On the Run CH8

Thanks to all for the compliments,and ideas ,I still have a long way to go Chapter 8 In the car John go’s over what she is to say if asked questions, about her mummy, school, and if it gets difficult to just resort to shyness or ask for daddy. He sees a hairdressers that has a lot of kids pictures in window as they drive past, so park as close as they can and they walk and look in. It looks very fun, like a playroom than a salon, all bright colors and fun chairs like cars and horses. Asking her if she is ready, he walks in with her holding his hand. A lady comes up and introduces herself as Maggie and asks if she can help them, and compliments Emily on her dress. Emily thanks her. John asks Maggie to just give him a minute, and takes Emily over to a play table and told her to wait while he talks to Maggie. John go’s back to Maggie and says that Emily’s hair is a bit of a mess ,he thinks because her mother had colored it. He gave her the story about how Emily had until recently been living with her mother, but that she had succumbed to cancer. He said he had tried to cut off the split scraggly bits, but he was no expert. Maggie commiserated with him on his loss, and said she would take a look t Emily’s hair. She knelt down beside Emily and talked to her, saying she was just going to take a look. A couple of minutes later she came back to John, and said that Emily’s hair was very badly damaged, but that the base was good, and looked curly. He improvised that her mother’s mother had very curly blonde hair. Maggie said the best thing was cut it right back, to just few inches and let it grow out, that there were many nice styles that she could do from there. She showed him a number of styles in a book ,and he narrowed it down to four, and then showed them to Emily, who had been playing at the table with the toys. “Which one do you like sugar?” he asked She looked carefully and said “that’s very short daddy,I like my long hair” He took her hand and said “I know sweetie, but it is damaged, it will grow again very fast, and this time we won’t let it get bad” She nodded and said “I like the one with the pretty bow” “Then that’s what we will have” Maggie said “That’s a very pretty look, in fact the little girl in that picture comes in here, and now she has hair below her shoulders, and I have the same bow here”, she points to a display of hair accessories Emily smiled widely showing her braces Maggie asked him if I wanted the full “beauty treatment” for her, hair ,bow ,nails and flavored lip balm. He said “yes, nothing was too good for my princess” Maggie said she would get things ready, and to bring Emily over to her when we were ready. He told Emily he would be nearby, and asked her if she needed to go potty before Maggie started She said yes, and when she came out, he took her over to Maggie’s station who asked if Emily wanted the racing car chair or the pony chair? John quickly with a smile said “The racing car” Emily piped up “I want the pony” Laughing at her,I said “Ok sugar, daddy likes to tease. I will have the racing car then” Emily giggled “You wont fit!! He put her on the pony and Maggie puts a cape around her after doing the strap up. John sits nearby in ear shot as Maggie works, and talks to Emily about school, shopkins, and her new home we are going to, Emily handles it beautifully acting and sounding the 8 year old, she looks. Once Maggie has finished washing, cutting, thinning and putting some curlers in her hair, she puts a hood over them sand attaches the dryer. Then starts working on her nails cutting them close, filing and then putting coats of pink polish on. John gets up and says he is going to washroom, inside he lingers wanting to give Emily time with someone else as soon she will have to do it solo sometimes. When he comes out Maggie is just taking the hood off and teasing Emily’s hair and fluffing it up. Once she is done she puts the bow in Emily’s hair. She tells Emily she she thinks she is the prettiest little girl in the world now. John hugs Emily and says he agrees…Emily is the prettiest princess of all When she is put down on the floor she walks over to a long mirror and looks closely, obviously conflicted as she does like it, but misses her long hair. Emily turns and says “I like it very much but hope it will grow again, and I promise I will use conditioner lie you said Maggie” She had stumbled a bit with the long word her braces still effecting her occasionally, on long words or syllables. Maggie hands her the lip balm she had on her lips John prompts Emily “What do you say?” “Thank you Maggie for doing my hair” Maggie says it was a pleasure, and wishes all the children were as cute and nice. John sends Emily over to the play table again while he pays, thanks Maggie again and give her $40 tip. As they leave Emily waves bye bye to Maggie Emily still has the lip balm in her hand, and he takes and put in his pocket, “You need a small bag for stuff sweetie “He looks at his watch “We have time lets go shopping” They go back to the car, and head for Walmart and John tells her as she has been so good, she can have what she wants, providing its suitable. Emily giggling again asks for a laptop “Do you want any toys, dolls, that McDonalds Barbie was nice, but a bit small and not as nice as proper Barbie’s? Emily says maybe… In the store John gets a cart and they start looking and load up with hair accessories, Emily chooses, she wants play make up, but John over rules it as a risk, But does allow more lip balms in flavors and colors. In the Barbie aisle John says don’t get any big stuff like her dream house as we have to travel with it, once they get to Carberry, she can have it all if she wants. Emily picks a Barbie doll, a storage box and some more extra outfits John says every child should have a teddy bear and Emilys chooses one. John jokes that “If your stuffed dog is called dodggy,then this mus be beary!” Emily laughs and sayds ‘ That’s funny,I will call him Barry!!” John smiles” Hello Barry ,pleased to meet you” shaking the bears paw Emilys laughs happily She says she would like some shorts io they go look and she chooses three a pairs of shortalls,some dark blue denim with a flower edge,some light blue deimim with a strawberry decal and a top with it.The third are multicoloured floral. As they walk past a display Johnnotice stehy have translucent gel shoes on sale,so having asked Emily,and she tried a pair on they gota clear pair,and the same in pink,and blue. John had been thinking,and they went to the elctronics section and while Emily looked for movies John looked at tablets. Once Emily had stack of DVD’s all that passed the “daddy test” john took her over and said “You cannot have a laptop, if you need to go online you can use mine,but how about a tablet?,this one is for kids so its safe for you,in all senses” “You can watch stuff, play games,surf the net,except for unsuitable sites as it is already blocked,I can trust you not to try emailing or contacting anyone from old life” Emily agrees and thanks him saying “ I will only use it responsibly” she stumbles on word and swiches to “careful” “Ok last thing is your bag ,you will need one for your tablet” In the accessories aisle Emily chooses a pink frozen bag,as its about the only one that big enough for the tablet,leaving room for other stuff,but small enough to go on her. There is along line at the check up,and John lifts her up and sits on the toddler seat on the cart. After John has paid they take it all,Emily still on the cart back to the car, Once it is all loaded they head off to have something to eat. On the way back Emily cries out’ ’Look mcdonalds!!” John laughs andf says “Do you want to go to Mcdonalds again??” “Yes I like it,and now I can like it and not seem silly” So John parks up and gets Emily out ,and Emily says can she take a toy . John grins and replies “Sure what ever you want,you could take doggy,or I can get one of the new ones from trunk,but I suspect some little girl has will want a meal with a toy” Emily takes her doggy inside and John sits at a table and straps her onto the seat “Do you want the same as last time or different ?” “The same please daddy,but can I have some honey dipping sauce too,and can I have coke instead of juice?” “Sure I can ask for dipping sauce,but you don’t usually drink pop?” Emily giggles and says “Well I ahve avoided caffeine because of you know what,but now it does not matter” “Well ok,but I hope my little girl does not get taste for sugary pop,but sometimes is fine” “And what toy do you want?” showing her the pictures “The bag please daddy” she says after some thought John go’s up and orders,and talks to the girl behind counter,and asks if it possible to get all the barbie kiddy meal toys? While she is sorting them out he sees they have a barbie childs travel cup, with removable handles and straps he gets one and as it holds more thasn kiddy coke cup pays extra He returns back with both therir meals,Emily is engrossed with doggy, When she sees what her daddy got she is excited,and eagarly eats her meal l with her fingers,getting some sauce down her dress, John watches and wonders as he has not given her any of the dexterity inhibitor today “Oh my messy girl “ smiling She is drinking the coke,but has to use both handles, John wonders about her having all those liquids,but says nothing. John finishe his meal and while Emily is still eating,he opens all the packaging for the toys. “The comb and mirror are nice,and will go in your new purse sweetie” “You do seem to like barbie’ Emily looks at him seriously as if deciding if he was teasing ,or serious then slowly,and quietly says “Well I never had any,but some other kids did,but I couldn’t have them” She had never talked about her past much.just occasional refeernce or hint. “well ,now you can have all the barbies” he said “I want you to have everything you missed out on” Whern Emily was done,he cleared the garbage and thery left ,emily carring doggy and her tote with toys in,John took the still partly full cup, Back at the car once Emily was strapped in ,John put her play tray onto her seat,so she could play and look at her toys,and to put her drink. After they had drove about 10 minutes Emily said “I need to go to the toilet” John looked at her reflerction in mirror ,smiling at her “Ok sweetie,it wont be long,sorry its daddys fault,he should have asked you if you wantrd to ptty before we came out” He slowed a bit gradually so it would take longer and turned right and went threes side of a square .adding to jorney time Back at the motel,He got out and went and released Emily,and put her on ground,she want to run towards the suite,but he held her arm “you cant just run off,and anyway the door is locked ,” He locked the casr and took her towrads the door,and paused looking for the room key,as Emily did a little potty dance. Once the door was open she ran in and into the bathroom John heard a chiming sound and smiled When she came out he said “ All better now ?,maybe the coke was not such a good idea? Emily blushed and answered “ “Yes,I just forgot to go at mcdonalds,there was no step stool for the toilet in this bathroom daddy, just a potty chair, so I had to use that” John weent and looked and saw next to the toilet a pink princess potty chair Emily wnt red as she said “When I used it it played music when I tinkled,but I did empty it in toilet daddy” “That’s ok sugar,I will see about getting a toilet ladder like the other one,but I think that looks safer anyway.Use that for now and I think it plays that so you know you have been good” smiling He took her back out to the lounge “ok sweetie, you can watch some TV for a while,I will get the stuff from the car,and you can put it all in your room,then its bathtime and then bed ” Emily pouted “ But I want to stay up “ John looked stern “Its late sugar, and you need your sleep” He put her on the rug ,taking off her shoes.Turned the tv on and went to unload the car. Once everything weas in,and Emilys new clothess and toys except the kindle which would need setting up, were in her room John took Emily and put her in a shallow bath with bubbles. “Careful not to get your new hair wet sweetie”Once she was cleasn he carried her wraped in abig towel to her room and put her princess PJs on her He put her in the priness bed,and went got a bottle of warm milk,with something to help her sleep He sat by her as she drnk the milk. He cliiped her pacifier to her top and put it in her mouth “good night sweetheart sweet well” and kissed her head He heard a muffled reply from behind the pacifier,then turned on the nightlight ,turned up thermostat turned off main light,and left the room John went and sat down to watch TV,happy his new daughter was working out here iteas barely gone 8pm and she was in her bed.He decider hat 9pm would be the latest bedtime for her ,usually 8Pm He set up her kindle using the defaults for a 5 year old so nothing adult or even suggestive could be accesed,and that he would get emails of her browsing history. Before he went to bed just before midnight he got another bottle of warm milk,this one with the teat on it,and went into her room,and again like before replaced the pacifier with a bottle,and she drank all 12oz. After putting her paci back,he went to his own room. Just after 4am he was awoken by the beeping of the monitor,he turned on the screen and saw Emily out of bed her pasci in her mouth and holding her self then leaving the room, John waited to see if she would come to him or not. A coupl of minutes later he heard a faint Traa laa laaa That was the chime from her potty chair.then he saw her come back this time putting her PJ bottoms in the laundy hampert seeming to bury them,then getting back into bed John just watched for a while till she was back asleep,then went back to sleep himself