On the Run CH10

For anyone who wants it you can get ch 1-10 in PDF format here MEGA Chapter 10 John wakes up just after 7am and soon go’s and checks on Emily, or Emmi as she is now called. She is still sound asleep, her paci still in, and doggy in her arms. He carefully lifts a cover and feels, he can feel she is soaked. He wakes her slowly saying “Wake up sugar, time to get up, you are very wet, but it is OK, it’s not your fault” When John takes her paci from her, she says “Hi daddy, I feel funny, I did not mean to wet again” John hugs her “I told you it’s OK, let’s get you out of these wet things,” He helps her off with her nightie and the wet panties “Oh you did wet a lot, those are only for a little bit, you go use your potty and then we’ll get you cleaned up, and dressed, because today is a special day” While she is using her potty chair in the corner, John gets clothes out” He uses baby wipe to clean her and then her face and hands, before getting her into clean training panties, vest and pink thick opaque tights. He says to go like that out for her breakfast, and he will tell her the surprise. Once she is in her high chair, he puts a bib on her, and a bowl of cut up fruit and a bottle of cranberry juice. “OK sweetie, I was thinking, we know you are 8, but that’s it, and I was looking at the ID we have, and guess what……… today is your 8th birthday!!!” Emmi looks surprised then happy “My birthday is today?” her excitement making her lisp more. “Yes sugar, so I have some things planned, first is a birthday dress and…Oh I should have got presents, but you don’t want any do you??” he said grinning Emmi says loudly” Yes I want a present!” John smiles and says “Well MAYBE I have one tucked away, some hankies or maybe new toothbrush” Emmi giggles as she mashes fruit into her mouth in excitement. John makes sure she eats all her fruit and he wipe her hands and face, before she can be lifted down. Then he takes her back to her room, and gets a dress from closet, and shows it to her. It has a balloons and candles design on the front, and frothy tulle skirt “See a birthday dress for my birthday princess, and a birthday princess tiara for her hair” Emmi looks wide eyed and says” Oh thank you daddy” “You’re welcome sweetheart, anything for my baby girl” He helps heron with the dress, pins the tiara on her head, and puts her pink ballet flats on her “Now give your daddy a kiss and wait in here till I call you” She kisses his cheek A minute or so later he calls her, and she comes running On the floor in front of TV ids a pile of wrapped presents “I don’t know where these come from, but maybe I know a little girl who will want them” Emmi quickly starts ripping them open, finding a Barbie dream house, a Barbie pink car, a Barbie and her horse and lots of new outfits. She is so happy, and is torn between playing with them and hugging her daddy. “OH tank you daada “she says “I have one more gift for you “he says and gives her a small wrapped gift. When she opens it, it is a silver necklace and bracelet with Emily written on. He puts them on her She looks at them, and says “Oh thank you daddy they are lovely” She hugs him tightly “I never had a nice birthday before now” she said with more meaning than it seemed John smiled “Well it’s not over, how would you like a trip to the zoo, or we can go to the park, anywhere you want” “ZOOOO!!! “Is the definite response. “The zoo it is, now there will be a lot of walking sometime and I know you get tiredness I asked auntie Cathy if I could borrow the buggy she took you to the park in, and she said she had a better one for you, what do you think walk or let daddy do all the work?” Emmi, giggled “Daddy push” “OK sweetie, so go get what you want to take, Make sure you have some of your yummy pretty lip balm as it may be hot” Emmi comes back with her small purse and doggy “OK we will go see Auntie Cathy and get the stroller” When they get to auntie Cathy’s she has a gift for Emmi, a set of Barbie bubble bath and shampoo. Cathy says” “Oh you are such a beautiful birthday princess little Emmi” Emmi thanks her and gives her a hug Cathy gives them the stroller saying it was her daughters, but she is too big for it now, she is nearly 12. Emmi fits in perfectly once it is adjusted. There is a matching bag hanging behind to carry things. Now they know Emmi fits she is taken out again and it is folded down and put in the car. With Emmi waving bye bye to Aunt Cathy they head for the zoo Once they arrive, Emmi is taken from her seat and put in the stroller and strapped in, she sits comfortably holding her doggy whilst her daddy puts some things in the bag. They spend 4 hours going round the zoo, Emmi loving all the animals except the snakes!! John kept her well supplied with drinks of juice, and even allowed her some root beer, all from her sippy bottles. When she had a burger and fries he put a bib on her to protect her dress. She walks some and is pushed a lot, very time they passed washrooms daddy asked if she needed to go. A few times she did go. At the petting zoo she wanders with the animals and feeds a goat, mixing with the other children. She was petting a lamb, when another one butted her bottom gently, and she squealed in surprise. She came to daddy after and said “Daddy, when he bumped me, I think I did a little wet sorry” John smiled and said “That’s OK sweetie, that’s what the special panties are for, to soak up a little wet if you have accident” At the next family room, he took her in, and put her up the changing table and checked her, she was only a little wet, but he put clean dry ones on her from the bag anyway. “Another thirty minutes sweetie and we will have to go, where do you want to go last, back to the snakes>” which got big “NO” “Well how about the penguins again, or we could go to gift shop?” Emmi instantly said “Gift shop daddy” In the gift shop daddy says she can have anything she wants she looks around and can’t decide, and while she is looking at zoo play set John bumps her bottom with a stuffed lamb. “Oh dear, lambs seem to like you Emmi” john said with a big grin “Silly daddy…” and Emmi giggled “Can I have the zoo set daddy?” “Of course and I will get lamby too for you” They head back to the car with Emmi holding doggy and a bottle of juice. John quickly loads up the car, and gets Emmi in her seat and they go back to motel. As John gets her out he sees her doing the potty dance again, trying to hold it, and quickly lets her in to go to her potty When she is done he checks she wiped her hands with wet wipes from box by her potty “Did you have a fun time at the zoo Emmi? I know I did” Emmi snuggles and says “Oh yes dadda,it was super,tank you” She is lisping more now she is tired Good, well its nap time, then later another surprise, a birthday party” He warms a bottle of milky formula, takes her to her room, takes off her dress, shoes and tights and puts her in bed, sitting with her as she has her drink. “Did you like the stroller? It was a lot easier than lots of walking wasn’t it?” She nods as she drinks “That’s good because Auntie Cathy said if we lik4d it, she does not use it anymore, so we could buy it. What do you think should I get it?” Emmi nods again “OK sugar, I will get it for you, now you go to sleep and I will wake you for your party” He kisses her forehead and takes a paci from his pocket and slips it in her mouth, this is not a plain one but a fancy pretty one with a pink and red balloons and fish design, and a big red ring, but has the same teat as her other ones, he clips it on a keeper and attaches to her vest, Then leaves turning out the light At about 5PM John went and woke Emmi “Wakey wakey birthday girl” “Time to get up, and go to your party” She stirred and her eyes opened and john took her paci “Hi daddy,mmmmmmmm I think I wet a little again” John checks her panties and they are dry on outside but wet inside. “oh only a little sweetie it’s OK, I will get you some clean ones, you go use the potty and I will get you ready” he slips the damp panties off her After she is done he checks her hands and face, and puts the clean training panties, tights, dress and shoes, lastly her tiara. “So which of your friends do you want to take to your party, doggy, Barry or lamby? She picks up doggy which seems to be her favourite. He gives her a bottle while he gets his stuff ready to go. As he takes her out to the car she asks “Where is my party daddy?” “It’s at a restaurant just for kids and families” Twenty minutes later they arrive, and John takes her into the brightly coloured restaurant, low kiddy tables, ride on toys, and a ball pit, climbing set, an indoor playground The place is full of kid’s from1 to 10 years of age, plus some parents. A hostess arrives dressed as snow white and bends down to tell Emmi she is a beautiful princess, and they would give her a special birthday. They are taken to a table and Emmi is put in a nice high chair and it is pulled up to the table. “Isn’t that a nice chair, Emmi?” “Yes daddy very comfy and pretty” John makes a note of the label of manufacturer for later “So I ordered your favourite pizza, and for dessert cake, what do want to drink? you can have pop if you want tonight” “I don’t want fizzy daddy,” John says how about iced tea, that like pop but not fizzy and they have an orange one” “Yes please Daddy” she replies John gives the order to the server A few minutes later snow white returns with the pizza and Emmi’s ice tea in a sippy bottle. Snow White also puts a birthday princess bib onto Emmi. The pizza has Happy Birthday written on it in a red pepperoni. John gives her a big slice on a party plate and watches as she tucks in hungrily it’s a quite salty spicy one which she liked, and she washed down with ice tea regularly. When she had finished, all the staff and some the other kids came over and sang “Happy Birthday” to her as the figure 8 cake is brought out. As the cake is so big, John asks Emmi if she wants to share it with other kids, and she says yes Emmi sits eating her cake with her fingers, having fun and a making a mess. Eventually she has had enough, and John cleans her up, and gets out the chair, and sends her to play in the play area. He sits and watches with a coffee with pleasure and a little trepidation as she chats, and plays with the other kids on the slide, swing and the ball pit. He observes she seems to have attached to another little girl about 6 or 7 and they play at the pretend tea party table for a long time He goes over and Emmi tells him that this Susie, and she is 5. Susie seems very shy with John, so he just says hello, and asks Emmi if she is having fun. “Oh yes daddy lots” John goes back to the “adult enclosure” and has another coffee. About 45 minutes later Susie’s parents come to take her home and John watches her and Emmi say good bye, so John waits then go’s and tells Emmi its time they let as well John takes her to the washroom before they leave, and sees her panties are a little damp inside, but says nothing. John asks Emmi if she had a nice party, and it was good she made a friend. Emmi says “Oh it was super, and the cake was nice” On the way home Emmi just chatters happily, about Susie and Susie is in kindergarten, but going to big school soon, and she has a dog and a cat and baby sister Emmi has trouble saying kindergarten through with her braces When they get home daddy tells her it is past her bedtime, so they will skip a bath and straight to bed. “Did you have as nice birthday sugar?” “Oh yes daddy thank you, best birthday I ever had” John hugs her thinking that was very telling. Her gets her undressed and she go’s potty while daddy gets her milk bottle When he comes back he says “Listen sugar, you seem to be wetting lots at night, and those panties are not enough, but there is something else, a sleep diaper” He takes one from a cupboard and shows her “Look it has pretty flowers on it, and you won’t have to worry about wetting and leaking” Emmi looks at it and says “If daddy thinks I need them” “I think you do, just to sleep in at night but you won’t be able to pull down so if you do wake up and need to pee, just do it, I promise it will feel dry still and if not I will change you” He lifts her up onto the change table in the room, and puts the strap on just in case. Then puts a little cream on, and some powder telling her “To keep you soft, and no nasty rash” He puts soaked pad in as well, and tapes the diaper securely on, nice and snug, then puts clear plastic panties over her diaper Lastly another princess nightie, short enough so her diaper bottom shows Her clips her new baby paci to her nightie and picks her up and sits on her bed, with her on his lap sucking her bottle of warm milky formula. When she is finished he tucks her into bed and kisses her good night. Later before he goes to bed, he feeds her another bottle, and slips a finger into her diaper and feels a little moisture, but decides to leave it. He goes to bed the monitor at his side