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Chapter 16
The following morning John slept late, and was awakened by the monitor beeping, then Emmi at his door calling for him.
“Hi precious, sorry daddy slept late, you go back to your room, and daddy will bring youa drink,while he gets dressed”
“Yes daddy, ,”Emmi smiled “I am very wet,”
He watched go her diaper hanging low with the weight of her wet
He quickly showered and dressed after taking her a bottle of juice and a kiss.
He picked her up in her playroom and took her to her bedroom, blowing raspberry on her neck.
He laid her on the change table and took off her soaked diaper and then her nightie.
He sent her to have a quick bath, as he laid out clean teddy bear training panties, multicoloured ruffled short sleeve T shirt and a denim flower embroidered jumper skirt. Her pink T bar shoes, and white ruffled ankles socks.

When she returned he towel dried her hair, and brushed it.
Before he dressed her he put on some scales saying he needed her weight for some forms.
Emmi said “What sort of forms?”
John smiled “I will tell you later, no need to worry”
He was happy to see she had gone from 48lb to 53lb in last weeks. Her previous skinny body now a little pudgier.
He helped her dress and put the blue bow on her hair.
He took her and gave her breakfast of French toast with maple syrup this time, and another bottle of juice
“Ok sugar, I talked to Aunt Sophie last night, and she is very nice, no need to worry. She is a small town cop, more concerned with speeding and who stole a cow than major crime”

“She says we have to register you as a minor for amber alert program, its straight forward just a photo, fill out some description, and a sample of DNA, so later we will go by her station and she will process you”
Emmi says “ Is it safe to give DNA?”
John said
“Oh they just take a swab and put in sealed tube, and then it’s filed, and not processed unless needed”
Emmi nodded
“The other thing sweetie is daddy is going to a town meeting tonight, so Auntie Sophie has suggested a baby sitter, no need to worry as very soon after she arrives it will be your bedtime,”
Emmi said nervously
“What is she like?”
John answered
“Well I don’t know, I only spoke to her for a few minutes on the phone, but She babysits a lotso must be nice”
“But I promise if anything seems wrong, or you say, I won’t go?”
Emmi smiled “Yes daddy”
John grinned
“Ok so you play this morning while daddy arranges some things, laundry service, a lady to come clean and read up on school policies here, and homeschooling’
“Then later we will go to police station, you have to decide if you want to walk, go in stroller or as we will go through the park ride your bike”
Emi sad “Ride my bike in park daddy’
“Ok sweetie, but you must ride it carefully”
Emmi went to play in the garden while John made arrangements.
A couple of hours later he told Emmi to go wash and potty as they were going
They left with Emmi on her new bike her doggy in the basket and John making sure she stayed with him, and on the inside till they got to the park. He noticed that the training wheels were often used, her balance not 100%.
They went around the long way, and stopped at duck pond and fed them with some bread they had taken.
At the police office, John could see Sophie at the desk through the glass door, and as he walked in Emmi holding his hand tightly he said
“Here she is, the notorious serial cookie thief<I have come to turn her in. Lock her up”
Sophie laughed and then Emmi giggled and hid behind John’s legs
Sophie came out. A little more intimidating now in her uniform and gun.
She knelt down and said they never locked up children. Just tickled them to confess.
Sophie continued
“Its ok sweetie, I am just going to put this swab in your mouth and swish it about, then a pretty photo of you and after I have a candy for you”
She quickly did the swab, and with a digital camera her photo after john tidied her hair.
“There all done, you can sit here with your friend, while daddy fills out some boring forms” pointing at her doggy
John filled them out, some information he made up such as her doctor, he used the name of a doctor from his old home town who would now be either dead or retired.
After thanking Sophie and saying they would see her this evening they left, again going through the park.
John gave her lunch of peanut butter sandwiches and milk, after which he put her down for her nap, taking off her shoes and skirt first.
While emit was napping John put a second monitor camera in her playroom, and hidden nanny cams in the lounge, one a smoke detector the other a power socket adaptor.
He sat watching sports then then had another shower and dressed for his evening out.
He got Emmi up at 5Pm, and asked her if she was ok with a stranger babysitting her.
Emmi said
“I think so, Auntie Cathy was nice and was sort of like a mother”
John smiled at this
John got her dinner and said he was eating later, he gave her spaghetti and meatballs.
He sent Emmi to play outside and he sat outside with a coffee and watched her feeling very content.
He asked her if she wanted him to change her for bed or let the babysitter do it, but if he did it she would be in it a long time.
Emmi considered this and said
“I don’t want to be my dipee all evening and night daddy”
John smiled and replied
“I am sure she has changed lots of kids, and as far as anyone knows or can tell you are no different”
Emmi nodded a bit red-faced.
John kissed her and said she was his angel.
He went to her bedroom and laid out her diapers some cute bunny plastic panties and a short “my Little Pony” nightie, for her to be put in. He prepared a special bottle of formula and put in fridge ready.
A while later the doorbell rang and John answered it and standing there was a very young girl

“Good evening Mr Sinclair I am Marie, the babysitter”
John invited her in saying she seemed very young.
She answered
“I am 13, and I have been babysitting since I was 10, well my sisters anyway, and I have my babysitting badges from girl scouts”
John smiled at the image of the 19 year old Emmi being put in a diaper by a 13 year old
He explained that Emmi was having trouble at the moment and would need diapering before bed, he told her bedtime was at 9pm and everything was laid out ready. There was her bedtime drink in fridge which would need warming.
Emmi could have milk or juice but no pop, there was pop in fridge that Marie was welcome to drink.
There was snacks and candy too, but no candy for Emmi.
He gave Marie the code for the TV, as it was locked to kiddy channels.
He asked if Marie had any questions.
Marie said
“I am sure she will be good, but any problems I will call you”
“If she is naughty Marie, just threaten the time out chair. She hates that, and use it if you want to”
John then went out to get Emmi from the garden, whispering to her
“She is younger than I thought, just think of her as less like a mother than a big sister”
Emmi came in and Marie responded well to her, saying that they would have fun together
Just then Sophie arrived in a very tight red satin skirt and a low-cut top and heels.
Sophie asked Emmi if she had a nice day, and about her new bike,
When John and Sophie left Emmi was showing Marie her playroom and her toys.
John kissed her on the head, and said
“Daddy loves you, be good angel”
John and Sophie left taking his car.
Marie sat in Emmi’s room watching her play with her Barbie’s, showing Maris all the clothes she has for her.
Marie says
“My little sister Melanie has a lot of Barbie’s too, but she likes American Girl dolls best now,you should meet Melanie, she is almost the same age as you”
Emmi answers
“Yes, I don’t have any friends here yet, I miss my friend Susie”
Marie kneels down with her
“I am sure you will make lots of friends, and when you go to school here lots of them”
Emmi grimaced
“I am not going to school, my daddy is going to teach me at home”
Marie looks surprised
“Well I am sure he thinks it best, but school can be fun”
Emmi wanting to get off the subject asks for a drink of orange soda
“Sorry you can’t have pop, your daddy say not to give it to you, how about orange juice instead?”
Emmi smiled
“Yes pleathe”
When Marie returns she has Emmi’s juice and a booklet
“Look I had this in my bag, an American Girl catalogue do you want to look at it?”
Emmi sits beside Marie and they look through it, Emmi liking some of the dolls, dresses both for the dolls and her.
Shortly Marie said she had homework to do, but Emmi could keep the catalogue, and either play or come watch cartoons till bedtime.
Emmi wanted to watch cartoons, so Marie put on the cartoon channel, and got on with her homework.
Just before 9Pm,Marie said it was bedtime and Emmi ran to the her bathroom, and went potty.
Emmi nervously took off her clothes both embarrassed and worried Marie would think something odd, but Marie did not seem to spot anything awry.
Marie put her diapers on her, and plastic pants, Emmi stiffening for one moment as she suddenly remembered she was a9 and being diapered like a child by someone 6 years younger than she.
A wave of humiliation soon passed as it seemed so right now.
Once she was in her bed, having her bottle of formula Marie read her a story “goldilocks and the 3 bears”
When the story was done, Marie tucked her in, and wished a good night, and turned out the light.
She went and watched another episode of Twilight as Emmi slept.

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