On the Run CH14

PDF Version MEGA Chapter 14 John was awoken just after 9 by Emmi calling for him, he went into her bedroom. “Morning sugar, welcome to our new home” She was standing up in the crib bed “”Can I get out please daddy?” John lets down the rail and she climbs onto the floor “You have a look at your new bedroom, while daddy goes and throws some water on his face, he is still half asleep” He smiles Emmi looks around the pretty room with its closets, crib bed, soft white rugs, and a changing table on top of some drawers. One part of the room is divided off, she goes over and see a child sized bath, vanity sink, and a child toilet. John comes back and says “Well what do you think of your bedroom? Emmi giggles “Its nice daddy, but where do my toys go?” John grins “Toys? What toys? “ Emmi says with a pot “All my Barbie stuff, and my toy friends” John replies “Well maybe there is somewhere else, now do you want to see the rest of the house or get changed first, you must be very wet?” Emmi looks undecided torn between eagerness to explore and the droopy feeling of her dipee “Changed first please daddy” John unzips her sleeper and undoes the tabs on the heavy diaper, and removes it and tosses in the pink diaper pail. “These disposable ones are not very good, I think we will get some cloth ones, more comfortable and more absorbent for you” He cleans her with wipes, and sends her to use the potty in her bathroom and asks her if she likes her own little bathroom Emmi says “Oh yes its super and just right size for me” A Minute later john hears the toilet flush and the sound of tap running, then Emmi returns, John has pulled some stuff out of a bag, that he left on the top, a pink pussy cat flared at the waist t shirt dress. Fresh lined panties, pink ankle socks and her pink jelly sandals. He helps her dress then brushes her hair, and puts a pink bow in it. He kisses her hair “Ready for the tour sweetie, the people rented this house from two little girls, so it’s a kid’s heaven. He leads her to a door connecting from her room to a playroom complete with rocking horse lots of storage, a kids table and chairs, and a big dolls house, “Well do you think your babies will like it here?” Emmi is speechless at first ,then says “OH yes daddy it is marvelll, super daddy” as she lisps on marvelous and changes it John smiles “I thought you would like it” He takes her out and along a corridor saying “This is daddy’s room, and he has his own bathroom too, then theses a spare bedroom, and they walk through into main area which has couches ,60” TV ,two big armchairs and a small child sized plush pink armchair. Just off this is the kitchen which has a pink high chair in it . “You will have to use that for now sweetie, I have ordered one of those nice wooden chairs that they had in the restaurant so you can use the table as well, and then this one breakdown to kiddy chair and table for playroom or elsewhere” Lastly he takes her to the back door and outside, there is a large enclosed play area with grass, swings, slide and sand pit. “Do think you will have fun out here sweetie?” Emmi runs and gets on the swing yelling “Yes daddy,I’s loves it” in a childish way John beams happily and calls out “OK you have fun, play here or in your room, I will get your breakfast” John goes and prepares cereal and milk, and a bottle of juice for her, and calls her to say it’s ready. A few minutes later she comes running in laughing. John puts her in her chair and gives her the cereal, juice and her pills. While she is eating John tells her that he is going to put some away, he would put the boxes with her toys in her playroom, and she had to put away. The nest thing was a trip to the supermarket, and the child store to get her some bedding as there was only one set here. Once she had finished she was eager to get down and go back to playroom. John washed dup and got on with unpacking, putting everything away in kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. He sat for a while having a coffee and making a shopping list. He calls Emmi, and tells her to go potty, and they are going. He puts a jacket on her in case it rains and take her out to the car. Once she is strapped in he drives to the nearby shopping Centre and parks outside the baby and kids store. He takes her in and it’s a kids wonderland of toys, linens and furniture. John goes to the bedding department and a lady there sees Emmi and says “Oh what a sweet child, what’s your name darling?” Emmi pipes up “My name is Emily Sinclair” The lady smiles and says “well Emily Sinclair, I bet your mommy and daddy spoil you” Emmi says with a sad face “My mommy is in heaven” The lady is nonplussed but says “And I bet she looks down on you and smiles “ Emmi seems to be at a loss, so John says “Yes it’s just me to raise her now, and we have just moved to Carberry and need some things, firstly some bedding for her bed” He tells her the size and she shows them several sets comprising of bottom sheet ,top sheet, pillow case and comforter. Emmi picks a Frozen set, a Shoplets set, a Barbie set and a unicorn set. John says they will take 2 of each set plus the 4 of the Barbie extra pillowcases as throws. Then he sends Emmi to play at the playable while he explains that Emmi still wets the bed at night,and that as she just lost her mother he was not trying to stop her yet. But that he was finding the disposables not very good, plus the environmental aspect that he had at the motel used a cloth diaper that worked well. She shows him several types of cloth diaper, prefolds with Velcro and a few others, but she recommends the traditional diaper square as they are more adaptable, you can multi-layer or fold one up as a soaker. And that they were easier to wash and dry. She also recommends using a plastic cover as well She had them in various colours and John ordered 2 dozen pink, and 2 dozen white, also he got 12 assorted print plastic pants. She recommended the plastic diaper clips, and showed him how they worked, so he added 4 sets to the order. She also suggested that a proper diaper pail that had soaking solution would help when it came to washing them. He chose a pink one with a custom name decal set included. Once everything was paid for he left Emmi at the play table where he could see her, and loaded it all in the car and then after Emmi said good bye to the nice lady, who with Johns permission gave her a rainbow lollipop .John put her back in her seat as she sucked the lollipop. Next stop was the supermarket and they went round john working through his list of foods, essentials, diaper liners the lady said were best, diaper soak solution and drinks. He also stocked up on a case of high fat formula mix, he wanted her a bit pudgier, to hide her buds more. Several times he had to tell Emmi not to wander off, and to stay with him, as she kept going to look at stuff. Finally he put her hand on the trolley and told her if she was not holding his hand, she was to hold the trolley or else. Emmi looked very contrite and complied till ten minutes later when John was getting some milk from cooler and looking for whole milk, he turned around and Emmi was at next cooler door pointing at chocolate milk. “What did I tell you Emmi?” Emmi looked frightened a little “To hold the trolley daddy, but I wanted to show you the choccy milk” John looked stern “Yes I did and you disobeyed. Well when we get home I have something especially for little girls who are naughty” “Please daddy, I will be good” Emmi almost cried “Well just behave between now and when we get home, and I will think about it” Once all the shopping was done and in the car, they headed home again Emmi being very quiet and sucking her lollipop still. Indoors he took her into the living area and showed her a small wooden pink chair facing the wall and with writing on it, and a timer on the back. He asks her if she can read what it says She reads it “Girls are made of sugar and spice, but I am raising my little girl to be nice, screaming and kicking are mean. These are things that should not be seen because a little girl who throws a fit will be a little girl who has to sit” John says “And little girls who do not do as they are told shall sit too, I am going to set the timer, and you will sit quietly till it goes off understand and if I hear one word or see that bottom off the seat before then, you will be sitting with a sor4e bottom as well” Emmi looks at him and says “Yes daddy” a little tear at her eye. John sets the timer for fifteen minutes but Emmi cannot see that, and there is no clock visible to her anyway. John goes to put the stuff away, and put some of the diapers in wash to rinse so he can use tonight also two sets of the bedding. John is busy unpacking the rest of the diapers, and bedding when the bell rings and Emmi comes to him looking very repentant. He picks her up and playfully wraps her in a Barbie sheet and says “Emmi, we have to be careful in public not to look different, a little girl should stay with a grownup or someone will start asking questions or do I have to keep you all wrapped like this?” Emmi smiled again and said “Yes I am soorrwy,” she lisped it coming out more with emotion or stress John tickled her and sent her to put away her toys and he will get lunch soon, and after lunch they would go for a walk, go to the post office and explore the neighbourhood. John went down to the basement laundry area and transferred the washing to the dryer. John then made the decal to go on her diaper pail, and put it in her bedroom near the change table and filled with water and soak solution ready. A cute pink pail with Emily’s diaper pail emblazoned on it. He made a bacon sandwiches for their lunch, frying the bacon in the bacon fat. John called Emmi and put her in her chair with a “Daddy’s little angel” bib, and Emmi sat and ate all hers with a bottle of whole milk with chocolate mix. After lunch and Emmi was cleaned up, he told her to go potty, and they would get going, and asked her if she wanted to walk or in the stroller? “How far is it daddy?” she asked John said honestly “I don’t really know sweetie, it’s about 1/4 mile to the town centre but we will explore too, you can always get out the stroller and walk too” “Stroller daddy please” Once she has been potty, john strapped her in and they set off, past the neighbouring houses, some obviously with kids too, by the garden toys, then past a school. A fairly grim looking 1950’s building. John said “How would you like to go to that school sweetie?” Teasing her a bit, but feeling her out too Emmi said “OH no it looks yucky” then added quietly “I won’t have to go will I?” John thought about it and said “Maybe we can say you are home schooled?” Emmi nodded, and then they turned into a park, and John let her out the stroller but reminded her not to run off. The park was nice, well kept, and there was play area with swings, slide, climbing frame and a wading pool. John said if she wanted to try them out, they could stop for a while. But Emmi said maybe another time. Further on there was a duck pond, and they did stop there so Emmi could watch the baby ducks. John said next time they would bring some bread for them. After sometime they continue on towards the park exit and a woman with her little boy, a little bit younger than Emmi, or her apparent age anyway is entering the park, and she has her son on a keeper. A coiled nylon leash that attaches to the child wrist with Velcro wrap, and then to parents wrist. As they approach John says “I think that’s what I need, this one likes to wander” The lady replies “Oh yes, this little one is into everything, but you are lucky, a sweet little girl” They chat for a while she telling him which store he could buy one in, which was just down the road on the way to town centre. AS they get to the park exit, John asks if she wants to keep walking or ride, but if she walked she had to hold on to the stroller. She says her legs are tired anyway, and climbs in, and John strapped her in, and he asks if she is thirsty. They continue on slowly looking at the shops, they come to the shop the lady had mentioned, a childs toy store and in the window a big Barbie display. Thy go in and John lets her out so she can go look at them. Emmi is busy looking at all the outfits, dolls and accessories, so John asks about the child keepers, and gets a pink one while Emmi is occupied. Then he sees a Barbie bike and points it out to Emmi, who likes it. But John says she could only ride it in the garden which is big enough, or in the park. But would make a good alternative to walking or the stroller. It is Barbie pink with decals, streamers on the handlebars, a basket on the front,butterfly and flower cutouts on the spokes, and training wheels. Emmi tries it and once the seat is adjusted she fits it well, John says he will buy it, but would have to pick it up later ,that he only lives 5 minutes away. The store clerk says they can drop it off as their van is going out in 30 minutes anyway. John pays for it and gives the address, he also gets Emmi the Barbie bridal set she liked. After they leave the store Emmi says she won’t need the training wheels, John says they will see, and anyway she won’t be going fast or cornering on it, and they kept it upright all the time even if not on it, or stopped. John calls in at the post office and picks up mail, nothing important, John had signed for some mailing lists as extra credibility. They then head home John telling Emmi he had bought a keeper, and if she wandered off he would use it! Emmi was quiet all the way home, a combination of being tired, and confusion over her status. Once they were back John quickly got her out of her dress and shoes, and down for her nap with a bottle of formula with a little extra sleeping drug. He closed the blackout curtains on the window. Once she was asleep he got the washing and folded it, quietly putting a stack of diapers on her table. As he closed her door he activated the MP3 of her subliminal reinforcement program.