On the Run Ch12

PDF version MEGA Chapter 12 In the morning John is awakened by Emmi calling over the monitor. He looks in on her room and says “OK sweetie, I will get you up in a few minutes” He washes, shaves and gets dressed, this takes nearly 20 minutes He returns and Emmi says “I want to get out daddy “she pauses and says “please, I am sorry I was naughty” “OK, let’s get you out”, he lifts her out onto the changing table and takes off her sleeper. Her diaper is visibly puffier now, obviously full, He peels off the panties and unclips the diapers one by one, putting in a plastic bag for the laundry When he gets to the soaker it is just that, soaked. He cleans her up, and then uses more wipes to do her hands and face. Then lifts her down and tells her to go potty, while he gets some clothes for her. After he puts clean lined bunny pattern panties on her, a vest and a green and white short flared T shirt dress on her, white socks and her clear jelly sandals and a green bow for her hair “All done sweetie, let’s go have breakfast, and I have something to tell you” Emmi misunderstands and says “I promise I won’t be run away gain or not nap daddy” looking pitiful John hugs her and answers “NO it is not about that, I hope you learnt your lesson, I don’t like spanking or punishing you, but I have to” She is put in her chair, and a bib is put on, now a normal thing. John gives her some banana oatmeal cereal and a bottle of apple juice “Now angel, a few things, are you listening? She nods as she drinks her juice “OK, First I think you are doing very well, and I think it’s time we moved on, and went to the house I have rented, we just have to check with the dentist that all is good with your teeth, so I made an appointment today” Emmi says “OK daddy if you think so” John smiles at her compliance “Next thing, you may like this, your friend Susie, she is having a party “ Emmi nods and says “I know she told me yesterday, she is very excited” “Well she has invited you, would you like to go? there will be lots of games, cake and yummy food” Emmi lights up “Yes daddy I would like to go’ John grins “Ok I will call her daddy and tell him, one more rug rat for the party!” She giggles “We will have to go get her card and a gift, and what would like to wear? your plaid dress, that’s pretty or the blue princess dress maybe when we are out you can choose one? “Choose one daddy” she says “OK sugar, we will go see the dentist and the go to stores, they are in same mall almost. Auntie Cathy says it is a nice walk if you go through the woods. Daddy needs some exercise” Emmi titters ‘”fat daddy” John does a mock stern face “MM someone may not go to a party” grinning at her “Anyway we can take your buggy and go soon, but the party is at 5 so, when we get back you will have to go for your nap early OK?” “Yes daddy, and I won’t argue this time” “Good girl so you go play and when it’s time to go I will tell you” He lifts her to the ground and scooches her off to play John washes up and gets ready, he also makes sure the bag on the stroller is stocked, Clean trainers Spare shorts A diaper Wipes Cream Powder Pacifiers Bottles Satisfied he had what they may need, he was still learning, he called her, and said to go potty first. When she came carrying doggy, he remembered something. “Before we go sweetie, remember I said yesterday I would bring you a present? and after you misbehaved I did not give it to you” “Yes daddy” she said “Well I think you can have it now” HE gets a bag from closet and gives it to her. She opened it excitedly and finds a beautiful doll, with blonde hair and in a pinafore dress. “You will have to give her a name, and I thought she looked like you, but two Emmi; s would be confusing”grinning “They do all sorts of outfits and things for her, even her own stroller” Emmi seems to love her new doll and thanks and hugs her daddy “I don’t know what to call her” John says” Well you don’t have to now, I am sure you will pick perfect name.” Emmi puts the doll on the sofa and picks up doggy and is strapped her into the stroller and they went to walk through woods to mall. Along the way she was happy as she saw cows and horses. John gave her a juice bottle after about 20 minutes walking, as he pushed. At the mall they stopped and had donuts at a donut store as they were early for Emmi’s appointment. John left Emmi in her stroller, and put the tray onto the bar for her. Soon it was time to go see the dentist, who was ready for them. He examined Emmi and after said she looked fine, John mentioned how she lisped when tired or tried to use long words. The dentist said this was likely the retaining wires, that he could put a thinner one on, but this was not advisable as then the braces would need adjusting more often. John asked about using a thicker one so the braces would last longer. The dentist was reluctant but complied and 20 minutes later was out of the chair. “All done sweetie, don’t say anything till the itchy stops” said John and puts her back in her stroller When they get outside the clinic he walks her in her stroller outside and sits on a bench as far from door as he can. “OK sweetie, you were so brave. Now tell me, is the tingling stopped?” “Yes daddy “she said “Good now tell me about what you want to get Susie for her birthday, it’s a frozen theme so we could go to Disney store” Emmi thinks and says “She likes coloring so some pens and coloring books?” John noticed the little lisp “OK sweetie, I want to try something” He took a free paper from box and asked her to read the article he pointed to She read it slowly and stumbled on some words, the longer ones John smiled at her increased difficulty with long words, as this would discourage her from using them, and be more in character, and was curious about when she got tired “OK sugar pie, let’s go to The Disney store” Emmi yippee d They made their way to the store and first they looked for a gift for Susie, John left it totally up to Emmi, and she chose some coloring books, a set of 64 pencils, and a bag they all could go in, all frozen merchandise. John was amused how she said coloring as currying, that extra brace doing its job. Then they looked for a dress for Emmi, she tried on several, and settled on the pale pink Frozen dress with a wide short flounced tulle skirt, and frozen pink Mary Janes. John pointed out that she bent over trying the shoes, her short and wide skirt came up, and he could see bunnies. “But sweetie, little girls do that sometimes, and it’s OK, we will get you some panties that are pretty, and are lined in case you have an accident” John asked if she wanted to wear tights or socks, Emmi said socks as it was easier, John suggested long socks as would be warmer. They found long frozen socks to go with dress .As they were going back through the store John saw some nice Disney sleepers that would be nice for Emmi when it’s a bit cooler. He got her three,pooh,frozen and a Minnie mouse John paid for it all and they left with Emmi back in her stroller and the Disney bags hanging from it. They walked back again through the woods, Emmi talking excitedly about the party, her lisp more evident in her excitement. As soon as they got back John gave her a snack of cookies and milk, and put her in her bed for her nap in just her vest and panties. At 4PM he work her with a kiss “Rise and shine sweetie pie, party time” He gives her a bottle of cranberry juice in her bed, saying you drink that and wake up, then go potty. John checks her panties and sees she has a little dampness but not much. When she is done he helps her dress in the ruffley pink training panties, and the frozen dress, buttoning up the back and tying her bow. He puts her socks on and her new shoes, then adds the pink bow on top of her head. “Oh such a pretty little girl” Emmi giggles and says “tank you daddy” John scoots her out reminding her “Don’t forget sweetie to make sure those socks don’t fall down, and look bad” Emmi nods John continues “Now I also have something else for you” He takes from his pocket a pink Barbie phone and shoes it to her “This is for emergencies, if you need help today or ever when we are apart, this will call my cell, and only my cell” Emmi takes it and puts it in her purse “OK daddy, I hopes I don’t need it” He takes her out to the car, and puts her in her seat, her fluffy skirts filling it around her. He drives using the GPS to find Susie’s home. He parks opposite and turns and says to Emmi “OK, now you play nice, and just follow the lead of the other children” He takes her to the door, and Susie and her mummy answer and welcome Emmi, Emmi gives Susie her gift and card, and they both run off. Susie’s mummy invites John to stay a while, and he accepts and sits with coffee and chats with Susie parents, and a few other parents. He tells how Emmi had been with her mother, his ex-wife, but she had died, and now Emmi was living with him. They ask what grade Emmi is in at school, John tells them as she had been at school in Canada and in England for a while it’s difficult to say, but once they settle Emmi would get a proper education. He moves over and looks through the doorway, and sees Emmi playing pass the parcel with the other kids, seemingly having a ball! He thanks Susie’s parents and says he will be back at 7PM to pick up Emmi John go’s a short way and stops at a coffeehouse, and kills an hour reading. Just after 7 he is back, and the party is still going on, and john says to let her enjoy herself. At 7:30 Susie’s parents call an end, and everyone says good bye, and Susie hands out gift bags to all her guests. After Emmi says good bye she runs to her daddy chattering in happiness. In the car as John straps her in, she is telling him all about the party, games and the cake. Also she got a frozen sticker book in gift bag. John smiles and says “Yes I can tell you had cake, you still have some on your dress” “Sorrwy daddy” John’s smiles “Its OK sweetie, little girls get messy, but little boys get dirty” All the way back, she is talking, her lisp very evident now as she is excited and tired “When we get back we’ll get you out of that dress, and ready for bed, then you can watch some TV for a while till bedtime” “Can I watch the end of “Mary ppopinths” she lisped “Sure sugar, Aunt Cathy lent me the DVD for you, and she is coming over later, and I can give it back” Emmi asked “Why is Aunt Cathy coming daddy?” John grinned “To settle our bill for staying here, as we are leaving tomorrow” “Can I see her daddy?” John shook his head “No sweetie, you will be in bed when she comes” John wondered if the woman/child would get the double meaning “But you will see her tomorrow I am sure, we won’t leave till evening” Back at the motel took Emmi in and told her to go to her room, and he would be there Ina moment. He called Cathy and said they were back and Emmi wanted to see her before she went to bed so could she come earlier, and he had the wine chilling. John went and got Emmi undressed, noticing she had a few little leaks in her panties. Lifting her on the diaper table he, wiped her delicately, and rubbed in some cream, then powered her liberally, and put another of the flowery telltale diapers on her with a soaker. He took from the drawer a short nightie with a diaper cover in a cute red and white hearts design and put it on her, clipping her paci to it, and then putting white knitted style slippers/bootees on her. Lifting her down he scooched her off to the lounge watching her waddle a little. She told her to sit on the mat, and he would get her a drink. Then he put the movie on from where she left off, and he settled down and watched too. She sat watching and giggling. Soon after she finished her drink, she absently put her paci in her mouth. John said “Maybe I should get a nanny for you sweetie?” Emmi giggled and said “I want a magic one” This was quite indistinct though her paci, and tired lisp, but john understood “But Mary Poppins was not there to save the kids, but the daddy” “Do I need saving?” Emmi crawled the couple of feet, and John lifted her to his lap “No dadda you great’ He kissed her head, smelling her baby smell After the movie ended, she played on the floor, looking at her sticker book from the party. There was a knock at the door, and Emmi looked up in surprise as when John opened the door, aunt Cathy was there. She came in wearing a very nice dress, not the same at as at the daycare. She looks down at Emmi, in her short nightie, obviously diapered and with a paci in her mouth. “Oh what a sweet little girl you look” she said “I could eat you up” Emmi giggled and tried to stand up, but she was off the rug now, and her bootees, and the bulk of her nappy made her unsteady, so went back down. John said “it’s nearly my angels bedtime, but she can stay a bit, tell Auntie Cathy about the party” Emmi babbled about the party, and the gifts, games and Cathy told her she holds parties for the children at her day care sometimes, the last one was a Minnie mouse party. John was warming a bottle ready. After about 120 minutes john said it was bedtime and would she like Auntie Cathy to put her to bed or daddy? Emmi said “My daddy” Emmi kissed Cathy good night, and john took her to her room, and put her in the crib, saying he did not want her getting up in the night. He sat while she drank her bottle, then kissed her good night, and turned off the light and closed the door, John and Cathy had a nice dinner, and john told her how Emmi had had a difficult time since her mother died, so had regressed a bit, and he had been told to let her go through it. He said he felt guilty as having missed out on her as a toddler, he enjoyed it. Cathy told him he was just being a good father. Just after 1am when Cathy left, John went in to check Emmi, and give her a bottle, he checked her diaper and it was soaked. SO he carefully lifted her still asleep onto the changing table and changed her diaper, she barely even waking just murmuring and her eyes fluttered a few times. He put her back in the crib, and went back to bed himself. The scent of Cathy still on his pillow. More to come ,if you like my stoory and want to comment kristinam69@yahoo,com