"On The Run" Ch 17,18,19

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Chapter 17

At the town meeting John met many of the townspeople and repeated his story many times, Sophie stayed by his side as if marking her territory

He sat though discussions and debates on several aspects of the towns operation.

After the debates Sophie said he should meet her aunt Lucy, who was on the school board.

She was very proper and good mannered, but pleasant and had a nice smile.

He explained his situation, and how his daughter was still grieving in her way for the loss of her mother, that he did not think she was ready for the shock of a new school, and that he wanted for the interim to home school her.

Mrs. Anderson, or Lucy as she said to call her outside the board, told him she understood. She was not a fan of homeschooling herself. However she could see Johns point, but that a majority of the board were very anti home schooling.

When it became clear to her that John was not very sure about Emily’s education so far, and levels she suggested before any decision was made or application to the board that Emily was evaluated.

John said that may be a good thing as whilst she was living with her mother she been bounced from school to school as her mother moved around, he intimated that his ex-wife had been a bit “hippy dippy”

But she seemed very bright, just not really fully rounded.

Lucy said she would be happy to set up an evaluation, it was a standard test and interview conducted by schools, she said the best school was St.Marys academy, it was a private school, but she could set up an evaluation there.

John said that fees were not an issue, as her grandfather’s trust would pay them.

Lucy took his number and said she would call him in the morning, and hopefully it could be done quickly.

After John thanked her, they left the meeting, John invited Sophie back for coffee. She said that she would come back, run Marie home and return, she did not want Marie getting wrong, or right idea about them. She said small town gossip spread like wild fire.

Marie was watching TV when they got back, and said Emmi had behaved, and was so cute. She asked if it was Ok to bring her sister by tomorrow as they were same age and Emmi wanted to meet her.

John said it was a good idea, anytime except 2 and 4PM when Emmi was napping.

Sophie then suggested as she was coming in the morning to help John with city tax forms, that Marie drop her sister Michelle off then Marie could go do her own activities for a few hours.

John paid Marie her $10 an hour plus a $20 tip.

Sophie took her home, and whilst she was gone, John checked on Emmi, who was sleeping soundly with her paci and her doll Susie in her arms. He gave her a bottle of formula milk. He liked that now she just suckled and drank without even waking now.

Her diaper was wet already, but not enough to warrant changing her.

He opened a bottle of wine ready for Sophie’s return.

When she returned they drank the wine, and some snacks and talked till 1am when she went home.

The next morning Emmi awoke and walked her diaper hanging with its weight, she saw her daddy was still sleeping so she went to her playroom, now comfortable in a full diaper.

John woke at about 9am as the phone rang, he answered it and it was Lucy Anderson to say that she could get Emmi evaluated that afternoon if he brought her to the St Mary’s administration office.

He said he would have her there at 1pm and thanked her,

John got up and after checking on Emmi showered and shaved.

He Got Emmi bathed, in a clean pair of trainers and a red sundress, and her red flats.

As she ate her breakfast he told her that she had to be tested to see how her education level was.

He asked her how she had done in school before, and she seemed a little confused before switching to Amber mode. She said she had not gone much as she was raised by very religious parents, “god nuts” she called them, and they kept her school often to help work on their farm.

This was the first John had heard of her background.

He said to just try to pass as a 3rd or 4th grader.

He also told her that Marie was bringing her sister Michelle for a play date that morning, he intimated that it was Sophie’s idea and that he had to go along with it.

After she had finished and went to play in garden, John saw the American girl catalogue, and took it outside and asked Emmi about it.

She told him, and sounded interested so John told her if she did well today, he would take her to the store.

He left her playing and a while later Sophie arrived with Michelle and Marie.

After introductions Michelle was sent out to play with Emmi and they seemed to bond instantly over the swings.

Marie left to go to the mall, and John and Sophie did the tax papers. Their hands kept touching, and a spark was there.

John told her about the 1Pm appointment and Sophie said she would take Michelle home after lunch, so John could take Emmi to it.

Sophie said

“St Mary’s has high standards, higher than the public school, but she will do better there in the long run”

John replied

“I would like to home school her, but that’s looks unlikely”

Sophie said

“Well I think it is better for her to socialize, but she is your daughter”

At 12pm, John called Emmi and Michelle for lunch, they had ham and cheese rolls, Emmi had apple juice, Michelle orange juice, except Emmi had a bib and a sippy bottle, where Michelle had proper plastic tumbler, but neither saw it as odd.

After the two girls said goodbye, Michelle saying she was jealous that Emmi was going to American girl store, she left with Sophie.

John took Emmi and changed her into a More formal dress, something more appropriate for her interview.


A white cotton cap sleeve dress with a print of kids crayon drawings on it, and white socks, and her white t strap shoes. A white bow on her head competed the image.

He gave her a bottle of juice for the car but with an extra dose of lithium to keep her stress levels down.

He drove her there, the school was huge, very old but attractive, not foreboding and dingy like the other school.

In the office Mrs Anderson was waiting and she was very nice with Emmi, explaining that she would have to do a number of test papers, and then be interviewed by a teacher. That her daddy would be outside, but he could not take part.

John told her to just do her best, and to be brave.

After he hugged her and kissed her she was taken into another room.

John was given some magazines and shown the coffee maker, and told it would be at least an hour.

90 minutes later, Emmi came out with another lady who introduced herself as Miss Partridge ,she said Emmi was finished ,she could not discuss anything at the moment, that he would get a call to come back alone probably tomorrow.

John left with Emmi, Emmi seeming very quiet and withdrawn.

In the car he drove in silence till they came to a spot he could stop, and talk to her face to face.

“So how did it go?’

Emmi looked sad

“It was hard, lots of questions on the papers, and some I knew some I didn’t and just guessed”

“The lady asked me about lots of things, I tried to tell the truth as much as possible just changed to fit the Emmi story, how my mummy took me out of school a lot”

John nodded

“So how do you think you did?”

Emmi grimaced and said

“She looked very upset at something, but she was nice”

John leant over and hugged her

“Emmi I have to tell you it looks like the homeschool idea may not work, I will still try, but if you do have to go to school, this may be the best choice”

Emmi said nothing,

“But “said John “I promised you a trip to American girl store so let’s go!!”

Emmi looked happy and hugged her daddy.

At the store she excitedly explored all the items and John loved the idea of doll out fits and matching outfits for kids. He told Emmi she could have two dolls and 4 outfits, both for her and for her dolls.

After much debate she chose the Rebecca and the Camille dolls, with three skirt and top sets one with a glittery skirt, one a pink tutu type skirt with top and a dress dress in pink floral pretty floral .John also added a pajama set.


Emmi left the store wearing the glittery pink skirt set with a tied off top, and carrying the Camille doll in the same outfit.

Emmi hugged and thanked her daddy, John thinking how much she thought as Emmi now, Amber would have thought it was just as much her money being spent.

More and more Amber was disappearing only surfacing if he called on her.

He drove Emmi home, and she ran to put her new dolls in her playroom.

He decided Emmi was too wound up to nap, so he let her play ,and she would have an early night this evening, and that fitted his plans as Sophie was coming over this evening.

At 4pm he got a call from Mrs. Anderson asking him to come to her office tomorrow morning at 9Am, as she needed to discuss Emmi’s results, she would not discuss further over the phone.

He prepared her dinner for 6pm, of macaroni cheese and banana pudding for dessert, telling her that as she had not had her nap after she finished it was bath time then bed.

Emmi said it was still light out, and she was not tired, but her lisp showed she was.

“Emmi, you are tired I know, I should have put you down for your nap but I let you play with your new dolls”

Emmi pouted and said

“I don’t want to, I want to watch Powderpuff girls at 7 on TV, and Michelle said it was good”

John frowned

“Well you are going straight to bed after your bath, and that’s that!”

“I DON’T WANT TO!!” yelled Emmi, her bottle of juice flying as she knocked it

John lifted her from her chair, and took her over to the time out chair, and sat her on it.

“You know the rules. You sit there quietly till it rings, and if you move or say a word, you will regret it”

He set the timer for 20 minutes

Emmi sat there crying for maybe 2 minutes before she got and tried to run to her room

John went after her and in her room, he dragged her by her arm out the the living area and sat on the sofa .he laid her over his knee.

.Emmi just cried, tears running down her cheeks.

“I is sorrwwy daddy,please don’t spank me”

“I warned you “and gave her 10 swats with his hand on her thickly pantied bottom as her legs kicked the air.

Afterwards he hugged her and said he was sorry but when little girls are naughty, they must learn.

He then took her to her bedroom, and undressed her

Emmi just whimpered and John put her paci which seemed to calm her.

He put on the change table and folding one diaper up a soaker then put 3 more on her, then pink nursery print plastic panties.

He put a pink and black flower pattern footed sleeper on her with mittens, and attached her paci keeper to it. Laying her in her bed he said to stay there while he got her bottle.


He mixed up and warmed a bottle of formula milk, adding some sleeping agent, and a diuretic.

He returned back and held her as she drank it holding it with both mittened hands.

As she finished it she said

“I am sorrwy daddy,I won’t be bratty again”

John hugged her as he put her paci back in

“I know sweetie, you had a long tiring day, so tomorrow I get my sweet angel back”

He kissed her and turned out the light after putting up the side, so she was in a crib.

John went to prepare dinner for Sophie as Emmi went to sleep.

John checked her at 10Pm and gave her a bottle, and also at midnight before he and Sophie went to bed.

Chapter 18

Emmi woke the next morning and could feel her diaper was very wet, she called for her daddy, but he did not come. She could not get out of the crib, with the mittened hands of her sleeper.

She lay and whimpered and hugged Susie her doll.

A few minutes later her daddy came in, with a bottle of juice for her.

“Hi sugar, what are you awake for? It’s still very early, have a drink and go back to sleep”

Emmi looked sad

“My dipee is wet daddy, I am sorry I was bad”

John kissed her head

“I know sugar, and that’s all over now, you go back to sleep and when its morning I will change you”

He left her as she snuggled with her doll, and tried to go back to sleep, which within minutes she was.

John went back to the bedroom, and told Sophie that Emmi had woken but was going back to sleep.

Sophie said

“She slept long time, its nearly 7am now”

John said

“Yes, but now we have time for ….” And he climbed back into bed with her.

An hour later they got .and Sophie went home to change, John got Emmi up, got out of her drenched diapers, and sleeper then gave her a bath, before putting her in kids play suit with a cute hearts pattern, and her pink jelly sandals and a pink hair bow.


He gave her breakfast of mixed fresh fruit chunks and a bottle of cranberry juice, adding a strong diuretic to it.

“Listen sweetie, daddy has to go out for a while, and see the lady about your tests, Auntie Sophie is coming to look after you, and she said she may take you to the park”

Emmi looked happy to be going to the park, and said

“Can I take my bike? “

“Well it’s up to Auntie Sophie, but if you walk or go in stroller, she may take you to the kid’s play room too, it’s near the park she said, and they have lots of things to do”

Emmi smiled and answered

“Yes daddy”

A few minutes later Sophie arrived and greeted Emmi with a hug, saying

“We are going to have fun together I am sure, and later a trip to the park, and the kid zone play centre”

Emmi smiled

“Yes Aunt Sophie, it sounds fun, do they have rides?”

“Oh yes several “Sophie replied

John sent Emmi to her play room, while he spoke to Sophie, telling her that in the stroller bag was everything in case Emmi had an “accident” and he would call her when he was done,but she should feel free to stay out with Emmi as long as she wished, but that Emmi must be back for her 2PM nap, yesterday she did not get it, and she got very tired and grouchy.

He went and said goodbye to Emmi, and told her to behave and have fun.

John left for his appointment.

AT Lucy Anderson’s office he was taken straight in, and Lucy was sitting at her desk, but moved to the arm chair opposite John, trying to keep it informal, but obviously not at ease.

“I have the results of Emily’s testing and I must saying it is troubling, her scores are so all over the place”

She handed him the top sheet of her evaluation

Mathematics 32%

English 42%

Reading 74%

History 18%

Geography 21%

Science 31%

Religion 68%

“These are based on a 4th grade level, on my initial assessment and as Emily’s seemed such a bright child, I am afraid I used a grade above her age’

John said “So you think Emily is “ he paused and continued “slow?”

Lucy said

“Oh no, quite the contrary I just think she has lacked a proper education, as you can see in certain areas she is advanced, she reads well and comprehends things quickly, our oral evaluations belied the actual tests”

“Her English is good in conversation, but her written work is the issue, her handwriting is atrocious, and her grammar and spelling is below the level we would expect.”

“Her math skills are again a conundrum, as she can count well, and do complex addition, but her multiplication and division is lacking”

“Her knowledge of history is appalling as is her geography for a child who had travelled as she has”

“Now as for religion, and this is a controversial issue I know, despite this being a catholic School they try to teach a balanced course, as they have many religions attending, and their attitude is to teach by example rather than by rote. Emmi scored well, but only on certain aspects of the new testament, other religions she seemed very ignorant on, even many Christian varients.”

John looked very concerned

“I am afraid the time I missed with her, time I now regret, has led to this situation, what do you suggest?’

Lucy paused and said

“Well my best advice both as a parent myself, and as a school board member is to send Emily to St Mary’s and” she paused “I would suggest initially at least she start again in 1st grade, we can move her up as indicated, I think she will learn quickly, as I say she seems bright, just she has lacked the proper resources in education”

John sat for a moment thinking

“Yes I think that may be the best course, when do you think she can be enrolled”

Lucy consulted her calendar and some documents

“Well if you do the paperwork today and pay the first terms tuition, I can Fast Track it, and she could start next Monday, with the other new students “

“You will also need to take her to the school outfitters for the proper uniform before then”

John agreed and filled out the forms, and paid by credit card, saying he would get reimbursed by education trust of her grandfather.

John left with a pile of leaflets and the uniform booklet, thanking her for her help.

He drove home with a smile on his face.

Back at the house Emmi has been playing with her dolls, whilst Sophie did some paperwork on her application for leave.

At just after 11AM she called Emmi to get ready to go out, and puta bottle of juice from the fridge that Joh had left, in the stroller bag.

She strapped Emmi in safely and set off, talking to her about the Kids Zone features.

When they got into the park Emmi asked

“Please can I get out Auntie Sophie, I want see the ducks, and go on the slide”

Sophie let her out and told her not to wander, and they stopped at the pond, and then at the play area.

Sophie liked watching her play, obviously so care free.

After she had been on the slide and swings for twenty minutes, Sophie told Emmi it was time to go, and gave her a drink.

At the park exit, Sophie asked Emmi if she wanted back in the stroller or walk.

Emmi answered

“I will walk please Auntie”

Before Emmi could object Sophie put the kiddy keeper on her, wrapping it around her wrist, and then the other end to the stroller. She could not go more than two feet from the stroller.

Emmi objected

“I don’t need that auntie, I will stay with you I promise, and daddy only got it for if I was bad”

Sophie smiled

“I’m sorry Emmi, but because I am looking after you, and responsible, I have to be extra careful, and your daddy obviously has it for a reason”

Sophie walked on Emmi saying with her and the stroller, a few times she stopped to look in a window and got a gentle yank.

“If you want to stop darling just tell me first, we have plenty of time”

When they got to the toy store, Emmi wanted to go in, and get more Barbie stuff

Sophie said

“We can go in and you can look, but you aren’t going to get any new toys today, you will have to ask your daddy”

Emmi looked at all the Barbie accessories, particularly the Barbie horse box and horse farm set.

After 10 minute Sophie put her back in the stroller with her bottle, and they set off for kid zone.

When they got there Emmi saw lots of ride on toys a ball pit climbing frame, and a carousel.

Sophie bought her an hours and see ran to try as much as possible, while Sophie watched and had a cup of tea.


Emmi went from ride on to ride on was riding the merry go round when an attendant came to Sophie

“Excuse me, I am sorry but your daughter has had an accident, she is quite wet”

Sophie apologized

“I am so sorry, she is not my daughter I am just minding her, I will help clean up”

The attendant said

“No need, it happens a lot so we are prepared, but she will need something dry”

Just then another attendant brought Emmi over, and she was crying, and her play suit was soaked and it had obviously run down her leg and soaked her sock too.

Emi spluttered

“I am sorrwy auntie, I forgot to go potty, and it just happened” tears in her eyes

Sophie knelt down and said

“Never mind sweetie, I should have checked, let’s get you into something dry”

She took the bag from the stroller and looked to see what she could use. And she asked the attendant for a plastic bag to put her wet things in.

She then took Emmi to the family room, and lifted her onto the table and took off her playsuit, the soaked panties and her wet sock.

She stuck Emmis paci in her mouth to calm her as she wiped her with baby wipes.

She put a thick disposable diaper under Emmi and taped it up.

Then from the bag she took a two piece set of long top and diaper cover, a Minnie mouse design with EMMI printed on it.


She put her shoes back on her bare feet.

“There all clean and dry darling”

She put all the wet things in a plastic bag, and led Emmi back out, her cute ruffled diaper cover visible as the top only came halfway down it.

She put her in the stroller and she sat sucking her paci and Sophie pushed her home, reassuring her that it was ok and her daddy won’t be angry.

When she got Emmi home, she put her straight to bed, despite it not being 2PM yet, as Emmi was almost asleep after the trauma and the ride home.

Sophie went and washed up herself, and decided not to call John, but wait for him to return.

Chapter 19

John got home just after 5PM, Sophie and he sat and updated each other on their day, Sophie was concerned that Emmi would have to go back to 1st grade, but John said it may be for the best, but he was not sure how she feel about it, he said

“I think it best to just tell her she will have to go to school, and not be home schooled initially and wait till nearer the time to tell her she has to start over”

Sophie was concerned but agreed to not tell Emmi yet.

John added

“Also as you found today, she is regressing in a lot of ways, and we have to let her work through it, and at her own pace”

“her lack of control of her bladder is an example, I tried putting her in just training panties, but it seems they not always sufficient ,so maybe putting back to something more absorbent for a while will help, there are some disposable diapers left so I will try those during the day”

Before john went and got Emmi up from her nap, Sophie suggested they go out for a picnic the next day, as she knew a nice spot, on the lake and they could swim, and she could bring her nieces swim aids for Emmi.

Sophie left to go get ready for her shift, and they agreed to leave around 10AM for the picnic.

As john entered Emmi’s room, Emmi was just stirring, and John checked her diaper and it was very wet.

“Oh dear my princess is a wet girl again”

Emmi said

“I am sorrwy dadday”

John hugged her.

“its ok sweetie, but I think for now we will have to use something better than the panties’

He lifted out of her bed, and took off the wet diaper and her dress, took her and gave her a quick bath.

He put a disposable diaper on her, and said

“See it has pretty princess on it, and if you wet it she will disappear, and let me know you are wet, but you want to keep the princess don’t you?’

Emmi smiled

“Yes daddy, I will try to save the princess”

He put a short Hello Kitty dress on her that almost covered her diaper, but meant it showed her princess. Her jelly sandals on her feet.

He took her out and sat her beside him on the sofa

“Now precious I have to talk to you, I saw the school lady today, and you will have to go to school, the same school as your friend Michelle, you saw it and it seemed very nice didn’t it?

John was expecting more reaction from the Amber aspect of her, but more and more that seemed buried deep.

“I don’t want to go to school daddy, I won’t know anybody”

John squeezed her hand

“I am sure you will soon make friends and the teachers seem nice, just try it and I promise if after a few weeks you don’t like it, we will think of something else”

Emmi looked a bit nervous, but said

“I will try daddy”

John hugged her tightly

“What would my angel like for dinner, cabbage pudding? Broccoli mousse or spaghetti with liver?”

Emmi giggled

“YUCKY, daddy, pizza!!!

John smiled

“Pizza it is my lady, you run and play and I will get it ready”

Emmi trotted off to her play room, her white diaper flashing as she went.

John cooked pizza for them both, and a large sippy bottle of apple and cranberry juice for Emmi

As they ate in front of the TV, Emmi in her low chair with a tray on it John asked her if she wanted to go on a picnic at the lake tomorrow with Auntie Sophie

Emmi seemed excited at the idea and asked if the water was deep as she could not swim.

John told her

“I am not sure, but I don’t think Auntie Sophie would take us anywhere dangerous, and she has some swim stuff for you she said, so you will be safe”

“We will take the swimsuit Auntie Cathy gave you, with the robe too, but it will be a long day for you so an early night tonight ok sugar”

After she finished her dinner she played with her dolls on the floor whilst John watched some sports, her interest in the sports which was never great anyway, now seemingly zero. She was oblivious to her diaper being on display as she sat her legs sprawled on the play mat.

Soon John saw that the princess decal had disappeared, and when Emmi wanted to go play outside told her

“Ok sugar but only for 30 minutes then it is bedtime, I see that you have wet that dipee, but you seem OK, so we will leave on, till you are changed for bed.

Emmi went outside and played on her swing, not seeming to care, that she was wet, and it was not even 7pm, and there was still lots of daylight, the child now replacing the 19 yr. old.

John prepared her bedtime bottle of formula, and a bottle of juice to put in her crib if she got thirsty. Soon John called her and told her it was bedtime, on the changing table her stripped off her wet diaper, very wet after only a few hours. He cleaned her with wipes and put her in triple cloth diapers with a soaker pad, then a footed and mittened Minnie mouse sleeper, and sat with her on his lap as she drank her bottle, and telling her the fun she would have tomorrow, and that next week she would have more fun at school.

When she was done, he put her paci in and kissed her good night and turned out the light.

John sat and watched TV and read till nearly midnight, when he gave her another bottle before he went to bed.