to the restaurant a few hundred yards away for some dinner, as it was only just after 8pm, and his 19 going on 8 year old daughter was already in bed like a child.
After he had a nice steak, a glass of wine and some apple pie whilst occasionally looking at the image on the monitor he made some phone calls.
One was to an old medical/pharmacy school colleague who had John had some leverage on, so was willing to help with something, plus the offer of $5000 sweetened the deal.
Once he was finished he quietly slipped back into the room, checked on Emily who was sound asleep, spent some time with his laptop and headphones cutting the recording of Emily’s voice repeating over and over ,
I am Emily Sinclair, I am Emily, I am 8 years old, john is my daddy,I love my daddy, I am his princess.my mummy is in heaven…. And a few other mantras in an endless loop.
Once he had finished he saved the file and got undressed for bed.
Before getting into bed John very carefully pulled down Emily’s lower lip, ready if he woke her, and dabbed her gums with a Q tip with some Zolmitriptan gel on it, He waited a minute or so, and when she did not stir he repeated it with the upper gums.
Once done he got in his bed and went to sleep hoping things worked out in the morning.

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Chapter 6
Early in the morning about 6am John was awakened by a whimpering coming from Emily
He got up and put a robe on and went over to her
“What’s wrong honey “as he sat on the edge of her bed, her eyes bleary, and her doggy hugged against her cheek
“My mouth hurts, I have toothache John”
“Oh no, I will get you some aspirin, and it’s not John remember ,but its ok this time”
He went and got two aspirin, and some ice cold water in one of her cups for her.
“Here take these” handing them to her and seeing her wince as the ice cold water made her mouth hurt more
“Oh I am sorry, is the cold water making it worse?”
“Yes daddy”
John hugged her carefully
“Yes hot or cold will make it worse I would think”
She lay with her head against my chest
“I never had toothache before, I always brush and floss carefully as the Doctor told me my teeth are particularly fragile, as really baby teeth”
He thought a while, “Well I have something for mouth ulcers that may help, why don’t you get up, we will get you dressed and try that, I would not clean your teeth when you are in bathroom though, that could really hurt”
While she was in bathroom he got her some clothes out, another of the panty and vest sets ,some pink frilly edged cotton socks and a pink and blue polka dot long top and leggings set. She could wear her new runners with it

When she came out the bathroom he helped her get dressed then sat her on her booster seat, and looked in her mouth, looking to see anything, all he could see was some reddening of the gums, where he had applied the Zolmitriptan gel, this would do no damage, but make her gums and the teeth in them very sore and tender for some hours.
Pretending it was a deadening gel for mouth ulcers he applied a little more but just on one spot.
“I don’t suppose you want anything to eat, or drink other than tepid juice?”
She shook her head
John lifted her down and took her over to the sofa, and sat with her on my lap, her head on his shoulder.
He gently rubbed her back to soothe her,
After a few minutes she hesitantly said “Can I ask you a question. Not as my daddy, but as John or Joe?
“Of course you can, you know I only keep it up so we don’t slip, when in public, but I admit I sort of like it”
She almost whispered as she said ”When you came up with this, I hated the idea, it is the opposite of everything I have fought for since I first found I was different and it still makes me feel I am betraying myself. But the more it went on, the more I sort of liked it deep down I even at times think it’s true, if that makes sense?”
John paused and then replied “yes, I sort of feel the same way”
Emily/Amber then asked “So why do you think I feel that way, and not rebel as I would have?”

He considered this for awhile
“Well while I did not study psychology at the medical college I did read some, and you would have to ask a trained shrink for a definitive answer, but I would say this I don’t know the details,and you don’t have to tell me, but you had a bad childhood, no don’t say anything just listen”
“I think you may have had a little mental crisis, a combination of the sudden danger you were in, the guilt over causing it in your mind, also and I like to think even before the robbery, you began to trust me, something you had probably not done for a long time, if ever”

John put his finger on her lips,
”Let me finish, I want to give you something to think about, and I don’t want you to give me an answer, in fact its better you don’t, just mull it over and don’t reject it out of hand”
“Maybe with all that has happened to you not just recently, but most of your life, that this is your chance to start over, be the happy little girl, you deserved to be long ago. To be loved, cared for and when it’s right go to Czechoslovakia and get that treatment and grow to be the woman you deserve to be, not a sad woman who has a horrific past burdening her”

He hugged her and continued “I am not asking you to commit forever, but as long as we need to keep the charade, why not enjoy it, and don’t feel conflicted about it”
John then thought about the deceptions he had, and was doing and realized he was just giving her excuses ,that’s why everything was so easy, the thumb sucking taken on so quickly, her almost perfect behavior as a little girl, the drugs just triggering something already very powerful in her.
“So don’t say anything, just enjoy it as long as it lasts, and I will do my best to give you a childhood”
Emily looked up at him and said
“Yes daddy”

“Now Emily, I think we could try going into town, and seeing if we can find a dentist, I am sure they will not have contacted dentists, doctors, hospitals, even pharmacies but I am sure not dentists.”
“Let him have a look, we will pay in cash and if he seems in any way puzzled or suspicious, say the pain has gone, and we will get out”
He carries her out to the car, put her in her seat, and they drive into the town.
On the way John thinks about what he had done, and considers telling her that the toothache was not real ,but he decides to just play this one out and then stop such ploys.
In town they pass a dental clinic and John parks in the lot next door.
He turns and says” Ok lets just walk by, and if it seems safe, go in and see if he can see you”
A few minutes later they are in the clinic and John is explaining to the dentist the how they were on a trip, and his daughter had got toothache. That her usual dentist was in Canada. That Johns wife has dealt with it.
Within ten minutes Emily is in the chair being examined.
As the dentist does his examination he winks at John, this is John’s old friend from college, who John has bribed to help out.
The dentist says that the problem is not hard to cure, but if left will get worse, some of her teeth are impacting. Also the roof of her mouth is sore and asks Emily if she sometimes sucks her thumb or her fingers.
Emily shyly nods her head as her daddy squeezes her hand.
John tells the dentist “I have noticed that lately, since my wife died….”
The dentist says that to alleviate and prevent further pain from the impaction her will need to sedate her for a short while and keep the teeth apart and that he will go get ready, and let Emily and her daddy talk
When he is out of the room, John whispers to Emily “ Well ,it’s up to you, but as far as our cover is concerned it’s not a problem unless you say something when you come round”
Emily whispers back “well as long as you are here when I come to, just in case……. But also because I would want you there anyway’
The dentist returns and as he gives Emily a shot in the arm, John is holding her hand and saying he loves her very much.
When she comes round she is on a bed in a recovery room and the first thing she sees is Johns face
“Welcome back sweetie, now don’t try to talk for now, it’s all over, all done. The dentist says you will feel a little sore still but that will pass”
She sits up on the bed
Her mouth does feel sore and weird but no longer ached
John says “You look even cuter now, he had to put braces on, and they will need to stay on for at least 3 months”
He holds a mirror in front of her

“So what do you think?” John said nervously
Emily tries to talk, and says a bit awkwardly “I so feelth sore, and it seems odd, but the pain is gone”
John seems relieved as he says” I am so glad ,now the dentist is going to come back in a moment and check on you then we can go home”
Thirty minutes later after the dentist has checked her, cleared her to leave, given her daddy a list of stuff to avoid such as certain nuts and very acidic foods. Also a special toothbrush for braces with a bunny head, they leave.
As they head to the car her daddy says “You may have trouble talking for a few hours, but I suggest when we get back to the motel, you have a nap and rest”
Emily nods, and thinks she feels still sleepy anyway
He carries from the car and into the room once they get back then undresses her to just her vest and panties and lays her in bed.
He puts some cranberry juice from a bottle in cupboard so it not cold, just tepid and mixes a few grains of Temazepam so she will sleep deeply for several hours.
He gives her the sippy cup, and holds her as she drinks it.
“My thirsty girl “rubbing her back
When she is done he says
“Now sweetie… There is something else we need to talk about , I have noticed lately when you are very tired, or sleeping, you suck your thumb”
“It’s ok baby, it’s not anything to be ashamed of, but it has contributed to the problem the dentist said, and also now with the braces, it could do further damage”
Emily says “I have only been doing it again for a while, I sthopped years ago” her mouth cottony and still numb.” Her voice a bit slurry
“Well for now, till you can stop again, the dentist gave me these “orthodontic appliances” ,and yes it is like a pacifier”

He takes a clear plastic plain looking pacifier from the packet, and gently pops it in her mouth
“Now when you are sleeping, very tired or when you need to, you can use these, and also you won’t get wet red thumbs”
She sucks it and sees how it feels.
“Well sugar, you have a nap with it and then when you wake up, we will see “
He tucks her up and kisses her head, then closes all the curtains to dim the room
“Have a nice nap, and I love you so much”
Emily was so woozy she did not think about how she had not been to the washroom before naptime.

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Chapter 7 John sat reading for some time, and then set the baby monitor and went to the restaurant for lunch. When he has finished he went to the office and told the owner that his plans had changed and instead of just the one nights, he and his daughter would be staying several days. And as such Emily would need her own room, so could they transfer to a bigger unit? He was told it would be no problem, that the deluxe suite next door to them was available. Complete with double master bedroom, a theme child’s room the princess room ,and a full bathroom if he wished to view it? He said it sounded perfect, and there no need to see it, he would take it .They would transfer this evening, and in the meantime he would start moving some stuff from one to the other. John went back to the room, after checking the suite which was fabulous, Emily would love her room. Emily was sound asleep, so cute with her doggy beside her, and her gentle movement of her pacifier. He prepared a bottle of warm milk, and added a diuretic, and put a teat on it with the same shape as her pacifier, then sat on edge of her bed and gently but quickly swopped her pacifier for the teat of the bottle, and waited to see if she would drink. For several minutes she just suckled and swallowed the milk, till she balked a little. John swapped back her pacifier for the teat. He checked the bottle and saw she has drank nearly 8 oz of the milk. After spending another minute enjoying her, he took an MP3 player ,tucked the ear buds under her pillow and started it playing and brought volume up gradually till it was barely audible. The looped recording of Emily’s voice doing her mantra I am Emily Sinclair, I am Emily, I am 8 years old, john is my daddy, I love my daddy, I am his princess.my mummy is in heaven all repeating over and over with a running water sound backdrop The got up and started moving things from room to suite, then sat and read his book. About 40 minutes later he heard her, murmuring and saw her stirring a little,he use dthe remote till turn off the MP3,till she settled again. Then restarted it He watched some tv with the volume low ,and 2 hours later he saw her stirring again, and shut off the MP3. He went over to her and said “Time to get up princess, you had a nice long nap” Taking her pacifier from her lips as her eyes opened. She looked up smiling at first, and said “hello daddy” and then her expression changed and she looked perturbed and pushed her hand down under the cover. When he tried to pull back the cover, she held it over her “What’s wrong sweetie” He asked She blushed, sort of sweetly “I wetth the bed a little daddy, I am sowwy daddy “she looked about to cry. “Oh sweetie ,its ok ,you have a had a bad day, and the sleepy time shot ,the dentist gave you may have been why” “Don’t be mad daddy, I did not mean to” a little tear at her eye. He hugged her and said “How could I be mad with you for something you could not help” “it’s ok, just a little accident, lets you out and clean and dry” He pulled back the cover and her panties were wet, and a wet patch on the bed, he lifted her up and carried her to the bath room. “No harm done sweetie just some wet clothes and sheets, lots of children have accidents, that’s why the bed has a plastic cover” He ran some warm water into the bath He undressed her and sat her on the potty chair “Try and see if there is any more sweetie” She sat and said “I am sorry I wet the bed ,I don’t know why it must have been the anetees………” She paused and said “shot” instead of anesthesia A few seconds later she tinkled, daddy wiped her gently with a tissue and sat her in the bath, and wiped her clean with a soft cloth, and then wrapped her in big warm white towel and took her back to the room, and put her on the floor on the play rug. John went and got her some clean clothes, clean panties, vest, a blue and pink shopkins tutu dress, pink flats and ribbed white tights He dressed her kissing, her head as he snugged the tights up then started brushing her hair “We will have to do something about this, your hair is very damaged, and I did not do a good job cutting it, how about we go and see if we can find a salon and get it fixed later?” He sat her on his lap as she said “Yes the “ It tickles my neck now daddy, it probably damaged because I stopped using moistu,rizzing…soft shampoo”, He has noticed that with the braces she seemed to lisp when tired or upset, and long words seem to get stuck in her mouth, and she replaced with easier ones. This could only be a good thing “I have to tell another thing sugar, I was planning on keeping on the move, give you a chance to practice being 8,but you are doing so well, and also we have to go back to dentist in 3 days, just for him to check” “So we are staying here for a while, but in a different bigger suite, and you wait till you see your room!” Emily giggled and her daddy smiled “I will keep it as a surprise” “Let’s go into town, see if we can get something done with your hair, and then go out for dinner, do you think you are ready for such a public outing? She frowned but said “Yes daddy” “Good girl, I will get you a drink, and you can watch TV for a while I move the last of the stuff into next door, and then I will show you your room, I will give you a clue, it is named for you….my princess” He got her a bottle of apple juice and gave it to her. She seemed hesitant to drink it “Don’t worry sweetie, I am sure it was just the sleepy time drugs, and drinking lots will help get it out of your system” She started drinking, and he went to move last of the stuff, he put all the drinks. Foods etc in kitchen, and unpacked some of the clothing he had for her into the closet in her room,and put her doggy on the bed, also her pacifier and added a keeper ribbon that clipped to nightie. Once he had moved everything and set up the MP3 player, baby monitor and put her Barbie on the play table, he returned back to bring the last item from the old room……………his princess Emily! He carried her in his arms and at the door to her room,he told her to close her eyes and no peeking !! Once inside he stood her on the floor and said “Ok open your eyes” Her eyes lit up, and she ran over towards the canopy princess bed “Doggy got here first. And saw it” She came back to him and hugged him. “Oh it’s a fantuz,great room daddy, thank you” “Nothing but the best for my princess Emily” She climbed onto the bed, and hesitated at the crinkling sound. “I am sorry sugar, I asked them to put a protective sheet on this too, and it must be a different one to the other” She looked somber, then brightened up as she saw the princess night light that put stars on the ceiling. “Ok sugar, shall we get going? ,a lot to do this evening, do you want to take anything?” She had doggy in her arms “if you want to take doggy, maybe we can get his hair done too”*smiling She giggled sweetly “Silly daddy, doggy does not need his hair done, he can wait in the car” She jumped down carrying doggy and they headed out, he pausing only to put my jacket on.

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I have to say I’m disappointed with your tone here, as I feel rather strongly that everyone’s opinion matters. Yes, there are official rules, and yes, the mods have the ultimate authority when it comes to enforcing and/or interpreting them, but if the regular readers have preferences, I very much care what they are and generally like to adjust my styles to accommodate them as much as possible.

To be honest, I am very wary of joining any community in which the sentiment that “if you’re not management your opinion simply doesn’t matter” is allowed to stand.

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[QUOTE=SolenoidSandwich;68290]I have to say I’m disappointed with your tone here, as I feel rather strongly that everyone’s opinion matters. Yes, there are official rules, and yes, the mods have the ultimate authority when it comes to enforcing and/or interpreting them, but if the regular readers have preferences, I very much care what they are and generally like to adjust my styles to accommodate them as much as possible.

To be honest, I am very wary of joining any community in which the sentiment that “if you’re not management your opinion simply doesn’t matter” is allowed to stand.[/QUOTE]

  1. CONTEXT is important in this instance.
  2. When that opinion is stated as if it is written in stone and a requirement, then hell yes I will say that it doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t, because it’s not stated as an opinion.